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Title: Doctors Trust
Keywords: mf, ff, teen, nc, mdom
Author: Caesar
"A learned divine down at Buckingham,
Wrote a treatise on cunts and fucking 'em;
A learned Parsee,
Taught him Gamahuchee,
So he added a chapter on sucking 'em."
-The Pearl No. 2
A warped and strange tale about a sick and dangerous family
physician, from the victims point-of-view.

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment <g> of my
imagination. Constructive e-mail welcome.
There are no plans to continue this story, so please do not
The Doctors Trust

by Caesar, Copyright 1993-2002

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The family physician is a trusted and respected member of
our society. He sees the good and bad in everyone. It is his
job to heal the hurt, mend the bones, and cure the sickness.
After many years in school the doctor is given a piece of paper
that empowers him to act in this capacity, with no one, but
himself, to judge his actions or motives. A doctor could very
easily be corrupted or misuse his position that his patients gave
him. It could be money, power, or sex that turns him into
something the diploma never expected. A doctor who likes to
commit homicide is indeed a dangerous individual, who could prove
the murder of a patient when the doctor is covered under
insurance, saying that he may have made a mistake. Money, how
many doctors actually order another appointment to check on
something mundane, or over charges the bill as a regular practice.
The doctor who is taken in by sex, the power over another
individual is never exceeded when a physician is able to control
his subject to the point of misusing them sexually.
This short story is about such a doctor, a man who abused
the system to get into a position that enabled him to have the
power over another individual. In fact, this man could get
anything he wanted, money, drugs, woman. The people who gave him
this power was his patients, people like you and me. No one
would willingly be abused, they were no different than anyone
else, they just fell into the trap the devious doctor set.
Another startling fact about this short story, is that it is

"Come this way please."
Sandra B. followed the nurse through the narrow hallway to
an open door, she entered. The nurse came in and opened a folder
she was carrying, reading. The room was a normal examining
cubicle, with only one seat, the tall counter with thin padding,
and stirrups all women know about. There was a small sink and
garbage pail, a full length mirror and a locked cabinet along the
wall. Posters of young children playing, a cartoon of Calvin and
Hobbies, and the zodiac covered the wall. All was normal, even
the air smelled neutral, like a doctors office.
The small blond-hair nurse turned back to Sandra and
politely asked, "Please take your clothes off and wait on the
table. Dr. Allan should be in momentarily." She smiled then
promptly left with the sound of her pediatric shoes squeaking on
the rug.
As ordered, Sandra slowly disrobed, hating examinations,
especially being so exposed to a stranger. Her husband had
prompted her to come after she had been complaining about cramps
for the past week. She contemplated leaving her panties on, but
decided against it since she would feel embarrassed if she had to
lay back her legs in the stirrups. Quickly she donned the paper
gown, that only doctors used. It was similar to the bib dentists
used during an examination. She laughed to herself thinking
about her daughter, the last time she came to the doctor, how she
acted. Sandra realized she was acting very similar. She had
even asked her husband to accompany her, he was waiting in the
waiting room. So she took a deep breath and patiently awaited
the new doctor. Her old one had sold his practice, to the
disappointment of his patients, he had been the local family physician for over thirty years. Many a baby he delivered had
grown up and brought their children to the same doctor. But now
the unknown Dr. Allan had purchased the settled business and had
begun seeing patients only weeks ago.
The door suddenly opened, startling the nervous Sandra B.
The man who entered was in his middle thirties, plain looking and
small. A person who would be missed in crowd, but who looked
like a caring and compassionate doctor. He wore a shirt and tie
under the usual white lab jacket, a pocket holder in one breast pocket filled with items.
"Good morning Mrs. B. How are you this morning?" His voice
was rich and deep, he sounded sincere. He smiled gently and sat
down on the lone chair, swinging it next to the table. Sandra
told him her symptoms, he nodded and wrote in her file. Then he
asked her some questions. Finally he asked her to lay back on
the table, arms to her side, feet together. The plastic cover
was cold on the opening of her back as she lay still. Sandra
watched the man push his fingers gently into her stomach in
various places, asking her if it hurt. Then he used his
stethoscope and listened to her breathing, she sucked in air
deeply while he moved the cold metal around the outside of her
gown. He asked her to open the top of her paper gown to her
navel, again he listened around her chest, his eyes distant while
he listened to her. Finally it was over and she covered herself
up, breathing thankfully.
"I suspect you may have a intestinal parasite, nothing
serious mind you, but we should be sure all the same?" She
nodded, of course. "If you will give me a few more minutes,
I'll do a few more checks. Though they are a little
...uncomfortable?" She wondered what uncomfortable was, but
nodded yes. Sandra had come to diagnose her condition not to
leave with a unsure answer to her cramps. "Please turn onto
your side, facing the wall. " He turned his back on her and she
could hear him rustling around near the cabinet.
When Dr. Allan turned back around, Sandra could see that his
right hand was encased in a tight leather glove. In the other,
he carried a open bottle of water based lubricant jelly. As she
watched, her head awkwardly looking over her shoulder, he dabbed
his gloved finger into the jar and it came out coated. Then she
saw him descend towards her backside, felt him lift the paper
gown to her hip and his warm free hand pull apart her bum cheek.
Sandra held her breath as the finger touched the outside of her
spincter muscle, slowly forcing itself into her rectum. She
felt her anus widen to accommodate the doctors finger. A reflex
reaction and she tightened her body muscles up.
"There Mrs. B., just relax. The worst is over." He sounded
reassuring but while his finger was in her bum, Sandra would not
be able to relax.
She felt his digit rotate, felt the tip move inside her
bowels, and wanted to throw up. His other hand, holding her
cheek apart had begun to gently rub, calming and scaring the
young mother.
His voice startled her, "Do you have any pets, cats, dogs?"
She forced herself to be calm and slowly she got the words
out, "No."
"And of course you wash your hands after every visit to the
wash room?"
She felt him pull out the finger, and was about to breath a
sigh of relief, but two fingers suddenly entered her.
"If it is a parasite, we should discover where you picked it
up." Both fingers were moving agitatedly inside her. Sandra
realized, her spincter muscle had loosened up so the initial pain
was gone, only the weird feeling of her bum hole being stretched
wide. She felt her bowels rumble and wondered if she would have
another attack of diarrhoea over the new doctor.
Finally his fingers pulled out of her, his hand let go of
her naked ass cheek. "There, all finished. I'm afraid that
didn't help much." He turned towards the sink, ripped off the
glove and through it in the trash. Then began to wash his hands.
"I'll have to do a vaginal examination."
Sandra lay onto her back, after pulling her gown across her
exposed backside. She felt disappointed when he said the exam
wasn't over, she had to put up with more.
"Please place your feet in the stirrups please." He turned
back towards her drying his hands on a paper towel. Then he
pulled his chair over to the end of the table and sat down.
Sandra couldn't see the doctor any longer, her gown was still by
her knees, which were raised in the air.
It seemed like a long time before he first touched her, and
she wondered what he was doing down their. The only time in
Sandra's life that she felt helpless and totally exposed was in a
doctor's stirrups. Any doctor, and with this new and untried man she felt very frightened. But of course was brave and didn't show
it. Two fingers pulled apart her lower vaginal lips, then
immediately another finger pushed into vaginal hole. It was warm
and slightly greased up with jelly, but it still hurt her going
in. He sunk his digit all the way into her, then twisted it
around. And as before, she felt the tip moving deep inside her.
While the jelly seemed to catch on fire, heating up her vaginal
Sandra jumped unexpectedly when the palm of his hand
mistakenly brushed up against her sensitive clitoris. He had let
go of her outer lips and was resting his hand over the mound of
her pussy. He rested his palm over her crotch, his palm pressing
into her clitoris, making her squirm. She was in no mood to feel
sexual, but her vagina had a mind of its own. She knew her
vagina was getting wet, though was sure he wouldn't be able to
tell with the lubricate he used.
She got her courage up and asked him, "Will this take much
longer doctor?"
"It shouldn't Mrs. B."
He withdrew his finger, and his palm. Sandra thought he was
finished. But a blunt, thick object was pressed firmly into her
vagina. It seemed to be a mile long, as it continued until she
felt it deep inside her womb. Dr. Allen stood and then went back
to the cabinet, and returned to his seat with an instrument
Sandra wasn't able to identify. Again his hand descended upon
her clit. He moved the cylinder around inside her, twisting in
back and forth, pulling it out and pushing in back in.
Sandra uncontrollably sighed, hating herself for doing it.
But the object felt oddly like a huge penis, while his palm was
firmly moving above her clit. She moved her buttocks which
caused the thin padding of the counter to squeak and the object
inside her to sent another jolt up her spin. Here she was sick,
her husband waiting in the room down the hall and she was getting
excited by the doctors examination.
Dr. Allan pulled the thick object out of her vagina, then
stood up, his other hand still resting on her pussy. "Are you
okay Mrs. B.?" She nodded yes, but felt her inner thigh muscles
quiver as another pleasure wave swept over her body. Again she
sighed, hating herself, closing her eyes and turning her head
sideways towards the wall. Embarrassed.
Another blunt object was sliding into her vagina, not as
thick or long, but she enjoyed the contact very much. But this
one, didn't rest inside her, nor twist around. It slide almost
all the way out then drove back into her. She realized the
doctor had took his hand off her clitoris and was now spreading
her knees as far apart as they would go. It took perhaps a full
minute for Sandra to realize the doctor was fucking her! She
wanted to sit up yell rape, scream for help. But the doctor
suddenly ground his cock deep inside her, his pelvis pressing
against hers. She forgot everything, and responded electrically,
her back arched upwards, while holding the edge of the counter
with her hands, her hips rose up to meet the doctors. Sandra
felt his hands tear away the paper gown, then grasp a breast in
each hand. Roughly he pinched her nipples, she hated him,
desired him. Nothing now mattered but her impending orgasm.
Sandra bite her bottom lip so hard she tasted blood. Her
orgasm spread out from her vagina, through every muscle and
fibre in her body. She was sweating and squeaking on the rubber
counter. She even missed the initial blast of the doctor's sperm
deep inside her. But didn't miss the rest of the warm come
filling her up. Nor the sounds he made as he orgasmed, and then
collapsed over her exposed body. Immediately she hatted herself,
wanting to get out of this small room and away from the heavy
doctor above her. She couldn't understand what caused her to
react this way, Sandra had never been that spontaneous. Dr.
Allan's cock slipped out of her, and she felt its wet softness on
her rear thigh, and a wave of revulsion ran through her.
Eliminating the last enjoyable feeling of her orgasm.
Within five minutes, the doctor had zipped himself up and
written her a prescription for a drug to cure her cramps. He
disappeared as suddenly as he had come. Then Sandra was alone to
dress and to remember!

Her mom had dragged her to the doctor, of course Jenny
wouldn't have done it herself. She was scared! Not of the
doctor, who she had never met, but of what she had to reveal.
Her monthly menstruation had adroitly stopped. She couldn't be
pregnant, having never had sex before. And her mom figured it
was a virus, or some kind of bug. It was very embarrassing for a
fifteen year-old girl to admit to her mom that she was having
problems with her cycle. And when she finally worked up the
nerve to tell her, she is dragged to the doctor.
She waited on the bench, wearing the paper gown and her
cotton panties. When the doctor came in, she couldn't talk, she
was too nervous. But his deep calm voice steadied her nerves
allowing her to tell the learned man her problem. Jenny was
thankful for one thing, she had talked her mom into not coming
into the examination room with her. How embarrassing!
"Please lay back Jenny." He stood next to the waist high
table. "Could you remove your panties also."
Jenny darted her eyes at him, hopping she had misunderstood
him. Then she quickly pulled her panties down her legs, lifting
her bum off the plastic seat to do so. Nervous she watched him,
wondering if he could see anything, though he was studying her
chart. She had never had a vaginal examination before, though
had heard of them, and would obviously not want one now.
Dr. Allan pulled up the bottom of the paper gown, his hand
immediately cupped her peach fuzz sex mound. "Please put your
feet in the stirrups please." She hesitated and he nodded to the
metal appendices that came out of the foot of the table. When
she had her legs placed, he pushed her knees apart, and slid his
finger along the length of her young vagina. Causing young Jenny
to squirm.
"Do you masturbate Jenny?" She wasn't sure she heard him
right and wanted to say so, but saw the unhumoured eyes looking
into hers. She nodded, yes, embarrassed more than the expectancy
of her exam had been.
She felt his thick finger slide into her tight vaginal hole,
and stop an inch inside her. He wiggled his finger around and
mumbled, "Virgin", before taking it out. Jenny visibly relaxed
while he wrote notes in her sheet. Then said while leaving, "I'm
sending the nurse in to complete the exam." He as gone. Jenny
pulled her gown down past her vagina and relaxed. Thankfully her
appointment would soon be over.
The small bond nurse who had lead her into this office came
through the door. A gentle smile preceded her like a ray of
sunshine. Relaxing Jenny even further. She placed the lone seat
at the foot of the bench, her warm hands quickly spread the young girls legs. The paper blouse again had again fallen to her
stomach. But the nurse indicated she should turn on her side
facing the wall. The small hands were fumbling with the knots
holding the gown up. Jenny lay back onto the bench, and watched
as the nurse pulled the gown off her body.
"Please turn onto your stomach." Jenny did, thankful to
hide her front.
A cool liquid was poured over her back, buttocks and thighs.
"This is just a muscle relaxant, the doctor thinks you may have a
high stress level." The small hands descended onto the girls back and began to roughly rub. Jenny was in heaven, she had
never before received a massage, and the nurse was an expert.
The hands worked the young hard muscles of her back and
shoulders. Very soon they jumped to the calves and thighs.
Jenny couldn't help herself and sighed. When the hands grasped a
shapely buttock in each, she was a little taken back. But she
was soon reassured, and relaxed.
"Please turn around Jenny."
The nurse poured a large amount of liquid on the girls chest
and upper thighs. After setting down the bottle, she leaned
forward and began to rub the liquid into the girls neck and
shoulders. After a few moments, she moved down to her almost
flat chest, and began to massage her pouty chest mounds. Jenny
was nervous and watched the nurse work on her. The small blond woman concentrated her work on the fleshy mounds and the nipples
for what seemed like a long time to Jenny. Then she jumped down
to the legs, rubbing the upper inner thigh until the muscles felt
like jello. When she was finished she placed the girls heels
into the stirrups.
Jenny didn't realize it but she looked incredibly sexy
laying their, her sun bronzed skin glistening in the fluorescent
light, her long brown hair cascading over the edge of the bench.
The nurse stood back and admired the teenager openly, then sat in
the chair at the end of the table. Jenny watched the woman
between her spread thighs, as she poured more liquid right onto
her crack. Without pausing her hand again descended upon her
body, this time right onto her sex mound. The hand worked the
liquid right down into the crack and along the inner lips.
The young girl realized the feelings she was feeling and
wanted the nurse to stop. But the massage seemed to rub all the
right places, and constantly stimulated the little bud of her
clitoris. Jenny closed her eyes hoping to hide her excitement,
but unconsciously her hand placed itself over her bosom and
gently squeezed rhythmically.
The nurse stopped the massage and Jenny breathed a sigh,
thankful that it was almost over.
Then something smooth, warm, and wet rubbed along the length
of her slit, from her anus to the clit. At first Jenny thought
it was the hand again. But when he thing reached her clitoris it
hooked up something a finger couldn't do.
Jenny opened her eyes.
There between her thighs was the blond head of hair, the
face pressed almost against her sex. It was the nurses tongue
that had touched her! Again she felt it, a hand pulling open her
outer sex lips allowing the tongue to lick the most intimate
places. Again! And again!
The teenager groaned, arched her back on the now-slippery
table, her hands came down and held the mane of hair in two
strong hands. Jenny pressed her sex outwards, pulling in with
her hands. It didn't matter any longer if the woman realized she
was excited. The boundary had been crossed. And the only thing
that mattered to the girl was her own rising excitement.
The tongue and lips were expert at pleasing a woman, let
alone a girl. Jenny was in heaven, had never felt so good from
her own hand before. The tongue played with the girls bum-hole,
trying to force itself into her but failed. Teeth gently nibbled
on the clitoris, causing the girl to scream in delight. The
tongue slide into her vagina, in and out, fucking her as she
imagined a small cock would.
It was over all too soon. Jenny lasted only a few moments
under the expert tutelage of the nurse. Her orgasm was never
this good, or lasted as long. She wanted more but was unsure how
to ask. Even when the nurse stood up and began to wash her face
in the sink, Jenny imagined what that petite body looked like,
tasted like. She wanted more!
Of course the girl knew what she had done, what people
called it. But she really didn't care, for the first time
someone had made her feel good, without wanting something in
The blond nurse turned towards the girl, "Do you feel better
She was about to answer, but the woman pressed her lips onto
hers. A tongue slide into the mouth, played with hers. They
kissed for a long time, Jenny wrapped her arms around the woman's
neck not wanting to ever let go. The teen could taste an
unfamiliar substance on the woman's lips, and knew it was her own
vaginal juices.
Finally the nurse pulled away, smiled down at the urgent
girl and then said, "You should come back next week for another
checkup!!?" Jenny nodded enthusiastically.
When she was alone, Jenny began to touch herself, trying to
bring back that great feeling she had momentarily experienced
earlier. But couldn't. Her hands were nothing like the nurses
tongue, could never please her in the same way. Jenny would
indeed be back in a week.

She was twenty-four years-old. And she was the only nurse
working for Dr. Allan. Her wage was double the normal medical
nurse with her couple years of experience. She had met the man a
year ago, when he spoke at a seminar on new procedures to help
people without using drugs. So impressed was Lisa that she
waited for the man, he met her and she invited him to supper.
That first evening he only kissed her on the cheek, she hated it.
Dr. Allan was so normal, middle class. He phoned only once, she
denied him another date. But two days later she was doing rounds
in the hospital she worked at when she bumped into the man. He
invited her to his office, for some reason she agreed. She drank
the coffee he handed her and they talked. In less than ten
minutes all of her motor functions didn't work, and the good
doctor had laid her onto his desk. He unbuttoned her skirt and
blouse, ripped her panties and bra. Then he shoved his penis
into her vagina. It was the most scary, sickening thing to ever
happen to her.
It was also the most exciting.
When Dr. Allan was finished with her, he began to take
pictures of her, while telling her to keep quiet about their
meeting or many people will see them. He needn't have bothered.
The next day, before her shift, Lisa cornered the Dr. in the
hallway and asked him to his office. There she dropped to her
knees and took his penis into her mouth. The first time she had
ever used her mouth on a penis, or tasted the salty sperm as he
came. Later the same day, he placed her over his lap and gave
her a spanking so hard she couldn't sit for a week. She loved
him, or more correctly she loved it!
The next eight months were very interesting, he taught her
so much about her own sexuality. They were much alike, needing
the other, using each other for their unhealthy sexual desires.
It was three month into their relationship when she witnessed his
abuse of a patient. At first she was dumb struck, sickened.
After seeing her reaction, he drugged an attractive middle aged
girl and told Lisa to screw her, while he watched. Initially,
she was like a robot only doing it to please him, then she began
to feel the familiar itching between her legs. Then he ordered
her to seduce a young woman of twenty, to bring back her panties as proof. Lisa accomplished the mission and returned sated.
Then he told her to fuck a male patient. Reluctantly she did,
she returned and told the doctor she was finished. She never
wanted to fuck another man besides him. When he was finished,
she cleaned herself up. He left bruised on her back and
buttocks, ripped her anus with his cock and left teeth marks on
her breasts. But he never asked her to fuck another man.
Today when Jenny, the young patient who she was ordered to
seduce, clung to her when they kissed. Lisa felt something she
had never felt before, she wasn't sure but it could be love!
There wasn't anything special about the young lady, and Lisa had
"fucked" several girls. Jenny was very attractive, the round
face and ass, soft smooth skin, just forming hips and breasts,
the soft down of her pussy. She had felt something in the girl when she licked her, the need to be loved. But for Lisa it was
the power she felt as she controlled the young woman.
Ms. Wambaugh, the office secretary and clerk, waved the
nurse over and handed her a pink note sheet. Written on it was
the name Jenny, and a phone number. Not wanting the Dr. to see
it she stuffed it into her pants pocket. Then abruptly left the
front reception area. It was late in the day, all the patients
were gone, finished for the day. Only the three staff stayed on,
finished the daily paperwork.
Lisa closed the Doctors office door behind her. As usual
he ignored her, while she undressed. It was a standing order,
that she attend to him after every special session he sends her
too. And one of the things she had to do was be exposed when
telling what happened. Since meeting the domineering man, she
never wore panties, and often wore old fashioned stockings and
garter belt. He demanded her to be ready for him at any moment.
When she wore only her heels and stockings, she came around
to his side of the desk. She waited, her hands behind her back,
for him to notice her. As usual she waited several minutes,
before he sat back and told her to sit on his lap. Every time it
was different, sometimes she was asked to bend over his desk, or
lay on her back, maybe her face on his lap. She sat as a little
girl sideways, her head on his shoulder, her legs over the arm of
his chair.
She began, "I've been bad daddy." She used a small innocent
voice. His hands squeezed her to him. "There was a very pretty
girl who...", he slipped his hand between her thighs, "I played
with..." She remembered Jenny's taste, the scent of her skin,
the sheen of the oil on her bronzed buttocks, the desperate look
in her eyes as they kissed. "...Down there." She spread her
legs and pointed at herself. His hand reached her and
immediately he slipped a finger into her. He found she was
already wet, the picture Lisa had in her mind from earlier today
caused her to be excited.
"Did you kiss her vagina Lisa?" He was starting to breath
She nodded shyly, "I couldn't help it, she was so pretty.
She did taste good daddy, much better than all the others." Two
fingers slid into her. "Was I a bad girl?"
"No Lisa, you are a good girl. But I feel like punishing
you anyway." He pulled his fingers out of her snatch. "Come
here and receive your punishment girl!"
With a little smile , she turned towards him in the big
seat. With deft fingers she unzipped him and pulled out his
already hard cock. Swiftly she sat upon him, his penis spearing
into her cunt. Lisa needed him, wanting to feel his hardness
inside her. She prayed for an orgasm, needing it after this
afternoon. She felt his eyes upon her studying her as he so
often did during sex. If she didn't please him, he would often
punish her more firmly, or degrade her until she crawled back to
him. Sometimes he was cruel for no reason.
"You liked the girl didn't you?" She saw the frown on his
face and became worried.
"No Dr. Allan, I've been waiting all day for you that's
all." She realized he noticed her excitement, the extreme wetness of her vagina, the extra effort she put into fucking his
cock. Pleasing herself instead of him. Something she knew he
did not put up with.
He pushed her off him, roughly. "Over the desk bitch!" He
stood as she positioned herself face forwards over his huge pine
Lisa felt him push upon her back, reminding her to position
her buttocks to their maximum roundness. She realized what was
in store even before he touched her. One hand pulled apart her
ass cheek. Then she felt him, the blunt end of his cock touch her
anus. But he didn't stop, forcing himself into her sweaty but
otherwise dry hole. When his hairy crotch tickled her soft ass,
did he stop, pulling on her blond hair. He rode her in that
position, often slapping a ass cheek or reaching around and
playing with her hard little nipples. Lisa forced herself to be
quiet as she stifled a scream of pain. Dr. Allan was indeed
pleasing himself now, and not his nurse. He knew the one thing
she did hate, was being fucked in the ass, and often used it to
punish her for real.
He pulled out of her loosened anus, but she was too scared
to move until the order was given. "Come here and finish me
Lisa." She quickly turned and dropped to her knees. This part
was familiar to her, to use her mouth to finish him off. She
usually enjoyed it, but this time his penis had been in her
backside. Also she knew if she showed any reluctance she would
be punished even worse.
She took his cock in one swallow, feeling his stomach
against her nose. Holding back the retching as the taste and
smell of her ass hole came to her. Using her best technique she
began to suck him off, wanting to please him quickly. Since
first meeting him, she had been taught to suck a cock like a
He lifted her hand that lay on her lap, placing a familiar
oblong object in it. "Fuck yourself with it."
Swiftly she lifted her bottom off the floor and sat on the
object. It was a dildo he sometimes used with her, she often
enjoyed it, but this time he mind wasn't on a cock but on a young girls pussy. As she bobbed her head on his lap, she moved her
bottom, fucking herself for his pleasure. Soon the familiar
grunts of pleasure came from him. Then she felt his penis
enlarge slightly before it erupted insider her. After the first
spurt of sperm she dropped her face as far down as it would go.
Knowing he enjoyed to come deep inside the mouth and throat.
Swiftly she dressed and quickly left, the dildo on his desk
ready for the next time he wanted to use it. Lisa could taste
the familiar flavour of the doctors sperm, but her tongue could
still remember the after taste of the young nubile teenager she
had tasted. Lisa went home, her days work finished.

She saw her husbands car drive up and a wave of revulsion
ran down her spine. Louise Allan, wife to Dr. Allan quickly put
the finishing touches onto her meal. Roast beef and mash potatoes
just the way he liked them. Without saying a word, he entered
their home. Then came to the table and sat down. She brought
the final platter of meat to the long dining room table and sat
on his right waiting for him to start.
"Where's Linda?" He asked, while loading his plate with the
hot food.
Gently she answered, "She had a school field trip today, she
should be home by eight." He grunted. When he began to eat,
Louise began to load her own plate, though in much less
quantities. In silence they ate.
Tonight she wore the black see-through blouse and no bra,
wanting to please her husband. When they were first married, he
was the most considerate, passionate man she had ever known.
Then he started to ask for kinky acts in their marriage bedroom.
At first it was harmless, sexy lingerie, massage oils. Then it
got kinkier, he tied her up, began to use pain with her, ordered
her to do things she didn't like. When she disobeyed an order to
let him come on her face, nothing happened. But a year ago,
things had gotten much worse. He was quick to strike her, never
in the face usually on her ass, for any indiscretion. She was
constantly reminded she was for his pleasure only. So to keep
his temper in check, she tried harder to please him. Six months
ago, just before moving to the new town, he brought home a
resident from the hospital. He ordered her to fuck him. He
watched her bring the young man off three times in as many hours.
Since then he watched her suck off a gas station attendant, fuck
the mailman, and masturbate for five men neither of them knew.
She also had to make passes at women whom he liked, even once
sucking her husbands come out of a hookers cunt. He less
frequently fucked her, but usually abused her, watched her with
others, made her masturbate while he took pictures. She was
scared of him.
It was only with Linda she had any pride, their daughter, a
sixteen year-old rebellious teenager. Who loved her father and
ignored her mom. But lately, Louise noticed her husband looking
at the young girl, who had become a younger version of the mom.
It went so far, that after Linda left for school one day, he
brought his wife into the messy room and told her to dress in the
clothes of his daughter. Then he spanked her over his knee, and
told her to fight him as he began to rape her.
"The carrots are undercooked." It was a simple statement,
but Louise became very pale and froze. Knowing her husband
barely needed a reason to punish her.
It was the first time he looked at her this meal, he barely
noticed her naked bosoms. "Come here Louise." She stood and
came towards her husband. He nodded towards her chest, and she
immediately began to unbutton her blouse. Her hands trembling.
She dropped the see-through blouse onto the floor. With firm
strong hands Dr. Allan turned his wife towards the table, her
back to him. He pushed her forward onto her face and hands.
With his table knife he slit her skirt down from her waist. It
fell to her feet. As was his order she didn't wear underwear
unless it was skimpy.
"Pass me the candle and butter." She handed one at a time,
knowing but praying he would be gentle.
A large scoop of butter was applied to her anus. Outside
and in, he fingered her until she was well lubricated. Then she
felt the one inch wide candle enter her bum hole. It seemed to
fill her up, stretch her spincter muscle. Her mouth opened in a
silent scream. The candle was four inches long, and an inch
wide. Dr. Allan forced the whole thing into her, until she felt
the sharp edges slide past her anus muscle.
Then he began to spank her, his hand firm and hard, he
pounded upon her round buttocks. Making them red and very sore.
"Perhaps you'll learn next time to cook vegetables correctly." He
pulled on her hair to force her to stand up again. "After you
clean up, you may ask to remove the candle."
Dr. Allan stood and went into the family room to watch the
news. Leaving his wife standing with shaky knees and a candle up
her ass. When he said "ask", he meant beg. She would have to
show proper manners for him to give his permission to shit out the
object in her rear. If the candle fell out, or she couldn't
stand it any longer and let it out. He would beat her, possibly
tying her to the bed and torturing her mercilessly.

Bill Rutherford opened the sealed envelope very carefully
and dumped the contents onto his bench. Three weeks ago, the
developer had sent a note with the daily shipment. It told him
that bundle number sixteen was very interesting. That meant
nudity to the young man. Inside he found developed pictures of
two women having sex. They were very graphic and hot!
He worked at the malls photo store, the only one in town
with overnight service on pictures. When an order came in,
labelled John Adam's, Bill knew it was for the same man who took
all those sexy pictures. Five times in the last three weeks had
he opened and discovered many photos. With only a woman and the
man who picked them up being regulars. Most of the time it was
just attractive, or cute, woman with either of the regulars.
Bill didn't know anyone in any of the pictures, until today.
Sandra B., his cousins wife. She lay on her back as the man fucked her on his table. The view was from the side and up a
little. And the room looked like an examination room. The view
on her face told him she was enjoying herself very much. Their
were thirty-six photos, all very explicit. Sandra with a large
dildo-like thing in her twat, laying on her side with a couple of
fingers in her rear, her body almost completely arched off the
table as he fucked her.
Bill had always been attracted to the pretty woman, since
first seeing her at the wedding. and had the typical male fantasy
of having sex with her. But he always knew her as a devoted
mother and wife, gentle and happy. The fact that she was
screwing some man and taking pictures with him, proved he had
been wrong.
For the first time since Bill worked at the photo mart, he
sent the envelope back, for reprints. For himself! When Mr.
John Adam's came in he would be told his pictures were not ready
yet, sorry. Bill had to have a set of those pictures. What he
would do with them he had no idea.

Jenny stood wide eyed, quietly waiting for the nurse to say
something. It was the end of the day, and Lisa was just leaving
work to head home. Not thirty feet from the office, the teenager
came around a corner and stood in her way. At the first sign of
the girl, Lisa's heart began to beat fast, but she didn't show
"Hello Jenny." She walked around the girl, turning her head
to make sure she followed. "What are you doing here, the office
is closed?"
"I've come to see you." She was very nervous. "I needed
to see you."
Lisa stopped and turned back towards the girl, away from the
windows of her work. "What about?" She was acting very calm.
Jenny shrugged her shoulders, unable to say it.
"Have you come to see if I would suck you off again?"
The girl looked shocked, and startled that she was that
obvious. ", of course not."
Lisa was having fun. Now understanding what the doctor
enjoyed about the power he had over other people. Well Jenny was
out of his reach, and in hers. "Perhaps you want to eat me?"
This time the girl couldn't say anything but just stood their
with her mouth open and a surprised look on her face. "Well
whatever, we can't just stand out here all night." Lisa saw that
the teen was about to give up in defeat.
"Tell me the truth did you think about me the last few
days?" She nodded. "And did you play with yourself thinking
about my tongue inside you?" Even with the tan, Lisa could see
her blushing. Gently, "Would you like to come home with me
Jenny?" She didn't wait for an answer but turned around and
walked towards her home. Behind her the near-silent footsteps of
the young girl.
Less than ten minutes, Jenny had her jacket off and was
standing in the living room looking around at the decorations.
While Lisa sat watching the pretty girl, wondering what to do
next. She decided to be blunt.
"Take your clothes off Jenny!"
After the initial surprise the teenager began to strip.
Wearing only jeans and a tee-shirt on the outside, it didn't take
long. Her body trembled as if she was cold. And she acted shy
under the gaze of the older woman, turning her hip away, or not
looking into the eyes of Lisa. But she also looked excited,
thankful to be standing before the nurse.
"And your underwear." The training bra fell to the floor,
then slowly, shyly, the white cotton panties followed.
Lisa stood, a foot in front of the youth, she smiled into
the girls wide eyes. "Take my clothes off."
Jenny smiled, then began to undress the woman. First the
buttons of the nurses sweater, then the skirt. Both fell to the
floor combining with the teens clothes. The shirt was next.
Jenny saw that Lisa hadn't worn any panties or bra, and also wore
stockings and a garter belt. She looked delighted.
Subconsciously she licked her lips. Lisa wrapped her arms around
the young girl, her lips pressed against the other.
She looked into the others eyes, "Tell me what you want?"
Jenny blushed. "Tell me!" Firmer, harsher.
"Please lick me." She sounded desperate, nervous.
Lisa held the girls head between both her hands, and said,
"No! You eat me." It was a order.
Jenny dropped to her knees before the nurse, and stared at
the tangle of hair covering her cunny. With a firm push of her
hand, the teen opened her mouth and covered as much as she could
of the coarse pubic hair. Lisa could feel the novice mouth upon
her mound, an inch too high, so she again pushed upon the head.
Lisa jumped, the tongue slide over the sensitive clitoris
causing a jolt of pleasure to run throughout her body. The teen
moaned and caused her mouth to vibrate against the sex organ.
The woman lifted one leg up to rest it on the couch, her thighs
spread wide. The teen didn't need any more encouragement and
fell upon her bottom, her face almost straight up in the air, her
lips firmly embedded between the thick outer cunt lips. The
nurse began to ride her crotch across the young girls face,
leaving a slimy trail of pussy juice. A tiny firm tongue forced
itself through the thick wet folds to worm into the narrow hole.
Lisa screamed. The tiny tongue felt better than any penis
had, she felt the tip flick back and forth inside her causing
another intense emotion. There was no stopping now, the woman
needed an orgasm and only this tiny young girl could give it to
her. For a year now, Lisa needed the firm kinky attention she
got from her boss, nothing else pleased her. But with Jenny,
something new had awakened inside her!

The nurse assured her nothing was wrong it was only the
normal reactions of a woman who is seven months pregnant. But
the woman wasn't so sure, her body told her something was wrong
and had demanded to be brought to the doctor. Sitting alone in
the examination room she stared at the posters and pictures that
seem to adorn every doctors office. Betty tried to breath
slowly to become calm, telling herself that the doctor would soon
be here to set things right. In the waiting room her husband and
their first child sat and patiently waited.
When the door finally opened, Betty jumped her mind going
over all the things that could be wrong with her pregnancy. Dr.
Allan came in, his nose going over her records that her previous
doctor had kept. Quickly Betty began to tell him all the
symptoms of her alleged problem. He sat in the only seat in the
room except for the examination table and wrote out her problems
a small smile coming to his face. When she finished talking she
sat back and waited for the diagnosis.
"Well Mrs. W., these all seem like symptoms of a normal
pregnancy. But if you like I could give you an examination just
to be sure." Betty was convinced something was wrong and nodded
for him to go ahead. "Please take off your clothes and sit back
on the table."
Unlike many women, Betty wasn't embarrassed to be naked with
a doctor. This was her second child and the previous doctor was
nothing more than a perfect gentleman, except his elderly hands
were a little cold. So she undressed and set aside her clothes,
until only her undies were on. She lay back on the table and
placed her heels in the stirrups.
Dr. Allan had been washing his hands then wrote another note
in her record before turning and giving her all his attention.
First he took her milk heavy breast in both hands and began to
squeeze it, touching and pressing every square inch. Then
switched to the other breast, doing the same thing.
"I'm going to give the baby an injection? Just a growth
supplement, vitamins." Again Betty nodded. A moment later it was
done, the long needle was pulled out of her huge stomach.
Then the doctor asked, "Do you give your husband oral sex?"
This surprised the woman and took a second to reply, "Uh,
yes." Her unshakeable faith in doctors told her to turn a blind
eye to his question. But a part of her sent a chill up her
"How often?"
What a strange question, "A couple times a month, maybe."
Betty realized her almost naked body for the first time. And
both her hands came up and covered her large breasts. Not too
"Does he ejaculate into your mouth?" He watched her
intently, one hand upon her large stomach.
Betty guessed the sperm her husband left inside her was
somehow causing a danger to her unborn baby. She nodded yes,
then spoke rapidly, "Its difficult to make love, so I often
"Do you like the taste?"
She was stunned, her faith in doctors was becoming lost.
What had the taste of her husbands sperm have to do with her
baby. She didn't know what to say and just lay their her mouth
open, without any words coming out.
"The injection I just gave your baby, in lay-mans terms, was
a poison." Betty was stunned, frozen unsure of anything any
longer. "And the fetus will die if it doesn't get another needle
every ten days." Why? "There is no antidote." He turned away
from her and closed her folder.
After a long couple of minutes, he finally spoke. Betty had
broke down and tears were running down her face. "Until your
baby is born, you will return for another injection every week.
And you will also do anything I ask. Do you understand?"
"Yes." She didn't.
"If you tell anyone, your baby will die."
That was the last straw, Betty broke down and began to
loudly cry. Confused and scared. Why had Dr. Allan do this?
She didn't understand much of what was going on but the last
words he had spoken were very clear to her.
"Turn on your side facing me."
Betty let go of her breasts and turned on her side, her mind
going a mile a minute. Dr. Allan unzipped his trousers and
quickly pulled out his semi-hard penis. The young mother thought
she was going to pass out. Now she knew what he wanted!
"You are going to suck my cock and swallow every drop of my
come. Do you understand?"
The one-eyed penis was less than a inch from the pretty
woman's eyes. The word barely came out of her mouth, "Yes." She
was defeated, her body exhausted. Betty knew her husband could
never know, and the doctor said it was only until her baby came
out. She had to do it, for her baby's sake.
"You will do everything I ask each time you visit my office,
"Do you hate me?"
Betty blurted out before she caught herself, "yes!" To be
realistic she didn't hate him, she was still too stunned and
paralysed to feel that much of an emotion. But later she would!
"Good! Now open your mouth bitch and suck me off."
He drove forward and forced her mouth to encircle his cock.
It was smaller than her husbands by a full inch and didn't have
much problem going in. But he doctor didn't just stroke in and
out of her, he slammed into her face again and again. Betty
could taste his sweat, smell the fabric softener on his trousers.
Every sense was heightened, but not in her favour. She didn't want
to remember this.
He was hitting her lips so hard, her teeth were cutting into
her mouth. She could taste blood and his salty pre-come, hating
it, but also enduring every second. She wasn't an active
participant, she only lay on her side and let him fuck her face.
Betty had begun to suck upon the member, wanting to finish this
torture, knowing she could leave only after he had shot a load
into her throat and mouth.
Dr. Allan reached down and slid his hand between her cotton
panties and her enlarged stomach. The fingers were rough as they
pinched the clitoris for several seconds before sliding down
lower until two of them slide into the dry cunt hole. His arm
forced her thighs to spread, only enough for his hand to work
upon her sex. She shivered in disgust.
"I'm going to fuck your cunt next week, and the week after
that I'm going to fuck your ass hole." He was breathing hard and
gasped between words. "Your going to be my little fuck toy. And
every week you'll come back for more." He laughed insanely as
his sperm hit the back of her throat. His hands holding her head
against his stomach until he was finished with her.

After her visit to Dr. Allan, Sandra had not spoken a word
of what had happened. In fact her whole personality changed
since that visit, even her husband and daughter noticed. She
felt violated, used, mistreated and there was nothing she thought
she could do about it. It wasn't as if he had raped her? Or did
It was a anti-climatic that the doctors prescription had
solved her physical problems. But the mental ones were not so
easily solved. The one thing that keeps going through her mind
was the feeling of the doctors sperm sliding out of her vagina for two days afterwards. She had changed many pairs of
underwear, and had several showers in those couple of days. But
nothing could get rid of the feeling of the warm sperm hitting
her sensitive inner thigh when she awoke suddenly.
Sandra had not been able to give her husband the attention
he desired, but allowed him to "mount" her. And that took a
couple weeks. It wasn't that her sex drive had ceased, it was
only that her mind couldn't drive the feelings that she had
undergone in that examination room. In fact only a few days ago,
she had awoke from a sexy dream, her vagina wet and her nipples
hard, until she realized she was thinking about Dr. Allan.
She was determined to get over it. Though she still spent
several minutes per day crying to herself thinking about the
recent past. So she concentrated her energy on her family, being
the best cook, cleaner and wife and mother.
Until this morning.
A sealed envelope was left in her mailbox last night with
only her name written on the outside. Time took forever before
she tore open the paper and looked in, she had a bad feeling.
Inside was a short note and a single photograph.
It read, "Be at the Sandman Inn room 23, one o'clock this
afternoon." It was unsigned. She had stopped breathing when she
got around to looking at the photograph. Her worst fears were
becoming reality, the nightmare wasn't over yet. The photo was
of Dr. Allan and her. It looked like she was willingly giving
herself to him?! It was her face, it registered pleasure not the
disgust she remembered. Sure there was a few moments that she
had felt good, but she blocked out most of the memories and only
remembered the bad.
Sandra knocked at room number twenty three. She thought she
knew what was about to happen and was horrified. Did she have
any choices? She hadn't dressed up for the rendezvous, in fact
she looked terrible. Her face was blotchy from crying, her hair
tangled, her clothes wrinkly and plain.
The door opened!
But it wasn't Dr. Allan, it was her husbands cousin, Bill.
She was unable to speak. Her mind trying to come up with a
reason for the young man to be here!? Then the truth hit her, or
at least some of the truth.
Bill knew!
To confirm her suspicions she felt his eyes look down her
body, undressing her with a glance. She saw that he only wore a
bathrobe, and had bare feet, so wasn't wearing anything under
that. Then she saw it - his penis was making a tent in front of
his robe.
Sandra felt like fainting, her whole world seemed to be
crashing down around her. Spots appeared before her eyes, and
she felt arms encircling her, holding her up. She mumbled
something about being alright before fading away.
When she awoke, only a moment latter, she felt a slimy
tongue licking her nipple. After opening her eyes, she saw that
she lay upon the rented rooms bed, and that most of her clothes
were undone, Bill knelt over her his lips pressed to her chest.
He let go of her sensitive nipple, his hands still
encircling it forcing the breast upwards. "Your awake. Good, I
thought this wouldn't be much fun without you." She realized he
had thrown off his robe and his pecker was touching her left arm.
"I knew you would show up, don't want my cousin to realize what
kind of wife he really had." His laugh had a nasal sound to it.
Sandra shivered.
Perhaps there was another way out of her situation, it was
obvious what the boy wanted but maybe something else would
surface? "I have money...?" She realized a tear was sliding
down her cheek.
He lifted his hands from her chest and placed one palm over
her still covered sex mound, cupping it. "All I want is this!"
His lower lip was quivering and he kept glancing down at her
exposed nipple.
Sandra realized he was mad, and nothing else mattered except
his animal hunger. And she was dinner! Could she escape from
his clutches and not have her husband find out? She doubted it.
But she also didn't want to have sex with this animal, nor did
she want to remember the examination that the doctor had given
her. Maybe if she just let this little slug screw her he would
be satisfied and leave her alone? She doubted that also.
Bill bent forward and attempted to kiss her, but she turned
her head away leaving him only her cheek.
Whispering in her ear, "I'm not going to fuck you until you
ask me politely." He sat up then climbed off the bed, his penis
bobbing before him.
Sandra dared hope, perhaps he had some morals after all and
have pity on her. She sat up.
Bill sat at the small round table and dumped the contents of
a large brown envelope onto its surface. Almost three dozen
photos of his cousin-in-law screwing the doctor fell face up.
From the distance she was at, she could see her own smile in one
So that was what he meant, he wouldn't have to take her
against her will, not if she wanted to keep her marriage
together. Was their any other possibility? None that she could
see. Sandra loved her family more than anything else in her life
and it was the only thing that meant anything to her.
She came to the realization that she was going to have to
fuck this little animal! But she also was determined and fully
expected not to enjoy herself. He sat there watching her
With trembling hands she began to undo the remaining buttons
of her clothes while still sitting on the bed. Every movement
she made, he followed. And it wasn't long before she again lay
on her back, her legs spread, naked.
Bill stared right at her slightly spread vagina for several
minutes before speaking. "You are very beautiful and I wouldn't
think of touching you without permission?" He waited.
Sandra realized she was going to have to say it. To ask him
to sleep with her. Her mouth became suddenly dry, "Come here..."
She lifted her arms waiting for him, but he didn't move and
turned back to the photos admiring several. What did he want?
"I'll do anything you ask Bill."
Still he ignored her.
Finally she knew what she had to do, "Come here and fuck me
Bill! Please." He turned to her and smiled. Bastard!
"On your knees slut!" The word stung, was that what she
was? She didn't do this because she liked it only because she
had too and in her mind that didn't qualify her as a slut. No
matter what anyone said.
Slowly, she turned over and got onto her hands and knees.
Without another moments hesitation, Bill jumped onto the bed and
sunk his cock into her dry hole. It hurt her, yet he didn't
notice. Nor did he notice the scream of pain that escaped her
lips. No, the only thing that he did notice was that he was
finally fucking the woman of his fantasies. That and the
anticipation of this meeting caused the young man to shoot his
sperm only thirty seconds after plunging into her.

She lay their over her husbands desk, her bottom raised into
the air. Behind her Raul grunted delightfully as he held back
from the orgasm he had worked upon for almost a half hour. He
grunted and groaned as he forced himself to hold back, wanting to
feel the familiar ripple of the orgasm of his partner through the
walls of her vagina. One of her hands held his balls between her
own thighs controlling his actions, demanding more.
Louise Allan screamed out her pleasure as her own orgasm
finally came. Shooting out of her cunt and spreading to every
inch of her body. Raul felt the ripples he had been waiting for
and finally let himself go. And his sperm shot out the head of
his cock deep into her sex cavern. It felt like a gallon of
sperm was leaving his body, taking his energy and strength with
it. Beneath him, Louise lay exhausted over the immaculate desk,
with only a tremor every few seconds to mark her as one of the
After catching his breath for a few moments, the fifty year-
old man tenderly rubbed along the smooth sweaty flanks of her
lover. He bent and kissed her shoulder, pulled her hair off the
side of her face and then kissed her cheek and neck. She smiled
and groaned in appreciation. Raul stood straight up and pulled
his shrunken cock out of her slimy hole, before zipping himself
He had been the neighbourhood lawn man for many years, and
when the young doctor and his wife moved in, he naturally
continued his work for them also. At first he knew Mrs. Allan as
only a quiet, shy woman who seemed to be nice enough. Of course
he noticed her natural beauty, but she was only one of several
beautiful women in his neighbourhood, and he only let his eyes
glaze. It was Louise that had initiated the first encounter.
After coming into the house to drink the iced tea she made, he
turned to leave, but found himself wrapped in her arms. Her lips
were warm and moist, and they had a certain desperation to them
as they kissed. Raul felt very conscious of his sweaty dirty
ernamentclothes, but she didn't seem to notice, in fact thereafter she
always asked him to keep his overall one when they made love.
Well it had been almost twelve years since the last time the old man had sex and he didn't, at first give the husband much
The light came through the tiny upper window to fall upon
her glowing body as it draped itself over the large old desk.
Louise moaned out his name, telling him words of love.
Raul helped her to stand facing him before letting his lips
connect with her moist tired ones. Louise fumbled with the
overalls zipper trying to get out his penis again. He stopped
her, gently, smiling at her hunger. Happy that he found a woman
who seemed to love him immensely and forgetting the racial and
class differences that lay between them. Of course he didn't
think this would be a permanent but would enjoy it until
its definite end.
"Please darling!" She sounded desperate, but also
exhausted. It was this way every time.
"I have to get back to work Louise. And I don't think these
tired old bones could handle..." Her tongue slide into his, she
tempted him. This time her hands were more successful in her
endeavours and his soft penis hung out of his clothes.
Louise dropped to her knees before him, and in seconds had
his dirty cock in her mouth. It never ceased to amaze him that
this young woman would do anything to please him, and he in turn
tried to return the favour. Whenever she let him. Once he lasted
long after her orgasm and she reached between her spread thighs
and pulled him out of her and aimed him between her ass cheeks.
He found himself inside her bum hole, her ankles on his shoulders.
She let herself please him, yet the look on her face held him
back from asking her to repeat the performance. It was as if she
was doing something she hated, but why then did she do it?
Raul did more things in that month with her than he had with
his long departed wife. Things he only wondered about. Like
having a woman's mouth upon his organ. He thought she was just as
hungry as him when it came to sex, since her husband looked very
tight assed and probably held her back. He doubted the pretty
woman had gotten it in a very long time. They never spoke about
the man, almost as if he didn't exist. But Raul guessed he
probably abused his lover, if not physically then emotionally.
He had learned! When he tried to give her pleasure it was
almost as if she was resisting his attempts. So he only worked
upon her when she was mutually doing him. In other words, they
often sixty-nine.
The tingling feeling in his balls brought Raul back to the
present. He was about to come! Louise sensed this impending
explosion and bounced a little faster her lips tighter. While
her hand fondled his balls trying to milk him for another load.
Her hard work was soon successful and the first shot landed upon
her swirling tongue, before she pressed her face as far down as
she could. The remainder of the come shot deep in her throat and
down to her stomach.
Raul gasped for breath, wishing he could spend the remainder
of the day fucking this gorgeous woman. Without a word she
pulled her face from his crotch and watched as he zipped up. She
followed him to the door and unconscious that anyone could see,
kissed him passionately goodbye.
He turned once after leaving to wave before returning to



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