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Dog Day Afternoon


Dog Day Afternoon (F, ff, Fff, inc, beast)

by Dorsai

Copyright (c) 2002 - Dorsai


You know the drill: this is adult erotica. You should be able to figure
out the rest of it for yourself.


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As she stepped out of the tub after her morning shower, Laurie Kepler
caught sight of herself in the full-length mirror on the back of the
bathroom door. She paused a moment to look at the image of herself that no
one had seen for over a year: standing 5 feet, 6 inches tall, her hundred
and twelve pounds left her looking slender - a slenderness accentuated by
her 34B-26-35 measurements. High on her chest, her breasts were capped
with small, dark areolas barely larger than her pencil-diameter nipples.
Her hair, though wet, still looked as black and luxurious as when she'd
been eighteen; the dark smudge at the apex of her thighs was full and
luxuriant. The skin between the two extremes was clear and smooth, with
not a sag or wrinkle or blemish to be found. "Not bad for 34 years old!"
she thought to herself - then felt a pang when she remembered - as she did
every day - just WHY no one had seen her naked for over a year.

It had been thirteen months ago that Ken, her husband of sixteen years,
had died at the bank where he worked as a junior vice-president - he'd been
helping an elderly woman with a safe deposit box when an undiagnosed
aneurism in his brain had let go; according to the doctors, he'd been dead
before he even hit the floor. The paramedics had been there in less than
five minutes, and had tried heroically to save a life that simply couldn't
BE saved.

Everyone at the bank had been supportive and sympathetic, as had all of
hers and Ken's friends. But that did precious little to fill her empty
arms, or provide someone for their daughters Melissa and Natalie to call
'Daddy'. She and Ken had married in their sophomore year of college.
They'd met as freshmen in an English class, discovered a shared fondness
for Hawthorne, and the rest, as they say, was history. They loved each
other madly, and she'd borne him their first child, Melissa, during their
Junior year. She'd given birth to Natalie just a few months before the two
of them walked across the stage to accept their degrees. Melissa had her
mother's dark hair, while Natalie got her blonde coloring from Ken. Being
so close in age, they hadn't had as many differences as so many sisters did
- and since Ken's death, even those had disappeared. The two of them spent
a surprising amount of time together - even at school, though that wasn't
too surprising.

After Ken's death, Laurie had had to move out of the large house that
they'd lived in. Although she still got a tidy little income from the
stock Ken had owned in the bank, it wasn't enough to cover the mortgage
payments. Instead, she'd found another, smaller, house, far out in the
suburbs - nearly all the way out in the country, truth be told. The girls had been less than thrilled to have to change schools, of course, but both
understood and accepted the necessity of it. One of the few items of
continuity with their 'old' life was the family dog - an Akita named Tojo.
He was friendly and playful with friends and family members, and fiercely
protective of them around strangers - weighing nearly a hundred pounds, he
had the size to make his protective nature count. His thick, tan-colored
fur made him a popular 'pillow' for anyone lying on the floor.

Giving a little start, Laurie pulled herself out of the flood of
memories and finished drying herself off. Still naked, she hung the towel
up to dry, and went into her bedroom, fishing a pair of panties and soft
bra from her dresser. With those items on, she next headed for the closet,
selecting a pair of slacks and matching silk blouse - she was supposed to
meet with one of her closest friends - Charlene Benson, they'd known each
other since middle school - for lunch. Laurie slipped her feet into a pair
of sandals, and went to the kitchen to make sure that Melissa and Natalie
ate something that was at least vaguely nutritious before they left for
school. To her surprise, both of them had gone with heat-and-serve
oatmeal, with orange juice to wash it down.

She watched as they finished their meal, and put their dishes in the
dishwasher - at 15, Melissa was a beauty: beautiful brown eyes that
sparkled; straight, white teeth; a smooth, clear complexion made her look a
bit younger than she really was. At least, unless you looked a bit lower,
and saw the developing bust that wasn't much smaller than Laurie's, and the
graceful curve of waist and hips that flowed on down to slender, nicely
turned legs that seemed to go on forever. Natalie, 14, wasn't far behind:
though not quite as busty or curvaceous as her sister, the bulges at the
top of her blouses made it abundantly clear that she was female. Her hair
was as blonde as her fathers' - almost white, in fact - and accentuated by
her sky-blue eyes. She had a look of almost childlike innocence that
belied her developing body.

After they were gone - having given her a kiss on the cheek in farewell
- Laurie sat down at the table for her own breakfast. With nothing more
pressing, she gave herself permission for a second, then third, cup of
coffee as Tojo lay on her feet under the table. In the winter, it actually
felt nice having him keep her feet warm; but in the summer… not so much.
But he was so much a part of the family, and she felt so reassured having
him around for protection, that she willingly put up with sweaty feet for a
few months out of the year.

When it was time for her to leave, Laurie got her purse, and then hunted
around until she found where she'd left her car keys. With them in hand,
she wasn't surprised to find Tojo waiting at the door to the garage for
her, eagerly waiting to see if she would let him go with her. She laughed,
and asked "Well, Tojo - are you ready to go for a ride?" His doggy grin
simply answered her "Aren't I always?"

Still smiling, she opened the door and told him "Okay, come on, you big
hairy monster!"

He quickly darted through, and on to where her car was parked, waiting
patiently for her to open the door. She let him in, and he quickly took
his assigned place in the passenger seat next to her. She hit the opener
for the garage door, backed out, and closed it again before rolling the
window down so Tojo could stick his head partway out the window while she

When she got to the small café where she was to meet Charlene, she was a
few minutes early. She found a place to park in the shade of a tree, and
left Tojo in the car - he was well-mannered enough not to bark at
passers-by, or other dogs that he might see; and he was certainly a lot
better than any car alarm she'd ever seen to keep someone from stealing her

Inside the café, she found a quiet table where Charlene would be able to
see her; she ordered a glass of iced tea, and let the waitress know that
there would be another person. A few minutes later, she saw Charlene come
in, and discretely waved to get her attention. Charlene came over and sat
down before saying "Laurie, it's so nice to see you again. It's been
months since we had time with each other like this."

"Thirteen months, in fact", Laurie answered "Not since Ken died."

Charlene frowned, and said "No, not since then."

Laurie saw the sadness on her friend's face and said "I'm sorry,
Charlene. I guess I shouldn't say things like that, now - but I still miss
him so much!"

Charlene smiled, and answered "No, it's okay - I know how much you two
loved each other. What you had was a whole shitload better than what I've
got, that's for sure!" Charlene wasn't always the most refined person
Laurie knew - but they were friends, and that was what mattered.

"What is it now?" Laurie asked - thinking that she probably already knew
the answer.

"Oh, nothing serious - just that William, that damned husband of mine,
is so busy working his deals that he doesn't have time for me. It's been
damn near two years since he laid me last! If it wasn't for the pool boy and the new gardener we hired, I don't know WHAT I'd do!"

"Charlene! You really should be more careful about who you go to bed
with! The pool boy? The gardener? What are you going to say for yourself
if Ben ever finds out?"

"I'll say that if he didn't want me screwing the help, he should have
been there to take care of me himself, that's what I'll say. You know,
it's not like the bastard has a mistress, or something on the side - it's
like he doesn't even have a dick, any more! I had a detective follow him,
and the only one's he's screwing is the competition."

"That's all the more reason not to be fooling around on him - if he was
cheating on you, that would be one thing; but to be screwing around on him…
that's something completely different. If one of those guys ever started
talking, and he found out, he could divorce you and not have to give you a
damn thing - then where would you be?"

"Broke and horny!" Charlene laughed - and a few moments later, Laurie
laughed with her.

The rest of their time together was spent catching up on gossip
involving various people that both of them knew.


Back home after her lunch, Laurie found her way back to her bedroom.
She could sympathize with Charlene - it was tough not having a loving
husband to take care of her physical needs. Before he'd died, she and Ken
had had a quite satisfactory (if not always exciting) sex life: they made
love two or three times a week, and he always brought her to orgasm and
left her feeling satisfied and loved when the two of them cuddled

Since his death, she'd felt desires. God! Had she felt desires! But
Ken was gone, and she simply didn't have the - wish? desire? desperation?
- to find some other man to take care of her needs. Part of it was wanting
to remain 'faithful' to him; part was not wanting to do anything that might
cause his friends at the bank to have anything to gossip about - and
perhaps close off one of the few resources she still had available to her.
As Ken's widow, she knew they'd gone out of their way to make sure she
could continue the various health and financial programs he'd had

As she remembered Charlene's words, Laurie felt her own desires again
coming to the surface. Since Ken's death, she'd learned to squash the
passing needs she'd felt - but now, this time, she realized that the ache
in her loins was simply too much to ignore.

A quick glance at her watch confirmed that Melissa and Natalie wouldn't
be home from school for at least another two hours. Her fingers trembling
in desire and anticipation, she unbuttoned her silk blouse and laid it
across the back of the chair at her makeup table, where it was soon joined
by her slacks. As she sat down at the edge of her bed, she caught sight of
herself in the mirror of her makeup table, and saw that her hardening
nipples were denting the thin fabric of her bra. She let her fingertips
trace across her bra's softness, feeling how firm her breasts still were,
how they filled the bra cups - and how her nipples erected even more. When
she got to them, it was like her nipples were electrified, they responded
so quickly, so eagerly to her grazing touch.

Below, she could feel herself getting hotter and wetter between her
thighs as her vagina got the loose, empty feeling that only reminded her of
how long since it had been properly filled. She could feel the oily
wetness building inside her, and decided to take her panties off before
they were stained.

She deliberately let her hands slide along her body as she moved them to
the waistband of her panties, savoring the touch on her smooth and
surprisingly sensitive skin. Slipping her thumbs under the waistband, she
lifted her ass and slid her panties past her hips and on down her legs,
kicking them off to the side when they reached her ankles. Next, she
reached between her breasts and undid the hook holding her bra closed,
feeling the cool air tickling her nipples as she shrugged the bra off and
tossed it over with her panties.

Lying back, she let her hands again start caressing her breasts, this
time without the moderating influence of the bra material to get in the
way. She closed her eyes to concentrate on the feel of her hands on her
breasts - and was mildly surprised to realize that it wasn't much different
from the way Ken had touched her: softly, gently, even delicately. That
though only brought another surge to her already hot and wet vagina; as she
continued her tactile exploration of her breasts and nipples, she opened
her thighs, only to be aroused even further by the soft air current across
her mons and parted labia.

Keeping one hand at her breasts, she traced a path down her body with
the other, delighted and marveling that her belly was still so trim, even
after giving birth to two children. When her hand reached the trim, narrow
wedge of her pubic hair, she let her fingers dance in it for a few moments,
pleased at it's thick softness - Ken had always delighted in doing this
same thing, once telling her "It feels like the fur on a cat's belly, it's
so soft and thick…", to which she'd replied "Well, it IS my pussy!", making
both of them laugh at the bawdy pun.

Further down, her fingers came across the nubbin of her clitoris,
beginning to come out from under its hood. It was a little larger than
most she'd seen - and she'd seen a few; she hadn't been the slightest bit
reluctant to spend time with girls when she'd been younger, and even after
she'd started college.

Moving on, her fingers slid between her vaginal lips. They, too, were
longer than most girls - but thinner, and more delicate, as well. The area
between them was wet, as she'd known it would be; she'd felt herself
getting aroused, her internal oils escaping her. In her youth, she'd been
embarrassed at how copiously she produced her woman's oils - but the
responses she'd gotten from the people she'd been intimate with soon
convinced her that she had nothing to be embarrassed about: all of them
were delighted and fascinated by it, taking - and giving - considerable
pleasure as they tried to lick them all up.

She laid her finger along the furrow of her sex, pressing inward against
her opening, teasing herself slightly. The few times she'd masturbated
since Ken's death, it had been at night, alone in her room after the girls had gone to bed, and she'd felt the need to keep the resulting orgasms
small and quiet. Now, in the light of day and no one to worry about, she
felt free to bring herself as much pleasure as possible.

She curled her finger, letting the tip of it dip to press slightly
against her entrance, giving herself a small thrill before she continued on
to lightly touch her clitoris. Using the lubrication she'd gotten on her
finger, she started a slow, soft circling of her clit that caused her to
involuntarily spread her legs even farther. She continued to stroke
herself, letting her finger dip down to collect more of her oils to keep
things lubricated - and as she continued, she could feel herself getting
more and more aroused; her breasts felt harder and tighter on her chest,
her areolas crinkled and puckered, pushing her nipples out even farther.
Below, she could feel her vaginal lips getting longer and thicker as blood
flowed into them as a result of her increasing desire; she was so wet
inside that she could feel a small, faint trickle of her juices starting to
wind its way between her ass cheeks. She waited as long as she could
before finally giving in to the temptation to slide a finger inside herself
- and unconsciously released a sigh of pleasure and relief when she did.

In just a few seconds, she was sliding it in and out, teasing herself to
an even higher level of desire; and when she could stand it no longer,
added a second finger, and increased the speed and force that she was using
to finger-fuck herself. That increased her passion even more, and brought
her even closer to the full-blown orgasm that she'd denied herself for so
long - but it wasn't quite enough. Vaguely frustrated, she added a third
finger, her hand almost a blur as she all but pounded her pussy with the
rigid digits

Still, it wasn't enough, and she pulled her hand from between her thighs
to use her fingers on her clitoris again - something that ratcheted her
desire even higher as it singularly failed to bring her the relief she so
desperately sought.

Then, seemingly from nowhere, she felt a hot, thick tongue start licking
her - from the crease of her ass to where her fingers were busily dancing
on her clit. She paused a moment, stunned at the pleasure of it, when it
happened again - then again, and still again. She could feel herself
responding, and only with difficulty managed to open her eyes to see who
was doing such an incredible job of eating her pussy - only to see Tojo
standing between her parted thighs, eagerly licking the hot, slick oils she
was producing in even greater quantities.

"Tojo! No!" she managed to say - but neither loudly, nor forcefully
enough to make him listen.

A second effort was even less successful - due, in part, to the way her
hips and pelvis had started lifting off the bed in response to Tojo's
enthusiastic efforts.

She didn't manage a third try - the attempt died in her throat, choked
off by a gasp at the incredible pleasure Tojo was giving her. Letting her
head fall back on the bed, she pulled her hand out of the way, and wasn't
surprised - indeed, felt delighted - when Tojo expanded his efforts to
include her fully-erect clitoris. With both hands on her breasts, she
started pinching and pulling on her nipples as Tojo's strong tongue brought
her closer and closer to the orgasm she'd sought. With her increasing
passion, her labia parted even more, making it possible for the dog's
slick, flexible tongue to slip between them, slightly pressing against her
eager opening.

In just a couple more minutes, Laurie was holding her ass off the bed,
spreading her legs as far as she could, holding herself open to the
incredible pleasures of her canine benefactor. Tojo didn't do any of the
little tricks that Ken had liked; instead, he just kept licking and licking
and licking and licking and licking and licking…

… until he licked her right over the edge, and into the deep chasm of an
orgasm stronger than Laurie could remember having in a LONG time. But the
comparison didn't occur to her until later - at the time, she was simply
too busy gasping and groaning and all but screaming her joy as wave after
wave of pleasure and release spasmed through her.

When it was over, she could only lay there, panting; she didn't even
have the strength to try to tell Tojo to stop - but he eventually did,
anyway. Licking his chops in obvious relish, she could have sworn he had a
mischievous grin on his face when he finally stepped back, then turned and
padded out of the room.

It was several minutes before Laurie could given any thought to the idea
of getting up and moving; and a couple more past that until she could
actually make it happen. Even then, she was shaky and weak-kneed as she
made her way to her bathroom to clean up and get dressed again before the
girls got home. It was as she was washing off the combination of her own
juices and Tojo's saliva that she felt a sense of shame at having let him
do that to her. But the shame was mixed with the pleasure she'd felt, and
the power of the orgasm she'd just experienced.

When she finished drying off, she was still weak from her experience -
but steady. She got dressed again in the same bra, different panties, and
a pair of soft cotton walking shorts and shirt.

She was in the kitchen going through the mail when Melissa and Natalie
got home from school. Melissa had gotten one of the teen magazines she
subscribed to, and Natalie had gotten what could only be a birthday card
from Laurie's parents. Ken's parents had died shortly after she'd married him; the bridge they'd been driving across during a rainstorm had washed
out, causing the drowning deaths of both.

Natalie quickly opened the envelope, and as expected, it was from
Laurie's folks. It wished her a happy 15th birthday - still two days off -
and included a crisp, new $20 bill, along with a short letter.

Both girls thanked her, and drifted off toward their rooms. Each had
her own room, and they shared a common bathroom; something that still
occasioned brief arguments as to whether one or the other of them had been
in it for too long.

All that was left was a couple of small bills, and a letter from another
of Laurie's long-time friends, Tanya. She opened Tanya's letter and
started reading - and soon discovered that even Tanya was having man problems. Her husband of ten years had been putting off a visit to the
doctor for a pain he'd been having. It finally got bad enough that Tanya
had been able to talk him into going in - and it had almost been too late.
It turned out that her husband, Warren, had prostate cancer. The doctors
had caught it barely in time; if he'd put off seeing them even another
couple of weeks, they said, there wouldn't have been anything they could
have done for him. As it was, he'd still had to undergo surgery, and had
several months of various therapies ahead of him. Worst of all, the
surgery they'd done had left him impotent: in the effort to make sure they
had all the cancer out of him, the doctors had had to take some tissue that
made it possible for him to get erections. The only bright spot was that
the survival rate for his cancer was a lot better than it had been even a
few years earlier - he stood a pretty good chance of living to a
respectable age.

Tanya was heartbroken at what the surgery had done to Warren. Both of
them still loved each other tremendously - so much so, in fact, that it had
been Warren that had said that since he couldn't make love with her any
more, and as young as she still was, he thought they should get a divorce
so she could find another man that could 'keep her happy' as he'd put it.
They'd tried to talk about it, but Warren was adamant: he wouldn't be happy
if she had lovers - people would eventually find out, he'd said - and she
was just as insistent that she didn't WANT another husband; she loved
Warren will all her heart, and wanted to spend the rest of her life with
him, no matter what.

Laurie finished the letter and just sat there, thinking about the
troubles that the three of them had when Natalie came into the kitchen to
ask about supper. Not wanting take-out - they'd had too much of that, of
late - and not wanting to fuss with anything more complicated, she
suggested they have a cookout in the back yard. Natalie thought that
sounded great, and went to tell her sister; when she was gone, Laurie had
the thought that it would also give her a chance to properly thank Tojo for
what he'd done for her that afternoon - a couple of small burgers would
please him tremendously. She still felt a little guilty for letting him
lick her to an orgasm like that - but that didn't get in the way of wanting
to thank him for the results.

She went outside and dumped some charcoal into the grill, added a splash
of fluid, and lit it. She watched for a few moments, and decided when the
coal would be ready. Back inside the house, she got out the buns for the
burgers and toasted them after adding a bit of garlic salt, then added some
crumbled bacon to the hamburger meat before separating it out and forming
it into patties. From there, it didn't take long for her to get the rest
of the meal ready - toppings for the burgers, chips, condiments, and so on.

As if on cue, Melissa and Natalie showed up in the kitchen and helped
carry everything outside, where Laurie saw that the coals were almost
perfect. She got the burgers on the grill, and at the first sizzle, Tojo
came out to join them, finding a place to sit near the grill. That was
perfectly normal for him, but it was still amusing, particularly to Melissa
and Natalie, to see his single-minded concentration on the cooking food.

While the girls got their patio table ready for supper, Laurie
discretely broke up one of the burgers, and fed the pieces to Tojo - who
gratefully accepted them. When the table was ready, Natalie went inside
and prepared drinks for all of them - iced tea by unanimous vote.

When the burgers were done, Laurie moved them to a small hand towel to
soak up the surplus grease before moving them to a plate and taking them
over to the table where the girls were waiting - guarded and accompanied by
an attentive Tojo.

Each of them built her sandwich to taste, leaving one patty behind. As
they ate, each of them would break off a small piece of it and toss it to
Tojo, who - unsurprisingly - never failed to catch it.

When the meal was over, Natalie took the dishes inside while Melissa
cleaned up the leftovers through the simple method of feeding them - all
but the onions, which she knew were bad for dogs and cats - to Tojo. That
left Laurie free to sit back and enjoy the cool early evening weather.
When the girls were done, both of them came back outside, and soon got into
a game of 'keep away' with Tojo, tossing his favorite toy - a full-size
football that he carried in his mouth so that it looked like he was smoking
an uncommonly round cigar - back and forth. Laurie never failed to be
amazed at how gentle and friendly the dog was with them, when she knew how
fiercely protective he could be. A few years before, a burglar had gotten
into their house while they were away for the weekend. When they got home
Sunday afternoon, they found him huddled in a corner, shaking in fear as
Tojo sat a few feet away, watching him. The burglar had literally pleaded
with them to call the police, so that he could get away from the dog. They
did, and as they waited, they learned that the burglar had made his entry
late the previous Friday, only to be cornered almost immediately by Tojo.
Any time he'd tried to move from where Tojo had found him, the dog would
growl - "sounded like it was coming all the way from his tail!" the crook
had declared - and rise to his feet. The guy had seen Tojo lay down and
sleep every so often, but every time he'd even changed position, Tojo had
come awake and growled at him again.

When the police had arrived, Ken had told Tojo to sit in a different
place; the dog had obeyed without question, waiting patiently as the police
took custody of the crook. The cops had watched him closely, but all he'd
done had been sit there, his tongue hanging out, apparently as friendly as
could be. The burglar had confessed to his crime to the cops - as though
it had been necessary - three times: once in the house, again on the way to
the station, and the third time in court; apparently, his experience with
the dog had helped him see the error of his ways.

In any event, Tojo finally managed to get his ball back, and had his own
fun keeping the girls from getting it back. Their play ended with the two
of them rolling him onto his back for a session of tummy-rubbing and

When the girls went back inside, Tojo came over and rested his head on
Laurie's leg, and she absent-mindedly rubbed his ears and petted him as she
thought about what she'd heard from Charlene and Tanya.

It finally sank in that she could feel a tickling sensation on her leg.
When she looked, she saw that Tojo was in doggy heaven under her touch, and
drooling profusely - it was his dog slobber that had finally pooled enough
to start running down her leg. She couldn't help laughing at the sight of
him - her big, fierce protector - off in never-never land, slobbering all
over her leg. At the sound of her voice, Tojo came back from wherever his
mind had been, and stood up. She leaned over to give him a good
chest-scratching, and didn't object when he licked her face in thanks.

She went back inside, and found the girls curled up in their favorite
chairs, studying for school the next day. Each had her own desk and
bookshelves, but they liked studying in the living room, for some reason.
"Well, at least they do their homework in their rooms", she thought to

She picked up the book she'd started - some trashy romance novel - and
started reading as the girls studied. She knew that she could turn the
stereo or tv on and it wouldn't both them in the slightest, but the quiet
in the house was actually rather nice.

The next couple of hours passed quietly; every so often, one of them
would get up for a bathroom break, or to freshen up their drink, but no
words were exchanged. Laurie had finished a chapter in her book when she
noticed the time: it was a little past the bedtime the girls had while
school was in session. She pointed that out to them, and both got up and
headed for their rooms without argument - pausing only long enough to give
her a kiss on the cheek along the way. Laurie turned on the tv to catch
the news and weather, and when they were done, shut it off and headed back
to her own bed. Tojo found his place at the entrance to the hallway to the
girl's rooms - a spot that seemed to meet his need to protect them, while
still being available to come to Laurie's aid, if required. As she passed
him, she told him "Good night, Tojo"; he lifted his head and wagged his
tail a few times in reply.


Laurie woke up with a start, her heart pounding slightly in her chest.
She listened for a few moments, but couldn't hear anything that might have
wakened her. A look at the clock on her nightstand told her that it was
only 1:12 in the morning. She laid there for a few minutes, listening
again to see if anything was going on in the house, but no sound reached
her ears. She suddenly realized that if anything HAD been going on, Tojo
would have let ALL of them know about it with his barking. She threw the
bedcovers back, and then stood up before grabbing her robe to cover her
nakedness - she and Ken had slept nude their entire married life, and it
was a habit that she simply had no interest in breaking now that he was

The sash tied snugly around her waist, she opened her door and padded
her way down the short hall that led to the living room; almost everything
else in the house branched off from there. When she got there, she was
surprised to see that Tojo had apparently found himself a different spot -
he was absent from where he'd been when she went to bed. She started that
way, and was almost at the entrance when she saw him again - he was sitting
outside Natalie's room, awake and alert, but not alerted. As she got
closer to him, he turned his head to look at her and licked his chops, but
didn't do anything more. As a puppy, he'd pushed his way through enough
unlatched doors that they'd had to undertake a special project: teaching
him NOT to go through doors that weren't already open enough for him to fit
through. After being scolded enough times, he'd ultimately learned. His
entrance into Laurie's room earlier had simply been the result of her
failing to close her door at all.

When she was close enough, she could see that the door to Natalie's room
wasn't fully closed; she started to reach for the handle when she heard
Natalie's voice saying "I don't know about this…"

She hesitated, and heard Melissa's voice answer "It's okay, Nat. Didn't
it feel good when I did it to you?"

"Sure it did! You know that!"

"Then why don't you want to do it to me?"

"It just seems kinda… I don't know… weird."

"But if I did it to you and it was okay, then why would it be weird if
you do it to me?"

"I don't know - it just is."

There was a brief pause before Laurie heard Melissa ask "Okay, would it
be better if we did it together?"

"Yeah, I guess…"

"Let's do that, then. Come on, Nat - I helped you have an orgasm, don't
you think it's fair you help ME have one, too?"

That question was enough to make Laurie realize what must have woken her
up - the undoubtedly faint cries as Natalie climaxed; apparently with
Melissa's help and encouragement.

She moved a little closer to the door, and using a decorative mirror
Natalie had hanging on the wall, got a look into the room - where she saw
the two of them sitting side-by-side on Natalie's bed, naked. She hadn't
seen either of them in anything less than a bikini in a number of years; it
took her breath away to look at them now…

From doing laundry, Laurie knew that Melissa was wearing 32-B bras - but
it was a considerable difference between knowing it in her mind, and seeing
the bust those bras were designed to fit. Melissa's nipples and areolas
were small and dark, like her own - and the breasts they capped were
noticeably younger and firmer. Melissa's young body was smooth, and firm
from the various athletics that she enjoyed; her skin clear, and
blemish-free. Between her parted thighs, Laurie could see that Melissa's
pubic thatch was as dark as what was on her head; but not yet thick or
large enough to fully cover her young mound - and parting it were the thin
lips of her vagina, slightly separated, the area between them dark pink and

Next to her, Laurie could see Natalie - as pale as Melissa was dark.
Laurie could easily imagine what Ken's sister must have looked like at that

Gathering her wits again, Laurie looked at her youngest daughter more
closely. Again, the 30-A bras she washed didn't begin to prepare her for
the sight of the daughter that wore them - each breast was the size of half
an orange, capped with a dark pink areola and erect nipple. That sight
only confirmed what Laurie had thought - it must have been the noises of
Natalie's release that woke her up. Looking again, Laurie was oddly
pleased to see that Natalie's slender body was indeed developing the soft
curves that would be her heritage as a woman. Further down, Laurie saw
that her daughter was indeed a 'natural blonde' - the small tuft of pubic
hair she had was an incredibly pale blonde, and had only grown enough to
cover perhaps half her mons. Even that, though, was enough to make the
sight of her naked body incredibly erotic. As with Melissa, Natalie's legs
had parted enough to reveal her inner lips; they were dark and thick, the
area between clearly wet, obviously from the orgasm she'd had with her
sister's help.

It was what that help had been that kept Laurie at the door, watching
them. Had Melissa simply talked her younger sister through the process of
masturbating herself to orgasm? Or, as Laurie suspected, had the help been
more direct - as in Melissa being the one to bring Natalie to climax? The
third possibility - one that concerned Laurie, but didn't particularly
worry her - was that Melissa's help had been even more personal; personal
to the point of using not just her hand, but her mouth and tongue to bring
Natalie off.

As Laurie watched, each of the girls snaked a hand between the other's
thighs and began using her fingers to caress her sister's mound. Over the
next couple of minutes, those hands became more insistent as each of the
girls began tracing the folds of her sister's pussy, even to the point of
letting a finger dip briefly inward. "Okay", Laurie thought to herself,
"It's just touching so far. I'll sit down with them in the next couple of
days and we'll have a little talk. I'm not going to mess them up like my
folks did with me; I'm just going to let them know that too much of
anything isn't good." She'd long before had The Talk with them, and knew
that both girls knew the general mechanics behind how babies were made.
Both had long since started having periods.

Both of them were breathing heavily, and Laurie could easily see that
both sets of breasts proudly sported erect nipples. As she watched, Laurie
couldn't help remembering her own girl-girl experiments, and felt herself
getting aroused all over again.

She was about to turn away from the door and go back to bed when she
heard something that chilled her: Melissa's voice, saying "You don't have
to be so careful, Nat - you can put your finger as far inside me as you
want to."

Laurie turned back to look into the room, and saw that Melissa had
apparently been speaking the truth: from the way Natalie was able to slide
a finger into her sister, Laurie didn't doubt for a moment that Melissa's
hymen was gone. Melissa? Fucking? So soon? She was only fifteen, for
Goodness' sake! But the apparent truth of it was right there in front of
her: Natalie was industriously sliding not one, but TWO fingers in and out
of her older sister's wet channel.

Stunned, Laurie turned away again, and quietly made her way back to her
room. Once in bed again, she lay there thinking about what she'd just
heard and witnessed; her own arousal, and the wetness between her thighs,


Over the next couple of days, Laurie thought long and hard - she was far
less troubled by what she'd seen, than by what she'd heard. Melissa, not a
virgin any more… Sure, it had to happen, sooner or later - but at fifteen?
And to be so matter-of-fact about it….

It was Friday night, and Laurie was home alone. Melissa and Natalie had
both gone off with friends to a local place that had a small amusement
arcade, dining area, and a few other amenities suitable for young people.
Laurie had stopped by the place a few times when the girls had been there -
not that she didn't trust them, but more that she just wanted to be sure.
She'd played it cool, and hadn't waved or done anything to indicate that
she'd either seen them, or that she was their mother - she could remember
how often her own parents had embarrassed her with her friends at that age.
In return, they didn't complain about it; she didn't know that both of them
were actually secretly pleased that she cared enough about them to want to
make sure the places they went to were okay.

Both girls had a later curfew because of the weekend; because of the
closeness of their ages, Natalie's 10:30 was only a half hour earlier than

Laurie was sitting in the living room when Natalie got home a few
minutes before the deadline. She started toward her room, and Laurie said
"After you change, could you come out here? I think we all need to have a
talk when Melissa gets home."

Surprised, but unconcerned, Natalie nodded her understanding. A few
minutes later, she came out, wearing the oversized football jersey she
favored for wearing to bed. The two of them sat in the living room,
watching one of the late-night comedians until Melissa got home twenty
minutes later. Laurie asked her, too, to come out so they could have a
talk after she changed clothes. Melissa voiced her agreement, and came out
wearing panties and one of her father's old tee-shirts.

With both of them seated and watching her, Laurie turned off the tv and
sat there a few moments to collect her thoughts. Taking a deep breath, she
finally told them "Both of you remember the talk we had when you were
younger - about how babies are made, and all that."

Both girls nodded, and Laurie went on "When we talked, I explained to
you how it was for me when I was that age - how scared and ashamed I was
the first time I had a period, and how Gramma told me that that was the
'burden' I had for being a girl; how it would happen every month until I
got too old. Poppa couldn't even talk to me about it, he was so
embarrassed. It wasn't until I got to middle school and we had the health
classes that I learned what was really happening to me. That was why I
talked to each of you before you had your first period, so that you
wouldn't feel as scared as I did. And that's why Daddy and I took all of
us out to dinner when it happened the first time for you - so you'd know
that it wasn't something to be ashamed of, either."

Again, both girls nodded, and Laurie told them "Well, I think it's time
that I talked to you about something else, too. When I was growing up, it
was considered a really bad thing for one girl to kiss or touch another
girl - at least, not to do it in any way that she couldn't do in public.
And it was thought that a 'good' girl didn't have 'feelings' - I mean,
sexual feelings. And even if she did, she SURE didn't do anything about
them - either with anyone else, or by herself."

Melissa and Natalie were both watching her closely, and Laurie continued
"So when I was growing up, I had a lot of different things happening to my
body that I really didn't understand - and worse, I had a lot of thoughts
and feelings that I was ashamed of. But as I got a little older, I got the
chance to learn some things - that the things that were happening to my
body were perfectly normal, and that the feelings and thoughts I was having
were normal, too. I was off at camp one summer when one of the older girls helped me finally find out what it was like to make myself feel good -
really good. So good that I had my first orgasm, ever."

Laurie gave the girls a small smile and said "I didn't stop with just
one. By the time I got home, I must have had dozens of them - and each one
was a little better than the last. And after I got home, I kept doing it.
Then, one night, my best friend Michelle was sleeping over with me. We
were talking, and of course we got to the subject of sex. The next thing I
knew, I was showing her what I'd only just learned - and she was finding
out for herself just how good it felt. It wasn't long after that that we
got the idea of finding out if it felt as good if we did it to each other.
It did; maybe even better. Once we found that out, we just kept
experimenting with each other, trying to find out what we liked and didn't
like, what felt good and what didn't. I honestly don't remember whose idea
it was, but we finally even went so far as to try using our mouths on each
other - and that was the best, yet."

Both girls were looking at her in absolute amazement, and Laurie just
kept on.

"After we discovered how much pleasure we could give each other, the
next step was to try and figure out what it might be like with a guy - and
our touches went from being strictly on the outside, to going inside a
little bit, too. I think you know what I mean."

Without realizing they were doing it, Melissa and Natalie both nodded
that they did. Laurie saw it, but didn't say anything about it, telling
them instead "Neither one of us lost our interest in guys - we still talked
and drooled about the cute ones, and put down the bad ones. By the time we
were able to start going out on single dates, the time we were spending
together only made it easier for us to resist doing anything with the boys we went out with - we knew that we could feel good with each other,
instead. But of course, it finally happened, and one night, she let a boy have sex with her. I guess I loved her, because I simply couldn't get over
the idea that she'd let a boy put his penis inside her, and squirt his
stuff there - the same place that I'd used my mouth and hand and fingers. I
didn't want to do anything like that with her for a while - in fact, by the
time I got over it, we'd grown too far apart, and our friendship ended. It
was a couple of years later that I finally lost my own cherry, and
discovered what I'd been missing out on. Yeah, I still liked having fun
with girls - but guys were SO much better!"

Natalie and Melissa were both attentive as Laurie went on "When I got to
college, I had plenty of chances to have fun with other girls. Even after
Daddy and I met, I still spent time with some of the girls in the dorm - at
least, until Daddy and I got married; since then, it's been - was - just me
and him."

The girls just sat there quietly for a couple of minutes before Melissa
asked "Why are you telling us all this, Mom?"

Gathering her courage, Laurie stood up and took off the light cotton
nightshirt she'd been wearing, revealing that she had nothing on underneath
it before sitting down again to tell them "I told you about all that - and
I'm showing you what I look like - so that you know that you don't have to
be afraid or ashamed of what's happening with your bodies. I want you to
know that the things that are happening to you, and the thought and
feelings you're having, are the same ones I had at your age. I want you to
know that I'm here for you whenever you have a question, or you're not sure
about something. Whether it's a feeling or though, or something that
happens to you, I want you to know that I love you, and I'm not going to be
mad or upset or anything if you want to come to me about it. You're my
daughters, and I love both of you more than anything else in the world -
and I always will, no matter what."

Laurie sat there, outwardly calm - but terribly afraid inside - as her
daughters looked at her; not just at her face, but her entire body.

When they were done, she cleared her throat, and both girls moved their
eyes to her face - blushing slightly with the realization that she knew
they'd been looking at her, and WHERE they'd been looking.

Laurie just smiled, and said "It's okay - really. I took my clothes off
so you COULD look, and see that even though I'm your mom, I'm really not
that much different than you; just older."

Both girls smiled at that, and Laurie continued "I told you about what
it was like for me when I was growing up so you'd know that you don't have
to be ashamed or embarrassed to want to learn about your body - and even
make yourself feel good. And that it's perfectly normal for you to wonder
what it's like to feel good with someone else, like another girl. I hope
that you'll wait before you start having sex with boys, but that's
something YOU have to decide - and if you do start having sex with boys, I
want you to know that I'll still love you. If you want to come to me to
talk about it, I'll be more than happy to listen, and if you're interested,
I can tell you what I think - or not." - the last earning her small laughs
from the girls before she added "The most important thing to me is that
you're safe. After that, I want you to be happy and secure, and know that
I love you, and always will."

Laurie sat there, watching the girls as they thought over everything
that she'd said to them. After a while, she told them "I think that's
probably enough for tonight, it's time for all of us to be going to bed",
before standing up.

Both of them stood, too; Natalie came over to give her a hug and kiss
before turning to head for her bedroom. Melissa hung back a little bit,
and when Natalie was out of sight, asked "Uh, can we talk a minute, Mom?"

"If you want to, honey."

Laurie moved to sit down again, and Melissa did the same. When both of
them were seated, Melissa said "There's, uh, something I think I need to
tell you."

Laurie felt as though her heart skipped a couple of beats, but she
managed to calmly ask "What's that?"

"I, uh, I'm.. I'm not a virgin, any more."

"Was it anybody I know?" Laurie asked, afraid of either answer.

"Oh, no, it wasn't like that!" Melissa exclaimed.

"What happened, then?"

"I was, uh, kind of um, experimenting one night, right after we had to
move here. I'd had a finger inside before, and it felt pretty good, so I
was kind of wondering, you know, what it would feel like, so I was using
the handle of my hairbrush to kind of get an idea of what a guy might be
like. I was sitting up against my headboard, pushing myself back with my
legs while I was moving the brush around when my foot slipped. I slid down
a little bit, but my hand kind of caught in the sheets, and I felt
something inside me tear. The next thing I knew, I was bleeding inside. I
was really scared, and went into the bathroom, but there wasn't anything I
could really do except take a shower and try to wash myself out. By the
time I was done, the bleeding had pretty much stopped, and that was when I
realized that I must have broken my hymen. The next morning, I was sore
inside, but it really didn't hurt or anything. The morning after that, it
was a little better. A couple more days, and I couldn't even tell it
happened - except that I knew it did."

Laurie nodded, not letting her relief show as Melissa told her "Anyway,
after that, I started touching myself again - masturbating - and when I
finally got brave enough to put a finger inside, I found out that I could
put it all the way in - and it felt pretty good. Since then, I've been
doing myself like that a lot."

With a nervous glance at Laurie, Melissa added "I, uh, kinda showed
Natalie how to masturbate, too. And we've been touching each other."

Laurie told her "I'm sorry you hurt yourself like that by accident, and
that you didn't think you could come to me for help. But it's done and
over with. As for masturbating, well, everybody does it, whether they
admit it or not. As long as you don't do it so much that you hurt yourself
or it becomes too important to you, I don't see anything wrong with it. I
guess there's nothing wrong with showing Natalie how to make herself feel
good; it was something she would have learned, anyway. Touching each other
is okay, too - as long as neither one of you is forcing the other one."

"Does… does wanting to touch Natalie and have her touch me mean I'm
lesbian? Even though I still think about guys?" Melissa asked, nervously.

Laurie smiled and answered "No, of course not. You're young, and you
want to find out what feels good for you. And you love Natalie, and want
her to feel good, too. There's nothing wrong with that. Like I said, as
long as you're both doing it because you WANT to, you aren't hurting
anyone. And as long as you're thinking about guys, and what it might feel
like to make love with one, then you're certainly not a lesbian - at worst,
you're simply what they call 'bisexual', which means that you like boys AND
girls. And even if you find out that you don't like to make love with a
guy, and only want to make love with another woman, that's not such a bad
thing. girls can be fun, too!"

Visibly relieved, Melissa grinned, and said "Yeah, I guess so - at
least, Natalie is!"

Laurie laughed, and asked "Was that it? Or was there something else,

"No, that was all - I just wanted you to know what happened to me, was
all. You're not upset?"

"Not in the slightest", Laurie answered, "except for the pain it caused
you. Sometimes something like that happens, and a girl breaks her hymen
while she's young, like you are. It's not the end of the world, by a long

Melissa smiled, and stood up, followed by Laurie. They stepped toward
each other, and hugged while Melissa said "Thanks, Mom".

"I'm glad I could help, dear. Now, you'd better get to bed - tomorrow
will be here before you know it."

Melissa gave her mother another quick hug, then turned and headed for
her bedroom. Still naked, Laurie picked up the nightshirt she'd taken off,
and carrying it in her hand, made her way to her own bed. There, she
quickly fell asleep, relieved to learn that her oldest daughter wasn't
involved with boys yet - that she'd broken her maidenhead by accident while
masturbating, of all things. The very idea of it brought a smile to
Laurie's face as she drifted off to sleep.


The next morning, both girls were a trifle subdued at breakfast. Laurie
knew that she'd still have to show them that she was serious about what
she'd said the night before - despite the talk she and Melissa had had

In the following weeks, Laurie contrived to find a number of ways to
oh-so-discretely let them know she meant what she'd said. From letting
them come into her bedroom to find her in varying stages of (un)dress, to
even letting them stay up late with her to watch a movie with a hard 'R'
rating while she wore only her panties - knowing full well that they'd be
able to see her erect nipples, and any dampness at the crotch of her
panties, even if they couldn't smell her arousal. They were tentative and
timid at first, but soon began to take her lessons to heart. Things
improved considerably when school let out - they came home one afternoon to
find her laying out in the back yard, getting a tan. An all-over tan,
since she was completely naked; trusting the high fence to keep out any
prying eyes, and Tojo to keep out any prying neighbors. When the girls saw
her, she let them look for a few moments before 'noticing' them - and
inviting them to join her. Both hesitated a few moments, then after
sharing a look, went inside. They re-appeared a couple of minutes later,
as naked as she was, and quickly spread their beach towels to take places
next to her. Each of them got help from the other two in applying
sunscreen - and all three were quietly thrilled to touch, and be touched
by, the others.

Along the way, she sometimes heard one or the other - or even both - of
them cry out their pleasure. However it was happening, she didn't ask; nor
did she indicate that she was even aware of it.

Too, the girls both became more relaxed about wearing whatever was
comfortable to them. At different times, she saw them wearing anything
from just a bra and panties, to nothing at all. The sight of their young bodies invariably reminded her of her own adventures and experiences, and
several times she had to wait for the opportunity to find her own self
release. The second time Tojo came in to offer his assistance, she argued
with herself about it before giving in; the third time he appeared, she
didn't even hesitate.

Afterwards, she had to admit to herself that the resulting orgasms were
far superior to what she was able to achieve without his attentions. She
didn't feel guilty for what she was letting him do, but she wasn't entirely
comfortable with it, either. It escaped her attention that her level of
discomfort was slowly fading away with each passing day.


It was late summer when Laurie got a letter in the mail from the bank.
Wondering what it could be, she took it into the kitchen to read as she had
a cup of coffee. After tearing the envelope open and getting the letter
out, she started to read - and felt her heart grow cold. The bank was
cutting her and the girls off from all the insurance programs! Medical,
dental, glasses - all of it! Laurie thought to herself "Damn, damn, damn,
DAMN! If they had to go out and buy that kind of coverage, instead of
getting the discounted rates through the bank, it would cost a fortune!
Sure, the income from Ken's stock in the bank was a tidy amount, but it
wasn't anywhere near enough to make up for this kind of expense! Damn
them, anyway!"

Reading the letter again, she began to realize that their reasons were a
bit on the thin side, thinking "Sure, the stock is down a little - but I'm
still managing okay! Fine, they got a new V.P. - but is he really senior
enough to insist on cutting me off like this? They all know how hard Ken
worked! And they promised I could stay on the insurance, dammit!"

But their promise had been made right after Ken's funeral, and nobody
had thought to put it in writing. "So the bottom line is, I'm screwed",
Laurie thought to herself "Great, I didn't even get kissed first. Well, at
least they gave me six months before the cut me off completely."

She was still trying to think of what she was going to do after supper
that night. It was a nice night, and she and the girls were sitting in the
living room watching tv in just their panties when Laurie heard Melissa ask
"Mom? Is something wrong?"

"Why do you ask, honey?"

"Well, you just seem kind of, well, out of it tonight. At supper, I
asked for the salt, and you handed me the sugar. And now you're just
sitting there, all zoned out. I had to talk to you twice before you

"I'm sorry, dear. I got a letter today, and it wasn't good news. I'm
just trying to figure out what to do about it, is all."

Natalie spoke up then, telling her "Mom, you told us that we could come
to you if we had a problem, and that you'd still love us. Is it okay to
tell you that you can talk to us, too? And that we'll still love YOU?"

The question, and the honest affection in Natalie's tone, warmed
Laurie's heart before she answered "Of course it's okay, honey - and thank
you for reminding me."

Laurie got up from the chair she was sitting and went over to where
Melissa and Natalie were sitting in front of the couch. When they saw that
she wanted to sit between them, they scooted apart to make room for her;
then when she sat down, they moved back to nestle against her sides as she
put an arm around each of them.

"Until now", she told them, "We've had insurance through the bank
because of Daddy's job - even after he died. That insurance helped pay for
stuff like visits to the doctor, going to the dentist, and things like
that. It also helped pay for any medicines we needed - like the pills you
had to take when you got that infection last year, Natalie. Those pills
cost almost five dollars each, but because of the insurance we had, WE only
had to pay about fifty cents of that; the insurance company paid the rest.
Remember when you fell off your bike and broke your arm, Melissa? Well,
the insurance company paid for the visit to the hospital, the doctor, the
cast, and everything else when that happened. The letter I got today was
from the bank, and they told me that they were going to have to stop our
insurance. They could have stopped it after Daddy died, but they were
nice, and said we could still use it. Well, they've got new people working
at the bank, and the bank isn't making as much money as it used to, so they
decided that they couldn't afford to pay for our insurance any more.
They're trying to be nice about it, and they said that they won't actually
stop it for another six months; but after that, we have to take of it
ourselves. The problem is that insurance like that is kind of expensive -
which is one of the reasons the bank doesn't want to pay ours any more.
But because it's expensive, it's something that WE can't pay for, either -
at least, not with the money we get. So that's the reason I'm kind of
distracted tonight: I'm trying to figure out how we can get insurance that
isn't going to cost too much."

From the expressions on their faces, Laurie knew that Natalie and
Melissa both had at least a rudimentary understanding of the problem. So
she wasn't surprised when she felt them shift around a bit so they could
put their arms around her to try and comfort her - much the same way she'd
done to try and comfort THEM when they were younger. The thought started
to bring tears to her eyes, until she felt Melissa, then Natalie, each
hesitantly move a hand up to cover one of her breasts.

Although surprised, she still remembered not to react too quickly to
this new event. Instead, she asked Natalie "What are you doing that for,

Natalie looked up at her, sadly, and said "When Melissa or I are feeling
sad, we like to hold each other like this. That's okay, isn't it?"

"Of course it is, dear."

"Then if its okay for us, isn't it okay to hold you like this, too?"

The honesty and simple logic of the question didn't escape Laurie - and
it didn't take her long to decide that it WAS okay.

"Yes, dear, it is", she answered.

With that simple statement, both girls snuggled a bit closer and shifted
position slightly - making Laurie realize that they fully expected that she
would want to hold THEIR breasts, too. After all, she'd told them that it
was okay to touch each other, and that it was okay for them to touch her -
why wouldn't they expect her to touch them, in return?

Putting an arm around each of them, she found that they were situated
almost perfectly for her to cup a breast in each hand. When she did, the
feel of their smooth, firm mammaries caused her nipples to erect slightly -
something she knew the girls HAD to be able to feel. What surprised her,
though, was when she felt the nipple in each of her hands start to harden
in apparent response.

Melissa's breast, of course, filled her hand better than did Natalie's -
but the difference was slight. Both breasts were smooth under her touch,
warm and firm. She felt her own nipples harden a little more - something
that was soon mirrored in their breasts, as well. Then Natalie's hand
shifted slightly as she started tracing the curve of her mother's breast,
testing its weight and firmness, examining it with her fingers. That only
made Laurie's nipples harden still more, and a few moments later, she felt
Melissa begin her own tactile exam of the breast she was holding. With
that, another thought entered Laurie's mind: that the girls had probably
only touched each other - and that both were curious to know what a woman's
breasts felt like, as compared to their own, and each other's.

Looking down at them, she saw that both of them were a trifle nervous,
apparently concerned that she might object to what they were doing. She
smiled at them and said "Its okay, girls. If you want to find out what I
feel like, then go ahead."

Both of them blushed faintly, but continued their examination of her -
and even becoming bold enough to stroke her softly and gently pinch her
nipples. In return, she did much the same to them, and it wasn't long
before there were three sets of hard, fully erect nipples in the room - and
the sound of soft panting as all three found themselves becoming aroused at
what was happening.

Several minutes passed before Melissa let her hand fall away from
Laurie's breast. Laurie turned to look at her, and Melissa hesitantly
asked "Mom, when we're sad and we cuddle like this, we usually kind of, uh,
kiss and, um, touch each other to feel better." At her voice, Natalie, too,
stopped what she was doing so she could listen.

Laurie thought it over for a moment and asked "Are you asking if it's
okay if you do that with me, too?"

Natalie spoke up, saying "Uh, well, if it's okay, and you don't mind…"

Laurie turned to tell her "No, I don't mind at all - in fact, I think
I'd like that", with a smile.

Both girls got pleased expressions on their faces, and Melissa told her
"We're usually laying down when we cuddle."

Laurie nodded her understanding, and let the girls guide her over and
down so that she way lying on the floor in front of the couch, a small
cushion for a pillow. Both of them quickly moved closer, and lowered their
heads to hers. Looking up at them, she could see that they were still a
bit nervous, and she smiled in reassurance. Both smiled back before
Natalie lowered her head to give her mother a kiss on the lips - soft, and
chaste. She was followed by Melissa, who did the same. As they were
looking down at her, Laurie felt their hands return to her breasts again,
and softly sighed at their gentle, loving touch.

Natalie lowered her head for another kiss; it was still soft and chaste,
but lasted a bit longer than the first. Melissa then did the same before
it was Natalie's turn again. Over the next couple of minutes, Laurie
kissed each of her daughters several times, and each kiss lasted a bit
longer than the previous one. Before long, she was kissing one or the
other of them almost continuously as she felt their hands softly caressing
her breasts. At one point, Melissa told her "Mom? It's okay if you want
to touch us, too…" followed by a nod of agreement from Natalie. Realizing
that she'd had her hands resting on her stomach, Laurie didn't hesitate to
accept their offer, taking one of their breasts in each of her hands,
feeling their nipples harden again at her touch.

Laurie closed her eyes, the better to savor the soft touch of their
hands on her skin; she didn't see the look the two girls shared.

A few minutes later, Laurie was almost in a trance when she felt
Melissa's body move - and a few moments later, the feeling of a pair of
soft lips on her nipple. A bit later, another pair of lips fastened
themselves to the other. Knowing that it was her own two daughters at her
breasts warmed Laurie's heart, and gently kindled her desire.

With the girls now using their lips and mouths and tongues on her
breast, their hands had moved farther 'south'; Laurie could feel their
touch wandering over her legs and sides and belly.

Again, the touch on her body was soothing, and Laurie went even farther
into her 'trance', and so didn't notice as first Melissa, then Natalie,
paused to discretely slip their panties off.

The sensation of their hands on her body was pleasant and relaxing, so
it took Laurie a moment to realize, some minutes later, that one of the
hands was starting to slip under the waistband of her panties. A few
moments contemplation and she decided that it must be Melissa - it felt
like a left hand, and Melissa was on that side of her body.

When she finally felt fingertips brushing the edge of her pubic hair,
Laurie decided that Melissa probably wouldn't mind if she did the same in
return. Letting her hand slip free of Melissa's breast, Laurie slid it
along her daughter's body - only to be surprised when she got as far as
Melissa's upturned ass without finding any panties. She opened her eyes
briefly to verify what her touch had told her, and saw that it was true -
and further, that Natalie had discarded HER panties, as well. Closing her
eyes again, Laurie though "The little imps! It's almost like they're
trying to seduce me! - and a moment later, thinking "Melissa DID say 'and
touch each other' - I wonder if they… No, surely they wouldn't!"

But they would, as she discovered. A second hand -it could only be
Natalie's - joined the first, and a couple of minutes later, she felt
tugging on the waistband of her panties. Realizing that it was too late to
call things off at that late stage, more than a little curious to see just
how far the girls were willing to go, and eager to find out the latter,
Laurie lifted her ass off the floor a bit; the hands deftly slid her
panties off her hips, down her legs, and from around her ankles. The
though "That wasn't the first time they've done something like that!" came
into her mind, and the implications of it fanned her desire a little more.

Even in her mid-thirties, Laurie knew that she was in a lot better
condition than most women, and that she looked several years younger than
she really was - she'd seen young men in their twenties turning to look her
over they didn't think she could see. So she knew that the attention
Natalie and Melissa were giving her was entirely motivated by a desire to
sympathize with and comfort her; that some of it - how much she wasn't
sure, but was starting to suspect she'd find out - was simply desire.

The idea that her own daughters might want to make love with her was
something that Laurie hadn't considered before - it simply hadn't entered
her mind that they might think of her that way. But now, with them
touching her the way they were, she had to admit the possibility. The idea
of it both fascinated and troubled her. It was fascinating to think that
she was still attractive enough to be appealing to someone their ages, and
the idea of re-experiencing some of the pleasures she'd had with other
women with THEM gave her a mild thrill. But that they were HER DAUGHTERS,
her own flesh-and-blood, was troubling. As they continued to explore her
body with their hands - both seemed fascinated by her thick mat of pubic
hair - she argued the matter with her memory of Ken. After being married for so long, and as close as they'd been, she could easily imagine him
talking about it with her.

The girls were so much younger than she was - was she 'taking advantage'
of them? After a moment's though, she decided that she wasn't: she'd told
them it was okay to touch themselves and each other; THEY had been the ones
to touch her, first. Yes, she'd approved of it - but only after the fact.

She'd heard about incest - was this it? She'd always thought of it as a
man doing things to his daughters; but realized that it could also mean any
other combination of parent and child. Yes, she was almost certainly
having sexual contact with her child - well, children - but neither side
was forcing the other. If anything, the contact was coming about out of
what would normally be considered all the 'right' reasons: love, the desire
to comfort and reassure, and all that. SHE wasn't trying to seduce them;
in fact, just the opposite seemed to be the case. Was it still incest when
it was the child seeking out the parent - and that child was old enough to
have no small understanding of the nature of their actions?

The laws and customs about parents having sex with their children
probably made a lot of sense, back when men were the absolute masters of
their homes, and people were ignorant about sex and sexuality and all that.
But now? Sure, if a parent did anything to push or coerce the child - if
the child felt any reluctance about it at all - then the parent should be
punished, and harshly. But if the child was old enough to have some
understanding of what was involved? If the actions between them were at
the behest of the child? What then?

Laurie finally decided to accept what she and the girls were doing.
Both of them had gotten The Talk from her, and both had gone through sex
education classes in school. They were certainly mature enough - once past
their 'terrible twos', neither she nor Ken had had to give either one of
them so much as a swat on the backside to enforce an instruction or punish
an infraction. Talking to them, she knew that both understood why they'd
had to move, and accepted it, even though neither liked it - it was
necessary, and that was all there was to it; neither wasted time fussing
about something that simply HAD to be done. She wasn't trying to do
anything to them; it was they who were trying to seduce HER.

"The bottom line", Laurie argued to her memory of Ken "is that they're
not ignorant about sex, like I was. They're mature enough to know what
they're doing, and why. I told them it was okay to please themselves, and
even each other; and now they've decided to include me, too - and it was
THEIR idea, not mine. I'm not forcing them, and they're not forcing me -
it's by mutual consent. Both have already expressed considerable interest
in guys, even after being with each other, so anything that happens between
us isn't likely to 'bias' them one way or the other. I'm their mother, and
the nature of that relationship will HAVE to change, if I let this happen -
but they're both grown up enough that I don't think it will change too
much, or in the wrong direction. Yes, there are some bad things that could
come about - but there are good things that could happen, too, and I think
the good stuff is more likely."

Laurie's memory of Ken didn't argue with her - in her mind, she was sure
that he would understand what she was saying, and agree, even if

With the matter settled in her mind, Laurie realized that Melissa and
Natalie were both softly stroking the inside of her thighs by that time,
and letting their hands briefly contact her mons.

Her mind settled, and with a clear conscience and untroubled heart,
Laurie spread her legs slightly, letting them know that further contact was
acceptable - and emphasizing the fact by letting her hands move between
THEIR thighs.

As her hands grazed their mounds, Laurie heard Natalie and Melissa both
gasp slightly at the contact. They responded by moving their hands along
the inside of Laurie's thighs, softly stroking their way toward her mons.
Once there, they didn't hesitate to begin a slow, careful tactile
examination of her cleft, including her rapidly extending labia and the
area between them. With their heads still at her breasts, Laurie moved her
fingers slightly, discovering the velvety softness of the hairless areas of
their young mounds; then moved on to the silky feel of their pubic

Both girls responded by spreading their legs to give her even more
access; Laurie reciprocated by lifting her knees and letting them fall
apart, opening herself completely to her daughter's touch.

Her eyes still closed, Laurie could smell, as well as feel, her own
increasing arousal - and along with her own scent, she detected two more,
young and fresh. She knew that what the three of them were doing was
having an impact on Natalie and Melissa, too - and it pleased her.

She wasn't much surprised when she finally felt their lips leave her
breasts, and blaze a trail down her body: she'd told them that she,
herself, had used her mouth on another woman; it wasn't unreasonable to
think that they would try it, too - and in all likelihood, discover how
pleasurable it could be.

As their mouths got closer to her sex, their bodies turned, bringing
their hindquarters within even easier reach. Laurie took advantage of the
change by opening her eyes to look at the areas between their thighs - and
marveled at the smoothness of their skin and the contrast between the two
sets of vaginal lips. Both girls were obviously aroused, their labia
extended and parted, the area between shiny with their oils. Each girl's
clitoral hood was visible at the top of her cleft, the nubbin it covered
slightly exposed.

Laurie looked again at the exposed and parted vaginal lips each girl was
revealing. As she'd seen in the mirror, Melissa's were much like her own:
relatively thin, but somewhat long, her arousal turning them a dark pink.
On the other side of her, Natalie's labia were thicker, but only of medium
length, and looked darker than her sisters. Both sets looked soft and
smooth, almost delicate; and both girls were clearly aroused, too, judging
by their glistening.

Reaching out, Laurie cupped each girl's mons in her hand; her fingers in
their downy bushes as she used her thumbs to softly stroke each girl's
cleft and gently separate the petals of their sexual flowers. With each
movement of her thumb, Laurie heard Melissa and Natalie's breathing catch
in their throats - both were enjoying having her touch them so intimately.
As their arousal grew, and their vaginal lips separated even more, Laurie
found that she had a fairly clear view of the entrance to each girl's
vagina. Moving her hands slightly, she was able to use her fingers to open
them even more, and quickly saw that Melissa had, indeed, broken her hymen
- but that Natalie's was still intact.

That settled, Laurie's next considered action was to let the girls know
that SHE was ready to feel some pleasure by giving THEM pleasure. Dipping
a finger between Melissa's vaginal lips, Laurie collected enough of her
daughter's oils to lubricate the end of her finger, which she then pressed
against Melissa's entrance. Melissa groaned softly, and pressed herself
back against her mother's hand; in short order, Laurie had nearly half her
middle finger inside her daughter's tight, wet vagina.

With her other hand, Laurie did much the same - except that instead of
poising her finger at the opening to Natalie's vagina, she moved to begin
softly stroking her youngest daughter's clitoris, instead.

Both girls paused in their activities for a few seconds - in both
surprise and pleasure at what Laurie was doing. Then they quickly picked
up where they left off - and went on to perform nearly identical services
for their mother: as Melissa was wetting her finger with Laurie's oils,
Natalie was applying a soft circular motion to Laurie's clitoral hood.
Another couple of seconds, and Laurie could feel Melissa sliding her finger
into her eagerly waiting vagina while Natalie detoured to collect some of
her mother's lubrication to use on Laurie's exposed clitoris.

Several minutes went by like that, Laurie pleasuring the girls as they
did the same for her; but Laurie finally realized that there was simply too
much going on - that it simply wasn't going to work for her to try and
please both of them at the same time. That left her with something of a
quandary: who first? She loved both of them, dearly. Whichever one she
was with first, the other might feel hurt and left out. If she chose
Melissa, Natalie might see it as another case of 'oldest goes first'; if
she went with Natalie, Melissa could well view it as 'youngest gets special
treatment'. What to do?

Looking at them, she realized again that Natalie's fair coloration was
Ken's legacy - and the idea of being with him again, even through her, had
something going for it. But Melissa… Melissa reminded Laurie of herself at
that age - and the thought that it would be like making love to herself had
a certain perverse appeal; enough of one to make her mind up for her.

She eased her finger out of Melissa and slid both hands down to begin
softly stroking the inside of each girl's thigh. After a few moments, they
paused, then lifted and turned their heads to look at her only in curiosity
- neither showed the slightest embarrassment or concern about what the
three of them were doing.

It took Laurie a moment to find her voice before she told them "I'm
sorry, girls, but I just don't think this is going to work."

Natalie and Melissa both looked at her in surprise and concern; she
realized what it must have sounded like to them, and quickly added "No, I
mean that I just don't think that it's going to work with me trying to be
with both of you at the same time like this. What you're doing feels good
- real good! I just can't divide my attention between both of you at the
same time. So what I want to do is just be with one of you, and when we're
done, I'll be with the other one. That way, I can make both of you happy
when it's your turn."

Melissa and Natalie glanced at each other before turning back to look at
Laurie. From the expressions on their faces, she knew that they accepted
what she'd just said - and perhaps even agreed with the reasons for it.
Neither of them looked as aroused and excited as she felt; she suspected
that both of them were feeling a little disappointed and let down.

"For my own reasons - and no, I'm not going to say what they are - I
think I want to go with Melissa first; if that's what you want, honey", the
last directed to her eldest daughter. Melissa looked pleased, and quickly
answered "Of course I do, Mom".

Natalie looked disappointed, and Laurie quickly told her "Don't be
sorry, dear. I think I'll still have plenty to give you when Melissa and I
are done!"

Laurie's words and tone of voice, along with the confidence she
displayed, seemed to convince Natalie that she would be getting as much of
her mother's time and enthusiasm as her sister. Thus reassured, she
carefully moved over a bit to make room for whatever Laurie had in mind for

Melissa realized what it was when Laurie gently tapped the inside of her
thigh until she raised her leg - and from there, went on to understand what
her mother was planning to do. The knowledge left her feeling nervous and
excited - nervous that she wouldn't be able to please her mother, and
excited that it was her mother that she was trying to please.

Either way, she soon found herself straddling her mother's head; knowing
that her mother could see everything between her legs - just as she could
see between her mothers. The thought was exciting to her, and she felt
herself getting even wetter - and knew that her mother would be able to SEE
that she was getting wetter, which excited her even more.

Underneath her, Laurie saw the sudden increase in Melissa's arousal. It
took her a moment to understand that Melissa was as excited about BEING in
that position as she was to have her there. That thought aroused Laurie -
which was something that Melissa could see, in turn.

With Melissa having lost her cherry, Laurie decided to start things off
on somewhat familiar territory for her by again wetting a finger and
sliding it into Melissa's now-drooling vagina. After a few seconds,
Melissa returned the favor, and the two of them spent a couple of
stimulating minutes watching the other's labia and vaginal opening as they
slowly finger-fucked each other. Then Laurie raised the stakes a bit by
adding a second finger, which Melissa did, too. Laurie realized just how
young and inexperienced Melissa was as she slid her fingers in and out of
Melissa's surprisingly tight and wet channel.

After a little bit, Melissa seemed to realize that the fingers she was
using weren't filling her mother nearly as much, and opted to add a third -
and heard her mother's soft moan of pleasure when she did. They spent the
next few minutes slowly frigging each other, both of them getting more and
more aroused.

Laurie could see as her daughter got wetter and wetter, and the sight
and smell of it excited her. Finally, she couldn't resist any longer;
pulling her fingers free of Melissa's tight opening, Laurie lifted her head
and let her tongue trace a path between the petals of her daughter's virgin
pussy - and delighted in the taste of it. Soft and delicate, the freshness
brought back a flood of memories from her own youth - how Michelle had
tasted that first time, and how she'd found out how SHE tasted when the two
of them had soul-kissed that first time, afterwards.

In only a few seconds, Laurie was eagerly lapping up all of her
daughter's precious nectar she could find; and she was finding a lot of it.

At the first touch of her mother's tongue, Melissa froze, afraid that
her mother would somehow find her unpleasant. But when she not only did it
again, but started doing it so enthusiastically… well, that was all Melissa
needed to prompt her to do the same in return. Lowering her head, she
watched as her mother's vaginal lips clasped at the fingers she slowly
withdrew, realizing for the first time just how closely she and her mother resembled each other, age differences aside.

Up close like that, Melissa could easily discern her mother's unique
smell - while vaguely similar to how she, and even Natalie, smelled, there
was still something about it that made it different, too. She didn't have
any hesitation about extending her tongue and letting it collect some of
the juices she saw at the opening of her mother's vagina. When she did,
her taste buds all but did a happy little dance in her mouth - mom was
delicious! Unlike Natalie's sweet flavor, mom was more musky and spicy;
and her oils were a bit thicker than what Natalie produced. Melissa
quickly went about licking up the ample supply her mother was producing -
then realized that mom got as wet between her legs as she did, herself.
And with that thought, Melissa understood that getting so wet inside wasn't
such a bad thing, after all…

Off on the side, Natalie looked on as her mother and sister went about
using their mouths on each other. She'd watched as they used their hands
first, but was still slightly surprised when her mother lifted her head and
began licking Melissa. Natalie felt a little envious of Melissa, getting
to be first like that - but the arousal and desire she was feeling from
watching them was quickly overwhelming any lesser emotions.

She could smell both of them, of course - she was completely familiar
with Melissa's scent, and knew that the other could only be Mom's. Between
the smell of their excitement, and the sounds as they licked and sucked on
each other, Natalie could feel herself getting more and more excited. That
night that mom had talked to both of them about sex, she'd hid in the
hallway to listen to what Melissa wanted to talk to mom about; she was
amazed to learn that Melissa had broken her cherry while using the handle
of her hairbrush to masturbate! She was also surprised and even just a
little bit hurt when Melissa told mom what the two of them had been doing.
But mom didn't seem to mind, so Natalie supposed that it was okay. Since
then, though, she'd been thinking - a lot! - about starting to use her
finger inside herself, instead of just on the outside. Melissa sure got
excited when she put her fingers inside her, and Natalie was starting to
wonder if it really felt that much better. If it did, she might even think
about doing something to break her cherry herself - except if she did, it
wouldn't be by accident, like Melissa; if she was going to do it, it would
be on purpose, darn it!

Natalie was pulled out of her thoughts by the increasing sounds Melissa
and her mom were making - both of them were moaning almost non-stop; and
they were getting louder, too.

Melissa and Laurie were both doing much the same thing: happily licking
up the other's ample supply of fragrant oils until the readily available
supply was gone, then shifting over to tease and caress the erect clitoris
before them until the supply was refreshed again. Laurie's greater
experience gave her an advantage in their 'contest', but Melissa was
learning quickly - and enjoying the 'lessons' tremendously.

As the time passed, Laurie and Melissa both found themselves getting
closer and closer to their orgasms - and that simple fact served to
increase their pleasure even more. Their mutual pleasuring continued until
they reached their shared goal of bringing each other to orgasm. Melissa
was the first to climax, due entirely to her mother's mature experience -
throwing her head back, Melissa all but screamed as her mother's tongue
rapidly fluttered across her clitoris to push her into the abyss of the
most powerful orgasm she'd ever experienced.

Beneath her, Laurie continued her oral assault through the first wave of
Melissa's climax, then eagerly switched over to lick up the heady oils her
daughter was producing in even greater quantities, her spasming vagina all
but pushing them onto Laurie's active tongue.

Melissa felt a series of incredibly powerful spasms pass through her
body as her mother continued to lick, and even probe, at her vaginal
opening with a tongue that had more talent than she'd ever thought
possible. As the waves of pleasure and release going through her body
gradually tapered off, Melissa silently resolved to bring her mother as
much pleasure as she had just experienced - and unhesitatingly applied
herself to her new task.

Underneath Melissa, Laurie could tell that she was 'coming down' from
what had obviously been an incredibly powerful orgasm. Still, she was
surprised when she felt her daughter's head drop to begin a furious
tongue-lashing of her clitoris - and even start softly sucking on it.
Although Melissa's oral skills had noticeably improved during their time
together, she was still more enthusiastic than talented - but that was
enough. In little more than a minute, Laurie could feel herself getting
closer and closer until, finally, she was there.

With a loud cry of her own, Laurie felt her body freeze in place as the
intense pleasure she was feeling in her clitoris finally broke free to
overwhelm her body and mind.

Above her, Melissa was both delighted and awed at the results she'd
managed to produce in her mother. As her mother cried out her release,
Melissa could smell a sudden increase in her mother's arousal, and quickly
moved her lips and tongue to take advantage in the new supply of nectar
suddenly available to her. Even as she could hear her mother gasping and
moaning, Melissa was lapping up the oils that all but flowed out her
mother's vagina, and sucking them off her blood-engorged labia - and heard
her mother groan even louder in response.

Next to them, Natalie could only sit there in awe at the obvious power
of the orgasms her sister, then her mother, had gone through. She and
Melissa had brought each other to orgasm before, of course - but never
anything like what she had just witnessed! As they'd pleasured each other,
she couldn't help letting one hand start playing with her breasts as the
other slipped between her thighs; then, as their excitement and arousal
increased, so had her attentions to herself. She'd even dared to let slip
one of her fingers inside herself, surprised - and most definitely pleased
- at how good it felt. But even through her arousal, she'd been careful
not to penetrate herself too far, and eventually had withdrawn it so she
could use its slippery wetness to lubricate her sensitive clitoris. She'd
been on the edge when she'd heard Melissa cry out; the obvious passion in
her sister's voice caused her to pause in amazement. But when Melissa had
dropped her head back between her mother's thighs, Natalie had begun
diddling her clitoris furiously - and unnoticed by either, brought herself
to an orgasm that was stronger than she'd ever felt before. She'd managed,
just barely, to keep from shouting when it hit; Melissa and mom were having
so much fun that the last thing she wanted to do was distract or interrupt
- it was simply too exciting to watch them. And it was more exciting still
as she heard and saw her mother having her own powerful orgasm a few
moments later.

As Laurie began to recover from her climax, she let her head fall to the
side - where she saw that Natalie was watching them with considerable
interest. And judging from the wetness between her thighs, Natalie's
interest had been enough to bring herself to her own climax, independent of
what her mother and sister were doing. Looking at Natalie's dark labia,
Laurie figured that Natalie must have orgasmed fairly recently - perhaps
between Melissa's and her own. She couldn't recall hearing any additional
noises from that time, but had to admit that she'd been more than a little
'distracted'. Natalie saw her mother looking at her, and blushed slightly
- something that told Laurie that her daughter probably had gotten herself
off while watching the two of them.

Laurie could tell that Melissa was feeling a bit weak from their
activities - making Laurie smile to herself. For once, her age was working
in her favor: being older, she couldn't hope to keep up with girls as young as her daughters; but she made up for it in stamina - they might have four
or five orgasms to her two or three, but she'd be in better shape at the
end than they would.

Reaching between them, she gently nudged Melissa until she turned
around. When they were facing each other again, Laurie smiled up at her
daughter and said "Thank you, dear. That felt really good."

Melissa smiled shyly, and answered "I'm glad you liked it, Mom. It felt
pretty good for me, too!"

Laurie put her arms around Melissa, and Melissa willingly let herself be
pulled down for a hug - and a kiss that reminded her of what SHE tasted
like, too, before Laurie released her to say "As nice as that was, I think
it's Natalie's turn now… if you want one?", the last part directed at
Natalie, who promptly answered "Oh, I want a turn, too, all right!", making
Melissa and Laurie both smile.

With her mother's help, Melissa managed to move off to the side so that
Natalie could find out for herself just what kind of lover her mother could

Laurie sat up and moved over next to Natalie. She could see that
Natalie was still a trifle nervous, but clearly ready to have her own time
with her mother. Laurie lifted a hand to cup Natalie's face, and then
lowered her head so the two of them could share a soft kiss on the lips.

Natalie caught the smell, and a faint taste, of her sister's unique
aroma - and knowing that she was getting it second-hand from her mother thrilled her to her core. Raising a hand, she gently cupped her mother's
breast before starting to caress it, and softly pull on its nipple. A few
moments later, she felt her mother's hand gently slide down to cup one of
her breasts, in return. The two of them kissed for nearly a minute as they
softly stroked each other's breast. When their lips finally parted,
Natalie could feel herself panting slightly.

Laurie looked down at Natalie and quietly asked "Are you ready, honey?"
- and got a solemn nod of affirmation. She lowered her head to kiss the
girl again, and wasn't particularly surprised when she felt her daughter's
tongue make a soft, tentative brush across her lips. Laurie opened her own
mouth, letting her tongue slip out to do the same to Natalie; in short
order, their tongues were introducing themselves to each other.

As their kiss continued, Laurie carefully guided Natalie to lie on her
back. When their lips separated, Laurie began to slowly kiss her way down
her daughter's body; stopping when she got to the girl's firm young breasts, where she happily took the end of one of them between her lips to
begin sucking and licking the youngster's nipple. When she did, she heard
Natalie's soft gasp, and felt her trying to move her head around to do the
same in return. Laurie turned slightly so that her breasts hung down in
front of Natalie's face, and Natalie quickly lifted her head far enough to
latch on to one of them, sucking and licking its nipple as her hand moved
to begin squeezing and caressing the other.

That seemed like a dandy idea to Laurie, and she quickly took Natalie's
other breast in her hand, marveling at how soft the skin was, and how firm
the flesh underneath. When she had the nipple in her mouth as long and
hard as possible, Laurie released it and moved her hand out of the way so
she could do the same to its mate - which was soon as long and hard as the
first. Back and forth Laurie went, from one breast to the other until she
had the tips of both of Natalie's breasts crinkled in arousal and shiny
with her saliva. Beneath her, Natalie had been doing much the same, and
Laurie could feel how tight her breasts felt from the attention, and how
hard her nipples were when the cool air flowed across them.

With both of them breathing heavily, Laurie began to move on, again
kissing her way down her youngest daughter's body, her lips savoring the
softness and taste of Natalie's skin.

When her mom started kissing lower and lower on her body, Natalie knew
where she was headed, and felt herself getting even more aroused at the
thought that she and her mother would soon be looking at each other's most
intimate places. But along the way, she felt her mother's larger breasts come in contact with her own - and was surprised at how erotic it felt to
have them pressing against hers; and how it made her tingle to feel hers
and her mother's nipples being dragged across each other's breasts. She
was even more surprised when she felt her mother rise up a bit before
moving around so that it was just their nipples touching and brushing
against each other. Then mom lowered herself again, so that their breasts were pressed together, and Natalie could feel her nipples - and Moms! -
getting hard again.

When she got close enough, Laurie paused for a bit, using her lips to
'comb' Natalie's blonde fleece, savoring how soft and fine it was. But her
goal was still ahead of her, and she once again started kissing her way
toward it, letting her nose follow the sweet, fresh scent of Natalie's
virginal aroma to its source.

When she went to lower her head between Natalie's parted thighs, Laurie
realized that her slightly greater stature might make it difficult, if not
uncomfortable, for Natalie to do anything in return. To solve the problem,
Laurie spread her thighs a bit more, lowering her pelvis even closer to
Natalie's face. She felt some movement beneath and behind her, and turned
her head to see that Melissa had pulled the cushion over and tucked it
under Natalie's head, giving her some support. Melissa saw her looking at
them, and Laurie smiled in approval at what she'd done; Melissa just smiled
before moving back out of the way.

Moving her head back between Natalie's legs, Laurie was pleased to see
that the girl was pretty well aroused: her labia appeared to be fully
extended, dark with her excitement, the area between them visibly wet from
the juices that were escaping her opening. Lowering her head even farther,
Laurie extended her tongue and let it trace a path from Natalie's clitoris
all the way down to her perineum, with a slight 'dip' where her vaginal
opening beckoned. The taste, as she'd expected, was light, and almost
sweet in its freshness. Behind her, she heard Natalie's soft moan before
the girl did the same to her - and getting an answering moan.

With Natalie still having a maidenhead, Laurie wasn't about to try using
her fingers in the girl - but she knew full well that her tongue would feel
almost as good, and wasn't hard enough to deflower the youngster. In a
matter of just a few seconds, Laurie was applying her considerable oral
skills toward bringing her virginal daughter to a climax that she'd
remember for a good, long time.

Underneath her mother, Natalie was amazed and delighted with the things
that her mother was doing with her lips and mouth and tongue. The
sensations she was feeling in her clitoris and vagina were simply
incredible - so incredible that Natalie nearly forgot that her mother was
as available to her as she was to her mom. That lapse was soon corrected,
though, as Natalie began licking and sucking on her mother's extended
labia, and erect clitoris. As she applied herself, she realized that her
mom was producing a surprising amount of juices - maybe even more than
Melissa did! Natalie found the taste of them different that what she was
used to with Melissa - they were somehow stronger, and perhaps even a bit
thicker. But they were still delicious!

After an initial period of eager participation, Natalie began to realize
that she was feeling a whole lot more excited than her mother seemed to be
- and with that, realized that mom was doing things that she, Natalie,
wasn't. So Natalie began to pay attention to just exactly what her mom was
doing, and how she was doing it - and started to do the same things right
back. Her efforts were rewarded by an increase in the oils her mom was
producing, along with a number of soft moans of pleasure. That was all
Natalie needed to finally understand that there was a lot she still had to
learn about pleasing another girl - or woman, for that matter. She
continued to pay attention to what her mom was doing, and mirroring it -
and as she learned just how to do the different things, her mother did even
MORE stuff to her, and Natalie learned from that, too. Most of all, she
learned that giving pleasure could be as much fun - well, almost - as
receiving it, and quietly resolved that she would learn as much as she
could about how to be a better lover for whoever she was with.

For Laurie, the experience of having her youngest daughter learning how
to please her was initially a bit frustrating. But as the girl learned,
things got better and better. As Natalie learned how to arouse her,
Natalie's own arousal grew, too - making it even easier and more
pleasurable for Laurie to teach her. Back and forth, they fed off of each
other - figuratively AND literally - each one's arousal increasing with the
knowledge that she was exciting the other. It was only a few minutes
before Laurie felt Natalie start arching her hips up in pleasure at what
Laurie was doing. Laurie continued toggling back and forth between lapping
at her daughter's young, wet pussy, and using her lips and tongue to tease
and stimulate Natalie's erect and sensitive clitoris. Wanting to teach
Natalie something about how to please another woman, Laurie was
deliberately going about teasing her youngest child: moving her along
toward an orgasm, then letting her slide back a bit before moving her
forward again. She could hear the moans when she was toying with Natalie's
clitoris and the soft whimpers when she abandoned it to clean Natalie of
her virgin's oils.

But, as was inevitable, there came the time when there was nothing left
to do but bring Natalie to the edge of release, hold her there for several
long seconds, then push her into orgasm with a furious tongue-lashing of
the youngster's clitoris.

Natalie was delighted when mom used her tongue to play with her clitoris
- she was so gentle and firm at the same time; it was heavenly! She
couldn't help making noises, though, when mom went back to licking her
pussy - that felt good, too, of course, but nowhere NEAR as good as the
rest. It seemed like every time she really started to feel good from
having her clit played with, mom would stop doing it, and go back to
licking her for a little while before starting on her clit again. It was
so exciting and so frustrating, all at the same time! Every time mom played with her like that, Natalie could feel herself getting even closer
to having an orgasm, only to have it pulled away from her for a little
while. Finally, she was so close, and mom surprised her by not stopping -
at least not completely. Instead, her mother slowed way down, teasing her
SO bad! Natalie thought she was going to just die if something didn't
happen soon when her mom suddenly started fluttering her tongue
oh-so-lightly but oh-so-fast across her clit - and a couple seconds later,
Natalie thought she'd been hit by a train or something: her whole body just
froze, every muscle pulling against every other, her mind going around in
these crazy circles and not making any sense. Then the force of it really
hit her, and she literally screamed with the pleasure and relief of it as a
series of tidal waves of ecstasy washed through her. Then, to top it all
off, she could feel something pressing into her - it wasn't hard enough to
be a finger or anything like that, but it was still firm enough that she
could feel it pushing a little ways past her opening. A moment later, she
felt her mother's lips on the outside of her pussy, and realized that what
was pushing its way inside her was her mother's TONGUE. Even as she
understood that, she could feel it rapidly sliding in and out of her…
almost like it was… Oh, god! Like it was fucking her! With that in her
mind, Natalie felt the spasms passing through her suddenly get more
powerful as she again cried out her passion and pleasure.

When Natalie screamed, Laurie's first thought was that the neighbors
would call the police. Then she realized that they were out in the country
now, and that the closest house was a good quarter mile away - far enough,
she hoped, that they wouldn't pay any attention to it, even if they heard
it, since it was just the one.

Laurie put her mouth over the entrance to Natalie's vagina, and started
trying to push her stiffened tongue into it. After a few moments, she got
the tip of it through; after that, it was relatively easy, and she began
sliding it in and out of the girl to give her an idea of what a finger, or
even penis, would feel like. She heard Natalie cry out again - much
softer, thankfully - and felt Natalie's young vagina start clenching.
Laurie once again regretted not having a longer tongue - all Natalie's
spasms did was to push her tongue out, forcing Laurie to stiffen it and
push it back in again as soon as she could.

Finally, after a couple of minutes that didn't last anywhere NEAR long
enough, Laurie felt Natalie's orgasm taper off, and finally stop. Behind
her, she could hear the girl's panting and the occasional soft moan as an
aftershock coursed through her.

Laurie gradually slowed her actions, and after licking up the oils that
had accumulated on Natalie's mons and inner thighs, lifted her head.
Looking back, she could see that Melissa was staring at them, dumbfounded
by the ferocity of Natalie's orgasm.

Smiling to herself, Laurie put her head back between Natalie's thighs
and started softly kissing them.

A couple more minutes went by before Laurie felt Natalie's head lift,
followed by the sensation of her daughter's tongue slipping into her cleft.
It didn't take long before Natalie was busily engaged in trying to arouse
her mother as much as possible, and bring her as much pleasure and joy as
she'd just experienced.

As with Melissa, Natalie's enthusiasm more than made up for her lack of
technique. It wasn't long before Laurie could feel herself getting closer
and closer to another orgasm - and this one promised to be a doozy.

Natalie was trying to slide her probing tongue into her mother's wet
vagina, but not having much success - her tongue simply wasn't long enough
to get as deep as she wanted to. She didn't know that it was a problem her
father had had, too. In any case, she knew that her efforts were still
having an effect on her mom: she could feel the tight ring of her mom's
opening start clenching at the semi-rigid member trying to push through it.
Natalie finally had to give up when her mother's pussy would just push her
tongue back out every time she managed to get it IN; she shifted her focus
to her mom's erect clitoris, taking it between her lips and circling it
with her tongue as she started a soft, rhythmic sucking.

Laurie was slightly disappointed when Natalie stopped trying to
tongue-fuck her - but forgave the girl when she took Laurie's clitoris and
started doing all those wonderful things to it at the same time. Laurie
had already been close to orgasm; the spasming of her vagina was the last
phase before it happened. Now, with Natalie stimulating her clitoris that
way, it was only a minute or so before Laurie felt herself slip over the
edge again, groaning loudly as a tsunami of pleasure hit.

Natalie knew when her mom started to orgasm - she simply froze in place
before groaning so loud that Natalie was afraid she'd done something wrong.
But that fear was quickly put to rest when she felt a small flood of her
mother's juices flow onto her upper lip. Natalie quickly licked them off,
then put her mouth over her mother's clitoris again, and started sucking on
it in time with the spasms she could feel in her mom's body - and felt
those spasms get stronger, in response. Pleased with herself, Natalie kept
her attention on making her mother's climax as good as she could; after
what mom had done for her, how could she NOT do it? Besides, it made her
feel SO sexy, knowing she could make her mom feel so good…

Even with Natalie's efforts, Laurie's orgasm could last only so long -
and as it finally slowed and softened, she felt Natalie's actions on her
clit slow and soften, as well. Two such powerful orgasms, so close
together and after so long with so few others, left Laurie feeling
thoroughly wiped out. Carefully, she moved herself from above her
daughter, and managed to get herself to a seated position, propped up
against the couch. She saw Melissa looking at her, and held an arm out,
inviting the girl for a hug. Melissa readily moved into her mother's arm,
and they hugged before Laurie let her head fall forward to give her older daughter a kiss on the lips. Melissa welcomed it, tasting her sister on
her mother's lips, and felt herself getting aroused by that fact. In
return, Laurie welcomed the invitation when Melissa's tongue touched her
lips; and the two of them dueled tongues in each other's mouths for several

Finally, though, Laurie simply had to rest, and let her lips pull away
from Melissa's. Leaning back against the couch, she wasn't surprised when
Natalie got up to a sitting position, and moved to the other side of her
from Melissa. Then each of them snuggled into her sides, pulling her arms
around them, each holding one of her hands on a breast. They put their
heads on her shoulders, and sat there quietly for several minutes.

It was Melissa that finally spoke, saying "I… I didn't know it could BE
like that!"

Laurie laughed, and said "Oh, I think you'll find that it can be a LOT
better, once you learn a little more."

Natalie spoke up then, asking "Would… would you teach us, Mom?"

Laurie laughed again, and hugged both of them before answering "Yes,
honey, I'd be glad to. What you did - both of you! - felt good to me,
too. It's been a long time since I was with another girl, and what we just
did brings back a lot of happy memories - and reignites a few passions,
too. So if you want me to teach you how to make love with another woman,
nothing would make me happier!"

After a bit, Natalie got up and brought Melissa and Laurie the iced tea
they'd been drinking before retrieving her own; the ice had mostly melted,
but the additional liquid was just what they needed.

Some time later, the three of them got up, and at Laurie's invitation,
made their way to her room so the three of them could sleep together that
night - the girls bracketing their mother, and spooning with her during the

When the three of them woke up the next morning, Laurie could see that
the girls were feeling a bit self-conscious, and perhaps even having a
little morning-after regret. To put them at ease, she turned and gave each
of them a kiss - full on the lips - before climbing out of bed and letting
them watch as she stretched. Smiling down at them, she said "Thank you,
both of you, for what you did for me last night. I was feeling lonely and
a little bit worried and afraid. But both of you came to me to let me know
that you love me, and you comforted me in one of the best ways I know."

Both of them shyly smiled up at her, pleased with her words. Laurie
went on to tell them "I have to go out later, but before then, I want to
take a shower. As nice as it is, I still smell like a used brothel, and I
don't dare go out in public like that. Would either, or both, of you like
to join me?"

Melissa and Natalie answered by throwing back the covers and scrambling
out of bed to take places next to her. Arm in arm, they made their way to
her bathroom, where Laurie got the shower started as the girls started
molesting each other - and her. The groping and fondling continued even
after all of them were in the shower, and afterwards, too. The only
benefit was that Laurie knew that there were parts of their anatomy that
were VERY clean.


Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Laurie had several chances
to 'teach' the girls how to make love with another female - sometimes with
just one or the other; a few times, with both. In between, the girls assiduously practiced their lessons. Sometimes, they would start with each
other before they even went to bed, and Laurie would be witness to their
lovemaking. Other times, she would be in bed at night, and hear the cries
of pleasure and release. When that happened, she wasn't the slightest bit
reluctant to throw the bedcovers back and masturbate - and several times,
she had the able assistance of Tojo to make it even better.

She was home alone one afternoon, and started feeling exceptionally
horny for some reason. She tried to push it back, but there simply wasn't
any ignoring the 'itch' developing between her legs. She finally gave in
and went to her bedroom, stripped, and laid down on her bed before slipping
a hand between her thighs while the other moved to begin squeezing her
breast and pulling on her nipple. She teased herself for a little while,
waiting before she finally gave in and slid a couple of fingers into her
wet pussy, moaning softly as she did. It wasn't long until she was
enthusiastically sliding them in and out of herself; she could feel how wet
she was, and felt mildly pleased at how snug she still was inside.

She wasn't surprised when she felt Tojo move between her legs; she
simply offered him her fingers, which her readily licked clean of her
juices before lowering his muzzle to start his enthusiastic licking of her
crotch. Laurie had long since lost any sense of guilt about letting him
lick her that way, and simply laid back to enjoy what he was doing. It
wasn't long before she felt herself getting close, and a little later, felt
herself going over the edge, her pussy clenching as Tojo continued to lap
up her abundant oils.

When she came down from her orgasm, she sat up; when she did, Tojo moved
back a little, and Laurie saw a brief flash of red underneath him. Leaning
over for a better look, she saw that his dick was sticking out from its
sheath - and sticking out a good, long way. She found herself surprised at
the idea that Tojo would get a doggy hard-on from licking her pussy - and
right on the heels of that, started wondering if this was the first time,
or if that happened to him all the other times before. If it did… well,
that was a pretty rotten thing to do, letting him get her off like that,
and leave him 'hanging' - so to speak - that way.

She knew that it didn't take all that much to get guys off - more than
once, she'd used her hand to bring one of her dates to climax instead of
letting him fuck her. She figured that she could probably do the same
thing for Tojo - it wasn't like he was going to tell anyone she was jerking
him off, or anything.

Patting her legs to draw him closer, Laurie reached down to put her hand
on the furry sheath that usually hid his manhood - well, doghood, she
supposed, grinning to herself.

With him in her hand, Laurie was surprised to discover how big Tojo was
- he was easily as long as Ken had been, and noticeably bigger around.
Investigating a little farther, she found what felt like a knot in his
dick; when she touched it, Tojo whimpered slightly and hunched himself in
her hand.

"Aha!" she thought to herself. "That must be the part of his dick that
really gets him off. I'll bet if I can play with that, he'll get off just
as good as I do!"

With her hand still wrapped around his sheath, Laurie started stroking
Tojo's erect dick - and as she'd suspected, when she did it around the knot
she felt, he hunched himself in her hand as though fucking it.

She started to feel a little strain from leaning over, and released her
hold on Tojo so she could sit up. She patted her lap again, and he jumped
up, resting his forelegs on her lap. "Ah, that's better!" she though, and
reached under him again.

When she started stroking him again, Tojo seemed a little happier, and
was more willing to hump the circle of her fingers. She tightened her grip
a bit, and Tojo responded by wrapping his forelegs around one of her legs,
and arching his back as though trying to bury his dark red dick in a bitch.
Laurie held her hand steady for him, and in just a couple of minutes, felt
something hot and wet spraying on her leg. Looking down, she saw that Tojo
was cumming, spraying his canine semen all over her leg. She continued to
let him fuck her hand until he finally released her leg and dropped to the
floor. She turned loose of him, and he backed away a little bit before
turning to start licking his dripping dick. As she watched, Laurie saw
that the knot she'd felt was exposed - it easily made his dick three times
as wide as it was anywhere else. Seeing it like that, she finally
understood why she'd seen dogs in the street standing ass-to-ass: it could
only be because the male's knot had gotten inside the female - a thought
that both awed and frightened her - and they'd gotten stuck that way until
the knot shrank enough for him to pull free. Laurie didn't even want to
think about what would happen if the male didn't wait - she could easily
imagine the pain a bitch would feel having something that huge forced out
of her.

A tickling on her leg reminded her that Tojo had cum on her, and
Laurie's attention switched over to what had happened. Looking closely,
she could see that Tojo's cum was definitely thinner and clearer than a
man's - it was flowing down her leg almost like water. She collected a
little bit of it, rubbed it between her thumb and forefinger, deciding that
it had kind of an oily feel to it, too. She couldn't help lifting it to
her nose, only to find out that it didn't have any smell that she could
detect; she hesitated a moment, then delicately stuck out her tongue to
discover that it didn't have any real taste, either. Feeling a little
guilty, she wiped her fingers off on her leg, and then looked at Tojo

He was sitting there panting, the pointed end of his dick sticking out
from its sheath; she couldn't help smiling as she asked "So, Tojo - feeling
better now?"

He licked his chops, as though saying "Yes, much better, thank you very

Laurie laughed, and stood up to go into the bathroom for a shower. When
she came out, Tojo had left.


After that first experience of getting Tojo off, Laurie was careful to
do it again each time she let him lick her to what was invariably a
thundering orgasm. To her surprise, after her initial adventure with him,
it started taking him longer and longer to cum - and when he did cum, there
was more of it. The last time she did it, she was amazed at the amount of
fluid he'd sprayed out the end of his dick.

She also continued her lessons with the girls - and it didn't take long
before either one of them was quite capable of getting her off; she knew
that if - when! - they got the chance to use their considerable talents on
someone other than her or each other, there were going to be some seriously
pleased girls walking around!

Along the way, Melissa and Natalie had both gotten so relaxed and
comfortable around her that they'd stopped concerning themselves about
whether she saw them casually masturbating themselves. Not that they did
it to orgasm right there in front of her; rather, if they were feeling a
bit of an 'itch', they weren't above scratching it. It was through such
touches that Laurie finally saw it as Natalie discretely - and carefully -
slid a finger into herself. The girl didn't put it in far enough to
endanger her maidenhead, but that she was putting it there at all was

Laurie continued to watch as Natalie became more and more confident
about sliding one of her fingers into her pussy, and sliding it in farther
and farther - but always stopping before she came in contact with her

Laurie and Melissa were laying out in the back yard for some nude
sunbathing while Natalie opted to read a book in her room. Laurie was only
mildly surprised when Melissa told her "Mom? I didn't tell you this, but I
think Natalie's thinking about breaking her cherry."

"Thank you for not telling me, dear" Laurie answered, seeing Melissa
smile at the phrasing.

A couple of days later, Melissa was out with some friends while Laurie
and Natalie had a turn at nude sunbathing.

Deciding to take the bull by the horns, Laurie asked "Natalie, dear?"

"Yes, Mom?"

"You know that I don't mind if you want to masturbate. But I've noticed
that you've been putting one of your fingers inside, too. If it makes you
feel good, then that's okay. But is there anything you want to tell me?"

There were a few moments of silence before Natalie finally said "Well,
I've uh, been kind of wondering, well, what it would feel like to have
something inside me. I mean, all the way inside me. My finger feels
pretty good, especially when I slide it in and out. So I've been thinking
about, well, maybe breaking my hymen."

"You know that once you do that, you're technically not a virgin any

"Yeah, I know."

"And that once it's broken, you can't UNdo it?"

"Of course I do, Mom."

"And you're still thinking about it?"

"Well, yeah. I know it's a forever kind of thing, but it feels SO good
when I have something inside me like that."

Laurie didn't think for a moment that the use of the word 'something'
didn't mean that Natalie had had more than just a finger inside. Instead
of making an issue of it, though, she simply asked "So why haven't you done
it yet?"

Another pause before Natalie answered "I, uh, kinda tried, once. But it
hurt, so I stopped."

"What did you do? I mean, how?"

Natalie hesitated before answering "I tried using one of Melissa's
tampons. I thought if I pushed it inside far enough, I wouldn't be a
virgin any more. But when I did it, it hurt, so I pulled it back out and
threw it away."

Laurie mulled it over, and asked "Do you really want to stop being a
virgin that much?"

"Uh, yeah, I do. I can see how good it feels for you and Melissa when
you have something inside you like that, and I how good it feels for me,
even with just the little bit of my finger I use. So yeah, I do want to
stop being a virgin."

Laurie sighed, and said "Okay, if you're that sure, then don't do
anything else to hurt yourself. Let me see if there isn't another way that
will be easier for you, okay?"

"Thanks, Mom!"

"It's okay, dear. All I ask you to do is really think about it some
more, okay?"

"I will", Natalie assured her.

With that out of the way, Laurie and Natalie both fell quiet.


True to her word, Laurie spent the next several days occupied with
trying to find a way to deflower Natalie with as little pain as possible.
She finally realized that the only SURE way was by a doctor - and proceeded
to discretely find an OB/GYN that would do it without raising a fuss or
telling anyone. It took some doing, and would cost her extra, but she was
willing to pay if it meant Natalie would have what she wanted without being
hurt. Laurie insisted on paying the doctor in cash - the last thing in the
world she wanted was an insurance claim to turn up in the bank with the
procedure listed as "deflowering virgin".

When Laurie told her about it, Natalie was thrilled, to say the least -
but managed to keep her composure for her mother's sake. She even went so
far as to say "Mom, I thought about it, just like you asked, and I'm
really, truly sure that I don't want to be a virgin any more. If the
doctor will really do it, I want to lose my cherry."

So Laurie got the money, and the two of them paid a visit to the
doctor's office. He applied a local anesthetic to Natalie's hymen, and
then carefully cut it in several places to ensure that it provided no
obstruction. He finished off by stopping any blood from leaking out by
inserting a tampon, and instructing her to change it ever few hours until
the next day. The whole thing took all of ten minutes from the time he sat
down between her spread legs and the time she was standing up again. He
wrote out a prescription for some pain medication, explained a few things
to them, and that was the end of it.

As he'd told them, Natalie didn't have any noticeable pain - by the time
the local had worn off, she had already taken the first dose of the
medication he'd prescribed. When that ran out, she'd healed enough that
all she felt was a mild discomfort; and even that lasted only a couple more
days. By the end of a week, she was happily filling herself with one, and
sometimes even two, fingers. It wasn't much longer until Laurie and
Melissa were doing the honors, as well.


Laurie was continuing her solitary pleasures, with Tojo ably assisting
her nearly half the time. Each time, after she'd found her own release,
she took care of Tojo as well. But each time she 'relieved' him that way,
she caught herself looking at his dick, fascinated by its size. And when
she was looking at it, she felt herself getting aroused again; aroused in a
way that reminded her that it had been well over a year since she'd had a
hard piece of meat sliding between her labia.

Finally, after one of their 'encounters', Laurie finally made the
connection between the hollow feeling she had inside, and the hard penis
she was holding. Her first thought was "That's gross!", and she pushed it
out of her mind. But a bit later, it came back - the second time, she
thought to herself "It's ridiculous. Sure, I haven't gotten any since Ken
died - but a dog? We aren't even the same species!" before dismissing it

It stayed out of her mind, then - at least, until she let Tojo lick her
to another climax. As she was letting him hump himself to relief in her
hand, it crossed her mind to wonder if female dogs had climaxes from being
fucked like that - and promptly on the heels of that thought, it occurred
to her that damn near any female that liked to fuck would get off with a
pile-driver like Tojo in her! Laurie paused then, considering the thoughts
she'd just had - and realized that the last one had some validity. With a
guilty shudder, she admitted to herself that if SHE could get fucked that
way, she'd sure as hell climax from it! But still… Tojo was a dog, and she
was a human.

She swore off Tojo for a while, trying to keep from having the thoughts
she'd had about having sex with him. But the orgasms she had when he
licked her the way he did… she eventually gave in, and let him bring her to
a simply glorious climax. When it was over, she simply didn't have the
heart to deny him the same kind of pleasure he'd brought her. As he was
finding his relief in her hand, it finally sank in for Laurie that Tojo had
a dick that needed a pussy. She had a pussy that needed a dick. As she
remembered thinking before, it wasn't like he was going to tell anybody.
As long as she was careful not to let his knot get inside her… well, she
figured she would have all the orgasms she could handle.

With the decision made, Laurie didn't delay putting it into practice.

She released her hold on Tojo's penis, and after a few seconds, he
stopped hunching his hips as he realized that there wasn't anything for him
to fuck. He released his hold on her leg and dropped to all fours before
turning to lick his twitching dick a few times. He looked up at her and
whined, and Laurie couldn't help looking at the mass of meat hanging below
his belly.

With a slight shudder, she patted her lap, inviting him to jump up
again. He did, and she scooted herself to the edge of the bed before taking
his forelegs and pulling him closer as she laid back. Tojo could feel
something brushing against his penis and started hunching himself against
her as he tried to find a hold to sink his dick into. But the position she
was in was simply too foreign to him, and he eventually gave up to pull
away and drop to the floor again.

By that time, Laurie was too entranced with the idea of finally having a
hard dick inside her. She realized that the dog probably didn't have the
faintest idea of how to do what she wanted - he only knew how to do it HIS
way: doggie style. She quickly slid off the bed, and moved to her hands
and knees. That was something more familiar to Tojo, and he quickly moved
to wrap his legs around her waist - but she wasn't a dog, and he dropped
back to the floor after arching his hips a few times.

Laurie looked back and saw that his dick was starting to disappear back
into it's furry sheath; she realized that if she was going to get him to
fuck her, she was going to have to do something to get him started. She
quickly put her hand between her legs, and slipped a couple of fingers into
her wet pussy; taking them out, she offered them for Tojo's inspection. He
was drawn to the familiar scent, and readily licked her fingers clean -
then went on to stick his nose - cold! - between her legs. He recognized
the source, and began to lick her again. Looking back again, Laurie saw
that almost his entire penis had pulled back inside his sheath. She felt
disappointed, but consoled herself with the fact that his long tongue was
busy between her legs again. She lowered herself to rest on her elbows as
Tojo continued to lap up the juices she was starting to produce again.

After a bit, she felt him pause; when she looked back, she could see
that his penis was starting to appear again! About that time, she felt him
jump up and wrap his legs around her waist again - and a moment after that,
felt him start hunching forward, the wet tip of his penis touching her all
around her empty vagina. Reaching back between her legs, she was able to
cup his sheath in her hand, and then guide him enough that she felt the end
of his erect member slip between her labia.

With a single, hard thrust, she felt Tojo bury his hot dog-meat in her
pussy - and if she hadn't been so wet and eager, he never would have gotten
it into her. She'd known that he was big - but it had been a long time
since she'd had someone inside her that way, and her vagina had apparently
gotten smaller; he was so big around that it felt like he was going to
dislocate her hips; and he was so long that she wondered if the end of his
dick was going to come out her mouth. Oh, yes, he was filling the empty
place in her; filling it far better than she'd even dared hope. Then,
incredibly, he started fucking her - fast and hard, his balls swinging
forward to bounce off her erect clitoris with each thrust.

Laurie could only hold herself still, she was so stunned at the powerful
fucking she was getting from her canine lover - he was so big, so hard, so
HOT; she couldn't help whimpering in pleasure as he pounded his doggy dick
into her tight, wet pussy.

In little more than a minute, Laurie felt herself having an orgasm - a
good one. Then, a couple minutes later, another - even stronger. Then
another, stronger still. She was on the verge of having a fourth orgasm
when she felt something large and hard bumping against the entrance to her
vagina - and suddenly realized what it was: his knot. With a shouted
"NO!", she clamped down with her pussy to keep it from slipping into her.
Her effort worked - it stayed outside her. But the sudden tightening of
her vagina had a different effect on Tojo: he came. She felt him press
himself against her, and a moment later, she felt hot jets of canine cum filling her stretched pussy. That was all she needed to climax yet again,
this one the most powerful by far. She was still shuddering from it when
she felt Tojo back away, pulling his dick - his incredible, wonderful dick!
- out before dropping to all fours. When he was gone, she could feel the
cool air INSIDE her over-stretched cunt as small rivers of jism ran down
the insides of her thighs. Laurie could only hold herself there, resting
as she tried to get her breath and strength back. Finally, her breathing
close to normal, she managed to get to her hands; and after a pause to
rest, -raised the rest of the way to her feet, feeling even more of Tojo's
cum leak out of her and run down her leg. Shaky, she walked the couple of
feet to where the dog was laying on his side, one leg up in the air as he
licked his penis. She managed not to fall down as she leaned over to give
him a pat on the head and a heartfelt "Good dog! Good boy!" before
continuing on into the bathroom. There, she took a long, hot shower, both
to relax, and to make sure that she got every drop of Tojo's cum out of her
pleasantly aching pussy.

After that first supremely satisfying fucking from Tojo, Laurie didn't
hesitate to let him have her whenever she got horny. Her only interest
from that point on was trying to find a way of making sure she didn't
accidentally let his knot slip into her, and seeing if she couldn't teach
him to fuck her from the front, too - it simply hurt her knees and elbows
too much when all he did was fuck her from behind.


It was early one Saturday afternoon, and Laurie was in her bedroom,
getting thoroughly pounded by Tojo. The girls were off at one of their
friend's homes, getting ready for a sleep-over that night. That left
Laurie with the time and opportunity to get a proper fucking - she hadn't
had the chance for several days, and really needed it.

She was on the edge of a climax when some small noise caught her
attention; looking in the direction it seemed to have come from, she was
shocked to see Melissa and Natalie both standing just inside her bedroom
door, watching Tojo's hard dick pounding in and out of her pussy. Even as
Laurie started to say something, Tojo pushed himself into her as he began
hosing the inside of her vagina with his cum. Laurie had been so close
before that the feel of his hot semen spraying her insides was all she
needed to climax - even with the girls watching as the family dog emptied
his balls into her. By the time it was over, the girls were long gone.

When Tojo pulled free of her, Laurie quickly went in to take her shower,
keeping it shorter than usual before she put on a robe and went looking for
the girls.

She found them in Natalie's room, still dressed as they held each other,
looking surprisingly calm. She sat on the edge of the bed, waiting to see
if they had anything to say. Several moments passed before Melissa finally
asked "Mom, what were you doing?!"

Laurie sighed at the tone of the question, and took a few moments to
gather her thoughts before answering "What I was doing was getting a
different kind of sexual relief."

"But you were… were fucking a dog!" Natalie declared, her eyes starting
to tear.

"Yes, I was. But that's just exactly the point - I was fucking." After
what the girls had just seen, Laurie wasn't going to concern herself with
such trivialities as profanities.

"What you girls have been doing, and what you've been doing with me,
well, it's felt good. Real good, in fact. It's done a lot to make me feel
better in a lot of different ways. What I don't think you understand,
though, is that Daddy and I used to make love - a LOT. That means that I
used to feel him inside me, and it felt really, really good to me. Since
he died, though, I haven't had anyone to make love with me like that."

"But there's other guys out there…" Melissa protested, her own eyes
getting wet.

"Yes, there are. But there aren't that many of them around HERE - and
the ones that are here are either married, or the kind of single guys that
I don't think would be good enough to not tell people about us. And I'm
worried that if the bank found out that I was making love with someone that
I wasn't married to, they might try to make trouble for me. So can you
understand that it was hard for me? I really liked making love with Daddy,
and feeling him inside me. But I didn't dare be with any of the guys around here because I was afraid there might be trouble. So that meant I
was left alone, not having anyone that I could make love with. And I think
both of you would agree that it has been a long time since Daddy died."

Laurie went on to say "I think it's safe to say that both of you like
having something inside you - and neither one of you has been able to do
that for very long. Do either one of you think you could completely stop
doing that now, even if you wanted to?"

Both girls shook their heads, and Laurie told them "I made love with
Daddy for sixteen YEARS - do you think I was happy about not being able to
make love after he died? Of course not - but there I was, wanting to make
love because I liked it so much, and not having anyone I could trust to do
it with. What you and I did together - it helped. It helped a LOT,
because it felt so good. But it still wasn't the same as actually making
love - of having a hard penis inside me, moving, and making me feel so
happy and so good. Then, one day, I saw that Tojo had an erection - and I
realized that HE had a penis, too, and that all I really needed, what I
really WANTED, he could give me; and that he could give it to me without me
having to worry about him telling someone, or anyone finding out, because
it was just me and him, inside the house. And I let him put his penis
inside me, and it felt nice - really nice. It's not as nice as when Daddy
and I could make love - but it's still a lot better than not having a penis
inside me at all."

The girls sat there quietly for several minutes, tears in their eyes as
they thought about what Laurie had just told them. They missed their dad,
too - and they could understand, after a fashion, how their mother would
miss him even more; and why. As nice as it was when they had their fingers
- and a few other objects, the truth be told - inside, how much better must
it be when it was a real, live penis? One that would fill them the way
they wanted to be filled, sliding in and out of them, making them feel OH!
so much better than just their hands and fingers!

If Laurie could have read their minds, she would have been surprised to
learn that it was a dog - and more specifically, Tojo - she was fucking was
of less concern to Natalie and Melissa than she would have thought. To
them, Tojo was as much a part of the family as any of the rest of them;
viewed from the perspective their mother had just described, he had a penis
that she needed to make her happy; that it was a dog's penis - Tojo's - was
relatively inconsequential.

Melissa and Natalie finally managed to stop their tears, and after a
whispered conversation, Melissa told her mother "If… if you want to make
love, its okay with us - we love you, and want you to be happy, too. And
if you think that Tojo is who you need to do it with, well, that's okay,
too. When… when you're with him, we'll be careful to leave you alone, so
you can feel good without having to worry about us bothering you."

Laurie was surprised at the words, and touched by the sentiment. She
leaned over to take them into her arms and hugged them before saying "Thank
you, girls, both of you."

She kissed each of them before letting them go again. After a few
moments, Natalie looked up and hesitantly asked "Mom? Would it be okay if…
if we made love with Tojo, too? When we're older and we're ready, I mean?"

Laurie was stunned by the question, and it took her a few moments to
find her voice to answer "Honey, if you think you want to do that, then
that's up to you. But Tojo's penis is pretty big, and you're still kind of
young, and small inside. If you tried to make love with him now, he would
probably hurt you inside."

Natalie looked shocked, and said "Oh, no! I don't mean I'd want to do
it now! I- I've kind of seen him before, and he's HUGE there. I was just
asking if it would be okay later, is all."

"Honey, if you - or even Melissa - ever want to make love with Tojo,
then that's up to you. You don't have to tell me about it if you don't
want to, and you don't have to ask me about it again, if you don't want to.
I trust you - both of you - to know when you're ready to start making
love." Laurie was so focused on speaking to Natalie that she completely
missed the look of contemplation on Melissa's face.

The three of them sat there a little longer before Laurie asked "What
happened that you're home so early, anyway?"

Natalie answered by saying "Oh, MaryAnn started feeling sick, so we
decided to have the sleepover some other time." MaryAnn had been the one
'hosting' things, so to have it break up because of her was understandable.

Laurie told her daughters "I'm sorry to hear that - I know that you
wanted to spend the night with her. How about if we have our own sleepover
HERE tonight, instead?"

Both girls looked at her as if she'd lost her mind, but Laurie told them
"Now come on - I had sleepovers when I was your age, too, so I think I have
a pretty good idea of what to do. First, we order pizza. Then, when we're
done, we can talk about guys. After that, it's a pillow fight, and then we
talk about guys again. The only thing we'll be missing is talking about
our 'stuff' - and we already know about that, don't we?" - the question at
the end drew smiles from both girls; indeed, the three of them DID already
know about their 'stuff': breasts, pubic growth, and all the rest that went
with puberty and adolescence.

Seeing the smiles on their faces, Laurie felt better, and with a little
more encouragement, got them into the spirit of the thing; none of them got
to bed before the wee hours of morning, slightly sick from junk food,
exhausted from several pillow fights, and their thoughts filled with images
of hunky guys.


The three of them were in the living room, watching a movie on
television one night when Laurie noticed that Melissa was slowly
masturbating herself. Neither of the girls had concerned herself about
whether or not Laurie saw them touching themselves, so she didn't think
much about it at first. But Melissa kept doing it, and it wasn't too long
before the scent of her arousal was thick in the air. Natalie didn't seem
to be paying the slightest attention to what her sister was doing - she was
simply too engrossed in the program on TV. The only ones - other than
Melissa, of course - that seemed to know something was going on were Laurie
and Tojo. As the odor of Melissa's arousal was first detectable, Laurie
saw Tojo raise his head and sniff in Melissa's direction before letting his
head rest on his paws again. A while later, when it was unmistakable,
Laurie watched as Tojo got up and came over to lie at Melissa's feet - his
large head pointed directly between her thighs, where her fingers were
slowly sliding between her labia.

A while later, from the corner of her eye, Laurie watched as the girl discretely slid down in the chair she was sitting in, so that her butt was
hanging over the edge of the seat cushion. Then she proceeded to spread
her legs and start playing with her readily-visible clitoris. In just a
couple of minutes, the scent of her increasing arousal was nearly thick enough to cut with a knife; it was so strong, in fact, that even Natalie
took notice of it.

But the one that seemed most interested by it was Tojo: his head was up,
and all his attention was focused on the area between Melissa's thighs.
Another couple of minutes, and he stood up - when he did, Natalie finally
turned to see what was going on, and watched as Tojo took a couple of steps
forward to stick his head between Melissa's well-parted legs. Laurie and
Natalie both looked on in surprise as the dog hesitated a moment, then
began licking at Melissa's exposed pussy as she softly moaned her approval
of what he was doing. A few more minutes, and they listened as Melissa
choked back a cry of pleasure as she was overwhelmed by an orgasm. When it
was over, Melissa didn't seem to have any idea that anyone else was in the
room with her - she simply slid down out of the chair to sit in front of it
for a moment before getting to her knees and turning around to rest her
shoulders on the seat cushion.

Natalie could only sit there, stunned, as she watched her sister climax
from having Tojo licking her, then move to a position that opened her up to
having him start fucking her.

Laurie immediately recognized the position, and waited with bated breath
as Tojo first sniffed at Melissa's exposed pussy, then jumped up to wrap
his front legs around her waist. She watched as Tojo worked himself even
closer to Melissa, his hips moving as his dick hardened, its tip getting
closer and closer to Melissa's opening. She knew that after having been
able to stick his dick in her several times, he had pretty well learned to
find the hole he was after with little or no help - and that proved to be
the case this time, too.

With a small hunching of his hips, Laurie saw Tojo get the first inch or
so of his glistening red penis into Melissa; with an even greater thrust,
she watched as he buried nearly six inches of dog dick into her young daughter. Melissa's head flew back and a deep groan escaped her lips;
Laurie was halfway out of her chair, ready to pull Tojo off when she
realized that Melissa's cry was caused by pleasure, not pain. Sitting down
again, Laurie could see as Tojo's hard dick started sliding in and out of
Melissa's pussy. And unless her eyes deceived her, there was more of it
going IN than coming OUT - in less than a minute, she was sure: Melissa was
taking nearly all of Tojo's incredible penis inside her young cunt; and
from the sounds she was making, enjoying ever millimeter of it, in the

Melissa let her head fall forward again, and Natalie and Laurie could
both hear it as Melissa's breathing was accentuated by little hiccups
caused by Tojo's thrusts into her.

Laurie had never witnessed the sight before her: nearly eight inches of
big, hard dog cock sliding in and out of a woman - girls, really. red and
glistening, the rapid thrusting of his hips to slide it into her made a
loud squishing noise that seemed to fill the room. Tojo was pounding into
her fast and hard, and Melissa was clearly enjoying the hell out of it;
gasping and moaning in her pleasure.

After a few minutes, Laurie saw Tojo's knot appear, and immediately
became concerned. Moving over to the chair where Melissa was, Laurie told
her "Melissa! Melissa! Don't let his knot inside you! The bulge you feel
- don't let him get it inside!"

Melissa turned to look at her, and Laurie saw that her daughter was only
vaguely aware of what she'd said. Taking Melissa's face in her hands,
Laurie loudly told her "Melissa! If his knot - that bulge - gets inside
you, you'll be stuck! It might be HOURS before you can get free of him!"

Melissa seemed to understand, and gave Laurie a brief nod - but that was
all she could manage; Tojo was still pounding into her.

Laurie could only hope that her words had gotten through. Short of
physically hauling the dog off of Melissa - something she wasn't sure she
could do, anyway - she didn't see that there was anything else to be done.

Laurie moved back to her chair, and was relieved to see that the bulge
on Tojo's massive dick was still bouncing against the outside of Melissa's
pussy. Then she saw the dog slow down for a couple of strokes before
hunching himself into Melissa one last time; just moments after he did,
Melissa's head flew back again, her eyes wide open as she cried out "Oh,
god! I can feel it - it's so hot!" before freezing as she climaxed.

Laurie knew just what her daughter was going through, and felt her own
pussy twitch at the though of Tojo's hot cum flooding into it. She watched
as the massive dog's balls tightened a couple of times before a small river
of combined human and dog juices began to flow out of Melissa's stuffed
young cunt.

Laurie looked over at her youngest daughter, who was mesmerized by the
sight in front of her. "Natalie! Natalie!" Laurie called, before the girl started, and turned to look at her. "Go and get a hand towel, would you?
Or better still, two of them. There's no sense in staining the carpet, and
I think it's going to be a while before she can move on her own."

Natalie nodded her understanding - of the task, at least - and quickly
got up to head for the linen closet in the hallway to the girl's bedrooms.
She returned just in time to see Tojo back away from Melissa, his dick
pulling free with an audible 'pop' and releasing a flood of cum.

Natalie's gaze was traveling back and forth between the sight of Tojo's
dick hanging beneath his belly, and the gaping hole of Melissa's pussy.
Laurie didn't bother asking for the towels - she just took them, and
quickly arranged one to catch the juices draining out of Melissa's young cunt. She left the other towel folded, and set it on the floor; then she
gently eased Melissa out of the chair and turned her around before guiding
her - and the cloth between her legs - on top of the towel she'd just
positioned. Satisfied that there wouldn't be any leakage that would make
it to the carpet, Laurie sat down next to her daughter and put her arm
around the child, holding her.

After a while, Melissa gave a small shudder, and her head turned so she
could look at her mother. Laurie gave the girl a small smile and asked
"Melissa, what did you think you were doing?"

Melissa gave a small start to that, and managed a small grin before
answering "I thought I was going to find out what it's like to fuck - and I
like it!"

Laurie made a small tsk-tsk sound, and said "Really, dear - you don't
have to use such language."

Melissa blushed slightly, and said "I'm sorry, Mom. It just kind of
slipped out. You're not mad? About me and Tojo, I mean?"

"No, dear, I'm not mad. I told you and Natalie that you could,
remember? But whatever made you think you wouldn't be hurt by him?"

Melissa gave a small grin, and said "Ever since you talked to us about
what you were doing with him, I've been trying to stretch myself, you know,
inside. Sometimes I could see it when he got hard, so I kind of had an
idea of what size I had to be - but I was still surprised at how BIG he

Laurie couldn't help laughing a bit, and said "Yes, I know that feeling,
too. But you're okay? He didn't hurt you?"

Melissa just smiled and said "Oh, yeah, I'm fine. It didn't hurt at all
- it felt GREAT!", her enthusiasm making Laurie laugh again before replying
"Well, if you're okay, then I guess there's nothing for me to worry about.
Just sit here for a little while, until you feel strong enough to move.
Then you can take a shower to clean up, and we'll be here when you get

Melissa nodded, and looked around to see what reaction Natalie had to
what had just happened. Melissa saw her sister sitting in a chair, her
face a mixture of awe and envy. Melissa got her sister's eye, and said
"Natalie, trust me on this - there is NO WAY you're ready for anything like
what just happened to me. You heard me tell mom that I started trying to
stretch myself inside back when she had that talk with us - and I could
JUST BARELY take him inside me. I don't hurt or anything right now, but I
think I'm going to be pretty sore tomorrow. So as much fun as it might
have looked, I promise you that you aren't anywhere NEAR ready to try
anything like that. Okay?"

Natalie nodded solemnly at her sister's words - they only confirmed what
she'd already decided for herself. Yeah, it DID look like fun; but the
size of Tojo's penis - well, that was kind of scary. She'd wait a while,
and maybe try stretching herself inside a little bit, before she even
THOUGHT about seeing if Tojo could fuck her like that.

Laurie listened to Melissa's words to her sister, and saw Natalie's
ready agreement. Good, she thought to herself, there's one I'm not going
to have to worry about for a while.

As she'd expected, Melissa was sore the next day - and admitted so to
Laurie, without specifying just HOW sore she was. She didn't realize that
her mom already had a pretty good idea, just from watching the way she
walked, and even sat. Still, Laurie thought, she did it - and an
impressive sight it was, too!


It was just a couple of months before the bank's deadline to stop her
insurance, and Laurie still hadn't had much luck finding an insurance
company or program that would take her and the girls at anything close to
reasonable rates.

She was in a restaurant having lunch with Charlene, listening to
Charlene's on-going man troubles.

"I swear", Charlene said, "There is absolutely NO such thing as an
honorable lover. That gardener I was so fond of? He got a little full of
himself, and said something to William about my… situation."

For reasons that the doctors either couldn't or wouldn't explain,
Charlene had never been able to grow pubic hair - not a single strand.
That she was bare as a newborn bothered her, regardless of the salutary
effect it had on her lovers of either gender.

"What happened?" Laurie asked.

"Well, you know William - he simply couldn't believe that I would be
unfaithful to him, so he assumed the gardener had been peeping in my window
or something. Just up and fired him, right on the spot. Damn! What I
need is a lover with a big dick and no voice!" Charlene declared.

Charlene's word ignited a faint spark in Laurie's mind. She sat there
quietly as she tried to bring that spark to full flame. Charlene saw what
was happening, and sipped at her coffee as she waited.

After a bit, Laurie spoke up, asking "What if you COULD have such a
lover? What would it be worth to you? How much would you pay?"

The tone of voice told Charlene that the questions were serious - what
they meant, on the other hand, was as clear as mud. But she answered them
honestly, anyway, saying "If such a lover existed? Laurie, dear, it would
be worth a LOT of money to me - five thousand dollars, easily, just to find
him. Why?"

Laurie was starting to see the idea developing, and asked her own
questions: "Charlene, how many women do you think there are that would want
a good lover? One that would please them every time, but would never talk
to anyone about what happened? Someone the women could keep around all the
time, without having anyone start wondering about it?"

The questions were starting to intrigue Charlene, and she though for a
few moments before answering "Laurie, I can think of at least twenty women
- that I, personally, KNOW of - that would almost kill for a lover like
that. If you could make the rest of it happen, too? Well, you could
almost write your own check with them."

Laurie's mind was racing by that point - everything she'd done and said
over the past few months had come together; she was seeing a chance to not
only get control of her life again, but make a nice chunk of money in the
process. She was examining options, weighing risks, considering the
benefits and pitfalls of the idea that had come to her.

She looked at her friend and asked "Charlene, what would you say if I
knew a way for every woman that wanted it to get the fucking of her life?
And that she could get it almost any time she wanted it, without having to
worry about diseases, pregnancy, or what her lover might say?"

Charlene thought about it for only a moment before answering "I'd say…
'where do I sign up?' Now, are you going to tell me what's going on, or am
I just going to have to sit here, going crazy with wondering?", slightly

Laurie realized that her friend didn't have the slightest idea of what
had been going on in her mind - and with that thought, she also realized
that to say what she was thinking was just a little out of the ordinary was
the understatement of the century.

Laurie told Charlene "I've got something in mind, and I need to check a
few things. If it works, it'll be the answer to your prayers, I think.
But I've got to warn you - it's pretty unusual."

Charlene knew her friend, and understood that if Laurie said something
was 'unusual', you could safely bet money that that's just what it was.
But the idea of a lover like that… it fascinated her, much more than she
would ever admit.

Charlene told Laurie "Okay, if you say so. When will you know more?
Or, at least, enough to tell me about it, so I can maybe help?"

Laurie thought about it for a few moments and answered "Give me a week;
maybe less. Then I'll be able to explain it to you, and if you want, prove
to you that it'll work."

"Okay, a week it is. But I'm telling you, Laurie - if you're just
pulling one of your gags on me…"

Laurie smiled, and replied "No, it's definitely not one of my practical

With that, the two of them let the subject drop, going on to other


For the next few days, Laurie was busier than she'd been in months; even
years. She spent two full days at the library, reading up on small
businesses, and how to start one. Another couple of days were spent
learning all she could about another subject. She spent two hours one
night, talking long distance with her friend Tanya - or more correctly,
Warren, the head computer whiz at his company.

Six days after her lunch with Charlene, Laurie was sure that what she
had in mind COULD work. She was even pretty sure that it would work.
There were still some problems, but those were mostly financial - and that
was something she thought she could deal with, with a little help from her

As they'd arranged, Laurie met Charlene again exactly a week after their
previous get-together. They were by themselves in a quiet corner of the
café that they both favored when Laurie told her friend "Okay, Charlene. I
promised that I'd tell you what was going on, and here it is. I think I've
got a way so that any woman that wants to can have a lover that will keep
her happier than she ever thought possible. Her lover will never give her
a disease, will never talk to anyone about her, and can't possibly get her
pregnant. He'll be as loyal as she wants, and more loving and affectionate
than any lover she's ever had. If she likes to fuck, he'll be as well-hung
as she wants; if she's more into oral, well, then that's what her lover
will do. What do you think?"

"I think I want one!" Charlene laughed. Still a bit mystified, though,
she asked "How can you make those kinds of promises? What kind of lovers
could you possibly have found?"

Laurie smiled, and said "Instead of trying to explain it, it would be
easier if I just let you find out for yourself. Then you can decide if
there's anything you can - or want to - do to help. Just remember - I said
it's unusual."

Charlene's anticipation was evident in her voice as she said "If you're
willing to let me take one of these magical lovers for a test-drive, then
you bet I want! When can we do it?"

"Today, if you want - after lunch", Laurie answered. The girls had been
invited to go horseback riding with one of their friends; short of an alien
invasion, they'd be gone until early evening.

"I don't have a thing to do until this evening. I've got all afternoon,
if that's what it takes."

Laurie laughed, and said "Oh, no, it won't take that long - though you
might want it to!"

That only piqued Charlene's curiosity even more; but she let the matter
drop in favor of the delicious meal they were having.

When they were done, and Charlene had paid the check over Laurie's mild
protests and they went out to the parking lot. Laurie got in her car -
again being amply protected by Tojo in the passenger seat - and Charlene
followed in her own vehicle back to the house.

Inside the house, Charlene and Laurie kissed - they'd been friends, and
even lovers, for a LONG time; but not since Laurie had married Ken. Their
hands wandered across each other's bodies as they kissed; by the time their
lips parted, both were panting slightly. It was with regret that Charlene
asked "So, where's this wonder lover of yours?"

Laurie laughed, and rhetorically asked "Eager, are you?"

Charlene laughed, too, and replied "Damn right I am!"

Laurie took her by the hand and said "Come on, then. But I think it
would be better if I kind of got you 'warmed up' first…"

"I'm already pretty 'warm', but if you insist…", Charlene replied, her
tone making it clear that she didn't mind the chance to get 're-acquainted'
with her friend. Hand in hand, the headed for Laurie's bedroom, trailed by
Tojo - an event only Laurie noticed, smiling to herself.

In the bedroom, the two of them kissed and caressed as they undressed
each other - both pleased by the good condition and attractiveness the
other had kept.

Once on the bed, they began kissing and fondling each other again; each
of them gradually moving her hands from the other's breasts to between her
partner's legs - and then on to gently probe the other's wet vagina. After
a bit, they eased into a '69', with Laurie discretely guiding Charlene to
lay underneath her at the edge of the bed.

Laurie found herself again mystified and delighted by Charlene's bare
mound, and eagerly moved her head between her friend's thighs, even as
Charlene was doing the same to her.

Several minutes went by, and the room was soon filled with the sounds
and scents of their mutual pleasuring. Laurie had taken her time, bringing
Charlene along slowly while Charlene eagerly applied herself to getting
Laurie off as quickly and strongly as possible. When she felt her orgasm
start, Laurie raised herself up, crying out with pleasure as Charlene's
talented tongue danced across her clitoris.

As Laurie's climax started, she saw Tojo get up from where he'd been
laying on the floor, and come over to stand in front of Charlene's spread
thighs. He seemed to watch them for a few moments before moving closer.
As Laurie's orgasm slowly faded, she managed to say "Okay, Tojo". That was
all the dog seemed to need, and he moved forward again until he was
standing between Charlene's legs. He sniffed in the direction of her
exposed pussy, then lowered his head and began licking her in long, slow
strokes. Beneath her, Laurie could feel Charlene tense briefly at the
initial contact, but quickly relax as the pleasurable sensations continued.

In just a couple of minutes, Charlene had given up even trying to use
her mouth on Laurie - she was simply too busy gasping and moaning as the
tongue between her thighs continued to raise her to levels of arousal and
excitement she hadn't thought possible. She didn't know whose tongue it
was - and really didn't care: it was so strong, so limber, so LONG that who
it belonged to was only of secondary concern. What mattered to her most
was what it was doing to her: with each pass across her hairless cunt, it
was both applying pressure to her engorged clitoris, and - amazingly -
dipping into her hot, wet pussy farther than she'd thought a tongue COULD
go. It was only another couple of minutes, and Charlene felt herself being
overwhelmed by the sensations being created in her pussy - and before much
longer, felt herself stiffen as the pleasure that had been dammed up in her
clitoris finally broke free to flood her body. She nearly screamed her
pleasure and relief before she froze where she was, simply overwhelmed by
the pleasure.

Above her, Laurie could only smile as she heard and felt her dearest
friend responding to the incredible pleasure she knew Tojo was capable of

As Charlene lay there panting and shuddering after the majority of her
climax was over, Laurie moved from over her friend to take a position next
to her. There, she took Charlene in her arms, holding her. When enough
time had passed, Charlene turned her head to look at Laurie and said "Dear
god! I didn't know I could orgasm like that!" before lifting her head to
see who her benefactor had been - only to gasp when she saw Tojo looking
back at her with his doggy smile.

"Tojo? TOJO? Your dog made me cum like that?" Charlene asked.

Julie smiled, hesitantly, and said "He sure did. I told you it was
unusual, didn't I?"

Charlene could just lay there looking at Laurie, thinking about what
she'd just experienced. The idea of getting such pleasure from someone
other than another human being was a shock to her, and somewhat troubling.
But as she thought about it, she came to understand the things that Laurie
had told her. Those words, plus what she'd just experienced, finally
convinced her that having Tojo lick her to that kind of relief wasn't such
a bad thing, after all.

"Why didn't you tell me? About you and Tojo, I mean?" Charlene asked.

"I didn't think you'd understand. Not really, I mean. It just seemed
like one of those things that you have to experience before you can
understand it."

"I'll vouch for that!" Charlene exclaimed. "That was most definitely an
experience. And I think you're right - I really wouldn't have understood
it until now, after it was over."

Laurie grinned and said "You might understand it - but it doesn't have
to be over unless you want it to."

Charlene looked at her curiously, and Laurie told her "Sit up a little
bit, and look at him."

Doing as instructed, Charlene sat up and looked at Tojo, not
comprehending what Laurie was talking about. She finally said "I guess I
don't see what you're talking about."

Laurie sat up, too, leaned over slightly, and sat back up before saying
"Look closer. You'll understand."

Doing as Laurie had, Charlene leaned over a bit in the other direction
before looking Tojo over again, and finally realized what Laurie was
referring to: beneath his belly, Tojo's dick - huge! - was hanging down.

Looking back at her friend, Charlene asked "You mean… You actually… Oh,
my god!"

Laurie nodded, not sure of her friend's reaction.

Charlene could only sit in surprise, and awe, for a few moments before
asking "How could you? I mean, what made you think of… that?"

Laurie felt her heart go cold, but answered "After Ken died, I didn't
dare be with any of the guys around here - most of them are married, and
the others just seem like the kind that would run their mouths. I just
kept getting hornier and hornier. Then, one day, Tojo did for me what he
just did for you. After he did it a few times, I saw that he seemed to get
horny from doing it. The first thing I thought of was just kind of jerking
him off, and that was okay. But I was doing it one time when it finally
hit me that what I really needed was a nice, hard dick - just like the one
I had in my hand. Even then, it was a while before I finally let him fuck
me. But when I did! He doesn't fuck like a guy - he's faster and does it
harder than any guy I ever heard of; the only thing I had to worry about
was his knot - that bulge you see on his dick."

Charlene turned and leaned over to look again, and saw what Laurie was
talking about - she couldn't even conceive of having something that big
inside her, and understood why Laurie had been concerned about it, too.
When she sat back up and was looking at her friend again, Laurie told her
"It wasn't as good as what I had with Ken - but it was a DAMN sight better
than doing without."

Charlene sat there, thinking about what Laurie had just said, and
finally told her "I'm guessing that it was more than just the once? And
that Tojo is the lover you were talking about?", her tone making it clear
that she wasn't trying to pronounce judgment on Laurie's actions.

Relieved, Laurie answered "Yeah, it's been more than just once. But I
wasn't talking about lending Tojo out like that. What I was thinking was
setting up a kennel - a special kennel, one where dogs could be trained to
be uh, special companions to women that were interested in having one of

"What makes you think that there would be that many interested in
fucking a dog? Like you said, it is kind of unusual."

"I did some research - that's why I asked you to wait a week before we
met again. I found out there are already women doing it! What my idea is,
is just to train the dogs so that they behave themselves except when the
women want them for, uh, other purposes."

"You can do that?" Charlene asked, surprised.

"I already have!" Laurie declared.

"This I've got to see."

"You can see it - and experience it, if you want." Laurie told her.

The implication of that statement caught Charlene by surprise - having
Tojo lick her to such a powerful orgasm had been one thing. But to
actually do it? To fuck a dog? She thought about it - how good it had
felt, and what she'd thought about it afterwards. It didn't take her long
to make her decision.

"You.. you'd let him fuck me?"

"If you want", Laurie replied.

"After what he made me feel like just licking me? Yeah, I want, all
right! What do I have to do?"

"He knows he's not allowed on the furniture, so you'll have to get on
the floor. Just get on your hands and knees."

Charlene did as she was told, finding herself on the floor, her emotions
mixed. On one hand, the idea of being screwed by a dog was pretty kinky;
but the gardener was long gone, and the pool boy only came by once a week -
it had been long enough that she was more than ready to have a stiff dick
in her snatch.

Charlene felt Tojo move behind her, but nothing seemed to be happening.
She looked back, and saw that the end of his penis was sticking out from
its sheath; but he just continued to stand there looking at her. Then she
heard Laurie's voice say "Okay, Tojo", and the dog stepped forward to begin
licking her exposed pussy again. That went on for maybe a couple of
minutes as she felt herself getting more and more excited, all over again.
She chanced another look back, and could see that Tojo had a full-fledged
hard-on, his massive cock hanging below his belly. "Why isn't he trying to
stick that thing in me?" she wondered - then when Laurie asked "Are you
ready?" she understood that he was waiting for permission; and realized
that Laurie hadn't been bluffing about being able to train dogs to be

Charlene answered "Oh, yeah, I'm ready! I am so wet inside!" before she
heard Laurie say "Tojo! Fuck!". With those words, Charlene felt the dog jump up to put his forelegs around her waist and crowd himself closer to
her, his hips moving as he tried to find where he could bury his slippery
red penis. She felt it touch around her mons a couple of times before it
slid between her labia - with his target found, Tojo hunched his hips and
buried six inches of hard dog-cock in her in a single motion. Another
thrust, and she felt the rest of it slide in - the end of his penis
bouncing off the deepest part of her pussy as he stuffed her with more hard
dick than she'd ever had before. She gasped at the sensation of having her
pussy stretched, not realizing that she whimpered, too, when he pulled out
of her before slamming into her again.

In just a few seconds, she could feel him hammering into her so much
faster than any man she'd ever had. As he continued pounding into her,
Charlene felt herself have first one orgasm, then another. Both times, it
was all she could do not to scream at the intensity and pleasure of them as
Tojo continued his rapid thrusts during them. He was doing such a good job
of screwing her out of her wits that she finally had to let her body drop
to rest on her elbows - Tojo just moved a little closer, burying a little
more of his dick in her. She was getting close to a third orgasm - she
could tell it was going to be a whopper - when she felt something large and
hard bouncing against her over-stretched pussy. Then she heard Laurie's
voice telling her "That's his knot - the bulge you saw. If you don't
tighten around him, it might slip in; then you'll be stuck with him until
it shrinks enough to come out again."

Charlene realized that the LAST thing she needed would be for that to
happen - who knew, it might take HOURS? And the thought of having him
trying to pull it out before then… well, that simply didn't bear thinking

So she tightened her internal muscles - as best she could, what with
having them stretched out that way - and felt the dog's thrusts get shorter
and even faster. A few moments later, she felt her insides being spraying
with what felt like liquid fire; realizing that he was ejaculating in her
was all she needed to push her over the edge into her third orgasm since
Tojo had started fucking her with that marvelous dick of his.

As her orgasm continued, Charlene could feel Tojo continuing to hose her
insides with his hot doggy cum. "Doesn't he EVER stop?" she thought to
herself, just before another powerful spasm racked her body.

Watching them, Laurie had known when Tojo started cumming - and watched
as his jism was forced out of Charlene's over-stuffed pussy to run down the
insides of her thighs as she experienced what was obviously a very powerful
orgasm. Laurie knew what Charlene must be going through, and smiled
inwardly - she didn't think her best friend would be able to swear off dogs
after THAT fucking!

Finally, it ended: with his balls empty, Tojo backed out of Charlene,
then moved to lay down where he lifted a leg and began licking his
gradually shrinking dick.

For her part, Charlene was barely able to keep herself from falling
over. Laurie recognized the problem, and quickly went over to help her
friend find a more comfortable position while she recovered. After a bit,
Charlene looked up at her and managed to whisper "You were right - that is
DEFINITELY better than doing without!", with a smile.

Laurie just grinned before moving to give the other woman a kiss on the

When Charlene was rested enough, Laurie helped her to her feet and the
two of them went in to share a shower.

Dressed and in the kitchen, both women were sitting at the table and
having a cup of coffee when Charlene said "Okay, I'm convinced. You can
train the dogs. I can't tell you how surprised I was that Tojo waited
until you said it was okay before he stuffed that baseball bat of his
inside me!"

Laurie just grinned, and Charlene went on "And after getting screwed to
within an inch of my life like that, I damn sure want a dog like that
myself. I'll write you a check, right now if you want, for ten thousand
bucks if you can deliver me a dog that can screw me silly like that, and
still behave himself when other people are around."

Laurie sat there, stunned for several moments before she could ask "Ten
thousand? Dollars?"

"I'm not talking zlotny's, Laurie."

"But I was only thinking about a couple thousand - maybe even five. But
ten thousand dollars?"

"Honey, I don't think you're understanding what's going on here. That's
cheap - damn cheap! - payment for a lover that can leave a woman feeling
like that. Hell, I spent nearly half that much on the damn gardener before
he got his dumb ass fired! Think about everything you told me about your
idea until now, and see if I'm not right - particularly for a woman that
NEEDS to find a lover because her husband is too busy or whatever to take
care of her himself."

Laurie did start thinking about it - and it didn't take her long to
realize that Charlene was right: any woman that had the resources to apply
to a lover wouldn't blanch at the idea of paying that much for one that
would do what Laurie was proposing. Assuming, of course, that she was
willing to consider taking a dog as that lover.

Charlene saw her friend's comprehension, and said "I didn't graduate
business school for nothing, Laurie. Trust me on this. Now, tell me -
exactly - how you were going to get this kennel thing started."

As Laurie did, Charlene interrupted a few times to ask questions. When
Laurie was done, Charlene sat there, obviously deep in thought. After
several minutes, she told Laurie "Okay, you've got a pretty good hold on
the basics. If you started doing it on your own, there's a pretty good
chance that you'd do all right. But there are a couple of things that I
think you missed, and a couple more that would just make it easier for

"What're those?" Laurie asked.

"First, I don't think you dare have JUST a special kennel - I think it
would be too small and maybe draw too much attention. Go ahead and start
up a kennel; just run it as a business like any other kennel. With that as
a cover, you can do the 'special' dogs separately. The other thing is that
not everyone is going to want a monster like Tojo. What breed is he

"Akita", Laurie answered.

"Yeah, that's it. Real protective and everything, isn't he? Okay, what
I'd suggest - and this is part of making your life easier - is that you
focus on just training the special dogs. Remember, you said that the dog can either be a licker or a fucker, so have the WOMAN decide which she
wants, and tell her which breed, or breeds, will do it for her. She buys
it, and 'boards' it with you while she's on a trip or something with hubby.
When she gets back, she's got a new, special friend. If your kennel is
really high-end and you run it really dog-friendly - you know, lots of time
with people, load of room to play, high-end food, all that kind of stuff -
then you can charge high enough rates that adding in the income from the
special training can be done without raising any questions. Now, what do
you need to get this thing off the ground?"

"Right now, pretty much all of it, really. I've got an acre of land to
work with, but that's about it. I'd need to build pens and shelters for
the dogs, maybe put a fence or something around the whole thing to keep the
dogs and neighbors apart, storage for the food and other supplies, the
business paperwork, some money for advertising and other startup costs, and
a few other things. I even talked to Warren, Tanya's husband, about
computerizing things, and maybe doing an Internet web site. I was an
accounting major, so I think I can handle the books - particularly with all
the software that's out there."

Charlene nodded, and said "Yeah, I expect you could - but you should
still get an accountant to back you up. As for the other stuff… I figure
you'd need maybe fifty thousand for the first year."

"Fifty thousand! I don't have that much money!"

Charlene smiled and said "No, dear, I don't mean you'd have to pony that
much up all at once. To get things started, you'd only need about twenty,
maybe twenty-five, thousand. The rest you'd get from your clients, or
customers, or whatever you call them."

"Oh. That's better than fifty thousand, but I still don't have that
much money..."

"Laurie, dear - didn't you hear me offer you ten thousand for one of
your dogs? That's almost half of it. If you can find someone else to pay
for one of your dogs in advance, there's another ten thousand. Then you'll
only have to put up five thousand, maybe less, of your own money to get
things moving."

Laurie though about it, and realized that there might be someone that
would be willing to pay her in advance for one of the dogs she was
proposing to train. If so….

Laurie looked at Charlene and said "Okay, I'm going to do it. If I have
to, I'll do it in pieces - maybe just the outside fence and a couple of dog runs at first, then add the rest later; stuff like that."

Charlene grinned and said "That's the spirit! I'll write you that check
right now; it'll give you some working capital to start with. Now, what
kind of dog should I get?" as she reached for her purse.

"What do you want him to do?" Laurie asked, stunned.

"Fuck me stupid, of course!" Charlene answered as she started writing.

"No, I mean besides that!" Laurie laughed, adding "I mean what kind of
dog do you want? From the way you said Tojo was real protective, I guess
you don't want one that will protect you even if you don't want to be

Charlene finished writing out the check, signed it, and handed it to
Laurie before answering "Oh, I see what you mean. No, I don't want a dog like that. Something friendly, I think. Big, but not too big, you know?"

Laurie answered "Okay, that's starting to narrow it down. You don't
want anything smaller than, say, a German Shepherd?" - Charlene shook her
head - "and you don't want anything as big as a Great Dane." Another shake.

"Something friendly? Or just not as protective as Tojo?"

"It doesn't have to be TOO friendly; I wouldn't mind if someone thinking
about bothering me thought twice about it." Charlene answered.

"Good. That lets out the different retrievers - Lab, Chesapeake,
Golden, and so on. The ones that come to mind first are German Shepherd,
maybe Doberman, Keeshond, and a couple of others. All of them are
protective to some degree, but not as much as Tojo is. They'll be a little
smaller than he is, though."

"That's okay; I want something that will fuck me and not kill me doing
it!" Charlene laughed.

As the rest of the afternoon went by, Laurie and Charlene discussed what
kind of dog Charlene wanted. They narrowed it down a little more, and then
the two of them went to a few pet stores so Laurie could show Charlene was
some of the dog breeds would look like. Charlene finally settled on one,
and each of them headed home after Laurie promised to find a couple of
reputable breeders for her friend to contact.

That night, Laurie called Tanya and invited her to come for a visit.

Three days later, Tanya left to go home with a blissful smile on her


Laurie was surprised at how fast things could move when you had enough
money to motivate people.

A month after she got the check from Charlene, she had the beginnings of
a new kennel a couple hundred yards from the house. Inside, there were
only six dog runs completed, with space for another twenty-four. One
unusual feature of the kennel was the surprisingly well-furnished office
area; in addition to the usual desk and chairs, it was carpeted and sported
a small couch that unfolded to a futon bed, along with a bathroom that
included a shower. The workers that had built hadn't wondered about the
highly effective soundproofing - they'd simply assumed that it was meant to
keep sound OUT, never thinking that someone might want it to do just the

Four of the runs were occupied: a Keeshond for Charlene, a Golden
Retriever for Tanya, and two German Shepherds for a couple of women that
Charlene knew. Any one of the runs was large enough to hold three dogs in
luxury - indoor/outdoor carpeting, miniature fountains to make sure the
water dishes were always full and always fresh, and lambs wool pads for the
dogs to sleep on There was plenty of light and ventilation, and even a
local talk radio station was piped in to make sure the animals had human
voices. Every animal had a chew-toy and an item of clothing worn by his
mistress. All the runs opened up to an exceptionally large fenced-in area
where the dogs had all manner of room to run and toys to play with. The
area was screened from the outside by a couple of layers of assorted
shrubbery; it would take a seriously dedicated peeping tom to get close
enough to see inside the area. During the day, the dogs were free to run
and play, usually kept company by Laurie or one of the girls; at night, all
of them were confined to their runs. All the dogs were fed premium canned
food twice a day, with top-notch dry food available all the time.

Laurie was getting help with the training from Melissa, who tended to
walk around with a rather satisfied smile on her face. Natalie wasn't
ready to help quite THAT much yet, but was still more than happy to play
with the dogs in the open area - and was rather looking forward to the
Cocker Spaniel that was scheduled to arrive soon. He was to receive some
special training so he would orally tend to his mistresses needs…

As Laurie watched the workmen build another six runs, she was quietly
amused that she was actually getting inquiries from wealthy people that
just wanted her to board their dogs - with no 'special' training. Just
going by the numbers, her rates were pushing the envelope of outrageous.
It wasn't until the customers really looked at the details and how she ran
things that it began to make sense. Tanya's husband Warren had come out to
help Laurie set up her computer systems; one of the chief features and
attractions of HER kennel was a customers-only web address that let them
look at one of several web cams that were scattered around - but not in the
office. Visiting her website and entering a code, the clients were able to
see that Fido or Spot was in good health and being very well taken care of
in their absence.

Going on into the office, Laurie sat down at the desk and checked to see
how much activity she'd gotten on the website. Most of it was routine
browsing by net surfers; the couple of families that she'd sent 'sample'
access codes to had taken the time to verify that the web cameras really
did exist and really did work. One of the families had even taken the time
to send her an email, telling her how impressed they were with the place.
One, though, was from a woman that Laurie had been told to watch for: a
friend of one of Charlene's friends. While the message itself was an
obvious inquiry about boarding a dog, the woman was also able to discretely
and subtly inquire about having her dog - a Great Dane! - get some
'special training'. Laurie replied, answering the obvious email while she
just as carefully answered that she did, in fact, offer the requested
service, and what it would cost.


Six months passed, and Laurie was nearly ecstatic with how things were
going. She'd been able to get the rest of the runs built, and over half of
them were occupied nearly constantly. The requests for special training
had dropped off some - she only had two such dogs at the time - but the
kennel operation itself was a smashing success. Charlene had been right -
the kennel WAS a good idea, in and of itself, never mind that it provided
such good 'cover' for the REAL moneymaking operation.

Charlene had come out several times, and during one visit, got together
with Laurie to change the web site a little; now it obliquely let women
that wanted it know that they'd found the right place; knowledge of her
special services was passed along solely by one woman carefully letting
another in on the secret - but only after the second had been thoroughly
sounded out on the idea beforehand. None of her special customers had the
slightest interest in seeing her get in any kind of trouble, or getting any
publicity for what she was doing for them. As part of the package, she
carefully helped women that were interested figure out what breed of dog would work best for them. In addition to the dog's sexual abilities, some
wanted protection; others wanted companionship. Some were afraid of large
dogs, others wouldn't have anything else. Whatever their needs and
desires, Laurie cheerfully helped them figure things out.

Not only had Laurie been able to replace the insurance the bank had
terminated on her, she'd actually been able to get a discount rate through
an organization for small and independent businesses!

As the number of dogs she was taking care of grew, she was forced to
hire one of the local high school kids - a young boy - to help. He was
delighted that the pay was so high for what amounted to so little work:
after he cleaned the runs and play area each day, he was actually paid to
play with the animals. Too, he hadn't shown any interest in quitting - in
fact, Laurie had more kids asking her if they could work there than she had
work for them to do!


Laurie and the girls were sitting in the living room, having just
finished feeding the dogs in the kennel. With thirty of them, Laurie
needed the help; she'd had to tell the additional two kids she'd hired to
help at the kennel they were absolutely forbidden from giving the dogs
ANYTHING after she caught one of them feeding an Irish Setter the remains
of a fast-food cheeseburger. Still, with the girls helping, it didn't take
long and wasn't hard.

Laurie was still enjoying a glow from the day before: her Special Lovin'
Kennels had celebrated its first anniversary. Charlene had been there,
along with Tanya and Warren; they, and the girls, had all celebrated with a
steak dinner from the grill and perhaps a bit too much champagne - but the
mild hangover had been well worth it.

After Warren and Tanya had left, Charlene had been simply floored to
discover that Melissa and Natalie were a lot closer than simply being
sisters; she'd gone on to find out just how close they could be with her,
as well. Afterwards, Charlene and Laurie had had their own time together,
with Tojo added for even more fun and pleasure.

With a five-figure bank account - soon to go to six figures! she
exalted - Laurie was nearly as financially well off as she'd been while Ken
was alive.

Natalie and Melissa had each told her at one time or another that they
were glad they'd moved, after all. Both still missed Ken, of course; but
they'd learned to like the life they had now, rather that simply accepting
and tolerating it.

Laurie was sitting there thinking about what to do next with the kennel
when her thoughts were interrupted by Natalie asking "Mom? Have you got a

Laurie looked at her youngest and said "Of course, dear. What is it?"

Natalie hesitated a moment before answering "I've been thinking about
it, and I've decided that there's something I want to do. You told me that
I didn't have to ask you or say anything about it, but I want to do it
while you're around in case I need any help or anything."

Laurie couldn't figure what Natalie was talking about, but decided that
since the girl had said she had already approved of it, then it was
probably okay, and answered "I'd be glad to, honey. What is it you have in
mind?" as Melissa looked on in interest. Clearly, she didn't have any idea
of what Natalie was after, either.

"I… I want to let Tojo fuck me."

Seeing the surprise on her mother's face, Natalie went on to say "I've
been waiting, just like I told you I would, and I think I'm finally ready.
You know I've been letting some of the special dogs lick me, but I haven't
let any of them do that to me yet - I wanted Tojo to be the first one.
I've been stretching myself, you know, inside; I can get three fingers
inside myself and it doesn't hurt at all." From the tone of the last couple
of words, Laurie figured that Natalie not only hadn't felt pain, but rather
enjoyed herself.

Knowing what was coming, Laurie felt herself getting aroused; the idea
of watching as Natalie gave herself to Tojo for the first time was more
than a little exciting. But she maintained her composure and said "Okay,
dear. If that's what you want, then that's what we'll do. When did you
want to do it?"

Again, Natalie hesitated a moment, then answered "Um, I was kinda
thinking that tonight would be good. Maybe even now?", the last with a
questioning tone.

"Of course, honey. Is there anything you want me or Melissa to do?"

Natalie thought about it a moment, then replied "No, I don't think so. I
want you here, Mom, in case I don't do it right or something goes wrong;
Melissa can stay and watch if she wants to - she didn't make me leave when
SHE did it."

Laurie noted the look of pleased relief on Melissa's face - apparently,
her eldest daughter was as excited at the idea of watching her sister's
first dog-fuck as Laurie was herself.

Satisfied that no one was going to say or do anything, Natalie stood up
to take her panties off - all that any of them was wearing in the warm
evening weather. Sitting back down, Natalie moved her legs apart and let
them watch as she cupped a breast in one hand as the other hand moved
between her thighs, where it started moving as she slowly caressed herself.
In just a couple of minutes, Melissa and Laurie could both smell Natalie's
growing arousal.

Tojo could smell it too, and his head came up as he scented the air to
try and locate the source of an aroma he was well acquainted with.

Natalie solved the problem for him by calling his name; he stood and
moved over to her, his nose leading him to stand between her legs as she
slouched in the chair she was sitting in. He'd smelled her before, of
course, but she'd never said anything to encourage him. That changed when
she calmly said "Its okay, Tojo - come on!"

Moving forward, the dog was nearly overwhelmed by the scent of her fresh
young pussy; he let his head drop a little and made a tentative lick at her
exposed mound. She moaned at the contact, and reassured that what he was
doing was okay, he did it again. In short order, he was licking at her as
enthusiastically as he'd ever done for anyone else; Natalie could only lay
back, groaning and panting as he quickly and easily moved her toward an

In just a few minutes, Natalie's body was writhing in the chair - but
she kept her hips steady and her legs open for Tojo to continue licking her
hot, wet pussy.

Finally, with a small screech of pleasure, she came - hard. Her body
froze in position as Tojo continued to lick her while spasm after spasm of
pleasure ran through her body.

Watching her, Laurie and Melissa found themselves getting more and more
turned on by the sight; neither of them noticed that both had slid a hand
into their panties and were busily frigging themselves.

When she had recovered from her orgasm enough to open her eyes, Natalie
looked around and saw that her mom and Melissa both had a hand inside their
panties, playing with themselves. Nervously, Natalie tilted her head and
saw that Tojo's dick was hanging down, red, slick, and HARD. Nervously,
she brought her knees up and let her legs fall apart, opening herself to
Tojo for a different purpose. He looked at her eagerly, and she told him
"Okay, Tojo. Fuck!"

Laurie and Melissa watched as Tojo jumped up on Natalie, his forelegs
resting on each side of her. It hadn't taken long to teach him to fuck
that way, and Laurie and Melissa both found it easier and just as
satisfying as letting him mount them from behind. Both watched as Tojo
moved closer, the tip of his shiny red dick waving in the air as it
approached Natalie's till-then dick-free vagina.

He started hunching himself forward, and he bounced off the backs of
Natalie's thighs and ass a couple of times before the tip slid between her
parted and glistening labia. He pressed himself forward, and felt the end
of his penis slide home; with a powerful thrust of his hips, he pushed
nearly half his erection into Natalie's almost-virgin cunt.

Natalie's eyes widened to the size of saucers at the feel of Tojo's
massive prick plowing into her; despite the careful stretching she'd
subjected herself to - and she'd used more than her fingers, if the truth
be told - Tojo's stiff dick was still a lot larger than she'd expected.
But she HAD managed to stretch her young vagina enough that having him
inside her like that wasn't painful - at least, not TOO painful. She felt
him slide out of her a little ways, then his body tighten as he hunched
himself at her again - that time, filling her full to overflowing with his
hot dog-dick. She quickly put her legs around him, using her feet to try
and hold him in place as she tried to relax herself, and giving herself
time to stretch farther than she'd expected to need to. Tojo cooperated,
and Natalie took a couple of deep breaths, forcing her body - and yes, her
somewhat abused pussy - to relax. It took a couple of seconds, but it
finally worked. As she felt the tension leave, she could feel her cunt gradually adjusting to accept Tojo's presence without complaining. It
wasn't long before she was comfortable, then pleased, at having him inside
her that way.

Unhooking her ankles from behind him, Natalie again lifted and spread
her legs, giving him the chance to start doing what she'd wanted in the
first place: give her a good and proper screwing. That he did, willingly
and enthusiastically.

Melissa and Laurie were both fascinated when they saw Tojo stuff his
massive prick into Natalie's waiting pussy - and incredibly, deliciously
aroused by the sight. Both were eagerly sliding their own fingers into
their eager cunts as they used the other hand to squeeze their breasts, and
pinch and pull on their hard nipples. As they masturbated, they watched as
Tojo started fucking Natalie, his dick so large that they could see it
pushing and pulling the flesh at the entrance to her vagina as he slid it
in and out of her. In just a few seconds, the room was filled with the
liquid sounds of the dog's erection sliding through Natalie's tight
opening. Natalie had let her head fall back, her eyes closed as she
concentrated on the incredible sensation of Tojo's huge dick sliding into
her so far that she could feel it hitting the deepest part of her before
slipping back out.

As the seconds ticked by, Natalie could feel her canine lover speeding
up his thrusts as he pumped into her harder and harder; the slight pulling
on her vaginal lips was being transferred to her erect clitoris, causing a
rhythmic tension - almost pressure - on it in time with the dog's pounding.
That, combined with the sensation of having her young cunt so thoroughly
hammered, soon had her experienced an orgasm that only seemed to spur Tojo
to even greater efforts. A bit later, she was again close to a climax when
she heard her mother speaking to her.

Laurie watched as her family's canine lover repeatedly stuffed his big
prick into her daughter's young cunt - and saw when Tojo's knot began
banging against Natalie's labia. She had to call the girl's name twice
before she responded so Laurie could warn her to keep the dog's knot from
being pushed in. Natalie nodded, and Laurie could only hope that she'd
heard and listened. In the mean time, she could clearly see Tojo's massive
dick being pounded in and out of Natalie's young pussy. The sight excited
her more than she could say, and it wasn't long before the fingers in her
wet cunt pushed her over the edge. With a loud cry, Laurie felt her vagina tighten around the two fingers she had deep inside herself, her climax
causing the rest of her body to stiffen as wave after wave of pleasure and
release ran through her. After the first couple of spasms, she heard
another voice cry out; it took her a moment to recognize it as Melissa's.

Laurie had just taken her sore, slick fingers out of her pussy when she
heard another cry - Natalie's. She quickly opened her eyes to watch as
Tojo crammed as much of his dick as he could into Natalie's stretched cunt,
his balls twitching as he pumped spurt after spurt of doggie cum into her
daughter. She was relieved to see that the bulge on his dick was still
outside Natalie, even though it was clearly being pressed hard against her.

Natalie had been on the edge of a climax when she'd heard her mother warn her to keep his knot - "So that's what's been bumping against me!" she
thought to herself - from slipping inside. Natalie didn't figure that was
going to happen, as much as the rest of Tojo's dick had had to stretch her,
but decided that she'd better make sure anyway.

It took her a little bit to learn to control the muscles in her vagina,
as she was experimenting, she heard her Mom, then Melissa, yell as they had
orgasms. The thought that they were getting off just from watching her
turned Natalie on even more, making her that much wetter inside. To her
surprise, it felt like Tojo's bulge was starting to slip into her a little
way; that prompted her to try tightening her vagina again to keep him out.
She finally succeeded, and felt him pumping into her even faster -
something she didn't believe he COULD do! Several seconds later, she felt
him crowd even closer before an incredibly hot liquid started flooding her
insides. When she realized that he was squirting his cum in her, it was
all she needed to push her over the edge into a climax for more powerful
than any she'd ever experienced.

Laurie watched as Natalie went through what could only be described as
the biggest orgasm of her young life; her legs dropped to Tojo's side as
Natalie moved to lock her ankles behind the dog, holding him in place deep
inside. Where they were joined, Laurie could see Tojo's cum being forced
from her daughter's stuffed young pussy; she looked over to see that
Melissa had recovered from her own climax, and told the girl "Melissa! Get
a towel for your sister, would you?"

Melissa nodded, and quickly went to the linen closet, returning with a
large bath towel. As she approached, Laurie could see that the crotch of
Melissa's panties was visibly wet from the overflow of her oils; Laurie
figured that her own panties didn't look much different. Then, when the
girl got close enough, Laurie could smell Melissa's arousal, which only
began to excite her all over again. But first, she had to deal with Tojo
and Natalie…

Laurie quickly unfolded the towel, then tucked it between Natalie's ass
and the chair cushion, so that it would soak the overflow of Tojo's cum that she knew was inevitable. With that accomplished, she sat back and
gestured for Melissa to join her. When she did, Laurie put an arm around
the girl, hugging her close before saying "That was really something to
watch, wasn't it?"

Melissa could just grin and answer "It sure was! Did I look like that
when he fucked me the first time?"

Laurie laughed softly and said "Yeah, pretty much. He was behind you,
of course, but it was still sexy as hell to see…"

Natalie was slow coming down from her orgasm - it seemed that every
twitch of Tojo's dick only made another spasm of pleasure course through
her. She vaguely felt something touch her, and there was a difference in
the way the chair felt under her, but she was too far into her own pleasure
to pay any real attention. Only when she unlocked her ankles from behind
Tojo and felt him start to back away from her did she realize that some of
his juice had gotten out and trickled across her asshole before continuing
on to soak the crease of her ass. Then she realized what was underneath
her, and understood that someone had tucked a towel under her for just for
that reason. She didn't try to keep Tojo from pulling free of her, and was
simply amazed when she felt an incredible amount of his sperm flowing out
of her.

She opened her eyes, and saw that her mom and Melissa were sitting
across from her, watching her with smiles on their faces. She blushed
slightly, but managed to maintain her dignity as she reached down to hold
the towel in place before moving to sit up in the chair - and feeling even
MORE of Tojo's cum drain out of her when she did.

Laurie was watching as Natalie adjusted to the inevitable consequences
of being fucked by a dog; when the girl was finally situated, Laurie
couldn't help asking "So, I take it you had a good time?"

Natalie blushed, and answered "WAY better than 'good'! I thought it
would feel better than the other stuff, but I didn't think it would be like

Laurie and Melissa both laughed before Melissa said "I'm guessing that
you'll want to help with the rest of the dog training, now."

Natalie got a broad grin on her face and answered "Yeah, I think I'd
like that."

Laurie smiled in return and said "Good! We've got another couple of
dogs that will be here next week, and Melissa and I could use the help."

Natalie laughed and said "Next week? I should be recovered from this by
then…", making Melissa and Laurie both laugh - they'd both had pretty much
the same feeling after THEIR first time with Tojo, too.

After a few minutes, Natalie was ready - and able - to get up and take a
shower. As Laurie walked toward her bathroom with an arm around each of
her daughters, she was thinking "Okay, we've got two dogs coming in. I'll
take care of the Great Dane, and the girls can do the German Shepherd;
he'll be pretty easy on Natalie……



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