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Archived Sex Stories

Discovered Pt2


The story below is written with the intention of putting my fantasy down on
paper (symbolic) and allowing others to enjoy it as much as I do. There
are some conditions that must be met first though:

a. You must be of legal age in which ever state, county, country or
universe that you reside in.

b. If you find graphic sex and detailed descriptions of sexual acts
offensive, stop now. c. If you enjoy this type of story or like what you
have read then keep an eye out for more.

d. If you have comments or suggestions for future stories let me know,
I'm open to ideas.

You can contact me at

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read the stories that I
post. You readers are the reason that we writers exist.

Discovered Part 2

David opened his eye's as he felt a soft set of lips press against his.
Fawn's face was just above his and she had a look of adoration but it also
held some hint of fear.

"Morning big brother," she whispered, "How was your sleep?"

Smiling, David whispered back, "after that fantastic discovery and
sample last night I flat out died as soon as I hit the bed. I do hope that
what happen between us was just a sample?"

Fawn's face lite up and positively glowed when she heard that question.
Her lip's clamped down on David's mouth, her tongue darting in deep and
fast. He responded in kind and suddenly found Fawn's body laying atop his.
As she broke the kiss she quickly whispered back to him, "oh yes, that was
only a little taste of what I have in store for you. But I have a feeling
that mom and Dad are going to become a part of our sexual activities too.
Have you decided to join them? I have. I can't wait to see what Dad is
like when he get's hot. I know your cock is lusting after mom so, what do
you say?

David's grin become a smile as he thought of having his fantasy come
true, his hands slipped around Fawns and caressed her bare butt. He looked
at her as he realized she had only a robe on and nothing underneath. Her
eyes were starting to glaze over with lust as she felt his hands massage
and caressing her bare skin. She spread her legs as she reached behind her
and pushed his hand down between the spread thighs. His fingers softly
began to stroke the silky hair he found there as he answered her question.

"You know that I was ready to say yes last night Fawn. Yes, I do still
have that fantasy that you uncovered. But I also found a new fantasy last
night and have it right here in my hand again. So just save some for me
and I promise to save some for you. I love what you showed me last night
and think that I want that just as much as I want Mom."

"Oh David!" Fawn exclaimed. "You are the best brother in the world, you
know just what to say to me to make me want you too. Now that your awake
and know what awaits you lets get up and let mom and dad know what we are
going to do."

"Damn, I was hoping for just a little taste of you before we got out of
bed here fawn." David said.

Fawn grinned at David, "We are home all day long and we're going to have
plenty of time to get really fired up. We won't be with mom and Dad until
tonight, so we have plenty of time to help each other put out any little
fires that might get started."

"Okay dear sister, but remember that later on when I corner you." David

Shawn and Kelly were in the kitchen when David and his sister got there.
Both mom and Dad looked up as they entered, "Morning sleepy heads," their
Mom said.

"Mom, Dad, both Fawn and I have decided we want to be a part of the
family we talked about last night. We were ready to join last night but
you wanted us to wait and think it over. We both have done as you asked
and are eager to join." David quickly said.

Shawn looked at his wife and grinned. "Looks like this weekend is going
to be very busy, and a lot of people are going to have their fantasy's
fulfilled. I have to go over to the to the warehouse and take care of some
business this morning, but I'll be back around three this afternoon. We
can make our plans for this evening then. How's that sound to every one?"

Both kids told him that it sounded fine, Kelly looked at him for a
minute and then she grinned and told him that would work out just perfect.

After their Dad left and the breakfast dishes were done, David went and
began his yard work. Fawn was her mother with the housework. By the time
that David had finished the yard work and put up the tools he was soaked
with sweat. He looked around to make sure that all of the work was done
before he headed into the house for a shower. Walking into the kitchen he
grabbed a cold drink from the fridge, as he walked into the living room, he
started to watch his mother as she cleaned.

"Mom," David yelled over the vacuum cleaner noise, "I'm going to take a
shower and change."

Switching off the vacuum sweeper, Kelly asked him, "do you mind using
the shower in the master bedroom? I want to get the main bathroom finished
up before anyone uses it again."

"Sure, I don't mind, in fact I like that shower in your room better
because it's bigger." David replied.

David finished drying himself off and wrapped the towel around his
waist. Walking out of the bathroom and through his parents bedroom toward
his room and his clothes. He suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap themselves
around him, a set of soft lips attached themselves to his neck. The hands
began to caress and massage his chest and stomach. A tongue slipped
through the lips and was leaving a damp trail across the back of his neck
and shoulders. Suddenly his towel was gone and he was spun around. Kelly
quickly planted her lips against David's and slid her tongue deep into his
mouth. David responded with sudden passion as his hands were placed onto
his mother's ass cheeks. Her kisses were getting hotter and hotter as she
rubbed her body up against his.

She broke the kiss and looked at David for a minute. "Well David,
you've watched me and wanted this body for some time. Are you ready to
have it?"

David was shaking, he wondered how his mother knew what he had been
doing these last two years. He looked down and realized that his cock was
as hard as a rock. It was harder then he could ever remember it being and
it actually hurt. "Yes, mom," he managed to say finally, "oh god, yes!"

Keeping her eye's glued to David's face she began to remove her clothes,
as she slipped her dress off over her head she was rewarded with a quick
intake of breath from David. When the dress was off and she had stepped
out of her panties, she lowered herself to her knee's, wrapping her arms
around David's hips she cupped his ass cheeks with her hands. Kelly began
kissing and licking the damp smooth skin of her son's thighs. Using her
hands on his ass, she spread his legs so she could gain access to his inner
thighs which is where her tongue and lips headed. She then slowly began
pushing him back until he was at the edge of the bed. She released his ass
long enough to push on his chest so he fell back on the bed. Her hands
quickly grabbed his legs and spread them. Her mouth began to work on the
inner thighs again. Her fingers softly combing his silky fine hair around
his cock.

David lay on the bed, his eyes closed as he let the sensual feelings
flow through him. His mom's tongue was now lapping up and down his shaft.
It stopped just below the crown and reversed directions, it was starting to
send him up a wall. Her fingers softly scratched his balls as her mouth
suddenly enveloped the head of his cock. "OH, my god!!" David exclaimed as
his back arched up from the sensation. Slowly his shaft was sliding into
that soft wet mouth, he felt her tongue along the bottom of his shaft as it
slipped further in. He opened his eyes and watched as his mother's head
bobbed up and down on his shaft.

"Mom, please, move up here so I can give you the same!" He asked her

"Oh, does David want to eat Mommy? She teased him.

"David wants to eat mommy until she can't walk!" David shot back.

Kelly moved around until she straddled David"s head, she slowly lowered
her dripping wet cunt down to his waiting lips. Suddenly she felt his
stiff tongue plunge quickly through the protective lips and dive deep into
her waiting hole. "Ahhhh yes, oh, yess!" she moaned as his tongue twisted
and sucked around her pulsating hole. Kelly leaned forward and took
David's cock in her mouth, as she slid the had cock deeper in she moved her
body forward so her tits and especially her nipples rubbed against David's
chest and stomach. She was finding it hard to concentrate on his cock, her
pussy was on fire and it was getting hotter then she ever thought possible.
Her son's tongue was creating levels of pleasure she never dreamed existed
before. She felt his tongue go into her cunt deeper than she believed
possible, it had to be at least six inch's inside of her. Then the tip
twisted and licked along the inside like a living cock. She was shaking
and trembling from the sensations that were shooting through her body.

"OHHHHH, OHHHHH, OHHHHHHHHH," Kelly yelled, the tongue now slid down
across her clit and slipped inside of her cunt. Then it began to slide in
and out, the base of the tongue was still laying across her clit and as the
tip moved in and out, the base rubbed up and down.

David's mouth was all over his mother's pussy, she had her legs as far
apart as she could get them, her hips were pressing down against his face
as she tried to drive her soaked cunt further down on his tongue. Her
yells, and moans only drove David's desire to make her cum higher. His
hands had found her nipples and was gentle tugging on them as they rolled
between his fingers. She no longer sucked on his cock. Her face was
buried between his legs but her mouth was sucking in air as she gasped and
moaned from the new sensations her body was feeling.

David quickly slipped his tongue out of her hole, it now lay cupped
around her engorged clit. He had slipped two fingers deep inside of her as
his tongue pulled out. Now as his fingers plunged in and out of her
pulsating pussy, his tongue massaged her clit. David felt her starting to
stiffen up and shake as she began to peak, moving his tongue back into his
mouth, his lips quickly sucked up her bare clit, his tongue tip now
massaged it as his shaking head vibrated it around.

That was the final straw for Kelly.


Her legs slammed shut around David's head as her hips jerked and then
stiffened. His face was suddenly drenched as his mother's cunt squirted
hot wet liquid on his mouth and chin. Each hip jerk sent a hot jet of
liquid. As the spasm slowed and Kelly relaxed her legs, David slipped his
magic tongue back down into her pussy, licking and sucking the moisture
from her clit. Each lick caused her stiffen and shake as the waves of
pleasure still managed to roll through her anew.

"My god David," she finally managed to say, "Honey we have to wait until
tonight to finish this, I promised your father that I would only let you
get a taste. Damn if it wasn't me that got a taste. How did you manage to
get your tongue that deep and that talented?"

David looked at her with a lecherous grin,"remember that accident that I
had last year where I bit my tongue? Well, when I finally healed I found
out that I had clipped off something that normally kept my tongue from
being swallowed. It also kept it from sticking out to far. What I mean is
I can stick my tongue out as far as seven inches. But please that is our
secret mom? Please?"

"Honey, I won't tell anyone, but you are going to find out that you
won't be getting any rest when the other women of the family find out. My
god, son, you made me cum like there was no tomorrow. I must have blasted
a gallon off juice out when I finally got off. Even your dad has never
made me do that. But don't you repeat that either. Okay?

"Alright mom. Your secret is my secret." David quickly agreed.

"Now you lay back and enjoy what is going to happen," his mom told him.

David felt his cock being enclosed by a wet soft mouth. The tongue was
stroking the head of his cock. He felt a warm hand wrap around his shaft
below the mouth and begin to slowly stroke up and down. As he enjoyed the
sensation and felt the pressure begin to build he felt his mother's other
hand start to cup his balls. Suddenly he felt vibrations around his balls
and it quickly started to hasten the build up. As the vibrations around
his scrotum increased in intensity so do his pleasure. Now the vibrations
were on his shaft as well as his balls. With the mouth sucking on his cock
head and the intense vibration down his shaft and around his balls he
suddenly arched his back as his cock fired spurt after spurt of hot cum into his mom's mouth. She was greedily sucking out every drop as it fired
out of the tip. As his climax slowly faded his mother leaned down and
softly kissed his lips. She leaned down by his ear and softly whispered.

"Tonight you will be fucked until you can't walk. I will have you at
least twice, and then you will sleep with me for the remain night. We will
play and tease all during the rest of the time as long as we are the only
one's around. When Jennifer is around it is family as normal okay? Do you

"Yes, that I do understand and fully agree to." David said.

"Okay honey, now you go on and relax a little while I take my shower.
She took off the hand vibrators that she had used on me and walked towards
the bathroom. David watched her as she moved, his eyes devouring her form.
He got up from the bed as he heard the shower start and began to walk
towards his room. As he neared the door he heard his mother calling,
"Would you be so kind as to help me wash my back David?" she asked him,
"and I do mean just help me wash." David hurried into the bathroom.

David was laying on his bed when Fawn suddenly walked in and quickly
shut the door. She had a big grin on her face and her eyes glowed. David
smiled at her, "Well I see you and Dad had a session too."

Fawn looked at him and then laughed,"Mom and you?"

"Yep, she and I had a tongue to tongue talk. I'm hornier now then I was
before. How about you?"

"If tonight wasn't planned I would be sitting on your cock, letting my
wet cunt suck it dry big brother!" she quickly exclaimed. "Now tell me
what happened between you and mom. Don't leave anything out either."

David told her every thing that had happened. As he talked Fawn had
slipped her hand between her legs and was busy rubbing away through out the

"Oh god, I'm so damn hot and wet now David! Stay right here until I get
back!" she whispered as she ran out my door.

She was quickly back in his room, where she hopped on his bed beside
him. She laid back with her head in David's lap. Raising her skirt she
pushed his hand down between her spread legs. "Please finger me while I
use this vibrator on my clit big brother. I just have to cum now or I am
going to have to fuck you silly now. Then mom would kill both of us for
not waiting." Fawn said

David slipped two fingers inside her saturated pussy and began a steady
slow stroke. She began rubbing her clit with the tip of the small vibrator
as she began to tell David what had happen to her.

"I was helping mom with the cleaning and you started to put up the
tools. mom told me to go down stairs and see if Dad was finished with his
work yet. So I walked down stairs and opened up the door to his shop.
Well he was sitting there on the couch watching a video, he told me to come
on in and sit down beside him for a minute. The video was of mom and him
and she was laying on the dining room table. Her legs spread wide while
Dad ate her pussy. God, I went instant hot! Mom's pussy was so wet and
swollen from his tongue. She was telling yelling for him to stop playing
around and stuff her cunt with his hard cock. She wanted to be fucked good
and hard now!. Oh David my cunt was dripping wet just in a few minutes.
Dad was slowly stroking his had on as he watched her. Of course my hand
was buried finger deep in my own cunt and when Dad asked me if I wanted
some relief I just about came right then and there."

Fawn body was jerking and trembling from my fingers and her vibrator as
she continued to talk.

"Well he had me lay back on the couch, he spread my knee's apart and
buried his face in my panties, pushing his tongue against the material and
forcing it down between by pussy lips. As he licked the material it rubbed
my clit and set my ass to shaking with pleasure. He worked my panties down
to my thighs, then pushed my legs up and plunged his tongue straight into
my wet hole. I came hard, I shot juice out of my cunt David! Oh my GOD!!
I'M CUMMINGG!!!" she screamed in to my lap.

When she had regained enough control to talk again she finished up her
story. "Don't stop now David, I love to fell your fingers stroking my wet
pussy after I have come. It makes the feeling last longer. When I came I
figured Dad would quit but no, he lapped up everything my pussy shot out
and then began to suck my clit as his fingers slipped down inside my hole.
God I was in heaven! He fingered and licked my cunt from top to bottom.
His mouth sucked and tickled my swollen clit until I cam again!!. After
the second blast he asked if I needed some more relaxing or did I think I
could make it till tonight. Oh god David I can't wait until tonight.
Thank you David for help me out here in my need. I promise to make it up
to you later this week. I think this weekend is going to be taking up with
the four of us together."

David eased his hand out from between her legs and kissed her quickly.
"Your welcome sis, anytime I can help you out just let me know!" he said to

After Fawn left his room David decided that he was going to wait until
just Fawn and him were together to give her a demonstration of his very
unusual tongue. He chuckled softly to himself as he imagined what her
reactions would be when he introduced her to his tongue.

David was dressed and ready at six o'clock, he was standing with his
father when the girls came down. Both Fawn and her mother were dressed
identical. There dresses were dark blue that stopped at mid thigh. The
dress buttoned down the center from top to bottom, and was cut just low
enough to display cleavage, and let them know they wore no bra. Heels and
nylons finished the look off nicely.

After the meal they returned home and all went downstairs to the
guestroom that was normally locked except when his parents had people
staying over. It was now obvious why this room was for their special
guests. A massive bed sat in the center of the room, there were lights all
directed at it and several mirrors around the room. Along one wall was a
big screen tv with several shelves of VCR tapes. David noticed several VCR
cameras and 35mm cameras. As he continued to look he realized that this
room was set up for filming and photography sessions.

David's dad smiled at him and shook his head, "Yes, your correct. We
like to film ourselves and other guests that stay over in action. Those
VCR films on the shelves are filled with all your different relatives, from
grandparents to cousins and nieces, from both sides of the family. We are
going to film this evening also, we have the cameras already mounted and
they will start running as soon as I turn them on. We don't want to mess
with them so they are already preset for angle and lighting. Now how about
some music and a little slow dancing sound to you folks?"

Shawn walked over and threw some switches and pushed some buttons. The
soft sounds of slow music filled the air as the lights dimmed with the
exception of the spots over the bed and around the two couches. mom reached over and pulled David up against her, his arms wrapped around her
as they started to slow dance. Kelly laid her head on David's shoulder and
whispered into his ear. "David please do me a favor and hold your magic
tongue back when we are together like this. I don't want to let anyone
else know about it yet. I am afraid that I would not be able to share you
with your sister if you did what you did to me earlier today, Okay?"

"Sure mom, I understand and agree. I think that using that special
ability will remain only when I am ne on one with others." he answered.

David felt his cock rising up as he felt the thick hair of his mom's
pussy rubbing against him as they danced. She smiled at him and pressed
herself harder. She kissed him hard and deep as she slowly began to grind
her pussy against him. His hands began to unbutton her dress as she undid
his shirt. She flipped the shirt back as her dress opened enough to let
her bare tits press against his chest.

Kelly pushed him back onto a couch, she quickly raised her dress just
high enough to straddle his lap and lock her lips against his. David"s
hands were cupping her firm breasts as the fingers flicked across her
growing nipples. Kelly gasped and broke the kiss, this allowed David to
lick her soft skin from her neck down to the nipple. sucking the nipple
quickly and deeply into his mouth he let his tongue flick and roll over the
rigid point. Kelly had her head back and was pushing her tit harder
against his face as he went from one nipple to the other and back. His
fingers tugged and rolled the free nipple between them as felt his mother softly moaning. "Oh yes, yes, suck them harder, yes just like that ohhh!"

Kelly pushed David's hands down and under her dress. He quickly
discovered that the nylons were held by a garter belt and there was no
panties. His hand felt the mass of soft curly hair that covered her pussy.
The damp heat was already there as his hand cupped her pussy into it's palm
and slowly rubbed the lips up and down. Kelly bent back down and kissed
David with such passion that he felt like she was burning him alive. She
suddenly stood up and pushed him down so he was laying on the couch, she
then straddled his face and lowered her sweet wet cunt down to his waiting
mouth. She pulled her skirt up so she could watch as he licked and sucked her pussy like their was no tomorrow.

"Oh my god that fells so fucking good!!!" she groaned as David's tongue
slithered down the wet slit and across her swelling clit. She jumped as
his tongue began to rub the stiff wet clit up and down.

"Oh yessssss, don't stopppp, ohhhhh!!" Kelly hissed as the pleasure she
felt swept through her legs and stomach. Her nipples were getting bigger
as she felt his fingers begin to slip into her soaked cunt. She couldn't
help her self, ever time she thought of his tongue sinking deep inside of
her pussy this afternoon she immediately soaked herself. Her hips jerked
as she felt a quick peak hit her and quickly run through her body. David's
lips were now wrapped around her sensitive clit, he was suck it in and out
between his lips and running his tongue over the top of it. She loved the
feelings that swept through her body time after time from his attention to
her cunt. She bent down and unzipped David's pants and released his rock
hard cock.

David felt his mom's mouth close around the head of his cock and jerked
from the sensation. Her tongue was licking at the tip as she sucked up his
precum. Slowly he felt her mouth suck the shaft further in as she slowly
deep throated his cock. David was afraid that he might not be able to hold
back much longer if Kelly kept this up. Kelly released hiss cock and
pushed her hips down as she suddenly and with out warning climaxed.

My GOD, I'MM CUMINGGGGG!!!" She yelled. Her pussy was grinding down on
David's face as his fingers flew in and out of her cunt. He had her slit
between his lips and was sucking it as he shook his head from side to side.
" 'Oh, godddd, I'm CUMMINGGGG AGINNNNNN!!!" She screamed as a much
stronger climax jerked her whole body tight then released it quickly. She
lay on David panting and wondering what had happened. She began thinking
about David and she wondered just how much more she could handle.

David softly licked at his mothers pussy as she lay there, his tongue
softly stroking the inner swollen lips, then gently flicking across her
engorged clit. He enjoyed her soft groans and the shudders that ran
through her body at each contact.

Kelly took her son's hard cock in her hands and guided it into her
mouth. She pulled her pussy away from David's mouth and concentrated on his
shaft. Her fingers began to scratch his scrotum, her mouth was now down to
the bottom of his shaft and she was moving her head up and down causing
David to start bucking and groaning.

"Oh god mom, you make my cock feel so hard. Oh Jesus I can't hold back
much longer!!" David moaned out.

Kelly's mouth was really working his cock over now. She wrapped her
lips around the head and started to suck as her hands stroked his shaft.
David was starting to jerk as she felt his balls swell with hot cum. Her
hand cupped his balls, her fingers lightly scratching the soft skin and

"MOM, OH GOD, MOM, I'M CUMMMINGGGG!!!!" David yelled as his cock spurted
jet after jet of hot cum deep into his mom's sucking mouth.

Kelly sucked and sucked until she knew that she had gotten every drop of
her son's hot cum, she swallowed the mass as she removed her mouth. She
then licked his shaft clean from top to bottom and then all around the
swollen head. Kelly stood up and pulled David into a siting position and
sat beside him.

Looking over at Fawn and her Dad, David watched as his sister sucked Shawn's hard cock. Kelly grinned at David and stood up. She walked over
to Fawn and whispered in her ear. Fawn stood up by her mother, Kelly
turned Fawn around and helped her straddle her dad, her back to him. Kelly
grabbed her husbands cock and positioned at the entrance to her daughters
hungry cunt. David watched as his sister slowly eased herself down on to
her fathers hard shaft. David felt his cock start to harden again as he
watched his sister's cunt slowly take more and more of her dad's nine
inches into her soaked pussy. As soon as Shawn's cock was completely
inside of his daughter's pussy, Kelly knelt in front of her daughter and
began to lick and suck on her clit.

David watched in fascination as Fawn begin to grind her hips up and down
on her fathers cock, his mom was on all fours sucking away at her daughters
wet cunt as she fingered her own cunt. David slipped down behind his
mother, with his cock in hand he inserted the head in between her swollen
pussy lips. Kelly reached her hand through her legs and wrapped her hand
around his cock and took control. Kelly guided his hard shaft into the
opening of her pussy and then lunged backwards hard and fast. David gasped
as his cock jerked forward into his mother's wet cunt.

"Oh my god!" he moaned as he felt her pussy start to milk his dick.

"Oh yes, David, fill my hot pussy. Fuck your mother hard and fast
honey! My pussy needs that hard dick filling it all the way up!" Kelly
gasped out"

David pumped his dick in and out of his mother as he watched her sucking on her daughter's swollen clit. He looked up at his dad, Shawn's face was
had a grin as he watched his wife being fucked by her son. His own cock
was being ridden by his daughter.

"Oh God Kelly, your tongue on my balls is driving me crazy! We ad
better slow down or were going to run out of steam to quick!" David's dad

David let his cock pop out of Kelly's wet cunt and moved back, Fawn
slipped off of her father's pulsating cock and bent forward to give her
mother a kiss, licking off some of her own pussy juice at the same time.
Kelly stood up and kissed her daughter deeply, her tongue probing deep into
Fawn's mouth. Fawn reached down and slipped her hand under her mother's
skirt. Kelly spread her legs wider so Fawn could slip a finger inside of
her hungry twat. As Fawn finger fucked her mother Shawn reached up and
began to finger Fawns dripping cunt from behind.

David sat and watched his mother and sister as they kissed. His cock
was in his hand and he stroked it slowly savoring the scene before him. He
ladies both had the top of their dresses open and their tits were hanging
out. Fawn was pumping her finger in and out of her mother as fast as she
could. Kelly was squirming and moaning into Fawns mouth as she kissed her.

Breaking the kiss, Kelly told Fawn to finish what she was doing to her
father before she was interrupted. Fawn quickly knelt down and started to
suck on her fathers glistening shaft, she licked off all of her own pussy juice and then began to suck on the large purple knob. Her father moaned
his pleasure as her tongue danced around the soft sensitive areas. David
suddenly felt another hand wrap around his shaft as his mother gentle
pushed him back down on the couch. She stroked his shaft as they sat
watching Fawn suck Shawn's cock dry. Fawn had wrapped her hand around
Shawn's thick shaft and as he came she stroked out his cum down to the last

Fawn stood up and sat down in her fathers lap, she kissed him and sighed
with pleasure. Kelly moved over and kissed her daughter. She motioned for
me to go over to the bed, I lay down on the bed as the rest of the family moved over to it. Fawn looked at me with a gleam in her eyes, she crawled
up on the bed, she then crawled on all fours until she was directly over
me. Her head was above my lap, she then got her feet under her and leaned
back so her wet pussy was directly over me. Naturally my tongue and mouth
locked on to her. I love the sound a woman makes when you slip a tongue
into their hot cunt. She gasped as the tip of my tongue slithered around
her tight little hole. It was stretched somewhat from having Dad's cock
buried in. I could taste all of the juices from mom's kisses to dads
precum mixed with Fawn's own liquid. I lapped it up, tickling her clit and
plunging just the tip into her hole. Fawn was squirming around as she had
her cunt cleaned out. Her gasps and moans drove me own to higher passion.
Then half way through a lick and a suck I felt mom move herself over me and
then slip my cock into her sucking wet cunt. She moaned as she felt my
thick cock hit bottom, she began to pump her hips up and down my shaft
while I was eating out Fawn. I looked up from between Fawn's legs and saw
that Mom's nipples were swollen way out. They must have extended about one
and half inches out and were thick. Fawn had one in her lips and was
tugging away on it. mom suddenly slipped off my cock and leaned forward,
my cock was still buried in between her pussy lips and her clit was almost
at the base of hy cock. I looked up and watched as she raised her hips far
enough for Dad to slip his thick hard shaft deep into mom's pussy. She
then lowered her self back down. As dad pumped his cock in and out of mom the motion caused her clit and cunt to slide up and down my shaft.

"Oh god Shawn!" she yelped, "Fuck me hard, slam that cock deeper.!!"

I started to lick and suck sis's clit as I slipped a middle finger into
her hole and massaged the roof of her cunt. She was now jerking her hips
up and down in time with my finger. I felt mom suddenly shift again and
her tongue give my shaft a quick lick as she moved off of me. Dad had
already pulled out of her and was moving around the bed. Fawn lifted
herself off of me and backed up to the edge of the

bed. She leaned forward and reached between her legs. "Daddy, please,
I need that hard cock now! Please my cunt is hot and wet and it needs a
good fucking from you!!"

mom motioned for me to get off the bed so she could lay down on it. She
lay on her back with her ass on the edge, she pulled her legs up and looked
at me.

"David your mother needs her pussy fucked now and don't stop till you
fill it full of hot cum!" she told me. David obeyed his mom and placed his
throbbing shaft at the opening of her cunt and pushed it in to the balls.

"Oh god, yes, Fuck me and fuck me hard! oYes fuck me till I can't take
it anymore then fuck me again David. mommy needs her son to fuck her good!
Kelly yelped at him.

Fawn moved until she was over her mother, she then locked her mouth onto
a nipple and began to tug and suck hard on it. Shawn Grabbed his cock and
slowly eased into his daughters dripping cunt.

"OHHHH YES DADDY! Fawn moaned between her lips, "Fuck me good, I need
it now!" Fuck me deep and hard please!!"

I watched dad as he pumped his cock in and out of Fawns cunt, I could
feel mom's cunt getting wetter and wetter as she was pumped by my cock.
Mom had started to suck on Fawn's tits, her finger slipped down between her
legs and rubbed he swollen clit as I continued to fill and empty her sweet

"Oh God, I'M cuMMMMINNG" Dad yelled as he slammed his cock deep into
Fawn's cunt and pulled her hips tight against him. His body jerking hard,
I watched Fawn's eyes as Dad filled her cunt with his hot cum. She
suddenly slammed back on him and released mom's nipple.

"Oh Daddy I'm cumminGGGGGGG TOO" she cried as her body stiffened and
twisted against him. She then collapsed on the bed, her cunt oozing out
with her own cum mixed in with dad's.

mom had watched this and it must have been all she needed because she
straightened her legs out on either side of David and then locked them
around him pulling him in hard. His cock buried deep inside of her as he
felt her cunt clamp down on his dick hard. David felt as if she was going
to rip it off, she was giving little jerks with her hips as she started to
peak. Her fingers were a blur over her clit and she suddenly arched her
back, her legs stiffened against me and she jerked hard as her climax swept
through her. David felt her squirt hot liquid out of her cunt from around
his shaft and down his balls.

Oh god, David Fuck me now, pound my cunt with that great big fuck
stick!! Fuck me, Oh Please Fuck me!! Yes that's it I'm cumminggGGGGG!!!"
she screamed as she went over the top.

The first jet of hot liquid her cunt sprayed on my balls did me in.

"I'm cuMMING NOWW!!! God I'M CumiGGGG!!" David screamed at her as his
hips went crazy,he had broken the grip of her legs and was pounding my
thick cock deep inside, she was trying to match my strokes, she was hanging
on and fucking me back hard and yelling at me not to stop.

They all lay on the bed Dad and David watched mom and Fawn as they
licked and sucked each others cunts clean. As they ate each other David
noticed the little shivers they had from the soft contact of each others
tongue and fingers. When they were satisfied that they had cleaned out as
much as possible they curled up between Shawn and David with a very
satisfied smile.

Shawn whispered something to Fawn and they got off the bed and headed
for the door, David's mom looked up at him and asked him if he was ready to
go take a shower and then get some rest before another round. David smiled
at her and giving her a kiss on both nipples, he asked her if she needed to
rest long.

This end's the second part of the story. If your still interested in it
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