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Dublin Delights08 Gay lit


Dublin Delights Chapter 8

'Oh, my God, this is going to happen. And only three days ago, I never
dreamed that I would feel like this toward another guy.' I smiled. 'And
three days ago, I wasn't this happy. I guess that I have always felt like
this, I just pushed it so far down that I had forgotten. I didn't want to
face it. Now I felt a surge of confidence, and security. With Aaron at my
side, I could face Satan himself and not feel a shred of fear. Throwing my
arms up into the air, I fell back onto the bed, My eyes closed. 'I felt so
free, and powerful, yet surrounded in the most delicate of blankets. I
felt so warm and comfortable. This is it, this is what I have always

Lost in my thoughts I never heard Aaron approach the bed, he sat and
then stretched next to me. Instinctively I rolled and captured him into my
arms. I could feel his chest against mine, with only cloth separating us.
It was exhilarating, just being next to him. I looked into his eyes, the
green jungle enveloping me. I closed my eyes and just felt him, felt him
next to me. A sudden jolt of electricity shocked me as his lips pressed
into mine. The kindling of passion roared into a bonfire. I wanted him. .
. . . . . . I wanted him now. My lips parted a bit and our tongues met, I
didn't think that fire could get any hotter, it did. That kiss seemed
lasted for what felt like an eternity, eventually he released, much to my

"What about that shower," he said.

"Who cares," truthfully I intended to skip the shower and go right to
bed. Not to sleep either.

"I do; we stink."

"Oh, I hadn't noticed." I must have been too enthralled with passion
that hygiene didn't play a part. I agreed with him. We did stink. I
wrinkled my nose, and sat up. Staring at him, I started to break into

"What is so funny," he asked.

"I don't know, It's just that you said, 'I do; we stink,' I just found
that funny all of the sudden." I said between fits of laughter. He soon
broke down too and we were rolling in laughter.

We eventually calmed down, still on the bed I started to get off, I
slipped right next to him, I kissed him below the ear and whispered, "Are
you coming."

He put on this devilish grin and quickly followed me into the bathroom.
The room itself was immaculate. A tub at the far big enough to accommodate
us perfectly. Not to small, but small enough that we must always have
physical contact.

As soon as I was in there, butterflies started to migrate to my stomach.
I felt so nervous, no. . . . . . apprehension might be a better word to
use. But why, I wanted this so bad. I wanted to be with him, forever. I
wanted to love him, so why did this feel weird. I turned around only to
see in him the exact same feeling.

I smiled and said, "Your nervous, aren't you?"

"Yea, I have never done anything like this before. I was hoping that
you had."

"Looks like we are going to have to play this by ear, because I am in
the same boat you are." His eyes looked right at me. Just looking at his
perfect face gave me all the encouragement I needed.

Stepping up to him I cupped his cheeks and kissed him deeply. My hand
dropped to and caressed the small of his back. One of his hands slid down
my back, I could feel little shivers. The other he rested on my chest. I
felt my heart beat against his palm. As we kissed, his hand moved up
around my neck to the back of my head and pulled my head into his. Our
lips, our tongues, our souls were intertwined.

My hands grabbed his ass and pulled him as close to me as possible with
out becoming me. I could feel his heartbeat, against my chest. Small
moans escaped from our lips as we sucked in air. My hands slid back up and
grabbed hold of the bottom of his shirt. I didn't want to waste anymore
time. He go the hint and did the same to me. I pulled his shirt over his
head, and I was greeted by the most wonderful sight. 'My God! he is
perfect.' His slightly tanned skin was smooth and he had the development of
a good six-pack. His nipples stood erect and were perfectly proportional.
Like I said, an Adonis.

He pulled my shirt over my head, but I soon grouped his body once more.
This time for the front of his pants. They were soon down to his ankles
and for some odd reason mine were too; I didn't even feel them drop. We
both stepped out and He lunged at me for another barrage of kisses. I
stopped him.

"What, is this," he said.

I put a finger up to his lips, and mouthed a shhhhhhhh. He stood
paralyzed at this odd behavior. I stepped back and turned around. I
reached out for the shower knobs and turned them to reach the right
temperature. I turned around, to see that Aaron has taken off his boxer
briefs. I gasped and jumped back almost landing in the tub. 'My God, that
is the most beautiful tool I have ever seen! Well, besides my own, it is
the ONLY tool I have ever seen. Never-the-less, it was beautiful. Like a
flash I jumped out of my boxers and stood there, I eyed him up and down,
and he was doing the same. Since we don't take showers in PE, this is the
first time I have seen another guy naked.

Feeling courageous, I walked up to him and pulled him close, again our
lips meet, only this time, there was nothing separating us. We were chest
to chest, mouth to mouth, and hard cock to hard cock. I could feel the
heat that thing was generating. 'WOW !!!' Reluctantly I pulled back. I
grabbed his wrist and stepped under the warm spray. Instantly, any
tensions and worries went away, the fact that soothing water fell down my
back and caressed Aaron's face made everything else in the universe

"Turn around." I told him. He complied. I started to message his
shoulders. I stepped closer. My hands moved down to his shoulder blades.
I stepped closer. My hand sunk to his sides. I stepped closer and my
hands encircled him. I reached for the soap , and lathered up his chest
from behind. My soapy hands lathered up his stomach and they finally sank
to his crotch. There my hands skipped his dick and went straight for the
balls. I lathered them up real nice by rolling them around in my hands.
His head swung back and rested in the crook of my neck. I started to kiss
his shoulder and neck as my hands started to stroke his raging hard-on. I
pulled one hand away and pinched his left nipple. He let out a gasp. He
let out moans and his breathing became heavier. I knew he was getting
close, so I stopped. He quicky turned around and looked at me with want
and need. I smiled and put my finger up to his lips and mouthed a
shhhhhhhh. I let the water wash the soap off of him as I kissed down his
chest. I spent little time on each nipple. I quickly moved down and
finally his cock was staring me right in the face.

'Oh, God, I don't believe that I am going to do this, please let me do
it right. How am I going to fit that six inch monster into my mouth.'
(Alright for your fist time, anything seems big) No guts, no glory, I told
myself.' With my left hand I reached up and massaged his balls.

"Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, don't stop," he told me.

"Not this time." and with that, I took the head of his dick into my
mouth. The taste is hard to describe, but there was a definite sign of
Dial soap. I swirled my tongue around the head and attacked with full
force the small bundle of nerves just under the head. I looked up and saw
that he had his head thrown back and he was holding onto the railings. I
continued on in my duties. I took in as much as I could, which wasn't
much, my over active gag reflex took over. I focused, drawing my energy to
control. With a few more attempts, I had my nose in his pubic hair. There
I took in as much of him as I could before I pulled back. I could feel him
getting tense, his body I knew was locking up, joint by joint. His dick
expanded in my mouth, I could feel the heat intensify then the first jets
of his juices hit the back of my throat. He must have shot six or seven
shots, it was more than I could handle. Some dribbled out of my mouth and
fell with splat sounds onto the tub floor. As soon as he finished cumming,
he went weak, I caught him as he slid down. He looked up at me.

"Sean, that was the most amazing orgasm, I have ever had, it's just. . .
. . . .it felt so. . . . .mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. . . . "

I put a finger to his mouth, and mouthed a shhhhhhh. At that moment, it
was as if I fell in love all over again. He kissed my finger, then he
pushed it aside and pulled me close and kissed me. Our tunges exchanged
places, and they began to dance around. I pulled him into me closer. I
wanted to be attached to him. My still raging hard-on poking him in the
leg. We pulled apart, he grabbed my hand a put my finger up to his mouth.
He then submerged it into his hot mouth. It felt so good, as he sucked on
my finger. 'My finger, never would have thought, that it would get me as
horny as I am now.' He reached down and gave my dick a good squeeze, then
slowly started to stroke it. His slow movements felt like nothing I have
ever experienced. It felt much better than When I jacked myself off. That
bonfire of passion grew and grew until it was a great Chicago fire. I
needed this bad. He opened his hand and palmed my dick head! He swirled
it around. God it felt awesome! He then pinched that small bundle of
nerves under the tip.

"Mmmmmmmmm, Uahhhhhh, Aaron, I'm going to cum."

He bent down in the small tub and engulfed the head of my cock. That
did it. I pumped, what seemed like a gallon, of cum down his throat. Some
dribbled out of his mouth. I was in shock. Jitters, shivers, shakes,
everything possible was going on in my body right now. Once my orgasm
subsided, I fell into post-orgasmic bliss. I went limp. I slid as far as
I could in the bathtub, Aaron was laying on top of me. 'This was
interesting,' I thought to myself. He bent down and kissed me sharing my
seed with me.

The water began to run cold, and I was getting a cramp in my neck, but I
didn't want to move, having his naked body on top of me, this is all I
needed. Much to my disappointment he got up. (Which by itself was a
comical situation, the bathtub being so slippery and all.) Once up, he
offered me a hand, I still felt a little weak, but I could stand. By now
the water was running ice cold, the rest of the shower went by in seconds,
We finished washing under the icicles shot from the shower head. It became
unbearable and we both jumped out the tub. I turned off the water and
Aaron reached for some towels. I turned to see he was still bending over.
His pucker sticking right up at me, God he had a cute ass.

"See anything you like?" he asked.

"The question should be: see anything I DON'T like?"

We laughed and toweled ourselves off. I heard the door shut first. I
froze. Aaron turned and looked at me. I put a hand up to my ear. He
froze. I guess he heard it too.

"Who's in there?" It was Tim's voice.

I pointed to him then me and mouthed 'you or me' He pointed at me. 'OK'
I mouthed. "Its me, Sean."

"Oh, Do you know where Aaron is?"

"No, I though he was out in the lobby."

"No, I checked there."

"Did you check in the café area?"

"They have one?"

"Yea, it is right next to the lobby," I said.

"I'll go look, thanks."

The present danger had passed, I heard the bedroom door close. We
finished drying and getting dressed. I opened the bathroom door and we
stepped out.

"Hey guys," Tim said.


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