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Dublin Delights04 Gay lit


Dublin Delights Chapter 4

I slowly trudged off to my room, deep in contemplation. When I got to
my door, I heard my roommates.

"Oh, God, that's right," I said. I closed my eyes, "Just relax and
don't let them get on your nerves." 'Great now I'm talking to myself,' I

I walked into the door, (There were no locks) and faced my roommates. I
heard the shower going and saw Mark and Derek inside getting ready for bed.
Which in it self was not a sight that I wanted to see. Now my gag reflex
is very active for some reason and it takes considerable relaxation to
subside it. I wasn't expecting to see him shirtless. Did I mention he was
a large person, very large. I don't want to go into physical descriptions
but lets just say that I did gag. I closed my eyes and went to my own
suitcase to get ready.

I heard the shower turn off and Doug stepped out, wearing only a towel.
I looked away. I realized that he, Aaron, and I look an awful lot alike. I
quickly called the shower and stepped in. I stripped down dreaming that
someday I would do this to Aaron and we would take a shower together.
Shoving this thought out of my head I looked down to take off my briefs,
and wouldn't you know it. I think that there is now another purpose to
taking a shower tonight. Relief. I stepped in and turned on the water.
It was freezing cold. I didn't care. I had too much on my mind to care.
Well the cold water took care of my boner, but hell, I haven't jacked off
since we started the Ireland trip. I started to wack off, my 3in. Soft
dick expanding to its full length of 6in. (Shut up all of you nine inchers
or eleven inchers, I am a short for my age.) It took longer than usual and
the water got only colder. Pictures of Aaron, guesses of what he looks
like under those clothes, and thought of what I would like to do to him
raced through my head. Eventually I ejected my teenage seed all over the
shower stall. I washed it off and finished my shower. I dried off, sorta
depressed that this wasn't the real thing.

I got out and Mark jumped in. Derek I think doesn't take showers. I
crawled into bed and tried to sleep. Soon everyone else was tucked into
their beds as well. The night time tradition of chitter chatter began and
the conversation soon turned to, what do you know, girls. I pretended to
fall asleep. They talked about who they liked, and how they want it done.
I ranged from traditional to sexrobatics, I rolled my eyes at a lot of the
suggestions. Soon every one was asleep except me, and as I predicted Derek
started to snore. I could not fight off the sleep anymore and my eyelids
slid shut.

I was running. Running from voices. Familiar voices. Voices of my
friends and my family. They don't understand. They were yelling at me. I
was enveloped in blackness, in hate, and in disgust. There was a light and
Aaron came down from it. He reached down towards my face, but as soon as
he caressed my skin the light went out and he joined me in the darkness.
Pain was clearly evident on his face. It hurt to see him like this. I
attempted to shield him from it. To let me bear most of the taunts, fists
and kicks. He smiled at, me and I smiled back, for a split second, but he
knew that I did. It hurt, I cried, and he held me.

I woke up with a start and looked around the room. It was quiet and
peaceful. I could here Derek snoring off in the corner. I laid back down
troubled. I couldn't do this. What if this dream comes true. It would be
horrible and I would drag him into it. I couldn't, It wouldn't be right.
But I have to, or I will regret telling him for the rest of my life.

I closed my eyes as a solitary tear escaped from its confines and
cascaded down my cheek. ------------------------------------------ Come
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