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Discovering Karen (1st inc)



man I can't believe this! I want her so bad. She is so hot, those pert
little breasts. It's been quiet now for about an hour. Not so much as a
peep from there room. Rick was asleep, I can tell because he's snoring
like a cow. All the lights are off in the house. I've got my blanket all
rolled out on Rick's floor, I love spending the night as his house, his
cute little sister to look at, we could stay up as long as we wanted. Jody
and Karen where quiet now for what seemed like forever, I started to muster
up my courage, walked over to our bedroom door, slowly turned the handle
and opened the door ever so slow.

Yep, the hallway and living room are pitch black, PERFECT! I open the
door enough for me to squeeze out. I stood in the hall for a minute; I can
feel my heart pounding from the fear of being caught. I slowly put my ear
to Karen's door. I don't; hear a thing. I turn the doorknob so slowly
it's barely moving. I push the door open about an inch and peer in. It's
dark but my eyes are adjusting fast. I can see my sister Jody sleeping on
the floor by the foot of the bed. I can see a pile of blankets that must
be Karen. I don't see any movement or sound so I push the door open,
quickly slip inside. Close the door tro about an inch. Now I'm flat out
shaking. I am so afraid of being caught. I'm wearing just a t-shirt and
swim shorts (common for me) This would be really hard to explain if I get

I creep over to the bed and bend down all army crawl type of thing. I'm
at the head of the bead and can only see her face and part of her arm. My
heart is pounding. I'm looking very closely at the blankets trying to
figure out the best way to get a free feel. I see one fold of the blanket
that looks good to pull back. I grab the corner of the warm blanket and
slowly pull it back, maybe an inch per 30 seconds; I am going so slowly. I
don't want to wake her or my sister up for anything! I pull it back about
a full foot. I can now see her chest and arms. She is wearing a black
tank top. I lean closer to see the two mounds closer, ohhh she smells sooo
good. I move my nose close to her chest and take a deep breath. ohh the
smell of this 15-year-old girl is so good. My member is starting to get
hard just looking at her and smelling her. I want to feel those soft
mounds so bad but I don't want to wake her up. I take one hand and hover
it over her right breast (closest to me) I can feel the heat of her chest
on my palm I'm so close. Slowly and as light as a feather I lay my hand on
her firm little breast. Oh it feels like heaven, just like the pictures!
it fills up just about my whole hand. It is warm and fairly firm. She's
not wearing any bra! I can feel her little nipple! It's my first nipple!
I can feel it getting hard between my middle finger and ring finger and I
rub it so lightly over her shirt.

My member is at a complete erection so I am slowly masturbating myself
with my other hand as I fondle her wonderful warm boob. Now my hormones
are a raging. I've got to be quiet. I don't want to wake them up, but
feeling this wonderful heaven makes me want more. I reach over and feel
her other breast Ohh I can feel her nipples! They feel like tiny little
nubs.. She is so warm and I am so close to her I can smell her. She
smells so sweet it makes my heart pump faster. I am so excited as I wack
off feeling her perky little firm breasts. I want more, I slid my hand
down under the blanket , across her tight little tummy, My fingers gently
feeling for the bottom of her shirt. My finger s finds it after only a few
seconds of searching cautiously. My heart is pounding, my hand is so warm
under the covers, barely touching her chest and tummy, as I slowly pull the
front of the shirt up,

SHE MOVES! Ahhhh! I slip my hand outta there in like 1/10 of a second
as quiet at a mouse and ducked down to the floor. I can hear her move
slightly. I just lay here crouched on the floor for a minute. It seems
like 1/2 hour but I'm sure it's only been 5 minutes at the most. I haven't
heard a sound since her movement. I creep back up, She moved so she is now
flat on her back, ( perfect! ) I reach my hand back into the warmth, her
shirt is still pulled up the where I pulled it. I pull a little further. I
feel a soft warm feeling on the back of my fingers as I pull back, It's one
of her breasts, in the flesh! I'm now lightly rubbing my hand (the back of
it) on one of her soft warm breasts. It's making me hard again, it feels
better than I imagined! Ok now here comes the tuff part, I raise up my
other hand that was on me. I slid it down the blanket and up her shirt.
My hand in now inside her shirt up to the elbow. I can feel her warmth, I
slowly and gently lay my arm down on her and my hand on her wonderful
little breast. It's just about a handful, and feels softer at the tip.
The nipple feels so good, about the size of a quarter. .. oh this is
making me hot. My other arm that was holding the shirt has made it's way
to my raging member. By now I am so hot , I sit here on my knees feeling
her warm firm little perfect breast , masturbating like mad, I think I'm
going to cum,,,

I can see her face in the light from the window. She is so beautiful.
Her blonde hair frames her cute little face so well. I stop. I don't want
to leave a mess on the floor.. I pull my hand of her warm little mound. I
move my hand down, I pass her warm little tummy. I feel her navel go by my
thumb. My fingers trace along and feel she is wearing tight biking shorts.
I rest my hand down on her body. So warm. My hand lays right on her
little pussy mound. This is the first time I have ever felt such goodness.
She has a firm little mound , I feel around and pinch her lips lightly, I
am so turned on I am stoking still like mad, stopping when I think I'm
going to cum. I pull my hand back sum to the waistband of her tight little
shorts. I slid my fingers under the shorts, her warm skin on my hand about
sends me over the edge. She is so soft and so warm. She smells so sweet.
I creep my fingers down further, my fingers run into the soft edge of her
panties. The though of touching her panties is killing me. I reach
further. My hand is pressed against her firm little belly reaching for her
forbidden area. My fingertips slip under the warm material. I can feel a
small patch of light hair. It feels silky soft. Her little mound is warm
as I hungrily push my fingers down her panties. I can feel her two lips
now. It feels warm and slightly damp. I can feel a slit of moisture down
the middle of her lips. I am stroking my member pretty hard now.. I'm
slow working my middle finger into her warm fold. I've gotten my middle
finger wet enough to slip between her warm lips.

Suddenly she lets out a little moan, I stop dead in my tracks. if I
pull out she may wake up! She moves just a little opening one leg a little
further but not much. My finger sits resting between her wet lips while my
hardon begs for attention. I start slowly working my finger again.
Suddenly she turns her head, opens her eyes and shakes her head at me with
one finger to her lips! Ahhhhhhhh I 'm caught! I just know she's going to
tell her mom! She grabs my hand that is in her shorts with her other hand.
I freeze. She whispers is a super quite whisper that she liked it but
wanted to feel me! I was shocked to say the least. I was completely
without words. I could barely hear her over the sound of my heart pounding
the blood to my head. I was completely limp. She sat up in the bed, as
she did my hand slid out of its warm cave. She motions for me to lay back.
So I do. She crawled down onto the floor with me and she leans over and
tells me to lay on my back on the floor and pretend to be asleep. I comply
with fear of her telling on me. She pulles the blanket down onto the
floor, puts it over me and slides up next to me. I am trying my best to
pretent to be asleep. I am afraid , very afraid. I am so nervous. She
and I lay here for about 3-4 minutes before I finally start to calm down.
She could probly hear my heartbeat beating like a drum. I feel her hand
slid up and rest right on my shorts. Her hand is cupping my bulge. Her
hand is warm, I can feel her feeling around a bit with her fingers. She is
feeling around and agrabbed my member through my shorts, I quickly became
hard with her hand on me. She slides her hand up a little to my waistband.
My heart is racing, Her hand glides into my shorts and wrapps around my
member. Her fingers go around my circumsized cock.

She starts pulling the skin up and down so slowly. This feels so good.
She's going so slow I can feel the cum building up in my balls from this
wonderful torture. She moves her hands a little further down my pants to
find my testicles. She holds them and plays with them for a minute or two.
It feels so good to have this 15 year old feeling my nuts. Her hands are
so warm. She pulls back up and grabs my member. With her other hand, she
pulls down my pants. My member sprang out at her as she pulls my waistband
below my balls. Now she is moving closer to me putting her face closer to
see my young hardon. She is so close I can feel her breath on my sensitive
cock. She's rubbing it and playing with it is making me breath a little
harder. Suddenly I feel a wet warm sensation on the tip. Ohhh that feels
good. She is sucking on the tip of my hardon. Her hand is pumping slowly
as she sucks on the tip. I feel like I am leaking precum ito her mouth
just as she sucks on the tip.

I think I am about to come , she stops and moves up to my ear. She
wants me to touch her! She lays back, I pull up onto one elbow next to her
and slide my hand across her chest and feel her breast over her shirt. She
reaches up and grabs my hand and pulls it down to her young pussy area.
She whispers "That's where it feels good". I cant help it. I slip my hand
into her pants, under her panties and onto her soft little bush. I can
really feel the wetness now. My middle finger slides right into her warm
fold. I push my hand down as she spreads her legs a little wider. I feel
my finger reach her little opening, my finger is so slippery and warm. She
is holding onto and stroking my slowly as I slowly pressmy finger into her
hole. Finally I get my finger all the way to her little tight spot. She
is tight! My finger presses past the ring of muscle, she lets out a little
moan and bucks her hips just a little. The tip of my finger was in side
her tight little hole, her ring of tightness is wrapped around my finger
tightly. She is breathing as hard as I am now. I rub my finger in and out
slowly for a few minutes all the time, she gets wetter and a little looser,
now my finger can slide in and out with little resistance. She whispers
she wants more, I ask her if I can stick my hardon in her "to see what it
feels like" and she says yes but she's a virgin. I'm thinking that's ok
with me seems how I am too.

We pull down her shorts and panties and I pull mine down too, she is on
her back spreading her legs, I pull myself up and onto her. She holds my
hardon and aims me. I feel her rub the tip of my hardon on her warm
slippery lips. Feels like my head got wet. I lower myself onto her as she
aims me into her hole. She is tight! My member goes all the way to her
tight spot and stops. I do some little fast bumping , in and out motions
and worked my head past her ring of pressure. My cock is 1/2 way into her
warm little box. I think I am about to come again! We don't move for a
minute or two, she is breathing very heavy now. I slowly move my hips in
and out and she lets out another moan,

This time Jody wakes up and sits strait up! I dint have anytime to
react! I was on top of her best friend at god knows what time of the
night! We stopped! I rolled off and we sat up. Jody walked over to us and
was about to say something when Karen interrupted and told to not to tell
and that everything was ok. Jody looked puzzled. She is 2 years younger
than Karen, Karen made a comment that "when you get older , you'll like
boys too" Well, jody must have taken some offense to the comment because
she retorted back, that the does like boys! Karen then told her to prove
it. Jody looks puzzled. Karen told her to come over and lay on my other
side. She did so. I really didn't know what to expect next. Karens hand
had returned to my member and was getting me hard again. Karen told Jody
to do EXACTLY like her. She then leaned over pulled the blanket back and
kissed the head of my red hot cock. Jody hesitated for a minute and then
leaned over and gave my cock a quick peck. I was afraid, was this ok? I
was so turned on I didn't care. Karen then starts pumping on my shaft as
she sucks on the tip, She told jody something about sucking to get to cum moving... before I know it jody my little sister is sucking on my cock
stoking my balls and Karen is doing the same! I was going to come and I
told them that. Karen make jody stop instantly. Good thing she did, even
2 more seconds and it would have been an eruption. Karen told jody that I
had just taken her virginity, she was trying to convince Jody of doing the
same. Jody said she didn't want to because she didn't want to get
pregnant. I told her I'd pull out and that she too young to have children
anyways. ( I didn't know , I just wanted pussy)

Finnally after 10 minutes of negotiation she agreed. I am on my back.
She swings a leg over me and is now straddling me. She is wearing a long
t-shirt and panties. Her tiny little breasts push the shirt front out a
little. She pulls her panties to one side and lines up with me. Karen is
holding my cock and starts sliding my cock tip up and down her pink crack.
My cockhead gets slippers pretty quicky, Now Karen aims my cock at her
tight little hole. Jody slowly lowers herself onto me. I can feel my head
pressing against her tight ring. My cock pops past her little ring , she
lets out a little yelp and a sign. She is so tight, a lot tighter than
Karen , I reach my hand down and feel her little mound abouve my hardon, he
has very little hair covering her mound. Her lips feel a bit puffy, My
shaft is all wet, I barely noticed that Karen was fingering herself next to
me. I start to push my member into her a little deeper when all the sudden
I feel it, a warm rush, everything went black, I heaved my hips , shooting
my hot sticky cum into my little sisters virgin pussy, her puffly lips
wrapped around my slippery hardon. With each stroke her lips seem to suck
the sperm out, drop by drop. Jody now is rocking back and forth on my
member, my cum is leaking out the sides of her tight pussy, she leans back
and moans a long soft maon and then so does Karen , Karen is fingering
herself to orgasm watching me fuck jody! I feel karens hand reaching for
my member, her finger finds a drop of sperm and she flicks it up with her
finger and raises it to her mouth and eats it! I was so grossed out and
turned on I didn't know what to do, Karen says that she always wanted to
know what it tasted like.. and then slimes. Jody slows down after a
minute or so and then pulls up, causing me to slide out. My member is
already going limp. We all put our clothes on and promised each other like
100 times each not to tell anyone. (guess I screwed that up) I made my
sneaky return to ricks room and went to sleep with wonderful dreams. That
was the beginning of agreat relationship. More to cum!


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