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Double Bang



WARNING: Standard Disclaimer

The following story is purely a work of fiction. It contains
scenes of adult nature, so if you are under 18, stop reading
now. This story contains scenes of non-consensual sexual
behavior, rape, sodomy, bondage, bestiality, and incest. If
you are offended by such activities, do not read any further.
This is purely a fantasy. Any resemblance to any person,
living or dead is purely coincidental. The author is not
responsible for any damage resulting from reading this work.

Copyright 1996, by the author. All rights reserved. Any
reproduction of this work outside the confines of the usenet
news group,, without the explicit permission
of the author is prohibited.

A story of self-deception. A man so convinced
of his sexual prowess that it sets him on a downward
path of destruction in which he inadvertently double
bangs his wife one last time just the way she wants
My apologies to Heywood Gould who wrote the real story,
"DOUBLE BANG" which is well worth reading.

Double Bang -
by Dafney C. Dewitt

Plunging into his wife, Audrey, for the second time that night
should have been easy for Norman. At 42 years of age, he was a
slightly balding, but lean advertising executive. His chest and
stomach were firm but not muscular. He knew his appearance was
unexceptional. It was in performance that he excelled. Norman
prided himself on his double bangs.

With his wife's legs spread before him, Norman poised over her
savoring the moment. He knew everything about his wife. It was
like surveying the instrument panel of his BMW. Audrey was wet.
She was laying on her back with her legs splayed. Her long black
hair cascaded in disarray around her head. A light sheen of
perspiration gleamed from her forehead. Her breasts thrust up from
her chest like coned-shaped headlights with red tipped centers.
Norman knew what she wanted. She made dog like yelps of
encouragement to let him to know when to fuck her harder. Tiny
tremors of orgasmic aftershocks jiggled her boobs after she
climaxed. Norman knew everything about his wife except what was in
her heart. Later, he realized that he never knew his wife. He
never knew her at all.

He started lowering himself onto her. He was hard again. He was
ready. Audrey twisted. She turned away from him.

"Hey, what the hell!"
"I'm sorry."
"Turn back over."
"No. I don't need a double bang tonight."
"Why not?"
"You were perfect the first time."
"I'm even better the second time."
"No, I don't need it again."
"But I do it just for you."
"I'm too sensitive down there. Let's sleep."

Norman was stunned. Double bangs were his way of letting his wife know he really loved her. He really did love her, but words were
so shallow and insincere. As copywriter for ads, he knew the words
"I love you" were empty. Instead, he showed his wife he loved her.
He double fucked her. After giving his wife a complete fucking, a
real one hour knock-her-socks-off pummeling, he could recover in
less then five minutes for a second round of sex that was just as
intense as the first. Norman was an incredible sex piston, as
slick and powerful as the other pride of his life, his black BMW
740. He was fine tuned for sex. He had power to spare. He could
drive it home not just once, but twice with only a small pause to
re-fuel. He was a sexual dream machine.

"Are you sure?"
"Not tonight honey."
"I do it for you."
"I know."

Norman turned away from Audrey shutting her off with silence.
Deeply wounded, he pretended to sleep, hiding his hurt until he
could find out what was wrong. A woman was no different then a
finely tuned BMW. If it started backfiring, you shut it down to
cut the damages until you could fix the problem. Mere words would
never fix anything. Audrey had never refused a double bang.
Audrey had problems. Norman would be the fixer.

The next morning, Norman pretended last night's problems had been
forgotten. He politely kissed his wife good-bye and drove off to
work. However, at the end of the street his BMW 740 turned left
and climbed up the dead-end semi-circle drive of the hill behind
his house. He parked and waited. From his vantage point, he could
look down on the small green oval of grass that was his front yard
and the black roof of his house. After a half hour wait, his wife backed out of the driveway in her green Volvo. He watched as the
car went two blocks and turned right before he followed. He was
afraid of losing her. He thought tracking his wife would be
difficult. He expected a mystery. He wanted it to be hard. Her
car only traveled six short blocks. Norman knew where she was
going before she arrived. The truth crushed him. Audrey was
headed to Big Bob's house.

Easy going Big Bob Simpson and his wife Julie were Norman's best
friends. Bob was a gentle black giant, with a beer belly. He was
a good four inches taller then Norman and weighed more then 320
pounds. Norman never would have guessed, but he now suspected that
Bob's nickname had nothing to do with his height or the size of his
belly. All those dirty jokes about the legendary size of black men might be more then myth. Could this huge slug of a man be having
an affair with his wife? He had to know.

After a suitable wait, Norman slipped out of his car and walked
down the pathway on the side of Big Bob's house to the gate. It was
closed with a simple garden latch attached to a pull string.
Quietly, he creeped around to the back bedroom window. The blinds
were shut tight, but the window was slightly open. He could hear
his wife.

"Ooh, I've missed you," Audrey sighed.

There was a rustling sound of her dress being removed. He heard a
noise like a shoe falling to the floor. Then a deep throaty groan
was followed by a series of high pitched yelps of joy from his

Tears brimming in his eyes, blinded with fury, Norman turned away
from the window.

The thought of another man fucking his wife infuriated him. He did
not consider himself a jealous man, but this was beyond betrayal.
This was loosing face. It was like hand polishing your BMW until
it gleamed and having someone spit on it. It was obscene. Big Bob
was not even worthy of his wife. He was fat. How could she fuck
someone like him? How could she?

Returning home from work, Norman probed his wife for answers. She
was in the kitchen making coffee when he started the questioning.

"What did you do today?"
"I went downtown window shopping."
"You didn't happen to see Bob or Julie did you?"
"No, but Julie invited us for dinner tonight."
"Oh, really?"
"Yes. She telephoned just before you got home.
"Dinner at Big Bob's is just what I need."

For the second time that day, Norman drove to Big Bob's house, but
this time his wife, Audrey sat beside him where she belonged.
Norman would do anything not to loose her. When Bob opened the
door, Audrey ignored him and walked to the kitchen to help Julie
with the dinner. After Bob smiled and offered him a beer, Norman
drew his gun.

"You fucked my wife today, didn't you?"
"Are you crazy?"
"Just put the gun down."
"Asshole! I heard you through the bedroom window."
"But it wasn't me."
"It was your bedroom."
"I swear it wasn't me."

Pointing the revolver directly at Bob's stomach, Norman persisted.

"Tell me the truth or I'll gut shoot you."
"So you came here to bang me?"
"No, I came to kill you."
"Bang me and you'll just be banging yourself."

The sexual innuendo hit Norman like a kick in the groin. His wife must have shared descriptions of his double bangs with her illicit
fat lover. He refused to let Big Bob emasculate him. His mind
seethed with rage. His pride forced him to respond. He responded,
by habit, with his own witticism punctuated by shooting his gun.

"It'll be a double bang." Norman pulled the trigger twice.

Stunned by the noise of the dual explosions, Norman dropped the
gun. He remained frozen, emotionally spent, while Audrey and Julie
ran out of the kitchen. Someone must have called the police
because the next thing Norman remembered was being handcuffed and
forced to sit on the hard plastic seat in the rear of a police car.
Before he was driven to jail, his wife bent down next to the rear
window of the police car. Norman expected her to yell, to curse
him for shooting her lover, but the red and blue flashing lights of
the police car washing over her face made her look cool and calm.
Like a tropical fish in an aquarium, she mouthed the words through
the glass window. With the roar from the gun still ringing in his
ears, it was hard for him to understand. Audrey repeated the words

"Your last double bang was perfect."

At first, he thought she was talking about sex, trying to make him
feel better. As the police car pulled away from the curb, he
realized she meant the two gunshots. But that made even less
sense. Searching for an answer, he swiveled around in the
backseat. Looking through the rear window of the police car, he
saw Audrey and Julie holding each other, hugging, on the front
lawn. They were consoling each other over their mutual loss. As
the police car turned the corner, he saw them kiss each other on
the lips.

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