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Down Memory Lane


Down Memory Lane
John P. Fault <>

Copyright 1999, John P. Fault. Feel free to distribute, but please
leave the entire story intact, as-is. This is a story containing
somewhat graphic sexual activity. If you're underage, then you
probably shouldn't read this. If you're a consenting adult then read
away. Remember, be responsible for your actions and yourself because
no one else will. I'm certainly not responsible for you, what you
think, or what you do, and I wouldn't want to be even if I
could. Ultimately, whatever comes around goes around, so play nice.

[Author's Note: This is part fantasy, part reality. It's still even
hard for me to distinguish what really happened with what I
imagined. At any rate, I hope you like it. I'd like to thank Michael
K. Smith for writing so many excellent stories. I think his wonderful
tales probably had a hand in making me think about trying to write
something myself.

I'm not sure exactly where the inspiration to write this came
from. Perhaps it's nostalgia. Perhaps it's the longing for simpler
days when the "real world" waited several years down the road. Perhaps
it's just that I miss a really wonderful friendship. B., wherever you
are, this one's for you.]


I had a dream about her last night. Not that there's anything
monumental or foreboding about that. It was just odd because I hadn't
really thought of her in a quite a while. I'd never, ever forget
her. She gave me too many good memories. In sitting here thinking
about her, I find that I really do miss her.

We started off just as friends. Well, less then that for quite
awhile. She worked in the building that I was working in. She was the
"bouncer" for the backdoor to the stage area. I worked upstairs in the
crew areas. Since we couldn't smoke in the building, I had to trudge
down 4 flights of stairs on my breaks to go grab a smoke. She was a
fairly heavy smoker, so the odds were good that we'd be outside at the
same time.

The first dozen or so times that I encountered her, I was too shy to
even really talk to her, other than the standard
pleasantries. Pathetic, isn't it? Besides, she's a very beautiful
woman. I'm a shy, awkward guy. I was never terribly outgoing anyway,
let alone brave enough to really strike up a conversation with her.

It got so that I'd take more breaks just to see her, be near
her. Hell, I even came to the Hall when I wasn't scheduled to work,
just on the off chance that she'd be there. And yet, I still didn't
have the nerve to ask her out. Often, sitting on the back wall by the
door while we were smoking, I'd study her out of the corner of my
eye. She was exquisite, an absolute beauty. She had medium length dark
brown hair, an incredibly attractive face, very smooth skin, long legs
that flared into such lovely hips, a tiny waist, small breasts, but
there were two things that really made her stand out: her eyes and her
laugh. Sounds cornball, doesn't it? Her eyes were ice blue. They were
absolutely stunning, amazing, beautiful. In listening to her talk to
other people in the Theater, I'd hear her joke and laugh. It was such
an attractive, sexy sound. There really aren't words to describe it.

I kept imagining myself with her. My fantasies knew no bounds. In my
mind we kissed, caressed, explored each other, and had sex in almost
every place in the theater and beyond. My favorite recurring fantasy
was that I duck into the booth where she's stationed and pull the
blinds. Our eyes lock and then we kiss. I feel her soft lips against
my lips and feel her tongue slowly touch mine. I slide my hands up her
back and into her soft, dark hair, letting it run through my fingers.
She pulls free of me and works her hand down to the snap on my jeans.

With a mischievous smile on her face, she unfastens my pants and pulls
out my cock, holding it in her hand. She slowly kneeled down in front
of my, taking my cock into her mouth, moving her tongue around in an
amazing, maddening way. Softly and slowly she worked on me, expertly
caressing me with her tongue. Just as I was about to come, she
stopped, still giving me that same mischievous smile. Not to be
outdone, I maneuvered her to the little table in the office, and eased
her up onto it. As we kissed, I unbuttoned her sweater, and undid her
bra, exposing her small, perfect breasts with their tiny pink nipples.

I kissed my way down her neck and to her breasts, slowly working my
way to her nipples. As I took a nipple into my mouth, slowly using my
tongue to swirl around it, I heard her moan slightly. I continued
down her flat stomach to the waistband of her skirt. I eased her
skirt up and started ever so slowly kissing my way up her taut
thighs. I could feel the warmth radiating from her pussy. I gently
eased her panties down and the leaned in and blew across her clit. I
followed that by slowly licking her from the bottom of her slit to
the top, letting my tongue work softly against her clit a little
more. As I continued to caress her with my tongue, I could feel her
pulse speed up, her breathing get faster, and her hands working
through my hair. She moaned and came, almost breaking my neck with
the intensity that she pulled me to her.

I pulled a condom out of my wallet and looked at her. She took it out
of my hand, ripped it open and started rolling it down over my
rock-hard dick. With her sitting on the table and me standing, I eased
forward and into her. I felt her walls grip me with intense
force. Between that and the heat of her, I was fighting hard to keep
from coming instantly. I looked at her beautiful face, her eyes
penetrating mine. We moved easily and slowly together, working toward
an amazing high. I could feel her hands on my back, digging her nails
in slightly. The urgency for release was felt by both of us. We eased
the pace up a little, her pussy caressing me, working me to an even
higher level. She whispered "I'm going to come," in my ear. She pulled
my mouth to hers and kissed me hard and deep. She grabbed me with both
hands and pulled my body against hers, driving my cock in to the
hilt. Her muscles inside contracted as she came, pulling me over the
point of no return. I worked out a bit and slammed back in, coming
hard in her, which took her orgasm a little further. Spent, we sighed
and kissed slowly, savoring the moment. We kissed again, then pulled
apart, talking some.

That's just sort of where the fantasy ended.

Just to look at her was to feel a passion, a lust, and such an
incredible desire for her. And yet, I still couldn't work up the nerve
to ask her out. I guess I just figured that any woman that incredible
has to be dating someone.

Here's the part where I'm supposed to ask her out and where things are
supposed to go my way. Perhaps in the fantasy world I'd like to live
in, it would have worked that way. Sorry to say that they did not. I
overheard her talking to someone in the Theater department about her
boyfriend Andy. "Well," I thought, "that figures." I mean it makes
sense. In the real world, guys like me do not ever get girls like
her. It defies some sacred law or something.

I had just resigned myself to admiring her from afar. Hell, it
wouldn't really be any different then the previous months. It wasn't
like I had no prospects for a dating life. I was just so struck by
her, by her beauty. By the cynic in her that showed up when I heard
her talking with people outside the theater.

I still liked to hang out where she worked. Just because she wasn't
destined to be mine didn't mean I couldn't admire her. I guess since
the world balance had shown that she was out of reach, I decided to
talk to her one night...more than just boring, "nice weather"
chitchat. Nothing magical happened, but it was the start of a

To tell you the truth, I can't even remember what we talked about. I'm
sure it was something completely banal, and probably uninteresting to
most people. I guess we probably talked about how our jobs sucked. I'm
sure we talked about college and majors because that's the standard
college small talk. (So, what's your major? Yeesh. It's almost as
trite and cheesy as "Say, baby, what's your sign?") Whenever there
was a show at the theater, there would be a Friday night dress
rehearsal that was open to students, opening night Saturday, and then
performances the next Friday and Saturday, closing night the following
Saturday. Basically, whenever there was a show, I'd get to see her
there. I kept signing up to work these horrible shows on the chance of
spending perhaps 20 minutes or so a night talking to her. Pathetic?
Yeah, it probably is and was. Nonetheless, come weekends on my breaks
I'd come downstairs and have a smoke and talk to her, learning more
about her with each passing week. She never really talked about her
boyfriend. I guess she just didn't want to discuss it. I did overhear
her talking to a friend of hers about a fight she had with Andy. It
sounded pretty bad. She still never mentioned him. It seemed a bit
strange. I didn't ask and she didn't talk. Seemed reasonable enough to
me. After all, it wasn't really my business.

About three months after meeting her, I was sitting on back wall
outside the theater grabbing a smoke. She walked up to the door with a
friend, taking a final drag off of her cigarette before going
inside. I heard her say that she had moved out of the apartment she
shared with Andy and gotten her own place and that it was over for
good. I thought to myself that only a complete jerk would be happy
that things went badly for her. Of course, I'm far from perfect, so of
course I thought that, at least to some degree. Hey, I'm only human.

The following weekend while we were outside talking and grabbing a
smoke, I decided to ask her out. Well, it didn't quite work that
way. I think what really happened is that I said "Do you want to go
out for coffee after the show?" Not quite asking her on a date, but it
was still leaps and bounds for a shy person, right? Right. She looked
a bit surprised, but it only took her a couple of seconds to say no,
that she already had plans.

[Author's note: You were expecting the "yes" there, I
know. Sorry. Stay tuned and please be patient...this is more of a
personal story than a lot of the other things that might find their
way around here.]

I hoped I masked the disappointment on my face. I'm not sure that I
did. I think she saw that working my way up to even asking her out to
coffee was tough for me to do. I got the consolation prize,
though. She gave me her phone number and got mine, as well.

I guess that might have been the end of it if I hadn't been signed up
for three more performance nights. I knew that I probably would never
build up the nerve to pursue her further. I was working on the
computer in my dorm room when the phone rang one Sunday. My roommate
Tom answered and handed me the phone, saying, "It's some girl for
you." For the life of me, I couldn't think of who it would be. I was
between girlfriends and hadn't really met anyone in awhile that would
call me. I grabbed the phone and said hello. It was she! (You knew it
would be, it just had to be.) She asked if I was busy and if I wanted
to go out to grab some coffee. She gave me directions to her apartment
and said to pick her up in an hour.

Woohoo! I was ecstatic. Hell, I was beyond ecstatic. I'm not sure why
I was so happy. It's not like it was a real date. In fact, she
probably just felt guilty about saying no to me before. I had to tell
Joel, my best friend at school and confidant. He was happy for me and
gave me that silly grin that he's got down to a science and asked if I
needed condoms. The guy thought that since he was a senior and I but a
poor frosh that I needed a father figure. I chuckled, said no, and was
on my way to the bathroom to get ready.

An hour later (almost to the second), I was at her door. She came to
the door and invited me in, apologizing for the place being messy. She
introduced me to Alex, her cat, and ran back to her bedroom to put on
her shoes. I got the nickel tour, then...and that's a fairly accurate
description, since her place couldn't have been more than about 500
square feet, most of it crammed with books. I think you can tell a lot
about a person by the books, or lack thereof, on their shelves. She
had a very broad range and taste in books. If she'd read even half of
them, I knew we'd probably never run out of things to talk about. I
knew she was intelligent, but I never realized what a voracious reader
she had to be to even read a small percentage of those titles.

So, off we went to go grab coffee. We talked for a long time over
coffee, staying in the restaurant for hours. She told me about her
parents, and where she was from, and how school was going and such. I
learned that she was about six months younger than I was. She seemed
so much worldlier than I did, though. Perhaps that's something that I
found so attractive about her.

My end of the conversation felt much less interesting, but I found
that she was really easy to talk to. Eventually, we left the
restaurant and headed back to her place. We continued talking late
into the night. I think I got back to the dorm around three or four in
the morning. I was running on an adrenaline high from just being with
her all evening.

Over the next few months there were many nights like
that. Conversations that started in mid-afternoon that would go on
until all hours of the night. Joel was convinced that she and I were
lovers. In truth, it was all very innocent. I was extremely attracted
to her, but it just never went anywhere. I know she knew it because as
we became more familiar with each other, bawdy comments would fly out
of my mouth before I could stop them. I'd like to think that she might
have even been flattered by my attention.

It got to a point that we became a sort of support system for each
other. When one of us was stressed out, we'd hang out, smoke, talk,
drink a bit, study, trade massages, etc. If one of us had a problem,
we could always talk to the other. In short, it was a beautiful
friendship. I've always had close female friends because I think it's
easier to open up to them for the most part. They tend not to expect
the macho bullshit, which is good, because I'm a fairly mild-mannered
type of person.

We got to a point where I really learned all about her. She had a past
that was not so pretty. Partly because of her, partly because of
growing up where she did, partly because of some bad decisions on her
part. It was strange for me to deal with. I come from a fairly
sheltered environment, never really experiencing terrible tragedies in
my life. I guess I can count my blessings on that account. At any
rate, I think that's where I learned one of the many definitions of a
true friend: "A true friend is someone who knows everything about
you...and likes you anyway." It rang true to some degree with her. I
think knowing all about her made me respect her more though.

Over Christmas Break we made plans to hang out some. I was going home
for a few days, but would coming back to town before the New Year. On
New Year's Eve, I went by to see her in the afternoon. It was almost
comical. She was in a tizzy because she was baking pies to take to a
friend's party. To watch her being domestic was definitely a twist
from her normal self. I had to leave a couple hours later to go to
Chris' place.

On my way out the door she hugged me and gave me a New Year's
kiss. What surprised me is that she wrapped her arms around me,
pulling me close. I could feel her breasts warm against my chest, her
hips pressing into me. She ran one hand up the back of my neck,
entwining her long fingers in my hair and used the other hand to hold
me against her. She leaned in to kiss me. As she kissed me, I guess I
just expected a chaste kiss, but I felt her lips brush mine, parting
slightly. I felt her tongue touch my lips. I opened my mouth kissed
her deeply, feeling the energy from her body, her tongue. There was so
much passion in that kiss that it made me instantly hard. That
embarrassed me a little, but as she pressed tighter and tighter
against me and kept right on kissing me, it just didn't matter. A
minute or so later, she pulled back and said "Happy New Year." She had
such an impish grin on her face. I'm sure my chin was dropped to the
floor. It still hadn't quite sunk in that this gorgeous, intelligent
creature had just kissed me with so much intensity that my knees were
feeling a bit weak. The rest of that night was kind of a blur to
me. The party I went to was great, but I kept think about "The Kiss"
and how incredible it was.

I had an urge to try to call her the next morning, but I knew she'd be
sleeping off a hangover. I wasn't sure what to say, anyway. I know
that I wanted more than anything to make love to her, but approaching
that subject seemed a bit awkward and strange. I figured that it was
probably a one-time thing that she just wanted to see what I'd do. She
was kind of like that. The passion in the kiss was probably genuine,
she's not a tease. She often did things on a whim, for no other reason
than she wanted to. While I wanted to feel her smooth, warm skin
pressed against mine, I figured that it would never happen and that I
should just be happy with such a passionate kiss.

We never really did talk about it after that day. Things just kind of
progressed as they always had. One afternoon after I got home from
class, there was a message on my machine from here. It said, "Help!
Two guys from high school that I can't stand called me and are in town
and want to hang out. I need you to come over and be my jealous
boyfriend." Now who am I to turn down a request like that?

I showered and cleaned up from being in classes and went over to her
apartment. The two guys from her high school, Alan and someone else (I
never did catch the other guy's name...I think it was Brian or
something like that. For the sake of the story, in the words of Monty
Python, I think I'll call him Brian.), were already there. Alan was a
filmmaker, or at least that's what he wanted to be after he
graduated. Brian had no aspirations to anything beyond getting drunk.

Watching the dance around the room was almost humorous. Alan kept
trying to get closer and closer to her, and she kept moving away. It
was nothing overt...he would just keep finding excuses to look at
something in her living room near where she was. Finally, she plopped
down in a chair by where I was sitting and pulled me back against her
legs. I couldn't complain. The talking went on for about an hour. Then
B. was going to fix dinner for her two "friends" and she asked me to
help her in the kitchen.

When we got in the kitchen she hugged me and thanked me in a whisper
for coming over. Then she pulled me in close and kissed me hard and
deep. I was instantly erect again. She felt it and ground in against
me even more and kissed me harder. I dropped a hand down her back over
her ass, pulling her as tightly as possible against me. She pulled
back a bit and looked at me and started kissing my neck. By this
point, I was absolutely aching. I wanted her so much. We kissed again
and afterwards she whispered into my ear "My neck. Kiss it. Bite it."
I started working on her neck. Slowly drawing my tongue along where
her neck met her shoulder. I nipped at her a bit and she squeezed me
so hard I though she'd break bones. She reached down between us and
rubbed me through my jeans. I almost came on the spot. After a bit
more kissing and general necking we pulled apart and just looked at
each other through a haze of lust and desire.

The moment was broken though by Allen and Brian making slurping noises
and moaning in the living room. I guess we'd been a little
loud. They're were making fun of us. Oh couldn't be that
bad...I was the one kissing her while they were in the other room
doing nothing. Eat your hearts out, fellas.

I think B. and I were both a little weirded out by the turn of
events. While we were cleaning up dinner, I asked her if she wanted me
to stay. She said that she'd be okay and just keep her door locked to
keep the, um, wolves, at bay. That was a little disappointing, but so
it goes.

The next weekend we were sitting in her apartment watching tv and just
talking. Things were a little different this time. We were lying on
the couch together this time, just sort of spooning. After awhile, she
turned over and faced me and we started kissing again. Slow warm, wet
kisses, letting our tongues easily glide over the other's. With my
free hand, I started slowly caressing her body, just gently exploring
and touching. Things got a little hotter and heavier the longer we
kissed. I unbuttoned her shirt and lightly ran my hands along the
point where her bra met her skin, feeling her shudder a bit from the
contact. She was running a hand up my spine, lightly dragging her
nails along, driving me crazy. After about an hour of this sweet
torture, I started to move toward the snap on her jeans.

To my dismay, she stopped me. I guess she saw the questioning look in
my eye. She said, "I like you way too much to sleep with you." I guess
she could instantly see the confusion and hurt. She went on..."Every
time I sleep with someone, the relationship is forever screwed
up. It's never the same and almost always ends badly." I was kind of
speechless. I just looked at her and kissed her lightly on the lips
and smiled at her. If that's what she wanted, I guess that's okay. I
did want her very badly, but it's not my call, really. I valued her
friendship and didn't want to lose that by pushing for something that
she didn't want.

Since it was about 3:30am, I asked if I could crash on her couch. That
wasn't an odd request, really. I'd crashed on her couch a number of
times. She said, "Of course. I'm just going to shower and get ready
for bed. I'll see you in the morning." I took off my socks, shirt, and
pants and pulled the afghan she kept on the couch over me. I dozed off
shortly after that.

Sometime later, I heard the bathroom door open. I figured B. was
getting ready to hit the sack. Instead, I heard her come back into the
living room. She pulled back the afghan and stretched out next to me,
spoon-like. She had that clean, "girl fresh from the shower" smell
that turns me on. Not to mention the fact that she had on thin silk
robe with nothing underneath. Correction: lovely girl underneath, but
no other clothing.

As often seems the trend when I'm near her, my cock started to
rise. Since I was only wearing boxers, this had to be immediately
obvious to her. She just sighed and wriggled back against me. I ran
one hand up the outside of her long, smooth legs, feeling how they
rounded so nicely into her thin waist. I slowly eased up her flat
stomach, gently tracing the underside of a small, firm breast. I
teasingly circled her breast lightly, never touching her nipple. Then
I started to her other breast, doing the same thing. Finally, I slowly
caressed one of her nipples, lightly touching it. She jumped a bit and
moaned softly.

I started working my way lower. I eased past her lovely belly, giving
her time to adjust and see if she wanted to continue. She didn't say
no so I slowly stroked her thighs, feeling the taut muscles playing
under the skin. I could feel her heat on my hands as slowly worked my
hands closer to her sex. Teasingly, I lightly brushed against her
labia and moved farther up, running over her mons. I worked my way
back through her hair and lightly touched her clit, causing her to
suck in her breath sharply.

I dipped a finger a little lower to find that she was extremely wet. I
eased a finger up to about the second joint then pulled back and
brought the wetness higher to her clit. I kept alternating like that,
in and up over her clit. As she got more excited, breathing harder and
harder, I centered my concentration on her clitoris almost
completely. She ground back into me, getting as close as
possible. After a little while of intense rubbing and touching, she
started moaning and keening, getting louder and louder. Her body
stiffened and her back arched against me. Then a smaller series of
shudders wracked her. She slid one of her hands down and covered mine
and sighed deeply. She wriggled back against me again and whispered,
"Do you want to go to the bedroom?" "Yes," I whispered back. I needed
her, not just in the obvious physical sense, I wanted to be with her
in every sense of the word.

We got up and went to her bedroom. She dropped her thin robe to the
ground, letting me see her completely naked for the first time. Her
body was every bit as amazing to see as I'd imagined it would be. I
took in the sight of a beautiful woman standing naked in front of
me. From her shining dark hair, past those intensely blue eyes, the
small nose, and red lips, the graceful, long neck, down past her small
firm breasts, over the smooth stomach and small waist to her broad
hips and hair-covered sex down her sleek, muscled legs and then all
the way back up. To say that she looked beautiful would be quite the

I took her in my arms and kissed her, running my hands up her bare
back. She shivered against me a little as my fingers ran up her spine
and into her hair. I felt her nipples harden against my chest. She
pulled away from me and led me to her bed, pulling me down onto the

We kissed for a bit more. The passion was still running high. I was a
little nervous. For one, it had been a little while since I'd had sex
with anyone. I didn't want to disappoint her. The other was that this
was a strange new step for us. Our friendship has brought us as close
as two people can get without being physically involved and now that
was at hand. Not to mention the fact that she was absolutely amazing
and sexy.

She reached into the drawer of her nightstand and pulled out a condom
and handed it to me. She looked at me and saw the relief on my face
and said, "You had no idea this would happen, did you? It's a good
thing that I was prepared." And, like most times, she was right.

I started to take off my boxers when she pulled away from me. She sat
up beside me and ran her hands down my body. When she got to my
boxers, she pulled at the waistband and eased my shorts down and
off. I tore open the condom wrapper and was about to unroll over my
dick it when she took it from me. She unrolled it one turn and then
put it in her mouth with the bottom ring just outside her lips. She
then lowered her head down to my cock and enveloped me in her warm,
wet mouth. Somehow she managed to roll the condom completely down my
length using only her lips and tongue. The feeling was exquisite to
say the least. I'm not huge by any means, being about average size,
maybe six inches or so, but I'd never had a girl take my entire dick
into her mouth. It took a lot of restraint to keep from coming on the
spot. She made it even more difficult by looking up at me almost the
whole time, locking with my eyes. That somehow made it even more

She moved almost painfully slowly up the length of my dick, finally
letting it pop out of her mouth. Then she shifted towards me, moving
up to straddle me. As I reached down to guide myself into her, she
looked into my eyes and then leaned in and kissed me deeply. The head
of my cock was now between her warm wet lips. While we kissed, she
brought her body down hard, taking me all of the way inside her in one
quick motion. The sudden sensation of warmth and tightness made me
moan and shudder.

I slowly started pumping into her while she moved her hips in
rhythm. We continued kissing throughout this and I alternated between
running my fingers through her hair and up her sexy bare back. After a
bit she sat up and started moving a little more forcefully, quietly
moaning. I moved a hand down between us and started massaging her clit
while she moved up and down against me. Doing that was like hitting
the accelerator. She started moving faster and harder moving her slick
pussy up and down on my cock.

She leaned back down, still rocking and pumping my prick inside her,
and started kissing me again. She started kissing my neck, turning me
on even more, if that was possible. She whispered "Come with me. Come
with me," into my ear. I wasn't there yet and tried to tell her that,
but my capacity for speech was pretty much gone.

She pushed back hard against me and pushed as far into her as I could
go. She howled softly, pushing against me three or four times before
slowly starting to pump in rhythm again. She whispered again in my
ear, "That was amazing. It's your turn now." Much to my own surprise,
I still wasn't close yet.

She started moving a little faster, really rocking. Her wetness was
all over me now, like liquid fire coming out of her. I slide my hands
up to her breasts and slowly massaged her hard nipples. Another soft
moan told me that I was doing the right thing. After a bit, I eased my
hands down over her lovely ass, pulling her to me a little more
forcefully on each stroke. I pushed up into her as she slammed down,
making that rhythmic slapping noise that's such a part of really good

I was getting really close now, moving harder and faster. She was
responding to my actions, pushing harder back at me. I pulled her down
to me and started kissing her fiercely, my passion and lust ruling the
moment. She slid her hands down my shoulders. I moved my hands back
down to her ass. She started really moaning and talking at that
moment, yelling that she was about to come again. She dug her
fingernails into my shoulders and slammed down on me repeatedly. In
return, I was pumping up into her as hard as I could, feeling release
just moments away. I felt her muscles all over her body, inside and
out, clench and hold. That brought me over the edge and I pushed deep
and came hard into her as she pushed back, feeling her own release.

She collapsed onto me afterwards. I was completely wrung out and I
think she was, too. After a bit she rolled off of me and I got up to
dispose of the filled rubber. Not terribly romantic, but a reality of
life. We smiled and kissed a bit and slowly drifted off to a very
contented sleep.

About 7:30 in the morning I woke up. I was supposed to be at work at
9am and had to go back across town to the dorm first to shower and
change clothes. I gently untangled myself from her arms and legs and
sat up to kind of get my bearings. She opened one eye and looked at

"Work?" she asked.
"Yep. At nine."
"I think you have time for another round," she said.

I turned to look and she had that mischievous grin on her face
combined with a look of lust in her eyes. I grabbed another rubber out
of the drawer and opened the wrapper. I started kissing my way down
her neck, slowly making my way to her tits. I slowly sucked on one
nipple was lightly touching the other, then alternating. I moved down
her smooth, flat belly and kissed my way to her pussy. I gave a
tentative lick across her clit, watching for the reaction. Then I took
my time and really gave my full attention to stimulating her with my
tongue. I sucked on her clit while sliding a finger or two in her,
watching her back arch up and face tighten with the pleasure. She
lightly shuddered and I felt my face and hands get much wetter.

She pulled me up to her, urging me to put the rubber on. "Fuck me!
Fuck me now!" she yelled as I rolled the condom over my dick. I slid
my cock all the way inside of her in one motion. There was more of a
sense of urgency in this round, more sheer lust.

I pumped into her hard and deep, almost pulling out completely with
each stroke, only to go balls deep on the downstroke. She wrapped her
long legs around my waist, pulling me into her each time I pulled
back. We were both almost screaming with the pleasure and intensity of
our union.

She pulled my face down to hers and kissed me hard and deep, similarly
to how we were fucking. Harder and harder I pushed. The faster and
harder I went, the more she reacted, pulling me into her, kissing me,
probing my tongue with hers. We were locked deep in a kiss when I
realized that I was about to come. Her eyes opened at the same time
through some weird unspoken communication. Our eyes locked and stayed
there. I kept kissing her passionately while pushing faster towards
orgasm. I started to come, pushing hard and fast. She raised her hips
up as I pulled back and pushed back in. While it wasn't as long as the
first round, it was definitely more intense.

We just stayed joined for awhile. I looked up and saw that it was
almost 8:30. I guess I spent longer in foreplay than I thought because
the sex couldn't have been more than about 10 minutes. We kissed
slowly for a bit. She looked at me and smiled, "Sorry, but I think I
made you late for work." I assured her that it was well, well worth

I got up and disposed of rubber number two and washed up in the
bathroom. Then I went back and found my clothes and started getting
dressed. She got out of bed and put on a robe over her amazing
body. We walked to the door and kissed for a few more minutes. She
broke away and said, "If we keep this up I'm going to end up dragging
you back to bed." I grinned at her saying, "It wouldn't be a terribly
fate, but I'm not sure that I'm, um, up to it." We said our good-byes
and promised to talk either later that day or the next.

Over the next month or so, we ended up sleeping together several more
times. None was as intense as that first night, but I wasn't
disappointed and I don't think she was either. Eventually we drifted
back to just being friends. I still was insanely attracted to her, but
it became clear that seriously dating was just not in the cards for
us. We were both very driven toward our goals and seemed to be going
in opposite directions. We were both a little too volatile to be a
long-term thing, I think.

I graduated and went to work in town. She graduated and wanted to get
as far away from town as possible, since she grew up not too far from
here. She ended up moving to Colorado with someone she'd been
dating. It was sad to see her go, but I knew that's where she really
wanted to be. For awhile, we'd talk on the phone every month or so,
catching up, staying in touch. She came back to town about two years
ago and that's the last I saw or heard of her. Every now and then I do
a net search looking for her. I guess I just want to know that she's
okay and I want her to know I still think about her and that I miss
her. I haven't found her yet, but I haven't given up hope. I know
she's out there somewhere and I hope she's happy. Even if I never find
her, she's given me some memories that I'll always cherish and a
friendship that meant the world to me.

--- John P. Fault ->
--- Copyright 1999, All Rights Reserved


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