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Double Your Pleasure


Disclaimer: If you're under 18 - sorry, no can read.

Author's Note: My inspiration for this story came from a poser
rendering. If you're interested in seeing it, here's the address:

'Double Your Pleasure' by JR Parz

While Jill Fox walked home from school her mind was preoccupied with her
dilemma for tonight. She had already committed herself to a date with Cal
Reed and an hour ago she accepted another date with the new boy, Bart
Pinter. Why did she do this to herself?

Of course she knew why... six months ago the boys didn't even glance at
her but now that she had developed into a very shapely, curvaceous
'hottie', which included a well rounded ass and an incredible full set of
tits, the boys lined up to date her! Cal was the captain of the school
baseball team and would be picking her up at 7:00... while the new
transfer student was coming at 8:00.

The only thing she could think of to solve the problem was to ask
Tiffany... and then maybe they could double date. Tiffany was the epitome
of every boy's fantasy. She possessed long blonde hair, sparkling blue
eyes and large, firm breasts. When Tiffany and Sabrina welcomed her into
their 'clique' she became the talk of the school... but popularity did
have its price and she still blushed every time she saw herself naked...
especially when she touched herself. Having friends like Tiffany and
Sabrina meant wearing the same style clothing and this included a sexy
two-piece bikini that they'd wear at the beach. "We need to shave."
Tiffany stated one day... and although she initially balked at the idea,
she eventually gave in.

Just as Jill was about to head down her street she noticed a garage
sale. Having built a reputation for finding the coolest treasures, she
couldn't resist.

Then she saw 'it'... it was the most beautiful bottle she'd ever seen.
The color was a mixture of turquoise, deep midnight blue and forest green
with a variety of swirls and stars around the base and it stood about 12
inches in height. It reminded her of a coke bottle as she carefully picked
it up. She then turned to an elderly lady sitting in a lounge chair.
"This is very much?"

"I was wondering how long it would take before someone showed some
interest in that... it was my great, great aunt's... I inherited it about
three years ago. Would you believe I never once took it out of the box it
was in? I unwrapped it this morning."

"It would make a very pretty vase."

The lady smiled. "I'll tell you what I'll do... since it looks like
you'll appreciate it. How about I give it to you as a gift."

"Really!" Jill exclaimed...genuinely excited. Another fringe benefit of
her new looks was the fact that people were more apt to bend the rules or
let her have stuff for free. Tiffany explained it best when she said...
the better looking you are...the friendlier they are.

"Yes sweetie. Now, would you like me to pack it for you?"

"No, that's okay. I only live down the end of that street." Jill said
with a smile. "Thank you very much."


As soon as Jill got home the first thing she wanted to do was uncork the
bottle and clean it up. At first she tried uncorking it by twisting and
pulling at the cork...but it wouldn't budge. Then she remembered they had
a corkscrew opener in the kitchen drawer. Quickly, she went to the
kitchen... took a few moments to figure out how to use the thing... and
then 'POP' and watched the cork fly across the room. Moments later a white
smoke swirled up and out of the bottle and poured itself on the floor
beside her... then began to take the shape of a man. "Hi Jill!"

Jill stood silently stunned.

"Now, from the look of your face... I bet you're surprised to see me...
aren't you?" he asked with a grin. He was dressed in a business suit and
carried a briefcase.

"Wh... who are you?" she stammered in disbelief.

"My name's Gene...short for genie...get it? Anyway, cutie... I'm here
to grant you three wishes... whatever you want."

Jill staggered back and sat down... was this for real? This had to be
a dream. Where did this guy come from? A genie!?!

"Hmmm. I can see you're having a difficult time believing me."

"Please leave." Jill whispered.

"Funny you should say's just about the only thing I can't
grant you. The only way you'll be able to get rid of me is to make three

"I don't believe this... I'm dreaming."

"I guess I'll just have to offer you a sample wish."

"A sample wish?"

"Yes Jill...instead of the standard three wishes, I offer you an
additional one to waste... just to prove I'm legit."

"What do I wish for?"

"Come now Jill... I realize you're sweet sixteen and a virgin... but
surely you fantasize from time to time. You already have every boy in your
school fantasizing about you... and a few of the girls might I add. Isn't
there one that you'd like at your beckon call?"

Jill blushed.

"Look, I know you picked my bottle up at a tag sale... I know it was
your pretty face that helped you get it for free... and until I popped in
on you the sole thing occupying your mind was how to deal with dating two
different boys at the same time."

"Wait! That's it... I can wish to know what to do about that...
that's what I can wish for... can't I?" Jill asked with excitement.

"Sure you can... just say the magic words."

"Then I wish you would solve my date situation."

"Your wish is my command." The genie proclaimed... and then with a poof
of smoke a girl suddenly appeared in the chair across from her... but this
wasn't just any girl, this was her exact look-alike! Everything from the
clothes she wore... to her hairstyle! "Oh... my... God." She whispered.

"Actually, God has nothing to do with this...but I understand your

"Who... who is she?" Jill asked without looking away from her.

"She's you. She has your complete everything... mentally and
physically... and with every new memory you gain, she'll remember it as
hers. If you cut your finger, she'll have the same cut. Now... to solve
your dating situation, she can go out with one boy while you go out with
the other."

"Th... this is amazing! I...I...but how would I...what if she does
something to embarrass me... does something I wouldn't normally do?" Jill
asked, suddenly very concerned.

"Hmmm. Well, may I suggest a wish that allows you to experience
everything she experiences as it is happening? I'll even take it one step
further and allow you the illusion where you're transported into her in
order for you to 'see' in addition to 'feeling'. This way you won't miss
out on any of her experiences... if you know what I mean."

"I guess... But wait! If she's me... then she shouldn't do anything
that I wouldn't normally do anyway... right?"

"Yeah... at least in theory... but I've had a slight problem with some
of my 'doubles' in the past. They seem to come out a little less
inhibited... sexually, that is."

"You mean she might go out tonight and... and 'do it'?!?"

"I'm afraid so... which makes this specific wish all the more

"Then I wish what you said... you know... that I feel everything my
twin feels as if it were happening to me."

"Your wish is my command." The genie proclaimed with a grin.

"I need to save a wish so I can change things back after my date..."
Jill started to say and then was suddenly interrupted. Her 'double', who
had been quiet up until now, stood and pointed at her. "I wish that that
Jill be totally subjugated to my will and I also wish that I had the power
to make anyone feel anything I want!"

Jill turned back to the genie confused and saw him shrug his shoulders
and nod his head. "Your wishes are my command and this completes my
contract." Then with a cloud of smoke, he, along with his briefcase and
bottle, disappeared.

"WAIT!" Jill exclaimed...not really sure what had just happened. She
wanted to explain that she didn't wish for those things. Then she looked
back at her 'double' confused. "Why did you do this?"

"I'm a survivor... correction... we're survivors... and I couldn't
let you turn everything back the way it was because that would mean I'd not
longer exist. If you want to blame anyone, blame yourself... if you
didn't have the survivalist personality of yours... I wouldn't have been
able to take action."

"But you can't stay... that's not possible." Jill replied, feeling
eerie from talking to herself.

"It is now." She smiled.

"Wh... what are you going to do?"

"First we're going up to our bedroom and become better acquainted."

Jill didn't like the sound of that but without any volition on her part,
she got up from her chair and followed her 'double' straight to her

"Ain't this way cool." her 'double' giggled. Jill used that expression
a lot...but hearing it from her 'double' sounded really strange.

Her 'double' must have noticed how nervous she was getting because once
they were inside her room she suddenly turned to hug her and whispered.
"Don't stress... don't concern that pretty head of yours."

And then like magic, she felt a shift in her thinking. It was all so
weird... she was still very much aware of everything that had happened but
it no longer concerned her.

"Now, for our date tonight...which one do you want?"

"Wh... what? We're still going?" Jill responded... surprised.

"Most definitely... if it hadn't been for your dates, I wouldn't exist.
Plus there's no way we're going to pass up on a couple of 'studs' like
them... I have special plans for us."

Jill wasn't sure what she meant by this and wondered if she could
somehow warn the boys.

"Jill... Jill... Jill... You're forgetting something... It may be
delayed by a second but I receive every thought and desire you have. Now,
remember when I wished that you be totally subjugated to my will?"

Jill nodded her head.

"Do you know what that means?"

"I... I guess so."

"Of course you do... if I do... you do... that simple."

Jill blushed but didn't say a word.

"From this point on you aren't capable of lying to me...or telling me
half-truths. I decide everything now." Her 'double' proclaimed...and then
grinned. "The first thing I've decided is to change our relationship."

Jill was taken off guard when her 'double' started to strip... then she
blushed when she felt herself responding. This had never happened before!
But there was no mistaking the feelings and when her 'double' stood naked
before her, she found herself drawn to her shaven snatch.

"You know Jill... we're quite lovely... I'm going to enjoy this body.
I especially love these tits." She grinned while bringing her hands up to
cup them. "And what's with this cute little pussy of ours? Don't
answer... I know why we did it and I think it's adorable."

Jill continued to blush... while also feeling that other feeling.

"Now it's your turn to strip."

Jill wanted to refuse but couldn't... and seconds later she stood
before her 'double' as naked as she. "Why am I feeling like this?" She
asked in a whisper.


Jill nodded her head with a blush.

"That was your wish... remember. You wanted to feel everything that
I'm feeling when I feel it... I want to thank you for that by the way...
it was that wish that prompted my last wish. Anyway, when the genie
created me he left out most of my inhibitions. Just the mere thought of
being with you is turning me on... so you can imagine what the sight of
you is doing... and because you feel everything I'm feeling as it is
happening, I'm turning you on."

"But I've never felt this way towards a girl before... never."

"Your feelings were latent... given my lack of inhibitions, mine

"You mean... I'm... you're into... we're into girls?"

"Both boys and girls... we're bisexual."

"This is crazy!"

"I think a more accurate description would be 'exciting'... I so look
forward to seducing Tiffany and Sabrina."

"No! I don't want them thinking I'm gay!"

"Labels... that's all they are... labels. Remember the article we
read where 80% of all girls could be 'turned on' by another attractive
girl? Don't blame me... blame your chemistry."

"I'm not having sex with a girl... and I'm not having sex with you! It
would incest!" Jill responded angrily.

"Silly Jill... I'm not your sister... I'm you... and that would be
more like masturbation. Now, let me surface your latent desires and make
everything easier for you... okay?"

Jill could feel an incredible rush of feelings... strange wonderful
feelings... and her hand crept down to her bare pussy in response.

"I bet the thought of making it with me now has you feeling all 'wet',
doesn't it?"

"Yes." Jill blushed, unable to resist answering her... nor stopping the
movement of her fingers.

"That's a good girl... let all those pleasurable feelings wash over you
and just go with them."

Jill slowly dropped down to her knees... and continued to masturbate.
Her other hand came up to play with her breasts.

"See what I mean? Now, I'd rather you on the bed and me doing what
you're doing... so go to it and spread those legs of yours."

Jill was beyond rational thought and moved to the bed... she didn't
want to take her fingers away from her throbbing pussy but she had no

Her 'double' climbed on the bed between her legs and immediately went
down on her... mouthing and licking her... eliciting an intense 'need'
like she'd never felt before and when she finally did explode to an orgasm,
boy, did she ever cum!

Too tired to do anything other than respond... her 'double' continued
tonguing her while she whimpered and groaned with one orgasm after another,
thrashing around insatiably... and sometime during it all she passed out
because the next thing she knew, her 'double' was waking her up.

"Get up beautiful... we're going to take ourselves a shower." Her
'double' giggled.

At seeing her 'double' naked again... Jill felt her body responding
again while following her to the shower stall. Then her 'double' turned to
her and opened her arms... Jill smiled and ran into them feeling
blissfully in love.

"I... I never felt so wonderful." Jill stammered.

"Me too." Her 'double' replied... then added. "I've decided to call
myself Jessica."

"I like the name Jessica." Jill smiled... then kissed her full on the
lips. She loved the feel and taste of her soft sweet lips...and nearly
'came' again when Jessica palmed her soft plump breasts. Never before had
she felt such desire and love before... and when Jessica moved her hand
down to cup her mound...and then enter her creamy folds, she cried out with
an orgasm! Then she heard her mom call her from downstairs.

"Oh my god! My Mom's home!" Jill exclaimed in fear. How in the world
would she explain this?!?

"Relax and don't worry about your Mom." Jessica replied. And just like
that, she didn't...and instead kneeled down before Jessica to show her


"Look Jill...we're wearing dresses tonight and that's final... just be
happy that I'm allowing you to wear a thong underneath it."

Jill blushed knowing how easy it would be for someone to slip a hand up
underneath her dress and touch her.

"Now, which boy do you want? Not that it matters any... you'll feel
them both." Jessica grinned.

Jessica had told her that they were both losing their virginity tonight
and the thought scared her. At least she didn't have to worry about the
initial pain... Jessica had already broken through her hymen with her
fingers. "I'll go out with Cal, you go with Bart."

"Fine with me. Now, let me place you in the proper mood."


"I want you 'needing' it... I don't want you to chicken out. I want
Cal to know you're hot for it."

"But how do... WAIT! No! I don't want you to... no!"

"Too late... this ensures you come back deflowered."

"I don't need anything to help me get horny!" she snapped, trying
unsuccessfully to detect feeling different.

"We're losing our cherry tonight... and this makes it failsafe as far
as you're concerned."

Jill pouted for a second and then moved over to the mirror. This whole
day was incredible...and tonight would even be more so. She looked at her
cleavage in the mirror and blushed. She looked so 'slutty' without a bra.

"You look like a tart." Jessica commented coming up behind her. She
cupped her breasts from behind and gave them a squeeze. Jill closed her
eyes and sighed... Jessica's hands felt so incredible.


Jessica wasn't kidding about putting her more in the mood... the second
she saw Cal her whole body lit up with 'desire'.

"I thought we'd catch that new angelina Jolie movie." Cal stated.

"Tomb Raider... that sounds good." Jill replied, not really caring what
movie they saw... but the image of angelina Jolie suddenly appealed to her
and added to her current arousal. 'Hurry' she mentally shouted looking
forward to being inside a darkened theatre.

Unfortunately the place was packed which meant very little privacy. Cal
was ready to sit near the middle of the back row until she persuaded him to
sit furthest against the wall. "Do you want anything at the snack bar?" he
asked after sitting down.

"I have all I need." She responded, grinning. She knew this was totally
out of character but she couldn't help it.

Jill encouraged Cal to place his arm around her shoulders... and then
turned to kiss him. The second their lips met she felt a jolt of pleasure
eliciting a gasp...and clenched her vaginal muscles. She then grabbed his
right hand and moved it on her right tit... then grabbed his left hand and
moved it underneath her dress. She could tell he was shocked but this
didn't stop her from moving her hand down on top of his bulging member.

"I had no idea you were this hot!" Cal whispered.

Jill twisted in her seat to allow his fingers to slide past her thong
panties and lightly graze her swollen (and very wet) lips... all the while
she rubbed his hardened cock through the material of his pants. "Finger
fuck me!" she whispered into his ear while she spread her legs further

When Cal entered her folds with two of his fingers... she gasped and
practically came on them. The couple in front of them turned around to
look at them but she didn't care. She wanted Cal to fuck her... and she
wanted him now! "Fuck me!" she whispered loudly... drawing even more
attention. "Fuck me, now!"

"Are you crazy!?!" Cal replied, pulling his fingers from her pussy. "We
can't do it in here!"

Jill felt suddenly empty with his departure and needed him to replace
his fingers with his cock. "Then lets leave." She responded, standing up.
She didn't care that she was dripping cum onto the floor... She didn't
care that the other high school kids were howling and giggling... She
didn't care that she was receiving angry looks from the older people. She
only cared about fucking!

Once they were outside, Jill slid her thongs down and kicked them across
the parking lot. All the while they made their way back to the car she
rubbed her wet pussy up against his thigh.

Quickly, they climbed into the back seat... Jill lifted up her dress
and spread her legs. "Hurry!" she panted.

In one swift motion Cal pulled down his zipper and thrust up into her.
"Unnggggghhhhhhhh." She cried out! "Harder! Fuck me harder!" she moaned
while using her hands to pull him in harder. Like a piston, he moved in
and out of her while she whimpered and groaned and 'came'... then 'came'
again... and again... and again.


Later, spent and sitting in the back seat of his car... her dress still
bunched up around her waist... dry cum everywhere. She could see that Cal
was grinning at her... she grinned back. Her intense desire had finally
dissipated and she could function normally again... but there was no room
for embarrassment. She'd lost her virginity and never felt more satisfied
in her life. Then suddenly, she felt a strange vertigo forcing her eyes
closed... and the next thing she knew she was on top of Bart Pinter!
Humping him! Up and down she slammed her 'soaked' pussy on top of him!
She cried out with one... then two... then three orgasms! When she
opened her eyes she saw that Cal was looking at her with utter shock...
she closed them again preferring to be with Bart. A small portion of her
realized she was living through Jessica at the moment and she screamed out
with several more orgasms. Later she would giggle at the thought of what
she must have looked like, humping up and down in the back seat of the car.


"That was soooo incredible." Jill cried into Jessica's shoulder as they
hugged one another. They were inside their bedroom... Jessica had just
gotten home.

"I told you you'd love it." Jessica cried back, equally as excited and
pleased. They broke apart for a second to look at one another... then
their lips met for a long passionate kiss.

"It was like I was there, looking through your eyes!" Jill exclaimed
when they came up for air.

"Must be cool." Jessica responded with a grin.

"You didn't feel it when I did it?"

"Not while you did it as you do when I did... I just get the instant
memories as if they were mine. You were a wildcat! I know how it felt
because I can reflect on the experience as if it were mine."

"I don't believe this... its like I'm dreaming."

"Do you wish it was a dream?"

"You know I don't... I'd never trade this new life for anything else in
the world... I've never been happier... I... I've never been more in
love!" she blushed, admitting her feelings.

"Me too." Jessica smiled.

They quickly stripped naked and slipped into bed... too exhausted to do
anything other than cuddle... they fell asleep, smiling.


"Hello." A male voice stated in a deep voice.

Jill sprung up in alarm... so didn't Jessica! It wasn't every day when
she heard a male voice inside her bedroom. Jill grabbed the sheets when
she saw that her breasts were exposed... Jessica could have cared less.

"I see you two are enjoying your time together... well, I'm here to
correct things." The genie proclaimed.

"I... I don't want things corrected." Jill stammered.

"Look... my superiors were pretty damn pissed off at me for leaving
this case the way I did... and... well... (The genie put his briefcase
down on the dresser and pulled out a document)... and it says here that I
have to correct things, which means taking back the unauthorized wishes and
give you two new ones."

Jessica looked afraid for the first time in her short life.

"My first wish is to leave my 'double's' wishes in place." Jill
responded quickly, not ever wanting to lose her new lover.

"I... I didn't expect this... I'm not sure I can do this... she may
be controlling you. Have you considered that?" The genie asked.

"I'm not controlling her!" Jessica cried out.

"I'm not sure... I guess if you're willingly to sign a waiver it'll be
all right." The genie responded.

Jessica slid out of the bed and stood up and stretched... she looked
incredibly sexy in her nudity. "Jessica!" Jill yelled at her...
embarrassed by her exhibitionism.

"You certainly weren't this bashful with Cal last night." Jessica

"That was different." She mumbled. "Please hand me my robe."

Jessica went over to the closet and retrieved her robe. Seconds later
Jill had her robe on... Jessica remained naked.

"Where do I sign?"

"Here." the genie replied, pointing to the 'X'.

"Okay, I signed... now my wish."

"Okay, your wish is my command." The Genie proclaimed. "Now, what's
your last wish?"

Jill thought for a second... and then went over to Jessica and they
hugged. Jessica smiled at her, knowing what she was going to wish for.

"I wish reality altered... In this new reality Jessica is not my
'double' but instead my identical twin sister. This means my mother had
twins... Jill and Jessica."

"I'm impressed... it'll certainly make things easier. Your wish is my
command... and with that done our agreement is final." The genie
proclaimed. Then in a puff a smoke he disappeared... this time for good.

Jill turned when she heard Jessica start to cry... then they hugged
each other and both cried. Their tears weren't of sadness... but of pure

"You made me real. I love you so, so much." Jessica slobbered into her

Eventually they made their way to their bed... Jill lost the
bathrobe... and once again they made love. "This time it's incest." one of
them commented... then both giggled.


"Hey, the twins." Sabrina declared.

Tiffany turned to where Sabrina had gestured and saw Jill and Jessica
coming out of shop with several bags.

"Hey Jill... hey Jess... On a shopping spree I see."

"Hey." The twins replied at the same time. They were always talking in

"How'd your dates go last night?" Tiffany asked with a grin.

"Oh God... I never felt so much pleasure in all my life!" Jessica

"Jessica!" Sabrina responded, grinning.

Tiffany wasn't surprised at Jessica's declaration... in fact she was
surprised it took this long before finally losing her cherry. Jill, on the
other hand... she expected her to be a virgin until she got married.

"Me too." Jill added... blushing.

"Really?!?" Tiffany asked in genuine shock. Did they both lose their
virginity on the same night?

"They... er... Cal's so huge. I'm still sore." Jill giggled. And
Tiffany was doubly shocked when she saw Jill reach down and cup her groin.

Jessica giggled at her sister's openness... and then all four of them
were giggling.

Jill then leaned over and whispered something in Jessica's ear... they
were always doing that with one another. They giggled at their own private
joke and then it 'hit'. boy did it ever! The intensity... not to mention
the focus of the feeling completely baffled her, but there was no mistaking
the symptoms. Desire... unlike nothing she'd ever felt before... and
directed right at Jill. How could this be!?! She asked herself in shock.
She'd never felt this way towards another girl before... but there was no
mistaking the 'wet heat' that was completely soaking her panties.

Tiffany looked over at Sabrina... and saw that her friend was looking
at Jessica... something about the way she was looking at her made her
wonder. Was she feeling as horny for Jessica?

"You want to come over our house?" Jill asked with a smile.

"Yessss." Tiffany replied... and in looking at Sabrina she could see
that her friend wanted to come, too.

Jill and Jessica giggled as they led them out of the mall... somehow
Tiffany knew that their friendship was about to become much more closer...
but instead of fearing this brand new and exciting feeling, she was looking
forward to it... and knew deep down that she always had.

The End.

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