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Dripping oil


by cowgirl

THE BIG KIDS. (i mean it you little punk, scram!!!)
okay, where were we?

a woman finds herself excited by following
her brother-in-law's orders & humiliating her
younger sister.(almost no sex, just humiliation)

Tom made me do stuff again today. tom's my
brother-in-law. I live with him and my sister
pam in their appartment now. I use to have my
own house, but tom said I would move in with
them now ! it's just a sugestion really, not
an order...

I don't HAVE to do everything tom tells me to.

you see, I'm much better off than pam is,
financially speaking, not to be a snob or anything,
and since I make more at the firm in one month than
tom makes in a whole YEAR as a mechanic!!! I confess,
i'm a little ashamed my little baby sister pammy
wound up marrying such a lower class pig! he treats
her like such garbage! well,...that and his boozing
it up and sleeping around on pam all the time....!
I never even liked OR respected him !

it just made more sence to turn all my checks
over to him...

...and my clothing decissions.

hmm...I know that last part sounds kind of weird,
but it makessence when tom explaines it : move in
with them, give tom mycheck the first of each month,
give tom my porsh-I now ride pam's old bike to work
instead, which kind of puts a wrinkle in my pant
suits, but tom says that's what skirts are for !!!
all that's fine! I just wish he didn't keep making me.....

well, i don't HAVE to do it...

pam just never could stand up to people, poor thing.
total opposite of me- something about me is just a
born leader! tom's the same way! a sheep ! I didn't
use to think so, in fact, I use to think he was just
a working-class bully, treating pammy like some door
matt ! I always tried to ignored he even existed.
I was a leader............pam & tom were followers!

though a lout, tom was still weak of mind. who else
resorts to bullying women? they even came to me when
money was tight ! tom hated going to wifey's
"big sister's help". but he had no choice! after my
lecture,(the price of getting it) they'd both slump
out, like children out of the principal's office! hey,
it's not MY fault they can't handle thier own mone.
sheep should follow. leave money matters to adults.

then one day i overheard tom whispering on the phone
to someone in the corner. i couldnt' make it out, but
it ended with him yelling at the guy"I DON'T CARE IF
DO WITH THEM WHAT I FUCKING WANT!!!" i never found you
what it meant, and pam was too frightened to tell me.
what powers? Tom give me a break!!!

one afternoon, i was visiting them, ignoring tom, when
he to TELL ME stuff, order me around, like he did pam!
only I wouldn't have it and TOLD HIM SO on the spot !!!
he backed right down, as I KNEW he would, being
weak minded!

he pouted, and while pam was in the kitchen, then made
a some joke, calling pam derogatory name ! he caught
me grinning, he asked me if it wasn't true? now he was
right, though I'd never admit to her FACE! it was still
MY little sister he was insulting....and i was
embarressed tom had caught me laughing with him behind
her back like that!

how DARE he!!!

"what I meant when I called pammy a stupid little
cuntface bitch was-" He smirked. I EXPLODED and threw
a glass of lemonade right in his FACE and stormed out !!!
he sat there looking like a wet rat ! I laughed so hard
driving home, I'd thought I'd pee my pants ! If pam
wanted to knuckle under like a sheep to her little hubby's
rude aditude, fine !

but NOT me !

I promptly went to work, forgetting all about it,
when i got a message from tom on my machine. I don't
remember the words, but he said : "I could drop by
after work if I wanted to clear things up" i felt
kind of in a fog upon hearing his words, but i
snapped out of it- FAT CHANCE, BUSTER! but somehow,
I kept turning it around in my mind, and it DID take
courage to call pam a "cuntfaced bitch"!

a courage I lacked.

ok, that sounds a little weird, i know ! but how
can i respect my own sister, when she meekly does
whatever her pee-brained hubby says? pammie's a sheep.
can't respect that. tom's just a bigger sheep.
and I'm a lion. a leader. period.

so you can imagine my suprise when, I find myself
standing in tom's driveway, after work, asking for
his forgiveness !!! he just continued polishing his
car......ignoring me! I was begining to get pissed
all over again, when he calmly asked me without
looking up...

"why are you here?"

"I already told you, to apologi-"

he turned toward me and casually squirited a
can of OIL all over the front of my white 400$
designer blouse!!! It was RUINED !!!!! I wanted
to DECK him one RIGHT THERE!!! Well, he could
FORGET anymore hand-out's from big sister !!!
I waiting for him to realise his MAJOR mistake,
and apologize- but instead, he just continued
IGNORING me, waxing his stupid car !!! Like my
feelings meant........NOTHING???

I was enraged, and oddly......aroused too.
That tom would DARE to question my athority
was.......strangly exciting!!! It's took guts
for a little sheep to challenging a big ol'
lion like me !

but for some reason I stupidly stood there....
.......waiting, dumbfounded. i finally spat out:

"tom, if you want my help in the future, I think
you'd better apologize-RIGHT NOW!"

"but, I thought YOU'RE here to apologize to me?"
he grinned. me apologizie to HIM after he squirts
ME with oil??? but my mouth strangly sputtered...
"well...yes tom, obviously, throwing that lemonade
yesterday was-"

"no, I mean, what we said about my cunt-faced bitch
of a wife. "

WE? he was acting like i was INTO him calling pam
that stuff !!! I was kind of excited by his total
disregard for his wifey-sheep pammy. sure, i felt
naughty, talking behind sis's back, but...

" last remember ?"

"uh...yes, but-"

"that grin yesterday told me you were THINKING the
same thing i was SAYING! thinkin' cruel shit like
that, you may as well have SAID it youself ! and
she's IS gonna find out that we were laughing at
her last night...."

"and guess who's gonna tell her?"

I can't believe it ! he's asking me to go along
with INSULTING pam, I thought. I was outraged &
horny all at the same time !!!! why would insulting
sis get me sooooo hot??? but this game had
gone far enough !!! I LOVED PAM. and-

"you know you want to ! she's such a whimp, i bet
she'd take ANYTHING you called her ! sure, she'd
cry & look destroyed, but tomarrow she'd forgive
you & follow your orders, like the good little
DIP-SHIT she is !!! "tell me i'm wrong?" tom winked,
and I felt stupid and tingely down there...

" look tom, I know pam's a bit of a door-matt,

he turned and looked at me, and I suddenly felt
like a 12 years old girl !

"NO ! ..........use your WORDS. she's a STUPID-
embarrssesd losing my status in front of tom like
this ! he was talking DOWN to me ! he made me feel
like a horny school girl !!!!

I looked down and mumbeled. "pam's....a........stupi-"

"hold on a sec-"

he yelled toward the kitchen ! I PANICED !!! surely
tom wouldn't really...blood drained from my white face
as my heart sank further !

pam came runing out smiling at me in her apron &
cooking mits, looking as obedent as ever!

"oh, I didn't know YOU were here, sis ! I only
made enough dinner for-"

"shut up, bitch!" he smirked as she stopped cold.
he turned backto me...

"got somthin' you wanna SAY to li'l sissy here?"

he looked right at me, I looked down avoiding
pam's eyes.
"pam..........yesterday.....when you were....." I swallowed nervously.
.........a.........." I continued.
"I called her???" tom coached.
"uh....I might've....WE just sorta.....
might've said......"
"tell pammy the WORDS dipshit !"

I felt sudenly ashamed for how close i was coming
to humiliating my OWN little sister !!!!!! of
hurting her... just for the sexual THRILL of it...

ashamed of how WET it made me.....

as i spoke, pam's plastic smile began to crack,
as her own sister broke her heart with the cruel

"you're....a.......stupid cunt."

"my sister pam is a......."


".. stupid little cunt-faced pissy-bitch."
I finished numbly.

"I never said pissy bitch. YOU added that part,
didn't you?" tom demanded. shaking with embarressment....
I noded. yes. pissy that was mine.

"pammy, the little cunt-faced pissy-bitch!!!" i
found myself mumbeling into her shocked little face.
somhow i got off on it! to my horror, i found myself
taunting her loudly, saying it over & over!!!!
I watched horrifed as it just came boiling up -
a endless stream of insults.

pam looked hurt at first, but then she turned cold
and angry, bitterly standing there like a little whimp,
just TAKING it, just like tom said. she always WAS
kind of pissy, but i never wanted to TELL her.......
...not like this......

"PISSY pussy BITCH...!!!! " over & over i chanted,
like a spoiled child, until Pam was hysterical !!!!!!
I couldn't deny yelling these awful thing's got
my juice's going !!!!!!!!

seeing the hurt & bitter look in little pammie's
big eyes made me want to.... .....throw up !!!!

.......OR COME !!!!

...........OR BOTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

tom was gloating like a cock! I was burning in
shame, unable to meet her sobing face! finally i
ran just out of name's to call her... i felt
like a heel, hurting pam. I also that i'd
even GOT OFF on it-

tom suddenly yelled at me, breaking my thoughts.

"what are you doing DRESSED LIKE THAT????"

"uh.....I dunno. was I......supose.....wear

I dumbly replyed. if he meant the OIL that
was HIS fault ! these were my WORK clothes, dark
slacks & a plain white blouse, with a brown blazer!
there was nothing wrong with what I wore- except
for the BIG OIL STAIN he put there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he had me doubting myself, even my own clothes !
what was i becoming??????

"you look like a fucking MAN!!! "get her some
goddammed CLOTHES pammy!" I want you both right
back here in ONE HOUR, standing in exactly
the SAME spot & dressed right !"

as we both turned to leave, two tearied eyed
cunt-faced bitches (well I guess I was, now
that i'm doing whatever tom said, so i'm no
better than little pammy now)

"oh great !" tom barked. I stoped, like a
frightened sheep, awaiting orders.

"pammy, your stupid-assed cunt of a sister's
DRIPPING on my fucking drivway !!!!!! "

I WANTED to die of shame, but i reached down,
cupping my expensive ruined blouse in my hands,
tying to stop the grease from leaking onto his
driveway floor.


I looked at pam, still confused. she looked
away, her face flushed with embarressment. I then
looked down to see what pam saw between my legs....

a puddle.

my puddle.

I was leaking all right, but NOT grease....!
the humiliation ran through my whole body as
I realised :

I'd been so excited I'd dripped my........


......all over my brother-in-law's driveway!!!!!

"SORRY TOM" I patheticly bleated like a stuck-pig!
when i tried dabbing up my mess with the edge
of pammie's skirt ! pam angrily pulled it back!
so I SUNK to my knees, stripping off my slack's and
tried to absorb the pussy juice stain with my two
hundred dollar pants, like a idiot !!!

the sight of me must've been so silly, that
both tom AND pammy started to bust up laughing
at my desperate display !!! pammie's big sister,
in her underwear & on her knees in her husband's
driveway, cring like a baby, becaues she's such
a slut, she's dripping for the same abuse her
sister CRAVES !!!!

so that's my story. like i said, tom handle's
my money now. he explained how if a grown woman
like me can't keep dripping all over herself
(i change pantie's at least three time's a day
from my excited overflow of juice) then i should
just move in with them and let tom take over !!!
to tell the truth, it's a bit of a relief, not
to have to think 'n stuff !!!

not that i have to do ANY of this ! i don't
MIND going to work on my bike. sure some of
the partners at the firm stare! and my taste
in clothes hasn't gone unnoticed, but tom LIKE'S
mini's and brighly colored tube tops! and my go-go
boots. tom like's boot's ! and if pammy & I can
please tom, even by being together then it's our
duty !!!! i don't LIKE doing pam, but tom knows
best !!! we try to put on a good show for him too !
as TOM'S good little....STUPID-CUNT-FACED-PISSY-

......that's what's it say's across my little
sister's ass now.

....and MY chest!

I don't think I'll ever be able to wear
any top that show's more than a few inche's
down from my colar bone, EVER !!! explaining
why i had stupid-cunt tatooed across my chest,
would be too hard. which is WHY tom like's
tube tops. those darned things NEVER stay up !!!!!

but all that's fine. like pammy. I'm used to it !

now I'm just a happy stupid little sheep...

...who once dreamed she was a lion.

what a silly dream.

I just wish tom would stop making me.......

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