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Dual Orgasm by Looney and Mrs. Looney (MF Rom Squirt)

Commercial use prohibited without author's consent.

Orgasm from Mrs. Looney's Perspective

I got up at 4:30 this morning to catch a 7:00 flight to Austin for a
meeting. I'm not usually a morning person but today, for some reason, I
jumped right out of bed and got in the shower. I needed plenty of time to
get ready this morning. I shaved my legs, underarms and then my pussy. It
had to be smooth for my return home this afternoon.

After my shower, the usual preparations were made for the day. Fixing
my hair, applying makeup and other miscellaneous tasks were completed.

Now I had to choose the appropriate attire for the day. It's often
difficult to choose my dress on a normal day but today was different. I
wanted to wear something sensual. Something that would keep me hot and
bothered all day.

First of all, I put on panties, pantyhose, bra and slip, then chose a
long black skirt with a white pattern scattered about it. For the top, a
thin, white pull over shirt was decided upon. Since I was going to a
business meeting I chose to wear a white sweater with black trim and tiny
buttons down the front. After looking at myself in the mirror, the outfit
certainly didn't match my mood. Something had to be changed. After
careful thought, I removed everything and started over.

Pete and I had tried something a week or so ago to enhance my nipples.
My breasts are about a 36C with large nipples. They look like pencil
erasers when hard. I found a flesh colored thread in the sewing kit and
carefully wrapped them until only the tip was exposed. To do this they
must be hard which required them to be pulled and twisted. My nipples were
now almost totally encased in thread. They stuck out about an inch.
Needless to say this alone made me horny and it's only 5:00am. This isn't
a normal state for me at this time of the day. Then I found a pair of
scissors and cut the crotch out of my pantyhose and put them back on, with
no accompanying panties. I now had full access to my freshly shaved pussy.
I put the originally chosen outer layer of clothing back on. This felt and
looked much better. I could see my nipples protruding through 3 layers of

I was finally ready to leave for the airport. Pete was still asleep so
I gave him a light peck on the forehead so as not to wake him. He had no
idea what I was wearing, or not wearing, in this case, until I sent him an
email from my 2-way pager later in the morning. We teased each other all
day sending messages back and forth.

By the time I was on the return flight home, I could barely stand it any
longer. After all the teasing I'd endured throughout the day from his
pages, I was horny as hell. After we boarded the plane, we were told that
the weather was bad in Dallas so we'd have to wait awhile before we could
depart. It was hot on the plane. I was already uncomfortable from not
being able to satisfy my burning need for an orgasm. I was really horny.

We left for Dallas about 30 minutes later than our scheduled departure.
It was a short flight but somehow, people still managed to sleep on the
plane. I'm not one of those people but the two gentlemen I was sitting
between did. It seemed like everyone around me was sleeping. Pete has
always wanted me to "do something" on the plane and I never do. The
flights are always full and traveling coach doesn't provide much room, if
you know what I mean, for adventure. This trip was an exception. Since
both the gentlemen were sleeping and I was so horny, I decided to do
something about it.

After the flight attendant had delivered all the beverages at my end of
the plane, I lowered my tray table, which hit me about mid thigh. Slowly,
and making sure no one was watching, I raised my skirt up to just below my
exposed pussy. I leaned my head back and let my fingers begin exploring
the depths of my swollen, hot, pussy. It seemed like only a couple of
minutes had passed when the flight attendant returned to gather any
remaining cups and trash in preparation for landing. I had to stop my
ministrations and I hadn't yet had that much-needed orgasm.

We deplaned and I quickly made my way to the parking garage and my car.
Last night Pete hinted at taking my finger toy on the trip. It is a small
vibrator that fits on your finger. I took it with me but decided to leave
it in the car. I can't imagine how humiliating it would be to have my
purse searched, only to have the toy found and then to have to explain it,
or even worse, turn it on to show it wasn't an explosive or some other
weapon. Anyway, it was there in the car waiting on me and calling my name.

I exited the garage and paid the exorbitant parking rates then headed
for the house. Traffic was moving nicely so there would be no delay in my
arrival at home. Using my finger toy, however, seemed to make my foot
lighter instead of heavier on the gas pedal. Even with light traffic if
seemed like forever before I got home.

Since we'd sent so many messages back and forth throughout the day, Pete
pretty much knew what I was and wasn't wearing, with a couple of
exceptions. He was horny too! This is a natural state for him so it was no
surprise to find him hard as a rock when I got home. He met me at the door
with a warm embrace and a slow sensual kiss. I must have been wet because
my mouth was very wet. Pete always says that when my kisses are wet, so is
my pussy. Of course I knew I was wet because I had played with myself all
the way home, about a 45-minute drive. It was a long time to play with
myself and not have an orgasm.

He had a stupid little grin on his face. He gets that grin when he's up
to no good or has been thinking about sex all day. Taking me by the hand,
he led me to our bedroom. Candles were lit and scattered about the room
and it smelled so sweet. Pete immediately noticed how hard my nipples were
and took my shirt off to obtain unobstructed access to them.

We removed his red silk boxers so I could move over and on top of him. I
straddled him and lowered myself down toward his throbbing cock. He
stopped me since I had pantyhose on but I continued lowering myself,
lifting my skirt to reveal my crotchless pantyhose and shaved, swollen
pussy. Pete then quickly removed my skirt so he could have a better view.

Pete likes it when I get on top. My breasts hang just above his mouth
and this time they were pointing straight at him since they were still
wrapped in their string. I told him they had been that way since 5:00 this
morning and were very sensitive and to please be gentle.

He took each breast in a hand and gently massaged them, moving ever so
slowly to the nipple. Taking it in his mouth he let his tongue caress and
tease first one, then the other. He sucked, licked and twisted each nipple
in turn.

While he played with my nipples, making me even wetter, I slid my wet
pussy along the top of his cock. man was he ever hard. My clit was
getting plenty of attention and I was about to come. I shivered all over.
My body began to quiver as I was on the verge of an orgasm. He stopped me
from moving all of a sudden.

We kissed passionately. I began to nibble on his lips and gently run my
tongue over his lips. This tickled but he loved it.

He started running his fingernails across my ass, which really tickled,
while he sucked on my nipples. Continuing to drive me crazy, I was getting
closer and closer to orgasm. I'd been waiting literally all day. I needed
his hard cock in my hot pussy and I mean now. He slowly began to enter me
then thrust upward in one strong movement. My pussy felt tight to me so I
can't imagine how tight and wet it felt to him. His cock was long and hard
and hit just the right spot. If we stayed in this position, I was going to
cum really quickly.

Pete began raising his pelvis to meet my downward thrusts. He reached
down and grabbed my ankles pulling them up close to his body. I raised
myself up and stretched my arms out over his head. Again, this gave him
perfect access to my hard nipples. They were still wrapped in thread.
Pete began to unravel the thread. As he pulled it, the thread circled my
nipple giving the most wonderful sensation. It was like a thin tongue,
quickly circling my nipple but barely touching it. About half way through
the removal of the thread from the first nipple, I had my first orgasm of
the evening.

Raising my upper body to sit upright on Pete's cock, I had my second
orgasm. I began to slide back and forth causing enormous friction to my
clit. His long cock was also hitting deep inside me. It was so slippery
and wet. He was still holding my ankles so I couldn't move very well. My
pussy muscles began to contract, I stopped breathing and my body began to
tremble. He pushed his pelvis up and I arched my back forcing him even
deeper inside. I had the most intense orgasm and squirted all over him.
My hot juices hitting his pubes made him come instantly. He had, what
seemed like, an earth shattering orgasm. I thought he would never stop
jerking and moaning. He loves it when I squirt on him.

I started kissing him again and moving my pussy up and down on his very
sensitive cock. He begged me to stop moving and reluctantly, I did. I
finally rolled over and off of him, spilling the remainder of my pussy juice down his side.

This was a perfect end to an otherwise tiring day of travel. Now we get
to sleep in a huge wet spot. Oh well, it was worth it.

Orgasm from Mr. Loony's Perspective

I knew she was wet. Sticky and frustrated from sitting on the plane, I
had been paging her all day. Little text pages that were making her think
about sex. Little hints to get her all hot and bothered.

She called when she got on the ground, back home. Her voice was
anxious, sounding like she wanted to be with me right at that moment.
Another hour, waiting for her to get home. We had recently gotten her
nipples hard and wrapped thread around them. The string held them in
place, hard as a rock, and only let the tip of her nipple stick out. That
was rubbing the inside of her shirt and driving her crazy. I was going
crazy just thinking about it.

I heard the door open and rushed in to give her a kiss. Our tongues
slid together and her mouth was soaking wet. It felt like she had just
taken a big drink of water. This immediately told me she was as wet as a
pool. This is how I have always been able to tell, wet mouth, wet pussy,
wetter mouth, and a wetter pussy. So, from the passionate kiss I received,
I assumed she was in the wetter range of things.

I pulled her into the bedroom and lay back on the bed. I knew I had a
dirty little grin all over my face, because she had one just a big on hers.
I could see her nipples were hard and when I reached to pull her on top of
me she pulled her skirt up to reveal the crotchless hose I love for her to

Her pussy was shaved smooth and looked puffy and swollen. I wondered if
she had touched herself on the plane. I always give her a hard time,
asking if she played with her tits or her pussy, and I know sometimes she
does and does not tell me. I hope she fingered herself on the ride home,
the thoughts running through my mind. I only had on boxer shorts, which
quickly disappeared.

As she positioned herself above my cock, I was frantically removing her
shirt. She has the most wonderful tits. They are small, soft, lovely
mounds of sensitivity. I can hold each of them in my hand and have a whole
mouthful left to suck into my eager mouth. She loves to go without a bra
and does so whenever possible.

I threw her shirt to the floor and she lowered her cunt over my dick.
Aughhh, it was hot. It felt like I was inserting myself into an oven, but
with a soft, silky fit, like a satin glove. She must have been thinking of
something good because she sat down on top of me and I slide inside her all
the way. Her clit was pushed up against my pubic bone and I could feel her
muscles start flexing inside. It was such an incredible feeling.

I reached up and held her face with my hands and gently kissed her lips.
She moaned a little when I ran my tongue over them and her pussy spasmed.
She jumped a second, and then ground her hips into mine. We were kissing
like mad and I reached under her and grabbed her ankles. I pulled them up
towards me and it made the point where her pussy and my dick met, into a
"V". I could feel the tip of my cock hitting her cervix.

She fell over me, holding herself up with her outstretched arms. This
placed her boobs, dangling about 1 inch above my face. I grabbed a pillow
and shoved it under my head. Her nipples fell right into my mouth. I was
sucking and pulling on it and rubbing my fingertips over her ass. I knew
this tickled, but it made her jumpy. She does not like to become jumpy,
but when she does, she orgasms harder and harder each time.

I ran my hands up her sides, supping the undersides of her chest. I was
still sucking on the same nipple, so I grabbed her other tit with both my
hands and squeezed it tight. I turned my head and sucked her whole boob
into my mouth and pushed my tongue over her nipple as hard as I could. She
was trying to pull away, but I raised my legs and started to finally thrust
my dick in and out of her pussy.

I slapped her ass as I grabbed her hips and started pulling her into me.
I turned back to the first nipple and pulled it with my teeth, biting it
gently until she started to cum. This was certainly a fast one. She
started not to breathe, that is the first sign of an impending orgasm. She
takes short deep breaths and then suddenly, right before she comes, I grab
her tits and push her upright to a sitting position. This causes my dick
to extend its full length into her pussy. Her hands are holding onto my
chest and arms and my hands are rubbing all over her boobs.

Her legs are locked in place and all she can do is to swivel her hips
back and forth. This is the most incredible feeling I have ever felt. I
feel my dick slide back and forth thru her muscles as she squeezes me
trying to get me into the right spot. She quickly changes and her hips
rise up and my dick comes out until the tip is just barely inside. I
rolled her nipples in my fingers and pull and twist them as she rides up
and down my shaft.

I arch my back, causing even more of me to push into her. I strain my
stomach muscles and grind her clit on my pubes. This causes me to start
hitting her sweet spot. This makes her cum and cum and cum. I feel her
take a last big breath in and then she starts to shake and quiver. I feel
a sharp, hot, liquid come out of her pussy and start to run down my stomach
and chest. She starts moaning louder and slapping her pussy against me.
She cums again and soaks the bed with her sweet smelling juice.

She pulls her knees into my chest and leans over my face kissing my
neck. I try and turn away, but she holds me in place. I kiss her hard and
she grinds her sensitive crotch into mine. We lay until her legs get tired
and she rolls off with a squishy plop. Content and very happy, we fall
asleep waiting for the hot water to wash off with.

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