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Title: Disabled Powers
Keywords: mc, mF, fF, teen, inc, mom, daughter, mdom, voy
Author: Caesar
"There was an old man of Natal, Who was lazily fucking a gal, Says
she, 'You're a sluggard,' Said he, 'You be buggered, I like to
fuck slowly, and shall.'" -The Pearl No. 2
A youthful young paralysed man who discovers his ability to use his


#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictionous and a figment of my imagination.
Constructive e-mail is welcome. :-)
Disabled Powers - Intro

by Caesar, copyright 1994-2002

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Being stuck in a wheelchair did not mean Sport was helpless. In fact,
being disabled since birth had cultured and created a colourful and
very interesting person. He was sixteen, an difficult age for some, a
interesting age for others. Sport was a combination of both. His
whole life had been a struggle, right from his difficult birth. So
difficult that his mother died only seconds after he appeared. After
that his father resented and mentally abused the young man, until they
rarely ever saw each other.

This story is not about his disability, so much as his ability. An
ability that he created wholly in his mind. Some may classify the boy as evil, or demented. And others will call him special and gifted.
But in truth, Sport was only a desperate teenager that had discovered
his "power" at an early age.

The "power" was his mind. Nothing else, just his mind. But it was a
power that is uncontrollable, and so special that the young man never
did learn to fully use it. It started at a early age, with the simple
movement of telekinesis. A teddy bear that was out of reach, and no
one in sight to help, he simply desired the toy so much that it
suddenly jumped to his hand.

There were several other incidents that occurred. And until Sport's
father discovered the boys "powers", it was simply a game like any
other. But that one time was enough, the lad was beaten with the belt
until sitting in his wheel chair was impossible. From that time
forward, he only used his gift with discretion.

After that he learned to use this power without the knowledge of
others. Sometimes "listening" to minds or "projecting" his "eye"
beyond the confines of his fathers house. Sport was also able to heal
the body, healing a broken leg of a favourite dog. Though the ability
to heal himself was always beyond his control. Not to say he could
not do it. Rather, he felt that if he did it, he would loose this
"power" that he had acquired. So to keep his abilities, he had to
live with his legs being useless. There were many abilities that the
lad had taught himself, many could be useful to society if the
teenager had wished.

Though this story could be very verbose it the telling of all the
lessons Sport had learned throughout his short life, rather it will
tell about a few of the acts that he did and what drove him to them.
Disabled Powers - Chapter I

by Caesar, c1994

Traci happened to be Sports best friend.

She was also his nurse.

She had begun working for Sport's father, four years ago, when the boy was only twelve. And in those years spent so much time with the young man, that she had quickly grown upon him. They talked about
everything, well except his power. She was the first female in Sports
life that he felt affection for. She would come to his room, first
thing in the morning, and help him get out of bed. She would fix his
meals for him, watch tv with him, and even stroll with him through the
park down the road.

Yet, Traci didn't notice the cold reaction she had received when she
told her patient and friend that she was getting married. She was
twenty-eight, and a very attractive woman. But for some selfish
reason, Sport never considered that she might have a life outside his
house without him. A few weeks went by, while the young man help back
his emotions and feelings on the subject before he tried to use his

She sat upon the couch watching tv with him, using a subtle mind link,
Sport began to reach into her thoughts. At first he was worried that
she would become aware of his attack, since he had never tried this
with anyone before. Yet after he sent a telepathic suggestion to her,
and monitored her thoughts for a few moments, did he realize his
powers had worked.

Traci turned towards Sport and smiled with a pleasant and warm smile.
Sat up, picked up the dishes then departed the family room. For a
moment, the lad wondered if his attempt at altering her thoughts
actually worked.

In fact when she returned to the family room, Sport spoke
nonchalantly. "Are you wearing panties?" If his suggestion didn't
work, then he would pass off his comment as a joke. Only her reply
would tell him his power had worked.

"Yes I am." She stopped and stood in the doorway of the family room,
a puzzled look upon her face.

Another test was in order. With a smile Sport ask her, "Would you
take them off please?"

"Right here?"


Very calmly, Traci lifted the hem of her dress and reached underneath
of her panties. But the movement froze Sport. His power over another
human had worked. Not only had it worked but worked so effortlessly
and easily that it had taken him by surprise. He watched as the
cotton white panties were unceremoniously moving down the long slim

What could he do now?

Sport had never thought beyond the simple suggestion to his nurse and
best friend. The suggestion that all the emotion she felt for her
fiancee be transported to him. And that he would support his every
need. Initially it was to keep his friend by his side for years to
come. The fact that the power had controlled her enough that he
watched as she was taking his panties off for him.

The fact that she was a beautiful woman did not pass him by, it had
only been a benefit to being friends. Being stuck in his chair did
not render his teenage yearnings any less. Just frustrated him enough
that he blamed his lack of a social life on his wheelchair and his
disability. Of course he hated his lifeless legs, but not enough to
heal himself. He liked his powers even more.

"Would you like them?" Traci startled him out of his thoughts, and
was wearing a smile unknown to him. He had no answer to his mental
thoughts and didn't reply. "Or would you rather I put them back on."

His answer slipped from him, "No." He reached out and she placed them
in his palm, after stepping up to him.

Bending over to playfully kiss his nose she spoke, "Would you like me
to wear any tomorrow?"

Her breath was warm upon his face, and he suddenly realized he had
never kissed this woman before. Nor had she used the tone of voice
she was now using upon him. Was this the way she spoke to her fiance?

"Please don't." He tried to hide his embarrassment unsuccessfully.
"I like the idea of you..."

She kissed him again, and interrupted, finishing his sentence. "Being
naked underneath my skirt?"

"Yes," he stuttered the next word, "naked."

She stood back up, "Well I never before imagined, but the idea of
having my bottom bare near you excites me." She quickly turned before
he had time to say anything, and left back to the kitchen.

Sport held the panties in his hand, and only realized that he actually
had them. Feeling very naughty and excited, the teen spread the
cotton briefs and studied every inch of the small undies. His heart
beat so fast that he didn't even noticed a pleased Traci looking at
him around the corner.
Disabled Powers - Chapter II

by Caesar, c1994

For a week, no hint of what had transpired that eventful day had crept
into conversation. Traci did nonchalantly tell him her proposed
marriage with her fiancee was over. For good. And besides her
adoring smile at him and her panties under his pillow, he would not
have believed his luck.

He didn't use his powers with her over that time, but instead
practiced upon the young girl that lived across the street. Directly
across from his window, in fact. After the initial use of his power
upon another individual, using it on another person became even

Her name was Claudia. And ever since Sport can remember she had
always made fun of him. She was a cute fifteen-year old, that would
sometimes strip down to her panties and bra before her window,
frustrating the disabled young man, before again dropping the shades.

Well it happened three nights after "that" day with Traci, Claudia
began her little strip tease and dance before the open window.
Sitting up in his bed, in his darkened room, Sport sat frustrated and
mad. Hatred and even desire ran through his veins. Why did she
sometimes do this to him? Obviously she danced before the open window
sometimes looking directly across into the darkened window across from
her bedroom. Once, she even poked fun at him, saying he was a "dirty
cripple" that would watch her through her window. She was right, he
watched her, but she was the one that initiated the encounter.

This time when she wiggled her slim hips around her cluttered bedroom,
Sport attempted to control her body. At first he wasn't able to do
it. Then he suddenly felt within his mind, a psychic touch with her
physical body. As he watched, he saw the shock upon her face as she
suddenly stood before her window dressed in her favourite dancing
clothes, panties and training bra. Knowing that her body was not
following what she willed it to do. It was under control of the
"dirty cripple" across the street. Of course she didn't know that.

Across the divide that separated them, Sport moved the girls arms and
hands until Claudia began to undo the bra strap behind her. Soon the
ugly under garment feel from her shoulders exposing her pointy teenage

Sport didn't stop there. He moved her hands to her almost-boyish hips
and began to push down her panties. It was the first time the young man had seen so much of a woman's body. And when the girl moved her
panties past her hips, he saw the hairless crack of her sex. Of
course he knew how a woman was built, but had never had the pleasure
of seeing just how beautiful a sight it actually was.

Claudia stood again after she stepped out of her panties. Terror
written on her face, as Sport forced her legs apart slightly. He
forced her to stand perfectly still as he enjoyed the visual sight of
her body. She had curly brown hair, long slim limbs and hips, small
almost nonexistent breasts with pointy dark pink nipples toping each.
But the sight that he enjoyed the most was the dark crack of her
vagina. It started high up on that delightful mound and disappeared
between her legs.

The scared teen turned slowly until her back was facing the window and
stood still. Sport saw the round firm buttocks and lean almost boyish
back. Her arms were holding her hair to the top of her head.

He was about to force her to again face him when a knock upon the door
startled him. It broke the mental contact he had with Claudia's body.
And she disappeared behind he wall and then the light was turned off.

"Are you awake Sport?" It was Esmerelda middle-aged woman that lived
and worked for his father taking care of the house. She only wanted
to know if he wanted anything before she retired to bed? He hide the
bulge between his legs and told her he wanted nothing.
Disabled Powers - Chapter III

by Caesar, c1994

It was one of the few times his father ate supper with his only son.
And even that was a chore, since he actually read his paper between
mouthfulls and ignored the young man completely. Sport sat beside his
nurse, Traci, and across from him was Esmerelda. Betty, the cook,
served the meal then sat at the opposite end of the table from the

Usually, it was a pleasant and delightful time of the day for Sport.
Sitting with the three hired women of the household, talking and
laughing. Yet with the older man in attendance, conversation was
lacking. In fact it was almost quiet, except for the polite
small-talk that was necessary at the table.

Yet for the young man it would be a different experience for him than
any other meal. Today he had decided to find out if Traci was wearing
any panties under her usually loose skirt. Actually he was prepared
to investigate that fact earlier that day, but his fathers appearance
had stole that idea quickly away. Not leaving him with any time to
put his desire into action. Also with the completion of the meal,
Traci would be leaving for home and the teens discovery would have to
wait another day.

Sport was so excited at the idea that his body sometimes shook with
adrenaline and contained energy. Thankfully no one noticed. His pent
up desires forced his actions during that meal. He also wondered if
his earlier suggestion to his nurse was still in effect.

Under the table, Sport placed his hand upon the knee of his pretty
nurse. He froze and quickly glanced at everyone at the table, except
Traci, to see if they noticed anything. He left his small hand in
that place for several minutes, waiting to see if Traci discouraged
his advances. Nothing.

With the tips of the same hand, he lifted the loose skirt up under his
hand, between his palm and her knee. He took a mouthful of potatoes
then quickly moved his hand onto the now-naked flesh of the pretty
woman sitting next to him. The unfamiliar feel of female flesh was
somehow wonderful and scary at the same time. He held her leg an inch
below her knee cap. Traci still didn't react, but continued to slowly
eat, with only a small smile upon her face to reveal any emotion at

With the hand trembling, he slide it up the soft smooth flesh. Inch
by inch, very slowly he moved upwards. Always expecting her to stop
his advance at any second, and prayed she didn't. In fact she didn't
stop him at all, nor did she help him.

His fingers felt the soft yielding flesh of her inner thigh as he
continued to move upwards. Sport felt the opposite thigh hinder his
advance any further and he finally pulled his hand from her warm
flesh. Traci's skirt was about her upper legs and must be exposing
her long naked legs beneath the table. Sport wished he could view
them, as he had witnessed them a week before as she pulled her panties from beneath her skirt. His hand moved to the leg farthest from him
and gently pressed on the inside of her knee forcing her legs to

Again she didn't help nor hinder him.

Then he pulled the first leg towards him, knowing her long slim legs
were widely spread in a vee beneath the table. He returned to his
position upon her upper leg, his fingers discovering the flesh of her
upper thigh. There was was moist heat in that area, and at first it
troubled his young virgin mind.

Only when he resolved to complete his voyage, did he discover the
cause of the warmth upon her delightful flesh. The first thing he
felt when he reached the area between her thighs was a thick curly
bush, moist and warm. It was easily parted for his fingers to come
into contact with the wet hot folds of her crack. At first only the
tips of his fingers touched her crack, moving up and down the slimy
channel. He discovered the hard bud at the top of the crevice and the
sloppy wet hole at the bottom.

In fact, Sport was surprised when his middle finger was enveloped into
her wet vaginal hole up to the third knuckle. Quickly he looked to
the face of his nurse to see her gently biting the bottom of her lip
and staring at her plate. He pulled the sunken finger from her inside
her body, and rubbed the thick wet substance that covered it upon her
warm soft thighs. He again returned to her crack and playfully slide
his fingers and palm back and forth along the length of her crack.

Traci only moved once, when he again touched that hard bud at the top
of her slit and wiggled it playfully. She shivered visibly, her
bottom especially agitated upon the chair and his fingers. Fearful
that someone may see the effect that his nurse was showing from his
advances, he left that hard enlarged bud alone. And returned to the
comforting hole at the bottom of her vagina. Using two fingers began
a slow in out motion and continued this until his father placed the
paper onto the table, showing that the meal was over.

Supper was over, as was the secret play that Sport had enjoyed with
his nurse. Betty returned to the kitchen. Esmerelda and Traci helped
by taking the dishes out to be cleaned. Once when Traci was returning
for another load, she caught her charge smelling and tentatively
licking his fingers. Embarrassed they both turned red and returned to
the usually after-supper duties.
Disabled Powers - Chapter IV

by Caesar, c1994

Being separated from the general populace did not mean the young man was ignorant of the facts of life, in particular woman. He knew why
she had been wet between her legs, and even the reason why she had
wiggled her bottom so delightfully.

That evening, the same night when he had first touched his nurse
beneath the kitchen table, Sport lay in his bed wondering about the
events that had transpired. It was still early in the evening, but he
had given the excuse of eating too much at dinner, that getting away
was easily accomplished.

Once, minutes after supper, Sport had seen the shine of moisture on
the inside ankle of his nurse. The skirt hem ending about a foot from
her ankle hindered his sight to that one instant. But he realized
that the moisture that he had discovered between her legs was now
moving down her long legs. Especially without panties to hold back
the tide.

Without even knowing it, the pubescent teenager made a mental contact
with his nurse. He realized it when he "heard" her voice in his head
as she was talking about fingers. Traci was home, and alone by the
thoughts she projected. It did not take the lad long before he
discovered that his beautiful nurse was masturbating to the thoughts
of him.

Masturbation was a release that he rarely indulged in, leaving him
feeling uncontent. But now as he "listened" to Traci, his hands
strolled down to his hard penis beneath his pyjama bottoms.

She went over the events of supper time, with interruptions of
feelings what she was undergoing beneath her own fingers. Sometimes
she would remember a moment in the past when she touched him or he
looked at her. Imagining situations when she indulged in innocent and
sporadic teasing. She would return to the images of supper time and
the feel of his fingers upon her sex and the electric thrills it sent
through her. She remembered the sound of his voice as he asked her to
take her panties off. And the sound of her own when she told him that
the idea of her naked bottom around him excited her.

A flood of her image voice came to him, even with the miles that
separated them. And as he "listened", his own hands manipulated his
hard cock. When Traci's own orgasm exploded in her mind, with a flood
of sexual and confusing images, Sport also released his seed.

Minutes after their mutual release Sport sent images of love and
desire to his nurse. Across the miles that separated them, Traci fell
asleep her hands still between her legs as she thought of her love for
her charge.
Disabled Powers - Chapter V

by Caesar, c1994

Esmerelda was a handsome woman, who was probably quite attractive
years ago. She had been married years ago, but her husband had died
in a war a few years before Sport was born. She was a friendly and
warm person, whom the young man could feel comfortable around and even
talk with if he was feeling down.

Two days had gone by and Traci had been more than friendly, often
inviting another encounter with his hand. Yet the young boy didn't do
anything with her, perhaps because he also enjoyed the excitement of
his "love" and her urgency of another erotic touch. Instead when he
was around or not, his mind would send her little bits of emotions, or
thoughts, exciting her towards another self-love session. It became,
that whenever she came around him she would faun over him, touching
his hand or shoulder, looking into his eyes as if pleading. In all,
Sport was enjoying the charred, though he reinforced Traci's lady like
values to hold back her desire she radiated for him.

It was about this time when Sport decided to enter the mind of the
live-in maid, Esmerelda. What he "saw" startled him. The woman was a
lively and sexy woman, completely opposite to her actions. For one,
Sport discovered that on her night off she went to a remote bar and
would often go home with a man for a nights passion. Another, she
liked to make love with a woman just a must as a man, something Sport
hadn't thought of before. Yet excited the hell out of him. Often as
she worked diligently about the house, her mind was going over the
encounters with her gentlemanly friends. So the talented young man began to intrude upon her thoughts and even mold a few to his own

For one, he enforced the fact that he was the bosses son, and that she
should watch her step around him. Much like she does with the old man. Yet he tried to build a strong desire to continue to work with
him, to follow what he said and not his father. He wanted to try
something, something different than with Traci.

So on that day, Traci being off for the day, Esmerelda spent much time
around the disabled teen. When she bent over, as she often does, to
fix the pillows where she had been sitting earlier, Sport promptly
placed his hand upon one raised round cheek.

Esmerelda yelped then spun around, "Sport!" He smiled at her, then
again reached out and grasped her breast a few feet from his face.
She pulled away, "Don't you realize what you are doing?" Both, of
course, knew. "It, its not right!" Her voice had gone up an octave.

"I like you Esmerelda." He smiled and interrupted before she could
say something, "And would hate for father to discover what you allowed
me to do." She didn't say a word, unsure of what he meant.

He tried another approach, as per his plan. "I'm sorry Esmerelda, I
just...well you are so beautiful and I never thought you... But of
course if you don't like cripples!" He created a sad face.

His act and a quick mental link, forced her actions. She took the two
steps to him and wrapped him in her arms. "I'm sorry Sport!" Kissing
his brow. "I don't mind if you are disabled, really dear." Still
pretending hurt, he melted into her shoulder. "It just that..." That
very second is when his hand reached between them and clenched at her
full round breast that hung inches below his chin.

She froze.

Sport moved his hand around until he completely held the end of the
roundness in his small hand. After a few seconds he again moved it
down to her stomach and pulled up her sweater to reach beneath. This
time he cupped her breast against her bra, feeling her warm and smooth
skin through the coarse material. His lips were next to her ear and
he whispered, "Don't wear a bra tomorrow if you want to keep working
here." He kissed her warm neck and then sat back letting her go.

Esmerelda stood and quickly straightened her sweater, frowned at him,
then promptly turned and left the room.

That night, the lad sent the puzzled woman several mental messages,
but didn't try to force her decision. At least not directly. That
next morning when she came to wank him before Traci arrived, it was
obvious that her breasts were free of the hindrance of her bra.

Sport did not even try to hid his gaze as he watched the sway of her
large breasts under another of her casual sweaters. And as he
watched, both nipples began to harden, giving him an added delight.
Esmerelda was unusually cold to him this morning, ignoring him as she
went about her duties mechanically, not even glazing in his direction.

When it came time for her to help him out of bed and into his chair,
that he first spoke, after her hands were busy helping lift him.
"Open you shirt for me Esmerelda." She didn't say a word, or even
acknowledged him until he was sitting down.

The older woman stood straight and with quick hands lifted the bottom
of her sweater up to her neck and stood still facing him, her eyes
forcibly ignoring his. Sport of course boldly viewed the large pale
white bosom in a delighted excitement. Noting the silver dollar sized
nipples and every wrinkle they revealed. With trembling hands he
moved his chair closer to her then reached up to hold her flesh mounds
in his hands. He stole a amused look up to her face and saw that she
was biting the bottom of her lip while he explored her chest.

"You can lower the sweater now." She did and was about to rapidly
leave the room when he again spoke. "Now lift your dress up!" The
sound of his voice revealed his excitement. She stood still for
several long seconds as she seemed to contemplate her options.

When her hands clenched at the hem of her skirt, he felt the power of
controlling another human being and it was like a bolt of electricity
running through his body. Using his mind, he could make this older woman do anything. Even now hours after the last contact with her
mind, she was doing things because of his direct intervention into her
thoughts. He loved it.

"Higher!" She finally lifted it so he could see her crotch. He saw
that her nylons were the kind that went up to her waist and completely
covered everything of interest. And below that, was her panties which
made a double hindrance to his sight. But Sport still reached out and
felt the tight fabric over the mound that he had sought. She was an
older woman, and wide in the hips, but not overly, and was still very
attractive. And the mound between her legs looked like it hid a
wonderful part of her body that he intended to explore. "I don't like
panty hose, I want to be able to touch you here," he pressed firmly
where he imagined her clitoris hid, "and here," he reached up with the
free hand and cupped her breast over her sweater, "so please don't
wear any more bras or panty hose."

He sat back and enjoyed her frantic exit from her room. After a quick
examination of her thoughts, decided she would not reveal his orders
to the old man and left her to her emotions.
Disabled Powers - Chapter VI

by Caesar, c1994

Sport had not seen Claudia since that enjoyable day, she had kept her
blinds down when she was home, and avoided him out of the house. So
late at night, when both houses were dark, he reached out his mind to
contact hers. Soon he felt her sleeping presence. He instinctively
knew that in a dream state a person was much more susceptible to
certain suggestions or "orders". So in only a moment, Claudia was up,
her light on and her blinds open.

As before she did a strip of her night clothes, no underwear, until
she again stood naked before her open window. Moving animatedly she
moved a chair to the window and sat in it. Quickly her hands moved to
her sex, her legs widened and her body trembled. Sport forced her to
manipulate her hairless vagina for his viewing pleasure. He moved her
legs over the arms of the chair until her thighs were very widely
spread and her knees raised slightly. This gave the young man a
perfect view from his perch. This continued for several minutes.

Suddenly the Claudia's door opened. Standing there in her house coat
was her mother, opened mouthed and frozen in surprise. This intrusion
broke the mental contact with the girls body and she began to cry and
ran to her bed to hide. The mother mumbled something Sport could not
hear and promptly left, closing the door behind her.

For a moment, the young man forgot Claudia and worried about the older woman telling her husband about the sight she had witnessed. So he
quickly found her thoughts inside the large house and quickly made a
suggestion, changing the emotions that went along with her earlier
vision of her daughter masturbating. These thought grew rapidly until
the older woman found her sleeping husband and crawled beneath the
covers to his lap.

So fascinated by this turn of events, Sport attempted to use another
power. He visualized his eye moving over to the house across the
street and into the bedroom of Claudia's parents. Suddenly, almost as
quick as he thought of it, his vision was suddenly travelling across
the open space between houses to the open window of the young crying
girl. The vision did not enable him to hear anything as he could see
Claudia crying in her bed, but he ignored her.

His sight moved through a dark wall into two rooms until he found the
room he was seeking. The light from the street lights and the moon
filtered through the window giving enough light to see by. He noticed
Claudia's father, Bill Rutherford, right away lay in the middle of the
large bed. While Jen was between his spread legs beneath the covers
her head moving up and down over his crotch. This continued for some
time, at first puzzling Sport until he realized what was going on. Mr
Rutherford pushed the blankets down to his knees revealing his wives
head of hair over his middle.

Sports vision moved about he room to get a better view. The man held
on to the woman's head with both hand and controlled her motions as
she bobbed up and down continuously. Yet her long hair hid everything
that she was doing, thought he young man could easily imagine what a
delightful sensation it would be having a woman do that to his crotch.

Finally Jen looked up from her work to look upon her mate. She began
to climb up his body, her eyes looking like a wild predator as she
positioned herself above his hips. She wore a long loose shirt which
she quickly pulled up, her fingers pulling aside her panties before
she dropped down onto the glistening pole of her husbands cock.
Fascinated, Sport watched everything very closely. Bill held onto his
wives hips and began to move his own up in time to her sinful descent.
Both made faces of delight and ecstasy as they fucked quickly to the
enviable explosion that Sport knew was the conclusion to this evening.

Bill bite his wives nipples through the thin shirt, while also
pressing the fabric of her panties into her crack of her bum. Try as
he might, Sport could not see the place where they joined, it was too
dark and the clothes Mrs. Rutherford wore hide everything. Sport only
guessed when the moment had come, Bill had made a stupid surprised
look as his orgasm came. While Jen look saddened and frustrated to
Sports surprise. They collapsed, holding each other closely.

Sport had seen more than enough and was about to break contact when
Jen Rutherford rolled off the bed and moved daintily out the door of
her bedroom and down the hall. His vision followed as she went
through the dark house to the basement and a comfortable common room.
The small attractive woman sat upon a long comfortable Chesterfield
and peeled her panties down her legs and then through them over into
the corner. She spread her legs in the darkness and began to
manipulate her sex with both hands. His vision could just barely see
her form in the darkness and could only see a dark spot between her
thighs where her fingers were moving frantically. It didn't take long
when she began to convulse, her body shaking and her head whipping
back and forth, having an orgasm her husband could not deliver.
Finally Mrs. Rutherford relaxed and took her time to catch her breath.

Sports contact was promptly broken when his sperm shot out of his
enlarged penis to land upon his stomach and chest. He also caught his
breath after the sights he had just witnessed. It was a large world
out there with many wonderful and exciting women and Sport knew that
he wanted to discover as many as he could. And with his powers he was
Disabled Powers - Chapter VII

by Caesar, c1994

The next meal with the three older maidens was strained. Betty seemed
puzzled by the silence that hung over the table. While Esmerelda
stared at her plate, and Traci keep looking towards her charge with
expectant eyes. Only Sport seemed in uncommonly high spirits. Often
making a pleasant comment or asking a simple question to one of the
ladies about the dinner table. And as usual the supper was delicious.

While eating Sport began to play with his nurse's body using a simple
form of telekinesis. He manipulated her vaginal region, her clitoris
primarily and her inner thigh teasingly. She often wiggled her bottom
on the seat, looking around if anyone had seen, or moved her knees
together as a cricket would. Once she even moved her hand between her
legs and pressed down to relieve the sexual pressure contained there,
to no avail. That and Sport noticed her arm movements and sent a
signal for her to stop. She had to sit through the meal in a high
state of arousal, much to the delight of her young charge.

It had been three days since Esmerelda was ordered to appear at work
without bra or panty hose. Well it was very obvious that her breasts were unhindered in any way, but her legs were still covered in nylon.
About to berate her, Sport decided to just slip his hand up the back
of her leg as she stood with her back to him. Much to his surprise
and delight, he felt that her nylons only went to mid thigh, and that
they were held up by flowery type of harness to her waist. He
promptly ordered her to lift her skirt high and then she did a slow
spin to show him her stockings and garters, as she called them. Also
she wore a skimpier type of panty that showed much of her thigh and he
could see the darkness of her bush beneath. Beyond that episode, he
had done nothing else.

It was after supper that Sport rolled his wheelchair into the kitchen
and sat watching Betty moving about the large well stocked room. She
never even noticed him, while he studied her every curve of her body.
Betty was in her early thirties and from Latin decent. Her skin was a
wonderful olive colour and her hair jet black. Sport hadn't even
really noticed her plain strong features or her almost boyish body
before his encounters with the other ladies of the household.

When she bent over the chopping table in the kitchen, Sport sent a
command to her brain, severing all motor functions until he commanded
otherwise. It took only the briefest second until Betty was laid out,
her upper body laying on the table. The teen "listened" to her
thoughts for a few seconds, recognizing her fear. She mentally
screamed, nothing worked, not her mouth, her eyes, nor any muscle in
her body. She was absolutely helpless. Betty could only listen to
what's going on around her and see was is right in front of her

Sport rolled up behind her. "Is there something wrong Betty?" He
didn't even bother reading her thoughts. He let her panic for a few
seconds before he reached out and lifted the hem of her tight skirt.
He moved it slowly up her long straight legs to her buttocks, before
forcing it higher over the curve of her boyish bottom until it was
collected at her waist. "I can help you." He touched her small panty covered bottom, feeling the muscles beneath his hands. "Yes I can
help you...but you will have to do whatever I say from now on?!" He
sent a mental command along with his words.

He pulled her panties down from her hips to a point right above her
knees. Her slim bottom and long crack was exposed for his delight.
He pulled apart her ass cheeks and studied every inch. She had very
little hair upon her body, including her ass crack and even lower to
her sex mound. He traced the trail from her tail bone to just where
her vaginal hole began. Sport spent several minutes just studying her
anus, the puckered wrinkled hole. Then he moved down to her vagina and plunged a finger into her. She was very tight, tighter than Traci
had been, which surprised him. She was also drier, which did not
please him.

He sat back satisfied for the moment, whipping his fingers dry upon
her olive buttocks. While she lay there, be began to work upon her
mind. She would not remember being helpless, yet would remember every
touch that he gave her. He also left a suggestion that would enforce
her determination to always follow what he asked. And he made sure
not to touch any of her feelings that may go along with some of the
suggestions he placed. Thus enabling her natural reaction whenever
she followed his orders.

He enabled her motor skills and slowly wheeled himself out of the
kitchen. Not looking back, even when he could feel his cooks eyes
upon his back.
Disabled Powers - Chapter VIII

by Caesar, c1994

Sport finally acknowledge Traci's desire by giving her the attention
that she coveted. That afternoon, as she pushed his chair through the
perfectly groomed park near his house, that he proposed to her.
"Would you do something for me?"

Without any hesitation, "Anything..." The beautiful woman also had a
slight tremor in her voice.

"Would you play with yourself while I watched?" He turned his head to
look upon her delighted features. She only nodded and smiled shyly at
him, as a response. But her step quickened as they headed back home.
"Over there, between that copse of trees. I want to see you touch
yourself there." His arm pointed to a shady secluded spot off the
main trail. She pushed him between the trees to a small grove, well
shaded from the surrounding park.

"Over there on that grass should be comfortable." Again he pointed,
this time with a slight tremble in his hand. Without a sound Traci
walked slowly to the slight hillock and sat down. First she pushed
her comfortable flat shoes off, then she smiled happily at her young charge as she unbuttoned her blouse. "You are very beautiful Traci!"
He meant it, but it also was spoken to reinforce the mental commands
that she had been given. And she beamed hugely as she continued to
slowly undress.

Traci was proud of her body, that could be seen in her movements. She
was also very attracted to Sport, thanks to his suggestions, in this
she had no choice. So she used her beautiful body to snare the young man, to incite his hormones, not knowing that everything she did was
under his control in some fashion.

Soon, Traci lay upon that bright green grass with the sun sifting
through the trees to brighten her gorgeous naked body. As seductively
as she was able, she spread her legs and lay back, her eyes upon the
large unblinking eyes of the teens. Slowly she grasped her round firm
breasts and needed them slowly, always pulling the little nipple
outwards before going back down to the base of her breasts.

Sport watched every detail, every move, very closely, as she moved one
hand down her stomach to the expertly trimmed triangle between her
legs. The young man could feel his heart pounding in his chest as his
nurse began to manipulate her sexual organs for his pleasure. The
thin fingers ran through the bush and gently sliding a finger along
the shiny pink trail. The longer she did this, the more the rest of
her body responded. Traci began to rotate her buttocks, lift her
hips, dig her heels into the soft ground, arch her back, and close her
eyes and let her head fall back to the ground. She moaned through her
clenched teeth even while the second hand also found its way between
her legs.

She used one hand to manipulate the hard little bud at the top of her
pink slit, and the other to rub up and down the length of the flowered
open lips. The moisture was covering her fingers and dripping down
her lower thighs and buttocks, giving her radiant skin more
luminescence. Her body became frantic as it wiggled and ground about
on that small hill. Traci's orgasm was soon approaching, Sports
mental instructions had kept her in a sexually aroused state and just
the touch of his eyes upon her could easily bring her to the edge of
orgasm. To push her over that edge, all she needed was the touch of
her fingers.

Sport had intimately touched that gorgeous sexual organ, and had
mentally aroused it, and also witnessed several others. But the
intensity of his nurse's orgasm was very compelling, seductive and
addicting. At that moment his lust and love for women intermingled
and he desired more. His power that had brought about this moment was
paramount in his own mind and nothing was going to interfere with his
drive to discover more. The aroused exhausted state that his nurse
was in soon after her orgasm was a very erotic time for him, as he
"spied" upon her drowsy thoughts.
Disabled Powers - Chapter IX

by Caesar, c1994

Esmerelda had been purposely avoiding Sport since that day he told her
to wear no bra. She didn't hide her anger when he had fondled her
stockings and thighs, nor did she allow her anger to be shown to
anyone else. Of course she didn't say anything to anyone else about
the teens advances, nor could she with the commands placed in her
mind. A part of her was fascinated and attracted to him while the
other was disgusted at his blunt regard towards her privates.

"Esmerelda, please close the door." She did. Every night she would
make sure her charge was comfortable in his bed, since Traci went home
soon after supper, it was left up to her. Lately she had been very
quick about tucking him into bed. "Come here please." The boy smiled
as she walked the few steps to his bed, her face a stone mask showing
no emotion whatsoever. "Take your skirt and sweater off." She froze,
afraid of what he would ask after most of her clothing was off. "Now
Esmerelda!" He spoke with a sweat venom that spoke more than those
simple words.

Sport watched as the older woman took off the garments, moving
unseductively and methodically until she stood with her panties,
stockings and garters and shoes. The young man wanted to try
something with the experienced woman, something that he had witness a
few days before. And after the show that his nurse had given him that
afternoon, his sexual energy was very high.

He pulled the covers off his body with a sweep of one arm uncovering
his naked body. Then asked, "Have you ever sucked a mans penis before
Esmerelda?" Of course he knew the answer to that question, but his
own ethics demanded he ask. She just looked stunned at him. "Have
you sucked cock before?"

Quietly, "yes."

He smiled at her, giving her the next command mentally. The middle
aged woman looked upon his well proportioned penis for the first time,
knowing that she had to perform to his wishes. Sport watched as she
walked around to the foot of the bed then climbed on. She crawled up
the huge soft bed on her hands and knees, moving his legs apart as she
came closer to his midriff. Moving mechanically, she dropped her head
with mouth open onto his already hard cock. Swallowing it to the
base, in the first attempt.

As Sport had seen his neighbour do, he grasped the back of her head in
both hands, his fingers intertwining into her hair. Esmerelda sucked frantically, hurriedly. Quick to finish her duty. She was indeed
experienced at sucking a mans cock, but always at her digression. It
was a fantastic and wonderful feeling, having a mouth move up and down
while sucking on his sex organ. His one regret was that he could not
move his hips up to meet her mouth, as it felt natural to do so.
Instead his head fell back and his eyes closed shut.

He sent a unconscious mental wave of sexual gratification upon the
woman before him. She began to work harder and one of her hands slide
between her thighs to clasp the panty covered crotch. The boys orgasm
was not long in coming, after the show he had viewed earlier that day
and the strong sexual energy that caused his quick demise.

Esmerelda swallowed loudly as the boys sperm shot into her mouth and
eventually down her throat. Her raised bottom was wiggling about in
the air, her hand manoeuvring under her undies. She moaned even as
the last spasm forced the teens come into her mouth. Her own orgasm
small, but yet fulfilling.

Sport was exhausted, and realized why his victims seemed so tired
after having a powerful orgasm. Even though he had been barely aware
of anything beyond his cock and the skilled lips, he realized that
Esmerelda had also enjoyed the moment. And when she began to enjoy
her duty, her skill became exceptional. He was so exhausted that he
barely noticed his maid leave his room, after giving his cock a quick
Disabled Powers - Chapter X

by Caesar, c1994

For the first time since his discovery of the powers he had and how he
was able to use them, did he feel sorry for one of his "victims". It
was Claudia, the girl next door. For one, she was fully conscious and
very fearful of the actions she was forced to do while being unable to
move. In fact since the last incident, Sport had "peeked" in on his
young neighbour and discovered her genuine fear for what had happened
to her.

His guilt for Claudia was not that he "forced" her into these
compromising positions, no, it was because she was not enjoying
herself. Even when controlling Esmerelda, making her do something
that she felt repulsed by, she always enjoyed the touch or action in
some perverse and enjoyable way. Claudia should enjoy his attentions
as much as the other women in his life, perhaps even as much as Traci
obviously enjoyed it.

So Sport spent two nights, about twenty minutes each, searching into
the girls mind and erasing the fear that went along with her episodes.
Then he implanted a suggestion of her enjoyment, though a shy girlish
enjoyment, of her previous actions. And the excitement of the unknown
future of more of the same. He also discovered through his travels
through her mind, that she was a virgin in the truest sense, never
before had she even touched a boys privates, let alone be touched. He
also found what made the girl "tick", where she enjoyed being touched,
how. Even learned of her girlish fantasies of romantic adventures of
impossible situations and places.

When it was over, Claudia was a new girl, at least on the inside.
Outside she was exactly the same teenager that had danced around
before her window to entice a cripple that peeked at her. He spent a
few nights after, mentally joining their two minds as they masturbated
simultaneously. She knew that in some way she had a "guardian" that
watched over her and gave her pleasure. It was a new romantic fantasy
of the girls, one that she trusted completely. Once he again had
Esmerelda suckle his cock as his mind coupled with the girl across the

It was on one occasion that Sport settled down for the evening, after
fondling Esmerelda's breasts that he linked with Claudia. He found
that she lay naked under her covers, in her large pink bed, and
awaited the "guardian" that had given her many pleasures through the
last several nights. In this way, the mind link was exceptional easy
and Sport discovered a new power. One that could only be used on an
individual that was completely open to the psychokinetic link.

Very quickly, and to his confusion, Sport opened his eyes laying in a
unfamiliar bedroom. He had projected himself into Claudia's body. He
knew that she was completely aware of her surroundings but could not
control or converse with the intruder. Sport could feel the
unfamiliar body, the strange sensations between his legs, the
surprising feeling of muscles in the legs. It was a power that Sport
had never conceived and would not have normally tried it, since he
would have been afraid to try it.

Quickly he pushed down the thick quilted down blanket covering the
unfamiliar body and then looked down upon Claudia's nakedness.
Through her eyes, as if he possessed this new body, he was completely
aware of the new sensations flowing around him. The electric tingling
between her legs mixed with the warm wetness that was contained
between her nether lips. The itch of the hardened nipples upon a
almost flat chest. The slight curve of the hips. Less strength in
her thin arms. And yes, he lifted both feet high in the air, the

Never before had he been able to feel these things. Some of which he
did not enjoy as much as his own body. Yet, the new feeling in the
legs was a very seductive drug. He stood upon the bed and bounced
playfully, feeling the strong young muscles rippling. With a huge
smile he jumped off the bed, with wobbly feet since he had never
actually walked before, and looked delightfully into the mirror.
Reflected back was the girl next door, yet his eyes were the ones
looking out.

Up close he saw and felt every inch of this body he had possessed.
The fingers testing the hardness of the small nipples until the
enjoyable sensation turned to pain. Of course the feeling of his
finger running through the slimy slit between his legs. It was very
strange reaching down between his legs and not finding his penis.
Almost naturally he began to agitate the hard bud of the clitoris high
up on the vagina. He shivered with the wild sensations that ran
through him.

Sport had only begun to experiment with the new powers that allowed
him to possess his neighbour, but knew there was something else. He
opened the door and peeked out into the darkness of the long hallway.
Knowing this house from his previous intrusion with Claudia's mother,
the young man knew exactly where he was going. With trembling,
unsteady feet he walked down the darkened hallway. His body shook
with cold and fear as he saw a small light from down the hall, coming
from the living room.

"Claudia!!" The hushed word startled the young telepath, and took him
a partial second to realize he was be one being addressed. "What are
you doing?" Sport turned and saw Jen Rutherford dressed in a
nightgown holding a water glass and staring in surprise at her

"Uh...I couldn't sleep." His voice sounded completely different in
his ears.

"But why are you not wearing anything? Get back to bed right now!"
Sport could see the embarrassed surprise written on the mothers face.
And remembered that she had caught her daughter in a compromising
position a few days earlier.

It was at that moment that Sport departed Claudia's body, leaving her
naked before her mother, and returned to his bedroom.
Disabled Powers - Chapter XI

by Caesar, c1994

Every few weeks it was Traci's duty to take her young charge to the
Doctor for his examination. And in his young inexperienced mind, he
was worried that the doctor would somehow discover his heightened
powers. So sitting, waiting in the doctors outer room, Sport sent a
command to the receptionist to change the appointment book. There was
five doctors that shared this large elaborate office, one happened to
be female.

Doctor Kesner was a middle-aged slim woman who always wore spectacles
and a white lab coat over a conservative dress, and always had her
hair tied back in a tight bun. She entered he examination room where
Sport waited alone. "Good morning Sport. I see that I'm taking over
from Doctor Grodin?" His original doctor.

"I guess so, I don't make the appointments." She nodded then
requested he remove his shirt so she could listen to his chest. While
her back was turned, and Sport was disrobing, the boy sent a powerful
wave of sexual energy to the conservative woman.

She suddenly gasped and grasped at the edges of the sink for support.
Sport hated going to the Doctor and wanted a distraction from his
boring schedule. And Kesner happened to be an attractive woman. He
sent another flow of energy and saw that he had the same effects upon
her, except this time her knees buckled slightly. Obviously she had
no idea what was going on.

"Are you okay Doctor?" He made himself sound worried.

"Yes...I need some air..." She reached from the door handle, but a
simple suggestion in her mind caused the door handle to be immobile.
She held onto it for support as her other hand went to rub at her
upper chest, trying to slow her breathing. She looked towards the
calm boy and asked, "What's happening to me?" Her eyes hungry and
desperate but still in control.

Another wave, and she slide to the floor, her back to the door, her
body was shaking with a uncontrollable quiver that Sport knew was
barely controlled lust. "Do you want me to get another Doctor?"

She was wiggling her thighs together trying to calm the unnatural
sexual tension inside her sex. ", no. Please don't tell
anyone. I'll be alright its just..." Another wave finally broke her
strength. The woman gave in to the energy flowing through her body,
stimulating both her mind and body. She rolled onto her back right
before the young man and pulled her skirt up to her waist, her fingers
quickly pulling aside her panties to agitate her clitoris and vaginal
hole. Her wetness was obvious, loud and visually stimulating.
Sport's chair was only a foot from the Doctors ankles, his sight
unhindered as he saw every movement of her digits against and inside
her clitoris. Her body was wiggling around before him, her eyes
clamped shut as she attempted to reach herself to orgasm.

Doctor Kesner was completely out of control. She forgot the disabled
young man seated before her, and she also forgot where she was. The
middle-aged woman only cared about the tingling between her legs. And
her entire being was centred upon fulfilling the natural conclusion to
her desire. And at the speed and ferocity that she worked upon
herself, it would not be long.

Sport smiled as the doctor gasped out and ground her crotch into her
hand, her body convulsing to the untempoed rhythms of her orgasm. The
smell of the woman's sex filled that little room in the sweet sharp
oder. And the sight of her shiny sticky hand and thigh area very
obvious. He remained completely silent as the doctor regained control
of her faculties. Soon she even realized the teenager was watching
her with wide excited eyes and stood unsteadily up and covered her
bare crotch. She smoothed down her rumpled hair, and wrinkly blouse
trying to regain her composure.

"Ah...I don't know what came over me? I appoligize..."

He tried to look innocent, "Do you feel better now?"

She blushed furiously, "Perhaps we should conclude this examination."
She grabbed the clipboard with his chart and quickly departed the
room. Only slightly surprised that the door knob turned easily. It
only took a few seconds for Sport to place a suggestion in her mind so
that she would never reveal what happened in this room to anyone.
Disabled Powers - Chapter XII

by Caesar, c1994

"I love you Sport!" Traci said it with such conviction and sincerity
that the teenager never needed to "browse" her thoughts. Her strong
feminine hands squeezed his knees, her eyes looking up into his. She
was kneeling before him in the middle of the family room. "I would do
anything you wished. You know that don't you?" He nodded.

"You are so beautiful Traci," she beamed at him, "and all I can think
of is being with you." He looked down upon her full red lips. "But I
have a confession?!" He placed a perfect embarrassed look upon his

"You can tell me anything." She reassured him.

"Its Esmerelda, she has begun to do things to me." He could see his
nurses eyes widen. "She touches me at night before I fall asleep."

Traci gasped surprised and mad, not exactly the emotions Sport wished
her to feel. So he send some very subtle signals to her brain. "Tell
me exactly what she did?"

"Last night she kissed my thing." He tried to cover his face with his
hands in mock embarrassment, but his nurse grasped those same hands in
her own and pulled them away.

Her voice was shaky, "Y..your penis?" He nodded. "Did you enjoy it?"
The mild suggestions were taking affect, anger, arousal, and jealousy.

"Yes it felt very good." He looked back into her blue eyes. "But..."

"Tell me Sport. You can say anything and I will still love you." She
again sounded very assured of her passion for her young charge.

"I wished it was you that kissed me there." He brought one finger up
to lightly trace her slightly open and moist lips. "Sometimes I think
of you doing that when..." Again he paused dramatically.

"Go on, my dear!" Her voice was a little shaky.

"When I play with myself!" Again pretending embarrassment. She
swallowed loudly then reached for his zipper, but the young mans hands
met hers. "Please don't! I love you too much to do that here, right

"I want to..."

"Could we wait? I can. Esmerelda will continue whenever I ask her,
she has told me this several times." Again jealousy was written upon
the unblemished features of the nurse. "I want our first time to be
special, to have meaning. I love you!"

A tear formed in the beauties eye, "I can wait however long it takes."
She pulled his hands up to her lips to rain kissed down upon them.
Truthfully, Sport did have his earlier crush upon this older woman,
and wanted her to be the "one". Yet this is not why he stopped her
from using her mouth to please him. He had different plans this day.

"I want to ask you a favour?" She nodded, eager to please him. "I
would like Esmerelda to kiss me again, but would you watch and make
sure I'm doing everything alright?" He could see her surprise and
incomprehension. "If I can't have you I want you near me!"

That got her. "Yes dear I will watch you. But I wish it was me
pleasing you." It was a resolved, if not a reluctant woman who
finally agreed to watch her young charge get a blow job.

Less than a half-hour later, Esmerelda entered the study and was
surprised to meet Sport sitting all alone. The young man held one
finger up to his lips for silence, before beckoning her over to him.
She knew instinctively what was about to happen. Without a word, the
middle-aged woman began to pull apart her shirt to expose her braless
breasts. The experienced woman knelt before her bosses son and
immediately began fumbling with his pants zipper.

Sport ignored the maid for some time, just looking into the eyes of
Traci. She was facing them, standing in the alcove next to the
sliding door. When Sport felt fleshy warm breasts squeeze the outside
of his already hard cock, he played it up. Moaning and quickly
grasping the kneeling woman's head in his hands. Esmerelda moved her
torso up and down, using her generous boobs to agitate him. The young man pulled her head to his crotch, pointing the route he wished her to
travel. A warm mouth immediately encircled his cock.

From the alcove, Traci had lifted her skirt enough to reach a single
hand to fondle her uncovered clitoris, the other hand squeezing her
breast through her clothing. Sport sent a wave of excitement
throughout the room, affecting both women. His nurse moved her pelvis
back and forth upon her hand exciting herself and her teenage lover.

Very soon the situation was too much for the teenager and he grasped
the woman's head and controlled her movements to heighten his ecstasy.
He closed his eyes and let his head loll back as his orgasm was fast
approaching. Let Traci enjoy the moment, because Sport certainly was.

Esmerelda pressed her face as far down upon his cock as she could go
when she felt the first spasm rock the hard penis. She allowed the
salty sperm to shoot deep inside her mouth and even directly down her
throat. Only bringing her face up from between his legs when the boys cock finally began to shrink and the last drop of come had been
sucked. She stood, and as in previous meetings, donned her top then
quickly departed. She didn't even notice the sexually desperate young woman in the alcove behind her.

With still shaky arm muscles, Sport rolled his chair over to the still
masturbating nurse. Reaching out he moved his hand upon hers, as it
cupped and fondled her own sex. The area was very moist and hot.
Traci responded favourably by instantly orgasming as the two hands
felt between her legs.
Disabled Powers - Chapter XIII

by Caesar, c1994

Over the next few weeks, Sport often interrupted Jennifer Rutherfords
thoughts to slowly mold and explore. He never gave any suggestions or
orders to the middle-aged woman, but mostly just "listened" in on her
intimate fantasies. But the cumulative interruption of her daily
routine began to alter the woman's personality. She became highly
aroused at all hours, often because of an explicit request from the
psionic young man. He would often participate with the lovely woman
while she became aroused and was driven into a sexual frenzy. Often
attacking her husband's cock or just masturbating furiously. Yet he
never attempted to possess her.

He left that for Claudia. Several times in those couple of weeks, he
again entered her body. Enjoying the new sensation of female arousal
and learned how to manipulate certain parts of the lovely young body
for greater stimulation. Claudia was perfectly submissive to his
suggestions and actions. Her mind was devoid of inhibitions and only
served to enjoy the evenings when she found herself "out of control".

Sport had a devious plan, one that was magnificently kinky. So much
so that he was almost nervous to try.

It began late one week night, after the house across his street was
dark and silent. The telepathic teenager began to explore the
sleeping mother's thoughts, even intruding to place images or emotions
into her. Yet he would not allow her to awake, so she slept soundly
while he brought her arousal to a heightened state. He kept this link
with her for over thirty minutes, until her body was aching for
release. That was when he awoke her.

Seconds after he entered the young thin body of Claudia, feeling the
familiar differences that her body presented. Quickly, in the
darkness of her room, Sport undressed the girls body and pushed back
the bed covers. He began to systematically arouse the young girl, the
body he currently possessed. Allowing her state to quickly get
excited, and he moaned naturally while her fingers manipulated her
clitoris and fingered her nipples.

Sport continued this for some time, keeping her eyes closed even when
he heard a small squeak of the door being opened. Only after three or
four minutes did he allow his eyes to open. Standing in the doorway,
wearing a pink robe, stood Jen Rutherford, her hands frantically
moving beneath the lower front of her large robe. Both women looked
into each others eyes as they continued to masturbate. Sport was
impatient and crawled off the bed, then across the floor to kneel
before Jenny. The mother looked down in panic and hunger as she saw
her daughters hands reach out and pull aside the robe. Her own desire
enslaving her to the inevitable.

He had never done such a thing, kissed a woman between the legs. Yet
when strolling about Esmerelda's thoughts he had found several
references to the older woman eating another woman and also being
eaten by either a man or woman. After studying these images and
memories in great detail he felt confident that Jenny would enjoy her
own daughters tongue. Very softly the tongue slide along the length
of the slightly open crack.

Surprised at the pleasant taste and the actual amount of fluid that
entered his mouth and covered his face. He loved it! Two hands
wrapped about the back of Claudia's head and pulled it into the
crotch. Sport stuck his tongue out as far as possible and began to
like upon the hard bud at the top of the slit. Just where he found
Traci liked to be masturbated.

Jenny ground her daughters face between her legs and let out a loud
sigh of sexual relief, glad for the tongue action. She was too far
gone to care whose mouth was relieving her sexual tensions. Her
bottom was wiggling about upon the open mouth and tongue of her lovely
pubescent daughter.

Sport placed both hands upon Jenny's globes. His fingers gripping the
taunt flesh fiercely. He was amazed at the reaction this older experienced woman was undergoing just by using his tongue. Claudia's
face was covered in her mothers sexual juices, her cheeks firmly held
between warm strong thighs.

The middle-aged woman began a violent jerking of her body just as her
orgasm hit. Even her own juices gushed with a new, even stronger,
flavour. Sport could barely breathed and was afraid the woman above
him would topple upon the possessed body. Every muscle seemed to move
independently. The orgasm lasted over a full minute, leaving
quivering and shaking muscles.

Mrs. Rutherford suddenly turned and ran from her daughters room, a sob
echoing from her exit. Sport closed the door after her then
disengaged himself from the teenagers body. Satisfied for the evening
at his accomplishments. He returned to his own room and body.

Esmerelda was came to Sport's door as he psionicly ordered. Without a
word she stripped down then crawled between his still legs. His hard
cock quickly sliding deep into her mouth.
Disabled Powers - Chapter XIV

by Caesar, c1994

The episode with Claudia and her mother had incited Sports excitement
just by the thought of the kinky sinful act that he placed them in.
He "peeked" in on his two female neighbours to "listen" to their
thoughts. Jenny was extremely embarrassed and was attempting to avoid
her daughter until she figured out what overcame her. While Claudia
was excited a the way things were headed, the left over suggestion
that had been placed in her mind assured this.

He loved to watch, something that he discovered and enjoyed with his
mental powers. Of course the young man enjoyed the touch, and
recently, the taste of a woman, he still enjoyed the drama of
witnessing an intimate act. So planned for his next viewing.

"Esmerelda you have slept with other women before hadn't you?"

The middle aged woman coughed in surprise as her soup went down the
wrong hole. She looked across the diner table to the young man, his
eyes wide with interest. Betty sitting next to her also looked
surprised but at the both of them. Traci had been sent home early by
Sport that afternoon. While Betty's head was facing Sport, Esmerelda
answered the young man with a quick nod of her head.

"When was the last time?" Betty was looking back and forth, very
surprised at the current conversation.

Esmerelda answered with a shaky voice, "Three years ago."

"With whom?" He was enjoying the way the middle-aged woman was
squirming about her seat in embarrassment.

"A woman I met in a bar, her husband joined us." She was staring at
her half-eaten bowl of soup. "It was only that night."

"But you have had sex with other women many times haven't you?" Again
the response was a quick nod. Turning his attention to the dark
skinned cook, "Betty, is your friend Esmerelda wearing panties?"

This surprised both older ladies. "Put your hand up Esmerelda's skirt
and see if she's wearing panties." The table hid the Hispanic woman's
hand from his view, but the face that the maid made was proof enough
that his orders were being followed. While Betty had a curious and
slightly pleased look.

Betty answered, "She's not wearing any panties." The older woman
looked uncomfortable and a little mad.

"Spread your legs Betty. Esmerelda tell me if Betty has underwear
on?" The older woman almost looked relieved that the cook's hand
would be pulled from between her legs. While, Betty looked a bit
disappointed. She nodded in the affirmative. "Okay, please take
Betty's panties off then lay her upon the table." This caused another
surprised look on the younger woman's face.

Esmerelda was following his directions perfectly, expertly pulling off
the underwear, then guiding the thin woman to lay upon her back on the
top of the oak table. Without another order, the maid sat in her
chair between the cooks legs then leaned forward. She began to
expertly lick that displayed crack, her head and face hidden beneath
the loose skirt.

Sport rolled his chair about the table, wanting to get closer. He
noticed that Betty didn't look pleased at all, in fact she looked like
she was about to cry. So the teenager began a mental stimulation of
her mind. Very soon, she had the face of passion, even her hands
pulled her skirt down enough so she could grasp the head between her
thin thighs. A bowl overturned, and a cup fell to the floor as the
cook began to wiggle in excitement, Esmerelda's tongue and Sport's
mind had caused her body to react accordingly. So fast, that her
excitement was soon over, her violent orgasm rocking the thick table
and causing a disarray of the dining room.

The maid finally lifted her head, her face shiny with vaginal juices.
Yet she still looked hungry, her tongue running over her full lips and
her eyes piercing into her co-workers. It didn't take any of Sports
powers to influence the maids mind and body. She had enjoyed her work
immensely. While Betty looked exhausted, her face and thighs sweaty
and her calf muscles twitching.

"Clean up this mess Betty." He also wiggled his index finger at the
older woman, beckoning her over to his chair. Without hesitation she
crawled upon hands and knees to him. She began to hungrily suck upon
his manhood, eager for more sexual tribute. Meanwhile, upon shaky
legs, Betty began to clean the room, often making trips to the
kitchen, her arms full of dishes. Yet, always, her eyes watched the
familiar bobbing head on the young mans lap.

Sport allowed his life-giving fluid to shoot into his maids mouth.
His own orgasm powerful enough that he barely noticed the horny older woman fall upon her back and began to frantically masturbate herself.
Disabled Powers - Chapter XV

by Caesar, c1994

It had been an exciting few weeks for the teenager. His kinkiest
desire available with but a thought. The possibilities were endless.
Sport was a bright lad, and knew not to overextend himself, someone
would put the pieces of the puzzle together, even when those pieces
were so outrageous. So he left his sexy neighbours alone, only
browsing randomly their thoughts to see what was up. While he
continued to flirt with his nurse and friend, it didn't go beyond a
gentle squeeze or a passionate kiss. And of the other two domestics,
Esmerelda was the only one that Sport still indulged in. Almost
nightly she used her skillful mouth upon his young organ, leaving as
soon as it was done. He had "suggested" to her mind that her body was
extremely turned on with the nightly episodes, so when she returned to
her room, she could not help but masturbate frantically with her
employers young son in her mind.

In fact, he was about to permanently slow his excursions down by only
concentrating upon one female at a time. He loved Traci and wanted to
her to be the one that took his virginity away. When told of this,
the young nurse practically cried with happiness, frantically kissing
his hands. It would have happened very soon if the young mans father hadn't come over to spend time with his son.

Normally his father would not have been bother to give his cripple son
the time. But this time he had a surprise, he had brought a woman
with him. It was a charred when his father bent over and gave his
only son a hug, before introducing him to Yvonne, his fiance. The
woman, a younger prettier version of his departed mother, didn't even
look at the boy but instead looked about the room. Sport noticed that
she had less interest in him than his father had, though the old man seemed interested in showing off is "affection" to his young bride-to-be.

With an instant distaste for his step mother-to-be, Sport forced her
head about so she would look at him. She looked a bit startled when
her eyes came upon the small "pretty" disabled boy in the fancy
wheelchair. He saw pity and disgust, two things that did not help his
impression of Yvonne. As a malicious action, he sent a wave of sexual
pleasure into her thin body. She doubled over in surprise and
pleasure, yet quick to hid the physical emotions from the two men in
the room.

"Are you all right honey?" The older man forgot his son and ran to
the young woman, putting his arm about her shoulder. Again she
doubled over after a quick jolt of excitement hit her like a fist.
This time she cried out. "Come lie down?" He tried to guide her over
to the couch but she stopped him with a gesture.

"No...upstairs!" Her voice was horse and the animal look in her eye
telling Sport she was easy to manipulate. His father helped the
fashionable woman up the grand stair and out of view, no doubt in his
mind that she was going upstairs to relieve her sexual pressures. He
did not need to query into her mind to figure out she would
practically rape his father.

In only moments, his amusement turned sour after he realized he had
helped their relationship. The sexual energy she would bring to the
bedroom would ensure his fathers happiness, something that did not
entirely please him. Why should the old man get everything handed him
on a silver platter, except the perfect son? With cruelty and a quick
flash of mental powers, Sport send a complicated command set to
Yvonne. He didn't even bother browsing her thoughts to see if it had
connected, since he didn't want to discover the happiness his father was enjoying with the classy woman.

The power was his and he took full advantage of it, Yvonne would lay
with his father but would find no fulfilment with his organ. In fact,
she could only achieve the greatest of sexual achievements, an orgasm,
with the young man she had ignored. In fact, every time she would
come around him, her body would tell her this simple fact by the
excitement she would experience. Even her own hands would never be
able to achieve the climax she would so desire. It would become so
frustrating, getting excited but not being able to release that
excitement, that he fully expected her to attempt a liaison with him.

Almost an hour later, his father descended the stair, a small smile
upon his lips, his eyes tired. While Yvonne come down a few moments
later, looking disappointed and just a little disgusted. They were
about to leave when she suddenly looked up into the eyes of her
husband-to-be's young son, she shivered and then quickly turned away.
Afraid to turn back.

Yes, Sport thought, she would become a great addition to this
Disabled Powers - Chapter XVI

by Caesar, c1994

How could he ever concentrate solely on one woman? There were so many
delicious and wonderfully different ladies out there for him to
experience. He had made sure Traci knew this about him, and didn't
alter her jealously at all, enjoying the competition feelings she had.
They talked at length on the subject of sex and desires. She didn't
look surprised when he told her he liked the idea of watching two
women making love, but she was surprised when he told her about
peeking in on Esmerelda and Betty as they lay naked and sweaty. Of
course he altered the tale accordingly. She then told him she loved
watching Esmerelda suck upon his cock, which he had also enjoyed.

The next day, as planned the two young people peeked through the door
of Betty's room, behind the kitchen. Traci gasped loudly when she saw
Esmerelda, the maid, riding the face of Betty, the cook. The
situation had been setup by Sport, unknown to Traci who thought she
was seeing a liaison in action. It was a very exciting sight, but
Sport paid more attention to his awed nurse than the lesbian action
going on a few feet away. He snaked his hand up the back of her
skirt, up her long legs to her firm round bottom. She moved just
enough so, he could access her moist sex without taking her eyes from
the bedroom.

Within the room, the two ladies had switched positions and Betty was
laying inverted upon Esmerelda, they ate eat others cunt with relish
and rushed excitement. Traci also began to rotate her bottom upon the
teens fingers, her single free hand grasping her breast. Her inner
thighs and Sports hand coated in her sticky excitement. His fingers
very gentle only manipulating the length of her inner lips and the
hardened clitoris. She was close an orgasm.

Sport forced his nurses attention away from the room and she rolled
him back down the hallway her body barely under control. She sat upon
his bed, facing the large window. Across the street, Claudia was
masturbating before the open window, her body stimulated by the simple
commands of her neighbour. As the excited nurse watched, a older pretty woman came into the young girls room and, after the initial
surprise, lifted her own skirt and began to also masturbate. The two
women, obviously related since they looked very similar, watched each
other as there hands attempted to bring their bodies to orgasm.

This excited Traci beyond her will power and she ripped up her skirt
and began to fuck herself with two of her fingers, the other hand
manipulating her over-excited clitoris. Sport sent waves of sexual
energy and pleasure through all three women. Claudia's naked sweaty
body bounced upon her bed as her mother fucked herself in time to her
daughters movements. While Traci also attempted to time herself to
the erotic motions across the road.

All three achieved orgasm about the same moment, and the sexy women
had powerful mind-blowing climaxes. They were exhausted, but Jenny
found the strength to slowly close her daughters room and return to
her own bedroom. Claudia couldn't see the two people watching her
across the street, but she seemed to show off her still spread sex
lips, her legs wide. In the time it took for Traci to calm her body
down for her enjoyment, she was imitating the lazy motions of the
teenager across the street.

Sport finally spoke, "That's Claudia and her mother."

Traci looked upon him with love, "Do they ever...?"

Knowing what she was asking, "I only saw them once, Claudia was
kneeling between her mother and using her lips to please her." Traci
was just a little surprised at the incestuous lesbian relationship she
was witness to. "I wanted to show you some of the things I see."

She reached out and held his hand lovingly. "Thank you." Traci
noticed the bulge in his pants. "Perhaps I could...?"

"No, ask Esmerelda to come in here." Traci was disappointed, wanting
to please her one-and-only love, but smiled and complied. The
middle-aged woman appeared, fully clothed and obviously just out of
the shower, Traci was standing behind her. "On your knees Esmerelda."

The older woman looked surprised then quickly glanced at the pretty
nurse looking expectantly at her before she dropped to her knees
before Sport knowing the pleasures that were to be demanded of her.
She opened her mouth, bent forward, and began to suck.
Disabled Powers - Chapter XVII

by Caesar, c1994

Traci accompanied Sport through the park, on another walk. This time
was different than any of the others, for one Sport had discovered his
sexy neighbours would also be there. He hadn't told his nurse but
knew from talking with her she was interested in meeting those ladies.
In fact, after browsing her thoughts, he discovered a deep yearning to
discover the pleasures of another woman, a fantasy that she hoped
Sport would allow her. It was more a broad interest, one that she
didn't care if she ever fulfilled.

The two Rutherford women were walking calmly along the serene path,
not talking just trying to relax. Things between them were strained,
and Jenny was worried that she may be corrupting her daughter. They
saw the nurse and her patient, their neighbour, as soon as they turned
a curve in the path. Claudia had never given the crippled boy any
attention, but now she brightened up waving her arm and calling his
name, her smile wide. Jenny also smiled happily, the mind control
enabling this, and sped up her walk in the hopes that more
conversation would brighten up her awkward walk.

"Sport! Hi, how ya doin'?" Asked Claudia, a little breathless as she
had run ahead of her mother. She reached out and punched the young mans shoulder playfully, with a never before familiarity. "How is
your summer vacation?" She was wide eyed and had a huge happy smile
on. "Hi Traci." A little more coolly.

"Hello Claudia." Nervous, since the nurse had only witnessed this
girls frantic masturbating a few days ago, and the image of this young thin girls fingers working upon her flowered open vagina still fresh.

Sport waited until Jenny caught up then spoke, "Hi Claudia,
Mrs. Rutherford."

"Well this is a pleasant surprise, hi Sport." Jenny noticed the
nervous glances of the nurse behind the young man, "Hello Traci." A
polite nod.

"I was just thinking about you two." He smiled.

The four of them walked for some time, until Mrs. Rutherford
suggested, "How about stopping off at my place for some juice or tea
afterwards?" All were in agreement.

Thirty minutes later, the orange juice was placed into Sports hand,
while the others drank different liquids. They ladies had begun to
chatter, gossipping about those they new, sometimes stopping to
inquire from Sport a piece of information. A natural break in the
conversation allowed the young man to lean over and speak privately to
his nurse, "I want you to come onto Mrs. Rutherford." She looked
surprised but nodded. Upon the return of the two others they
continued into the mindless conversation that had been interrupted.

Suddenly Jenny paused in mid sentence and froze, her gaze looking at
Traci. The young nurse looked relaxed, and was absentmindedly looking
out the window. Yet, Sport knew, and controlled, a hand was gently
reaching up the loose summer dress of the older mother. A quick
message to Jenny, and she attempted to cover her awkwardness and not
give away the hand upon her warm skin.

Jenny looked nervous, while Traci only gave away her feelings by her
tongue constantly wetting her pouty lips. I could hear the faint
sound of skin upon skin, as Jenny rubbed her thighs together holding
the searching hand against her sex. A smell, one that most would not
notice unless they have had their nose pressed into the sex where it
originated from. Only Sport noticed the smell, while Claudia noticed
her moms strange behaviour.

"Mrs. Rutherford why don't you show Traci the rest of your house?"

"Yes it is a beautiful house." It was obvious that Traci had no
interest in this house and was talking about the woman sitting next to
her. Slightly nervous, the young nurse followed Jenny down a hall and
into the depths of the house. Sport raised the middle-aged woman's
excitement level and knew that in only moments the two of them would
be engaged in lesbian pleasure.

Sport turned his attention to Claudia, "I always wanted to see your
house, but we didn't get along very well?!" She looked saddened.
"Perhaps that could change?"

This brightened her up considerably, "Sure!"

"For instance, would you show me your boobs?"

"But of course." She spoke as if she was disappointed she hadn't
thought of this herself already, then began to pull off her tee-shirt.
Her pointy breasts topped with a swollen nipple came into view and she
arched her back to give the young man the best view.

"I would love to see your pussy. Would you show it to me Claudia?"
Without a word she simply stood and pushed down her tight jeans and
panties, in one push, and then stepped out of them leaving her
completely naked. Her familiar, hairless vagina came into view, and
Sport reached out to touch the warm smooth skin right above the
dark-pink crevice. Since he had possessed her body earlier, he knew
her physical self very well, yet being an external entity to her was
different and exciting also. "Turn and around and show me your ass."
Quickly, as if to please him, she spun then promptly bent over. Her
bottom crack spread slightly giving him a view of her taunt boyish
ass. Already he could see moisture upon the smooth crack of her cunt lips, her excitement from the close proximity to her "incubus".

Seconds later his mind controlled hers, his eyes looking out the young girls, he possessed her easily and without effort.

After a few seconds to get used to the sudden change, Sport looked
down at his body. It was a strange experience, he looked like he was
concentrating upon something. He should be okay sitting here, so he
took the girls body into the house and up the stairs. A sound could
be faintly heard, a sound of a woman moaning in passion and it was
coming from the master bedroom. Sport opened the door and looked upon
the scene of lesbian sex. Upon the floor, they had not made it to the
bed, Jenny was spread-eagled while Traci, upon her knees, had her face
pressed into the older woman's sex. Both were naked. The noise was
coming from Jenny.

In the body of Claudia, he moved to the prone woman and pressed "his"
lips to hers. Jenny was hungry, as evident in the passion she put out
when kissing her own daughter. The older woman's tongue speared out
and fondled the inside of the young girls mouth. A long kiss ensued.
Sport wanted more, so disengaged himself from those moist inviting

Straddling her mothers head, Sport placed the young girls thin pretty
body over Jenny's face, then promptly sat down. Claudia's hairless
cunt landed upon the open mouth of her mother, a tongue driving into
the very tight passage. The body he possessed became extremely
excited, and he had trouble controlling it, as the experienced tongue
moved about and flicked the clitoris. Below him, Traci was trying to
watch Jenny, as she ate out her own daughter, and also eat that same
woman. It was a very exciting and passionate moment.

Jenny, having the most personal attention, soon screamed out her
orgasm and lifted her legs high in the air. Her own daughter grasped
the ankles holding them high and wide. While Traci stuck a single
finger into the rear passage of the climaxing woman. Jenny screamed
into Claudia's cunt, producing that girls own orgasm. It was a very
strange feeling, having a female orgasm. It was unexplainable, but
very pleasant.

Sport allowed the tired body to fall upon the ground, its limbs like
rubber. But continued to watch as Traci spun her body over the
exhausted middle-aged woman. The young nurse also sat upon the pretty
face, but bent forward and also pressed her face into well-eaten
vagina below her. The two of them began a mutual munch session.

Sport disengaged his mind from Claudia, then returned himself to his
Disabled Powers - Chapter XIIX

by Caesar, c1994

Yvonne knew what she wanted and was going to get it. Also she was
feeling guilty about her judgement, yet most of her didn't care.
Especially her sexual nerves. Since that day she had been introduced
to Sport, her new son-in-law-to-be, she hadn't been able to think
about anything else. Her midnight fantasies were about the young man,
her daydreams, and even her imagination while alone with her
husband-to-be were all about Sport. In fact she had not been able to
achieve an orgasm since that fateful day, by her own hand or

She wore very fashionable clothing, with expensive lingerie
underneath. Didn't teenagers like stockings and garter belts? She
also wore those. In fact when she finally stood before the young disabled man, her nerves almost gave out. His eyes looked deep into
her soul, and seemed to know what she wanted.

Yvonne had a long impressive speech made out, while choreographing her
physical movements to seduce the young man. But, when finally
confronted with him, her plans were destroyed. She couldn't talk, nor
even pretend embarrassment but just looked into those eyes of his, as
if pleading for sympathy and attention.

Without a word being spoken, she began to hurriedly remove her
clothing. None of her movements were purposely seductive or
enjoyable, she just took off her clothing. Sports eyes followed her
hands as she undid every button of her dress, then as she unhooked the
front clasp of her bra. She saw the pleasure in his eyes as her long
still-thin legs came into view, revealing stockings, high heels, and
garter belt. All white. She hadn't worn panties, since giving early
glimpses of her bare muff part of her original plan. A plan set to
get him within her clasp. Yet, somehow, the situation was reversed.

Yvonne knew she was his, totally. She would do anything he asked, and
greatly anticipated his attention. As she stood there gently
shivering and running her nails along her hips, silently allowing the
young man his eyeful.

The pretty nurse came into the room, Traci. Yvonne cursed the
interruption and attempted to hide her crotch and breasts with her
hands. Instead, Sport smiled and waved the young woman over. Both
sets of eyes appraised her again. Traci bent over and whispered
something into her young charges ear. Sport nodded, yes.

Traci calmly stepped up to Yvonne and looked deeply into her eyes
before placing her lips upon the others. Her young strong hands came
up and forced the older woman from hiding her near-naked body by
placing the palms upon the swell of her ample breast. Tongues were
caressing the other, eyes closed and breath became uneven. It was the
first time Yvonne had every passionately kissed another woman. With
Sport watching, it was also very enjoyable.

"Dance for us Yvonne?!" It was spoken calmly, yet was a command.
Traci disengaged herself from the woman then went over to a chair and
sat upon it, her legs wide apart exposing everything under her skirt.
The older woman felt self-conscious about dancing naked for an
audience, she never enjoyed her own nakedness. Yet her hips began to
sway to a hidden music, her hands went to her hair, and her breasts gently bounced. She put all her sensuality into her bodies movement,
trying to get this young mans gaze of longing.

It didn't take long before her own silent music began to stimulate
her, between her legs moisture was running down her swirling thighs to
collect at the top of her stockings. Her nipples were hard points,
and the imagined breeze brought goose bumps to her pale skin. She
would do anything for him!

"Come and kneel before me." It took a few seconds for Yvonne's body
to get used to its stillness before she moved towards the pleased
looking man. Still watching her every movement, Traci was shamelessly
stroking her dark pink clitoris.

"I want you to make me come." His penetrating eyes pierced into hers,
and she knew no objection. In fact, it was what she had fantasized
and imaged for a many days, to see, feel, and taste Sports cock. The
initial sight of it caused her heart to flutter and made her feel like
a teenager again. Nor did she hesitate when his hard penis stood
within her hands pointing straight up. Promptly she opened her mouth
and inhaled his cock, determined to give the best she had ever given.
Nothing else mattered to her but Sports ultimate pleasure.

When a hand slide into and down her raised bottom crack, she felt
excitement and anger. Anger at being distracted from her desire, to
please her soon to be son-in-law. Expert fingers spread her
blood-gorged outer lips and two fingers pushed into her hot wet cunt hole, while a thumb rubbed the clitoris. It felt great, and she
hadn't realized it, but this added sexual stimulation had heightened
her oral ministrations upon the hard cock. She worked hard to please
the excited young man.

Yvonne groaned upon the throbbing cock, the pleasing fingers quickly
accelerating her own impending orgasm, essentially giving her that
added desire to taste the expected explosion inside her mouth. Her
bottom was wiggling about, in time to the fingers digging in and out
of her flesh, the thumb flicking the hard blood gorged clitoris. Her
super heated and boiling wet sex made loud wet sounds, which could be
heard over the moans of the older woman. She was nothing but cunt and
mouth at that moment.

Sport grasped his fathers fiancee's head in his young strong hands and
held her down, her lips within the patch of curly pubic hair, just as
his first jerking of the powerful orgasm shot out of his dick. Yvonne
took it all. In fact she was only partially aware that hot sperm was
shooting into the back of her throat, since her own powerful orgasm
was sending electrical pulses throughout her body.

The teenager allowed the pretty face to disengage from his cock, and
it pressed into his inner thigh even as he shot the last of her come
upon the side of her face and open mouth. It was a delightful sight.
Yvonne cried out as the last of her own orgasm shot throughout her
body, removing control of her own muscles from shear exhaustion.

Dimly, she was aware of being placed on her back, and then someone
laying upon her. A voice spoke softly near her face, "Give me
some...", it was Traci. A moist tongue began to lick the come splats
upon the side of her face, cleaning her like a dog. When the warm
sperm was removed and only saliva remained, the nurse used her fingers
to pull open the abused mouth before again using her tongue to search
for more of Sport's come.

The show was unexpected and very exciting to watch, Sport saw that his
nurse was acting as an addict looking for her next fix. She was
shivering in anticipation and would savour every gob of come she found
before swallowing. Traci had never tasted her young charges come, but
every since that first day when he inquired if she would remover her
underwear, she had yearned for the taste. Watching others enjoy what
she had desired had heated her desire and even jealously. If she had
to wait for the taste of his cock directly, then she would at least
get a taste of the treasure he would leave behind.

Several minutes went by before Traci was finally satisfied that all
remaining evidence of Sport's discharge was finally devoured, by
either woman. She lay upon the naked and exhausted body, her face
placed upon one soft breast as she continued to lick her lips for
several minutes later.
Disabled Powers - Chapter XIX

by Caesar, c1994

The next few weeks of Sport's life were very entertaining. Yvonne,
his soon to be step-mother would attempt to come over once a week to
supply her lustful need to be near the young man. While Sport had her
use her lovely lips upon the maid, Esmerelda, while both were
intertwined delightfully. Betty was given added mental suggestions to
enhance her devotion to Sport and her lust towards the same maid,
Esmerelda. As can be guessed, Esmerelda was very busy between the
various women in the household and continuing to service the "master".
The two neighbours, Jenny and her daughter Claudia, continued to enjoy
each other. The younger learning all her mother could teach her.
Though Sport never took over the girls body during that time. As for
Traci, she continued to await the pleasure of her patient. Always
standing near him, her hand casually draped over his shoulder or
thigh, her eyes wide, waiting. She was given the opportunity to again
have intercourse with Yvonne and several times with Esmerelda, her
attention on the young excited eyes of Sport as he watched her show.

"Sport," Traci came into the room with a fifty year old handsome
woman, "she says she wants to speak with you." The older woman
forcibly smiled at the young pretty nurse then waved her away, and
Traci left surprising the young disabled man. The woman sat upon the
couch facing the teens wheelchair, her still slim legs crossing with
the sound of silk.

"Well it seems that you have enjoyed your new found powers Sport." It
was spoken simply, but her eyes glared at him as if angry. While
Sport was completely taken back by her simple sentence, he had spoken
to no one about his "powers". "Before you try and lie your way out of
this situation, I must tell you that I am completely aware of your
manipulation of those around you."

Sport jumped in, ""

"Every time you use your mind, there is a ripple in the waves about
you. The more powerful the action the further out the ripples can go.
Yours were felt from long away." She smiled at him, a cold calculated
smile. "I am fully aware of where your energies have been going, and
understand that a young man wants to experiment and enjoy his young years. Yet don't you think its about time to stop. Use your powers
to help others and to further your own station in this world, not to
create mindless submissives to your lustful desires."

Sport was speechless, and inside his head, he felt a presence as if
someone was "touching" his thoughts. It must be the mysterious older woman before him, yet he gave no indication that he knew she also had

"I was sent here to persuade you from your present path." She smiled
wickedly. The youth felt a chill run up his spin, and knew that she
had been sent here to "persuade" him or destroy him. The presence in
his mind, became stronger. "Of course there is little doubt that you
will obey our wishes...yet of course..."

At that moment, Sport felt every single nerve in his brain explode
with electrical pain. He actually fell forward onto the floor before
the woman's feet. On impulse, he yelled out, "No!" This created a
instinctive mind barrier that stopped the damaging pain in his skull.
The woman stood up over him, and her eyes narrowed as if she was
concentrating. "Stop!" This time the fifty year old women flew
backward back onto the couch, and when she recovered she rolled
herself into a ball and began to cry fearfully.

Sport sat up, surprised at the power he felt flow through his mind,
the crushing effect his mind forced upon the other ladies. In fact
her ego and self worth were destroyed, her mind was now open to
whatever Sport wished to do.

The young man dragged himself back to his chair then contemplated his
attacker. There were many things that he didn't know, and some things
that neither of them knew. Like, he was much more powerful than
anyone had first imagined. Someone had sent this woman to hinder his
"fun", now Sport would learn who this person was and send "them" a

Esmerelda and Traci violently rocked and spasmed in Sports bed,
beneath them the unnamed older woman. His attacker was naked, except
for her stockings, and her mind was confused and distant. She knew
that there was two women above her, one rubbing a wet warm vagina over
her face and nose, while another ground her vagina against each
others. She also knew that Sport was sitting in his chair at the foot
of the bed watching everything.

When the two women were spent, he sent them away before Jenny crawled
upon the bed. In her hands was a thick double-headed phallus. She
quickly inserted it into the woman's vagina then into her own, she
then assumed a position above the confused woman and began to rapidly
fuck her. The sounds of her pleasure loud in the little room.

The woman would wake from this nightmare still naked and shivering
with cold, in a park not far from the young mans home. And when she
thought of Sport, her body would shiver uncontrollably in fear.
Disabled Powers - Chapter XX

by Caesar, c1994

If anything, the knowledge that someone knew of his actions only
heightened his passions and convictions. Sport used even more mental
strength to empower his will. His desires were paramount. He felt
comfortable that those that were aware of his powers could not
effectively bother him, at least compared with the representative they
had sent.

Several weeks went by and the fall was fast approaching and he
registered for his classes. His nurse, Traci, was acting pouty, hurt that his time would be divided between her and school. And after much
more time to enjoy the women about him, Sport was wondering whom
should he the receiver of his first tribute with a woman. In other
words, what woman would he lose his virginity with. He contemplated
that for a very long time.

Sport had given Traci some instructions for the night before school
was too start. Simple instructions concerning a sexual encounter
between them. The nurse was ecstatic, she was smiling hugely and when
a hand was passed between her legs the warm moistness was proof of her

In true, Traci had not been Sports choice, but he wanted to get his
dick inside a woman very quickly. And she was the prettiest and the
one he cared most about. Though, he had no experience in these
matters, his curiosity rushed him and he decided to dwell into his
neighbours lives yet again.

Bill Rutherford, Jen's husband, was easily overcome, his mind full of
stress and negative thoughts that he was easier to control than Jenny
had. Sport didn't possessive the middle-aged man, but instead sent
"suggestions" to his mind, and then stood back and watched. Sport was
sitting in his living room two days before school and one day before
his planned love making with Traci. His mind was a roving eye, he
could see everything inside his neighbours house.

To setup, Sport had sent more sexual urges to Jenny Rutherford, while
submissive urges to Claudia. Bill was given an aggressive attitude,
aggressive and horny. It was easy, Jenny and Bill had not fucked in
almost 6 weeks, and Bill took the "suggestions" wholeheartedly.

As the psychic watched, Bill entered his daughters room, getting home
early from work. Inside he was surprised to find his daughter below
his wife, the older was grinding her sex against the others. Without
sound, Sport watched as Bill backed up into the shadows to continue to
watch the sight before him. All the actions of the participants were
not planned out like a script but the emotions and "urges" had been,
it was just getting them all in the same room that was the toughest

Jenny seemed to tire of this and crawled up her daughters body, her
thighs straddling the young face, her wet sex over the mouth of her
daughter. Both female bodies were glistening with sweat, and the
older of the two was quivering with held back sexual desires. Jen
reached behind her and inserted two fingers into her daughters wet
sex, roughly plunging them in and out of the small wet hole. Claudia
was humping her hips up in time to the pumping fingers, while her
right hand had reached up and was playing with her mothers left breast the other was fondling a full round buttock. And of course, her young already experienced tongue was busy between the sloppy wet folds of
her mothers sex. In only moments, Jenny's excitement overcame her and
she began a long powerful orgasm.

Bill finally entered the room, neither woman noticed. Sport watched
as he roughly pulled his wife, by her arm, off their daughter. There
was some yelling and a few tears of shame before Bill grabbed his
daughters hips and pulled her onto her knees. Without hesitation he
unzipped his pants and rammed his hard cock into Claudia's wet
cunt. The young girl took it with a scream, yet the look that the
invisible eye could see was of pleasure.

Jen watched in horror as her husband fucked their daughter like a
madman, pounding into her tiny thin body brutally. She was still
exhausted from her orgasm but a sharp command from her husband, she
crawled over before her daughters face. Claudia took it all in stride
and opened her mouth as the familiar cunt was placed before her. The
incestuous triangle was complete when Bill reached over and pulled his
wife's face to his own, pushing his tongue into her mouth.

The action didn't last much longer, Claudia had an explosive orgasm
and in the violent spasms unseated her father, so the man pulled his
wife down to him and began to pound into her sex. The middle aged
woman's long legs wrapped possessively around her husbands back and
ass, her hands tried unsuccessfully to pull his face back to hers.
Bill pulled his daughter over until her face was against his wife's
and they began to passionately French kiss. This was the moment the
man seemed to be waiting for and pulled his cunt juice covered cock
from his wife and straddled the two faces. His pearly white come shot
from his hard rod and covered both girls cheeks and tongues.

Sport realized the action was over and disengaged his mind from the
"eye", as he thought of it. It was not as he expected, he wanted to
learn more about the way a man and woman have sex. And besides
intruding on images in a women's mind, had not given him the insight
that he wanted. Well, he thought, there was always tomorrow.
Disabled Powers - Chapter XXI

by Caesar, c1994

It was extremely quiet in the large house, the two other domestics had
been given the day off so he and his nurse could be alone. Traci had
disappeared early in the day then reappeared saying she had a surprise
for her "love". A spare bedroom had been made up by Esmerelda, with
delicate lace trimmings and fragrant scent. All to inspire the

She presented it with calm seductiveness; her shapely legs encased in
white stockings, with white high heels and garters, then she wore a
shear white teddy that hid nothing but was highlighted by a quick snap
to undo the lower half. The effect was radiant. Traci looked
angelic, and extremely sexy, if not just a little virginal.

The nurse had learned her lessons well over the summer months, she
knew just what Sport liked.

The scent of incense was in the air, and the room was lit by a dim
candle. Traci sat upon the edge of the bed, her legs crossed and she
wore a big smile. She was happy. The nurse had gone to great lengths
to ensure a "special" time for Sport, that this one moment would be a
wonderful thought to look back upon in the years to come.

The young man discovered that after all this time seducing and
controlling attractive women, he knew almost nothing about what he
planned to do. He became scared, and even shook as he sat upon his
wheelchair and wondered what to do next. His "powers" could not help
him now.

"I love you Sport!" It was spoken with such emotion and tenderness
that the youth knew she meant it from the bottom of her heart. And in
his own way, he loved her. She stood slowly from the large bed and
approached him, her legs swishing with the sound of silk.

He closed his eyes, unwilling to allow her to control the moment, yet
knew that it would be the best thing for the both of them if she did.
Sport relaxed his body and felt her strong arms lift him from his
chair and swing him over to the bed. Slowly, with extreme tenderness,
she undressed her charge, starting at the top and working down, and he
was soon naked.

Traci's tongue traced lines into his hairless chest and stomach. Her
hands squeezed his legs and arms. Her hair cascaded down upon him
like a feather shower that heightened his senses in volumes. She was
determined to prolong his enjoyment, to give him a night of passion
that would be unrivalled for the rest of his life.

It took an eternity for her lips to graze his, and when finally they
kissed, her moist pouty kisser sent an electric shiver though him.
She didn't attack his lips, she spent long moments just touching them
softly with her own then spending time tasting and experimenting. It
thrilled both young people exquisitely until Sport could stand it no
longer and charged ahead and speared his tongue into her mouth.

While they spared and parried with they lips and tongues, his hand
came up between her thighs and cupped her warm sex through her silky
teddy. The heat and wetness already enveloped his small strong hand,
and send another shiver through him. Traci wanted to be patient with
her lover, yet understood the desire he was facing and held back
nothing. Anything Sport wanted with her this evening, Sport would
get. She spread her legs slightly allowing easier access to her love

The youth in him wanted to finally feel a woman envelope his cock and
ride him into nirvana. "Fuck me!" He said hoarsely.

Traci didn't take her mouth from his, nor did she pounce upon him, but
moved with deliberate slowness meant to tantalize and heighten his
desire. She pulled aside the thin fabric between her legs then aimed
and lowered her torso when she finally had her knees straddling his
hips. Sport's cock was aimed towards heaven, like a spear of desire.
Traci allowed that spear to pierce deep into her, until she felt her
pelvis press into his.

It was the moment he had been waiting for, a moment that he wondered
why he even waited, it was sinfully delicious. Traci slowly raised
herself from him then lowered herself down again. She could feel
every millimetre of his manhood move past her outer lips, she could
feel the quivering of her loins as his excitement controlled his body,
and she could feel the head of his sex reach deep inside her. It was
just like she had fantasized for all these months, just as she knew it
would be. It was fantastic.

Sport even missed the moment when he felt the seed shoot from his
body. Yet Traci could feel the sudden enlarging of his cock and knew
what was to follow. The teenager pumped his come deep into his nurse,
even while his mouth moaned into her mouth as she sucked upon his

He froze, concentrating upon the orgasm that had him under its
control. Deep within Traci the seed was deposited, while she wiggled
her hips about in her own orgasm. She had felt the first electric
tremors of it simultaneous with his, the effect that had caused it.

Long minutes passed, while his organ shrunk inside her. Breathing
became calmed, and the cool night air felt marvellous against their
sweaty bodies. It was Traci that first moved, who wanted more, to
give more.

She sat up over Sport, and pulled the teddy from her body, tearing the
snap in the crotch in the process. Traci disengaged herself from the
perch she had enjoyed then crawled down between his legs. It was
something that she had seen others do, something that drove her wild
with jealously. To suck Sports cock.

First came the little kisses upon the slimy short penis. The familiar
taste of her own juices and the salty sperm an elixir to her desire.
Then she was licking it, like a little girl would enjoy a Popsicle,
attempting to enjoy the flavour while getting the most out of it.
Just when the small cock began to jerk with a new life, she opened her
mouth and inhaled his sex. She moaned with delight, and knew that the
evening was young, as was this cock within her mouth, and she would
enjoy it fully.
Disabled Powers - Chapter XXII

by Caesar, c1994

School held few delights to the disabled young man. He attended
"normal" classes with others his own age, and often felt the looks and
heard the words of his weakness. The wheelchair. Claudia accompanied
him about school as he finalized his class schedule and did the usual
paperwork. Yet she could not attend his classes, being a grade
beneath him. So the young man was left to his own devices.

Twice he maliciously attacked someone, with his mind, for snide
remarks. The first my letting his sweat pants suddenly drop and
expose his jockey shorts in a busy hallway. The next, by lighting a
guys light jacket on fire, which was quickly put out.

The final class of the day, was pleasant surprise to him, the teacher
who was suppose to be instructing was replaced by a youthful and
attractive woman by the name of Miss Weaver. The class was English
Literature, and the subject boring. Yet, just in those first minutes,
he knew that it would prove to be an interesting class.

Firstly he sent the seed of passion and desire into her mind, aimed
towards him. Then he actually simulated her sexually as well as
mentally. Several of the guys about him whispered about her pointing
nipples and constant leg crossing.

Miss Weaver could barely take her eyes off Sport, and when she did,
could feel a shiver of sexual passion run through her. At first she
passed it off as the late summer heat, then she honestly became
worried when she felt her panties almost dripping with her sexual
discharge, afraid that it would slide down her bare legs and be
visible to all her students. The moments were passing excruciatingly
slowly as she could not wait for the clock to announce the end of the

Sport browsed her thoughts and memories, learning much about the woman
behind the name. For one, she had a long standing boyfriend whom she
lived with for the last two years. Another, was he was her first, she
had kept herself for marriage, but eventually her own desires and the
lengthy wait forced her actions and she succumbed to the throbbing
manhood of her boyfriend. Sport learned that she was a conservative
lover, that both she and her boyfriend only did it with him on top;
the missionary position. She thought of oral sex as disgusting, and
was ashamed of her own body. In fact she has only had an orgasm three
times in her life. Miss Weaver earnestly went to church, but hid her
sinful domestic life from everyone who knew her.

She was a wonderful creation of contrasts. Her beauty hidden behind a
bun in her hair and droopy drab clothing, yet take off the glasses and
give her the appropriate attire, she would look very desirable. If
not down right beautiful.

While the hour went slowly for Miss Weaver, it went incredibly fast
for Sport. The class bell startled him, and broke the link he had
with his instructors mind. "Bye Miss Weaver", he said as he rolled
himself out of the class. She could do nothing but watch him go,
ashamed of herself for her performance and lack of self control.

In the hallway, Traci met her young charge at his new locker. They
exchanged pleasantries and a chaste kiss while the youth collected his
things. Miss Weaver was walking down the hallway to the staff lounge,
and almost went the other way when she saw the young man; so unsure of
herself and her body that she didn't want to face the reasons that
Sport excited her so much. "Hello again Miss Weaver."

"Hi Sport", she looked up into the jealous eyes of a beautiful young woman who had her hand placed possessively upon the youth's shoulder,
and felt a strange jealously of her own.

"Would you like to come over for supper some evening?" It seemed an
innocent question, if not out of place.

Before even thinking about it she blurted, "I would love too!" She
was amazed at her own words yet asked, "When would be convenient?"

"This Saturday would be great." She nodded. "Bring a bikini, we have
a large swimming pool." She nodded again, but was wondering how she
could be so unconcerned about her boyfriend, whom she would not tell
about her dinner date, and why Sport had even asked her for supper.
Perhaps it was about English Literature?

Miss Weaver felt her knees grow weak and knew she had to leave or her
faculties would disintegrate while being about the young man. She
wondered if he knew the effect he had upon her, and wondered if that
was the reason for the invitation. Going to his home would be
unethically and would be looked down upon by her peers, but she was
determined to go.

"I...I have to go." She quickly turned and almost ran back to her
small cubby-hole of an office, then closed the door. Without control
she sat in her chair and placed both her knees on either arm rest, her
legs spread wide exposing herself under the conservative skirt.
Frantically she pulled aside her panties, suddenly hating the thing,
and began to manipulate her wet cunt. Even by herself she talked to
herself, "fucking wet...wiggle it harder", and when her thoughts
imagined herself being Sport's ancient Roman slave, "...punish me
master...cum in my mouth...whip me..." Unexpectedly, Miss Weaver came
in a torrent of emotions and a gush of sexual liquid which coated her
hands and thighs.

The young school teacher was exhausted and just sat amazed at herself
while she recovered. Never had she don't such things, nor said those
words. And the thoughts that she fantasized about as she masturbated
were totally foreign to her, she never thought she had those desires.
A part of her was disgusted, another was still turned on. Her vagina was still tingling, so she cupped it with both hands and squeezed her
sex lovingly, hardly waiting for the weekend.
Disabled Powers - Chapter XXIII

by Caesar, c1994

It seemed that the constant intrusion into his neighbours sex life had
caused a change in the house. Sport did a casual "check" of the house
and discovered that Bill enjoyed his daughter much more than his aging
wife. That his bed was usually occupied by Claudia and not Jenny,
while the latter was lowered to a role of subservient.

Bill blamed his wife for the incestuous relationship she had enjoyed
for some time with the pretty young girl, and even blamed her for his
own initial reactions to seeing them in a sexual embrace. The only
time he payed his wife any attention was when something was wrong with
the house, or when he wanted to enjoy the two women at the same time.
While Claudia took it all in step and enjoyed it as she always had, in
her mindless way. Jenny took it hardest. She also blamed herself for
her own sexual relationship with her daughter, but didn't think the
punishment was right. She slept on th couch, not even the spare bed
was made available to her, she was told to dress in clothes that fit
her actions, so went about the house dressed like a hooker or slut.
She had to do whatever either of her family told her to do, though
Claudia took it all as a joke and never did anything malicious. She
didn't go out with her husband any longer, and he would yell and a few
times hit her for indiscretions. It was a life and husband she was
unfamiliar, gone was the "normal" family.

Sport was not amused after reading these and other thoughts in his
neighbours, though didn't make a connection to the way he was acting
with his own household. Sport made a call one night and using his
powers, convinced Bill that his wife Jenny could be used over at his
house also. So Jenny was made available, and was required attend
Sport and his wishes, which usually included having sex with the other
women of the household or giving the youth oral sex.

Traci was the only one Sport had sex with, which he did nightly since
that first night. He was infatuated with his nurse, she was
attractive and experienced. She spent most of her time with Sport's
sexual enjoyment. During the day, she would ask one of the other
women of the household to treat the "master" to oral sex. Or she
would pick two women and have them put a show on, while she stimulated
her young charge with her mouth or cunt as he watched. Nothing was
forbidden, his desires were paramount.

As soon as she arrived, Jenny was the new favourite of the household
staff. Often picked to put a show on with another woman, or used by
Sport to release his own tension. It was common knowledge that she
was over here because of her incestuous affair with her own flesh and
blood, and that her husband was now the keeper of that same flesh.
Sport "viewed" the minds, and manipulated them, until the domestic
staff look malicious pleasure in seeing a woman whom "had fallen".
Jenny's desire was not important, but she would often be required to
service the cook or maid at their call.



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