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Disney Sex Slaves


Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just
wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff.
Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

By Phoenix Arrow -

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Revised 08/06/02


Disney Sex Slaves!

The "WHAT IF" stories
Welcome, please allow me to briefly explain how these story works.

There are four stories:

1) Aladdin (Jasmine)

2) Cinderella

3) The Little Mermaid (Ariel)

4) Beauty and the Beast (Belle)

Each story is based on a WHAT IF scenario. In the original cartoon movies, the main female character persevere against all odds and lives
"Happily Ever After". However, its usually because everything went right
for the girl. Well WHAT IF not everything went perfect. WHAT IF one
little thing went wrong and our little heroin didn't end up living "Happily
Ever After".


Aladdin (Mdom/F, F+/F, Humil)

WHAT IF Jasmin and Aladdin never meet? Would Aladdin still be able to
rescue the Princess before she is forced to marry the Evil Advisor Jafar
and prevent her from becoming his submissive wife?


Oh poor poor Aladdin. Fate wasn't kind to him, nor his possible bride
to be Princess Jasmine. You see in one world Aladdin found the princess
when she was attempting to walk amongst the common people. This is where
Aladdin befriended her and in turn she rescued him from the Sultan's guards
and spared him from prison.

Aladdin and the Princes fell in love and Aladdin soon fought off the
evil Jafar for the rights to the kingdom and the princess and they lived
Happily Ever After!

Unfortunately that was not to happen. In this world the Princess and
Aladdin never meet in that alley. The Princess walks down another street
and their fates never collide.

So when Aladdin gets caught by the guards, he is thrown into prison
where he is to rote for many many years.

Jasmin on the other hand fares no better. She eventually returns to the
palace where she is told of her father's plans to wed her to the cruel
Jafar. According to law, the man takes full possession of the kingdom when
he marries a princess.

She despises Jafar ever since she was a little girl and saw him selling
her mother to slavers. She tried telling her father but he never believed
his own trusted advisor would do such a thing. Jafar claims that she ran
off with a goat Herder. To this day the Queen has never been found.

But realizing that she must marry someone, she obeys her father and
marries a very happy Jafar. Despite her resistance, she eventually accepts
the role of the submissive Queen Jafar had envisioned.

To her ever disgust and humiliation, she devotes her existence to the
pleasure of her Sultan. She never wears cloths when they bed, regardless
of whether they have sex or not. The Sultan demands she allow full access
to her body whenever it whims him.

Jasmin will often fall asleep with a hand holding a breast and a cock in
her pussy. She must admit she gets jealous when the Sultan invites dozens
of the finest women to his infamous orgies and she is forced to watch.

And she still can't get used to the degrading sessions with the peasant
women. The Sultan gets a tremendous kick out of inviting peasant girls to
the Palace to have them dominate the queen. As the Sultan watches on, poor
Jasmine can't help but loose her dignity every time she sucks the dirty
cunt of one of her subjects while another whips her sore ass. Lets just
say the dungeon isn't just for prisoners any more.

But the Sultan is a giving Sultan. Never hesitating to keep the guards
happy with Jasmin's charms. Or helping to make a visiting Sultan or prince
feel at home in Jasmin's bed.

Sultan Jafar still rules with an iron fist, and all those who appose him
pay dearly. Those who aren't executed are sent to prison for a long time.
As part of their punishment, he likes to torment them by sending Jasmin,
naked, from cell to cell as the head guard pulls a chain connected to her

The men, some of whom haven't had sex in years go, crazy at the site of
her long hair, perfect breasts, smooth stomach, slender legs, tanned soft
skin, and tender pussy. But as they claw their hands at her from behind
the bars, the guard holds her chain just far enough away.

Yet in another cruel twist of fate, Jasmine is brought by the cell of
Aladdin. Inside she can see a worn man, his cloths long since tattered
away, lying naked in his own fecess. He looks up to see the naked Queen
and at once is aroused. His cock swelling for the first time in years.

Jasmine's eyes center on the large hardening manhood and feels her own
arousal growing. Aladdin stands and approaches the bars of the cell. She
looks into his eyes and senses that she may have once known this man,
possibly even been in love with him.

When she tried to move towards him, the guard held her chain firm. When
Aladdin reached out a hand to touch her, the cruel guard shoved Aladdin
hard through the bars and sent him falling back onto his own fecess again.
The last image Jasmin has of Aladdin is of his shrinking cock as she's
pulled away for another session with the peasant girls.

And Sultan Jafar Lived Happily Ever After!

The End!


Cinderella (Fdom/F, Spanking, Object, Humil)

WHAT IF Prince Charming never tried to put the glass slipper on
Cinderella? Would she have to remain the virtual slave of her Step mother and Step Sisters?


Oh Cinderella. What a lucky girl you were. Rescued by those cruel step
sisters and awful step mother. They would have kept you as their house
slave had Prince Charming not spotted you as he was about to leave.

And despite the objections of your step family, Prince Charming lowered
to his knees and fitted your petite foot with the glass slipper. Off you
went to fortune and love.

But what if, my sweet Cinderalla, things had been a little different.
What if the prince, seeing the tattered clothing and the dirty face,
thought better than to believe his gorgeous, elegant bride-to-be could be a
lowly house maid.

Oh the desperation in your eyes as you chased after his carriage,
pleading to give you a chance with the slipper. But soon the carriage was
gone, off to another town, off to other women's feet.

But there would be no time to weep my dear angle, for you had much to do
and learn. The house needed its cleaning, the cloths its washing, and the
sisters their pleasure. Yes, as punishment for even attempting to try on
the slipper, Cinderella would not just be their house slave, but their sex
slave as well.

No time for thinking of the big soft beds, large dinners, or tender love
making with the prince. Instead Cinderella now slept at the foot of her
step mother's bed, lying naked on the cold, dirty wooden floor. Her meals
consisted of the scraps they would hand feed her under the table in between
her required lickings.

Unfortunately, the only tender love making she's allowed to have is the
mop handle in the basement. The first time she used it, she imagined it
was the prince's cock that was breaking her hymen as she slowly pumped the
stick in and out. One day poor Cinderella didn't notice her evil step
sisters as they came down to investigate all the moaning and saw the 4 foot
mop half buried in the girl's cunt. Now they make Cinderella perform her
love makings for them and friends with mops, brooms, and feather dusters.

Jealous of her beautiful perfect breasts, the mean step sisters attached
heavy weights to each of Cinderella's nipples to try to stretch her tits.
But after a month they were as perfect as ever. So now they just slap them
when ever they need to get their frustrations out.

For the most part Cinderella's step mother leaves her alone. Outside of
the meal time pussy licking, Cinderella has an understanding. Each night
she is to satisfy her step mother until she falls asleep, then again in the
morning until she is fully awake.

Outside of that, the only thing that really bothers Cinderella are the
spankings. You see once a week Cinderella is spanked just to remind her of
her place. She's placed upon her step mothers lap, and as her sister laugh
on, gets 30 hard swats.

It doesn't end there. Cinderella then lays over the laps over her
sisters and gets the same treatment. Near the end they always love to
pinch her little clit hard and make her scream. This usually causes more

One day Cinderella was on her knees scrubbing the floor when the Fairy
Godmother appeared before her. She was very surprised to see Cinderella in
the predicament she was in. Instead of enjoying Tea Parties, and strolls
in the Palace Garden, Cinderella was scrubbing a floor naked on her knees
with her step-mother's dried pussy juice still on her face.

"What happened to you? Why didn't you try on the slipper?" The Fairy

"I tried, but the prince wouldn't try it on me? Are you here to help me
again Fairy Godmother?" Cinderella exclaimed!

"Oh shut up you whore, you're not good enough to help again. This life
is all your good for."

After licking the Fairy's pussy three times and her ass twice, the Fairy
left never to return to Cinderella again.

A year later, Cinderella learned that the prince was to marry his second
cousin. Heart broken, she snuck out of the house one night and went to the
castle to watch the wedding. She watched the whole thing from amongst the
crowd, up until they were both married and walk down the isle to their
waiting carriage. Just before they got in, Cinderella swore Prince
Charming turned his head and looked directly at her.

For a moment she held her breath. But suddenly she felt someone feeling
her up from behind. She turned to see young boys laughing and running
away. When she turned quickly back around the carriage was gone.

A few days later, while Cinderella was again scrubbing floors naked on
her knees, her step sisters came into the room with a box.

"Hey Cindy, we have a little present for you. Seems the handsome prince
didn't need this any more."

They opened the box and revealed.....the Glass slipper. Cinderella
looked up as they took the slipper out and approached the sitting girl.
She started lifting her leg, but instead of going to her foot, the sisters
placed the slipper between Cinderella's thighs.

"Lets see if it really fits!"

And you know did!

And The Evil Step mother and Step Sisters Lived Happily Ever After!

The End!


The Little Mermaid (M+/F, F/F, Object, Humil)

WHAT IF the little mermaid was never able to get Eric to fall in love
with her, would she have to accept Ursula's contract and became her slave?


The young little mermaid Ariel had it all. Beauty, a Kingdom, servants,
and the most mesmerizing voice of the seven seas. But that wasn't good
enough. Daddy's girl wanted more. She wanted the cock of a man with two
legs, a man named Eric.

Convinced her father wouldn't allow such a perverted relationship, she
willingly signed a contract with the evil witch Ursula. It was an
agreement to make Ariel a human. If after a week Ariel couldn't get a
measly little kiss out of Eric, Ariel would have to become a slave to the

Ariel also had to give up her voice to seal the deal. Convinced that
she would become everyman's dream "A beautiful young woman who couldn't
talk back." Ariel accepted the contract.

The way the story went, Eric just happened to be strolling along the
beach with his dog when Ariel emerged naked from the ocean with a fresh set
of legs. He brought her back to his castle and in the end they lived
happily ever after.

Too bad that's not how it really happened. You see in this world Eric
didn't go to the beach on that day. Instead he went to the city. Poor
Ariel remained on the shore, covering herself in seaweed and trying to
figure out what to do. A few hours later some fishermen wondered by and
noticed the beautiful naked girl.

When she couldn't speak or explain herself, they eagerly took her to
their ship where they set sail with their biggest catch. Poor Ariel was
ravaged for the next week. Her wholes where almost constantly filled as
the men took their delights with her young perfect body. Ariel was forced
to learn all the positions her new legs could go in over that span.

She desperately tried to get off the ship before the week was over but
they would have none of it. They had a prize and weren't going to let go
of it. Even when she opened her mouth and tried to explain the situation
nothing would come out. Not because she couldn't speak, but because a cock
would always be shoved in it.

She would spend her days tied to the deck for easy access, and her
nights hanging in a fishing net lick a common fish.

By the fourth day she had resigned herself to being the fuck toy of
these fishermen. She no longer resisted the men's cruel perversities.
After the sixth day, the men came up with newer games to fuel their
entertainment like stuffing her cunt with the squid and fish from the daily

When the week was finally over Ariel turned back into a mermaid. Scared
by the transformation, the fishermen threw Ariel back into the sea, where
she raced to her kingdom and her father.

Halfway there Ursula appeared before her and reminded the young mermaid
of the contract. Ariel pleaded with the witch to let her go, beg to be
allowed her freedom, but the evil witch would have her slave.

Ursula now lives comfortably in her lair, with her little mermaid slave.
The tongue that once helped make such beautiful music now expertly
pleasures the witch's pussies, all seven of them.

Ariel no longer wears her clam top and is forced to flash her wonderful
breasts at ships so that they crash into the rocks.

On the surface Eric meets a girl and finally decides to get married.
She's not everything that he wanted, but that perfect girl just doesn't

As the beautiful mermaid once again licks the witch's pussy, and gets
double fucked by Ursula's pet eels, Ariel lifts her head to look at the
many pictures of Eric the witch has hung around the cave and imagines what
might have been; Living in a large castle, having her freedom, and loving
her one true love.

But as she feels the tight squeezing of her breasts from Ursula's
tentacles, Ariel lowers her head to continue worshiping her mistress's

And The Evil Witch Lived Happily Ever After!

The End!


Beauty and the Beast (Mdom/F, Oral, Spank, submission)

WHAT IF Belle never got lost in the woods and made it back home.
Finding no other suitable men, and seeing what he had to offer, would Belle
marry "Gaston" and fulfill his fantasies?


Ah Belle. Some would consider you lucky. married to the strongest,
handsomest, most talented man in the village. You are the envy of all the
girls to be the one Gaston has chosen as his trophy wife
And when Gaston told you of his plans to have you bare so many children,
and have them run around the house while you sit on the floor massaging his
feet by the fire, you laughed away considering it a foolish fantasy. Yet
here you are, six children later massaging his tired feet from the days
hunt while occasionally licking between his toes. He likes it when you do
that, and you want to make sure he's happy, the soars from last night's
beltings still fresh.

As you rise to attend the cooking food, you notice the fairy tail book
lying on the table. You once dreamt of a fairy tale life for yourself,
with a prince and a castle. But those are little girl fantasies, you are
Gaston's woman now.

You haven't even read a book in seven years, and are quite certain you
don't remember how. Your place is now in the kitchen or at his feet.

Gaston swats your tender behind to remind you to get back to your tasks,
and like a good little wife, you hurry along.

As you monitor the Ham, and prepare the biscuits, your mind falls back
on the dark, snowy day in the woods where you almost lost your way.
Fortunately you made the right decision at a fork in the road and returned
safely to your village. In another world however, you didn't make the
right decision. In another world you found yourself at the gate of an old castle.

Here you would meet a terrible beast who almost put an end to your life.
Yet your charm, passion, and most importantly your beauty brought out the
best in the beast and in the end, turned him into the handsome prince of
your fantasies.

But that was in another world. In this world you did choose the other
path. In this world you married Gaston. Not right away of course. His
arrogance and male chauvinist was a complete turn off to the independent,
self educated feminist. So how did he do it? How did Gaston manage to
convince Bell to surrender her freedoms and become his?

By appealing to the very core of Belle's desires. The same desires that
no woman can truly resist. It happened when Belle was alone, under a tree
reading a new novel. Deep in reading, she failed to notice Gaston as he
approached. When Bell heard a noise, she lowered the book from her face to
see Gaston standing before her.

She began to protest his intrusion when her eyes focused on the enormous man hood pointing straight at her. She gasped at its immense size and
remained frozen as he moved forward. Soon the head of his cock was resting
on her lips. Instinctively she opened her mouth, but instead of it being
filled, Gaston began to slap his hard on sadistically against her cheeks.
Belle held her head still as the cock was swung harder against her face,
overwhelmed by the power of his cock.

Soon Belle was trying to chase it down with her tongue, but Gaston
cruelly laughed as he pulled away and lifted his trousers. As he walked
away, Belle remained sitting beneath the tree, confused, curious, and
frustrated. But Gaston knew what he was doing. He had given her the first
taste of real cock.

So it was no big surprise to him when Belle appeared at his door later
that evening, and the rest is history. Now she'll do anything to get a
piece of his cock, including being his submissive wife.

She doesn't mind any more dancing nude for Gaston's friends, and has
even begun to enjoy the ass fucks he gives her. Despite the pain, a cock
in her ass is better than no cock at all. Against all her best efforts,
Belle still manages to anger Gaston for some infraction and receives many
beatings from his belt. So now she's given up try. Every day when he
comes home, Belle is waiting at the door, bent over, with her ass

Back at the dinner table, Gaston and the children are sitting down while
Belle rushes to get the food out. Once everyone is served Belle can't help
herself and scurries beneath the table, pulls her husbands woman tamer out,
and begins enjoying her own feast. She can taste the pussy juice still
fresh on his cock. Gaston enjoys the company of many women. Even though
this makes Belle jealous, she knows that it keeps him happy, so she doesn't
mind so much.

As she's looking down upon the cock she's sucking, an image suddenly
comes to Belle. For an instant, she sees herself sucking the cock of a
prince, a prince sitting at the thrown of a palace. The prince looks so
familiar to her, so kind and gentle. Then the image is gone and replaced
with the unwashed, menacing cock of Gaston.....She closes her eyes and
sucks harder!

And Gaston Lived Happily Ever After!

The End! The Real End!

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