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Dr Zherkov and Willy

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
"Wow, Dr Zherkov, your MindControl-O-Rama machine sure is small!"

"Yes, Willy, it has to be small if it's going to do its job." Zherkov
was tapping on the side of the highly sensitive device with a ball peen
hammer. It needed just a few more adjustments before it would be ready
to use.

"Well, what's it supposed to do, Dr Zherkov?" Willy looked in amazement
at the small box laying on the workbench next to the ham radio setup.
The young boy hoped he would be able to give it a try before it was
time for him to go home.

"It's quite simple, Willy. All I have to do is hide it in my pocket and
when the time is right, I press this little button and anyone within
ten feet will do exactly as I say. Just imagine, next time I get
captured by Ming of Mongo or someone like that, I just press the button
and tell the guy to do something silly while I make my getaway. Way
cool, don't you think?"

Willy thought it was way cool all right, but not for the reasons that
Zherkov said. He couldn't wait until the absent-minded professor forgot
about the device. The young boy had his own ideas about how the machine
could be used nd they didn't have much to do with Ming of Mongo or any
of the other evil guys.


Finally, the day came when Willy had his chance. He was off to school
bright and early with the mind control machine hidden in his pocket.
The boy couldn't wait to try it out on his evil history teacher. She'd
be the first one to taste his wrath, but certainly not the last.

"Mrs. Bluestone, is it okay if I stay after class and talk to you about
something important?"

"Well, just remember, the best grade you can get in this class is a D
minus and that's after you do a lot of extra credit." Mrs. Bluestone
was the toughest teacher at Riverdale High. Even though she was ruining
Willy's grade point average, she actually was going to give him the
highest grade she had given anyone in over four years. All the rest of
the kids were simply going to fail.

Willy pressed the button on the mind control machine and stepped close
to his teacher. "I think you should give everyone an A in the course,
Mrs. B. Why don't you mark those grades in your book right now?"

Mrs. Bluestone walked back to her desk and got her grade book and
started marking the new grades as Willy watched. The young boy noticed
more than her handwriting as she leaned over to write in her book. Her
blouse fell open and she gave him a good look at her black push-up bra
and the large globes encased in the lacy undergarment.

"That's a way cool bra you're wearing, Mrs. Bluestone. Why don't you
slip out of your blouse and let me examine your boobs more closely?"
Mrs. B quickly removed her blouse and moved closer to Willy so he could
get his hands on her exceedingly large breasts.

As soon as she was close, Willy started to fondle her tits and squeeze
her nipples. She seemed confused that she was being turned on by the
young boy's ministrations, until Willy finally told her to kick back
and enjoy herself. Then she started moaning softly and helped Willy
find all those better places to touch and feel.

"You're pretty good at this, Mrs. B. Why don't you take off the rest of
your clothes and show me what you got." The teacher quickly complied
with Willy's request and she was soon standing naked in front of her

"Okay, put your hands behind your neck, and spread your legs." Willy
started a serious examination of his teacher, and there was no nook or
crannie left untouched. She seemed quite uncomfortable standing there
while he gave her a hand job since he told her she couldn't cum until
he gave her the word. Willy didn't mind what she thought, and just
continued on with his explorations.

He soon had his teacher prone on her desk and wasted no time unzipping
his pants and sticking his dick into her waiting pussy. He told her to
think of him as the best she ever had and that anything different was
second rate and not going to get her off. Since this was his first time
with a woman, he came in about 8 seconds. Mrs. B thought she was going
to have problems finding someone to duplicate Willy's effort, but Willy
didn't seem to care all that much. He was just happy to get his rocks

Even though Willy came rather quickly, his normal sized dick remained
hard and so he decided to see what her ass felt like. Mrs. B was once
again confused as he jammed his cock into her asshole without warning.
She started to scream and moan at the same time, but she got into it
after awhile and she soon was telling Willy he was truly the best she
ever had. It took Willy over a minute to get off this time, and Mrs. B
had a chance to almost cum before he shot his wad into her asshole.

Next, he had her get down on her knees and made her give him head. She
had a difficult time doing it until her told her that his dick was
perfectly sanitary and that she should enjoy herself. Once Mrs. B got
over her initial qualms, she sucked his dick like a power vacuum and
had it glistening and throbbing in no time. He blew his load shortly
thereafter and decided it was time to call it a day.

"Look, Mrs. Bluestone, I'm not coming to class anymore after today, but
I don't want you turning me in or anything. Just remember to give me an
A for the course and then forget I'm supposed to be here."

He decided to help some of the other lads out by setting them up for a
little action, too. He told Mrs. B to get it on with at least five
different boys every week, and that she couldn't count the same one
more than once. He also told her to be very discreet and not get fired
until after the end of the current term.

Willy's next stop was cheerleader practice.

He had all the girls gather round and told them that each week one of
them would forget to wear her panties to the game. He also said they
would no longer go out with anyone who was taller than 5' 5". In fact,
the shorter the guy, the sexier they would find the person. They were
told to demand sex repeatedly from anyone who could dance with them
cheek to tit. Willy imagined what the conversations would be like at
the Chess Club once this news got out.

After he gave the girls their instructions, he told them to be very
happy doing what he said. Then he had them all walk behind the
clubhouse and do stripteases as he filmed the action.

Willy made them run their hands over their tits and ass while they
stripped off their clothes. They had to look happy and excited while
they performed, and then thank him for giving them the opportunity to
be sluts when they were finished.

One of the high points occurred when the blonde angel, Stacy
Richardson, did a cheer while taking off her clothes. "Rah, rah, ree,
look at my knee. Rah, rah, rass, look at my ass. Rah, rah, rit...", and
so forth. Even though he was very business, he still took the time to
squeeze her tits and jam his hand between her legs and found that she
was quite wet and seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. The girl
certainly had promise and he thought he might have some other ideas for
her, but those would have to wait until later.

All the girls took a turn at being the entertainment and soon the
ground was littered with the red, white and blue colors of Riverdale
High. A tiny skirt here, a tight fitting sweater there, and a pair of
panties with "Hi Mom!" on the butt could be seen laying nearby.

The boy shot some great film and each time one of his stars was
stripped to the buff, he stuck his cock into her pussy, asshole and
mouth just to see how she felt. He repeated the process with all nine
girls and when he was finished, he told them he was the best they ever
had even though he only stuck it in a couple of times in each hole. He
also said they should tell everyone how great he was, and make up stuff
so every girl in school would think he was hot and want to fuck him.

Once the nine girls were completely nude, Willy had them perform a
series of calisthenics designed to get those nubile tits and asses
moving. He ran through the formation grabbing a firm tit, squeezing a
well rounded ass and generally doing all the stuff he dreamed about
when he was jacking off, only this time it was for real.

Willy told the cheerleaders to act as hot as possible because he was
going to start up a website and wanted
them to be his first stars. The girls squealed with delight when they
heard this good news, and a couple of them asked if they could put on
another performance in case the first one wasn't slutty enough.

He took advantage of the girls nudity by shooting some montage scenes
where he had two or more girls demonstrate all the things that lesbians
could do to one another. He was getting real hot watching the best
looking babes in school feel each other up, suck on each other's tits,
give each other hand jobs, rim one another and generally do things most
of the cheerleaders hadn't really thought about up until a few minutes

The climax of his video had to be the nine girl daisy chain where he
made the cheerleaders lay down in a circle and forced them do an
extended sixty nine. Willy filmed this for quite a while before he
hollered out, "Cum real loud, girls, and let the world know you're
having fun." What followed was so exciting that Willy stained the front
ofhis pants, but, being the trouper that he was, he kept the camera
running and didn't miss a thing.

He shot a video of the grand finale which consisted of all nine girls
standing nude on the front steps of the school giving themselves hand
jobs and waving to passing cars. They weren't allowed to stop doing
themselves until each one had an orgasm. He didn't tell them that he
whispered in Cindy Rae's ear that she couldn't cum until one of the
other girls gave her head. He wondered if the famous author, Richard
Bissell, was interested in any more well trained proteges.

Willy found Emmy Lou next. He once asked her to go to a school dance,
but she told him her parents wouldn't let her go out with a creep like
him since they were very religious and stuff.

After pressing the button on his mind control machine, he told her that
she now thought he was the most wonderful person she had ever seen and
that she would be willing to do anything to have him no matter what her
parents said.

He made her take her clothes off one piece at a time and throw every
garment into the trash bin. Her white blouse went first and was quickly
followed by her wispy little bra. That left her standing in just her
pleated skirt, black patent leather shoes and white socks.

Before he made her take off another item of clothing, he had her play
with her perky tits until it was obvious from her breathing that she
was almost ready to cum. He told her to stop playing with her boobs and
continue on with the strip show. The rest of her clothes seemed to fly
off and join her other garments in the trash receptacle.

Finally, she was standing there completely naked.

He told her to try to jam her Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary into
her tight little pussy and to get very turned on when she felt the book
pressing into her love cavern. There are very few people who've been
lucky enough to see a girl cum by rubbing a dictionary between her
legs. Truly an interesting sight.

After humiliating her for another 15 minutes, he realized that he was
getting quite horny and so he told her to forget where her clothes
were, and just lay down on the grass and spread her legs.

After he took her virginity for the third time, he told her she was a
lesbian and that she should actively seek out women for sex from that
day on. He figured she should get it on with at least ten different
girls every week as a minimum. He also told her to get the new book,
"25 More Things I Did To Lexi" by Katie McN and learn everything init.

Once he was sure she understood all the details of her new sex life, he
took quite a few digital pictures of her playing with her tits,
masturbating, and inserting various objects that were laying around the
area into her pussy and asshole. He finally told her to challenge
herself and try to sneak home without her clothes. Quite a few of the
young girl's neighbors were surprised to see her sneaking down alleys
and climbing over fences as she made a surreptitious journey home.

When Willy finally got back to his own neighborhood, he ran into his
neighbor, Mrs. Thurshton. As usual she had all kinds of complaints
about his behavior and was ready to give him a piece of her mind. Willy
was ready to push the button on his mind control machine and see how
well it worked on Mrs. T.

Instead of listening to what she was saying, he wondered if she gave
good head.

The two of them walked behind some bushes where he had Mrs. T strip
off. "Quite a crisp body for an old babe", he thought as his erection
almost ripped through the front of his pants. Yes, a blow job would hit
the spot.

After giving her some instructions on how he wanted it done, he made
Mrs. T kneel down and give him a demonstration of her sucking ability.
She fondled, teased and sucked him to the brink and then somehow got
him to back off. She did this several times and he soon had an
appreciation for taking his time. No more of those 8 second quickies
for him.

Willy thought she sucked cock pretty good for a grouch, and decided he
might let her do him and some of his friends after school tomorrow. He
told her that he was the best that she ever had and she would always
get horny when she saw him from that day on. He also decided to play a
little joke on her and perhaps make some money for himself in the

Mrs. Thurshton soon found herself heading downtown in a transparent
blouse, silk mini-skirt newly shortened to show some white space over
the tops of her black seamed stockings, and five-inch fuck me pumps.
She had to sell her ass at least five times a day on the downtown
stroll, and she couldn't come home until she did. He told her to charge
five bucks for around the world and less if the person just wanted to
fuck or get sucked off. Even if she wasn't going to be charging much,
he figured she should turn all the money over to him at the end of the
week. Willy thought he eventually would set a higher per day quota and
keep raising it to see just how resourceful she could be.

Willy also hoped her husband would like the picture he took of Mrs. T
jamming the lawn trowel into her pussy. He planned on mailing it to Mr.
T in the next couple of weeks and maybe he might send some copies to
other people in the neighborhood. Willy managed to get a lot of
background stuff in the picture so it was pretty obvious that it was
taken on the Thurshton's front lawn. He figured the picture would be
just the kind of evidence Mr. Thurshton could use in case he decided to
divorce his wife at some point in the future.

As he was walking up the driveway to his house, the paperboy came by
and hit him in the head with the afternoon paper. Willy was pissed and
made the boy return to the driveway where he could use his mind control
machine to advantage.

Soon the paper boy found himself walking his route in the nude while he
whacked off with one hand and threw papers with the other. Willy
wondered how long it would take before some nice gentleman stopped and
asked the young lad to step into his car, or whatever. He mentioned to
the boy that he should feel free to join any friendly person he ran
across on his paper delivery journey, and go along with anything the
guy wanted him to do no matter what it might be.

He knew the boy would have a lot of fun, but he really had other things
to do and so off he went into his home.

Once he got inside the house, his older sister started in on him about
doing his chores, being a pain in the ass, and the same crap she hit
him with every day. She was older than him and could kick his ass which
she did from time to time.

He always wondered what she looked like without her clothes on and the
mind control machine was just what he needed to find out.

"Hi Jill. Why don't you shut the fuck up and do what I say?"

he had her put a CD on her player and she soon found herself performing
a hot strip tease. Willy hollered out which item of clothes he wanted
her to take off next and she removed in a very provocative manner. He
also told her which part of her body to fondle next and that all of
this was really turning her on. Willy had her finish off the
entertainment by doing herself with a soda bottle. She seemed to be
familiar with this procedure and she got right into it right away. Soon
Jill was moaning and finally exploded in pool of lust.

Watching her do herself gave Willy another good idea. Unfortunately, he
couldn't find his dog anywhere, but figured there was plenty of time
for that sort of thing later.

Willy took a lot of pictures of his sister doing all this stuff so he
could share them with everyone at school. He imagined her popularity
would sore once all the guys got to see some of this stuff.

Willy also told his Sis to do all his chores, clean his room on a daily
basis and put out for any of his friends who happened by. When he put
the word out at school, he figured that his sister would be a real busy
girl from that day on and she'd not have so much time to pick on him


The next day he stopped by Dr Zherkov's place to see what was new. He
was delighted to find the all time babe, Dale Arden, hanging around
waiting for the doctor and figured he would have some fun with the mind
control machine. Zherkov was at the monthly meeting of weird science
guys and sometimes got lost on his way back home. He probably would be
gone for hours.

Dale was wearing one of her real slutty Mongo Princess outfits and he
knew this was his big chance.

"Okay, Dale, why don't you slip out of your clothes and into my bed?"
Willy already had a hard on bulging from the front of his pants, but he
didn't care if Dale noticed it r not because his dreams were going to
come true very soon. "Hustle it up, babe, I haven't got all day."

"Uh, why don't you just fuck yourself, Willy. Zherkov tries that mind
control shit on me all the time and I've got counter measures against
anything you and Zherkov can invent." Then she kicked him in the balls
which caused him to cum in his pants for some reason. Not just what he
had in mind, but Dale did get him off so it was a start.

"Well, at least this thing works on most of the babes around here", he
thought as he considered the fun he'd had the last two days. "It looks
like my only problem is where do I get replacement double zee size
batteries when these wear out."

The End
Tell me what you think about my story!

Katie McN <>

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