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Doctor's Orders (MF, exhib, voy, interr, creampie, mild hypno)
By OneIdleHand

How long had it been? Too long time since she had felt her lover's
touch. It was just the two of them, this time. She spread her legs,
watching his face as a smile spread across his lips. Her own lips
responded with a tingle between her legs. He hadn't even touched her
yet, and she found herself holding her breath until he did. He
approached her slowly, too slowly. She bent her knees, pulling her
legs back, leaning back on an elbow. She closed her eyes, waiting.

He wouldn't fuck her. Not yet. This wasn't an invitation for that.
She knew that he enjoyed getting personal with her sex. He would smell
her, grazing her clit with his nose. Then he would taste her juices
and probe her with his tongue. He was getting nearer; she could feel
his breath. She reached down with a hand and spread her lips into a
little bud, a little flower all wet with her juices.

It felt cold as it entered her, sending shivers through her. And
again. Three more. She opened her eyes as he raised his index finger,
teasing her with just the sight of it. It seemed massive. It
felt.long. Another finger, and she felt full. She could feel her cunt
leaking freely now, opened by his fingers, which were pressing inside
of her at angles she had never felt before. He licked around her sex
while his fingers were.mashing within. She fell backwards, closing her
eyes again, her sex gifted to him for his pleasure.

He withdrew his fingers. His face descended to her crotch, and his
tongue began to seemed everything he had was long. She felt
him tease her clit, now sliding up and down her opening, gathering her
juices. Then, his tongue parted her, and she could feel him inside,
his mouth pressed against her cunt. She knew he would withdraw and
begin the tease all over again. It was his style. And then, he did.
It wasn't a feeling that would drive her to orgasm; it would just drive
her crazy from frustration. She leaned her head forward, and opened
eyes to see him once more. The darkness of his skin contrasted with
the whiteness of her shaved.pussy, he called it. His dark hands slid
down her inner thighs before stretching her lips open and again
entering her with his tongue.

His eyes opened and looked directly into hers, his white eyes peering
at her just above her cunt. The contrast of his skin with hers made
her fearful for some reason.maybe society had put a wall in the
possibility that she could do this. And maybe that was why it turned
her on so fiercely that she was giving herself to a black man.

But for now, it was more of a black and white world than she could have
ever imagined, and she was ready to move ahead to his big black cock
thrusting in her cunt. He raised his head, and her black and white
vision.exploded into color! He backed away from her cunt, smiling with
a red cherry between his teeth. He shifted slightly forward, biting on
the cherry, its juices dribbling onto her untanned cunt. She didn't
think any of the cherries would have lasted in there the way his
fingers had been searching and squeezing within her.

He left the juices there. Was it staining her skin? He moved so fast.
His cock.had it grown? She didn't remember it being so big, or him
quite so dark. But his balls she remembered, huge, hanging in a giant
sac from his groin, and as he thrust inside her, they slapped against
her ass. She.

Woke up. "Hayley. Are you alright?"

"Huh, what?" Her heart was racing. Where was he? Had she been

"It looked like you were having a nightmare. The bed was shaking so
hard you woke me up."

A glance at the clock.3:00 a.m. Great. She always had problems
getting back to sleep if she woke up at night. She realized that she
was soaked between her legs, and that her husband was expecting her to
say something.

"Steven, I must have been dreaming about something, but I can't
remember what." He rolled over. She knew he would be asleep within a
minute. Her bladder was full, so she got out of bed and went to the
bathroom. She felt bad for the lie. It was that dream. It was back.
She couldn't recall having the same dream over and over again except
perhaps a dream about a haunted house back when she was in grade
school, and now.what? The mystery man.four, five times in the past two

She flushed the toilet, and looked at herself in the mirror which
covered the wall behind the sinks. The nightlight was enough. Her
hair was a mess. She was hot, almost to the point of being sweaty.
Her skin was flushed in red splotches, and her cunt was.needy. She
reached a hand between her legs. She remembered her dream in a haze
and entered it gently. Her body was on the bed, and his cock spread
her wide as it entered. She was aware of her image in the mirror, like
another person, leaning with one hand against the countertop for
support. Her tits began to jiggle slightly, and her nipples had
hardened... if they weren't hard already. She looked up to see her
face. As orgasm approached, she opened her mouth. Why? She didn't
know, but she always did. She closed it quickly hoping to not make any
noise. And she came.

Hayley woke up several hours after Steven had left for work. She
welcomed the morning and then felt the guilt. Her dream returned to
her, and she recognized it for what it was. Desire. But she loved
Steven. She never wanted to do anything to hurt him. And that was
why she felt guilty. It was the curse of Dr. Gilliam.

Despite the hell of the experience, the threat of being controlled, of
being used sexually by another person. She couldn't understand it, but
it was if she had never felt more alive. She didn't like being forced
into.things. But she had never been challenged like that
before.challenged to give herself to others.challenged to find a way
out. And she had. From one of the least likely and strangest turns in
life, she felt a certain charge. And it had changed her in a way. She
knew that she was capable of so much more than life as a wife and
mother required. It was like she was ready to lead a corporation, but
there was no place she could get the same job.

She wasn't certain why it was the black man who had recurred in her
dreams. She had enjoyed them all. And if she were to choose her
favorite, but most hated, moment, it was when she let Dr. Gilliam fuck
her in his office. Just the two of them. The other men had fucked
her, but Dr. Gilliam had fucked with her head, and she didn't know if
she would ever forget the feeling.the realization.of that first time
when she had stripped let another man have her. He had raped her mind,
and sex would never be the same. If she hadn't burned the tape, she
could have had Steven repeat the scene. This was pointless.

Steven had been great, and she couldn't ask for more from a husband.
She wondered sometimes if she was wearing him out. They used to have
sex two or three times a month, and now it was several times a week for
three weeks of the month. And she wanted it during the fourth. She
had to give the doctor credit. He had been imaginative. It had become
difficult for her to imagine new sexy ways for her husband to find her
when she came home. There had been a few good ones, of course, but
after today, she didn't know what she would do to surprise and entice
her husband. There was something about her now that fought against
the idea of retiring to the bedroom and making love. She wanted

At 4:30, Hayley returned to the house with her friend, Sandy, a lady
who lived in an adjacent neighborhood and who Hayley paid as a personal
trainer. It wasn't that exercise was so difficult; it was just hard to
make herself do it sometimes. And her friend had helped that by making
her feel guilty if she didn't show. Over the months, they had shared a
bit about each other, and the subject had turned to sex in rather vague
ways, mostly jokes at their husbands' expense. Until Hayley had asked
her for a favor.

She went upstairs, showered, and returned to the den where her friend
Sandy was waiting. Sandy's eyes went wide at the sight of Hayley,
but.there was no avoiding it for this to work. She was naked, and she
was more than a little uncomfortable about being seen by her friend.
She wasn't interested in "girls," and she hoped that this would be
something to laugh about later in their workouts, rather than an
obstacle. Still, an itch was an itch.

"You're really going through with this, then?" Sandy asked.

"Yeah. You doubted?"

"As a matter of fact, I didn't think you would. But, here you are in
the buff, so it looks like you will. And, I suppose it's good to see
that the exercises are working. You're nicely toned."

Hayley had been looking at the cardboard box sitting on the floor, but
looked up at this compliment. "Thanks. Steven's noticed, too. And
that's helped my motivation. Look, I hope you're not too embarrassed,
because I know I am. But I couldn't wear a robe. Clothing doesn't
quite fit the scene. And it will add to the mystery after he opens
the box."

"So, how do you want to do this?"

"I've only thought about it; I hadn't really tried it out. But we need
to now. He should be home at any moment."

With that, Hayley stepped into the box. She crouched on her knees
while Sandy closed the box over her to make sure she would fit. She
did, barely.

Sandy said, "So, when he opens it, you're going to pop out?"

"Yeah." Hayley popped up, but not quite with the enthusiasm she would

Sandy's lips began to smirk. "Would you take a suggestion? It's kind
of risqu‚."


"Get back in the box. Let me get you a couch pillow. Now lay on your
back and pull your legs up. Will you fit?"

Hayley was surprised by Sandy's indirect forwardness, but she
understood the pose. When Steven opened the box, her legs my come out
slightly, but the first thing he would see is her cunt. "Will the
flaps close?"

They did. Sandy opened it, and quickly turned her head, laughing.
"Yeah, that, You know, since you're going that far, I don't
suppose you would have a vibrator? It would sort of be.the icing on
the cake, I guess."

Hayley grinned, noticing that it "worked" for Sandy, too. Her nipples
were sticking up behind the thick material of her workout tights. She
ran upstairs to get one of her vibrators. When she returned, she saw
that Sandy had found a magic marker and had been writing on the box
flaps. She couldn't see what. She was about to ask when she heard the
garage door begin to open.

Her heart raced as she and Sandy made eye contact for a moment, and
then she quickly stepped into the box. She was too shy to insert the
vibrator with Sandy watching, but she found that she could reach around
her legs and would be able to. The box flaps closed over her.
"Hurry!" She inserted the vibrator, which had no problem with
lubrication. She didn't realize she had been turned on while naked in
front of her friend and.she didn't want to pursue that avenue. She was
hetero, all the way. She could hear Sandy taping over the seam. once,
twice. Then she heard the car door slam and the garage door open begin
to descend. "Go!"

"Good luck! Maybe we'll try this at my house." It took Hayley a
moment to realize she meant putting Sandy in a box.

Hayley heard Sandy shut the front door just as the garage door finished
closing. Good. Steven shouldn't have heard anything. Hopefully, he
would hurry. She hadn't thought of cutting air holes.

Steven had the usual afternoon tiredness he always felt coming home
from work. It always seemed to take an hour to recharge before he
would be up to whatever Hayley wanted to do or talk about. That is,
unless the sexpot was waiting for him. Her desires were more often
after dinner now, which suited him fine. He rounded the last corner on
the way to his house and slowed as he approached the mailbox. It was a
thick stack of bills and junk mail, and he put it on his seat. He
pressed the garage door opener and eased the car up the driveway.

Entering the kitchen, he tossed the mail onto the counter, but saw that
he had a note, folded like a table tent. The writing wasn't Hayley's
and it looked written hastily. "Strip completely. Then proceed to the
den." Aha. She's up to something. It had been a while since one of
her "events," and he was beginning to miss them. He quickly removed
his clothes, his cock already fully hard without touching it. He
entered the den expecting.he hoped it wasn't guests.and stopped. A
cardboard box was between him and the stairs, and it had writing on it.
Feminine writing, but not by his wife's hand.

He knew his wife was inside. He found some scissors in the kitchen and
began cutting along the tape seam. The box flaps more or less sprouted
open as his wife's feet emerged. Had his eyes been closed, he still
would have been able to guess what he would find, because the smell of
Hayley's sex wafted into his nose. One hand was slowly working the
vibrator in and out of her cunt, and the other was rubbing and pulling
one of her cunt lips.

As was usual in these games, her eyes were closed. Maybe she liked to
imagine it was a stranger.whatever worked for her. The problem was
that there was no easy way to fuck her. And she looked "into" whatever
she was fantasizing.

Hayley was relieved to hear the box flaps open, and the sudden rush of
cooler air was welcomed. But Steven wasn't saying anything. She
expected him to say.something. That meant he was looking at her, or
maybe he was getting undressed. No, she didn't hear anything. He was
watching her, then. Her original plan had been to pop out of the box,
strip his pants down just enough, send him to floor and screw him. But
she couldn't quite do that from this position. A mischievous grin
crossed her thoughts, and she hoped it didn't reach her face. So she
decided she would just give him a show, and the thoughts that were
leapt to her mind didn't surprise her at all.

She began imagining herself speaking aloud to Steven. "Hey, honey.
You know I love you, but there's something you need to know. Can you
see my cunt? Are my lips swollen and red? Is it wet all over my
smooth skin? Well, for all these years, this cunt has been yours to
enjoy. But guess what I'm thinking about? You don't know it, but other
men have had the exact same view. Well, almost. I wasn't using the
vibrator. I was spreading my legs so they could fuck me. And guess
what? It wasn't just one on one. It was a gang bang. And see this
vibrator? I'm not thinking about your cock. I'm thinking about the
black guy whose name I never learned. His cock was the same size as
this vibrator, which is larger than yours, by the way. And his balls!
They were huge! Everybody watched as he fucked me good. He was hard
for me to watch because I had so much cum on my face from the other
guys. My eyelids were sticky. He fucked me hard and.did I mention how
big he was? He stretched me, even after the other guys had fucked me,
he still stretched me. And it felt so good. Then he pulled out and
shot a stream of cum all the way up to my head. And that was a shame,
because I wanted to feel him cum inside me. In fact, I dream about
it." She was working the vibrator faster now, the edge of her hand
slamming against her sensitive skin. Her orgasm came quickly, as did
her groans, which sounded foreign from the bottom of the box. She
opened her eyes, just as Steven began shooting cum on her, most of it
on her cunt, but some of it shooting beyond to her tits and.eyes. Ick.
How ironic.

The payoff over, she realized how uncomfortable she was in the box and
rolled it over to its side. She ended up on all fours, where she
caught a brief but certain glance of Sandy's blonde hair disappearing
from the edge of the window. Had she stayed to make sure Steven opened
the box? Maybe at first, but. The next workout was going to be very
awkward. And wait a minute, she had seen Steven! Well, that.
Nasty thoughts filled her head, but the word she was stuck with was
"friend." Human nature. Curiosity and an invited cat. What was done
was done.

"Okay, who did it?"

"Huh?" Hayley turned to face Steven.

"Who taped you inside the box? Somebody saw you naked. I'd like to
know who it was."

Hayley considered her answer. She had anticipated it, but Steven's
commanding tone deserved another response. "A few guys who showed up
wanting landscaping work. I didn't pay them, but they left happy."
She threw Steven an evil smile, gave his cock a quick squeeze, and
headed to the kitchen to get a paper towel to clean up a little.
Ahhhh. She saw a note. Sandy was clever, the wench. She probably had
planned to watch..

Steven followed Hayley into the kitchen, admiring her ass and watching
as she wiped herself clean. She went upstairs to get dressed, and he
picked up his clothes, intending to change into something more
comfortable. Then he saw the mail. He picked it up and carried it to
his computer desk.

He unfolded the bundled mail, finding a letter addressed to himself on
top. It was unusual, because there was no stamp, no markings from the
post office, no return address, and his name was typed. Who had a
typewriter these days? Underneath was "Personal and Confidential."

He opened the envelope, half expecting it to be a joke from Hayley,
possibly a set-up for what he had found in the den. It was a picture,
printed from a color printer, of his cock cumming on Hayley's face. He
recognized it from their videotape. It was somewhat grainy, but what
was confusing was that they didn't have a video capture card. How had
she imported the image? Well, who had sealed her in the box? Hayley
was playing some kind of game, again, and it wasn't like HE was showing
somebody their tapes. He tucked it away in a folder in his desk drawer
and out of his mind.

Until the next day. There was another envelope. Good! If this was
going to be a habit, it was something to look forward to. He parked in
the garage and opened the envelope while still in the car. It was
three folded pages with different pictures of Hayley, and it was
clearly her, removing her bra, pulling her panties down, and kneeling
on the floor, spreading her cunt lips. These weren't from video; they
were pictures. And he hadn't taken them. The background looked
somewhat familiar.a chart that pictured be a spinal column.that was it!
It was Dr. Gilliam's office. But he was off to the nut house or to
jail. Who would have this? And know where to send it? His first
impulse was to confront Hayley with it. But there was obviously more
to the story. And he was about certain that Hayley was not behind
this. He would give it another day.

Through the next day, Steven's thoughts were consumed with anger,
jealousy, and mistrust. And he didn't particularly like that he was
turned on by the pictures. But he was. It seemed the longest day
before he began the drive home.

He opened the mailbox, expecting it to be there. It was, and he opened
it. A website address. There were no pictures in the envelope, but he
knew to dread the worst. Hayley wasn't home, probably on an errand.
He booted his computer and went to the website. "H A Y L E Y" appeared
in bright yellow flashing letters. Below it were a variety of
thumbnail images. Some he recognized from their videos. Some were old
Polaroids he had taken of her. The rest. He had expected another
chapter to the mystery letters, and this confirmed his suspicions.
Looking at the pictures, he presumed it was the doctor that was fucking
her. His face wasn't shown, but the room almost had to be his.
Scrolling down the screen, he found several videoclips. The segments
were short, but they were clear enough to show that while Hayley's face
wasn't particularly encouraging, there was no denying that she was
turned on. And some of his own video was there. Who would have had
access to all of this except Hayley? How had she gotten copies of the
doctor's pictures?

He had taken the doctor's photos of Hayley's breasts during his
confrontation. He was certain that the doctor had turned them all over
to him, yet here they were. The doctor could have scanned them before
he took them though. So.the doctor had forced Hayley to fuck him. He
had lied. It was the only thing that made sense. Steven didn't feel
any pity for the man in his current state. But if the doctor fucked
her, did Hayley even know about it?

But here was evidence. The survival of the pictures.the creation of a was a question that had to be answered. Hayley would have
to find out. Who was behind the pictures? He left the web site
showing on his computer screen until Hayley returned. Maybe she could
explain. He looked again at the screen. Wow. He grabbed some
tissues, lowered his pants, and began stroking himself as he restarted
the doctor's video sequence. He came twice before she returned home.
When Steven guided her into the study, Hayley's spirits collapsed on
seeing the image on the computer. It was the same page the doctor had
shown her when he had made her.beg him to fuck her. She should have
been embarrassed with her husband obviously wanting an explanation, or
angry at the unfairness of it all, or.something. But the only feeling
that came over her was disappointment. In some ways, the conclusion to
her problem had been her finest hour, despite the voices in her head
that suggested living her fantasy had been pretty darn good. But the
doctor had been firmly in her grip at the end. He had told her
everything, and she had destroyed everything. At his house, in his
office, on his computer, the videos, his files, anything and
everything. But, here it was. It was a mystery. And the events that
led up to it, she decided she had to explain to Steven. some of them
anyway. And the events that followed. There were no pictures of her
with the men at the doctor's house, she saw. It was best that she
explain only the single infidelity forced upon her, and blended the
later facts.

It was a long talk, and both of them were nervous about what awaited
them both. It was obvious that somebody wanted something.

The next day, Saturday, as soon as the mail came, Hayley retrieved it.
No envelope. They had both been hoping for a hint as to who was
sending them. Steven had said that there weren't any stamps, and they
had talked for over an hour about who it could be that put the letter
in their mailbox. If it didn't come in the mail, then someone besides
the postman had placed it there. And that meant that whoever it was
took chances. They could catch him. And Hayley felt certain it was a
"he", rather than a "she." Even as she thought it, the name "Sandy"
came into mind, couldn't be. Or anyone else. It wasn't like
she had kept copies in the house that someone might find, like
neighbors who fed their pets when they were away. And they were
pretty good about hiding their adult toys and videos from prying eyes.

As she walked back to the front door, she saw it. It was taped to the
wall. She pulled it off and yelled for Steven as she entered the
house. Typed envelope. Typed letter. "Check the website again."

They did. It looked the same. Only, this time, there were two
changes. The title said, "Hayley, Slut Neighbor," and there were a few
new pictures at the bottom of the page. It was no great relief to have
figured out who was behind it.

The pictures were again in splendid color, only, neither Hayley nor
Steven had seen them before. Hayley on the deck naked except her
"painted" swimsuit. Steven fucking her while she leaned over the deck
rail. A hazy image of Hayley's breasts pressed against the glass door.
Hayley suntanning nude. The answer was obvious just from the pictures.
They were all taken from their next door neighbor's deck.

He had known they would figure it out, though. The message across the
bottom of the screen had a form field for visitors to leave messages.
The explanation for the form was what made them nervous. "Hayley and
Steven are my next door neighbors. Hayley is a slut who is pretty
brazen about showing her body. They know that I've seen them. They
didn't know that I had a camera. And these other pictures. They're
probably pretty embarrassed about them. So much so, in fact, that I
think they'll do whatever I want, unless, that is, they want their
friends and family to see these. And that's why I want your
suggestions, because I think they're ours to command."

There was silence. She could tell Steven was getting angry, and then
defeated. Over and over again. Much like herself. The first time had
been a fantasy that grew to a nightmare that had to go away. This was
just a nightmare.

She typed in the formfield, "F U C K O F F!" and was about to send it
when Steven stopped her.

"No, let's talk about it. With him."

They disconnected their internet service, and the phone rang. Steven
answered it.

"So, you tried my site. I've been waiting for a hit, figuring it would
be you." It was Jack. The neighbor.

"Uh-huh. Why don't we talk. Can you come over?"

Jack was feeling his oats. His wife was oblivious to the goings on
next door, which was surprising. The odds would suggest that at some
point she would notice the slut doing her thing on the deck or that she
would notice him peering over there all the time. He had waited long
enough, though. He was getting tired of the distant, leaf blocked

Upon entering their house, he didn't notice any outright hostility.
Maybe they would try to be nice and persuade him to give it up. But he
held the cards. Certainly they knew that. He knew what their first
question would be.

"What do you want?" Steven asked.

And he knew the second.

"How did you get the pictures?" Hayley asked.

Good. Good. "Don't you know what I do? I own and manage an internet
service provider. The same ISP that a certain Dr. Richard Gilliam
used. I pretty much mind my own business there, but when a site starts
taking on bandwidth, it slows the server and we get unhappy customers.
So, a site spiked. I checked it, only to find that the," he looked
wolfishly at Hayley, "prime piece of wife meat next door not only
flashes her neighbors but fucks around, too."

"So I kept checking the site for updates, but there weren't any. And
then, as luck would have it, I had just finished handling a small
emergency in the middle of the night, and I thought I would check out
his site yet again. After all, if he kept up the volume, we were going
to have to charge him extra or encourage him to move elsewhere. So I
noticed the files were being deleted. Quickly. We have a backup
server, though, and it was quite easy to copy the contents safely into
my own hard drive space."

At this, Hayley just looked down at the floor, sinking her face into
her hands. It was curious how she didn't seem to defend the material,
or even be embarrassed about it. She only seemed miffed that he
possessed it. "Slut" had been a pet term, in his own desirous way, but
maybe it was right. Steven was speaking, "I'll repeat the question,
what do you want?"

"A lot. I've thought about it. But first, here's what you'll get.
I'll smudge or black out her face so she won't be recognized. Some of
the shots will be free, and I'll post them across the web to draw
business to the site. And then I'll charge for full access. And what
people will be paying for is my," he reconsidered, "our. little
plaything here. A customer wants to see Hayley a certain a
certain place.doing a certain thing.then she'll act it out, and you'll
record it for me."

"What makes you think we'll do that?" asked Steven.

He grinned, and gave them a piece of paper. "This is why I waited so
long. I had to research both of you. Parents, friends, employer, it's
all there. And it would take mere moments to post your names and
address right there on the web page. Don't cooperate, and the world
will know. You figure the results."

Steven looked angry, but his features settled as he seemed to realize
he had been outplayed before the game began. Hayley only had a glazed
look on her face. Was she thinking about what would happen if all
her friends and family knew, or was she thinking about what he was
going to make her do? "How far is this going to go?" asked Hayley.
Good. It was the latter.

"As far as what you'll be doing? I don't know. I guess it will be a
test of the free enterprise system. What do they want? What will they
pay? I can't place restrictions on what they suggest, but it will be
in my interest to make sure you don't get harmed or arrested." He
reached into his pocket. "This is a loaner. It's a digital camera.
It will also take video for about a minute. Steven, come here and I'll
show you how to work this thing."

Steven came over slowly, obviously distrustful and his face expressing
more than a little distaste at his neighbor. That was fine. "And tell
your wife to take off her shirt. I've been dying to see those tits up
close." He watched as Steven thought for a moment, looked at his wife
and nodded to her. Jack could see a moment of astonishment on Hayley's
face as her husband was giving her the signal to bare her breasts to
another man. He hadn't planned on seeing her naked so early, but.why
not? He HAD been waiting to seem them up close. "And the bra, too!"

The shirt came swiftly over her head. She reached behind her back,
and.he about came in his pants. This was better than a strip club.
She wasn't used to exhibiting herself, and he didn't have to pay. And
those breasts were.perfect. ( Her
nipples were hard points, and he couldn't help but wonder if she was
turned on. He reviewed the instructions with Steven while taking
pictures. "Hey, that's good. Now raise your arms over your head."
This was too easy. After he had taken about 30 pictures, he removed
the data cartridge and handed Steven a blank. "I'll just keep this one
for now. It will make for good intro shots, especially with a
narrative about your agreement to do.anything." He laughed.

He moved closer to his neighbor, looked her in the eyes and reached for
her breasts, feeling her nipples tickle the palm of his hands before he
closed in on them, feeling their weight, their warmth. To see them was
one thing, to feel them. She closed her eyes at his touch. He stepped
behind her, cupping them both, while Steven watched, getting angrier.
"Don't worry Steven. I won't fuck your wife.I'm afraid of disease."
Hayley began to protest but he put his hand up to silence her. "I have
no idea how many others she's fucked. I'm just looking forward to the
pictures of who she fucks in the future. I'll be in touch."
Hayley kept a watch on the website. Within hours, Jack had posted the
pictures of her tits, but, true to his word, he had either cropped her
face from the picture of blanked it so that she wasn't recognizable.
The walls behind her would be, but that was just a risk she had to

She and Steven had debated means of getting out of this. Confronting
Jack's wife had been the obvious solution. It would get him in
trouble, but it wouldn't stop Jack from contacting their friends and
posting their names and address on the site. In fact, it would seem to
guarantee it.

Murder and arson weren't feasible alternatives. Jail didn't seem like
a good option, and they weren't sure if being blackmailed would be an
adequate cause. Besides, then the press would investigate and publish
the whole sordid story.

Faced with no workable options, their conversation had turned towards
what Jack might require that they do. The speculation didn't help
matters. It made them both mad, and it proved to be a pointless
speculation. After a fast, furious fuck, each had admitted that the
perils ahead turned them on to a degree, but that it was just too
dangerous. She told herself that she could make the best of a bad
situation. She had before.

It was Wednesday that the website changed. Highlighted by a flashing
arrow, it said, "Our first challenge has been received. Within three
days, Hayley will stand in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart without a
shirt or bra on. And she will hold a calendar pointing to the current
day to prove that this slut is for real."

Hayley felt anxious, of all things. Not embarrassed. Relief, perhaps,
on such a simple assignment. But there was an excitement to it. She
called Steven in. After reading, he, too, looked relieved.

"Hayley, are you sure you can do this?"

"You know I can. I went through worse with the doctor, didn't I? If
it weren't for that damned Jack forcing us, it might even be fun." She
had a glimmer in her eye. Yes, it would be fun.

They waited until day three to do it, only to spite Jack and to avoid
seeming eager. They went in the morning, when the sun was shining but
the customers few. They drove around the parking lot several times
and finally picked a spot where the store would be visible behind her,
along with some parked cars. But the camera wouldn't show their van
blocking her from the view of the majority of the parking area. Steven
stood outside, and after making sure there was no one in the vicinity,
he signaled Hayley and readied the camera.

Hayley stepped out of the sliding van door, wearing nothing but her
sneakers and blue jean shorts. Steven was already clicking away
before she opened the calendar and pointed to July 14th. Hayley
couldn't help but smile at the obvious hard-on in Steven's pants. He
continued to click away. When he finished with the camera, she gave
her nipple a tweak just to tease him and quickly hopped back into the
van, which was fortunate, because a traffic light must have signaled
and cars were approaching fast.

Steven quickly entered the driver's seat and looked back at her half-
naked body. "I don't suppose you want to tease me some more?"

Hayley didn't say anything. The van was air-conditioned, and it had
dark tinted windows except on the front window. Her silence caused
him to look into her eyes, and then she grinned and reclined the seat,
unbuttoning her jeans and unzipping just a twinge. Steven didn't seem
to understand that it wasn't just a tease. She lifted her hips,
unzipped fully, and began sliding her shorts down her legs...

"You can't mean." But she did. And he accepted the invitation.
The photos were quickly posted by Jack, along with their next mission:
"Sure, the parking lot was easy. But let's see those bare tits where
other people are more likely to see them! Pictures will arrive in
three more days from a carpet golf course, one picture from each hole,
in the evening when the course is full."

Hayley sighed, but her pulse quickened. It would be fun, but then, it
wouldn't. A flash here or there was one thing, but using a camera at
each hole would immediately draw attention to the subject of the
photograph. She decided that bending over, bra-less, would meet the
definition of "bare tits," and avoid public derision. However, her
clothing didn't help.

Her assortment of tops was limited. A tank top didn't work because the
neck was too high for a "bending over" shot. A string tied top worked
great for the shot, but her tits stretched the fabric and would draw
too much attention. In fact, any blouse she wore bra-less seemed
inadequate as her 38 C's, in their unsupported state, seemed very
conspicuous. Finally, they opted for the obvious, a bikini top. She
would just have to flash the camera instead of letting Steven take a
picture each time she bent over to pick up or place a ball. There just
wasn't a way of doing this without making a scene.

So they went, but when most people were eating dinner. Three to four
holes ahead of them were empty, and Hayley found it relatively easy to
pose for the pictures. She would pretend to hug a plastic lion, and
Steven would pretend to take a picture until he was sure no one was
looking. Then she would flash a tit and move on to some other silly
pose. This worked well for the first 9 holes, and the tenth hole was
the easiest as they played through a tunnel. She pulled her bikini up
over both breasts for the first time, and with a cheesecake posture,
gave a wink and a smile. This was fun! And Steven enjoyed it, too.
At the 12th hole, they noticed that a noisy group of teenage boys was
playing several holes behind them, and not seriously. That meant they
would either play very slow, or very fast. After flashing Steven while
standing behind a fake waterfall, Hayley realized they were gaining,

At the 14th hole, they had caught up. Steven played his ball first, and
when Hayley sank her putt, she crouched with her back to the boys,
exposed her left nipple, and Steven quickly got the shot. It was at
the end of the 15th hole as Hayley tried to nonchalantly repeat this
flash that she realized the boys, well.late teens. had been suddenly
quieted and were speaking in hushed tones. They were on to her.

She pulled Steven aside, and they agreed to let the boys "play
through." The boys quickly finished the hole they had just played, and
although they agreed to go on, each stole more than an idle glance at
her breasts. She didn't mind it so much, but her nipples involuntarily
hardened beneath the bikini fabric, which made them stare the more.
They continued to play after the boys went ahead, but they were aware
of at least two of the boys watching at all times. When she picked up
the ball, she turned her back to them once again and flashed Steven,
aware of the giggling behind her. At the 17th hole, there were still no
good concealed places, so she was forced to do the same thing. The
boys had not left the tee area of the 18th, and as she began raising the
fabric of her bikini top for Steven, their whispering was almost in her
ear. "Oh man, she is hot! You know he's getting an eyeful!" With
this, Hayley looked back over her shoulder and smiled at the boys, and
she was certain that Steven had the shot with them in the background.

The 18th hole was a problem. The problem was that she sunk her putt for
a hole-in-one, and the boys now surrounded the area. There was no way
she was going to be able to flash for the camera without one of them
seeing her. In addition, the area beyond was full of teens and others
paying for their games and waiting to start on the nearby first hole.

Steven apparently recognized the problem, and his solution was

"Hey guys, I need your help. Would you stand next to my wife there at
the hole. That's it. Two on each side." Hayley realized he had
formed a wall of sorts between her and the crowd. "Hayley, put your
arms around their shoulders. Good. Okay, you two closest to her. I
think you know what I want you to do." He smiled, and nodded while
looking at her breasts.

Hayley heard "oh, man!" and "yes!" on either side of her as she felt
two hands lift her bikini. The boys made no pretense at posing for the
camera, grabbing a quick feel of her breasts as they stared at them in
disbelief. The boys on either end, not wanting to be left out, also
grabbed her roughly, giving her a squeeze. Steven snapped the
pictures, and it was a long moment before she realized that one of them
had untied her bikini string at the back and another had pulled it


As she reached for it, they pulled away, and she was aware that a few
others nearby were now looking. She covered her breasts with her
arms, and Steven quickly removed his shirt and placed it around her
shoulders. She and Steven quickly headed to the van, followed by the
boys. She spoke over her shoulder to them, saying "That's it guys.
Show's over."

At the van, Hayley turned to make sure the boys weren't following them,
and, although she wouldn't have minded another fuck in the van, she
felt it was best to leave the area. As they drove past the course,
Hayley saw that there were a number of faces were looking at them, some
laughing and some.possibly hostile. What the hell. She didn't know
any of them.

The following day, she leaned against the computer desk with Steven
taking her from behind as they both gazed at the pictures on the
website. She felt somewhat guilty for contributing to the delinquency
of minors, but what Steven was doing to her made her forget about all

Jack was quite satisfied. The parking lot had been his idea and the
golf was from someone at the site. Now he was getting all kinds of
requests. How much could he get her to do? Those teens grabbing her
tits had been a great surprise, and it hinted that she would comply
with a lot of the requests on the site. And as Hayley appeared to be
such a willing slut, he began asking himself why shouldn't he fuck her?
A little safe sex.his wife would never know.but he wasn't sure yet. It
was time to take someone's request and amend it slightly. If she would
do this.maybe she really was his to do anything he wanted. He hadn't
imagined that the possibilities would be He had expected
compromises, like limiting pictures to their bedroom, but they seemed
almost familiar with this sort of blackmail.

Steven awoke and checked the web site early. "Our slut has been very
cooperative. And your requests have been.entertaining. But she
doesn't know about them yet, because I do them one at a time. Next,
Hayley will expose both her breasts and her cunt in a crowded bar. And
just so she doesn't blend in for a quick flash, she'll wear a red
dress, high heels, and bright red lipstick."

Hayley thought long and hard about this. And Steven did, too. They
debated the time of day, the particular bar, possibly getting a pool
table where it might be less crowded. the options went on and on.
Finally, they decided just to get it over with and drove around,
looking for the right place. Neither of them was in the habit of going
to bars, even occasionally. After over an hour of driving, Hayley
said, "That's it. This one."

Steven looked at the old metal building, painted blue and white, with
the obligatory neon beer signs in the windows. There were a good
number of cars parked out front, more than at some of the others they
had seen. "Why this one?"

"Because it's nowhere near where we live and I want to get it over
with. Here's the plan."

Steven entered the bar alone. He was surprised to find the bar counter
so near the front. There were booths and pool tables around the side.
The place was smoky, which he hated, and the bar was about half full.
He sat at a table near the door, which was across a small aisle from
the bar, opposite several empty stools. He noticed there weren't any
women around. It was all guys - 20's, 30's, 40's. Not a rough bunch,
but maybe an after work crowd. He hoped it wasn't a gay bar.then
decided that it would probably be easier if it was. For Hayley,

She entered. It wasn't like a western movie when everything halts as
someone enters the saloon. Only the guys at the bar noticed, but the
conversation did stop. Hayley's red dress had a halter top, and the
hem ended about mid-thigh. She had found some red high heeled shoes at
a thrift store, and they made her look as expensive as they cost. No
stockings. And the lipstick. Glossy.

Hayley walked up to a bar stool and sat down. Without a purse, it was
sort of obvious she wasn't there to buy anything. A guy on the nearest
stool, looking her up and down, asked, "Hey, lady, can I buy you a

Hayley spun her stool so that her back was to the bar, looked over her
shoulder at him and said, "No. I'm just here to have my picture
taken." The guy looked confused as she spread her legs on the stool
and pulled the hem up. She pulled the top of her dress down and heard
Steven clicking away. She had planned on about 3 seconds, but the
first 2 seemed to last an hour. She abruptly hopped off the seat,
kicked off her shoes and ran towards the door, pulling her dress back
up in the process. Steven just beat her to the door to open it for her
and followed behind. A drawn out "Daaaammmmmnnation!" echoed in her
ears. Their van was parked just outside the door, illegally, but it
had seemed appropriate, somehow. Within seconds, they were off as
several men opened the bar door, watching them leave.

On the way home, Hayley took the camera to look at the pictures.
Steven had taken nine, some of them including the quick strip and one
of her hopping off the stool. She didn't realize until she saw the
pictures that she had looked at the men at the bar the whole time she
had adjusted her clothes, and a couple of the pictures showed that they
weren't keeping eye contact. They were definitely checking her out.
She had wanted to make certain that they didn't make any moves towards
her, but the pictures suggested she was tempting them. It might have
been easier to try to sneak some pictures in the bar, but she felt
certain that the "show and go" was the better option. And the pictures
did show.

The next challenge was a step backwards, thankfully. She enjoyed going
to outdoor concerts, and the amphitheater was perfect for the shot
Jack, or whoever, wanted. She wore a summer dress and no bra. Before
the concert began, Steven left the seats and was a good number of rows
back when she stood, turned around and bent over to look through her
purse. The difficult part was Steven's, trying to take pictures of her
and not have the camera swiped by security. But then, it wasn't their
camera, so what the hell. She knew some people in the nearby seats
could see her tits clearly, but she just pretended like she was
completely oblivious and returned to her seat. Steven went several
rows beyond her, and she repeated the scene, this time spreading her
legs and discretely pulling her dress above her knees. By comparison,
this was innocent fun.

After getting her picture taken topless at a restaurant drive through
and flashing her cunt while leaning on a police car, Hayley had fallen
into sort of a comfortable routine. The exhibitionist pictures were
somewhat difficult, but Jack kept his word about distorting her face
when he posted them. And the sex with Steven was hot and frequent.
She couldn't complain.she just wished the neighbor wasn't a part of it.
But at least he wasn't asking for Yet she
knew, in time, he would.

Their next assignment was an elevator scene in a downtown hotel. The
catch was that it was to be a glass elevator, with her riding naked.
Completely without clothes. They only had several choices of hotels,
and they finally found one that seemed like it could work. Steven went
to the third floor of the atrium, where he stood along the rail, with a
good angle toward the elevator. Hayley waited below for the
opportunity to ride an elevator with no one in it, and no one in the
area that was in sight of it. Fortunately, the elevator faced away
from the registration desk, but it made her more conspicuous as she had
to linger in the lobby area waiting for her moment.

Finally, the opportunity arose, and she stepped in, pressing the "10"
button. She quickly moved to the glass wall, and as the elevator made
it past the first floor, she dropped her dress and waved at Steven.
The problem was at the fifth floor, when she felt the elevator begin to
slow to a stop. Eyes wide, she dropped to the floor to gather her
dress, which she had unfortunately stepped out of. As the doors
opened, she picked it up, turned, saw that it was two men, and tried to
keep a smile. "Excuse me" somehow escaped her lips, and she leaned
over to press the "close door" button. But as she did so, she had
stepped on the hem of her dress, and she lost her grip, exposing
herself completely. They were at least gentlemen of a sort, in that
they didn't rush the elevator.

She dressed quickly, pressed "8" and decided to take the stairs down to
the third floor to find Steven. She had approached this as a game,
almost. But it would not have taken much for those two men to. And
Steven would not have been around to help. Stupid.
Jack had been doing his own research. He had been driving around town
for hours, looking for the right place. And he didn't mind the time
away from home. Hayley's pictures were causing him to rub his cock
raw, and he was sore. On top of that, his wife seemed to notice that
he preferred to be alone in his office than with her, and she was
becoming quite a grouch. So even if the drive proved fruitless, it was
good to be out, mixing business and pleasure.
The next challenge moved what Steven and Hayley had started calling
"the game" to another level. The website read: "This time our horny
housewife is going to a motel, with her husband. And they'll have sex
there. Will anybody watch through the open window?"

"Huh?" was Steven's response. He hadn't anticipated being part of the
scene. A short time later, Jack rang at the door. "Here's the key to
the room and the address. Don't park in front of your room. Be there
tonight at 10:00 sharp. Keep the lights on. You can leave at
midnight. It had better be a good show, by the way." He turned and
left, laughing to himself.

There hadn't been any mention of taking pictures, which meant that
Jack, or someone else, would be doing that.
The motel was an old motor court and charged $29.99 per night. The
neon "vacancy" sign was burnt out, and there were only several cars
there, all parked near the office, which was dark. In fact, the whole
motel was dark. There weren't even any streetlights or porchlights.
It was a strange and creepy place. One of the cars was an El Camino,
which seemed appropriate for this particular motel. There had been a
swimming pool at some point, which was filled with dirt but still
marked by a dilapidated fence overgrown by high weeds. The motel court
was in three sections, made of concrete block, with chipping paint. It
was a dump.

They arrived at 9:55, and parked. Steven walked to the room and
unlocked it. He checked the closet and the bathroom to make sure that
it was all clear. Then he waved Hayley in. The first thing they
noticed was that the window would have to be "open," because the drapes
had been removed. They wouldn't be having sex beneath the sheets,
either, because all but the bottom sheet had been removed.

Just as the clock changed to 10:00, a vehicle approached, its
headlights filling the room. The lights went off, back on, and off.
"I guess that's our signal," said Steven.

Hayley leaned into him, giving him a kiss, her hand pressing against
his cock. He didn't understand why he should be so turned on,
especially as he had feared that he wouldn't be able to perform. But
even had Hayley not seemed so cooperative, he found himself looking
forward to what amounted to having sex on stage.

He turned with Hayley, so that he faced the window with her back to it.
With the lights on inside the room, he couldn't see anything outside
the window. But the sound of the vehicle was heavy, and he figured it
was a large van or sport utility. That helped, because it likely
blocked the view for anyone else at the road.

He had insisted that Hayley not dress sexy, just to tweak Jack and his
"good show" instructions. He lifted her T-shirt over her head and
tossed it on the floor. Then he reached behind her for her bra clasp,
which secured her plainest white bra, which fell away shortly. Hayley
responded by unbuttoning his knit shirt and pulling it over his head,
and then squatting to undo his shorts. She pulled the belt away, undid
the button, and lowered his zipper. His pants fell to his ankles, and
his underwear soon followed.

Hayley remained squatted, and began licking his cock. He didn't look
into the van, but knew that all they could see was her back and his
chest. Ha! And what Hayley was doing was really starting to feel
good. His attention was broken by a quick flash of the headlights, and
he knew what they wanted. All they had seen was Hayley's back, and
they couldn't see any of the "action." He told Hayley to stand and
then slowly turned her with his hands on her shoulders. As she turned,
he was imagining more and more of her breasts being revealed to whoever
was out there. Let them look. He was proud. He then reached around
and felt for the button on Hayley's jean shorts. He then pulled the
zipper down, and squatted, slowly removing her pants down her legs.

He reached between her legs and caught the front edge of her white
panties with his fingers, and these he pulled down, too. He stood
again, letting his hands trail over the curve of her hips, across her
abdomen, cupping her breasts and then giving her nipples a gentle
squeeze. He leaned in to kiss her neck. He became aware that there
was a slight reflection of her in the glass, and he watched as his
hands trailed down to her hairless cunt, where a finger found her clit.
Found her wet clit.

She turned, moving him sideways for the benefit of the watchers, and
she started sucking his cock. It was rare for her to do this, but this
time, she seemed eager. And it was the show that he had always wanted.
She looked up into his eyes, gave his cock long licks with her tongue,
teased the head of his cock with her teeth, then sucked him in. It
didn't take that long for those familiar feelings to start. "Whoa,
Hayley. Stop. If I cum now, the show will be over until I recover."

At this, Hayley said, "awwwww. I haven't finished you with my mouth
since college. This was your only chance." Then she hopped up to the
bed, laying down, and more or less obscenely spread her legs.

"Hayley, how can you be so forward with someone watching?"

"Because," she thought, remembering she hadn't told him about the group
at the doctor's house, "I'm turned on! Now suck me!"

Steven more or less dove in, as this was another rare offering from his
wife. She enjoyed the tease and she loved the sex, but the oral stuff
had never been a favorite. Flickering lights and a tug on his hair by
Hayley caused him to lean his head to one side, so that whoever could
see him lick his wife's cunt. While he was sure it made for a nice
view, it was hard on his tongue to stay extended far enough to do the
job but to keep his face from blocking the view.

He decided to let his fingers do the walking, laying next to her on the
bed. He had admired her cunt ever since she had shaved it. Without
the hair, it was a much more appealling place to play. He used both
hands briefly, each pulling her labia apart. She was soaked, and he
watched closely as he moved her lips to fashion a flower of sorts.
Then he began rubbing his finger along her clit, slowly, delighting in
the wiggling that it created in her. Then he slid a finger in, then
two. And he headed for her G-spot. This caused Hayley to thrash
somewhat on the bed and begin to moan. He could drive her to
frustration this way, but he had never finished her off. It seemed
like a good way to pass the time, though, and she certainly enjoyed it.

After five minutes, his hand was becoming cramped, so he withdrew his
fingers, which were coated with her juices. He sucked his fingers,
because she tasted good, and then felt a nudge to roll over. It was
Hayley's show from this point.

Hayley was frustrated from the fingers within her. As always, he
either couldn't stick with the rhythm or didn't stay in the right
place, or.whatever. It just never worked. She had Steven turn so
that his head was toward the door, but at angle to the window. Then
she straddled him, grabbing his erection and lowering onto him in one
sure stroke. As much as she liked foreplay and hated sex without it,
there was nothing she liked better than the feel of a cock inside her
when she was all warmed up and ready to go.

She leaned over, placing a breast at Steven's lips. She would have to
make sure he didn't cum too quickly. He always did in this position,
for some reason. She began grinding herself on his cock, making slow
circles with hips and giving his cock a squeeze when it suited her.
She lowered her breasts to his lips, alternating them, toying with him.
He reached for a nipple and pulled it downward in a rhythm with her
hips, sending shivers through her. And then he would bite slightly on
her other nipple with his teeth, and.she moaned. She looked up and out
the window as she continued circling her hips. She couldn't see the
car, but she could make out her own reflection. It was a show she
that was putting on.she could see it in the window. And somewhere
beyond that window was.who was it? Was it Jack? Probably not. He
didn't have a truck. Was it a man and his wife? A group of guys?
Were they looking into her eyes, or at her breasts? Were they filming
her, too? Would the blackmail ever end?

She could feel Steven tensing. Not yet, dear, she thought. She
straightened and squatted on her feet, her hands on his pelvis. She
began a slow, very slow descent on his cock, enjoying the feel within
her as he penetrated within her. When she bottomed out, she slowly
raised herself, taking joy in the pleasure that she saw in Steven's
face. She was going much too slow to make him cum, but the feeling
remained exquisite. She realized that she and Steven had never had sex
in front of a mirror, and she returned her attention to the reflection
in the window. She could see almost the full length of Steven's six
inches, and watched as it slowly disappeared within her. And back up.
And down. And back up. Her legs tired. Enough. She climbed off,
getting on her hands and knees.

"Steven, fuck me now." She felt a hand on her hip and the other feel
its way to her cunt. Then, suddenly, she was full. "Oh, yes. That's
it, fuck me hard!"

Steven slowly retracted his cock, and she backed into him to re-state
her desire. "Fuck me, dammit! Fuck me hard!"

It didn't take much verbal encouragement to get what she wanted out of
Steven. He began pounding her, his cock filling her, his balls
slapping against her. Her breasts swung with each thrust, her nipples
grazing the bed sheet. She hated that she was doing this because of
Jack, but this was so much more enjoyable than it had been with the
doctor or his friends. It was just the two of them, except they were
being watched. And it turned her on. "That's it! That's it!
Harder! Fuck me! I want to feel you cum inside me. Her heart was
racing, and she could tell Steven was about to cum. Then he pulled
out, and just as she was about to express her anger, she felt a stream
of cum land across her back, then another. Then she felt his hands
rubbing his jism into her back.

She didn't want that! She rolled over onto her back and spread her
legs, inserting two fingers, working her clit furiously. "Come here
and kiss me!" Steven did, but then he moved to her breasts, which he
cupped and began sucking. Then she heard him speak, and it surprised
her. "That's it Hayley, fuck yourself with those fingers. Spread your
legs wide, show them your pussy. Show them how hot a wife you are."
She felt his mouth again at her nipples, and she wasn't going to be
deprived of her climax. She bucked, causing Steven to bite her nipple
slightly, but she continued through the pain as the orgasm hit and
washed through her body. She remained there, aware of Steven petting
her body, tracing the surface of her skin with the softest touch.

When she awoke, the lights were off. The window was open, and she was
pretty sure that the vehicle was no longer outside the window. Steven
was rubbing her back, her hips, and her legs, with a light touch.
"What time is it?"

"It's a little after midnight. You've been asleep for about 15

"When did the truck leave?"

"Soon after you climaxed and they realized that the show was over. I
got up and turned the lights off, and away they went. But I saw them
just before they turned on their headlights. It was a man and a woman.
I didn't recognize them, but it wasn't Jack. There was no sign of a
video camera, either. I was worried about that. You okay?"

"Yeah. At some point I'm going to have to sort out my feelings about
all this. There's one part of me that says this has all been great
fun, aside from the guys at the elevator. But then there's another
part of me that wants to crush Jack."

Steven replied, "I know how you feel. In a way, it's like a gift that
Dr. Gilliam gave us. Our sex life was rather stale before all this
happened, and now."

"And now, there has to be a point when all of this comes to an end. I
don't trust Jack, and eventually something bad is going to happen." It
dawned on Hayley that her fantasy, being controlled sexually by another
man, had changed. The sex was, she had to admit, an enjoyable context,
but the feeling that she craved was to defeat her captor. She had
beaten Dr. Gilliam. She could do it to Jack. Her romance novels had
it all wrong, falling in love with the captor. In her favorite book,
and in all of them it seemed, the heroine was captured and raped, then
overcame her captive by making him love her. How silly she had been.
If the historical fictions were written in a current setting, the same
author would have people picketing her home. And be deserving of it.

She looked at her husband for several long moments, seeing the man who
had captured her heart. He raised his eyebrows in question. "Steven,
make love to me."
The website was again updated. There were a few pictures posted of
Hayley sucking Steven's cock and of him fondling her breasts. But
apparently, their audience was too distracted to take any other
pictures. "I'll bet Jack is disappointed," said Hayley. "What's with
the next mission?"

Steven read over her shoulder. ""Next, my slut neighbor will. well,
just imagine. But I'll post the pictures afterward."

"I guess he'll let us know." Steven noticed that Jack was now
accepting American Express and Discover, whereas before it was Visa and
Mastercard. Business must be on the rise. It was a compliment. Of

Jack was feeling his oats. Hayley, he was now confident, would do
whatever was needed. But it surprised him that Steven seemed just as
willing. And they wouldn't know it, but he had them to thank for his
newest, and largest, client. It had been accidental that it had worked
out, but. Who would have known that when he was showing the prospect
his computer server system, that this person would recognize the
ongoing monitor on bandwith, and then have the curiosity to ask what
website was drawing so much traffic? Jack hadn't claimed that the
website was his, but when his customer said that he would like to see
Hayley in action, he couldn't help but add, "What if I could arrange

And so he had. In the motel room. And it was nice and anonymous for
his client, who had now signed on the dotted line, with the
understanding that it was a "one time only" negotiating perk. And if
he wanted to renegotiate later, then.Hayley would just have to
accommodate him. It was amazing how everything was coming together.
Coming together. Yes, it was time for Jack to give himself a reward.
Then the phone rang.

After hanging up the phone, he decided he better take his reward now,
rather than later. He drove home, knowing that his wife would be out.
Then he walked across the yard to Hayley's house and rang the doorbell.

Hayley opened the door with a curt, "What do you want?" Jack just
smiled and stepped inside the house.

"Well, it's about your next mission. When was the last time you and
Steven had sex?"

Hayley tried to think about why this was important to know, but decided
that it couldn't hurt anything. "This morning. Before he went to

"Perfect. You asked what I want. It's you."

Hayley didn't understand the line of questioning, but she understood
that Jack now wanted to fuck her. "I thought you were afraid of

"Yeah. I'm going to risk it."

"What about your wife? Isn't she home?"

"She went to her mom's house for a week, and I didn't do anything to
discourage her." Jack held her by the wrist and led her up the stairs
to her bedroom, which he had never scene before except on videotape.
"Where do you keep your sex toys, and where is the camera?"

Hayley went to the bathroom and pulled out a black bag which contained
her vibrators, blindfold, and bondage straps. She found the camera
downstairs and returned with it.

As turned on as she had been at Dr. Gilliam's house, or with Dr.
Gilliam for that matter, Hayley felt nothing but violated as Jack
removed her clothes. His manner was somewhat rough, and he pawed at
her breasts, pinching them and sucking on them as if he didn't care
what it felt like to her. But then, he probably didn't. Then he had
her lay on the bed while he used the straps to secure her to the four
corners. Hayley felt like she could cry, but she didn't want to give
in to him. She wished Steven was home. A steely hostility took over
as he felt her body with his hands, leisurely but roughly. She felt
sorry for his wife.

He undressed, and she was sorry to see that his cock was slightly
larger than Steven's. She had enjoyed the notion that he was blessed
with a 3" nub. When he entered her, she wasn't wet, and he forced his
way in. It hurt before it began to feel better. And even after it
began to feel good, she wouldn't allow herself to participate by moving
her body. She didn't want him to enjoy it. Hayley's mind started to
wander to dinner. What would she cook? Hayley couldn't imagine why he
chose now as the time to take her. Was it his intention to be fucking
her when Steven returned? She ducked a kiss to look at her clock.
5:10. Steven would be home in 20 minutes.

Without her help, it seemed that Jack was quite content to just to
thrust within her. He was in no particular hurry, apparently, and he
continued to grab at her tits as best he could while maintaining his
balance. It made sense, in a way, that he handled her tits so much.
His wife was almost flat-chested. Ha. `You can't have everything,'
came to mind, but then she realized that, yes, he could, and he did.
She could probably expect him to fuck her any day he wanted to.
Something had to be done.

For fifteen minutes he fucked her, removing his cock apparently when he
was close to cumming, making it last. Steven would be here in about
five minutes, she thought. Murder could happen. Jack started
increasing his rhythm and thrusting harder. She didn't encourage him,
and it was all she could do not to move with him. Finally, she just
closed her eyes as she felt him cum within her, a faint heat source
within her, fading away. She felt him withdraw, but kept her eyes
closed. She didn't want to see his face, and particularly any sign of

She felt a shift in movement on the bed, and then realized he was
placing a blindfold on her. Then she felt a towel between her legs,
apparently cleaning her up. Then, ear muffs. She had forgotten those
were in the bag. What was he up to? And finally, a gag. She wasn't
sure what cloth he was using. She knew there weren't any of those in
the bags.Steven would never use one.

Then she felt something on her abdomen. It tickled. Writing. What
was he writing? Why did men seem to like to write on her body? Maybe
he saw one of Dr. Gilliam's pictures. She heard a faint low toned
murmur, and she hoped it was the garage door. Good. Get this guy out
of the house. Or maybe it was the air-conditioner turning on, as she
felt cold air blow against her skin.

Steven returned home from work, tired. Tired from working, tired of
the reality of what his sex life had become. Hayley's "events" were a
thing of the past. Now it was all about Jack. Whereas he had taken so
much joy in the sexual acts that Hayley had put on while controlled by
Dr. Gilliam, even with his suspicions, and while he could admit that
what Jack had made them do was fun, it was interesting that their last
several times together, he and Hayley had enjoyed just making
love.holding each other, caressing each other, kissing lightly and
passionately.or just feeling the other's hands during the afterglow.

"Hayley?" No answer. Her car was in the garage.

She wasn't downstairs, so he headed upstairs. He found his wife
spread-eagled on the bed. Tied. Earmuffs even. He didn't really want
her this way, some other time, yes. But he didn't want to disappoint
her after she managed to get herself.laid out like this. He saw there
was a message on her abdomen. Written in lipstick. "I've been saving
it all day. Eat me."

Steven didn't know what to make of this. She usually emptied herself
shortly after they made love. And he was no stranger to the taste of
his cum.he had licked it from her breasts many times. But, he couldn't
recall sucking it from her cunt. But if that's what she wanted. He
undressed and got up on the bed and approached her cunt. She was hot.
She must have played with a vibrator before she tied herself up.

He extended his tongue, lightly tracing her labia. She didn't move.
She was playing it cool. We'll see about that. He blew against her
sex. Nothing. He found her clit and pressed against it, slowly with
more pressure. Nothing. He used his fingers to spread her lips
slightly.they remained open easily. He began licking the outside of
her cunt in wet, wide strokes, enjoying the smoothness of her hairless
skin. He saw that she shivered slightly. He then inserted his tongue
into her hole, amazed at the wetness inside. She must have played with
herself a lot to be so lubricated. And as his tongue withdrew, he not
only tasted his cum, but smelled it. He liked the smell of it and
pressed his nose against her pussy, then rubbed her clit with it. Then
he went inside with his tongue again, licking her juices, and his. He
didn't realize it would stay so moist or so.pungent.through a day. She
begain raising her hips to meet his face, and he licked again, sucking
in his cum. Well, she was into it now. He backed away from her cunt
to blow against it again, softly. He was amazed to see some cum
dribble from her open hole. He licked it up with the tip of his
tongue, removing it from her flesh with the lightest pressure possible.
He heard her moan. Just as he thrust his tongue inside her, he became
aware that he was being watched.

It was Jack. He had been in the closet, and he was holding the camera.
Jack said, "See you later." He heard his laugh, short little "heh's,"
trail off down the stairs. Whatever. Oral sex must be the theme for
the website. Steven was still turned on, and he moved up Hayley's
body. His cock slid within her easily and he began to fuck her. She
moved her head slightly, and he assumed she wanted the gag off. It
looked uncomfortable. He wasn't sure where the cloth had come from.
Slowly grinding within her and resting on an elbow, he managed to untie
the cloth and remove it. He knew the earmuffs would hurt after a while
and removed those as well. Then the blindfold.

Hayley's eyes adjusted momentarily, then looked astonished, then
horrified. "What?" Steven asked.

"Nothing. Just.fuck me."

Steven leaned forward to give her a kiss, and he was surprised that she
kept her eyes wide open, as she normally closed them during sex. Her
mouth parted, taking in gasps of air as he began thrusting within her,
her jaw quivering with sexual tension, and he could tell that she was
approaching orgasm. But there was a look about her face that suggested
he was a stranger to her. Or something. It was odd. Maybe it was
because she remained tied to the bed. Finally, her eyelids snapped
shut and she buckled in orgasm. He came within her, and, exhausted,
all but collapsed on her.

Her eyes opened, and the strange look remained on her face. "Is
something wrong?"

She didn't answer. So he kissed her, hoping, if anything, to close her
eyes again. And it was then that her body began to tremble. Her eyes
were open, staring at him in a way, but she was into the kiss.

She broke away for a moment. "Steven. Untie me, please. And me again? Please?"

Several hours later, Hayley called Steven into the library, where they
kept their computer. "I want to do something first, before you see the
website." She began taking his clothes off. His cock was limp, having
fucked Hayley twice since arriving home. "I love seeing it when it's
soft." Okay, sure. She reached over, and turned on the power to the
computer monitor.

Steven looked at the screen, which, not surprisingly, was showing
Jack's website. The picture was scrolled down a bit, and he saw
pictures from the afternoon. He wasn't surprised to see pictures of
his blurred face, licking at his wife's cunt. He was aware that Hayley
kept checking out his cock, which remained soft. His only thought was
that he wished he had kept un-blurred copies of all the pictures, but
he wouldn't tell Hayley that. He reached over to the mouse and
scrolled the picture upwards.

"CREAM PIE" No big deal; he enjoyed it. There was smaller text.
"These pictures were taken when the slut's husband returned home from
work. He ate her out, but good. It was strange for me really. Not to
watch and take pictures of them. That was great. The strange part was
that he didn't know that I had just finished fucking her, and that he
was eating my cum out of her cunt! And, of course, that was the
challenge that had to be kept secret. And he didn't suspect a thing!
Come back in a couple days to see the slut's biggest challenge yet!"

Steven was dumbfounded. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Hayley let a short silence linger, then answered, "I was gagged.

"Why did you let him fuck you?"

"For the same reason we've been his little sex puppets. He surprised
me. He told us he wouldn't fuck me, remember? Well, he changed his

"So, what then? He can fuck you anytime?" Jealousy. He had never
really known the feeling. His neighbor fucking his wife?

"Look at yourself. Ever since you learned he fucked me, you're cock
has been huge. So maybe you can tell me what turns you on about it.
My guess is that he'll fuck me until we can figure a way out of this.
I was resigned when the doctor forced me to have sex. I can do it
again." There was a long silence. "Look, we both knew this was going
to happen, if not him, then it would be somebody else. `Absolute power
corrupts absolutely,' right?"

"It almost sounds like you enjoyed it."

"What, am I supposed to hate sex? He tied me up and fucked me. I did
my best just to lay there, and I can't imagine that he had much fun.
He was rough the way he grabbed at me, too."

"Well, you didn't seem to be stone cold when I ." Steven faltered.

Hayley was quiet, clearly trying to think of what to say. "Jack
fucked me, and it wasn't great. It wasn't even good. I just wanted
him to leave. He came inside me about three minutes before you showed
up. I heard a faint noise through the ear muffs, and I thought it was
the air-conditioning. I knew you would be home anytime, but it didn't
seem like any time at all before he, that is, you, started licking me.
I started imagining that it was you doing it, because I hated that he
was licking my sex. Anyway, the fantasy took over, and.I didn't know
that it would turn me on."

"Thinking of me licking your cunt? No. You mean thinking of me
licking his cum! I can't believe that."

"Well, believe it. When you kissed me afterwards, I smelled his cum on
your breath. That's why I wanted you to fuck me. I liked the smell."

"You liked the smell? When I've licked my cum off your tits, you don't
want me to get near your face."

"I know, Steven. It surprised me, too."

"So when you told me to eat you again, what was it to you? That I was
eating my cum, or his again?"

Hayley didn't answer, directly, anyway. "Look at you. You're leaking
pre-cum. What can I do to make it up to you?"

The doorbell rang early the next morning. Steven had just left for
work. It was Jack. "I was surprised I didn't hear anything from
Steven. He must have enjoyed it." Jack came inside and removed
Hayley's robe, leaving her naked in the foyer. It was too early for

Hayley didn't say anything.

"So, I figure he liked it. And I decided to leave him another
surprise." Jack pushed her toward the steps. Jack wasn't much for
words that morning, either. Hayley again tried her "lame" posture,
then he told her to get on top and ride him. She did. She didn't feel
guilty about it. It was more of a sadness that she was being used by
so worthless a person. She at least had respect, of a sort, for the
doctor. But Jack just made her feel cheap. He came quickly inside

"I can guess that you would probably like me to leave. But not today.
I've wondered how many times I could fuck a woman in a single day."

It became painful in the late afternoon. Hayley knew how many times
Jack had fucked her, because he was counting. And it was during the
eighth that he seemed to go on forever. He seemed to be having a
harder and harder time getting to orgasm. The second and third times
she admitted to herself that she had enjoyed, and she was mad at
herself after orgasming after both. Jack knew that she was becoming
responsive and revelled verbally in "fucking his neighbor's slut wife
good." Despite his verbal antics, it felt good, and it was impossible
for her to stay still. And she was at least rewarded by Jack not being
so rough with her. He wasn't good, but he wasn't bad. But after seven
times, her cunt and her tits were sore. She was tired of kissing a man
that was not her husband, and she was tired on sucking on his cock
between rounds. He finally came within her, and they both knew that
Steven was due home at any minute. Just like yesterday.

"Well, I guess the number is going to stay at 8. Even if I had the
rest of the evening, I don't think my back could take any more. I'm
not that out of shape,, it hurts."

Hayley couldn't resist a small joke. "Well, stop fucking around and
see a doctor."

Steven looked at her, grinned slightly while holding her gaze for a few
seconds, then said, "Get your bondage ropes."

Hayley replied, "Not again."

"Oh yes. Again. There's something I like about letting it be clearly
known that I fucked you. " He tied her up. "And, I want you to be
available tomorrow at 4:30." He began to leave.

"Jack.can I ask a favor?" That stopped him.

Hayley heard Jack leave through the front door. At least, she hoped he
was gone and wasn't playing a trick. It was another 20 minutes before
Steven arrived home and found her upstairs. She wasn't blindfolded or
gagged this time, just spread eagled as before.

She said, "Don't worry, he's gone, I'm pretty sure." Steven looked her
over. She knew she was a mess. The sheets were soaked. She had hoped
to take a shower in the morning. Obviously, that had never happened.
She knew that her cunt lips were red and swollen, that there was dried
cum all around her sex, and that a little bit of Jack's cum dribbled
out now and then. "Eat my cum. J!" was written on her shaved mons.
And he had written with a Sharpie pen in thick block letters. She
didn't know how long it would take to wash it off.

Steven untied her legs, then her hands. He looked worried. He was
about to climb next to her on the bed. "I'm okay, Steven, but I want
you to take your clothes off, first." He shook his head, not sure if
he should. "Go ahead. I want you to." He did, and climbed next to
her on the bed. He leaned next to her face to give her a kiss. It was
a short one. She was sure he could smell Jack's sweaty cock on her
breath. She could.

She traced his cheek with a finger. "Honey, you know I love you." She
nudged him and pulled him atop her.

"Hayley, I." She put a finger to his mouth.

"Ssshhhhhhhh." She couldn't explain, but she began pushing him on his
shoulders, down her body.


"Ssshhhhhhhh." A tear formed in her eye, surprising her. She put her
hands on the sides of his head. Her vision of this moment was what had
gotten her through the day. "I'm so sorry." She spread her legs wide
and pushed his head in to her sex, then closed her legs around him.

She felt him pierce her cunt tentatively with his tongue and begin
lapping her juices.mingled.with.another man's.cum. It wasn't that his
tongue felt that good. She could hardly feel him. Still it was the
thought, the anticipation, and the sight of him.she screamed in orgasm.
Her body convulsed for the next five minutes as she held Steven in
place. She finally relaxed her leg muscles, and he withdrew. cum was
on his face. And her juices, too, she knew. But mostly cum. She
couldn't help but look. "Did you get it all?"

Steven replied with a relatively muted, "yeah."

She sat up and traced the ridge of his nose, and a cheek. She placed
the cum that gathered on her fingers at his lips and said, "No. No you
didn't." It took three more passes with her finger, before she turned
over onto her knees. It would be like yesterday, she decided, as she
felt him enter her. One more time.

"Just stay here and give me about five minutes. And use this."

Jack hurried next door. This was his big opportunity. With his newest
client came this business contact, and it was unexpected in its scope.
To run an internet service provider was simple enough, and, once you
had enough business subscribers and began hosting and maintaining
sites, you could earn a decent living. But he wasn't in it for that.
He liked what he did, sure, but he had started it with the hope of one
day selling it to a larger company, reaping a cash windfall. ISP's
weren't the hot commodity lately, but Henry appeared to have the cash
and the history to make a good offer.

Hayley answered the door. He was really quite happy with himself,
although he realized that this was probably the last time he would fuck
her. After all, he really was afraid of disease.

"Go get your blindfold," he said. She returned with it, along with a
very unhappy look on her face. "Cheer up, this is probably the last
time I'll fuck you," he said.

"Promise? Please?"

"No, I won't, come to think of it." He led her through her kitchen
and, after a brief resistance, pushed her almost forcibly onto her back
deck. He turned her around and started undoing her blouse, then tossed
it near the door. She wasn't wearing a bra, and he couldn't resist a
squeeze of her nipples. They were surpisingly cool to his touch. He
wished his wife's tits were at least half the size of Hayley's.he
enjoyed having something to grasp.

"Don't do this. Please. You never know when neighborhood kids will
cut through the yard."

He said, "You're right about that," and then he put the blindfold on.

"But somebody might see me!"

"You're right. Somebody might. In fact, it seems like I've seen you
out here plenty of times. One more time won't hurt."

He then undid her shorts and pulled them down, followed by her panties.
Both of these were thrown near the door, as well. Jack took the time
to smell her hair, and gently pass his hands over her breasts, waist,
and hips. "Well, you clean up well. You were a mess yesterday.." He
moved his hand down to her cunt, which, as expected, was wet. But wet
was only halfway with Hayley. She had responded to him yesterday, but
he didn't want her to be dead as a stone with his client watching. He
had to get her into it.then she would be fun. He thought for a moment,
then he began rubbing her slit. "Tell me, did he eat my cum?"

A "yes" escaped her lips, almost a whisper, but he heard it. She
probably hadn't meant to say it. He leaned closer to her ear, "And did
it turn you on?" She shivered in response. "I knew you were a slut.
I just didn't realize how much. And it seems like you chose the
perfect mate. Put your hand on the rail. Good. More of a bend.
That's it."

He reached around her to feel her hanging tits, giving her nipples
short tugs that prompted little noises from her. "I think I'll fuck
you like this today." With that, he pulled down his shorts and
underwear, stepping out of them. His cock was hard, and although there
wasn't the romance or intimacy he was accustomed to with his wife, he
found that Hayley, for the sheer sexual ride, was awesome. This was
one lady that liked to be fucked, and she had proven it yesterday. Sex
with his wife would never be the same again. He felt between her legs
and found her opening, then guided his shaft within her. His cock was
relatively numb from the previous day, not to mention the jacking off
he had done during the night replaying it in his mind. The result was
that he wasn't going to cum anytime soon. And that was good,
especially when you were being watched.

He gradually increased his rhythm, wishing he had a better view of her
tits which he knew were swinging in time with his thrusts. And while
she was meeting his thrusts, he decided that this wasn't enough for a
show. "Hayley, that was quite a lot of cum I left in you yesterday.
Did you see Steven lap it up? Did you watch him suck my jism from your
pussy?" He could hear her pant. "I don't know how much I have left to
shoot in you, but will he lick it out, too? You are some kind of slut.
Just imagine those gooey strands of cum melting inside you, mixing with
your juices, and then your husband, sticking his tongue in there and
slurping them up, tasting my jism. Who do you think is turned on more?
Him? Or you?"

Hayley's self-control gave away, and he heard her say, "Just fuck me.
Fuck me."

"Oh, you want some more cum in there for him, huh? Say it louder."

"Fuck me!"

That WAS loud. "What do you want in you?"

"Cum in me! Fuck me hard! I want your cum!"

That, he was sure, was heard next door. This sale should be over.

He happily pounded against her cunt as hard as he possibly could, and
with her continued, but quieter demands of being fucked and cumming in
her, he reached orgasm surprisingly quickly, but feeling precious
little shoot into her.

She was still breathing hard, her heart racing as he turned her so that
she faced his house. "There is somebody watching, by the way. He's on
my deck, and he's checking you out. He is also your next challenge,
but you'll learn more about that later. But for now, I promised him a
glimpse of what he'll be getting."

Jack cupped Hayley's magnificent breasts with his hands, noting how hot
and sweaty they now were, giving them a squeeze, then pulling on her
nipples. Then he reached around her waist, told her to spread her legs
slightly, and pulled her cunt lips apart, hopefully exposing her pink
flesh to his guest. Although it spoiled her look somewhat, it pleased
him somewhat that his last message didn't appear to be removed at all.
Perhaps she had bathed around it. He never would have guessed that a
woman would get turned on by her husband eating someone else's cum from
her cunt. Or for that matter, that a husband would do it. He

Here, hold onto the deck again. He signaled to his client to go
inside, then put his clothes back on and went back into Hayley's house,
carrying her clothes and locking the door behind him. He made sure
that the garage and front doors were locked, too, before he left.

Henry, his client, was impressed. They watched from a window as a
naked Hayley scampered from window to window, seeing if one was
unlocked. One wasn't. She sat in a deck chair and turned her back to
them, apparently waiting for Steven to come home.

"Well, that's her. You've seen the website. I've just proven she'll
do what I tell her to do. Do we have a deal?"

"Yeah. Yeah. We have a deal."

Hayley didn't have to say anything. With her standing on the deck,
naked, Steven knew pretty much what had happened. He unlocked the door
and let her in. "I'm going to go shower," she said

It just wasn't right when another man was fucking your wife while you
were at work. Steven had to catch himself. How far had he slipped in
his sexual mores? It wasn't right for another man to fuck his wife,
period. What kind of marriage was this, when you were being
blackmailed? And Hayley was a mix of emotions. She hated what was
happening to her, to them. and he knew she wanted out from under Jack's
thumb. But she was randy in a way he had never known. Check that. He
had. She was a nympho when they were dating, but cooled quickly after
marriage. But she had been randy, too, when under the doctor's
control. And he had loved every minute of it.

And now, well, he wasn't loving every minute of it. She had apologized
probably ten times about.what she had wanted him to do yesterday. He
didn't want to think about it. He didn't even want to think about not
thinking about it. And he couldn't explain his own feelings. Why did
it turn him on that she had fucked other men? The doctor, and now
Jack? He hadn't watched her being fucked, but the image kept recurring
in his mind.and he couldn't deny his arousal. Would he feel the same
if he watched? And he could have said no to that thing he didn't want
to think about. Did he do it just to please her? Yes. But he knew
that wasn't wholly true.

He left his speculations and went to the computer, starting it up. He
could hear the water run through the pipes from the upstairs shower.
He knew she had just been fucked. The red splotches, the swollen lips
between her legs. Why hadn't she asked for him to. Stop it! He
logged on to the net, and went to the one web page that at the same
time excited and frightened him.

The new challenge was posted. It wasn't anger that followed, but

He called Jack. He was home, of course. He would hardly have had time
to leave.since fucking Hayley! "We won't do it, Jack."

"Yes, you will."

"No, I mean it. Some of the stuff was kind of fun, I'll admit. But
fucking her.that has got to stop. And this next challenge.forget it."

"Did your wife tell you that she actually asked me to write that
message on her? Have you noticed that she hasn't washed it off? And
then, today, on your deck, as I'm FUCKING HER!.do you know what she
says? She says you enjoyed eating my cum. Glad to hear it, guy. But
I don't think you're family and friends will be so appreciative."

"Forget it, Jack. It's over. We're done." He hung up. And he turned
the computer off.
Hayley settled in at the computer. Steven was being eerily quiet,
but.he had reason to be. She had no choice but to let Jack fuck her.
Steven knew that. They had talked about it. So she didn't feel
particularly guilty. She just wish she could understand herself
better. Why had those silly romance novels turned her on in the first
place? Could she have resisted the doctor, in his office? Could she
have stood up to his blackmail, let Steven know the score and take the
consequences? Maybe. Probably not. But she wasn't sure of herself,
now. Being screwed by Jack, she didn't like. But she did, sort of.
It had turned her on to a whole turn-on that she never suspected. She
had washed the note from her skin as best she could. It would have to
remain a memory. Of course, Jack's pictures of the first time
helped.Agh. She had to think of something else. She was getting

She decided that she better go ahead and check out the site to see if
there was another message. It didn't take her long to comprehend what
had changed on the web page, but it took several minutes before she
could digest the pictures and summon the courage to call Steven.

"You're pale."


The site headline was: "Hayley Scott, slut neighbor, reveals all!"
Jack had split the screen into sections, so that "Hayley fucks her
chiropractor" introduced the scenes the doctor had recorded. "Hayley
exhibits herself around town" preceded their more recent pictures.
"Her husband Steven sucks my cum out of her cunt." More pictures. "I
fuck her while my friend watches." And all of them showed their faces,

And a concluding comment was: "Today, they decided they didn't want to
take me up on my next challenge. I'm sorry about that. But maybe
they'll respond to your requests directly. Their address and phone
number is."

"He did it."

"Why?" Hailey asked.

"I told him we were through."

"What? Why? I mean, I can understand, but, why now?"

"His latest challenge, Hayley. I'm to deliver you to a hotel room and
leave you until morning. He didn't say what would happen. He just
said that like that strip club in Atlanta that provided sex for
atheletes, you were being given to a VIP."

Hayley didn't say anything. Steven still didn't know about the
doctor's house, and it wouldn't make him feel any better to find out
now. She had faced it once, and she could face it again. She had to
find some way of comforting him, but at the same time appear frightful
of what could happen. "Steven, I."

He laid on the floor and closed his eyes. He had an erection in his
shorts. And as she felt a shiver of pleasure at her remembrance when
she first crossed the steps to the doctor's house, she as soon felt the
accompanying despair about being trapped.

"Steven, I have to. We can't let this site stay up like this.
Somebody could show up at the door. I just hope he hasn't contacted
anyone yet. Call him."

Steven remained on the floor, his hands rubbing his temples.

She picked up the portable phone and dialed. "Jack. It's me. I'll do
it. Now change the site." She hung up. She didn't want to talk to
the creep.

After refreshing her screen about 100 times, the site returned to its
former, anonymous display. She scrolled down to the challenge area.

Steven hadn't mentioned that part. She would have to go shopping.

Hayley hated Frederick's of Hollywood. She didn't like their lingerie.
It made her feel cheap. She didn't like their sales staff, either.
They looked like ex-whores forced to find a job. And she didn't like
their customers, who were either teens into things way too early or
women in no physical shape to be trying on such slutty outfits. Steven
always asked for her to dress up, but.if he couldn't get turned on by
seeing her naked, what was the point? Besides, she didn't like the
idea of spending money on something she would wear two minutes every
six months.

Feeling hostile towards the whole place, and the reason for coming, for
that matter, she more or less took the place by storm, asking direct
questions about where, picking a g-string that was her size, paying,
and exiting without any unnecessary conversation. It was strange that
she would feel so grimy going to a store in the mall. But she didn't
want to go to Victoria's Secret. They might not have g-strings. Plus,
she might actually bump into someone she knew. Not a chance of that at
Frederick's. At least she wouldn't have to wear the thing after
tonight. Whoever it was, she'd give him, or them, a souvenir.

It was on the way home that her back started aching. It had been
building ever since spending that day in the bed with Jack. She passed
Dr. Gilliam's old office, and saw that it was now occupied by another
doctor. There were only three cars in the parking lot, so they weren't
busy. She turned the car around and went back. Maybe the new doctor
kept all the old information, which would save a bundle for x-rays.

Dr. Mareshi? She would have preferred an American doctor, but then she
couldn't justify to herself why. And this would save money if they had
the old records. The secretary was the same one as before. Good.
"Hi. I'm Hayley. I used to see Dr. Gilliam."

"Oh, yes. Sure, how are you?"

"Well, I haven't had my back adjusted since before he went."

"That was such a surprise. I never saw it coming. But fortunately for
me, Dr. Mareshi came around while we were still sorting out the
billings, and he decided to purchase the practice."

"How long has he been a chiropractor?"

"About 10 years, now. His father used to own the practice before Dr.

Hayley's attention was riveted. "Is that so? Is there any chance he
could see me today?"

After waiting the obligatory 20 minutes in the waiting room, Dr.
Mareshi entered. She had expected a short, Indian looking gentlemen,
but the man who entered looked european, was probably 6'2", looked to
be in his 30's, and spoke with an americanized British accent. Hayley
didn't think that her expectation would be improper to share, so she
told him.

"Oh, yes. Well, that's funny, isn't it? Go ahead and get on the table.
My grandfather was a British diplomat in India, and he married one of
the "natives," he actually called them. His daughter, my mom, also
married a "native," and I carry his name. When my mother died, my
father decided he wanted to move to America, so I've been here since my
teens. Enough about me. Now, tell me. What is the problem?"

"It's my back. I used to see Dr. Gilliam every month or so, and he
would twist my neck a certain way and give my cervical area a pop with
the vibrating.gizmo." Hayley had no idea what it was called, but Dr.
Mareshi seemed to understand.

"Oh, yes. I have your chart, but I hadn't looked at it. Tell me, have
you ever been to.Madras?"

Hayley couldn't answer, but shook her head "no."

"I see that Dr. Gilliam played this tape for you." Hayley was
incredulous. She understood everything he said and could contemplate
those things, but she couldn't speak. It was quite different from the
tape. She lost all awareness during that.she thought. "Now tell me,
Hayley, what did Dr. Gilliam do?"

She found herself telling him everything. His questions were gentle,
but probing. Just as it occurred to her that she shouldn't tell him
about.that, then she did. And not only about it, but all about it. It
was perplexing. She told him the whole sordid story.the pictures.the
blackmail.the sex.even her feelings about being used, her fantasy, her
sexual resolve on Dr. Gilliam's porch, and her triumph over him.

And after she had said it all, she became fearful that he would use
her, too. Would she ever be free of this mess?

"Hayley, you've told me your fantasy, about being a captive. Now I
have a question for you. Do you really want me to tell you to remove
your shirt?"

"Yes." It surprised her, but even as she heard her own voice, she
recognized it was true. She felt ashamed of herself.

"You've been truthful. And now I'm going to be truthful. I'm not
going to do that. In fact, I want you to say `Madras, Delhi." She
repeated the names of the cities. And suddenly the spell was gone.

"What? How?"

It is a subliminal remnant of the tape that makes you susceptible to
hypnotism. My father new about it. Gilliam didn't. It was a short-
cut so that he wouldn't have to replay the tape each time a patient
came in. It cut into his appointment times, you see. You're the fifth
female client I've had that used to see Gilliam. They were
photographed, but I left them without a memory of it since it would do
them no good. But I've known that someone got to Gilliam. There was
no other way to explain his current behavior. I had thoughts of
helping him, but.I see that he deserved it. I'm so sorry for the pain
that this has caused you and your husband, despite the pleasures which
you obviously remember fondly."

Hayley blushed. It felt good to blush. "So, you don't use the

"I wish that I could say no. But I try to use it as ethically as I
can. My trade has a habit of trying to hook people into continued
services up to months at a time, but for most problems, if they can't
be improved within a month, then Chiropractic is not the solution.
Yours is slightly different, and not uncommon, that you need
adjustments when you feel the need. But there are many who approach
our services with more than a healthy skepticism, and in certain cases,
I know they will not come back as long as they need to. So, those clients that they return for a reasonable number of
visits, always less than a month, to give them the best opportunity of
not needing my services again. It was with this intent that my father
started using the tape."

"I need it." And she said it so that he believed her.


Hayley told him about the repercussions of the doctor's actions,
skipping the embarassing parts, but getting to the point that the mess
she was in was still, ultimately, due to that tape.

"Hayley, I can't give you a copy. You've seen what it can do. You
shouldn't think yourself above it just because of your need. In fact,
look at Gilliam now. That bordered on the power corrupting you, as

"Then, can you help me?"

Hayley drove home with a mission. The mission for that evening
couldn't be avoided, but perhaps future ones could. When she pulled
into her driveway, she was happy to see that Jack's car was in his
driveway. He was fortunate to have a job where he could work from his
house much of the time. She wished Steven could do the same.

She didn't know if Jack was going to help himself to her again. But
she needed him to. She couldn't just call him and set him up. It
wouldn't be obvious, but it would be suspicious given their current

She went upstairs and undressed. If she managed to get this done now,
she could still bathe and nap before Steven returned home. She found a
bottle of tanning oil. It was old, but it should work. She prefered
high protection factors in sunscreen to the baking lotion she had used
in college. Was this that old?

She grabbed a towel and went downstairs. She turned the music on to a
radio station so that it would play through the outdoor speakers on the
deck. She unlocked the front door, then she walked onto the back
deck, laid her towel down in a lounge chair, adjusting it so that it
faced Jack's house, and reclined.

She poured some of the oil onto her leg, and she began smoothing it
over her skin. Her skin began to shimmer from the oil. She did this
slowly, almost erotically, imagining that she was with a lover who
wanted to take his time feeling every inch of her. She wasn't turned
on in the least, but she hoped that Jack would catch the sound of the
music and give a look her way. The rest she could leave to his baser

It was about four minutes later that she had worked her way up to her
breasts, pouring oil on her left one, when Jack came through the door
onto the deck.

"Hayley, I must say, you surprise me. Here I am thinking that my wife
is coming home in a couple of days and generally feeling sorry for
myself that I have to go back to ground beef after dining on a filet.
I hadn't planned on fucking you today, but I started thinking of that
tight bald pussy and your lucious tits, just waiting for me over here.
And all I have to do is go over. And no sooner do I think this than I
see that you're home. And not just that, but you're giving me a show.
So, I'm over my shock. Now, let me help you with that oil." He began
massaging the oil into her breasts, somewhat roughly. He wasn't the
lover that she had been imagining. He interrupted her thoughts. "So,
I'm curious, why did you want me? I was clearly invited. You like my
cock? Or did you want some more of my jism for that cum licking
husband of yours?"

Hayley hadn't considered that particular kink, but decided that it was
a good basis for getting this over with, and perhaps enjoying it, just
a little, she told herself, too.

"Yeah, Jack, that's a lot of it. I've been thinking all morning about
whatever you have in store for me tonight at the hotel. And it turned
me on. You see how wet I am."

Jack looked down at the bare skin where her legs met and placed a
finger against her slit. Slopping wet. "Damn."

"So, when I get turned on, there's certain fantasies that I like. So,
I decided, yes, I wanted your cum. I want my husband to have a little
fun before I go away tonight. It didn't seem right that I should just
ask you, given that you're the prick that you are. But I didn't want
to miss out, either."

Jack stood. "Well, you're not going to miss out on a thing, you little
slut." He pulled his knit shirt over his head. "Why don't you do the

Hayley leaned up and sat at the end of the lounger. She could play the
slut. She ran her fingers across his cock, feeling it tremble slightly
under his shorts. She looked up into his eyes, giving him the fantasy
of whatever he wanted her to be, as she undid his shorts and pulled
them to the ground with his underwear.

"Suck me. You haven't done that before."

She just grinned at him, and began licking his cock. He was clean, at
least, but she was annoyed by the hairs that caught in her mouth. She
concentrated on the head of his cock, licking it and slurping at it,
noisily. Then she grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed, causing
the head of his cock to grow massively. She couldn't help but be
impressed and gave him a couple more licks. With her other hand she
grabbed his scrotum, just above his balls, squeezing them into their
sac. Time for more acting. "Ooooh, Jack. Your balls feel so large
and.heavy. I hope you're just full of cum."

Jack started moving his pelvis, causing her hand to stroke his cock.
"Now, now, big Jack. I don't want your cum out here. I want you to
cum in my pussy. I want to feel this thick shaft inside me. I want
you to fuck me," she licked her lips, ".HARD."

She leaned back and spread her legs. She gripped her cunt lips with
both hands and spread them so he could see her most private parts.
Then she stared at his cock and added in a throaty whisper, "Fuck me.

Jack went over to the deck chairs and removed two seat cushions. He
threw them on the ground next to the lounger and said, "get on your
hands and knees, slut."

She did, and looking coyly back over her shoulder, she settled on her
elbows and raised her hips, giving him a clear view of her sex. It
wasn't a second before she felt him thrust into her.

Her playacting worked extremely well. His cockhead felt huge as he
pushed his way in. In fact, his whole cock seemed larger. She didn't
have to act now. "Ooooh. That feels so good. So good. You're so
big. Oh. Oh. OOOhhhhhhhhhh. Fuck me, that's it, fuck me, I want to
feel you cum in me, that's it!" Her breath gave out, at least to
speak, as she was just keeping up with sucking in air. She could feel
his balls slap against her, all the way on her mound, as if they were
wrapping around each thrust. She was spread so wide, and he was
stretching her, and it felt so.good. Finally, he shot within her,
three spurts that she could feel, and then she could only feel his
convulsions. "Yes, that's it. cum in me. I want every little drop."

She rolled over, looking at him. He was holding his back, trying to
straighten in a way that didn't hurt. "Come here. I'll suck you. I
want you one more time."

"Ahhh. No. I think I'm shot. Besides my back is killing me, and I've
got to make a couple of arrangments for tonight."

She didn't know what that would bring, but decided to stay in
character. "Well, I'm sure there will be some more cum for my cunt,
won't there?"

He shook his head and stood. "Count on it. I need to get going." He
began to dress, but still rubbed his back from time to time.

She waited a few moments, lying on the cushions. She kept her legs
spread, so he could see his work. This caught his eye. Then she stood
up, almost abruptly. "Hang on. I went to the quack doctor today. I'm
feeling fine. You ought to give him a call; maybe you could last for
two rounds then. I'll get his card."

She went into the kitchen and retrieved it from her purse. She hoped
that would do it. Give him a solution to his pain and challenge his
masculinity to make him go. If it didn't work today, then it would the
next time. It was her only hope.

Jack looked at her crotch. "Look, you and Steven have fun with that.
But when you go to the motel tonight, you need to be all cleaned up.
VIP, remember?"

"Gotcha. No hints?"

He walked to the front door, turned and smiled. "None."

By the time Steven was home from work, Hayley was cleaned up. Steven
would be going through enough that night, she was sure, that she didn't
need to possibly make matters worse by having him lick her cunt.
Although she had debated it.

They shared a rather quiet meal together. Salad, chicken, broccoli.
Some bread. They didn't stock alcohol in the house, or that would have
been included on this night.

Had it been raining, her choice of wardrobe would be easier. But it
wasn't. So she selected her black dress. It more or less clung to her
body. She wore a bra, and overall, it looked good. The absence of a
panty-line was obvious, Steven mentioned. But she could tell he liked

They parked at the hotel, a few minutes early. "Are you sure you can
do this?"

"Yeah. It's just one night. I'll get by."

"Hayley, if somebody should hurt you."

"I know. I'll handle it. It'll be okay, Steven."

There wasn't much to say that hadn't been said.

They left the car in the garage, and walked through the lobby to the
registration desk.

"Scott, Steven."

"Ah yes, we have you in room 911."

"That will be fine." And just the way he had requested. If Hayley
needed help, it was an easy room number to remember.

They finished sorting the registration details and went to the
elevator, where Hayley pushed "9."

"This is sort of different from the last time I rode an elevator in
here. How ironic that it would be the same hotel."

The elevator opened, and they found their room and entered. Hayley was
happy to know that Steven would be nearby, and that she had a suitcase
of clothes waiting. They sat on the bed, holding hands, not talking.

"It's time."

"It's quiet over there," Hayley said, standing. "Help me a bit."

Steven unzipped his wife's dress and unclasped her bra. She removed
it, and he zipped her back up. Then she removed a shoe, and he slid a
passkey to their room in it, in case she had the need and opportunity
to bolt. She put her foot back in. The card was concealed well
enough. "And here's the key for that room."

He opened the door for her. The elevators were a short distance to the
left of the room, and her appointment was in 913. Steven had hoped
that there would be a connecting door between the rooms, so that he
could at least listen for signs of trouble, but there wasn't.

He held her hands in his and slowly embraced her, pushing her against
the corridor wall, next to the room. They kissed, and he let go.
Steven said, "I've got my room key. I'll be through these doors at
9:00, on the dime." Hayley nodded. "I love you."

"I love you, too," she said. Steven rubbed her hips for a few moments,
feeling his wife's body, before letting her go.

Hayley nodded, and Steven unzipped the back of her dress. It fell to
the ground, and she stepped out of it. He quickly picked it up and
hurried the 20' or so to his room door, which was recessed in the
hallway. He heard Hayley slip the pass-key into the slot. By the time
he looked, he saw just a peek of Hayley, wearing just the black g-
string and high heeled, black spaghetti-strap shoes, entering the room.
Steven went in and fell on the bed. Leaving your wife practically
naked to enter a hotel room.was not a good thing to do. He just hadn't
seen any options.

The first thing Hayley noticed was the cold. The temperature was
really low. Her nipples were already hard, but the air made them
almost painful, nevermind the goosebumps. She quickly closed the door
behind her.

There was no one to be seen or heard. She had expected the opposite.
She had expected.some number of people, just waiting to fuck a party
slut. Why else would she have to show up without any clothes on? She
stepped past the closet and the bathroom, peaking around the corner to
where the bed was. Only, it wasn't a bed. It was a living area. She
was in a suite. The tv wasn't even on.

She stepped a little further and found a tray of cheese and crackers.
Wine. Grapes. Strawberries. She wasn't hungry. She turned a corner
to find the bedroom.

A king size bed lay in the middle. It was was fully made, but the
sheets were turned down. There were no video cameras that were
apparent. The window shades were open, but an inner curtain covered
the window. She was relieved, just cold. It wasn't the first
impression she had been expecting.

"You look like you need to be warmed." It was a deep voice, a bass.
She turned and looked. "My name is Henry." He was leaning against a
doorframe to a second bathroom. She couldn't help but look him over
from head to toe. He was perhaps 6' 6", huge. He had the build of
Dolph Lungren. His face was handsome, almost european looking. His
body rippled with muscle, his abdomen pronounced. He was hairless from
the shoulders down, and his body glistened. He could be Superman
without a uniform. And he was without.

And it was obvious what he wanted with her. Everything about him spoke
of strength. Long fingers, big hands. A wide chest tapering to a
small waist, set high above long legs. And a cock that that just hung
from his crotch. She had never scene anything like it. It wasn't
erect, it was just.huge.hanging.and marvelously black. It swung with
his steps as he approached her. She tried, but she couldn't look away.

"I saw you with Jack, and I knew you would be a special treat." And
with that, he grabbed her long brown hair and pulled her head back, to
begin with a kiss. After a few brushes of the lips, she realized that
he had a long tongue, too. But she could make do with hers, and she
could tell he appreciated her fighting spirit. He broke off their kiss
and smiled at her. Just as her romance novel fantasy had come true in
a fashion, it appeared her recurring dreams were about to do so. It
was as if her body had been waiting for this. This wasn't at all what
she had expected. She looked up at him and reached for his cock. Then
she had to look down again, to see what she was handling.

He grinned at her. "So, you're warming to your task." He wasn't hard,
but he was hardening. Her fist was in the middle of his shaft, and she
had room for hands on either side. 10 inches? 11? "It's 11 inches case you were wondering." She just stared at the monster in
her hand. She couldn't reach around it with her fingers. "And it's
seven inches around at the thickest point. I'll bet that you've never
had a black man before, have you?"

Hayley found her voice. "Yes. Once. Not as big." It was all she
could say.

"I'm surprised. But that's good. There's something about a white
woman that I just love. Your hair, for one. It's nice. I like the
way it feels, the way it sifts through my fingers. And I like the way
your breasts look. Don't get me wrong. Black women look fine. But I
like the pink nipples. It makes white women look more, feminine, and
it makes your breasts look like they're asking to be sucked. And I
like to see the color of my hand against your skin." He placed his
hand on her abdomen. It seemed to cover her entire mid-section. He
rubbed his hand around, as if he was feeling a baby inside. "But
mostly, I like to." He was interrupted.

"Come on. Show me." Hayley was still looking at his cock as she put
her fingers through the side of her thong, sending it quickly to her
feet. She removed her feet from her shoes a little more carefully, not
wanting the passkey to be obvious. She leaned back on the bed, her
knees at its edge. She reached for his cock again, and began stroking
it. The monster seemed to leap to life. As his cock began to rise, the
view opened to his massive ball sac. It had to hang over six inches,
longer than Steven's cock. And the size of his balls were.huge. She
gave a silent laugh remembering the lies she had complimented Jack
with. But this.

The head of his cock frightened her. As he neared her cunt, it seemed
to grow. There was no way it was going to fit. He dipped just the tip
into her slit, and the sensation of heat was overpowering. He backed
away slightly. The tip of his cock was wet with her juices. He
reached his long black fingers towards her sex and parted her cunt,
holding her open as he reinserted his cock. It was hard and straight.
He didn't even have to use his hands for something so.massive. The
feeling was.exquisite. The head of his cock just seemed to keep
opening and opening her tight passage. Just when she felt like she
couldn't take any more, her muscles collapsed around the thickness of
his shaft. He was in, and she felt full already. But he wasn't
moving, so there was little satisfaction in it. But she just
felt.full. She couldn't imagine how this was going to work.

A "No!" came from somewhere inside her as he slowly retracted the head
of his cock, completely exiting her, the sensation feeling like he was
almost tearing her, yet it was still pleasure that washed through her.
Even the slit on his cock was huge. He pressed inward again. It
was.intense. It would never bring her to orgasm, it just..tightened
every muscle in her body. She felt the head pass her inner muscles
again before they constricted around his shaft once more, and she still
felt stretched. He pushed probably an inch, and her body began to
shake. It was hard to breathe. He removed himself slowly, once more.
Even after withdrawing, her body continued to shake. "I'm not hurting
you, am I?"

She shook her head, but she couldn't seem to stop the shaking. He gave
a light laugh, and began again. "It's always like this. It's why I
need all night, sort of. It takes a while just to get you ready." He
went deeper this time. She was still shaking, and he kept pushing
until she gave a slight wince, then withdrew, but not all the way out
this time. He pushed again and.seemed to.find a different path. Maybe
her organs moved. It felt better, and it felt new. She had never been
touched there. He began to withdraw. She decided to distract herself
from the shaking by doing some quick math. Let's see, about 2" for
just the head, and maybe 5" farther. Four to go. There was no way.

She felt him push again, gently yet firmly, well past the point where
Steven usually "hit." He had always seemed like a perfect fit, and
now. She could feel the mass within her pull back again, then forward.
She was breathing heavily now, searching for oxygen, her muscles
throughout her body screaming due to the tension. He was pushing
again, and.she saw stars. He had found a place, somewhere, where he She looked up to see him smile.

"There's always a way. Patience." He withdrew again, then pushed back
into her, finding the same place twice. And.again. Then faster. It
felt like he was in her abdomen. He was, she realized. His cock was
where his hand was earlier. It was as he picked up speed and force
that she began to feel his balls. She loved the feel of a man's balls
slapping against her sensitive areas. With his cock so deep in her, it
was like two time zones of sensation.

He held her tightly, and somehow, managed to turn her over, moving her
leg across while still keeping part of his cock inside her.
Incredible. She was on her hands and knees when he gave his next
thrust. The sensation caused her arms to collapse. His giant hands
remained on her hips, keeping her cunt in position for his next thrust.
And he had control. Her head was spinning. If she had decided to
count his strokes, it would have been impossible. Maybe she couldn't
count that high, and she couldn't keep a thought in her head anyway.
He thrust into her again, the length of his tool giving so much
continuous sensations. She started seeing colors through her
eyelids.dancing.swirling.sparking. Then she started feeling warm
inside. It took her a few moments to realize he was cumming. It was
so different. She felt the twitching within her, but there weren't
streams of jism. There just wasn't enough room. It was more of a
flood, a hot one. He was just filling her up.

Finally, he withdrew. She rolled over to see his cock, still massive,
still stiff, coated with shiny fluids. His balls still hung loosely.
He had much more cum to give her.

"Watch," he said. He inserted a finger into her cunt. She didn't even
feel him. "You're not watching."

She looked at his hand, and he reentered his finger. A wave of cum
oozed from her opening. It made her dizzy thinking about it. He
withdrew his finger so that only his fingertip was in her. And just
like that, he found her sensitive spot, a slight ridge in her opening
wall, well before her g-spot. He rubbed at it, pressing against the
ridge along it's length. She came hard. And noisily.

While she was recovering her breath, he moved up her body, squatting at
the side of her head. He placed his warm cock across her lips. She
normally didn't like sucking Steven's cock, at least beyond some
playful licks, but this.this was deserving. She slid her mouth along
its length, slowly, but took so long to reach the base. She
was amazed at the texture of his shaft, the different sizes of veins,
some of which were just huge. Then she worked her way back up. She
didn't know how he managed to keep it so smooth, but it was like a
treat. She tried scraping his cock with her teeth. She couldn't even
fit the girth of his shaft between her lips. And she tasted their
juices that she picked up along the way, but she didn't care. Maybe
this was how Steven. The shock of the thought stunned her, that it
could possibly turn him on. Steven.She had forgotten that he was just
a room away from.this.

His balls. They were huge, and like the rest of him, hairless. They
were so low in his sac, she could grip her full hand around it, making
his balls swell as they emerged at the bottom of her hand. She licked
at them, and began sucking on them, amazed at how smooth the skin
became around them. Henry shifted so that the tip of his cock was at
her mouth. "I can't," she said. There was no way. She couldn't
decently suck her husband's cock without an unpleasant urge. Henry
nodded, and said, "Do what you can." So, she continued to lick the
head, finding it hard to believe it took so long just to circle the
head with her tongue, and enjoying the velvety smoothness of it.

She stopped suddenly. "I want to sit on it."

Henry laughed. "Alright woman, but I haven't recovered yet. It could
be a long ride."

"Promise?" And she meant it.

He laid out on the bed and rolled onto his back. He held his cock in
position, a black tower. She thought she had a vibrator by that name,
and here was the real thing. She had to squat from her feet. She
couldn't just sit on her knees and get him to fit. It blew her mind.
She lowered herself onto it, her hands on Henry's chest for balance.
She watched his cock as she lowered herself, and she was amazed to see
the cum pour from her cunt as he displaced it. She finally worked her
way to the bottom, where she sat in a wet pool of his cum. She shifted
to her knees, knowing that she would need his help to get off later.
Unreal. It made her feel very earthy, very sexy, very.alive.

She decided to take a stroke, and raised up about six inches before
coming down hard. The feelings within her were too powerful. She
tried again. And lost her breath. Again. She stopped herself. She
might pass out. So she grounded herself again and decided to grind on
top of him. That felt fine.

She felt his hands on her breasts, so she watched. He stretched her
areole with two fingers, pulling the skin tight across her nipple.
Then he leaned up and gave it a flick with his tongue. It felt good.
Ohhh. Did it feel good. He felt the rhythm that she had with her
cunt, and he was sending jolts at just the right time.

She closed her eyes. There was no dream to see anymore. The dream was
nothing to compare with the feeling that she had within her. She
opened her eyes, and saw his black torso lying underneath her pale
pubic area. It was beautiful. And she could feel the hot stiffness
of his cock.all through her, so deep within her. And it made her cum.

As she recovered, she saw him reach over to the phone and dial. "Yeah.
Hey, it ain't gonna work out. You go on. Yeah, I know. I'll see you

Hayley was still convulsing slightly, but trying to settle down and
understand what he had been talking about.

The concern on her face prompted an answer. "That was Jack. He had
rounded up some guys and wanted to set up a gang bang." Hayley
shivered involuntarily. She didn't want anything to do with Jack, but
she had sort of expected a crowd, and.she was only momentarily
disappointed until the feeling of Henry within her reminded her that
she was fully satisfied. "I think he wanted to be a roving cameraman.
But I decided that I want you just to myself."

Hayley grinned, and said, "Thank you. I want you, too, Henry. I've
never." She couldn't express herself.

"Few women have, .?"

This time she understood the look on his face, surprised he didn't
know. She answered, "Hayley." She could tell that he didn't trust
that it was her real name, but it didn't really matter.

She leaned over as best she could with his stiff cock inside her. Her
breasts were met by his gigantic hands as she placed a kiss on his

"Hey, I promised you a long ride." With that he wrapped an arm around
her and stood, easily lifting her with him, still impaled on his shaft.
She wrapped her arms around his neck, catching site of her white body
against his chocolate chest in the mirror. He carried her to the
window, where he parted the curtains. He leaned her against the glass,
which was cool to her back. She hoped the window was was a
long way down. She held on tightly to his neck and shoulders. He
held her under her thighs, lifting her slightly, spreading her, holding
her in place. Then he started fucking her. Being held off the floor
so easily, the sounds of the city behind her, the possibility that
someone could see her. She came many times in her long ride. He came
once, much later. Then the next ride began.
Steven was frustrated. He couldn't sleep. It had been over three
hours. He had put a glass against the wall and couldn't hear any
sounds from the next room. He stayed by the door for the longest time,
to see if anyone came or left. Nothing. Just quiet. He thought he
could handle it better if just knew what they were doing. His
imagination was making it all the worse. He knew his wife was getting
fucked. He just had a great need to know who. How many? Were they
being kind? Were they being rough? He couldn't wait any longer.

He closed his room door quietly, then inserted his key and reopened it.
Good. There was hardly a noise. He went to 913 and inserted the key
for their room. He turned the handle, peered inside, saw no one, and
entered. He carefully shut the door behind him. He didn't see anyone.
He moved forward, and very carefully peeked around the corner. No one.
It was den furniture. A suite. He saw the connecting door ahead,
which was shut. He moved closer, and listened through the door.

He heard Hayley giggle, then a deep voice. They were talking, or
playing, or.he didn't know what. And he couldn't possibly open the
door without being noticed. He heard her squeal. Were they tickling?
He heard what he thought was a "I'll shut you up," followed by what he
knew to be one of Hayley's grunts. The kind she made when a cock
entered her. This wasn't helping. He didn't particularly like that
she was having a good time; he had expected that he would somehow save
her from a terrible situation. He listened longer, just to make sure.
Yes, she was getting fucked. And it went on. And on. It sounded like
she had orgasmed at least three times, minutes apart each. He couldn't
take it anymore.

Back in his room, Steven laid on the bed, looking out at the night sky
which shone through the window. He played with himself casually. He
wanted to cum, but he just felt guilty.dirty.

It was a night to remember. They slept a few hours, then the light
entering the room woke Henry. And then he woke her as he ever so
gently tried to probe her cunt with his cock. Hayley was exhausted,
but she was ready for one more ride. But she made him wait. Her
bladder was full. And her cunt, too, as it would turn out. Some of
Henry's cum leaked, but she decided not to clean herself up since he
was about to fuck her again. Or was it that she was going to fuck him
again? It had been a night of surprises. She hurried back.

When she returned, she found Henry stroking his cock. It was another
memory to keep. His cock reached about four inches above his belly
button. She would have to see Steven do that and compare, not that she
would tell him.

She found that their last go didn't start as a comfortable ride. She
was very sore, but as he picked up the pace, her passion overruled the
discomfort. Surprisingly, Henry came rather quickly, but she was
amazed to feel yet more cum fill within her. Steven would have been
empty long ago.

He withdrew and petted her nicely as she regained her composure. She
asked him to sit up in the bed, then she rolled over onto her stomach
and placed both hands at her clit. She stared at the black tower,
still erect at his crotch, remembering the feel of it, and she quickly
brought herself to orgasm.

Henry stood and went into the closet, returning dressed in a suit and
holding a small bag. "Just so you know, I'm going to buy Jack's
company. You've been a great pleasure, but I'm actually sorry to say
that you were part of the deal. He had a few conditions attached. One
of them was these two video cameras. I'm keeping one, he's taking the
other. But you'll know where I'll be. If you ever want a copy, just
let me know."

"He'll blackmail you, like he's been blackmailing me."

"Nah. I'm not married, and I'm new to the area. I'll handle it if he
does. But listen, I've always had a fantasy of riding in a limousine
around town, a naked white chick in the backseat and more than a little
sex. If you ever want to make it happen, look me up. Your husband can
come along, too. To watch, that is. Tell you what, you do the limo
ride, I'll give you the video. I won't make any copies." It was a
tempting proposition.

He opened the bag, spilling the contents on the bed. Hayley felt a
wave of anxiety replace what had been a wonderful afterglow. He pulled
the bedcovers off the bed, which were already hanging on the sides.
"This is one of those terms." Hayley tried to relax as he restrained
her arms and legs. "I think this was so you don't beat him up when he
gets here."

"Jack's coming?"

"Yes, in about 5 minutes. Say, can I keep this?"

He was holding the g-string. "Sure, hang it in your office so I can
see it when I stop by." She gave him a wink. "And Henry?"


"Thanks for last night. I was really scared about what could have

"Ah. Thank you, Hayley. Thank you." And he left.

Like clockwork, Jack entered minutes later. "Well, look at you."

Hayley hadn't really had the chance. There was dried cum on her
breasts and stomach. She could feel something dried and crinkly on her
neck and between her legs, plus the full feeling she had of the warm
cum inside her.

"Well, it was one guy, but it looks like you fucked an army!" She
didn't rise to his bait. He tested the knots that Henry had tied, then
reached in his pockets and pulled out a small metal key. "Steven is
going to need this." He looked at her cunt. "Well, it's a good thing
I came prepared." He pulled out a toothbrush and placed the keyring in
the bristles. Then he approached her cunt.

"What are you doing?"

"Like I said, Steven will need the key, so I'm putting it where he can
find it."

Hayley's head sunk back into the pillow, and she let out a large
breath. Poor Steven.

He inserted the toothbrush into her cunt. She assumed that she must be
stretched still because she hardly felt it. She saw him turn the
toothbrush and give it a shake, and she felt the key settle inside her.

He pulled the toothbrush out and made an unpleasant face. "Damn! I've
never seen so much cum." She saw some ooze from the toothbrush, and
could feel some dripping from her cunt. "I hate to waste so much,
though." He flung the toothbrush at her cunt, so the cum hanging from
it struck the inside of her thigh.

He then took off his pants and underwear, sporting what was, for him, a
large erection. Her scales had changed, she realized. "Surely you're
not going to fuck me?" she asked.

"I wouldn't think of it." He began stroking himself, and grinning as
he did so."A little more for that honeypot of yours, you know. Now he
can eat cum from two people at the same time. If Henry hadn't changed
the plan, it would have been from five guys. But this will do." He
stroked himself very fast, and pointed his cock at her pussy just as he
ejaculated. A few spurts of cum, then some drops. "There, that looks
better. I can hardly see your pussy through all that. Hey, and Steven
should be here any minute."

He bent over to pick up his clothes, a short grimace of pain as he
straightened. Please.thought Hayley.

Jack left the bedroom and went to the other side, apparently waiting by
the door for Steven. She heard him enter, and looked at the clock.
8:55. She was glad he didn't wait. She was ready to be done with

It took a a few moments before Steven appeared in the door. Jack had
apprarently made him strip first. "Are you okay?" She could see that
he hadn't slept much, but then, neither had she.

"Yeah, honey. I'm fine. I'll tell you later, but I'm fine." Jack
followed him in.

"Good, alright, we're reacquainted. Steven, I want you to get between
her legs and cum on her cunt." Jack got his camera, ready to take

Hayley watched as Steven started stroking himself, but he looked too
tense to do what he had to do. "I'm okay, really. Go ahead, I want to
see you finish." It was her pet word she used with him.

It took him a few uncomfortable minutes, obviously affected by Jack
watching, before he came. Hayley was pleased to see that he shot more
than Jack, but she was surprised he didn't empty himself during the

"Good. Good. All right, Steven, put your hands behind your back."
Steven looked worried, but Hayley knew what Jack was going to do. She
couldn't see it, but she heard the handcuffs click into place.

"All right, let's see." He pushed Steven forward, so that his face
landed between Hayley's thighs. "I want one more picture, then I'm
gone. Steven, take one good lick at that slut's pussy, and I want you
to hold your tongue out so I can see all the cum you lick up."

Hayley heard Steven sigh, then he moved enough so that he could do what
Jack wanted. He looked her in the eyes, and she shrugged her shoulders
and gave him a wink. Then he lowered his face to her slit. She
couldn't see how much cum was on his tongue when Jack took the picture.
Then Jack said, in an unbelieving tone, "swallow it."

Steven lifted slightly, so she could see.lots.and he did.

Jack just shook his head. "Alright. Steven, I'll leave your clothes
on the front porch. Hayley, you tell him about the next step. I'll
put the `do not disturb' sign on the door." Then he left.

She hoped he put the right sign out, not the "send in the maid" sign.
It would take over an hour before Steven found the key, and another 20
minutes before he could maneuver it out of her cunt. While he worked
at it, she told him about the night, and by the time he had retrieved
the key, they were laughing, of all things, somehow.

Hayley found her passkey, went to the next room, and changed. She
drove home, got a change of clothes for Steven, and returned to the
hotel. On the way home, she went to a drive thru for a burger.
Steven wasn't hungry.

She and Steven checked the website regularly, and Jack was quick about
updating the site. The video was converted to still shots, showing
Henry's gigantic cock making its way into her.

Steven's head dropped. "You?.that?"

"Yeah, I told you he was big."

"It fit?"

Hayley grinned. And pointed to the picture of her sitting on top of
Henry, nestled on the base of his cock.

Steven threw up his hand in exasperation. "I can't compete with that!"

Hayley saw that he need a little reassurance, and rubbed his crotch.
"Honey, you don't have to."

It was three days later when the phone rang. "Hi, I was checking my
appointments today, and I thought you should know I'm receiving a new

The voice, and its purpose, were unmistakable. "Thanks, doc."

"Ah, if things work out, I hope you'll return the favor, as we

Hayley assured him that she would. Then she called Steven to tell him
the good news, and the bargain that had accompanied it.

It was late that night when Jack knocked on the door. "Hi, sorry to
bother you. I wanted to give you this. I don't remember what all is
in here, but I know it's yours. I think you left it at our house."

"Thanks, Jack," said Steven. "We appreciate it. Good night, now."

Jack left, and Steven opened the box. They were amazed at the number
of diskettes, CD's and videotapes that Jack had collected. If the
doctor was right, then this was everything. They had to trust that the
computer was wiped clean. They had checked the website earlier. It
was blank.

The doctor had suggested Jack's punishment. For the next six months,
Jack would have a little problem whenever he saw an attractive female.
He would pee in his pants. But Jack would believe that chiropractic
would help solve the problem. It wouldn't, but the chiropractor would
cure him at a later time, when they were sure that everything that
could be used to blackmail was either recovered or destroyed. Unless
the doctor had his own designs, then it appeared likely that it was
over. And they were about certain that the doctor was trustworthy.

It was worth a celebration. They went out to dinner that night.
Evening dress. Suit and tie. And underwear. The evening ended with a
long snuggle on the couch, with candles and light jazz.

Sandy asked, "How did you know about this trail?" It wasn't much of a
trail, probably made from animals going to the water, but it was marked
with red pieces of tape every 100 yards or so.

"Well, the property belongs to my chiropractor. He asked about my
exercising, which helps my back, and he suggested I hike out here, if I
was interested. He and his wife hope to build on the property someday,
although the commute would be difficult." It was full of half-truths,
but it would do.

"Well, it's beautiful here. How many acres?"

"I don't know. I think a couple of hundred, but it seems like more
than that since it borders the National Forest. He said there's a
small waterfall, too." Sandy didn't know it, but that was the reason
she was here. She wanted to make sure she could find the waterfall
later with Steven.

At last they came to it. The waterfall was narrow, with a drop of
about 15', but it landed in a large pool, perfect for swimming.

It was Sandy's thought, too. "Oooh. If I were here with my husband,
we might go for a skinny dip. Look, there's no trash around. That
means that this is relatively undiscovered."

It was no surprise to Hayley that Sandy's thoughts were somewhat randy.
They had talked about "the box" on the trip, and Sandy wanted a
reciprocal favor. Hayley had remembered what had traspired, and she
couldn't help but fire back, "Sure, but do I get to watch too?"
Sandy's face turned red. Hayley didn't really mind, though. All things
considered, lately, Sandy's voyeurism didn't even register as an issue.

They slipped off their shoes and socks, and waded in. In felt good
after the hike, despite the cold temperature typical of mountain water.
The hike had been about three miles, starting in the Park, but the
doctor had given good directions on how to navigate to his property.
It certainly wouldn't occur to anyone on the public trail.

The stones in the pool were smooth, but there were enough of them
packed in that they weren't slippery. Aside from a few jutting pieces
of larger rocks, it was almost like it was planned. Hayley looked at
the rocks overhead. It would be over to the right from here, he had
said. There. A large piece of rock with a flat surface, sloped gently
towards the pool.

Sandy followed her eyes, and said, "And that looks like the perfect
place to dry off!" There was a break in the trees that let the sun
shine on a good portion of it, for several hours each day, Hayley
guessed. To one side the hill rose with a high cover, but little
underbrush. To the other, where they had hiked, there were lots of
smaller trees and bushes. It was pretty dense. She knew that the
doctor had invested some time and energy here, clearing out his view on
the one side.

Sandy went ahead of her, climbing to the rock. "This is awesome!
Look there." She pointed. It was the initials of two people scratched
into the rock, with male and female symbols beside each. "I can guess
what they did." Hayley could, too. Sandy paused. "Do you think it
would be okay if I came back later?"

Hayley knew what she meant, but she couldn't really say. It wasn't her
property, and the doctor's house was on the other side of the hill.
But Sandy didn't know that. "Sure. I don't think he would have a
problem with it. As a matter of fact, I think I'll come back with
Steven, maybe tomorrow. So maybe you should wait until the next day,
at least."

"Okay, but you know me, I might come and watch.Just kidding!"

They both laughed. Hayley said, under her breath, "I don't care."

There was a pause. "Really?" What? She didn't realize she had spoken
out loud. Did it matter? No, not really. They had known each other
long enough. She could trust her, although trust was becoming harder
to place these days. But, no, it was just the creeps who had abused

"What, you want to?" Sandy didn't answer, but just looked at her,
hopeful. "If you really want to, sure. But, no cameras."


"Hey, if you want a camera, I'll bring one and take pictures of you!"
Hayley meant it as a joke, but Sandy looked like she was considering
the idea.

By the time they had reached home, Sandy had pried from Hayley that she
and Steven would leave around 11:00 in the morning.

It was about 1:30 when Steven and Hayley reached the little pool.
Hayley didn't waste any time, stripping her clothes and entering the
pool. Steven followed and met her for a shivering embrace. Although
they had been through some of the wildest experiences, they had never
had an opportunity for this simple one. A skinny dip. So they
splashed, and played, grabbing at each other. Steven knew that the
doctor and his wife were watching, from somewhere on the hill, and that
he and Hayley were apparently one of a small number of couples that had
been invited here.

And for the kindness that the doctor had shown them, he didn't worry
about being watched. And neither did Hayley. It was great fun, and he
hoped the doctor's wife got a thrill from it. Steven couldn't imagine
what married life would be like if he were impotent, but he had to
congratulate the doctor for finding ways to keep his wife's sexual
needs met. Let them watch.

They were both beginning to get really cold, and they decided to climb
up to the rock to sun themselves, taking a heavy bedspread with them.
It was the perfect afternoon and the perfect setting, and he was with
the perfect mate for making love.

Hayley's thoughts turned inward as she climbed the rock with Steven.
She had changed. She had experienced.more.sexually than she ever could
have dreamed. And with the nightmare over, she was surprised that
there was a sadness. Would she ever feel randy again? A spontaneity?
She realized that those were the things that Steven had desired from
her, and that Dr. Gilliam indirectly fulfilled. Would he still feel
that way?

She hoped so. And her problem was the reverse. Her thoughts had been
too focused on reliving the night with Henry, the night at the doctor's
house, and the elevator scene, of all things. But she saw the danger
in fantasizing about that, but at the same time, she desired a middle
ground. Would Steven eat his cum from her cunt anymore? Would he
today? Would Sandy be shocked if he did, if she were out there?
Could she ever feel him thrust into her without thinking about taking a
limo ride?

They laid down on the comforter, and she closed her eyes, enjoying the
feeling of the sun warming her body. She was aware of his kisses on
her hand, and then her arm, and then her shoulder. This wasn't so bad.
Steven began pushing all the right buttons.kisses on the neck, a breath
in the ear, a lick. But it wasn't until he entered her that it all
seemed to fit together. Only Steven knew what she liked, and it was
only Steven that could look into her eyes as he made love to her and
make her heart melt. Steven would always be enough.

They cuddled together, naked in the sun, hands on each other's bodies,
heart rates gradually returning to normal. Steven whispered into her
ear, "Now that we've made love, I thought you should know."


"I brought body paint."

She laughed. Forget the fantasy. Forget the memories. Well, maybe
not. But Steven wasn't just enough, he was all she needed.

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