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Archived Sex Stories

Dirty Amber Part 04



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


( 4 )
By the time they returned to Bombay, Suresh was as completely
addicted to sex as she. He allowed her to continue working at
Hedon & Venery. She wanted to transfer her money to a joint
account and he agreed, startled by the amount she had. She was
considerably wealthier than he. He started using the Club Gere,
often watching her at work with another member while he enjoyed
some of the most mind-blowing fucks imaginable.

At work, Suresh felt calmer and more confident. He drew up
ambitious plans for expansion and growth and initiated
negotiations with several new companies. The money poured in.
Suresh found that he was suddenly required to do a lot of business
entertaining at home and that much of the success of his
negotiations depended on these parties. Sayali kept house
impeccably; she refurbished it in the finest taste and she was a
superlative cook. Suresh still sensed something amiss. Finally, he
confronted a recent guest. They were in his newly acquired,
opulently furnished town office.

"Did you enjoy yourself last evening?" Suresh asked politely as
they settled down.

"Yes, thank you. It was very pleasant."

The reply was surprisingly casual, almost indifferent. Suresh
looked at his visitor sharply.

"Was something wrong?"

"No. Not wrong. Everything was perfect."

"Something missing then? Something lacking?"

The man looked at him steadily. "Perhaps. It doesn't matter. Shall
we get on with this?"

Suresh put his hand on the folder before the visitor. "No. Please,
wait. It does matter. If something was wrong, please tell me. I'd
like to put it right."

"Please. Forget it. It's nothing."

"It matter to me. I must insist."

"Very well, since you insist." The man took off his glasses. "Do
you really want to know?"


"Well, it was a pleasant evening, but that's all it was. Nothing
more. The decor is very good, the food was superb, the company was

"And yet?"

"And yet there was no -- how shall I say it -- *excitement*."

"Excitement? What do you mean? What happened?"

The man took a deep breath. "That's just the point. *Nothing*

"What should have happened?"

The man shrugged. "I don't know. Something. Anything. Anything
that would make the evening memorable. Something different, even

"I don't follow."

"Look, Suresh. I go to parties like this every night. One is much
like the other. You meet people, you chat, you drink, you eat, you
go home. That's it. There's little to tell one from the next. The
decor varies, the food's sometimes different, sometimes the
company is interesting. If you really want to make an impact,
you've got to throw parties that people remember and talk about.
Do something that'll make them want to come back. Then they think
of you when it comes to business. Because you were able to give
them pleasure."

Suresh looked at him quietly. "I see," he said softly. "I see."

"Anyway, forget it. Shall we proceed?"

"No," Suresh said, standing up. "I don't think we should."

"I'm sorry, I've offended you."

Suresh laughed and clapped him on the shoulder. "Not at all, my
friend, believe me, not in the least. It is I who have been remiss
as a host. You're right, of course, and I must make amends. I'm
not suggesting we abandon these talks. Let's just say they're
deferred. Till the day after tomorrow. And tomorrow night, you
dine with us again. I promise to have an exciting party. Then, the
day after, if you tell me it was an interesting party, an exciting
one, the deal is concluded. On my terms. If not, on yours. No
negotiation. Is that fair?"

"It's a deal."

"Good. Thank you. And I'll see you at home tomorrow night."

"I'll be there. Thank you."

That night, after Sayali and he had finished with their hired
partners, an exceptionally talented pair, Suresh told Sayali about
his conversation that morning and asked for her advice. She
considered it and he went down to lick her slit. She murmured in
pleasure. Later, as she swung a leg across his hips and impaled
her ever-hungry cunt on his ever-ready cock, she suggested that
they put on a show. A sex show. Hire a couple, or a trio or
quartet, and have them fuck for the guests. And then let the
guests help themselves.

Suresh was startled by the idea and expressed reservations. It
might upset some, he said. Not everyone thought like this. Her
answer was elegant in its simplicity. If they don't, she said, you
don't want to do business with them. They're not your kind. You
only do business with those who think like you, right, otherwise
how do minds meet? If minds meet on questions of the flesh, is
there any other area where they won't? Suresh conceded the point,
but wondered whether a mere show would suffice in such a case. It
had a contrived, deliberate quality to it, it was too conspicuous
and obvious. Something, something not quite so blatant, something
even more unexpected.

Sayali smiled, her eyes twinkling. "Well, *I* could be the girl being fucked, if that's what you're suggesting."


"Why not? I do it all the time. I'll just be doing it here, that's
all. We'll hire a stud, or get one of the servants, and have them
fuck me out in the hall with everyone watching. It's bound to be a
turn-on. I mean, how many men throw parties where they display
their wives being fucked in public? And you'd be surprised by the
number of men who like to see married women being fucked or like
fucking them."

"Yes, I see that. And then what, the guests would fuck you, too?"

"Not necessarily. We could decided that from party to party.
Depends on the guests."

"And you don't mind doing this?"

"Mind? I'd *love* to do it!"

Two days later, Suresh concluded the deal, on his terms. The man had to confess that he was not only surprised and excited, but
completely overwhelmed by the party. Sayali, demure and sedate,
dressed like the quintessential housewife in a *sari* with a long,
prominently displayed *mangalsutra*, had been fucked before dinner
on the low coffee-table in the center of the living area by a
handsome gigolo. The five men were speechless. When Sayali offered
herself to them, none of them refused and each fucked her
greedily. Suresh landed five contracts the next day. This was the

It became a routine, with minor variations. Sometimes Sayali would
have a hired gigolo, sometimes two, once or twice three. When
there were women, she did a lesbian show, *en passant*, before the
men came in and took her. For select guests, she then offered her
body to the men. None refused. Suresh's business grew beyond his
wildest dreams.

Soon, their parties were renowned in the more discrete sections of
Bombay's business community. The food was always good and the sex
was outstanding. The bashes got wilder. There were frequent orgies
with several of Hedon & Venery's finest girls and studs being
hired to service their guests. Sayali continued to be the star of
the evening. Few could resist the unrivalled public sexual
performances and the frequent opportunity to enjoy their hostess'
body. The evening always commenced with a performance by Sayali.

This evening was no different. The guests were first-timers, who
had only heard incredibly wild rumours. Not one invitation was
declined. There were five men, and Suresh wanted much from each.
He would have it the next morning, and not one would refuse. He
introduced Sayali with a startling announcement.

"Gentlemen, meet my wife, Sayali." He smiled at the guests.

They all rose and nodded politely, their eyes glittering with
naked, open lust. She looked lovely. She was dressed in a fine,
traditional *sari*, her hair in an elegant bun high on the back of
her head, accentuating the elegant line of her long neck. A long
*mangalsutra* hung around her neck. She wore a small gold
nose-stud, gold ear-rings, silver anklets and toe-rings, gold
bangles. Her blouse had a deep, plunging neck with a wide scoop
that revealed a tantalising cleavage. Her blouse was cut short and
high so that its lower hem ran hard under her breasts, which
jutted out over it like ripe, succulent fruit, and exposed a large
expanse of her midriff. Her *sari* was worn especially erotically,
high on the hips and very low in front and behind so that it was
just above her pubis and the cleft between her buttocks. Around
her middle, she wore a thick gold girdle. This was unlike most
girdles: in front, a thick strand descended from the girdle down
her belly and disappeared under *sari* directly into her crotch.
From behind, it rose between her buttocks and rejoined the girdle
in the middle of her back. It was an extraordinarily erotic piece
of jewelry. She was irresistible.

She smiled at her guests, her dark, elongated *kajal*-rimmed eyes
flashing with excitement. Sayali loved being fucked in public. It
had a special thrill all its own. They stood on the slightly
raised dining room area, above the sunken living area. She left
Suresh standing there and walked slowly and elegantly down the two
shallow steps into the living pit, swinging her hips

"I must tell you, friends, she is a remarkable lady. This house
has been designed by her. She is an excellent cook. She is the
perfect hostess and mistress. And yes, in bed, she's a complete

There was little gasp and a sudden intake of breath. Suresh

"I know you have heard a lot about her." He paused for dramatic
effect. "And all that you have heard is true. As you'll see in a
moment. Friends, enjoy. This is your evening. This house is yours.
My wife is yours to enjoy."

The men were silent, expectant, tense, excited. Sayali smiled
slyly, enticingly, and went to the first. As the others watched,
she tilted her head and kissed him slowly, deeply, her hand
sliding into his crotch, squeezing his cock, unzipping his fly,
drawing out his penis. One by one, she went to the others. When
they were all unzipped and free, she stepped back and smiled.

"I love cocks," she murmured. "I love being fucked. I love being
watched when I'm being fucked. Tonight, we have a special treat
for you."

She moved into the centre of the living area. "There will be a
show," she said. "After the show, you can each have me as you
like. In the meantime, please make yourselves comfortable. And
please -- I would like you to masturbate. I like to be surrounded
by hot, hard, throbbing cocks." She turned to Suresh. "Shall we

He grinned, nodded and walked down into the living area and
adjusted the lights for better effect. He pressed a button and
soft music with an insistent, throbbing beat filtered through very
powerful, extremely high-fidelity hidden speakers. He thumbed a
call button. A bell chimed distantly. From the dimly lit interior
of the house, a shadowy figure emerged, slowly coming into view as
he approached.

The guests gasped. He was a tall, hugely built, handsome black
man. And he was naked. He was like a Nubian slave or an Assyrian
bas-relief. His face was lean and taut with sharp, aquiline
features -- a strong, straight nose, a wide, surprisingly
slim-lipped mouth, large dark eyes, thick, short curly hair. His
shoulders were broad and strong, padded with muscle. His neck was
thick and bullish. His chest was heavily cleaved and swept in a
wide W from armpit to armpit. His dark nipples were small and taut
and pulled wide and low. The belly was rock-hard, padded with hard
rectangles of muscle. His biceps and thighs bulged with strength
and his forearms were thick and heavy, corded with muscle. His
torso was a savagely slashed V from shoulder to narrow waist and
high hips. His buttocks were taut and small. His back curved
inward to the spine because of the muscle on either side and then
swept in and down to the swell of his buttocks. His torso was
entirely hairless; even the armpits were shorn. His dark, ebony
skin glistened and gleamed, freshly oiled. He strolled up with the
slow, feline walk that muscular people have and paused at the head
of the steps, looking impassively at the guests.

He wore a black leather codpiece. A black leather strap girdled
his hips and, attached to it, was a long, thick black leather
sheath that covered the immensity of his penis and balls. His cock
was huge. Limp, it hung at least eight inches long and was
correspondingly thick. Sayali smiled at him.

"Gentlemen, meet my lover for the evening. Joe is Nigerian. He is
a student at our university and works as a gigolo to pay his
tuition. As he is paid to fuck me, he will take requests. If you
would like him to do something in particular to me, please ask. He
will try and oblige. Now, Jim, I think we're set. Could you
arrange things for me please?"

Silently, the man nodded and retreated into the shadows. He
emerged a minute later, hoisting a huge wooden device under his
arm. He carried it lightly, effortlessly and his muscles rippled
smoothly as he bore it down to the well. Making place in the
center of the room, he set it up quickly and silently. It was a
folding divan, a long, wide, low wooden bench. He brought a thick mattress and unfolded it on the bench and then covered it with a
colourful spread in a traditional tribal print. Two fat bolsters
at either end completed it. He stepped back. Sayali nodded in
satisfaction. He went back up the stairs and moved to a corner. He
stood in silence, his arms crossed, his legs spread. His cock
dangled hugely, and his massive pectorals bunched between his
equally awesome biceps.

Sayali smiled and turned to her audience. Slowly, she dropped the
*pallu* of her *sari* and began to unravel her garment. There was
complete, awed silence. She unwrapped it till it was held only by
the last pleat. They did not know that she was naked beneath; one
final tug and her body would be revealed.

Slowly, she unbuttoned her blouse. Her breasts were large and full
and the men stared, transfixed at her deep cleavage. They could
see the hard points of her long nipples. With tantalizingly slow
movements, she caressed her breasts through the blouse, lifting
them in her hands, squeezing them, crushing them together. Then
her blouse was undone and she opened it fully and tugged at the
final pleat of her *sari*. Her clothes rustled to the floor and
she was naked. There was a sharp intake of her breath. She smiled,
lovely in her nakedness. The gold girdle was eroticism itself; it
dipped into the crack of her cunt-lips and vanished between her
thighs and ran between her buttocks. Naked, she caressed herself,
sensuously, stroking her belly, her thighs, her breasts, cupping
her crotch.

"I love being fucked," she murmured, her voice husky and soft.
"There's nothing better than having a big cock in my cunt ... the
ultimate pleasure ..."

Kneeling on the divan, she lifted her breasts, her legs spread
and, looking at her guests, ran her tongue-tip slowly over her
upper lip in an utterly lascivious gesture. Her nipples stiffened
and her nostrils flared with excitement.

"And then, when I don't have a lover, I have to satisfy myself
..." she murmured. Slowly, she eased herself onto her back and
began to lift her knees, spreading her legs. "So I masturbate ...
as a young girl, I used anything I could ... a banana ... a
cucumber ... anything ... now my toys are more satisfying."

As if on cue, the black man moved, like a statue coming to life.
He walked down to the divan and handed her something. Then he
stepped back and stood in the living area, taking up his position
as before, an erotic bas-relief. Sayali brandished two dildoes.
Each was eight inches long, nearly two inches thick and shaped
very like a real penis. One had a surface that was ribbed and
ridged. Her knees rose and her legs spread and now her cunt was
open to her guests' view. They could see the soft flesh of her
cunt, the gold strand glittering in her crack. Some of them began
masturbating in excitement. On the divan, Sayali groaned and
licked and kissed one dildo, then the other. She took one,
abandoned the other and slowly moved it between her legs, holding
it with both hands. The men watched, transfixed, as she squeezed
it slowly into her cunt, past the gold strand. She gasped and her
back arched. Deeper and deeper she pushed it, her arms stretched,
her breasts squeezed between them. Nothing was put on, there was
no pretense. Her nipples were rigid and her was suffused with

"Ohhh yes!" she moaned. "Ohhh yes!"

She began masturbating slowly, rocking the dildo in and out of her
cunt with one hand, her hips bucking and writhing and gyrating
erotically, while she played with her breasts with the other. Her
face turned from side to side, radiant with excitement, and she
kept up a constant litany of sexual prattle. The men watched her
masturbate. Faster and faster she went, gasping and groaning, her
hips heaving and writhing. Suddenly, she turned over onto her
front and continued, rocking back and forth on all fours, one hand
pumping between her thighs. The gold strand was clearly visible in
her crack and between her buttocks. Now she grabbed the other
dildo and, as her guests gaped and gasped, slowly pushed it into
her anus. Her body fell forward, writhing and jerking and both
hands were stretched, one under her, one behind her as she moved
the two dildoes simultaneously back and forth. With a shuddering
gasp, she collapsed on her front, and slid the dildoes out of her

"It ... it is never the same ...," she moaned. "It is never as
good as the real thing ... as a real, hard, hot cock, hungry for
my cunt."

She rose to her knees, beautiful, slender, sensuous, undeniable
and faced the black man. She lifted her breasts in her hands in
wanton offering.

"Joe," she murmured. "Fuck me."

Smiling slightly, the gigolo stepped forward to the divan. She
rose on her knees and tilted her face to his. They kissed, slowly,
deeply, sexily, in full view of the guests. His big hands slid up
her curved body and cupped her breasts. She caressed his
magnificent torso and back, tracing the cuts and contours of his
musculature with elegant fingertips. Her fingers trickled down his
belly. Her fingers twined in his leather belt and quickly darted
round to his back, flicked open the clasp. The girdle came loose.
Gently, she pulled off the codpiece. The audience gasped. His
penis was enormous, dark, circumcised, the shaft smoothly shorn to
the base, the balls depilated. Sayali caressed the enormous penis
and balls gently, deftly. He caressed and squeezed her breasts.
Groaning, she bent her head and sucked his nipples gently,
teething and tonguing them. The gigolo smiled slightly. Sayali
slipped off the divan and her tongue trailed a line down his
belly, swirling through his navel and she nuzzled his crotch.

"God, I want this cock," she murmured. "I want it!"

Jerking it in her fist, she slipped her lips around the cock-head.
Her long tongue swirled over the bulbous head. The man grunted and
his penis stirred and began to swell. Sayali groaned and took more
of it in her mouth, which distended with its size. The man fucked
her face slowly, his hips rocking gently, one hand on her head,
moving it slowly back and forth between his thighs. His penis grew
harder and thicker and longer till, finally, it was over nine
inches long and two inches thick. It was a monstrous appendage,
more apposite to a stallion than a man. Sayali loved it. She
moaned and whimpered, caressing her breasts and cunt as she sucked it eagerly. Rising slightly, she squeezed her breasts in a sheath
around it and masturbated him, her head bent to lick and suck the
cock-head as it popped out of the valley between her breasts. Her
long *mangalsutra* rippled over his cock-shaft.

"Come on, slut! Suck it!" he commanded in a low, rich baritone.

Groaning, she resumed sucking the cock. Now the man fucked her
face for his own pleasure, rocking her head back and forth with
both hands. She groaned and gasped deep in her cock-filled throat,
one hand still jerking the shaft. Her face bloated with its size.
Pre-cum gunk spurted from the slit in its head and, instantly, she
opened her mouth wide and dropped her face low, jerking his cock
so that everyone could see it shoot into her mouth.

"Come in my mouth," she moaned. "I want to drink your jizz."

The gigolo nodded and pulled her face back to his crotch. She
sucked his penis hungrily and eagerly now caressing his balls and
anus with her *mangalsutra*. The man gasped as she pressed the
necklace to his asshole and stroked his shaft with it. His cock
glistened and gleamed between her lips.

"Yeh! Take it! Take it whore! Take it!" he gasped.

For several minutes, the Nigerian gigolo fucked Sayali's face. His
buttocks writhed and pumped rapidly back and forth and his cock
glistened as it slid in and out of her mouth. She licked and
sucked it cunningly. Suddenly, he groaned. Sayali opened her mouth
wide and jerked his cock rapidly. thick streams of creamy jizz shot from his cock-head. The guests could see it spurting into her
mouth, could see her swallowing it. It spattered her face and
neck. She shook it over her breasts and cleavage, squeezed her
breasts over it. It sputtered and more and more jizz splashed on
her body.

Grunting, he pulled her head back to his crotch. Slowly, moaning
in pleasure, caressing her gunk-covered breasts, she sucked his
cock again for a few minutes. The Nigerian pushed her head away.
His cock was still rock-hard, his erection still immense. Sayali
stroked his cock and smiled as she rose. Sitting on the edge of
the divan, she looked at her guests, one hand on the gigolo's
cock, masturbating him.

"This why Joe is one of the city's most sought-after gigolos," she
murmured. "He can come repeatedly without tiring." She smiled.
"Now ... heaven ..."

Gently, the gigolo pushed her onto her back on the divan. He
pulled her legs open and slid her body down so that her hips were
at the edge. Sayali wound her legs about his hips. He bent over
her and kissed her heavily and deeply. She pressed against him,
caressing his broad, smooth back and buttocks. When he rose, there
was jizz on his chest and belly. She licked it lasciviously,
swallowing the seed. He bent his head to her breasts and began to
suck them slowly, drawing the luscious mounds into his mouth,
flipping at her stiff nipples with his tongue, nibbling on them.
Squeezing her breasts together, he sucked on them simultaneously.
Sayali gasped and writhed under him. His fingers moved into her
crotch and pushed her cunt-lips open. Her hips arched and he slid
a finger into her slit. She groaned and her hips pumped as he
masturbated her, sucking her breasts sharply.

"Oh fuck yes! Ohhhh yes Joe yes!" she gasped.

The black man smiled and moved his head lower, licking and kissing
her cum-flecked body. His tongue rippled through her navel and she
whimpered and her legs jerked wide. He went lower still till his
face was between her thighs. Sayali groaned eagerly and lifted her
hips high, her finger clawing her cunt-lips open.

"C'mon Joe, come on! Lick my slit!" she gasped.

The gigolo flicked her fingers away and prised her cunt-lips wide
with strong, thick fingers. He slid his tongue out; it was
exceptionally long and supple, a bright pink. It jabbed into her
slit, past the gold strand. Sayali gasped and arched hard, her
mouth jerking open, her head arching back. Her hands flew to her
breasts and she crushed them eagerly. The man's tongue rippled up
and down her wet crack. His tongue swirled and rolled, twisted
this way and that, flicked at her gorged clitoris. She gasped and
cried out, writhing and thrashing erotically on the divan, her
hips bucking and jerking. His tongue narrowed to a sharp spade
point and he pressed it deep into her slit. Sayali's hips bucked

"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes!" she cried.

Her head jerked to one side, her mouth wide open, her eyes closed,
her nostrils flared. Her breathing was ragged and heavy. She
clenched his head, pinning it in her crotch. The man slid two
fingers into her slit and started tongue- and finger-fucking her

Sayali went wild. Her body thrashed and heaved on the bed, her
head jerking from side to side, her back arching and falling, her
breasts bouncing as she rocked and jerked up and down as though
she was being fucked.

"Oh god yes do it do it ... ohhh god yes ... lick my cunt, baby!
Ohhh yes!"

The man's tongue was exceptionally adroit. He maneuvered it in her
cunt-flesh deftly, flicking at her clitoris, rippling up and down
her slit, licking her cunt-lips, jabbing in and out. His tongue
took different shapes, worked at different lengths. His head
rolled and moved up and down between her thighs as his fingers
pumped and wriggled in her cunt. Sayali clenched his head and
moved it round and round in her crotch, hissing in pleasure as the
waves of pleasure steadied to a rhythm. She caressed her swollen
breasts excitedly. The watching men had an unobstructed view of
her distended cunt, the glittering gold chain in her sodden crack,
his tongue pressing it against her clitoris.

"Mmm ... yeh ... oh that's wonderful, Joe ... yes ... oh fuck yes
... god ... you lick slit better than anyone ... ohhh yes ... do
it, lover ... lick my slit! Ahhh yes!"

He got on the divan and straddled her body. She groaned as he
moved up, squeezing her breasts over his penis. Her head craned
and she tried to catch his cock in her mouth as it moved in and
out of her cleavage. He fucked her breasts briefly and then,
turning around, kneeling over her face, pushed his cock into her
mouth and bent forward over her in a sixty-nine. Sayali moaned
deep in her throat and sucked his cock and balls hungrily. His
hips pumped over her face and her cunt bucked and heaved at his.

After several minutes, they rolled apart. Sayali lay on her back
on the divan, panting and gasping as he got to his feet and stood
between her spread legs.

"Fuck me," she moaned, spreading her cunt-lips with the fingers of
one hand, holding his cock with the other. "Fuck me hard, Joe!"

The gigolo paused with his cock-head at her cunt-lips. Then his
buttocks flexed slowly and his hips swung forward. His cock-head
squeezed between her cunt-lips, past the gold thread, and burst
into her body. Sayali cried out sharply, her back cambering, the
breath whooshing from her throat. Her mouth jerked open and her
long neck arched. Her fingers dug into his shoulders. He paused.

"Yes!" she gasped. "Oh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, Joe! Shove it
all in!"

The man chuckled softly and eased his hips forward and down. His
cock disappeared into her flesh. Sayali moaned thickly, her head
rolling languorously from shoulder to shoulder. Deeper and deeper
it went, till it was embedded to the hilt. Then he began to fuck
her, slowly and heavily, standing upright between her thighs. His
buttocks flexed and unflexed and his hips swung back and forth in
a steady, unhurried rhythm. His cock glistened as it went in and
out of her cunt. One hand on her belly, the other on his hip, the
gigolo fucked her masterfully, in total, awesome control. Under
him, Sayali groaned and gasped, writhing and panting, her chest
heaving, her body jerking and rocking under his fluid thrusts.

"More!" she gasped. "Give me more! Fuck me harder! Come on, Joe!
Do it! Fuck me! Fuck me like a whore!"

The man built up speed slowly. She cried out and her body jerked
and lurched on the divan. His hips rocked and swung back and forth
and his buttocks flexed and unflexed powerfully as he drove his
massive penis in and out of her cunt. He never took his eyes off
her face. His hands slid up and down her slender body, caressing
her heavy, bouncing breasts, crushing them and making her whimper
and writhe ecstatically. Her hips juddered and heaved up and down
to his groin. Her hands roamed his chest and shoulders and hips,
gripped his buttocks, pulling him deeper into her flesh. Her
motions smoothened and matched his in perfect syncopation.

"This is terrific," she smiled, her eyes glittering with lust.
"You're fabulous."

"Thank you," he murmured. "You are very good, too. Now. Faster."

He bent forward, his arms outstretched, his hands on the sides of
the divan, her legs locked under his armpits, her body bent over,
and began to move even faster. His hips rocked rapidly up and
down, his cock grinding deep into her cunt. As he moved in, he
swung his hips in tight circles, entering her from all angles. She
gasped and cried out. His balls pressed to her cunt-lips with each
thrust. He went faster and faster and his handsome head arched
back and he groaned in pleasure. Faster still, and now he was
ramming and reaming greedily into her. She clenched his biceps and
gasped and cried out loudly.

"Ohhhhh yes yes yes Ohhh god yes fuck me fuck me fuck me

Sayali orgasmed violently, her body arching and stiffening, the
breath hissing from her throat. The man slammed his cock into her
repeatedly with each rising wave of her orgasm, making her lurch
and arch and jerk and cry out. The orgasm intensified, lengthened,

Slowly, he pulled out of her. He paused and looked at Suresh.
Suresh stepped forward and gave him a thick black sheath of hard
rubber. The man nodded his thanks and slowly pulled the sheath
over his cock, turning so that the audience could see. It was a
snug, perfect fit and encased his cock-shaft like a glove. It was
open-ended, and his cock-head popped out of the aperture. The
surface of the sheath was ribbed and ridged with raised knobs and
long, flexible spikes.

He moved onto the divan on his knees, pushing her back slightly,
and bent over her again, between her legs. She held his cock and
guided him into her cunt, kissing him feverishly. Bent over her on
outstretched arms and legs, he paused with his sheathed penis at
her cunt-lips. Her hips jerked hungrily at his.

"Come on, lover, do it!" she murmured.

Joe bent over her again and pressed his cock-head to her cunt. She
reached down and spread her cunt-lips wide open. Bending his head
to watch, he flexed his buttocks and began to slide his hips down.
The cock-head popped into her cunt. She gasped and tensed, her
hips rising. He held still. She nodded, gasping, pulling her
cunt-lips even wider open. He held his breath and slowly pushed
forward. The sheathed shaft squeezed into her cunt. The spikes
bent and twisted. Sayali cried out, her back arching in a steep
bow, her mouth jerking open, her head snapping back till the top
of it was on the bed. Her breasts thrust up and he bent his head
and sucked sharply on them. Her hands and arms were between their
bodies, still holding her cunt-lips open. He pressed in deeper and
felt the frantic convulsing of her cunt. The stiff spikes and
ridges and knobs scraped and rasped over her gorged clitoris. Her
body was on fire. The armoured cock drove deeper and deeper into
her, its rough shaft scraping and rasping through her flesh. Her
legs rose and wound taut above his hard buttocks.

"Oh fuck oh fuck ohhhhhhh yes!" she cried. "Ohhhh god yes Ohhh ma
yes! Fuck me! Fuck me Joe ohhhhhhunhhhhhhyes!"

She gripped his shoulders fiercely. Her breath came in rattling
gasps and her chest heaved. Her nipples were rigid and he bent to
suck and lick them, gently lapping his tongue over the hard
points, swirling it over the puckered aureoles. Plucking her long
*mangalsutra* in his lips, he rolled it over her nipples. She
gasped, shuddering in delight.

"Yes ... Uhh yes yes ... fuck me ... fuck me Joe ... fuck my cunt ..."

He fucked her slowly, marvelling at the effect the sheath had on
her. He swung and rolled his hips, flexing and unflexing his
buttocks mechanically. He was in no hurry; with the sheath, he
could last forever. His armoured penis stroked smoothly in and out
of her cunt, rising and falling, emerging and disappearing. Sayali
went wild under him as the hard ridges and knobs and spikes
scraped her inflamed clitoris and rasped in and out of her cunt.
Her head whipped from side to side and she clawed at his body
frantically. Her hips shook and writhed and juddered under his.
She began to move with him, in manifest urgency. She goaded him to
go faster, to fuck her harder and deeper. His speed increased
smoothly again, getting faster and faster till he was almost
ram-fucking her. Her breasts jiggled and bounced and she squeezed
them frantically. Their cries were loud and obscene.

Sayali's face contorted in lust and she cried out, her back
arching, her breasts thrust up. He groaned, his head flung back
and pressed in deeper and deeper. Her legs rose and wound taut
about the small of his back. She clenched his buttocks. His
thrusts drove the gold strand into her cunt and her girdle snapped
taut, the other end pressing into her anus. He drew out and the
girdle slackened, and then he plunged into her again and it
tautened and her back snapped in a bow under his. He kept fucking
her rapidly and heavily, plunging his sheathed cock in and out of
her cunt. The spikes bent and scraped against her cunt-lips and
over her clitoris, the ridges and knobs crushed it under the
weight of his massive penis. His buttocks bobbed and bounced,
faster and faster, and his cock pistoned and plunged, rocketing in
and out of her furiously. Her body jerked and thrashed
uncontrollably under his and her cries were hoarse and ragged. Her
body arched and twisted and her face contorted as spasms of lust
ravaged her pretty features. Her perfect teeth were bared in a
trismus of passion. The man was relentless, ruthless, insatiable.
He fucked her furiously for what seemed an eternity, over ten
minutes, never once losing speed. His muscles rippled smoothly and
his ebony body glistened with sweat. She moaned and cried out and
thrashed under him, her dusky body shining with perspiration. He
fucked her till she had another orgasm and then relented,
gradually slowing his speed till he was finally rocking gently in
and out of her cunt. Then he stopped and slid out of her cunt and
pulled off the sheath.

"Don't stop ... please ... please don't stop ... fuck me again!"
she begged.

He laughed softly. His muscular, sculpted body shone with sweat as
he squeezed his cock into Sayali's taut cunt again. His body was
angled over hers, and he rested his hands on her breasts, crushing
them under his weight. He ground his cock deep into her, swinging
his hips savagely, entering her from all angles. She gasped and
arched, her head flung back, her mouth torn open.

"Ohhhhhh uhhhhh Oh ma yes!" she gasped.

Slowly, her body pinned to the divan under his, he stroked his
cock in and out of her cunt with wicked, spiralling thrusts. She
moaned loudly.

"Ohhhh fuck yes Joe yes ... fuck me ohhhh god yes that's it
ohhhhhh yes!"

Suddenly, he snapped to a hammering, furious, ram-fucking stroke.
She cried out, her back arching and cambering, her mouth tearing
open, her long neck arched. Her body jerked and snapped under his
thrusts as he hammered his hips at her buttocks. Sayali gasped and
her legs rose higher to hook over his shoulders, and the guests
saw her buttocks curved up and lobed open and his cock hammering
rapidly back and forth, up and down, in and out. Her lust-ridden
face whipped back and forth and her moans and panting gasps echoed
in the room. She looked lovely, the straight nose with the
nostrils dilated, the deep brown eyes glassy, hooded, the perfect
teeth bared as her lips drew back in a loud, ululating moan of

"Ohhhh yes ... yes ... fuck me ... fuck me hard, Joe," Sayali

Her body rolled up onto the small of her back with his thrusts,
curling under him as her cries rose excitedly.

By now Sayali looked dazed and groggy; yet there was no mistaking
the wanton, greedy lust on her pretty face. She turned on her
front and presented both her cunt and anus to Joe. He dropped
astride her hips in a low squat and slowly entered her cunt again.
She groaned and rocked on her forearms and knees under him. He
fucked her slowly and heavily, pumping his hips back and forth,
his fingertips rocking her body back and forth under his. His cock
emerged and disappeared between her buttocks. His balls and thighs
slapped against her buttocks. She groaned and cried out, her
breasts pendulous and swinging. He squeezed them in his hands and
moved faster.

"OHHHHhh unhhh yes! Ohhh god yes! Ohhhhh yes!" she cried.

Ten minutes later, she had another orgasm, and another. Panting
heavily, the man eased out of her.

"Now," he growled. "Now I want your ass, bitch! I want to fuck
your butt!"

Sayali did not resist as he pushed her down deeply on her front in
a *namaz* position and lashed her wrists and ankles to the divan
with silk scarves. He stood behind her and forced her buttocks
open. Sayali moaned and tensed. Her dusky skin shimmered with
sweat and her chest heaved. Her head rose slowly and she moaned,
her fingers scrunching the rich tapestry counterpane on which she
lay. Her eyes were hooded and her lips fluttered open. She tensed,
whimpering softly, and her eyes were wide and glassy. The gigolo
pressed his enormous cock-head to her buttocks and, grinning
lewdly, his eyes glittering with excitement, slowly flexed his
buttocks. His cock-head forced her anus open and popped into her
rear channel.

Sayali's body jerked forward and her head snapped back and her
mouth tore open. A long, thin shriek erupted from her throat. Her
face twisted and contorted and spasmed in agony. Tendons stood out
and strained in her long neck and her lips snapped back in a
savage rictus.

"More!" Suresh cried suddenly from the shadows. "Shove it in all
the way, motherfucker! Ram it in!"

"Ohhhhhhhh uhhh yes! Ohhh god, yes, uhhhhh Ohhh yes!" The woman
cried, her body writhing and shaking, twisting, her chest heaving

"Yes! Yes! Do it, bastard! Do it!"


Sayali cried out again, louder and longer, her head arching
violently backward, her back bending steeply down. Behind and
above her, the tall, handsome, massively built black man gasped,
arching his head. His naked body glistened with sweat. He groaned
and his taut buttocks flexed and his hips slid further forward.
His enormous penis, moved forward, disappearing inexorably between
Sayali's buttocks. She cried out again, and Suresh chortled
gleefully. The penis went in deeper and deeper, seemingly endless.
Sayali's voice was ragged, hoarse, cracked, and her cries came in
choking, broken gasps and whimpering, sobbing moans. Her body
heaved and writhed. Deeper and deeper the penis went till it was
inside her fully, buried to the hilt. Joe paused, and Sayali
whimpered. He waited patiently. Her moans gradually dwindled and
she began whimpering softly. His big hands slid up her slender,
curved body to cup her swollen, pendulous breasts. Her nipples
were long and stiff in small, dark aureoles. He squeezed her
breasts. She groaned, biting her lower lip and her buttocks swayed
now, moving slowly, in circular motions. Her anus was deeply
impaled by his penis.

"Yes!" she gasped. "Ohh god yes! Ohhh that's so good, Joe! Fuck my
ass, baby ... fuck it hard! Ohhh god I want it! I want it all!
Fuck me, lover! Fuck my butt! Do it!"

Joe grinned softly and, bending forward, kissed the nape of her
neck. She turned her head to his, her buttocks squirming
erotically under his hips and he kissed her deeply, thrusting his
tongue into her mouth. She sucked on his tongue. He fondled her
breasts, crushing them in his hands, and began fucking her anus,
moving his hips gently back and forth. His enormous penis
glistened as it slid back and forth, in and out, in and out of her
asshole. Sayali whimpered and moaned in unbridled lust, gasping
and panting. Joe moved slowly, deeply, relentlessly, savouring her
flesh, pushing and squeezing his cock as deep as he could into her

The guests watched in stunned silence as the dark man sodomised
their hostess. He groaned and gasped, fucking her with long, slow,
skewering, scrunching thrusts, burying his immense penis deep in
her anus. Her face contorted with pain and lust and she moaned and
gasped, the breath rattling from her throat in ragged sobs. He
moved faster and faster, jerking her body under his. Thrusting a
hand under her belly, he fingered her slit and crushed her
breasts. Sayali whimpered and exploded. The orgasm racked her body
and the man relented. Groaning, he pulled out of her and, shaking
his penis, exploded violently. Gunk spurted from his cock-head. He
sprayed it on her back and between her buttocks and thighs.
Slowly, he squeezed his cock into her anus again and fucked her
butt afresh briefly. Sayali groaned and writhed under him. He
grinned and kissed her, squeezed her breasts. Then he moved out of
her ass and entered her cunt. Sayali whimpered. At last, sated, he
slid out of her and stepped back.

Sayali remained on the divan, her chest heaving, her naked body
shimmering with sweat. The man caressed her gently. She writhed in

Suresh looked at his guests. "Did you enjoy that?"

There was a chorus of murmured assent.

"Would you like to see more fucking? Perhaps another man? Our
servant? Or would you like to try it yourself?"

After a minute's silence, a handsome young man got to his feet and
dropped his trousers. "I want that whore," he grunted. "I want to
fuck your wife."

Suresh smiled. "Certainly, Abhay." He waved him forward.

Sayali sat up and held out her hand. "Come here, you," she said.
"Come and fuck me ... fuck me like a whore ... come on, I want

The man gasped in excitement as she pulled him on the divan beside
her and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, astride his body, kissing
him, writhing against his erection, sucking his nipples, trickling
down to suck his cock. The man groaned as she took him in her
mouth and began to suck him quickly and deeply, her head rocking
up and down over his lap. His cock was seven inches long and
correspondingly thick. It would satisfy her. He groaned and
gasped, his hips bucking under her face, one hand on her head,
rocking it up and down to suit his pleasure.

She moved up to straddle his groin with her feet on the hard bed
on either side of his lean hips, her knees apart, her thighs
spread wide open. She took his cock in her hand, and slowly
lowered her hips in a deep squat, impaling herself on his upright
lance. She gasped as the hot cock-head seared at the portals of
her cunt, then ploughed in swiftly, thrusting deep into her belly.
Her taut channel convulsed in excitement, contracting on his cock
as it rasped into her flesh. She arched in delight, her mouth
snapping open. He grinned at her reaction and flexed his buttocks
and thrust his hips up sharply, plunging his cock into her cunt.
She cried out as his huge cock drove up into her. Her head flung
back, she squeezed her breasts hard in excitement. The sight drove
him wild. He held her buttocks and dragged her down deeper onto
his cock.

"Oh god oh god oh god ohhhh uhhh OHHh uhhh OHHH," she moaned.

"C'mon, whore! Take it! Take my cock! Ohhhhh yes! Take it all,
bitch, yes!" he cried.

Her shoulders hollowed, her head flung back, her belly sucked inward in tension, squatting deeply over his lap, Sayali rode the
man's penis, bucking and bouncing heavily. He held her thighs and
jigged her on his cock, moving her up and yanking her down. His
own hips jerked and bucked under hers, and his huge cock distended
her cunt-lips and went all the way in, glistening and gleaming. It
slid out and her cunt rose up his shaft. Then he heaved his hips
and her cunt crushed down on his cock, engulfing it. Up and down,
up and down she moved, her body jerking frenetically. Her breasts bounced and jiggled and she squeezed them in excitement. Her mouth
was open and she cr out loudly in joy. Her face arched back,
flopped forward, arched back again as she went faster and faster.
The *mangalsutra* around her neck slapped on her fair skin.

"OHHHhh Abhay-Abhay-Abhay-yes ohhh god yes yes ohhhhh yes ohhh god
yes yes ohhh uhh Ohhhh uhh OH UH OH UH OHH uhh OHH uhh Oh uh Ah uh
ah uh ah uh ah uh ah-uh-ahhh uhhh AHHHHHHHH!" Sayali cried.

She began to sweat. Her voice was husky, filled with obscenities,
and he responded in like fashion. Sayali bucked and bounced
furiously up and down on her guest's cock. Her cunt slid up the
shaft, then scrunched down. Her belly trembled and quivered as his
penis penetrated her innards. She leaned back on an outstretched
arm and, with her other hand, opened her cunt-lips wide and let
his cock rasp between her fingers into her cunt. She squeezed her
breasts in excitement, her head arching back, her face twisted
with lust. She hissed in delight as he rocked up hard into her.
She toyed with her clitoris.

"Yes ... there ... yes ... Oh ma uhhh *hanh* ... uhhhh ... yes!"
she gasped.

She leaned back on both hands and, arching her face upward, swung
her hips rapidly in tight, excited circles, churning her cunt flesh with his pestle, moaning loudly with excitement. Her
shoulders hunched with deep hollows. Her breasts were hot and
swollen. Rivers of lust rippled through her delectable body.
Strands of hair clung damply to the nape of her neck as sweat
beaded her skin.

The *mangalsutra* tossed and jumped around her neck. Her
guest-lover fondled her turgid breasts, making her whimper and
arch her head in ecstasy. Faster and faster she went, rising and
falling, crying out and moaning louder and louder. She jerked and
bounced on his cock in a frenzy. Hitting a breathtaking orgasm,
her cunt contracting fiercely on his throbbing penis, Sayali
arched back with a shuddering moan, her cunt grinding down hard
onto his upthrust cock. He gasped under her. Somehow, he managed
to hold back. She moaned, her cunt impaled deeply on his cock and
slowly, lurched forward, her hands on his chest. Her hips writhed
slowly over his.

"Do you like me?" she murmured. "Does this feel good?"

"Fuck, you're great!" he gasped, as her cunt squeezed his penis

"Then fuck me, lover! Fuck me like a whore!"

Smiling and moaning, she began rocking up and down on his cock
again. Her breasts bounced and jiggled and he squeezed them
feverishly, his hips pumping under her. Her *mangalsutra* slapped
on her chest. The gold chain in her cunt rasped over his cock,
making him groan in pleasure. Sayali bent and kissed him like a
lover, thrusting her tongue deep in his mouth. He squeezed her
breasts and whimpered and lost himself, shooting into her slit.

She slid off his cock, and already the next guest was waiting,
panting with excitement, his erect penis throbbing and quivering
eagerly. Hardly had her first lover got off the divan than the
second man was shoving her down on her back, jerking her legs open
and plunging his penis into her slit. He stood at the foot of the
divan, her thighs in his hands and hammered his hips excitedly
back and forth. Sayali hissed in joy. Her hand was flat on her
sucked-in belly and it slid lower and she fingered her slit.

"Come on ... do it," she muttered. "Fuck me lover ... fuck me

That evening, Sayali was fucked by all five guests. They took her
greedily, plunging into her cunt and ass and mouth, some of them
taking generous second helpings. Finally, they were sated. Joe and
Suresh served a fresh round of drinks. Sayali cleaned up. She
returned, still naked except for her jewelry and served them
delicious snacks. Dinner was served by Sayali and a handsome
servant, a man she said was her frequent lover, too. The guests
ate ravenously. After dinner, one of them said he would like to
watch the servant fuck her.

Suresh lit a cigarette and smiled to himself. On the divan, his
servant was fucking his wife furiously, lying behind her, plunging
his penis in and out of her cunt. She groaned and gasped and cried
out, her face contorted with excitement as the huge penis
thundered in and out of her cunt. The guests were masturbating
again, watching transfixed. She turned her head back and the
servant kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth,
squeezing her turgid breasts, one hand on her hip, jigging her
furiously up and down on his cock. She whimpered joyously, her
buttocks jerking and writhing against his crotch, sucking his
tongue as he pressed his lips to hers.

At a sign from Suresh, the gigolo stepped forward again and pushed
his penis into her mouth. The servant chuckled and slowed his
movements. The two men fucked her together. Her face was distended
by the size of the gigolo's penis.

They paused to change places and position. She knelt on all fours
on the divan and Joe began fucking her cunt slowly and heavily
from behind, standing at the foot of the couch. The servant stood
at the other end, grinning down at her, fucking her face, a hand
on his hip, pumping back and forth, the other on her head. He
reached down and squeezed her swinging, pendulous breasts.

"Mm, yeh ... suck it, bitch! Suck my cock!" he grunted.

They fucked her cunt and mouth for several minutes. Her body
rocked and swung between theirs, her long *mangalsutra* and heavy
breasts swinging. She obviously enjoyed the simultaneous fucking
and her buttocks writhed and squirmed in pleasure against Joe's
thighs and her cunt ran up and down the length of his shaft. She
sucked her servant's cock with evident hunger, holding his hips,
her head rolling from side to side and moving back and forth. The
two penises glistened and gleamed as they went in and out of the
antipodal orifices. Joe looked up at the servant, then at Suresh.

"Let's do a cunt and butt fuck," he said to Suresh.

Suresh nodded. He spoke to the servant in Hindi, instructing him.
The servant grinned and nodded. They released Sayali and, moaning
and panting, she made place for the servant on the divan. He lay
under her, his hips at the edge. She knelt astride his lean hips
and, holding his penis, slowly impaled her cunt on it with a
shuddering moan. She leaned forward and kissed her servant
hungrily. Her cunt rocked gently up and down on his cock. His cock
shone as it went in and out of her hair-rimmed pussy. She spread
her knees wider and her buttocks parted, exposing her anus.

Joe grinned and stroked his penis, lubricating it with his gunk.
Licking four fingers, he smeared them on her anus, grinning in
anticipation. He pressed his cock-head to her anus and she tensed,
her cunt sinking on her servant's cock. Behind her, the gigolo
squeezed his cock-head to anus, one hand on his shaft, the other
on her hip. She moaned, yielded and he flexed his buttocks slowly
and, before the pop-eyed guests, forced his cock-head into her
taut rear channel.

"OhhhhhhhhhhhhmaunhhhhhhhAHHH!" Sayali gasped, her head snapping
up, her face contorting in lust, her lips jerking back over her
white teeth.

Her body tensed and her neck arched, tendons popping in her
throat. The servant laughed and squeezed her breasts. The gigolo
gripped her hips and slowly pushed his cock deeper and deeper into
her anus. Sayali's voice broke in rattling, heaving sobs. Deeper
and deeper the gigolo went till he was embedded in her ass. He
grunted softly as her buttocks squirmed and trembled and clenched
taut. Her cunt and ass convulsed frantically on the two cocks in
her cunt and anus.


Sayali's face was screwed up in an agony of passion. Slowly, her
head sank between her shoulders. Her back curved and her chest
heaved. The two men began fucking her slowly and heavily. She
cried out again, her head arching, then falling, arching and
falling. Her gasps and cries grew louder and she began to shriek
thinly as the men moved faster and more heavily, grinding their
penises into her flesh. The gold strands had snapped taut and the
girdle bit into the soft flesh of her naked midriff, adding to her
ecstatic torment. The servant hit her breasts rapidly, repeatedly
and the gigolo dug his hands into her buttocks with excitement as
he thrust greedily into her clonic anus. Sayali cried out, her
body thrashing between theirs.

As if on cue, the two men stopped simultaneously and slid out of
her. Sayali collapsed on the divan, her body racked by heaving
sobs. But they were not yet sated. They turned her around with her
back to the servant. She obeyed them and, holding her servant's
cock, gently sank her anus onto it. His cock-head burst into her
asshole and she cried out, her head whipping back, her fingers
taut on his shaft. Her chest heaving, she slid her ass lower and
lower, impaling herself on his dick. Then, moaning, she eased
herself down onto her back and stretched her legs before her,
spreading them wide on either side of his.

Her face turned and the servant kissed her, squeezing her breasts.
She groaned and reached down with one hand to spread her cunt-lips
for her magnificent gigolo. He moved forward and, pulling her legs
apart, stretching her cunt-lips wide open, pressed his cock-head
to her cunt. She whimpered, writhing, impaled on the servant's
penis and the gigolo's buttocks flexed slowly and his cock
squeezed into her cunt, crushing her cunt-flesh. Sayali cried out,
her head arching, her back bowing. The gigolo bent and sucked her
breasts. The servant jerked her head to his and thrust his tongue
into her mouth.

Sandwiched between the two men, Sayali writhed and thrashed as
they fucked her cunt and ass together. The two huge penises sawed
in and out of her cunt and ass, hitting a rhythm so that both
entered her body together. The gigolo's thrusts forced her ass
down on to the servant's erection. Then the two penises slipped
outward, and ran into her again, out and in again. The gold chains
were tensioned between her thighs and girdle bit into her belly.
They moved faster and faster, pushing and forcing their cocks into
her. She orgasmed repeatedly, moaning and crying out.

"Oh ma oh ma oh ma ohhh unhh Ohhhh unhh Ohhh yes oh god yes yes
Ohhhh yes!" she cried.

"Take it! Take it whore! Take my cock!" the servant grunted.

"Oh-huh-oh-huh-oh-huh-ohyeh!" Joe gasped, stroking deeply into her

Several minutes later, the servant groaned and jerked her off his
cock. His penis quivered and then he exploded, his jizz spurting
into the cleft between her buttocks and over her back and thighs.
Seconds later, the gigolo followed, sliding out of her cunt and,
masturbating vigorously, shot his load. thick gunk sputtered over
her belly and hit her breasts and cunt and thighs. Sayali moaned
deliriously. Slowly, both men squeezed their sated cocks into her
cunt and ass again, making her cry out.

The guests applauded wildly. Abhay and two more wanted to fuck her
again, and asked Suresh for his permission.

"Leave something for the next party guys," Suresh grinned.

The guests protested, but Suresh was firm. After all, she needed a
break, and it was late already. Their wives would be waiting for
them. The men grinned, chuckled. They left together, thanking
Suresh and Sayali profusely, promising to keep their appointments
with Suresh in his office the next day. When the last had left,
Suresh returned to the living room. Sayali was sipping a drink.
Joe was fixing one for himself and the servant, who sprawled on
the sofa, his body streaming with sweat.

"Thank you all. That was very effective," Suresh said. "I'm going
to turn in. Sayali?"

"Have you got a girl?"

"Yes. She should be here any minute. Nisha. She'll stay the

"Want us to join you?"

"No. I'd like to be alone with her. What about you? Shall I ask
for someone?"

Sayali smiled and got up. "With these two available? You must be
joking. Come on guys, let's go in and fuck again. I want you in my
cunt and ass again."

Later, as he fucked the lovely Nisha, her curved body rocking on
all fours under him, her buttocks swaying and writhing erotically
as he pushed his penis deeper and deeper into her anus, Suresh
smiled to himself in satisfaction. Things were going well. His
business was booming, his marriage was an unquestioned success,
and he had wonderful women to fuck.

He chuckled softly and slid his hands up her slender, curved body
and squeezed her pendulous breasts. Her cunt contracted on his
throbbing penis and her head arched slowly and she moaned thickly.
He looked at her reflection in the wall-to-wall mirror at the foot
of the bed: her planed, angular face creased in delight, her
luscious lips parted, her long neck arched, her *mangalsutra*
swaying, her breasts heavy and swollen, her dark, *kajal*-rimmed
eyes glittering with lust. Her tongue arched over her upper lip

"Come on, Suresh," she groaned. "Fuck me, lover! Fuck me hard!"

He chuckled softly and creased her buttocks open in his hands,
pressing his thumb to her anus. She moaned, writhing under him.

"I'm going to fuck your ass, whore," he muttered, leaning forward
over her, his lips hot on the nape of her long neck. "I'm going to
ram-fuck your ass."

"Yes," she gasped, her head turning to his, her lips seeking his
feverishly. "Do it, Suresh ... fuck my butt ... please ... I want
you to."

He laughed. "Later, whore. Later. All in good time." He licked her
ear lasciviously, his hands on her breasts.

Grunting, Suresh straightened and, holding the pretty woman's
slender hips, began to fuck her cunt rapidly, hammering his hips
at her buttocks. His flesh slapped against hers, his thighs
cannoned off her buttocks, pummelling them vigorously. His
inflamed penis thundered in and out of her cunt. He jerked her
cunt up and down the length of his penis. Nisha gasped and moaned,
rocking and jerking violently back and forth under him, moaning
and panting deliriously in unfaked pleasure. Suresh felt her cunt contract on his penis and he gasped, tossing his head back and
losing himself in the pleasures of her tender flesh.
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