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Distance (MF NC Fantasy)


WARNING: This story is an act of fiction that contains graphic sexual
descriptions and language. If you are a minor or if you are offended by
this kind of material then you should stop reading now. Any resemblance
between this story and a real event is coincidental. The participants are
imaginary; their actions have no negative consequences other than those
portrayed in the story. The story is intended for entertainment and should
not be emulated in the real world outside of a healthy relationship.

Distance (MF NC Fantasy)

by Christopher Andrew (

Sharpening my focus I saw her in the distance, her body, small,
distinct, entirely naked. Her perfect skin a stark contrast to the dark
stone around her. The perfect roundness of her ass protruding into the
cool air was unmistakable, the small rhythmic movements of her body almost

I started walking towards her. Pacing slowly. The slow click of my
shoes ringing into the distance. The sway of my suit clear in the silence
around me. I made no hurry; though I found my blood beginning to rise.

As I moved closer the movements became clearer. Even from behind I
could see the rocking of her body back and forth. Her pink ass pumping
into the air, first slowly and then faster and faster.

Careful to keep my step, I felt the restraint of my under ware on my
ever hardening cock. I continued on, focused on my goal.

A slight noise, a small moan came from in front of me. Her movements
becoming increasingly faster. I could see her fingers now, sliding through
her wet lips as she stroked her self faster as faster.

Through her legs I could make out her breasts; being crushed into the
cold stone bet heath her, desperately trying to support her in her quest.
Her hand slipped faster and faster over her slippery cunt, a regular moan
building as her orgasm built.

I can smell her sweet juices now as they drift towards me on the wafting
breeze. They hit me in the face and slide down my spine into my cock,
which reacts by trying to leap out of my pants.

Faster, and more intense she slides her fingers in long strokes over her
clit and over her hole, occasionally slipping her middle finger inside.
Again and again until her whole body shakes and her finger slides into her
cunt and holds on for dear life while her orgasm over takes her.

Only several feet behind her now, I slide the zip of my trousers down
and reach in to remove my now throbbing cock. It feels solid and heavy in
my hand as I kneel down behind her. She senses me now, but it's too late
to react - she pulls her hand from her cunt.

I place my other hand on her ass and guide my cock between her ass
cheeks, feeling the heat of her cunt. I slide the head of my cock around
her hole and up around her anus, spreading her juices over her and around
my cock. She is frozen still when I start, but she is too hot to resist
now and starts to grind her ass back towards me.

Taking a firm hold of her ass I push my cock into her cunt, just the
head at first, sliding in easily, then taking her with my other hand I
thrust my whole cock deep inside her. Her heat is intense and my cock is
gripped tightly as I start to thrust in and out of her pussy with long,
full strokes.

Looking down I watch my very wet cock sliding in and out of her.
Pushing deep into her with every stroke. Following the line of her ass
crack and along her spine. Every stroke pushing all the way through her.
Along her spine, up her back, into her neck and pressing her head into the

As I think of my cock sliding right through her and into her throat, I
feel my orgasm begin to build in my balls. They have worked there way free
and are now slapping between her legs. I feel the pressure build inside
me, but keep up a steady pace slowing bringing it right through me.

Finally it hits, with one final thrust my cock explodes inside her,
spraying her cunt with my hot cum again and again. She moans loudly and
firming up her grip on my hot cock, squeezes the cum from me as I pull out.

I stand, my cock hanging down half limp. Walking in front of her she
rises and licks the cum dribbling from the end of my cock. Looking up at
me she takes me into her mouth and slides her tongue around my head, gently
sliding her mouth up and down my full length.

In no time she has my cock fully hard and is running her mouth up and
down its full length. Kissing my head she looks up at me wanting to be
fucked, but I have not finished her yet. Grabbing her hair I force my cock
into her mouth. She gags at first but soon picks up my rhythm as I fuck
her face, pushing my head down into her throat.

I cum quickly, her tongue lapping the full flavour straight from me. I
continue to hold her hair and gently fuck her mouth while her tongue
polishes the head of my cock, not allowing me to go soft.

Feeling long and hard again, I release her head and she falls back.
Moving down I push her onto her back and spread her legs forcing my self
between them. With one hand under her shoulder and one I her thigh I push
my cock between her wet pussy lips and begin to slide it up and down. At
the same time I take her full breast into my mouth, sometimes biting
sometimes flicking my tongue around her nipple as my cock slides around her

Sliding my cock back I feel the hot welcome of her cunt around my head,
and push my cock deep into her cum filled pussy. She gasps and pulls me
deeper into her. After a few strokes I slide my hands down her sides to
her ass and took a firm hold, and slid my legs under her thighs. Then
sitting up with her body draped away from me I continued to fuck her, half
with my hips and half pulling her onto me.

With my cock pushed hard against the top of her cunt, it doesn't take
long before her orgasm starts. I feel it first around the top of my cock
as it pushes in to its deepest point. Then the spasms move down,
tightening the already firm hold on my cock, until her whole body explodes
in spasm and she can't help but tell the world.

With what was left of her orgasm still rippling through her, I slide out
of her cunt and rolled her over onto her knees. Taking my hard wet cock
into my hand I push the head into her anus and with a little pressure I
enter her. She reacts by pushing back over the length of my cock.

Feeling the tightness slide down me and grab her ass with both hands and
start to fuck her little hole. After several strokes she is up on her
hands and I run my hands down her back to her shoulders, pushing deeper
into her. With my cock buried in her I pull her up, my hands holding her
breasts as I fuck her ass hole faster and faster.

Holding her up I continue to fuck her until my cock thickens and
explodes into her again. Feeling my hot cum inside her triggers another
orgasm and I loose my grip on her so she falls back onto all fours. As our
orgasms subside I continue to slide gently in and out of her. After a
short time I pull out of her and stand up, leaving her limp quivering body
almost as a found it.

I tuck my cock back into my pants and straighten my shirt as I turn and
continue on my way.

The End.

Comments to (c) 2001 Christopher Andrew.


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