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Dublin Delights11 Gay lit

Dublin Delights Chapter 11

The remainder of the bus trip passed in short order and before I knew it
city walls started to pass by my window. I smiled. It finally dawned on
me that I am in a foreign country. . . . a REAL foreign country. This may
sound stupid, but you will know what I mean if you travel. Next to me
slept Aaron. He looked so peaceful, serene, gentle, . . . . . .perfect.
This was truly love. It could be nothing less. 'But this is unacceptable
love.' I slouched in my seat and pulled my knees up to my chin. I looked
out the window and stared at the passing trees and buildings. 'It is wrong
love. But it is love.' The buildings dropped off, replaced by a large
park. 'There is nothing wrong with love. There is something wrong with the
people who don't accept this kind of love, because it is LOVE.' The bus
slowed down and pulled to a halt in front of a old looking building. 'I've
made up my mind, there is nothing wrong, with me, him, this, anything.' I
smiled to myself at that comforting thought.

"Aaron, wake up," I shook him, "Aaron, wake up."

"Hmmmmmmmm," he mumbled. He blinked his eyes open and yawned. "Hey
you, I lov.."

I clasped my hand over his mouth and said, "We're here." He looked
around. I let him go.

"Woah, close."

"Yea, be careful. Jeez."

We stood up and followed the flow of people out of the bus. Like a new
ritual, we stood in line ans picked up our bags. This time we were give a
choice as to the room we slept in. Which meant cohabitation! As I walked
through the doors, I marveled at the woodwork. It is beautiful. I climbed
two flights of stairs. I swear each and everyone creaked. I followed
Aaron into this rather large room with three sets of bunks. As I said
before, hostels are buildings specially designed to cram as many people in
without sharing a bed. Strangely there was a lot of floor space. A crowd
followed us an all the beds were spoken for; we even had to turn a few
people away. Tim, John, Megan, and Nicole claimed beds. Even though there
was a lot of floor space, it was now covered with suitcases and bags. We
stood around discussing how cool this place was.

"This place is awesome," Tim started.

"Did you see the water park on the way in," Megan commented.

"Yea, Shofield said that we could spend tomorrow there as part of our
new years celebration," John chimed in.

"I don't feel much like swimming," I said.

"Aww, come on, Sean, it should be fun," Megan said back.

Now, I have never been a fan of water, and this would make no
difference. Besides this would give Aaron and I a little time alone. "No,
I really don't feel like it."

"What are you going to do instead?"

"I was thinking of sleeping."

"Ha, I don't think so," Aaron said.

I gave him a sharp look. "I feel like sleeping, it has been a long and
tiring trip. Besides. . . . . . .I forgot my suit."

"You were told to bring one along."

"Hence the word 'forgot'!"

"Come on guys give him a break, he looks wiped to me. . . . . . . . . .
. .just my two cents," Tim said.

I turned my head to him and saw him wink. It seems that he got my point
before my own boyfriend did. I looked to Aaron and gave him the same wink.
He gave me this look that I'll NEVER forget.

"Well, maybe I'll go," I gave in. He smiled.

"Cool," Megan said, "Hey, What happened at the play Sean. With the

"When, at the beginning?"

"They went out," Nicole joked.

"Obviously," Tim said after a short burst of laughter. "But really,
what happened?"

"They went out," I said, echoing Nicole's jab. "It was unexplained, but
it was solved."

"Yea, by you barging into the girls dressing room," Megan said sourly.

"Sean, what did you get to see?" Tim questioned.

"Not much, but what I saw was good enough."

"Ha," Megan hissed.

Aaron gave me a glance from behind Megan. "I really didn't see
anything, I was too busy."

We heard a knock on the door. Without waiting for a response, Mr.
Shofield popped in and said, "Come on, we are having a meeting downstairs."
'Be right down's' and 'Ok's' were heard throughout the room. Mr. Shofield
ducked out of the room. We quickly finished unpacking what we needed to
unpack and ran down the stairs, creaking every one. Once down we ran into
a wall of fellow thespians.

Mr. O'Mally started"Alright, this is our schedule for today and
tomorrow. Since it is pretty late, we will give you a tour of the hotel
will have our surprise par. . . . . . . . .ooooops. Sorry. Anyway. . . .
. . . .then we will eat dinner there, then go off to bed, if you wish.
Please go to bed soon though. I don't want any of you out and about
tonight. Tomorrow, you can sleep in."

"Until ten," Mrs. Kensington said. This defeated the entire purpose of
sleeping in. Groans were heard by everybody.

"Yea, until ten," Mr. O'Mally continued, "Tomorrow, you can shop and
explore, but don't get lost. There is no place to exchange your money so I
hope you have done some of that already. We will meet back here at 3:00
and there you can decide if you want to go to the water park, for free, or
walk around some more. Then we will have dinner and the party for New

"This sounds like fun." I heard from somebody.

"Sure will be," I said to Aaron. He looked to me and smiled. Again
those eyes captivated me.

"Alright, lets go. Oh, one last thing. . . . . . . .curfew is at 9:30.
After that the door is locked. It is always locked, but it has a access
code. The code is 1-2-3-4-5." He then proceeded to lead us across the
street to a better looking building. There, we were led to a room apart
from the others and served fish. I sat next to my roommates.

"Besides my lighting mishap, what did you all think of the play," I

"The stage took a little getting used to, but once we did that, it was
easy to play," Megan replied. (If you don't know, play is our word for
acting. This is our SPORTS!)

"Aaron, you have to actually shed a tear during the emotional scene,"
John said. This surprised me; he had kept pretty quiet. It forgot he was
even in our room.

I noticed that April was sitting next to Tim. They were involved in
there own little conversation. He might get in trouble with boyfriend if
he doesn't behave himself. I know that he wants her, but she is taken.

"Sean, you listening."


"I said, what did you think of the emotional scene?" Megan yelled

"Oh, it was good, I shed a tear as always."

"Yea. . . . . . . . . .right." She said.

"No, it was true," Nicole defended, "I saw it fall."

"Sean, you a crier?" Megan quipped with a jerk of her head.

"Damn, you discovered me deepest darkest secret," I joked.

"Not you deepest," I heard Tim say.

"Yea, I know, but we won't go into that."

"What is it?" Megan protested.

"Yea, come on, tell us," Nicole added

"I said no, there are some things that people like to remain private,
that is why there is a personal life and a social life."

"Fine," they said in unison. The discussion turned back to the play,
then to music. I didn't know much about music so I stayed out of it.
Dinner passed in short order and we all went back to the hostel. Aaron and
I were at the head of the pack.

Once in the building, we ran up the stairs, ahead of the crowd. Once in
the room, we closed the door. I heard the door latch close and he was all
over me. We passionately kissed, sharing tongues for a second or two,
releasing a split second before the door opened again. I jumped over to my
bag and pulled out my pajamas. Everybody was is the room by the time I was
finished fishing them out.

"Alright how are we going to do this?" Nicole asked.

"What? What is the problem of sleeping in beds," I joked.

"Yea, but who gets what?" I jumped and landed on the one by the window.
Aaron quickly crawled up the ladder to the bed above me. The beds were
claimed likewise.

There in front of all of us, Megan stripped off her clothes and started
to pull on her own pajamas. "Megan!!" I began to protest.

"Hey, if you don't want to see it, don't look." Seemed logical, so each
and everyone of us followed suit. After dressing, I went to the bathroom.
This I was not expecting. I stepped down a half a step, one which I didn't
see, and almost fell. I stepped onto a black rubber surface.
'Interesting,' I thought. I closed the door and locked around. There was
the usual, toilet (which by the looks of it wasn't cleaned in a while), a
sink (which didn't look any better), a small ledge, and a showerhead. A
showerhead. With no stall, curtain, anything. And this bathroom was the
size of a small closet. I now saw the reason for the half step. The
bathroom WAS the shower stall! I laughed to myself at this. Completing my
survey, I looked at the ceiling. My eyes nearly bulged out. The paint was
pealing about three to four inches away from the actual ceiling. I started
to laugh out loud.

"What's so funny." I heard from behind the door.

"You'll see," I responded. I finished my nighttime bathroom duties. No
shower this time. The idea is to conserve water, since some other people
haven't taken one when I did. The next kid stepped in as I got out and
laughed out loud, as well.

"What's so funny," Tim said.

"You'll see," I said again. I jumped into my bed. Soon everybody was
tucked away and breathing slowly; some light snoring was heard by everyone.
I sat up, and reached my hand up. I felt around on the top bunk and found
Aaron's hand. I squeezed it. I felt a squeeze back. I smiled and laid
back down.

Since there are no phones, the chaperones took much pleasure in raising
us to a chorus of Irish folk music. Everyone in the room was pretty much
tossed into the day when the room was flooded with light. We all were
pretty much given free reign to do what ever we wanted. . . . .until 3:00.
All of us decided to go get some Irish products to bring home and show our
families. Aaron, Tim, Nicole, John, Megan, and I went off in search of
adventure. I picked up a swimming suit, and secretly a jar of Vaseline.
Hey, this stuff is personal, right. We stopped at a pub for lunch. It had
the most interesting name. "O'Tonnies Bar and Pub" There, we piled into a
small alcove and had pizza. Yes pizza.

"Does anyone have any clue about this party we are having?" John asked.

"No," Tim said with a mouthful. We all laughed as sauce dribbled out of
his mouth. He pointed at Aaron and I and said, "Shut-up." Aaron and I
laughed even harder at the irony. "No, but rumor said that it is going to
be good," Tim finished.

the discussion went on; Aaron and I participating very little. We were
a little preoccupied with playing under the table. Aaron started to giggle
as I ran my hand up his thigh. I then grabbed at his crotch. He sucked in
a sharp breath. He hit me in the ribs. . . . . . . .hard. As we finished
lunch he told me that we should do that later. I just smiled.

Wef shopped for a couple more hours, then went back to the hostel. We
were told to get ready for swimming (towels would be provided) and that we
should have fun. We all, save for the people who didn't want to go, piled
onto the bus and we were on our way to the water park.

As we approached the building looked huge, with pipes all over the
place, and a dome on top. We walked in and stood in awe. We were quickly
shown to the locker rooms and we all got ready. Aaron and I chose a locker
near the back and took our dear sweet time getting changed.

As soon as the other boys left I said, "Come here." Aaron complied and I
ran my middle fingers up the sides of his jaw to the back of his head and
gently kissed him. He encircled and hugged me. I couldn't help but get a
rise because his nipples were rubbing against mine. I could feel that he
was getting hard too.

"Thank you," he said.

"I have wanted to do that all day. Come on, we better get going before
anybody notices."

"Yea." We briskly walked out of the locker room and instantly jumped
into the water. The water was cold, very cold, and it deflated our boners
in a split second. Everyone else was already splashing and playing, so we
just joined in.

I lost track of Aaron very quickly. Suddenly I felt myself rise out of
the water and before I knew it, I was launched into the air. I landed hard
back into the water. Rising back up, I saw Tim coming straight for me. I
quickly dived and doubled back; I came up behind and dunked him. When he
came up he held his hands up in the peace offering way.

"So, what'd you guys do in the locker room?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about," I replied.

"Ohhhhhhh, come on; you know what I am talking about. Both of you were
in the lockers bit longer than the rest of us. It would have been
unnoticeable, but I know better. So tell me."


"Yea, right."

"What, you think that can happen in a minute? You have to be joking."

"So what'd you do??"

"Fine." I swam up closer to him. "A kiss, are you happy now," I
whispered. I swam up right next to him and asked, "Why. . . . . . . .you
want some?" He looked right at me, in this freaky sort of 'how did you
know?' face. I dunked him and screamed out, "Gotch-ya."

"Come here, fucker," he yelled at me. We played tag around the pool. I
soon noticed that everybody has joined into our little game. In the course
of the game I noticed Aaron, being very secluded. He tucked himself in the
corner of the pool. Suddenly, Nicole came up out of the water right next
to him. He put his arm around her. I felt a little jealous; just a small
pang. I saw that they were talking and getting closer. 'Naw,' I thought
to myself, 'that's childish. He'd never.'

I felt a slap on my back and heard, "TAG, YOUR IT." And I joined back
into the game.

After drying off and changing we climbed back onto the bus and went back
to that fancy hotel that we ate dinner the night before. Like the night
before, I sat with my roommates. During the meal I started to feel around
under the table. You know, those foot games. I found Aaron's under the
table and started rubbing it with mine. Tim stared daggers into me. He
pointed to his left. I kindly removed my feet from his as I felt my face
grow a bright red. There are only a few truly embarrassing things in this
world and flirting with the wrong person is one of them.

Dinner finished and we were brought to a large room. A very attractive
young Irish woman slid behind the bar and American dance music started up.
This was our party. Yea, Happy New Years. Immediately the bar was filled
with people asking for drinks of an alcoholic nature and everyone of them
was shot down. So, instead, they were served soda. I lead Aaron to one of
the wall couches and sat down. A mass of people came and sat down near us.
Many others decided to give it a go on the dance floor. The party soon
went into full swing. The floor constantly filled with kids. The
chaperones played card games. Aaron and I sat and enjoyed each other's

Oh, but you have to be kidding. A bunch of teenagers, with hormones
pumping, dancing and getting more hyper from soda rushes! Something
interesting is bound to happen. And interesting it was. Justin, who is
the only drunk who doesn't have to drink, peeled off his clothes and
started to do, well, what had to be the most absurd dance that I have ever
seen. He was given a wide berth as he was laughed and pointed at. He did
this for one whole song. I applaud him for his courage and stupidity. You
have to have godly amounts of self esteem to do that.

After another song, which I was enjoying, a slow song came on. I knew
that this was bound to happen. I felt very nervous; I wanted to dance with
him during this song, but that would have looked. . . . . . .weird. I
found him in the crowd; he just looked at me. I knew what he wanted,
because I wanted it too. Then I noticed something. Something that brought
a smile to my face. Tim was dancing with Justin. Well, if they can do it,
so can we. I pushed my way through the crowd and grabbed hold of Aaron,
dragged him into a corner and put my hands on his waist.

"May I have this dance?" I asked him.

"Are you su. . ."

Without hesitation I replied, "yes."

He smiled, "OK." With that we started to dance, no. . . . . . .slow
dance. They turned down the lights and we weren't noticed.

I moved real close to him, put my head on his shoulder, and wispered, "I
love you."

"I love you too."

Words have never meant so much. Maybe it was the song, the dance, or
just that he didn't have any hesitation, but that phrase meant more to me
than any blowjob, any sex, any kiss, hug, touch, or feel. Those words
touched me inside, to the core of my being. Just like his eyes. He stared
into me with those eyes. I knew that he wasn't lying.

The lights came back up and the music turned from slow to fast paced,
techno music. I quickly detached myself form Aaron.

"Hey, you want to get outta here?" I asked him.

"What about the countdown?"

"We will celebrate New Years in our own little way."

"Sounds fair."

"So, your not feeling to well are you?"

Seeing my game he said, "No, I think that I should lie down. You think
that you can watch over me?"

"Of course." With Aaron, I walked to the door.

"Hey, where are you two going?" Mr. O'Mally's voice carried over the
loud music.

"Aaron doesn't feel well," I told him.

"Do you need me to come with?"

"No," I told him, "I'll just take him back to the hostel and shove him
to bed."

"Ok, stay there and watch over him, if you would."

"Sure." You know, sometimes things just fall into place so easily.

We literally ran to the hostel. Punched in the code, 1-2-3-4-5, and
soared up the stairs into our room. Once in, I pushed him up against the
wall and I reached my face up to his and gently touched my lips to his in a
lingering kiss. I gently traced to outline of his lips which opened just
enough to let me in. He opened his lips more and gently slid his tongue
along mine into my mouth. Our kiss became more passionate, as we started
to feel every inch of each other. I reached up underneath his shirt and
around to his back. I started to nibble my way to the sensitive area, in
the crook of his neck, and whispered to him, "hold on." I pulled away as I
pulled his shirt off. I quickly shucked my shirt and continued to nibble
on his neck.

"Oh, god Sean, Don't stop please. . . . .please. . .don't ever go away.
. . . . .stay here, please. . . . .Ohhhhh God, don't stop. . . . God, I
love you!!

I stopped and looked into his eyes. "I love you too. I always have, I
just never knew it." And with that, I gently kissed him on his lips. I
seemed we kissed for hours; time slowed down. It had to have. I finally
broke and said, "Come on." I pulled him into the bathroom. He understood

"But Sean, We have to get undressed first. This is, after all, a shower
stall, and we don't want to get our clothes wet."

I started to giggle. I stepped up to him, and kissed him briefly.
"Fine." Sliding down his chest I kissed a trail from his lips to his left
nipple. I nibbled on that, and to his satisfaction, I might add. This was
confirmed by the low moans coming from his throat. Continuing down. I
found the button to his jeans and undid them. With one tug on the
waistband of his briefs, his jeans and underwear came down.

There, before me, was the most beautiful piece of flesh. . . . . . . .my
Adonis. I reached and fondled his rapidly hardening cock and his loose
hanging balls. "Are we undressed yet?" I asked him.

"Yes," he moaned.

I took his tool into my mouth and gently swirled my tongue around it's
head. I flicked at that sensitive area on the underside. Finally I took
him in, as far as I could go without gaging. I could taste the saltiness
of his precum as it dripped from the tip.

Aaron continued to moan, he grabbed my head and forced me on further. I
had complied and took as much as I could, and with a few tries I could feel
his pubic hair tickle my nose. I could feel him tense up. And with one
muffled moan, exploded into my waiting mouth. I swallowed all that I
could, but I could feel it spilling from my mouth. I caught it with my
free hand, that is just how good I am. As soon as he was finished he
nearly collapsed, barely able to hold himself up.

"God, Sean. Where did you learn how to do that? My dick didn't just
cum; I could feel my whole body cum. That was fucking fantastic."

"Come on," I said as I quickly ripped off the remainder of my clothes
and pulled him into the shower again. I turned on the water and closed the
door. The water immediately came spilling forth in cold jets. Aaron and I
quickly huddled in a corner.



"This is not the kind of shower that I like!!!!"

"So turn the warm water on," I said as I pushed him away into the spray.

"You bastard!" He luged at me and pulled me under as well. Any lust
immediately left as the cold water hit my skin with shear force. Then the
water became warmer, to a comfortable level.

"Aww, come on, it was just good fun."

"I'll show you fun." He took my tongue into his mouth and began kissing
me for all he is worth. He slid down my lithe form, kissing every inch. I
could feel the heat from his lips as he touched my skin. Electric shocks
shot through my body when he kissed and licked my nipples. He slid down
further. I could feel his hand caress the soft velvet skin of my cock. He
kissed the tip and a trail of precum linked my cock to his lips. His lips
parted and the head of my cock disappeared in his mouth. There were no
fireworks, no floating on air, none of the violin music and all the stuff.
No, what I felt was more; it could not be described. No tangible, visible,
or audible comparison could match what I felt when his mouth encircled my
cock. I took in a sharp breath of air, as his tongue flicked at my
sensitive parts. I ran my hands trough his hair, and his caressed my ass,
behind me. I was being pushed over the edge. Aaron showed no signs of
stopping. I could feel it start in my toes. Every muscle group from my
head down and my toes up started to tense up and I finally shot my load in
my lover's mouth. He valiantly tried to take all of it.

We finished our shower, with much touching and feeling. Getting out I
looked at the clock. It read: 11:37.

"Aaron, we have twenty-three minutes until the new year."

"Twenty-three minutes I would like to spend with no one other than you."

I pushed him onto my bed and slipped in right next to him. I held him
loosely, his head on my chest. I could feel his hear beating against my
skin; I could feel each breath. Just the pressure of him, on top of me,
made me feel fantastic inside. I pulled on the sheets and our body heat
wafted around us.



"I want to be closer to you."

"What?" I said confused. I couldn't imagine how much closer we could

"I . . . . .I. . . . .I want," he stammered.

I stroked his cheek, "Come on, tell me."

"I want to feel you,. . . . .feel you. . .inside me." I sat and pondered
this for a moment. Aaron grew tense, I could feel it. "Oh, God. Is this
too soon? God, I'm sorry. Sean, please, please. God, I feel so stupid,"
he rambled on.

"Shhhhh. . . . .Aaron. Relax." I said. Aaron calmed down. "I want
that too," I finished simply as the corners of my mouth drew into a smile.
"I want that too," I repeated.

Aaron smiled back at me. I pulled him up so that my lips could connect
with his. We kissed for a while, each not wanting to let go. I finally
pulled away and tossed off the sheets revealing my beautiful Aaron. I
reached into the plastic bag and pulled out my Vaseline. I kissed him once
more, then slid down his perfect form and took his member into my mouth,
while I took a generous amount of Vaseline between my fingers. I ran my
hand down his crack. Aaron shifted and squirmed with delight. I could
hear soft moans. I applied pressure onto his hole and my finger slipped
in. The heat was intense and it was tight. Aaron took in a sharp breath
and held it.

"Relax, Aaron," I said as I massaged his abs with my free hand. As soon
as I could feel him loosening up, I inserted another finger and then
another. I figured that would about set him up. I took again a generous
amount of Vaseline and spread it onto my cock.

I sat there poised and ready. I hesitated. "Aaron are you sure?" I

"No," he said bluntly, "In fact I am scared. But I want this."

"Alright," I said calmly, reassuringly, lovingly. That was all the
encouragement that I needed. I pushed my cockhead against his hole. I
pushed lightly, his hole parted for me. I pushed harder. I looked up and
I saw Aaron's jaw clenched. "Are you ok?" I asked.

He shook his head. I continued to push. Eventually the head of my cock
disappeared into his ass. I paused and waited for him to get used to the
size. After a bit I pushed more of me into him. Inch by inch, my cock
disappeared until I could feel my balls push up against his ass cheeks. I
pulled out until only the head was inside. Then I pushed back in. This
feeling was intense. The pleasure shot through my cock, up my body, and
enveloped me in a cloud of ecstacy. My rhythm increased and I could hear
Aaron moan.

"God, Sean! Don't stop."

I could feel myself approaching orgasm. I sucked in breath and shot my
load deep into my lover's ass. At the same time, Aaron shot his, all over
his chest. I collapsed onto of him. His cum smearing between us.

"Happy New Year babe," I said as the minute turned. "I love you."

"I love you too."

My cock, eventually shrunk and slipped out of him. I could feel myself
approaching sleep. "Aaron, we have to clean up, that party is going to end

He just moaned. I pulled up off him, with much effort. Drowsily I
picked up the towel that we dried our selves off with and wiped off my
chest and body, then came up to Aaron, who was still comfortable resting,
and wiped him off too. I crawled back into bed with him as soon as I was
satisfied that we were clean. My eyes slowly closed. . . . . . . . . .
.and I could feel myself fall into sleep.

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