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WARNING: This story includes sexually explicit material.

Please note any unfamiliar spellings and phrases may be due to the
fact I am English, not American.

Any comments, including constructive criticisms, would be
most appreciated. Please send to

This work is copyrighted by the author. You may download and keep
one copy for your personal use as long as my by-line and e-mail
address and this paragraph remain on the copy. Any posting or
reposting on a website, other than the archive or Dejanews, or
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yes). This story should not, under any circumstances be used to make a
profit by anyone other than the author

REPOST NOTE: I couldn't sleep one night so I thought I'd try to use
all the useful criticsm I got for 'Summer Rain' and attempt to produce
something better.

It helps if you know that the guards outside Buckingham Palace used to
be trained to stand like statues. Tourists used to spend hours trying
to get them to react. I've been told that this no longer happens, which
is a shame.


Vickie Morgan

He rang me at the office around three in the afternoon. That time
of day when everything urgent has been dealt with and you're starting
to plan for tomorrow. He was planning for the evening though.

"You haven't forgotten have you?" he asked immediately

"Of course not, darling."

"You've got a key, haven't you? If not I can leave one under the
plant pot."

"You're really worked up about this, aren't you?" I asked, amused at
how worked up he was. He was normally so calm and in control. "I've
got a key, right here. Can you hear me rattling it?"

"OK, OK, I know I'm fussing but you know how much I want this
promotion. I'm going to start now. I'll be in the sitting room. The
answer machine will be on so I can hear the messages. If you get held
up just give me a call."

"There shouldn't be any problems. This is going to be fun."

"What have you got planned?" he asked, a hint of nervousness creeping
into his voice.

"You'll have to wait and see darling, won't you," I teased.

"Remember, you can't touch me."

"I know the rules, don't fret. By the way what do I get if I

"I haven't really thought about it since I know you won't be able to
do it," he told me confidently

"Oh, you're challenging me are you?" I queried, thinking he should
really know better by now. "You might regret that. See you soon."

I could hardly wait for five o'clock to arrive. I drove as fast as I
dared to his house, turning over various schemes in my mind. I turned
the key in the lock as quietly as I could and crept into the sitting
room, hoping to surprise him. He was standing in the centre of the room, back straight, one arm by his side and the other holding a broom
handle over his shoulder. His eyes were fixed on the opposite wall.
I tiptoed up behind him and yelled as loudly as I could:

"Arrgghh!" He didn't flinch in the slightest. I walked round in
front of him and smiled at him. His eyes remained fixed on the wall.
I tried all the obvious things to distract him like waving my hands,
blowing in his ear, yawning. I was hoping for at least a reflex yawn
but nothing produced the slightest change in expression or posture.
Well I knew it wasn't going to be too easy. After all he's nearly as
stubborn as me. It was time to try something a bit subtler.

"There's a chicken and an egg in bed together. The chicken is laying
back smoking and looking very satisfied. The egg is sat looking
totally fed up, muttering under its breath 'Well we settled that
question'." Not a muscle moved on his face. I was very impressed.
I knew his sense of humour very well and usually he would have been
snorting with laughter. If I wanted to win I was going to have to go
with plan B.

I sprawled on the sofa. His gaze was fixed on the wall above my head
but I knew he would be able to see me in his peripheral vision. I lay
back and stretched out my spine, trying another yawn. Then I slowly
drifted my fingers to the buttons of my top. One by one I undid them
all. I slid my fingers inside and pulled the top open. Sitting up, I
let the top slide off my arms. Then I pushed the bra straps off my
shoulders and peeled the thin cotton away from my breasts. Was it my
imagination or did his eyes widen slightly?

I lay back again and pulled the clasp out of my hair. I ran my
fingers through the tangled length of it, knowing this was something
he loved to watch me do. My hair fell onto the upper slopes of my
breasts and it was easy to slide my hands from my hair to my exposed
skin. I lightly trailed my fingertips across the curves, tracing
ever-narrowing circles until I reached my nipples. Even though I knew
how good it would feel the jolt of pure pleasure always took me by
surprise. I cupped my breasts in my hands, squeezing them gently
together as my thumbs rubbed across the nipples. I could feel my
internal muscles tighten as my nipples hardened. I remembered the
first time Jack had touched me.

We had been dancing together most of the night, our bodies saying what
we hadn't yet managed to put into words. I bumped into him in the
corridor on the way back from the toilet. We had laughed and
exchanged some flippant comments. I don't know who had moved first
but somehow we were kissing. Soft and gentle at first, then his hands
were in my hair tilting my head as his lips met mine and his tongue
slid into my mouth. We've kissed so many times since but I'll always
remember that time: the taste of beer in his mouth, the unknown
contours of his tongue and the flood of desire. I had made no protest
when his hands had slid inside my top and found my breasts. My hands
tightened as I remembered and I gave an involuntary gasp as another
twist of pleasure shuddered through me.

My eyes flickered open and I saw Jack stood in front of me and
recollected what I was doing. He hadn't moved but the muscles along
his jaw looked tight and strained. A stranger would never have
noticed but I knew I was getting to him. I lifted my hips and slid my
knickers and skirt off together. I kicked them across the room so
that they flew past his face but he didn't flinch. I settled back on
the sofa and spread my legs wide to give him a good view. I'd shaved
every inch possible that morning in preparation and it was worth it
when I saw him swallow hard. He was definitely starting to crack.

My hands began smoothing over my skin again. They brushed across my
breasts again, restarting the tremors of pleasures and hardening my
nipples. One hand slowly began to move downwards, across my stomach
and between my legs. It felt strange, almost dissipated to be doing
in daylight and in full view of another person something that
previously I'd only done in the dark of my bedroom. Lying on my back
instead of my front added to the novelty of the situation. However it
still felt the same when my fingers grazed across the insides of my
thighs. I would normally have felt exposed and vulnerable. Not with
this man though. I knew because of the love that we shared that I could
trust him with anything, confident that he would never deliberately
hurt me.

I could feel the moisture gathering and dipped my fingers into it to
lubricate them. As softly and gently as possible I began to rub my
clit. As the pleasure grew and my flesh swelled I moved firmer and
faster. When I was so wet I could hear a squelching noise with each
movement I slid a finger inside. I heard a short gasp but when I
looked at Jack he was still stood motionless staring at the wall.
Upon closer examination I noticed a bulge in his trousers and he was
definitely breathing faster.

I turned my attention back to my own body. I was breathing faster too
and I was becoming more vocal as the exquisite tension built inside
me. Physically my body was well on the way to orgasm but I knew I
needed some mental stimulation as well. I tried to remember the best
time we had made love.

The first few times had been fast and lust driven. I mainly
remembered tearing off clothes in the urgency to have sex. Later
there had been long Sunday afternoons in bed exploring and massaging
each other as we learnt the best way to give pleasure. We had made
love half-asleep at night and half-awake in the morning. He had even
managed it a few times in his sleep. We had experimented with various
positions and locations. Wherever, whenever or however I always loved
his first slow thrust inside of me. When he was as far inside as he
could go he would pause and smile down at me. That one moment when we
were as close as physically possible he would stop and look into my
eyes and I would know we were close emotionally too. Then last week
he had whispered 'I love you'. One little whisper during a moment of
stillness, then he began moving. Each thrust seemed to be an echo of
his words and it felt as if he was filling me with his love.

I had two fingers inside now and I was mimicking his thrusts. My
gasps and whimpers of pleasure were loud in my ears as I felt all my
muscles tighten. The shudders twisted my body, making my back lift
off the sofa as the juices flooded over my fingers. The spasms swept
through me several more times until at last I collapsed, exhausted and

I felt his arms around me and he softly kissed my eyelids. He nuzzled
my neck before turning his attention to my still sensitised breasts. His
lips followed the path my fingers had taken moments earlier, reawakening
the tremors of pleasure that had just died down. He must have removed
his trousers as I could feel him throbbing against my leg. I wrapped a hand
around his shaft and began rubbing. I watched him close his eyes and enjoy
the sensation for a moment. He moved between my legs, pulling me to the
edge of the couch. He entered me in one smooth movement. He felt so
different from my fingers, filling and stretching me deep inside. He held
himself rigid for a moment as he smiled into my eyes. He withdrew, then
pushed back in, quickly settling into a rhythm. I could feel the internal
tremors intensify and I dug my nails into his shoulders as he moved faster.
He climaxed quickly, his face contorting with pleasure. I held him close
as he shuddered and whispered:

"I love you."

After his breathing had slowed back to a normal pace he pulled me
against his side and buried his face in my hair. I could hear his
heart thudding under my ear and feel every breath he took.
"I guess I won then?" I asked innocently. He gave a snort of

"That's what you think, is it?"

"Well you don't seem to be standing to attention anymore. Looks to me
like I managed to distract you."

"You could distract a saint like that!" he laughed.

"And you're definitely not a saint. So what are you going to tell the
sergeant-major tomorrow?"

"I don't know. I could tell him that as long as my girlfriend doesn't
strip naked and pleasure herself in front of me I'm confident I can
stand motionless for a whole watch."

"Don't you dare say that. I'd never be able to face him again.
Besides I'm hardly likely to do that on the pavement in front of
Buckingham Palace."

"Exactly. Which means you cheated so you didn't win," he pointed out

"I don't think so. You just said I had to do everything I could to
distract you without touching you. That was the only rule."

"OK, I give in. What do you want for your prize?"

"Umm. Howabout you bring one of those big black hats back with you
one day and make love to me with it on? I bet you won't be able to
keep it on."

"Hmm, a new challenge. If I get the guard duty I'm sure I can manage.
What will I get if I win?"

"Well what would you like?" And we began negotiations. We really are
too competitive but it's such fun, whoever wins.

Copyright Vickie Morgan, 1998

This story is distributed free of charge for your entertainment. It does take quite a lot of time and effort to write, type, edit and post a story. All I ask is that you take a couple of minutes to e-mail me, let me know that you've read this and perhaps give some reaction. Thank you.


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