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Archived Sex Stories

Dirty Amber Part 05 Tropical Heat



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

(5) Tropical Heat

There was a darker side to things, as there always is. Suresh had
no way of knowing that his wife, Sayali had a secret lover, one
whom no one knew of, not even her masters at the sex company,
Hedon & Venery. Suresh revelled in the candour of their marriage
-- he believed she had no secrets from him, as he certainly had
none from her. He knew that she was a full-time whore at Hedon &
Venery, that she worked at a brothel called The Apistia, that she
did live sex-shows and performed in films and for steamy
pornographic magazines. She fucked the servants in the house, and
any of their friends she fancied. They had group orgies with close
friends and frequent wife-swapping parties. At dinner parties for
his business associates, she put on sex-shows with the servants or
hired gigolos, and allowed the guests to fuck her. With very
important businessmen, she went one-on-one, spending entire nights
and, sometimes, long weekends with them. The results were
invariably profitable, and Sayali never complained. In graphic
detail, she recounted the sex. When she could, she had it all
video taped. Suresh had hours of footage of his wife as a
sex-slave, servicing businessmen, their friends, hirelings,
complete strangers.

Suresh, too, had his share of lovers, when time permitted : maids,
whore, call-girls, Sayali's friends, his friends' wives -- Suresh
enjoyed fucking them and he, too, recounted his affairs for
Sayali. With such transparency in their marriage, Suresh had no
reason to suspect his wife. The question of infidelity did not
arise -- both were constantly and openly unfaithful.

But there were days when Sayali didn't go to work. Instead, she
left the house as usual, drove into town, stopped en route to call
The Apistia to say she would not be in that day, parked her car in
a lot and took a taxi to a small, quiet lane by the docks.
Alighting from the taxi, she waited till it turned the corner and
was out of sight. Then she walked quickly down the lane and turned
into a narrow blind alley that ran perpendicular to the lane. At
the end of the alley stood an old three-storied block of flats.

It was a run-down wooden structure, the timber rotten and decaying
in many parts, some windows boarded, others without shutters,
still others broken and open like gaping wounds. There was no door
to the building, and Sayali entered and climbed three flights of
long, broad, shallow wooden steps, clutching the curved wooden
bannister, worn smooth by countless hands. Most of the flats were
empty. One or two had signs of desultory life, an occasional line
of washing or a tinny radio squeaking and scratching. Sayali
climbed to the top floor and turned down the corridor to the flat
at the rear of the house. Using a key taken from her small
handbag, she let herself into the flat.

In comparison to the rest of the building, the flat was
surprisingly well-kept. The walls were neatly plastered and
painted a soft white. The door opened into a large, simply
furnished room with a high, sloping ceiling. Tall windows
stretched along the length of the far wall. The room overlooked
the harbour and the busy dockyard, beyond several rows of red tiled roofs. An open door at one end of the room led into an airy
and clean kitchen, fitted with simple and basic appliances -- a
small refrigerator, a two-ring gas stove, a steel sink and a
granite worktop. Another door set half-way down the side wall was
open and showed a bedroom with a bathroom ensuite.

The living room in which Sayali stood held scattered, minimal
furniture, mostly of inexpensive wood or white-painted cane -- two
deep armchairs, a sofa, a small glass-topped coffee table, a
dining table with four chairs. The walls were bare. A rug on the
floor added colour. The sofa and chairs were upholstered with
brightly patterned fabric, and held plump cushions.

Sayali closed the door behind her. A black man emerged from the
bedroom. He was tall and very handsome, with a superb physique. He
wore a pair of jeans and nothing else. He had thick black hair,
swept back off his forehead. His nose was long and straight and
slightly curved; the lips were slim and wide. His jaw was strong
and well-defined, sexily square. His dark eyes were deep-set. He
was clean-shaven. His body was stunning: a muscular neck stretched
to broad shoulders and led to a wide, deeply cleaved chest. His
torso was hairless and smooth, his armpits were shaved clean. His
nipples were small and dark and sharp, pulled wide and low on
either side of the mighty W of his chest that swept from armpit to
armpit. His back was smooth and strong, curved inward to the
spine, and snaking down to his taut buttocks. His belly was
rock-hard, ridged with slabs of musculature. He was barefoot, and
his jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped. He stopped in the doorway,
with one arm raised, hand resting on the doorjamb and looked at
Sayali impassively.

Sayali paused, studying him, her eyes raking his body. Her face
flushed with excitement. Her eyes glittered and her nostrils
flared and her lips parted. Dropping her purse on the floor, she
moved towards the man, kicking off her sandals. He waited
silently, carved out of a stone, an erotic bas-relief.

Sayali was clad in a simple *churidar* and *kurta*. Her face was a
perfect oval, tapering to a fine chin. Her eyes were elongated,
almond-shaped, lined with *kajal* She had high cheekbones and a
fine, straight nose. Her mouth was small, but her lips were full
and luscious. She had white, even teeth. Her hair was thick and
lustrous, now tied in a plait that reached her buttocks. Her dusky
skin was smooth and clear and soft, the colour and texture of
honey. A long, elegant neck led smoothly to full, high, ripe
breasts, superbly formed and heavy, like succulent mangoes. Her
belly was firm and flat, her waist narrow and her hips flared just
so, to neatly curved buttocks and slender, long, elegant legs. Her
arms were smoothly turned, and her hands and feet were shapely.
She wore a long *mangalsutra* around her neck, a *bindi*, gold
earrings, gold finger-rings, silver anklets and toe-rings. She
dropped her *dupatta* as she approached the man, and unbuttoned
her *kurta*. Beneath, she was naked.

Before the man, she stopped for a second, her eyes locking with
his. Then her hands slid up his torso, caressing him sensuously,
and then she bent her head and, moaning softly, licked his nipple.
The man did not move. Sayali groaned and tugged at the cord of her
*churidar*. It rustled to her feet and she kicked it aside.
Slowly, she drew the *kurta* off her head. Her breasts were heavy
and warm with excitement, her long nipples rigid, her aureoles
puckered. She pressed against him, caressing his body, writhing
her flesh against his, pushing her hands into his trousers,
squeezing his buttocks. Tugging his jeans down, she slithered to
her knees before the man. He kicked his jeans aside.

Still limp, the man's circumcised penis was eight inches long and
correspondingly thick. It hung from a thatch of neatly trimmed,
sparse pubic hair. His balls were heavy and low. His cock and
balls were smoothly shorn. Sayali moaned thickly as she took his
cock in her hands and caressed it lovingly. Jerking it deftly, she
stroked her face with it, her eyes half-closed, her lips
fluttering open. His penis stirred in her hands and she slowly
took his cock-head in her mouth. A slow grin creased the man's
face. His belly rippled. Now he raised his other arm and spread
his legs so that he seemed to be spreadeagled in the doorway.

Sayali sucked the man's penis hungrily, holding his shaft and
jerking it back and forth. His penis quivered and stirred and
began to swell in her mouth and fingers. The man grunted as his
penis grew to an enormous size, over ten inches long, nearly two
inches thick. Slowly, he flexed his buttocks and slid his hips
forward at her face. Sayali groaned and, gripping his hips, took
his cock deeper in her mouth, sucking feverishly.

The man was a Nigerian Muslim called Hamid and he was an escaped
convict. Arrested for raping the seventeen-year old daughter of
the dean of the college where he was a student, he had jumped bail
and disappeared. Sayali noticed him one afternoon at the market,
while she was shopping for groceries. One look at him and her body
blazed with lust. He walked like a panther, his muscles rippling
smoothly under his tight T-shirt and jeans. When he left the
market, she followed him back to the building. She watched him go
inside and waited in her car. Her body was hot with lust as she
gazed at his window, trying to picture his body and him fucking
her demonically, stroking powerfully in and out of her flesh.

For an entire week, she tailed him from the market, wondering how
to get into the flat and his bed. She toyed with the idea of using
the direct approach -- going up, ringing the bell and offering
herself to him. The more she studied him, the more she wanted him.
Fantasising, she masturbated with her hand between her legs.

A week after she first saw him, she was sitting in her car, just
slipping into a particularly erotic fantasy of him sodomising her,
when she felt a knife at her throat and heard his voice. He was
*in* the car, in the back-seat, his lips very close to her ear.

"Outside, bitch," he hissed softly. "Now. One word and I'll rip
your throat."

Sayali stifled a scream of surprise. She flicked a glance at him
in the rear-view mirror. His face was dark and tense. He reached
forward and flicked open her door and shoved her out. Before she
could regain her balance, he was behind her, twisting her arm
behind her back, the knife at her neck, shoving her forward,
hustling her into the building.

"You're hurting me!" she cried, inside.

"Shut up, bitch. Upstairs!"

He pushed her up the stairs, kicked open the door of his flat,
shoved her inside and slammed it behind him. As she stumbled
forward and turned, she heard the bolts click. He advanced toward
her menacingly, holding an enormous glistening knife, one edge
saw-toothed. Sayali went cold with fear and backed away slowly.

"Who are you?" he snarled. "What the fuck do you want? Why're you
following me? Are you with the cops?"

A long, muscular arm shot out and grabbed her by the throat and
slammed her against the wall. Sayali cried out.

The sharp point of the knife pressed to her chin. Sayali froze,
her eyes wide with fear. The man's face was very close to hers,
his breath hot on her face. The knife point slipped lower, to her
throat. Sayali went cold. The man's eyes bored into hers, and she
seemed to see a glint of excitement deep within. The knife slid
sideways and flicked the *pallu* of her *sari* off her left
shoulder. Her blouse was tight, cut high and short, its neck wide
and low, deeply scooped: her breasts bulged in its confines,
squeezed together in an enticing cleavage. The lower hem ran hard
under her breasts, which jutted out like succulent fruit. Her long
*mangalsutra* dangled around her neck, the twin strands nestling
between her breasts, the amulet on her belly.

The man dragged the point of the knife down her cleavage to the
neck of her blouse. He paused. Sayali tensed. He increased the
pressure. The knife sliced through her tight blouse. It fell open.
Sayali was naked under it. The man's eyes glittered at the sight
of her naked breasts. Gently, he used the point of the knife to
lift the blouse off her breasts, moved it gently over her nipples
and breasts. Despite the danger of her situation, Sayali felt a
frisson of lust and her nipples blossomed in excitement. She bit
her lower lip and closed her eyes in tension.

For a few seconds, the man toyed with her breasts, running the
knife tenderly around her aureoles and nipples, through her
cleavage. He was obviously very expert; he did not nick her even
once. Sayali grew hot with lust and her nipples throbbed in
excitement. The man moved closer and she gasped softly as she felt
his tongue and lips at her ear, the knife sliding down her belly.
He paused and then, with a deft flick, cut through her *sari* and
petticoat. She wore no panties and when the clothes rustled to her
feet, she was completely naked. The knife slipped to her crotch.
Sayali froze as she felt the cold blade at her cunt-lips.

Then there was a soft click and the pressure of the knife
vanished. He cupped her breasts in both hands and swirled his
tongue through her earlobe, pressing his crotch to hers. Sayali
felt a wave of relief crash over her. Instinctively, she wound her
arms around his neck.

"So that's it," the man chuckled softly. "You're chasing black

Sayali opened her eyes and looked at him. He was devilishly sexy.
He was wearing a sleeveless vest and tight jeans. She slid her
hands up his incredibly muscular torso, caressing its magnificent

"Yes," she whispered. "That's what I want. Ever since I saw you at
the market last week, that's what I've wanted."

"What's your name?"


"That's a pretty name."

"Thank you. What do they call you?"

He grinned, his dark eyes twinkling. "Hamid."

Sayali smiled. "Hi, Hamid."

She slid her hands under his vest, rucking it up under his arms,
and bent forward to lick his nipple. His hand slid down her belly
to her crotch. His fingers came away wet. He moved them to her
face and she kissed and licked them sensuously, tasting her
cunt-juice. Her fingers slipped to his jeans and she unclasped
them, unzipped his fly and slid one hand into his crotch. Her
fingers closed around the enormity of his penis.

"Oh god," she moaned. "Oh god yes, I want your cock, Hamid ...
c'mon, Hamid ... fuck me ... please ... I want you to fuck me ..."

Groaning deliriously, Sayali slid to her knees before Hamid and
buried her face in his crotch. For the next three hours, Sayali
was fucked and fucked and fucked, relentlessly and repeatedly. He
fucked her in every orifice, in her mouth, in her cunt, in her
ass, and then he started all over. He was untiring, and alternated
at will between a violent, demanding rhythm, plunging greedily
into her flesh, ramming and reaming into her so that her slender,
lissom body tossed and jerked and thrashed uncontrollably under
his, to a gentle, rocking, sawing motion that made her dizzy with
pleasure. She came repeatedly and each orgasm left her thirsting
for another. Hamid came again and again in copious floods,
astonishing her with his powers of recovery and stamina.

Finally sated, they lay in his bed on sheets damp with sweat and
sex. She was on her side and he lay behind her, like two saucers
drying in dish-rack. He pressed his cock to her buttocks and she
murmured softly and squirmed her ass against his crotch,
stretching a hand to his groin. He cupped her breast, twined his
fingers in her *mangalsutra* and rasped the cold metal over her
nipple. Sayali shuddered in excitement as her nipple popped erect.

"You're one hot cunt," he murmured, nuzzling the nape of her nape,
tonguing her ear.

"Thank you," she smiled. "You're quite a stud yourself."

"I know. You're married, aren't you?"

"Yes. A few months ago."

"Are you unhappy in your marriage?"

"On the contrary. It's wonderful."

"Then ... why ..."

"I know. It's a bit confusing, and it's a long story."

"We have time."

"Not enough. And I want to know about you."

"That's a long story, too."

"I insist."

"Ladies first."

"Exactly. So my demand is answered first."

Hamid laughed and cupped her breasts. His penis had hardened again
and she moaned softly as he pressed it to her buttocks.

"C'mon bitch ... on your front ... I want to fuck you again."

Sayali smiled over her shoulder as she turned on her front,
lifting her buttocks to him, offering him her anus without

"Want my ass instead?"

For a moment, the Nigerian hesitated, tempted by the sight of her
winking anus as she shuffled her knees apart and, reached back,
spread her buttocks open for his pleasure.

"You really like butt-fucking me, don't you?" she said.

"Yeh. You've a nice, hot, tight ass and it doesn't hurt you."

"Mm. I like being butt-fucked. And I like that in a guy ..."


"When he cares whether I'm hurting or not."

"I always care about my women. Fucking them is what I live for."

"Lucky us."

He laughed. "Come on, bitch ... in your cunt now ... I'll fuck
your ass later."

Sayali murmured in assent and released her buttocks. Reaching
between her legs, leaning on one forearm, she parted her cunt-lips
with her first two fingers forming a wide V. Her Nigerian lover
pressed his cock-head to her cunt-lips.

"Slowly ... push it in slowly, lover ... let me feel it go in all
the way ... OHHH yes! Oh fuck yes! Ohhhhh yes baby yes! That's it
ohhh that's so good ... do it Hamid ... fuck me! Fuck my slit,
baby ... fuck me!"

Kneeling behind her, holding her hips with one hand and his shaft
with the other, Hamid squeezed his cock-head into her cunt. He
groaned as her cunt convulsed and contracted powerfully on his
penis. He flexed his buttocks and slid his hips slowly forward,
savouring the exquisite heat and wetness and tension of her cunt.
His cock rasped between her fingers and plowed into her flesh.
Sayali moaned thickly, her head bowed, her breasts hot, swollen
and pendulous, as the enormous cock tunelled deeper and deeper
into her belly. In and in it went, enormous, hot, hard, throbbing
its desire. Sayali groaned and swirled her hips erotically,
grinding and writhing them against his. When his balls pressed
against her cunt-lips, she squeezed them eagerly, moaning her
pleasure. Hamid groaned, his penis throbbing in her clonic cunt and, his buttocks flexed taut, ground his hips in tight, circular
motions. His penis churned her cunt-flesh, mashing her swollen
clitoris. Sayali shuddered in pleasure and her head arched, her
face suffused with pleasure.

"Now," she groaned. "Fuck me slowly Hamid ... fuck me slowly."

Holding her hips, gasping and panting softly, the muscular
Nigerian began to fuck her with slow, grinding thrusts. Sayali
gasped and moaned thickly, jerking and rocking on her forearms and
knees under him. Her breasts and long *mangalsutra* swung back and
forth as they moved. The man moved steadily and unhurriedly,
pushing his cock in and out of her cunt, squeezing it in as far as
he could. Sliding his hands up her body, he cupped and squeezed
her hot, heavy breasts. Sayali writhed in pleasure against him.

Fucking her for the umpteenth time that afternoon, Hamid told her
about his brush with the law. The fact that he was a criminal,
wanted and on the lam only excited her further. She begged him for
the details.

"She was seventeen and randy as hell," he told her. "I used to go
to her house to take tuitions from her old man. He was the dean of
the college and my English was not very good. He was often late
coming from college and there was nobody else at home. His wife --
her mother -- had died, and her brother is abroad, and the
servants are only part-time. She was fucking good-looking -- not
as pretty as you, but pretty anyway and real sexy. Had this fire
in her cunt. The first time, she just looked at me in this hungry
way she had. The same the next time, and the time after that. Then
we got talking and she began to sit down and chat while we waited
for her dad. Easy bitch ... take it easy ... yeh ... slow down,
whore ... yeh ... ohhh fuck yes ..."

"Do it, Hamid ... fuck me ... what happened then?"

"Yeah. Fuck, your cunt is hot, babe ..."

"Just ... just don't stop baby ... just keep fucking me ohhh yes
... shove it in slowly lover ... ahhhhh yes ... ohmayes ohhh god

"Yeh ... so one day, I was waiting as usual and she called me into
her room, and I went in and she was stark naked and frigging on
her bed, using a cucumber or something. No way I could refuse and
I fucked her like crazy, ramming and reaming into her cunt and
making her scream and cry out like a mad woman. She wanted more
and more and more. After that, I got to her place earlier and
earlier and we fucked and fucked like mad."

"And then?"

"We hadn't fucked like for a week or something and both of us were
on the boil and we got going within seconds, right there at the
dining table. She stood on the floor and I fucked her from behind
and I was fucking her real nice and hard like she liked to be
fucked when the old man came in -- just my luck he got out early
that day."

"Oh shit."

"Yeah. Real shit. He hit the ceiling and I got the hell out of
there while he was calling the cops. I fucking had nowhere to go
and I was scared shitless, so they caught me within an hour.
Chucked me in jail and fucking beat me for two days. Then up
before some asshole judge who wanted some crazy money for bail and
I was in for good."

"How did you get out?"

"These cops are dumb. Coming out of the court, just one pandu on
my wrist and he had to take a leak. *He* had to piss, can you beat
it? So he unlocked my handcuffs and I was out of there before he
could touch his prick."

Sayali giggled. "How did you get here?"

"I just ran. Fucking ran like mad, and in the most crowded areas
where no one notices and walked and walked and then came here."

"It was empty?"

"Yeah. Absolutely empty. I just grabbed this place. Haven't been
out since, except to buy food. Haven't had a cunt to fuck either.
Was going half-mad till I saw you."

"You saw me?"

"Yeah. First day. Got real scared. Waited. Two days later, saw you
frigging and figured this wasn't cop work."

Sayali laughed softly. "Nothing of the kind."

"Yeah. That's good."

"Mm. Now c'mon Hamid ... take me ... hard now ... fuck me hard ...
ohhhhh fuck yes! OHHHH yes ... ram it in baby oh
Hamid-Hamid-Hamid-Hamid yes Ohh god yes!"

It was late evening when she finally tore herself away from him.
Over the next two weeks, Sayali arranged her secret finances, her
earnings from Hedon & Venery and quietly bought the adjacent flat
in the name of a cut-out. A week later, and it was painted and
furnished and ready. Hamid kept out of sight while the work was
going on. Sayali visited the flat a couple of times to supervise.
Once, ogling the gang of three painters, lean and muscular youths,
she indulged herself and had them fuck her on the wooden floor,
between the high ladders and cans of paint. They fucked her
hungrily and repeatedly and, finally, at her insistence, all
together, in her cunt and mouth and ass. Later that evening, when
Hamid and she inspected the flat, she told him about it with a
twinkle in her eye and, laughing, he grabbed her, bent her over on
of the ladders, lifted her *sari* and, moistening his fingers with
his spittle and lubricating her anus, sodomised her thoroughly.
Sayali loved every minute of it.

She knew she was running a risk. By sheltering a wanted criminal,
she was breaking the law herself. It could not last and, sooner or
later, she would have to tell Jayant and ask for his help. Then,
perhaps, she would have to tell Suresh, too. But not yet. She
still had not had her fill of the Nigerian, and she had no
intention of losing him to a squalid jail. She enjoyed the thrill
of secret assignations, of keeping it from Suresh just for the fun
of it. With luck, even once Jayant knew, she might be able to
continue with the arrangement.

That was three months ago and, in that time, Sayali visited him at
least twice a week. Fortunately, her job at Hedon & Venery
required her to report in over the weekend, and she had
occasionally spent the entire time with Hamid, being fucked
relentlessly. Their understanding was clear. Till he was
exonerated, he was not to leave the house. She would provide for
him. In return, he was required to fuck her whenever and for as
long she wanted. The arrangement suited Hamid eminently. She
brought him food and drink and pornographic magazines and put in a
tv set with surround sound and a laser disk system and checked out
the latest Hedon & Venery skin flicks for him. He was well looked
after, and wanted for little, and she was an outstanding fuck.

Now she sucked his penis, gripping his hips and rocking her head
rapidly back and forth. Hamid remained as he was, his head bent,
watching her suck his cock, his arms aloft, hands gripping the
lintel of the doorway. He pumped his hips steadily back and forth,
his buttocks flexing and unflexing, driving his cock in and out of
her mouth. Her tongue and lips were magical and he felt the heat
build and surge in his groin. The musky taste of his cock aroused
her and she began to masturbate, caressing and squeezing her
turgid breasts, thrusting a hand into her crotch and running a
finger in and out of her wet cunt. Pausing, she rose slightly to
squeeze her breasts around his cock as she licked his navel.

"Are you going to stay like this forever, stud?"

"Yup. You want to fuck, you do the work."

"And I suppose you don't want to fuck?"

"I'm keeping my side of our deal."


"Probably." Hamid laughed softly at the expression of naked lust
on her face. "Do what you like, bitch. I'm not moving. Fuck
yourself on my cock."

Sayali moaned softly in excitement. She bent her head and sucked his cock again for a few minutes, hungrily taking him deep in her
mouth and licking his cock-head frantically. He grunted, chuckled.
Whimpering, she rose, kissing and licking his magnificent torso,
sucking his nipples one by one till she was on her feet. Grinding
her cunt against his rampant penis, holding it in one hand and
pressing it to her cunt, she wound an arm around his head and
kissed him hungrily, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth. Her
breasts were hot and heavy on his chest.

"God I love your body," she murmured.

Panting with excitement, she turned around with her back to him.
Spreading her legs wide, she leaned slowly forward, bending her
torso further and further till she was folded almost in half. Her
buttocks and hips were arched upward to his groin. Her hands on
her shins, Sayali shuffled backward slowly. Hamid's rampant penis
pressed against her buttocks. She reached between her legs with
one hand and took his penis and guided it to her cunt. For a
second she paused with his cock-head encircled in her fingers at
her cunt-lips. Then her buttocks spread wide and she slid her hips
upward and back with a soft moan and the cock-head slipped between
her fingers and into her cunt. She shuddered in deep pleasure as
the enormity and heat of it bit into her wet cunt. Hamid held
perfectly still. With his cock firmly embedded in her cunt, Sayali
held her shins in both hands and, bent steeply forward, began to
slide her cunt back onto his throbbing erection. The Nigerian
grunted softly, his head bent, watching in fascination as the
young woman's buttocks creased wider and wider open and her juicy,
tight cunt slid back up the length of his monstrous erection. Her
cunt was fiery hot and sodden, and, as it convulsed on his
throbbing penis, he was tempted to yield and thrust into her. He
controlled himself with an effort.

"Ohhh ma unhhh ohhh god you bastard ohhh yes!" Sayali gasped as
she took more and more of his cock into her flesh. "God yes ...
ohhh god yes!"

Her buttocks swayed and writhed and began to churn in slow
circles, grinding round with a tight little snap. Her cunt spiralled slowly and inexorably on the seemingly endless length of
his cock. Her long *mangalsutra* dangled free, sliding up high on
the back of her neck. Her heavy, swollen breasts ached for his
touch. She squeezed them with one hand. Her *mangalsutra* flipped
against her chin, and she caught it in her lips and bit it in
tension. His penis was enormous, hot, hard, thick and heavy and it
pulsed slowly and steadily in her flesh. He was like a statue
carved of rock, hard and still. On and on she went, backing
herself onto his cock till, finally, she had him fully in her
cunt. Slowly, her head arched and her head rose, suffused with
lust, the long *mangalsutra* between her lips, her long neck
craned, her breasts succulent and pendulous, their nipples

The long years of ardent and strenuous fucking had made her supple
and strong. She felt no strain in the odd position. Her long legs
took the tension smoothly and easily. Moaning deep in her throat,
she bent further forward and slid her hands back to clench his
calves. Now she was bent over, her arms stretched back, pinning
his body to hers. Hamid's fingers tightened on the lintel. He
waited, taking slow, deep breaths to control himself. His balls
and groin blazed with lust-heat. She was an incredible piece of

Holding his legs, her buttocks pressed hard to his crotch, Sayali
groaned and began to grind her hips erotically round and round.
His huge cock mashed her cunt-flesh, rasping over the hard stub of
her inflamed clitoris. She groaned deep in her throat and began to
rock slowly back and forth, sliding her cunt up and down the
length of his cock. Hamid held perfectly still and watched as her
cunt-lips moved along his shaft. Her cunt convulsed on his penis
and he groaned. Her buttocks slapped gently against his thighs,
pressed against his balls. Hamid longed to grab her hips and fuck
her hard, to ram his cock into her cunt. He controlled himself and
made her continue working for her pleasure.

Sayali's head swam with delirious pleasure. The strain of the
position made the blood rush to her head. She opened her mouth and
dropped the long *mangalsutra* from her lips and moaned. Her
fingers dug into his thighs.

"Ohhhh ma uhhh Ohhh Hamid yes! Ohhh yes! Ohhh god yes!" she

Her face flushed with the effort and the lust that burned in her
loins, Sayali rocked back and forth in front of her sex-slave,
impaling herself repeatedly on his enormous tumescence. Her
breasts jiggled and her *mangalsutra* swung back and forth with
her movements.

"C'mon damn you! Move! Fuck me! Do it, you son of a bitch! Fuck
me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me, bastard! Fuck me!" she cried

Hamid chuckled softly. "No free lunches, bitch. You want to fuck,
you work for it."

"Bastard," she hissed, clenching her teeth. "Oh you bastard!"

Hamid laughed and abruptly swung his hips in a vicious, snapping
arch. Sayali cried out, her face contorting, as his huge cock
ground through her cunt-flesh, mashing over her distended
clitoris. Her buttocks swayed and writhed erotically, pressing
back at his loins. She slid forward, rocked back, and he swung his
hips again. This time, she was ready for it and, with a shuddering
gasp, she rolled her hips in unison. The pleasure was intense and

"Let's see if you can take it in your ass like this, whore," Hamid
laughed softly. "Show me how hot you *really* are!"

Sayali loved having her butt fucked. There was nothing quite as
wonderful as the algedonic pleasure of a thick, hot, hard and long
cock in her anus. Moaning, she lurched unsteadily forward and
slipped her cunt off his cock. She straightened slowly and leaned
against Hamid, writhing her buttocks against his cock, squeezing
her breasts, and turned her face to his. He kissed her and she
sucked hungrily on his tongue. Moaning, she turned and slid to her
knees and began sucking his cock again. She could taste her cunt on his cock and it added to her excitement. She sucked his penis
hungrily, her head rocking back and forth between his legs.

"God, I love your body, you bastard," she hissed sensuously as she

Turning again, she bent forward slowly and, reaching back, clawed
her buttocks open. Gingerly, she shuffled backward, her body
weight carried on the balls of her feet. His penis slipped into
the cleft between her buttocks, slipped away, found her anus
again. She paused with the cock-head at her asshole and then,
slowly, pressed herself backward. The huge cock-head popped into
her anus. She stopped, tensed and gasped, her head snapping up,
her face contorting in lust and excitement.

"Oh fuck yes! Ohhh ma yes!" she cried.

Hamid held still, his magnificently muscled chest heaving, his
mouth hanging open. His cock throbbed powerfully in her anus,
which convulsed in a frenzy on his penis.

"C'mon, whore! More!" he grunted. "Take it all! C'mon!"

Sayali's head swam with excitement and pain and pleasure. She
moaned, wincing, her face twisting in an agony of joy, and digging
her fingers into his strong thighs, pulled herself backwards. Her
anus drove onto his rigid penis, making him gasp loudly, and her
face jerked up, contorting in a trismus of lust as the huge penis
seared into her rear channel. Her buttocks split wide open and his
penis disappeared into her asshole as she lurched backward onto
his penis. Now he moved, thrusting his hips savagely forward with
a sharp cry, his head snapping back, and his penis plowed deep
into her anus. Sayali shrieked at the unexpected invasion, her
lips jerking back over her perfect teeth in a rictus of lust and
pain and she almost stumbled forward. Her hands dug into his legs
and she cried out, her head arched high.

"Ohmaunhhh OHHHH unhh OHH Hamid! Hamid! Hamid! OHHHH!"

Gasping and moaning, she jerked herself back and forth on his
penis and he moved with her, thrusting his hips back and forth,
burying his cock in her tight, clonic asshole. Sayali trembled and
shuddered, her head spinning with joy and she rocked frantically
on her feet, pushing her ass deeper and deeper onto his cock,
wanting him to go on and on and on. The orgasm hit her suddenly,
like a thunderclap, and her anus convulsed frantically on his
penis. Hamid gasped and moaned, pushing his hips forward, flexing
his buttocks, driving his penis deep into her asshole. Gasping,
she lurched off his cock and fell to the floor on all fours,
panting and moaning, her chest heaving.

"Come on, whore ... suck my prick ... I want to cream in your
face," her sex-slave gasped.

Moaning, she turned and sucked his cock again, taking him deep in
her mouth. His cock tasted of jizz and cunt and ass and it made
her dizzy with pleasure. She sucked him deeply, hungrily, slowly,
her head rolling from side to side, moving back and forth. He
gasped softly as the heat surged from his loins. She moaned,
sensing his orgasm and, leaning back, opened her mouth wide under
his cock. The jizz spurted from his cock and shot into her eager
mouth and spattered her face and breasts as she jerked his shaft
in her fist.

Hamid had awesome powers of recuperation, aided considerably by
the high doses of Hedon & Venery aphrodisiacs he took daily.
Today, expecting her to be in high heat after an unwontedly long
interval of several days, he had taken an especially strong dose.
The drugs were extremely potent, and enabled him to retain a
massive erection for several hours, and facilitated numerous
orgasms. His erect penis continued to throb and pulse before her
face. Now he grinned and, finally, let his arms drop. Holding her
head, he pulled it to his cock again.

"Now," he grunted. "Now we're going to fuck good, babe ... c'mon,
suck it!"

Groaning, Sayali started sucking his cock again. This time he
fucked her mouth, rocking her head in his hands to suit his
pleasure while he pumped his hips powerfully back and forth.
Pre-cum gunk spurted into her mouth and she moaned and swallowed
it happily. Masturbating as she sucked him, Sayali stoked her

When he pulled her to her feet, Sayali was whimpering with
excitement. They kissed and she thrust her tongue into his mouth,
letting him taste the gunk on her lips. Her jizz-flecked body was
sticky and hot against his. Gobs of jizz dribbled down her face,
over and between her breasts, beaded her long *mangalsutra*. Hamid
caressed her slender body and his hands moved down to grip her
buttocks. He squeezed them in his hands and she understood and,
with a slight hop, jumped into his arms. He took her weight
easily, his powerful muscles rippling smoothly. She wound her legs
about his lean hips and clenched his shoulders. Her face was
radiant, softly suffused with lust, her lips parted, her nostrils
flared, her eyes shining with excitement. She kissed him sexily,
plucking his lips with her, sucking his tongue, and tongued his

"C'mon, Hamid ... fuck me! Fuck me like a whore, lover! Fuck me

Her cunt hovered over his cock. She reached down to guide him to
her cunt-lips. He paused and then, suddenly, without warning,
flexed his buttocks and thrust his hips forward, simultaneously
jerking her down onto his cock. Sayali's back bowed and her long
neck arched and her face snapped upward, her mouth jerking open in
a shrill cry as the huge, hot, hard penis surged into her cunt.

"OhmaunhhOHHHHHHHHHHunhhhOHHHHH!" Sayali cried.

Her cunt convulsed frenetically on his throbbing cock and he swung
his hips with a wicked, snapping motion, keeping her pinned to his
groin. His cock mashed her cunt-flesh and inflamed clitoris and
she gasped and whimpered, her chest heaving, holding his face in
her hands and kissing him feverishly. He rammed into her and she
clawed at his thick pads of muscle in his shoulders. Her legs and
thighs tightened around his hips and she jerked and moaned,
writhing and gasping feverishly, grinding her hips at his.

"Yes!" she whimpered. "Oh fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me lover! Fuck
my slit! Fuck me hard, lover, do it!" she cried.

Her breasts were hot and hard against his chest, her rigid nipples
scraping against his flesh. Holding her, he moved across the room.
Every step made his cock angle into her cunt and she moaned and
gasped frantically as he carried her to the dining table. He eased
her down onto her back, bending his knees. Sayali groaned and lay
back, arching her hips to his, spreading her legs wide. She clawed
her cunt-lips open and squeezed her breasts with one hand.

"C'mon Hamid ... fuck me ... fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

The Nigerian chuckled, his handsome face creased in pleasure. Her
cunt was a hot, tight vortex that sucked and squeezed his penis
with frantic eagerness. Her loveliness was accentuated by the
naked lust on her face. Hamid pulled her legs wider apart and
ground his cock slowly into her cunt.

"Like it, hah, bitch? Like having a hot cock in your slit, hah?"

"Yes!" she gasped. "Oh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Hamid, fuck

Hamid straightened and pulled her legs wide, his hands under her
knees, and began fucking her with long, deep thrusts. Sayali
moaned and thrashed in delight on the table, her face turned to
one side, her body jerking and lurching under his deep, skewering
thrusts. She squeezed her breasts with one hand, the other on her
flat, sucked-in belly, her fingers spread, the first two pulling
her cunt-lips wide open to receive his pistoning penis. Her hips
heaved and pumped and her breath was ragged and hoarse. She twined
her fingers in her *mangalsutra* and rasped the hard beads over
her rigid nipples, moaning her pleasure.

"Ohhh uhhh yes! Ohhh fuck yes! Fuck me! Ohhh uhhh Ohh uhh ohhh uhh
ohhh uhhh ohhh uhhh ohhh uhhh oh oh oh oh!" she cried.

"C'mon take it! Take my cock, whore! Take it you fucking whore!
Take it all! Ohh fuck yes! Ohhh yes! Mm ... yeh ... that's it!
Take it ... OhhuhhAhhh yes! Ohhh yes! C'mon whore c'mon!"

Now Hamid released her legs and began moving faster. She pulled
her knees up, keeping her crotch wide open. He put a hand on her
belly and rocked his hips faster and faster back and forth, his
head bent, watching his monstrous penis sawing in and out of her
cunt. His hips swung and snapped back and forth and his buttocks
flexed and unflexed powerfully. On the table, Sayali gasped and
cried out, her body jerking and lurching under his thrust. He slid
his hand up her body and squeezed her breasts in excitement as he
moved faster and faster still. Suddenly, both hands on her
breasts, leaning forward and crushing them under his weight, he
began swinging his hips violently in tight, snapping circles.
Round and round his hips churned and Sayali's back arched and her
mouth flew open in shock and pleasure as his huge cock entered her
from all angles. He hit a furious rhythm, ramming rapidly in and
out of her cunt, then abruptly switched to the grinding,
spiralling, skewering action, and, without warning, shifted into
high gear again, slamming his hips back and forth. Sayali went
wild, gasping and moaning, her back arching and falling, her body
tossing and thrashing in frenzy, caught in the tidal wave of a
mind-blowing orgasm.

He did not come. Now he was in total, masterful control. Slipping
smoothly out of her cunt, he pulled her thighs wide open and drove
his face into her crotch. Sayali gasped and arched, her hips
lurching under his face. His tongue was thick and heavy and it
pressed into her flesh, probing and questing in the wet flesh,
toying with her inflamed clitoris. Sayali squeezed her breasts in
excitement, and her body writhed and jerked gently as though she
was being fucked. Her face, creased with lust, flipped
languorously from side to side.

"Ohhh yes! Do it, baby! Lick my slit! Mm ... yes! Ohh fuck yes ...
there! Ahh yes, there, ohhh yes ... do it, lover! Do it! Lick my

Hamid probed and delved deeper into the moschate grotto. He arched
a thick finger into her cunt and it convulsed eagerly. He pushed a
second, and then a third into her slit. Sayali gripped his head.
Her cunt heaved and pumped under his face, writhing ecstatically.
The Nigerian sex-slave pumped his hand at her cunt, ramming his
fingers in and out of her slit which streamed with cunt-juice,
while his tongue flickered like lightning in the tender flesh. He
flicked the hard stub of her clitoris and scraped it with his
teeth. drawing it between his lips, he sucked gently, nibbled it.
Sayali's back arched and the breath rushed from her throat. Her
long neck craned back. She crushed her breasts in her hands and
the orgasm crashed over fiery hot and burning bright.

"OH! UH ... OH! OH! OHHHHHHHHH!" she cried.

Gently, Hamid continued fucking her cunt with his fingers and
tongue till her orgasm ebbed. Sayali whimpered, writhing on the
dining table, her chest heaving with excitement, her breath in
ragged gasps. She, too, had taken several aphrodisiacs and her
lust was still unsated. She caressed his head. Hamid paused and,
drawing her off the table to the floor, turned her around and bent
her forward. She leaned on the surface on her forearms, her legs
spread wide.

Hamid licked three fingers and lubricated her anus. "Want it in
your ass again, whore?" he murmured.

"Anywhere," she gasped, her buttocks writhing. "Just do it!"

For a minute he was tempted by the puckered flesh of her tight
anus. He debated briefly and decided to fuck her cunt first.
Creasing her buttocks open in his fingers, he pressed his
cock-head to her cunt. She reached down and guided him into her
sodden slit. Slowly, he flexed his buttocks and, with a sigh of
relief and pleasure, slid his hips forward. His cock ran into her
cunt smoothly and deeply. Sayali gasped and lurched forward on the
table, her head rising. Her cunt spasmed on his huge penis. He
slid his hands up her body and cupped her pendulous breasts. They
were hot and heavy with lust, and her nipples were nut-hard.
Sayali whimpered in pleasure, her buttocks writhing. Deeper and
deeper he went, on and on, in and in, and her head whirled with
delight. His cock was enormously thick and long and hot and hard,
and it probed and touched every bit of her flesh. Gently, he
swirled his hips and she moaned as his cock entered her from all
angles, mashing her cunt-flesh and throbbing clitoris.

"Oh ... uhhh ... ohhh ... uhhh yes! Ohhh god yes uhhh oh ma unhh
ohhh uhh oh ma unhhh ... Ohhh uhhh yes! Fuck ... me ... yes ...
ohhh god yes! Fuck me Hamid! Fuck me! Ohhhhh baby yes! More! Shove
it in, lover! Shove it all in! Fuck me hard, baby! OHHHHHH!"

Hamid groaned. Her cunt was a hot, tight vortex that sucked and
squeezed his cock feverishly. He gripped her hips and pushed
himself into her, going in to the hilt. He paused to savour the
wonderful heat and tightness of her cunt.

"Mm ... yeh! Ohhh fuck, yes! C'mon bitch, take it! Ohhh yeh! Your
cunt's so hot ... so tight ... take it, whore! Take it all!"

Holding her hips, his head bent, he began fucking her with long,
smooth punishing thrusts. She gasped and moaned, lurching and
rocking back and forth under him, her lovely back curved inward,
her head arched. His cock appeared and disappeared between the
curves of her buttocks, grinding and squelching and rasping in and
out of her cunt, moving steeply. His buttocks flexed and unflexed
and his hips swung smoothly in an erotic cadence. Her cries were
sharp and staccato. He began moving faster, his fingertips in the
small of her back, rocking her body back and forth before her,
dragging her cunt up and down the length of his erection. Her body
jerked and lurched under his thrusts, her breasts and the long
*mangalsutra* swinging. Faster and faster he went, his hips
rocketing furiously now with a snapping action, his thighs
pummelling her buttocks, cannoning off her flesh. His cock rammed
and reamed and plunged greedily into her cunt. He arched his head
and gasped, wincing as her cunt convulsed in a frenzy on his
penis. Sayali's body blazed with lust and she jerked herself back
and forth, impaling her cunt on his penis. With a shuddering cry,
she came violently and her cunt contracted uncontrollably on his
pistoning cock as it sawed vigorously in and out of her flesh.

"OHHHHHH uhhhh OH OH OH OH Ohmaunhhh OHHHH!" she cried.

Hamid gasped and moaned and thrust deep into her with savage
swings of his hips. His cock rammed into her cunt once, twice,
three, four, five, six, seven times and then he held still, buried
deep in her flesh, as the undeniable lustfire from his loins burst
from his cock. Sayali gasped in pleasure as she felt the sharp,
hot, stinging shards of jizz spurt in an endless flood into her
sodden cunt.

Slowly, he slid out of her, slapped her buttocks lightly,
chuckling. She murmured softly, her chest heaving, and waited to
catch her breath. Straightening, she turned in his arms and kissed
him gently, her arms wound about his shoulders, her body grinding
against his.

"God, I love the way you fuck me," she murmured, sucking his

He laughed, caressing her sweating body, her breasts, her
buttocks. "I love the way you get fucked."

She fondled his penis. "Let me suck you."

"Mm. Later. Take five."

Sayali sighed and leaned her head on his deep chest, caressing the
contours of his magnificent torso. "Oh, baby," she murmured. "What
am I going to do when this ends?"

"Why should it end, babe?"

She looked at him and thought of her lovers and husband and her
crazy, wonderful, sex-filled world. "Because, my beautiful black
hero, it must end. We can't go on like this. You're in danger
every minute of every day. This must stop. I'll have to do

"Like what?"

She shrugged. "I don't know yet. I haven't thought about it.
Perhaps I'll speak to a friend. He's a lawyer."

"I hate lawyers. Bloodsucking bastards."

"Not this one. He's one of my lovers. Incredible."

"Better than me?"

"If you must know, yes. Much better. The best I've known."

Hamid arched an eyebrow. "My, my. He must be something then," he
said in surprise.

"Believe me, he is."

"Can you trust him?"

"With all my heart. More than anyone else in the world."

"More than Suresh?"


"And will you have to tell Suresh, too?"

"Sooner or later. I like not telling him. Sneaking off like this.
It's very sexy."

"Mm. Will he get mad?"

She laughed. "Not a chance. Considering the amount he makes me
fuck so that he can make money, he wouldn't dare."

"I'm worried. Things could go wrong."

"Don't worry, my beloved stud. They won't. Come on, I'll get
something to eat. You must be hungry."

Hamid grinned and followed her into the bright, airy kitchen. He
sat on a stool and watched as she put on an apron over her naked
body and bustled about, making iced tea and grilled sandwiches. He
loved the sight of her slender, dusky, curved nudity as she moved
about, humming softly to herself. Her body was firm and trim from
long hours and many years of strenuous sex. Her breasts and
buttocks moved enticingly, and her long plait hung down her
straight, superbly postured back with its dipped-in spine to just
above her derriere. He enjoyed her, masturbating slowly, stroking
his erection.

"What are you gaping at?" she said, glancing at him sidelong as
she lifted the sandwiches out of the griller.

"You. Your body."

"You're a sex maniac, you know that?"

He laughed. "Me? What about you?"

She giggled, arranging the sandwiches on two plates and setting a
tray with long glasses of the iced tea.

"What about me?"

"If I'm a sex maniac, that makes you a sex fiend, doesn't it?"

"Mm. Why don't we just test that theory?"

She turned to him and knelt on the floor between his legs and
kissed his thick, long, hard cock. The apron barely covered her
breasts and her back was naked. He caressed her face and stroked
her head. She smiled and rested her face on his thigh and gently
licked his cock-head. Hamid grunted. Slowly, she took it in her
lips and sucked on just the tip. Hamid groaned as her wily tongue
swirled over his cock-head, trying to pierce his cock-slit. She
slid the apron off her shoulders and her hands moved up her body
to cup and squeeze her breasts. Hamid saw that her nipples were
already stiff. He reached down and caressed them, enjoying the
weight and fleshy heat of them in his hands. She murmured as he
rolled her rigid nipples in his palms. Her head shuffled forward
and she took more of his cock in her mouth, gently pumping his
shaft in her long, elegant fingers. Hamid felt his balls surge
afresh. He spread his legs wider and she turned her face, burying
it deep in his crotch, taking his cock in her mouth and sucking and licking it with mounting excitement. Hamid moaned thickly, his
head bent, watching her.

"C'mon ... suck it ... yeh ... that's good ... suck it harder,
bitch ... oh fuck yes ohhh yeh! Mm ... yeh ... that's it ... yeh
... suck it, cunt ... suck my cock!"

Sayali sucked her sex-slave's cock eagerly, her lust mounting. His
cock felt wonderful between her lips and under her tongue and
teeth. She could taste his jizz and her cunt and ass juices on it,
and that aroused her further. Her body tingled with excitement,
her breasts heavy and hot, her cunt already damp.

"C'mon whore ... sit on my prick," Hamid grunted, pushing her head

Smiling wantonly, Sayali rose and slipping out of the apron
straddled his lap, her legs wide on either side of his hips.
Rising on her toes, she lifted her cunt over his cock, holding his
shaft in her fingers and guiding it to her hole. With a
deep-throated moan, biting her lower lip, she impaled herself
smoothly and deeply on his bloated penis in one long rushing
thrust, forcing her cunt on his cock till she had it all inside
her. His penis seared in her flesh, hot and hard and thick and
long, filling her cunt. She ground her hips on his lap, her arms
on his shoulders, holding his face and kissing him sensuously,
licking his ear, sucking his lips, parrying his tongue with hers.
He squeezed her breasts and his hands slid down to her buttocks,
moving her hips in tight circles on his lap. Parting her buttocks,
he pressed his fingertips to her anus. She groaned and arched her
back and, lifting her breast, fed it to his mouth.

"C'mon Hamid ... suck my tits ... mm ... yes ... ohh fuck yes!"
she gasped.

His tongue whipped her nipple rapidly and then his teeth scraped
along the sharp point. Sayali moaned, writhing in pleasure on his
lap. Her knees spread outward and she pressed her toes to the
floor and began to move on his cock, rocking up and down, her
hands on his chest. Her breasts rubbed on his hard chest and her
cunt slid up and down the length of his thick shaft.

"More!" he gasped. "Faster!"

Groaning, she obeyed, her legs bending and straightening, her back
arched, her breasts thrust out, her hips grinding and spiralling
downward on his cock. He squeezed her breasts, sucked them again,
held her hips and moved her up and down. Her long *mangalsutra*
danced between their bodies. Her belly sucked inwards and she
hissed in pleasure, moving and writhing faster and faster.

"C'mon whore c'mon c'mon *c'mon*!" he cried.

"Ohh yes! Ohhh fuck yes! Yes! Ohhh uhhh Ohhh uhhh Ohhh uhh OH OH
OH OH OHH uhhh OHHHH!" Sayali panted.

She stopped before the orgasm hit her and eased herself off his
cock, panting and gasping. Turning around, she straddled his lap
again, her back to him this time. Reaching between her legs and
into his groin, she took his cock and moved it to her cunt. With a
shuddering moan, she sank her cunt on his hardness. Hamid grunted,
leaning back slightly to give her greater access, watching
transfixed as her cunt swallowed his swollen penis deeply. Her
cunt contracted and squeezed his cock. He grabbed her hips and
swung her body around on his cock. She groaned, arching her head,
her hands on her breasts and moved with him. Gasping and panting,
she began to rock up and down on his penis. Her belly sucked inward and she hissed in pleasure as he crushed her breasts in his
hands. Her hand lay flat on her belly, spreading her cunt-lips
wide open for his cock. Reaching down, she cupped and squeezed his
balls, moaning obscene encouragement he scarcely needed.

"Ohhh yes!" she gasped. "Ohh god yes! Fuck me, lover! Fuck me

Leaning back against him, she looped a slender arm over his head
and pulled his mouth to hers. He squeezed her breasts with one
hand and kissed her, tongued her ear. His other hand circled her
flat belly and he flicked her clitoris with his fingertip. She
gasped, arching, writhing and now the fire was uncontainable and
she exploded, her cunt spasming frantically on his cock. It was
too much for him to bear and he jerked her up and down on his cock
rapidly, her breasts bouncing, her *mangalsutra* tossing and
slapping on her flesh and then he, too, lost control. Pulling her
cunt down deep onto his cock he groaned and exploded, making her
gasp as his hot jizz seared into her cunt.

Later, they carried the sandwiches and tea to the bedroom and ate
in bed, watching the latest Hedon & Venery pornographic epic. It
featured some stunning women and incredibly well-endowed men. Like
all Hedon & Venery films, it was extremely slick with high
production values. The detail was awesome, the camerawork fluid
and sensual, the music an erotic throb. They grew excited watching
and Hamid rolled Sayali onto her side and fucked her from behind.
She moaned as his huge cock passed between her buttocks and up
into her cunt. Then he began to fuck her greedily, hammering his
hips at her buttocks, holding her hip and shoulder and jigging and
jerking her rapidly up and down on his cock. Her face contorted
with excitement and her breasts jiggled and bounced as he
pummelled her buttocks with his hips. She came violently and he
gasped at the frantic convulsions of her cunt.

Slowly, he slid out of her and turned her on her front. Pressing
his cock-head to her anus, he lifted her buttocks high, kneeling
across her hips. Sayali moaned, her shoulders and face on the bed,
her back arched, her hips and anus raised to his pleasure.

"I love fucking a broad's ass," he grunted softly, his tongue in
her ear.

"And very well you do it, too. Slowly now ... Ohunhhh oh
HamiIIIIIIID unhhh OHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes ohhh ... oh god yes ...
OHHHh yes baby yes! C'mon ... deeper Hamid ... shove it in all the
way ... do it baby yes!"

Kneeling over her hips, his knees deeply bent, the Nigerian flexed
his buttocks slowly and squeezed his enormous cock into Sayali's
anus. Her face contorted in a rictus of lust as the searing heat
of his cock burned her rear channel. In and in it went, delving
and squeezing deep into her asshole, which convulsed and
contracted frantically. Hamid groaned softly, his handsome head
arched, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her buttocks as
he buried himself in her anus. Her breath was ragged, staccato and
sharp and her buttocks writhed and swayed erotically against his.

"C'mon fuck me! Fuck my ass, Hamid! Do it! Ohhhhhhhhh yes!" she
cried as her handsome Nigerian sex-slave sodomised her heavily.

Two weeks later, Sayali got the chance to speak with Jayant. They
were at his penthouse by the huge swimming pool. All around them,
there were men and women chatting, laughing, eating, drinking, but
mostly fucking.

On the lawn, Sayali saw three men fucking a lovely young seventeen
year old simultaneously in her cunt and ass and mouth. Her
slender, curved body thrashed and writhed between theirs. The men were all servants. Across the pool, Jayant's wife, Mala was being
fucked heavily by a handsome peon. Elsewhere, her sister, Bhavana
and cousin Shilpa were being fucked furiously by a gang of six

"Having fun?" Jayant murmured gently.

Sayali looked down at him as he sprawled on the deck-chair, his
enormous cock embedded in her cunt and smiled sensuously. He was
the sexiest, most handsome and proficient lover she had ever

"Yes. Thank you for asking me."

"You're welcome. You're exceptionally good."

Sayali smiled and leaned forward to kiss him, her breasts hot in
his hands. Her hips swirled deftly on his cock as she tongued his
ear lasciviously.

"Jayant," she said. "Can I ask a favour?"

"Mm. Ask."

Sayali told him her secret. Jayant listened, as he always did, in
complete silence. When she had finished, he laughed silently, his
body shaking. She looked at him curiously.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing," he chuckled. "It's no secret, you know. I've known
about this for a long time, almost since it began."


"Yes. I'm very careful about my staff. It wouldn't take much to
blow the whole thing out of the water, it's so fragile. So we've
had you followed and the flat is bugged and taped. I've got a
whole month's worth of great footage of you and Hamid."

Sayali stared at him and then began to laugh. Jayant grinned and
squeezed her breasts, his hands sliding down her body. She
shivered as he rocked up and down beneath her, and gasped softly.

"So now you want me to get him off the hook?"

"Can you?"

"Anything's possible," he shrugged. "I can't give you any
promises. I'll see what I can do."

"Thank you," she said, kissing him, knowing that now he would stop
at nothing to keep his word. "Thank you."

He asked her to stay when everyone else had gone and took her to
bed in his bedroom, where his wife was already fucking one of the
servants. They watched them for a while, both aroused by Mala's
wanton beauty and skilled sex. Jayant decided that he wanted
Sayali alone, and they moved to another bedroom. He fucked her
slowly and repeatedly, with deep relish and enjoyment, sampling
her in every orifice, and then starting over again.

Sayali finally fell asleep at dawn, her limbs leaden, her mind
numb, her body tingling and throbbing with the exquisite
sensations of his caresses and fucking, sheathed in sweat and sex.
Several hours later, she woke alone. Stumbling out of bed, she
washed and cleaned up and then, tying her hair, clad in his large,
loose thin *kurta*, she wandered out to look for him. She found
him in his superbly appointed study, at his desk, speaking quietly
and rapidly into the phone, making notes on a small pad. She
stopped at the door, asking silently for his permission to enter.
He waved her in and, holding out his hand, drew her onto his lap.
He was wearing only his tiny, high swimming trunks. She sat on his
lap and sucked his earlobe, caressing his chest, licked his ear.
He slid a hand up her *kurta* and fondled her breasts and slit.
Sayali licked his nipple. Her breasts swelled in his hands. He
swivelled his chair around and she giggled and slid down to her
knees. He lifted his hips to let her take off his briefs and,
murmuring softly in pleasure, she buried her face in his crotch.
Jayant continued speaking on the telephone as she sucked his cock,
and moved her head up and down with one hand. Finally, he
finished, and pulled her up and kissed her deeply and hungrily,
his hands on her breasts and cunt. Her cunt was already wet and he
smiled in pleasure at the discovery. She moaned as he began to
suck her breasts and then he pushed her down on the desk and,
spreading her legs, pressed his face into her crotch. Sayali did
not need to ask. She knew that he had done her the favour already.

A week later, Hamid was a free man. All charges were dropped for
lack of evidence. The tutor was neutralised: he received several
explicit video-tapes and brutally detailed photographs of his
daughter engaged in every conceivable sexual activity with a
variety of men and women. Sayali celebrated with a long weekend
with Hamid. Finally, on Sunday afternoon, she took him to The
Apistia, where he was formally employed as a gigolo. He had his
first engagement an hour later, performing on stage.

The woman was a dusky, curved woman in her mid-twenties, called
Madhavi. She had silky hair caught in a high pony-tail, a pretty
face with a pointed chin, fine nose, large, lustrous
*kajal*-rimmed eyes and a sexy mouth. Her skin was smooth and
clear, with some attractive dark beauty spots on her face. Her
body was trim, with full breasts and flared hips. Sayali watched
as Hamid held her hips and ground his cock into her cunt. She
gasped at the audience and lifted her head, her buttocks squirming
in unfaked pleasure against his groin. He squeezed her swollen,
pendulous breasts and tongued her ear lasciviously.

"Ohhh yes!" Madhavi gasped. "Fuck me! Fuck me, Hamid! Fuck me

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