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Title: Dominant Break
Keywords: mf, mdom, bond
Author: Caesar

There was a gay dog from Ontario
Who fancied himself a Lothario.
At a wench's glance
He'd snatch off his pants
And make for her Mons Venerio.

Dominant Break (originally titled Dream #3)

by Caesar, copyright 1992-2002

$Revision: 1.8 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:23 $

My desires do run a little different than what some consider "normal".
Yet I'm not alone, a large underground full of people are into my own
kink. Normal, everyday people. With middle-class families and kids,
yet their desires do also run very slanted.

Yvonne was such a person. Her life was what I would call "regular",
at least the little I knew about it. To tell the truth I'm not even
sure if Yvonne is her real name? I had only met her upon the busy
rush-hour transit an hour ago. And here she was standing in my

With amusement I watched her look around at the toys and articles of
my kink. I watched her moist tongue lick along her already moist
lips, a very arousing sight. Her hands kept clenching and unflinching
her briefcase, which was also crossed before her as a if it was a
shield. I enjoyed her nervousness and uncertainty. It was my game.
Yvonne was dressed very business-like, yet I had no idea what she did,
nor did I care. Tonight would be for pleasure not business.

"I don't think I could do this." She said, her eyes unable to come
off one wall, which I called the "dungeon" side. I gave no reaction
nor did I deny her exit to my hideaway. The ground rules were already
set before she had stepped into my house. She could leave any time,
and I will not object or stop her. But while she was down in my
basement she was mine!

We were strangers, I assumed her desires were stronger than her common
sense about strange men on transit trains. Why else would she be
here? Many of my new women were exactly like her. Yvonne was a lost
flower in the wind and I am about to grasp her into my firm grasp.

If you had not guessed it by now, I am a dominate(dom) and Yvonne was
to be my current submissive(sub). My "slave" if you will!

I gave her time to look around. Knowing, that waiting for my first
order to be given was harder than the actual execution. Not for all,
of course, but the unknown sub was very nervous. Action may or may
not cure that. Did she have a husband at home? Perhaps even waiting
for her? I didn't care.

"Take your clothes off Yvonne." A simple statement, spoken quietly
and an air of non-compromise. The sub took a deep breath then dropped
her briefcase to the floor at her feet. She turned around towards me
and brought both hands to her throat to unclasped the broach pinned

The game was afoot!

I leaned back against a wooden work horse, sanded down for special
uses, and openly admired the small woman. The one piece dress took
very little time to fall to the floor around her ankles. Her shoes,
hose, bra and panties followed. She finally stood straight determined
to continue with the game, daring me to look upon her nakedness.

"Let your hair down and take your earrings out." A little surprised
she pulled out the gold studs, the hair clasp also was undone very

Few people can stand naked in a warm damp dungeon and not feel just a
little nervous especially with a stranger watching minutely. I let
the silence hang for almost three minutes, while I scrutinized her
body. The hard nipples, the full bush between her legs were
complimentary in terms of what was to come next. She was a tiny
woman, with small round face and a cute small nose. The smile she
wore when she first came down my stairs was gone, now she bit the
bottom of her lip.

"Turn slowly," she followed my directions, and I saw her small tummy,
her round buttocks, "stop." Her back was facing me. I was presented
with what I considered one of the most attractive features upon a
woman. The buttocks and legs. Both of which were very attractive
upon this lady.

I considered asking her to bend over to allow me a formal view, but
dropped it when she began to speak. "I don't w..."

I snapped, "Quiet!" After a deep sigh I explained, "as a slave you
don't speak without permission. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Her voice was quivering slightly. Excellent!

"You will address me by my the name, Earl. Again do you understand?"

"Yes Earl!" She sounded determined. This was the part of my program
where a woman will have second thoughts and leave. I half-expected
this early thirtyish woman to do just that. She had a strong will,
but as a dom I know they were also the most fun to break.

I again appraised her backside for a full five minutes, until her body
was trembling beyond control. Her torso was shivering as if chilled.
What to do with this lady?
"In front of you slave is a rack, take out the leather stick with the
straps attached to the end." She walked over and returned, her eyes
wide and looking upon the horrifying object. Yvonne was an
intelligent woman, she knew what the object was for.

She stood in front of me and I took the cat from her hand. "Don't
move." Still leaning against the horse I pressed the hard tip of the
cat into her body. The butt rubbed along the round soft cheek to her
chin. Then down to her chest and up the firmness of her breast. I
took my time with everything, knowing the pleasure for both of us will
be easily compounded the longer we waited. She shivered very
violently as the hard end flicked her tight hard nipple. I didn't
tarry but continued down her smooth white skin to her belly button.
Again I left that area and ventured to her waist and hip, running up
and down the marvellous contour. The butt ran along her skin to her
knee where it quickly slide to the inside of her leg. I watched her
face as the end of the handle ran up along the inside of her thigh,
the extremely soft and inviting skin shivering against the hard
leather. Yvonne bite the bottom of her lip, her eyes closed awaiting
the inevitable. I didn't press it to her sex, instead I flicked her
thick curly hair with it. Only for a second, let her have a taste and
she will come back for more.

"Turn around slave." She did, her muscles quivering so much that it
seemed difficult for her to follow my instructions.

Very gently I placed my palm upon her round right buttock that faced
towards me. "You are a very attractive lady Yvonne," she of course
didn't say anything, my hand working up into the crack of her bottom,
"yes, you are a very exciting slave."

"Thank you Earl." She had added the perfect amount of humility to her
statement, simple perfection for a sub.
"I'm going to punish you slave."

"Thank you Earl." Her body quivered violently again.

I stood up from the polished horse and grunted for her to bend face
forwards over it. Very quickly her wrists and ankles were tied
tightly with an expertise that would not damage the attractive skin of
this woman. I had done this before! A male dom has to remember that
his sub's are still woman, that they still enjoy the delights of other
woman. Perhaps it was the pain, or the total domination that excited
them beyond what was "normal". A dom that remembers to fulfil his
sub's fantasies as well as his own - is one that is in demand.

The leather strips of the cat ran along the smooth skin of her back.
A most peculiar sensation prior to being punished, if my sub's are to
be believed. In her position, Yvonne presented her backside to me,
the length of her crack leading down to the sprout of hair poking of
that region. I may be prejudiced but I believe it is the most
attractive position for a woman to be placed in. Yet this sub was not
properly trained, "Arch your back slave, present your bottom for my
desires." She did, but could see that she was uncomfortable in such a
position. "This is a position that I require of you, if you tire and
forget, the punishment will be multiplied. Do you understand Yvonne?"

"Yes Earl." Her bottom was simply a work of art!

I took a step back, and again admired the form before me. The cat hissed through the air as I swung it back and forth, Yvonne had no
idea if or when the first cut would be applied. All a part of the
game, I assure you. She tensed upon every swish through the air,
anxious and afraid for the sting of the cat. I was in control, and my
wish was paramount!

The first cut with the cat surprised her, I had not used a full swing
and it barely made a sound until it hit her pale round buttocks.
Truthful, since I had not used my strength the sting would not have
hurt much, but Yvonne yelled out in surprise. The leather straps left
delightful horizontal red marks upon her bottom, and to my eyes very

"Count out your punishment slave!" My voiced had a new edge, fierce
without room for discussion. This was not planned. Yvonne was even
stimulating my passions. Very interesting. Usually with a sub I was
completely in control.

She cried out, ""!

The cat swung full length, hissing through the air before striking her
bottom, the straps made a sharp dull noise against her, the tips of
the leather wrapping around her hip.


With the next cut I used more force, my strength and desire forcing
the straps to hit her arched out bottom full force. She yelped out
before she yelled the next number in our sequence of pain. Another,
and another.


The sub was getting tired, her body looked exhausted, her bottom a
mass of red welts. But with my expertise none will permanently scar
her wonderful skin. She was also sobbing to herself. Remember,
reader, that always my sub has the choice to stop the punishment at
any time. Usually with code words, but with this new slave all she
had to do was say one of two words, "stop", or "no"! Make no mistake,
pain can be an aphrodisiac! Do not judge until you try it.

Ten may not sound like a large amount, but perhaps you have never been
under the cat. I have never acted the sub and never tasted the whip.
Two hundred years ago, sailors were punished in such a fashion. Forty
lashes would decimate a lesser man. Think how resilient this
wonderful woman was, how strong her passion must be to undergo the
amount of pain involved. Marvellous!

"That was an introduction Yvonne," she gasped, expecting to be given
more ghastly punishments, "yet for your first visit I believe you are
put into your place." I had multitudes of ingenious pain devices, but
guessed this woman has enjoyed the pain of her punishment more the
subjugation. Perhaps on her next visit?!

To my surprise I barely heard her whisper, "More Earl."

"Speak your mind slave."

With a lost voice she answered, "I deserve more Earl, please!" It was
almost a plea. Yes this woman was something special! I was enjoying

I smiled knowingly, then very quickly less she change her mind, the
cat bit her bottom yet again.


Again, and yet again. Until even me, the dom, was concerned for the
amount of pain a lady can absorb.

"...twenty four..."!

My arm felt like lead, my body was covered in sweat. The last cut
fell upon her still arched out bottom.

"...twenty five..."

Yvonne also sounded exhausted, her voice barely audible, her body
glistening delightfully with perspiration. No word was spoken, yet
both of us knew the punishment was finished. Neither of us could take
any more.

She looked exhausted and spent, but still jumped when the cat fell to
the hardwood floor. Yvonne was uncertain what I was doing until I let
the ice drip from between my fingers to her hotly stinging buttocks.
She gasped out in pleasant surprise, a small reprieve for the
punishment she had undergone. I used several chunks of frozen water
to give her appeasement. She was breathing heavy and sighing with
enjoyment from my attentions. The buttocks were indeed abused, it
would be several long days before this lady would be able to forget
the pain.

The ice water dripped over her backside and her back, I enjoyed giving
her opposite sensations. The exposed skin was soaking wet, her back
even had goose bumps.

"Your position slave!" I put a edge of danger in my voice, yet it was
an act. I knew I could not punish this woman any longer.

She of course returned to her position very quickly. I was not going
to punish her, but I was not finished with the sub! I crouched behind
her, between her bound legs my face level with her bottom. My breath
must have felt peculiar upon those hotly glowing globes?!

Yvonne was more than a little delighted as my tongue licked up the
length of her sex, the touch gentle as a feather. This caused her to
force her backside out even more than the cat had done. She whimpered
delightfully. I could smell her aroma, it was intoxicating. The
taste addicting. Yes, the sub was excited, her arousal the result of
my earlier attentions. I licked along the inside of her thighs,
tasting the intermingled juices there. Tasting the ice water, sweat
and, god yes, her desire!

More licks quickly followed after the first, all were extremely light,
barely even touching the wrinkled glistening inner lips. My tongue
spent equal amount of time upon the hard bud of her clitoris, bringing
the expected affect. My bound beauty was still my slave, her
excitement mine to give or take away. Her sex flowered open,
pulsating with desire and the need for a completion to my attentions.
I teased her, stopping my attentions to kiss her brightly glowing bum
cheeks, or to rub along the back of her legs, perhaps to hold more ice
to drip upon her. I even placed small chunks of ice in my mouth, then
placed my chilled tongue to her over-heated sex region. She loved

"Please Earl...god...," I kissed the hard bud of her clitoris,
"...yes...!" The better the slave she was the more attention she
received. And believe me when I say she was excited. I forced her to
await for her release. I have not the language to explain the
delightful contortions her body underwent in that strange position,
nor the sound of her voice as she begged, promised, and asked for her

It was finally time to bring this interlude to a conclusion and
brought my mouth to her need. My touches still light, my actions
patient yet this woman needed only the barest of my attentions before
the inevitable happened.

Yvonne orgasmed in a loud, violent, delightful way. Her muscles
quivered and shook without control or order. Her vagina was hotly
upon my tongue when her release happened, the already wet surface
became soaked with her passion, my tongue tasting the slightly sharper
tang of her spend. The muscles of her legs and buttocks almost forced
me from the tight confines, so violent were their reactions. The
lady's head came up and her body was a mass of clenched muscle as the
final ebbs washed through her. I could swear I followed the path of
her excitement ripple up than back down her body, so visible was it.

The reactions lasted for over forty seconds.

As expected she did not even realized she was untied until I was
standing next to her, holding a try with a cup of hot tea mixed with
brandy. A concoction a fellow dom told me about. The taste
reminiscent of the pain-pleasure of an encounter. I helped the lady
up and walked her exhausted body to the corner where a hidden door
revealed a small wash room. Soon she reemerged, showered and clean.
I helped her into her clothes, my eyes politely turning away. She
sipped the tea and complimented me upon its taste. Yet I could see
she was thanking me for more than that.

I called her a cab, but just when she was ready to leave, Yvonne's
eyes wandered to my covered crotch and the obvious bulge hidden there.

That was when I knew my sub would be back, next time she wanted to
taste something new. To repeat the pleasure she had felt today, and
to give her dom a present of her appreciation.

It is the way of the game!



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