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Title: Do Not Forget Me
Keywords: mF, inc, mom, son
Author: Caesar

A do-it-yourselfer named Alice,
Used a dynamite stick for a phallus.
She blew her vagina To South Carolina,
And her tits landed somewhere in Dallas.

A cute friend of hers, Fanny Hill,
Used two dynamite sticks for a dil.
They found her vagina,
In South Carolina,
And part of her ass in Brazil.

Do Not Forget Me

by Caesar, copyright 2002

$Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2002/12/10 14:01:28 $

My Best man was making some crude reference to the wedding night when
he saw my mother approaching through the hand carved wooden doorway.
"Uh... hi Mrs. Thesman!"

Robby, one of the ushers that was skirting his responsibility outside,
was messing with my bow tie, trying to straighten it. Over his
shoulder he welcomed mother was well, "Hey Mrs. T!"

It was a happy day, the day of my marriage - less then thirty minutes
away and I was surprisingly calm.

I saw that mother was looking rather sober and was frowning - a deep
black feeling was entering into my chest. "Is there anything wrong

She looked up, almost distracted, and I could see that she forced a
smile upon her lips - "No honey... not really."

Not really?

She addressed the room at large, "Gentleman... may I have a few
minutes alone with my son?" It was not really a question, but mother was always polite.

Robby looked at the bow tie and then at me, distressed.

He has never been the brightest of my friends. Joel, my Best Man,
saved him from mother making a firmer request - and put his arm around
Robby and guided him toward the door, "Don't worry Robby, the tie can
wait!" I saw Joel's eyes appraise my mother as he passed her, she
holding the doorway as they exited, ignoring him.

Since Joel had hit puberty he has had a thing for my mom. Later,
after high school, he even made a bet with me that he could bed my
mother - he lost after months of humiliating and failed attempts.

Does that sound a little strange - a son making a bed with his best
buddy to see if he could bed his married mother. Well, certainly it
is, but I knew that Joel, even with his many conquests, had zero
chance of scoring. The other reason I agreed to such a thing was that
I enjoyed talking about my attractive mother - she had always been the
woman to compare all others against. She was very social, good
natured and dressed to perfection. It did not hurt that she was also
naturally beautiful - with modest sized breasts, long tapered legs and
thighs, small hands and feet and the curves that a Renaissance painter
would envy. Then there was her face - ageless while still showing her

Mom closed the door after my friends left, and slide the wooden bolt
into place. Though I wanted to ask her what was wrong, yet again, it
felt like it was the wrong moment - and that she will tell me in her
own time.

Mother walked slowly up to stand directly before me - her eyes firm
and looking unblinkingly into my own. Then she says something that
only adds to the mysterious nature of the moment, "Do you love me

Her gaze is firm and I can feel the somber moment fill the air with
mothers serious tone. "Of course mother."

"And do you trust me?"

Of course. "Yes."

"Good." She pressed gently but firmly against my chest with both her
small hands and I fall backward into the very old very dusty rector
couch that kicks up a cloud of dust at my landing. Thank goodness it
was soft, if a little low to the hard wood floor. "Mom...?"

She ignored me and grabbed a pillow from the other end of the same
couch and drops it to a spot just between my feet. What the hell was
she doing?

Mother was wearing a very expensive dress that she had purchased just
for this one occasion - the marriage of her only child. It made her
natural beauty look like perfection.

Early, Joel came into the side room and told me that my mother was the
hottest of the ladies on either side of the aisle. I never thought
about his comment until this moment - as he was understating just how
beautiful she looked.

Mother moved very smoothly as she knelt down before me, her silk clad
knees kneeling upon the dusty rector pillow.

The mystery intensified.


Her tiny hand came up and two of her slim fingers pressed against my
lips, "Shush honey. Please don't say a word until I am finished."

Finished what?

Her eyes had softened and I saw fear there, and a lost nervous look
that was so alien that I frowned as I studied her gaze.

Thats when both her tiny hands came up and easily found the zipper to
my rented tuxedo slacks.

What the hell! Mom...?

I heard the zipper descend rather than feel it - and I sort of jerked
in the soft couch as I felt mothers cold hand reach in and grasp my

Her lips slowly widened as she forced a smile, "Relax honey!"

What she did next did not help me relax in the least. mother gently
pulled my soft pink member from my flashy black slacks as her eyes
finally left my own and her face descended. I felt her warm full lips
wrap around the head of my dick and a hot wet tongue encircle the
crown of my circumcised cock.

Oh my god!

I was sitting as if I was a robot - every muscle in my body tensed.

Well... every muscle but the muscle between my mothers lips. Her
mouth was slowly suckling my soft member while her tongue teased every
inch of my manhood particularly the pee hole at the top of my crown.

My mind was racing and I could not, for the life of me understand what
the hell was going on. This was my wedding day for fucks sakes!

Her husband, my step-father, was outside with nearly two hundred
people while she knelt here before me in this dusty smelly room and
blew me!

Looking down at my lap was a step into an alter world - a dream world
where I would wake up and feel guilty and take a cold shower. Instead
there was suddenly a knock at the door and Robby's voice, "You guys done in there - I have to fix your tie before the service?"

It had been about three minutes since mom had taken my dick into her
mouth and she suddenly lifted her face and looked me in the eye. She
calmly said, though with a raspy harshness to her voice, "I am not
letting you go until you come in my mouth honey!" And louder, so that
Robby would hear, "Go away Robby - we are not done in here!"

Mother immediately dropped her face back to my lap and I felt her lips
take me in once again.

What had she said, until I came in her mouth?

Her movements became more aggressive and I felt her tongue moving at
light speed as she tried to put some life into my soft cock.

Normally my dick never had a problem when a pretty woman was in the
room - let alone if she wrapped her lips about my dick. But this was
my mother for fucks sake! She was doing this for god knows what
reason but I knew it was still wrong - that a son should not be
getting a blow job from his mother on any day, let alone the day of
his wedding.

It had been about five more minute since Robby had knocked on the door
when mother stopped suddenly and lifted her face up from my lap and
looked into my own.

What I saw amazed me, she was weeping, her tears ruining her
well-applied makeup making her look near-ghoulish. "I'll do anything
you want honey - tell momma what she can do to make you come!" There
was a fearful desperation that I've never known in mother come across
in those words, in the way she spoke them. Rather than explain what
this was all about I was more puzzled than ever.

Mom pulled her dick-warmed hands from my crotch and grasped her own
rounded chest. "Do you want to play with mommy honey... is that what
you want?"

She began to undo the buttons at the top of her dress and I watched
remotely with little-to-no feeling until I saw the lace brassier
beneath and brought my hands up to stop her. She did not have to do
that. I wanted to tell her it was all right that I loved her that she
did not have to do this thing - but her earlier request for my silence
seemed important for some reason and the words would not come.

Her emotion filled wet eyes looked deeply into my own for a long while
before she half-whispered, "Don't you understand that your getting
married today honey?"

Understand it? Thats been the focus of my life these last five

"That I don't want to loose you, like I loose everyone else." That
surprised me and I knew I was coming close to the crux of mothers
thought process - the reason she is here kneeling between my legs. "I
just do not want you to forget me." She had finally had enough and
brought her hands up to hide her face as she weeped loudly.

This gave me a brief few seconds to contemplate all that I have heard
and to diagnose what the hell was going on. Mother, you must
understand, had been left alone numerous times in her life. From her
parents dieing, to my father leaving her for a younger woman, her
brother being institutionalized. And that was only the immediate
family! How did she associate someone dying to my marriage taking me
from her? And how did she come to the conclusion that giving her son
a blow job would keep me from going away?

Perhaps the answer was in dad, both his actions and something I
overheard him tell her in the middle of an argument just prior to
their separation. Dad left mom for a younger version of her, one with
a few less brain cells and bigger breasts - a toy for his middle age.
Then there was the time he said something to the effect that her
brother was in the 'loony bin' because of the things she and he had
done when teenagers. I had no idea what it meant and though I had not
thought about it much, it obviously had kept with me.

Could father having dumped mom for another woman be based on sexual
things? Things children should not know about? Could mom have had a
sexual relationship with my uncle when they were teenagers
and... broken up with him, it being incest after all, and that some
how triggered his mental lapse?

And didn't grandma and grandpa die about the time mother was in her
final year of high school? Could they have known about their two
kids, and had been driving on that dark and wet highway for a reason
related to the sexual relationship of the two kids?

Did mother consider her stopping sex the reason for loosing her
parents? Her brother? Even to the expected slowing of passion that
must have happened in my parents married to having dad run away with
that bimbo?

It was at this second that my mind blanked and I sat like a doll for
almost a minute - as I was using conjecture and loose hypothesis to
come up with a resolution that most may disagree with.

Then, slowly, I pulled mothers tiny hands from her dishevelled and
anguish-filled face. Her eyes came immediately to my own and I saw
something in there spark when she read me.

Was I that transparent?

There was hope in her gaze even as I leaned forward and pressed my dry
lips to her own full warm mouth. It was not a passionate kiss but
neither could it be considered a chaste mother-son kiss. When my one
hand came up and grasped her right breast, squeezing it roughly
mothers lips widened and her tongue slipped into my mouth. I turned
my head so that our lips were sealed even as our tongues duelled for
supremacy - which I won.

When I sat back, I was breathing heavy and I could feel a hard nipple
pressing into my palm. She watched me closely as I gently took her
carefully prepared head of hair in both my hands and mother actually
smiled brightly as I slowly pressed her face back down to my lap.

She needed no further guidance and I sat back and watched my mother take my half-hard dick back into her hungry mouth. This time her lips
were not as desperate, not so needy - as she took her time and made
oral love to my cock.

My cock, fully rock hard in seconds, moved in and out of my mothers
face as she moved up and down upon my lap. That was not all, she also
moved her face back and forth so that it corkscrewed her lips as she
moved - which, as you may guess, produced a most exquisite sensation
upon my male member.

It was a blow job out of fantasy - something that I knew my soon-to-be
wife would never do. Oh certainly she will suck me, but only as
preparation to entering her vagina. And it was never with so much
skill, so much... love!

I knew that I could get used to such an expertly given blow job and
wondered if this was a one time thing. According to my hypothesis, it
must happen again else she considered that I had left her like all the
others. I could remember the recent feel of those medium sized
breasts, the hard nipple, the thrust of her chest as she pushed
herself into my hands. No, this was not a one time thing - neither
was her mouth the only thing available for my use.

An unexpected groan escaped my lips and I could see the corners of
mothers lips curl up in a smile even as my saliva covered dick moved
back and forth in and out of her mouth. She mumbled with my dick in
her mouth and it reverberated my shaft most delightfully. I again
grasped her head and pulled her off me, saliva coated her lips and was
dripping off her chin. "I said, 'I love you' honey." She was
smiling, happy and radiant now.

My hands again pressed her back down and she willingly returned to my
hard cock.

My head fell back onto the dusty old couch with my eyes closed and I
descended into that cloud of pleasure that was where all sexually
active adults desire in dreams and life but are so rarely given that
gift. mother brought me to this place, this nirvana, with her
constant loving lips and time stood still as I simply enjoyed. This
was the first time in my life that I have felt so sexually alive, so
fucking hot!

A tightness was grasping my balls and it started to overwhelm my
consciousness as I watched it approach, knowing and looking forward to
the fast approaching orgasm that it foretold.

My body tensed and I leaned forward until my mothers head was pressed
down and I was half-laying upon her back and groaned loudly the
seconds before the inevitable.

Then I felt it - the spurts of my life-giving juices as they shot deep
down mothers throat. I sat quickly back up and opened my eyes to
watch her raise her face almost to the top of my dick, so that only
the head was still submerged within her oral cavity as she swallowed
loudly. My sperm shot out again and again and it felt magnificent as
my energy drained through the head of my cock.

All too soon I sat gasping to catch my breath as mother licked my
quickly shrinking prick clean before tucking me back into my pants.

Remembering where I was I looked down to see if she had lost any drops
and spotted my slacks - but they were still as perfect as when I took
them from the wrap. I then watched mother as she slowly sat up, her
face wet with saliva, tears, and perhaps even her son's come. She
went over to the far side of the room where a full length mirror sat,
allowing her to return her person back to her normally gorgeous state.
Especially since her hair was a mess, her makeup and her face wet.

I leaned over and put the pillow she had used back to its original
place on the couch and then stood up. mother ignored me as she was
repairing her eye makeup at that moment.

When my hand lay upon the flat of her back she smiled at me in the
reflection, "Hello honey." I saw that her happiness was clouded with
worry. "Sorry to intrude like this....?"

I interrupted, recognizing her words and the tone of her voice for
that well cultured woman that was back, "Mother!"

She stopped and her eyes took on a fragile look, "Yes honey."

I had no idea what to say so I said the most ridiculous thing, at
least to me. "Thank you mom."

Her eyes started to water up and she quickly brought up a tissue,
"Stop it you silly boy - or I'll never be able to go back out there."

I didn't stop though and just had to know, "This was not a one time
thing was it mom?"

Mother suddenly stopped what she was doing and turned toward me. Then
she did the most out of character, as if blowing me was not enough,
thing - she grasped my left hand and slipped it beneath her skirt all
the way to her crotch. I felt skimpy lace panties and soft warm skin
of her thighs to either side. But the most remarkable thing I felt
was the obvious wetness that lay there, as well as the extreme heat.
"Does this feel like it was a 'one time thing'?" It was not really a
question and I simply stood there with my hand up my mothers dress.
"Your my son and when I feel like I am losing you, like these last
months", she turned a little red, after all that we had done, this
admission hardly seemed embarrassing, "I may do something crazy like
today. But I want you to know that I love you and I will always be
here for you."

A shy smile appeared on her face. mother had just told me that she
will always be available for me - sexually or otherwise.

In response, or perhaps a test to her words, my hand slipped beneath
the soaked lace panty and was immediately swallowed into the hot wet
groove at the top of of her vagina.

A guttural groan escaped her lips and a wide happy smile appeared.

One of the fingers slipped upward and I was seated within mothers
cunt. I was just starting to grind my heel into her clitoris while my
finger dived back and forth in her sex. My eyes were wide with wonder
as I watched the very positive reaction my action had upon my own

Then a loud knocking at the doorway and then Joel's voice,
"Uh... guys? Robby is about to blow a gasket out here and we are
minutes away from show time!"

Mother and I looked at each other and we both knew what had to happen.

I pulled my soiled hand from between her legs and she quickly turned
back to the mirror. While she straightened her face and clothing, I
tasted my mothers juices upon my hand. "One more minutes guys!"

In a very short amount of time mother strode purposely to the door and
put her hand on the wooden bolt, looked up at me and smiled softly as
she said, "It is time for you to get married honey."

"OK mom, lets do it."

She looked lovely.



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