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Dublin Delights03 Gay lit


Dublin Delights Chapter 3

The bus jolted to a stop and I nearly fell off my seat. I did that
flailing of body limbs act in order to stay up. I guess that attracted
attention. That and I must have sleep marks on the left side of my face. I
tried desperately to rub them off. The group returned to their discussions
that they left off. Looking across the isle I saw Aaron staring out the
window, alone. Suddenly I was hit like a ton of bricks by that question I
asked when I fell asleep. 'Who should I tell, if I tell at all.'

"Welcome to Kilfinin," Mr. Shamus said. He continued on shortly on the
city's history. The city was beautiful, for a city. I am a country person
myself. It was built in old English style, The building were tightly
packed together. The clouds I guess rolled in during the bus ride, because
it is starting to rain. We stopped at a green olive color building. "Here
you can exchange your traveler's checks for Irish punts and pents."
(equivalent to pounds and pence in England.) It turns out that it wasn't
open for some reason. I stayed on the bus, but mostly everyone else ran to
the corner general store and picked up some soda and candy. Hey were
teenagers, we live on that stuff.

I cracked up when It started to come down hard. I saw them running as
quickly as possible to the bus. But it was too late, they were wet enough
to be uncomfortable. As a personal preference, I hate being wet. The bus
rolled off again, we were off to see our new home, for a few days. The bus
twisted trough a few streets. It stopped and put on its right blinker. We
must be almost there.

"No way," Tim said pointing.

I looked in that direction, only to see that the bus was turning into an
ally that, from the looks of it was smaller than the bus itself. Otto
pulled into the ally and the corner of the building came within inches of
hitting my window. I freaked and jumped to the other side of the seat.
Otto tried and tried. Aaron was giggling uncontrollably now. His laugh
sends shivers down my spine. It is tantalizingly sexy. I soon found this
scenario to be very funny as well.

Demonstrating the awesome power of an Irish man behind the wheel, we got
through. The entire bus cheered. We drove down this small asphalt road
for a few minutes of so then pulled into a walled area. The wall was stone
and had vines growing all over it. Once inside we saw our new home. A two
story block of yellow brick. This was going to be interesting.

The bus stopped and our entire group tried to get out of the bus at
once. This caused more than a few bruises. I sat calmly back and enjoyed
this little spectacle. I could see that 'he' was too. I saw him in only
brief periods, between bodies, but he still looked like a God, I really
hope I don't get put into the same room him, it would just be to much.

I jumped off the bus and stood in line, yes there was actually a line,
to receive my bags. Mine like all times was the last to be brought out.

"This is going to be so cool," Derek said.

'For the love of bloody Pete' "Why?"

"I found out what the room arrangements are."

'Please, oh, please no, please no, oh please,' "OK"

"You and I are going to be roomies"

'NOOOOOOOOOOOO,' "yea that's going to be real cool," I said in my most
sarcastic voice possible.

"Oh, yea, Mark and Doug are going to be there too."

'Great, I got annoying man, depression wave, and my twin sleeping in the
same room with me. Who's harebrained idea was it to screw me over like
this.' "This is going to be interesting"

"Yea, I know," Then the most awful sound split my ears. Derek began to
laugh. It was this guttural and squeaky laugh all mixed into one. God, I
am going to go nuts if he does this all the time.

We all finally got our bags, I was lagging, I didn't exactly want to be
in there. After getting inside the door, I felt a bit better. I stood
right behind Aaron and his aura circle was having an effect on me. I
couldn't help but smile. I got as close to him as possible without him
knowing that I was there. He was talking to Emily about the future of this
trip. I was looking around. . .and down and back up and down and up and
down. He after all was right in front of me. I had to virtually hold my
hands back so they wouldn't grab his ass. It seemed like a magnet that was
drawing my hands toward it. I resisted and won. 'As sad as it is, it
would be too weird and that isn't exactly the approach I want to bring this
up with.' With the thought, I have now condemned myself to a life filled
with the love of men, a hard life filled with homophobics, and all sorts of
crazy wacked up people.

We were all lead down the hall and assigned our rooms, they were spread
out throughout the building. I walked into the room and the smile that
Aaron brought vanished, yes there they were, my roommates. I sucked in my
breath and expelled a sigh. Heaven help me. I dropped off my bags without
saying a word and left. We were going to ascertain the condition of the
first theater we perform in. We all piled into the bus and headed off, out
of town, onto some rural highway. Mr. Shamus rattling off about this and
that. I was half listening, more over concentrating on how to tell him. I
figured I would tell him, it would be a lot easier than playing the
guessing game, every time he sits near me. Does he now or not, Is he gay too or not. 'Screw that, it would drive me nuts. All right so I'm going
to tell him, how?'

"Welcome to the Lac Gur theater."

I looked out the window. We were in the middle of nowhere and here is
this dull yellow building, not to mention the rustic rundown look, just
sitting out here. As I walked in, I noticed that it looked remarkably well
on the inside.

"This theater was built first as a church, in 1958. In 1972 the church
had moved out and the building had been bought for the use of theatrical
productions. Since then, this little building has seen over 300 shows.
Most of them are small, but all are from Ireland. In fact you are the
first Americans to step foot into this theater."

Mr. Shamus went on about the people who bought it and stuff and the
group was looking around. Some of them were huddled in a ball. The heat
was not on and it had gotten real cold after the rain. Once the speech was
done, we had time to look around at what we had to work with.

"Lets take a survey of the place." I said to Emily and Nicole. We asked
and found that the dumpster in the back was the sound/lighting booth. It
literally looked like a dumpster. It opened like a dumpster, you had to
get into like a dumpster, which was a bit difficult with us three being
kinda short. Emily and Nicole started to rummage around inside the
"dumpster" while I looked around the room and the lighting instruments they
had. Which to my surprise was a lot for such a small space. I also looked
back into the patching system they had, which involved about a zillion
heavy duty extension cords, hanging from everywhere in the back room. It
was a mess.

I walked out and called attention to Emily. When she came by I said,
"you have to look back there."


"No, just look."

She did and just started to crack up laughing. Her laugh was contagious
and soon I was at it too. In the mist of my giggles I blurted, "this is
going to be harder than we thought."

She shook her head in agreement, this only brought on more laughter. We
finally calmed down and agreed that this is going to be hard work.

"What have you figured out," I said with the occasional bout of giggles.

"The light board is near the same we have so it won't be that

Apparently this was just a scenic tour of the place. The real work
would start tomorrow. The sun was setting behind the clouds so we left and
went back to the hostle. It didn't take that long to get into the ally
this time. Pulling up the complex we all were told to head off in the
direction of the kitchen. It was a separate building.

"Good I am starving," Tim stated.

"You would be, wouldn't you. Just remind me what you did today. Oh,
that's right, sit on your butt and listen to a tour guide."

I suddenly realized how tiering that could be, I patted him on the
shoulder and said that I was just kidding. We walked inside the building
and were seated.

"I feel like I have been here before," I said as I sat across form
Aaron, trying to start a conversation.

"Why do you say that?"

"I don't know it is just a feeling that I have"


'This is not going so well, come on brain think, come on God, give me
something, anything.'

"Who do you have as roommates," he asked.

'Thank you God,' "You will not believe who they put me with. Derek,
Mark, and Doug."


"Yea I know, this is going to suck. Except for the fact that Doug is
there, I am in total hell."

"What about total hell?" Doug asked as he walked up.

"Our roommates."

"Yea, I know. God Derek is so fucking annoying and Mark, needs to get
his shit together or I am going to beat the fucking shit out of him."

'Rough around the edges was putting it mildly,' "Aaron, who do you have
as roommates?"

"Just Justin, Tim, and John."

John was a psycho, but in a good way, not in a Mark way. He is cool,
easygoing, and loves to have fun. Just then we were joined by Megan and
Cristina. Megan is a real tom boy, The only way you can tell she is a girl is her physical appearance. Christina on the other hand is pure 100% prime
bate for those sex hungry guys out there. She is small and gullible.

"So what is for dinner," Christina said.

"I don't know," Doug responded. They don't like each other very much.
That pretty much took care of them, they were off bickering about every
thing that they hated about each other.

"So what are you guys talking about?" Megan asked.


"Yea, I just said that I have Justin, Tim, and John as my roommates"

"At least you will get sleep tonight," I said, "between, Mark's wining
and Derek's snoring, I am not going to be able to get a scrap pf sleep."

"How do you know he snores," Megan asked.

"He is just too big not to."

We all had a good laugh at that, which was mean, but I didn't say it out
loud. Dinner was served. It was an interesting concoction of meats plus
mashed potatoes and vegetables. Mr. O'Mally gave some speech about the
first dinner in Ireland. I watched Aaron watch Mr. O'Mally. His smooth
perfect skin brought thoughts of him to my head which caused blood to flow
to my dick. I pulled in closer to the table to conceal it and rubbed up
against his leg. He shot a glance at me that could kill. I moved back and
said that I was sorry. He just looked back at Mr. O'Mally.

If I had the ability I would kick myself in the butt. Since I don't I
settled for beating myself up in the head. Well, dinner didn't last long
and soon we all left back to the main building. On my way out, I walked
with Aaron and again said that I was sorry.

"It's alright."

"You looked at me like you were going to kill me"

"I was just surprised that is all."

"Listen Aaron,"


"I have to tell you something. It has been bugging me for the entire
trip now."

"What is it?"

I walked for a while in silence. 'Oh, Jesus. What am I doing.' I
looked around and we were walking with the entire group. "This is not the
right place. It is something a bit private."

"Oh, well Ok."

We reached the building. And walked inside. I told him I would see him
tomorrow and goodnight. A little confused he said it back and we went our
separate ways.

"I don't believe I am going to do this," I said out loud.
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