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The following is intended for adult readers who want to read
fiction about men and women in adult situations. Anybody who
is not legally permitted to view such material should read no
further. All rights to this story are reserved by the author.
Permission is given to archive this story in places where no
fees are charged for legal adults to view it and if no words
are changed, including this disclaimer. Hope you enjoy.

Dojo Low Blow
By Hector's Pup

As an upper belt, I am usually asked to work with the white
belts. Our school focuses on self-defense rather than sport
karate, any particular style, or exotic disciplines. Because
I am a husky 5'11", I am the designated "menacer" for training
people to defend themselves from attacks. White belts learn
to do self-defense techniques like breaking away from wrist
grabs, lapel grabs, chokes, bearhugs, headlocks, and to apply
wrist locks and joint locks, along with the usual punches and
kicks. There was this new woman, Mary, in her late thirties
or early forties that joined our school to learn to defend
herself. Wow, was she a knockout! She was tall at probably
5'8" or 5'9". She was slim overall, short curly light brown
hair, and large breasts. At this point, I wouldn't have known
what size to report to you, but her tee-shirt showed them off
to be the size of large grapefruits or small cantaloupes.

The regular students wear Gis but new students, until they buy
a uniform, or until their size is in stock, just wear
comfortable clothes to work out in. Mary would come to the
dojo in sweatpants and tee-shirts. When we would all be stopped
to listen to instruction from our sensei, I couldn't help but
notice her in profile, wondering what it would be like to fondle
those magnificent breasts. I'm sure she sensed my excitement
and embarrassment by it. It was difficult, however, to tell
whether she was flattered or annoyed, since she never gave much
of an indication either way.

The typical class starts with warming up, the second part is
setwork on basic techniques, and the third part is self-defense
training. As much as she wanted to learn all there was to learn
as fast as possible, there were some building blocks like stances,
making proper fists, proper foot positions, balance, etc. that
needed to be refined and worked on before proceeding to the next

In self-defense, it is important to train in ways that keep your
partner safe, but that you play at an intensity level that will
give the student a look at reality, preparing them to react with
the appropriate level of chi force in the event of a dangerous
encounter. I think Mary was more frustrated with herself than
with me, when I would try to get her to practice at a higher
intensity level, once it was appearing that she was catching
on to her techniques.

After giving her a chance to practice a specific set of responses
to, let's say a wrist grab, I would suddenly grab her hard and
try to pull her along, to shock her into the reality of the
response that would be required by her to get safely away. One
such time, Mary tried to shock me back with her level of response,
after being implored to play at a more realistic level, by giving
me a pretty hefty palm strike to my sternum. She looked to be
pretty proud of herself, but she tried to disguise this by
apologizing and checking to see if I was all right.

I tried to shake it off as "no problem" but in reality I was
concerned about breathing normally for several seconds.

For lapel grabs, there was really no place to grab a lapel with
her just wearing a tee-shirt, so I would just pinch a bit of
material between her breast and shoulder with my thumb and the
side of my curled index finger to represent it. She was having
trouble with remembering the different sets for the lapel grabs
and I told her I'd be happy to stay after, if she wanted, so she
could work on them some more. When everyone left except the two
of us, we were still at it. She was beginning to get it, but
not putting the kind of intensity into it that would be required
to safely control the situation if it had been real.

I took her through each of the individual techniques we were
teaching at her level including grabs, slaps, punches, kicks,
and knees to the groin, giving her a chance to try them lightly
to discover the proper angles, her body mechanics and leverage.
On a knee attempt, she brought it up in such a way that she moved
my cup up off of my balls and mildly smashed them up into my body.
She said, "Are you okay? I'm so sorry."

"I'll be fine." I managed to force out, as I extended my left
hand to prevent her advance, while my other went down to readjust
my cup. Mary looked to be as pleased with her discovery of the
effectiveness of the technique, as she was sorry for the condition
she put me in. My hand caught her on her right breast, which
surprised us both. Out of a new found instinct, she reacted to
this by brushing my hand away with an upward rising circle block
and followed up with a firm kick to my groin. Unfortunately for
me, my cup was not completely back in place, and the edge of the
cup rammed into my left nut. I just wanted to rip the thing off
and cradle my nuts in my hand for some real protection. As I was
going down to my knees, I tried to say, "break, for a moment" but
I was having trouble breathing so I put my hand out to say it for
me. Again, this caused me to paw her other breast on my way down.

"This is great" she said, "You can really make this seem
realistic." With that she took my hand, stepped, turned, and swept
her heel into my balls as I was pulling the cup aside. Now I was
on the mat for good squirming in a fetal position trying to get
my belt and Gi-top off. Now she could tell I was in serious pain
for real. "Oh-my-god! What can I do?" she said with serious

As embarrassing as it was, through heavy puffing, I said, "I've
got to get this damn thing off and check to see if I'm OK."

"Here. Let me help."

"No. Please, I'll be OK." I said but I was having difficulty
with the drawstring of my pants. Ignoring my plea, Mary knelt
down on the mat, pulling my knees apart so she could position
herself right between my legs, started to untie the string,
pull off my pants, and pull the cup up my legs as gently as she
could. I guess I did need the help right at that time, but this
new student was becoming a lot more familiar with me than I was
comfortable with at that very moment. My hands immediately went
to my balls over my briefs. It was slightly comforting to have
them safely in my grasp, but there was a throbbing pain which
wouldn't subside, and this gave me reason for concern.

"I'd be happy to check them for you." Mary said in a sweet way.
She put a hand on each of mine and tried to gently but firmly
remove my hands from my groin. When she met with my resistance,
she said, "Pretty embarrassing, hunh! I'll tell you what, I'll
take off my tee-shirt, and you can take a look at what you've
been wanting to have in your hands ever since I came to this
place." When I turned redder and just stared wide-eyed at the
prospect, she slowly crossed her arms across her front, grasped
the tail of the tee-shirt and slowly pulled it over her head and
off in one continuous motion.

There they were in all their glory, supported by a substantial
bra. The loose fitting tee-shirt did not do them justice. I
kind of scooted back a few inches and propped myself up first
to my elbows then with my hands fully extended behind my back
to the mat. For an instant, I completely forgot the throbbing
pain in my groin.

She walked on her knees closer so she would be able to reach
the waistband of my underwear and I kind of flinched with
hesitation. "Okay then." She said, and reached in back and
undid the clasp holding her bra in place. With a lit bit of
tease, she held the cups in place with her hands and twisted her
upper body slightly from side to side a couple of times keeping
her head and hips in place. My eyes followed her hanging tits
when she lowered her hands and approached me on hands and knees,
she pulled my briefs down and then off my legs while I was
totally distracted by her squeeze-able breasts.

Now an urge in my loins was joining the throbbing pain and her
touch, first lifting my erecting penis out of the way, pushing
me back down to the mat, and gently lifting, rolling and
inspecting my swelling gonads, she was driving me to want a
release even through the pain I was experiencing.

"They look like they are angry at me. Do you think they are mad
at me?" She said, referring to my balls in the third person.

"No, this was just an unusual chain of events, right?" I said
for them. "Do they look like there is any damage from where you
are?" I said for myself.

Mary lifted her left knee over my right thigh, followed by her
right so that she was kneeling facing my groin from my right side.
She pinned my cock against my abdomen to hold it out of the way
with her forearm while she lifted and cradled my balls with her
hands. Her left tit was hanging down and begging me to touch it.
Without thinking, I placed the palm of my fingers from my left
hand on the nipple and areola, and lightly rubbed.

Mary looked around at my face. "My, aren't we brave, considering
what just happened the last time you grabbed my chest." She said,
I hoped in jest.

With that I quickly pulled my hand away and apologized.

"Oh, it is quite all right. You are being gentle." She said.

I took this as a signal to put my hand back onto the object of
my lust. Mary closed her eyes and started to moan. Then she
leaned down and hugged my cradled balls to her left cheek,
pinning my hand between her breasts and my stomach. All I was
able to do was squeeze and knead her breast. As I did so, she
subconsciously started to squeeze my balls, nuzzling her cheek
against them and sinking deeper onto me. The pain was coming
back from her doing this, and I started to double my body to pull
away from her passion.

"Uh, Mary." I said with some urgency, as I tapped her backside,
now sticking obscenely straight out, now that she had parted her
knees for greater balance, to let her know that "I give".

When you tap your partner, it is the signal to stop the technique
they are applying due to the pain it is causing. However, Mary
being new, either wasn't familiar with it or just didn't remember,
so she said, "Oh. Sure. I'm up for that."

Now, she understood me to mean that I wanted her to pull down her
pants, which she proceeded to do to my amazement. Now with her
sweatpants pulled down to her knees, I had the obvious invitation
to touch an area I had no dream of exploring. I was in dreamland
while I felt the contours of her well toned bottom and upper legs.
She moaned as I felt the wet area of her panty encased ass. She was
now firmly holding my balls and nuzzling the side of her face along
the underside of my cock. The throbbing was gone but a dull ache
persisted, so any nudging by her head still sent shocks of pain
to my stomach and had me lurch in the direction of bringing my head
to my knees.

As if to get in on some of this action, Mary stopped and proceeded
to pull her panties down to her knees and straddled my face, sliding
the waistband of the pants and panties under my head, by so doing,
keeping me in place. It was clear what my job was at this point
and I started exploring her snatch with my tongue. Now I had both
hands free to heft her breasts hanging free in front of her. Mary's
forearms rested along my upper thighs for balance while she kissed,
nuzzled and kneaded my groin area. When this was too rough, I would
lurch into her snatch. She quickly learned to use this reflex on my
part to orchestrate a noisy, squirming orgasm all over my face.

For a few moments, she just held my body trapped by hers while she
recovered her composure. I lay there motionless inventorying the
events that had led up to this moment, concerned about the pain in
my groin, and frustrated from not having had any release for this
excitement. Then she undid my head from the sling of her pants, and
laid down along my left side, leaning on her left elbow. She snaked
her left hand under my left thigh and grabbed my scrotum from the
underside, sending my balls to the end of the sack, and started
stroking my penis with her right hand, paying particular attention
to the underside of the head with the pad of her thumb. I wanted
to touch her breast again, but she was just a little too far from
me for that. Laying on my back, it was difficult to see her
magnificent body as she slowly and steadily brought me closer to
relief, so I clumsily propped myself up on my elbows to better
connect with her.

As my body stepped up its reaction to her hands, she repositioned
herself for how she planned to send me over the top. Now she was
between my legs, which she propped on her shoulders driving them
with my knees toward my face. Her hands now came around my legs to
rub my cock against my abdomen while she took my aching balls into
her mouth and tongue bathed them. That was it! It was all she
wrote. Despite the pain, I shot the biggest load in my memory up
my chest to my chin.

Mary slinked up to my left side, looked at me with her head propped
up from the mat in her right hand, and her left hand just lightly
cupped my churning groin. "They still seem to work okay, it seems
to me." She said gleefully. "I think I could get this training
down pretty quickly if you would continue to train me extra hours
like this. What do you say?"

What would you say if you were in my Gi?


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