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Dublin Delights13 Gay lit

Dublin Delights Chapter 13

"Well," Ms. Kensington said shocked. I awaited sentencing. What could
it be, public humiliation, sent home, separation. I have no clue. "I...am
proud of you Aaron, for sticking to your case aggressively, although you
aimed at the wrong target. I am also proud of you Sean, for not backing
down. Now, I know that...that...I can't stop you. So I ask that you
exercise caution. It is a dangerous world out, and I am just looking out
for you."

I breathed a sigh of relief. "So your not mad at us?"

"No, well, yes. I wish that you had told me. I will treat this like
any other relationship, which means that you have to follow all of the
rules. No sex is the big one. Other than that, just be careful. Because
this is a gay relationship, things are a little more delicate. So, just be

"We will," I stepped forward. We then made our quick exit.

"Oh, and boys," She called to us. "Remember, rules are made to be
broken. Have a good night." She then gave us a wink. 'Gee, can we say
hidden meaning?'

We closed the door and giggled all the way to our room, where as, we
fell apart on my bed. We laughed uncontrollably. The laughter died down,
and I just stared at him, content in...just...life. I fell apart in his
eyes. Like I always do. I pressed my lips into his and like always it
felt like the first time. My hands roamed around his back as he rolled on
top of me. His weight felt good upon me. His hands ran through my hair. I
love that feeling. Our kisses became more passionate. My hands roamed
underneath his shirt touching his smooth skin. He started to gently nibble
on my ear, bringing a whole new sense of pleasure. "I love you," he

"I love you too," I said as I brought my hand up to his neck. It was
true I couldn't love him more. It was nothing about sex, it really wasn't,
but now things just plunged deeper. I fell for him really fell. It is
difficult to explain, so powerful that words just can't say it.

He sat up and straddled my hips. "I really love you." I reached up
under his shirt and he leaned down. My hands pulled his shirt up in the
process. "I want you in me," he whispered into my ear. I smiled at that
thought, the memories of New years rushed back.

"It's my turn, I want you." A smile drew upon his lips.

"Ok," he said, "but not here. They are bound to come back any time

"To late," I heard Megan laugh out. "Am, I interrupting anything?"

Now, I have no clue as to where Aaron got his courage from recently, but
I like it. He got up shirtless, with an obvious erection in his pants and
stated, "Yea, ya are." I just burst out laughing, which they soon joined

The time was getting late, and I soon found myself getting tired. The
rest my roommates made there way to the room, and in some silent ritual
prepared for bed. With out concern Aaron crawled into my bed and put his
head on my chest. I swung my arm around him and we just cuddled as sleep
took us over. As I lie there, my ears still acute to the conversation, I
could here them talking about us in obvious whispers.

"Man, that is fucked up," I heard John say.

"Why?" Megan said.

"Its just sick, I had a talk with Sean today on the bus."

"Yea, I saw," I heard Tim's voice.

"Well, he seems so sure. So devoted. It's just sick to me. But he
said something that really turned my head. He said that it wasn't about
the sex. All about the love. Something like that. 'Just because it is
two guys makes..."

And I was asleep.

"Sean, Sean. Wake up," I heard Aaron say. My eyes opened slowly to see
Aaron's dark form a few inches away. I smiled and reached my hand to his
cheek, his hand clasped mine and he said, "Come on,"

"Where are we going?"

"Shhhhh, I'll show you." We slipped out of the room clad only in our
underwear and tee shirts. I, groggily, followed him silently down the
darkened hallway. But he was as vigilant as a hawk, and I knew that we
were going to do something bad. He slipped into one of the many rooms and
I followed. As soon as the door closed behind me, he gently attacked me.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"A vacant room," he said between kissed, "That happened to be not
locked." He pulled his head away. "It's locked now." He pulled me to one
of the beds and laid me down. "Ok, here."


"You said you wanted me."


"Just relax, Sean, I love you." He kissed me on the lips and at the same
time started to pull off my shirt, I started to pull off his. We broke the
lasting kiss just long enough, to shed ourselves of the clothing.
Erotically, I pulled my feet up and with my toes, pulled off his underwear.
He ground his unhindered cock into my clothed one, bringing him and me to
instant erection. He slid down my body starting with the crook of my neck.
He bit lightly, kissed gently all the way down. He sucked each nipple into
his mouth until they were hard. This brought waves of pleasure streaming
though my body. Further, a trail was left as he moved across my abdomen.

His hands began to reach under the elastic strap, and he slowly pulled
down my last bit of clothing. My, now released, cock, jumped into action
as it swayed back and forth in the cool air. Aaron did a quick swing
around my shaft, and then moved down to my legs. He nibbled a little below
my balls, and then moved lower, into my anus region. He brought his head
up and gave me a smile, then erotically sucked on his finger. Wetting it
down, he placed it at my opening and applied pressure. His finger slid in
with a wince of pain, but I didn't let it show. He brought his tongue down
to join his probing finger, which was soon joined by another.

The pleasure he was sending me, was amazing. My body was racked with
waves of it. I groaned, and moaned, softly. He then came up to again, and
planted his lips firmly on mine. Welcoming this, I pushed hard against

"Are you sure?" He asked as he broke the kiss.

"More than anything in my life."

He needed no more encouragement. He pulled my jar of Vaseline out of
thin air. He dabbed some with his fingers and reinserted them. The cold
cream sent shivers up my spine. I closed my eyes, caught up in this
moment. I felt his hand remove again, only to be replaced with a slicked up
cock. I could feel the head, perched, at my hole, waiting for my go-ahead.
I looked at him and nodded my head.

He gently pushed. The head of his penis slipped inside. My eyes shot
open not with pain but with pleasure, yea there was a little pain. "Are
you OK?" he asked me.

"Of course," I said as I wrapped my lags around him a pulled him in. At
last I could feel his balls slap against my ass. He was in, all the way.
"Holy, Shit. This is intense." He pulled out almost to the brink of
popping out, and then pushed back in.

It was then that he hit my prostrate. I was in heaven. I saw stars,
bright colors, and all the other bullshit I thought was bullshit. boy was
I wrong. Aaron started up a rhythm and pumped my ass. He reached with his
hand a grappled with my dick, then started pumping that too. I couldn't
handle this; I am being pleasured from both ends. I thrashed my head,
grabbed the sheets, anything to hold on. I let out a loud moan.

I could feel the heat start down by my feet then work it's way up. I
could feel the liquid sex boil, my cum was churning and about to come out.
My balls drew up close to my body. My eyes shot opened and I groaned
through clenched teeth as I started to cum all over him and myself. My ass
must have done something then, because he started to explode into me.

Spent, he fell on top of me, short of breath. I too was panting. His
now flaccid dick slipped out. Paying no heed to the mess, he looked into
my eyes. "Happy New Year's babe."

"To late," I smiled, "But in your case, I'll make an exception." His
head fell upon my chest and we heaved for a few more minuets, recovering
from those gigantic orgasms. I felt like sleeping right there, but my
intelligent side advised against it. We cleaned up the mess and snuck back
into our room, curling up in the same position, we were in when we left.



"You asleep?"


"Ohh, Ok...I love you."

"I love you too." And with that I feel into one of my most peaceful

I stepped into the Galway Youth Theater, with a 'what-the-hell'
expression. The old theater was run down. Operational, but run down. The
walls were a dirty black, and the seats were bleachers, based on a rickety
wood monstrosity. The tech booth was no better. Cords to who know what
were tossed all over the place, the lighting board was covered on cobwebs.
And the sound system...was none of my business, thank God. I dusted off
the board, presented it to Emily, held her by the shoulders, and said,
"Good luck."

"Thanks," She replied sarcastically. I left her to figure out how to
work it, and left Nicole to her business. She enlisted a spare to help her
with the mess. I took a look at my puzzle. We had two hours to show time,
and I needed a plot. I had, one...two...three lights to work with.

'funny,' I thought. I walked up to the theater super and asked what the
deal was. He said that there were more lights in the back. He had two of
his helpers get them. They brought, one...two...three. 'SIX, lights.
That's it!! I can't do this with six lights.' I gave them my best smile,
and figured it out in my head. Then they pulled out the real prize. An
extension ladder, about two times as old as I am, and about twice as thin
as I am. 'Fun!!'

I decided on a basic plot. One on stage left, one on stage right, two
on stage middle front, and two on stage middle back. Getting them plugged
in was a different matter. Many of the plugs didn't reach, and circuits
would have to be arranged. All in all, a big headache. But, it worked.
With ten minutes to spare.

For the extra minutes, I roamed around. Apparently the only heat, was a
heat lamp, in the auditorium. The dressing rooms were tiny, and the
toilet, wooden, all of it.

"Sean, Sean," I heard from behind me. I turned around to see Mr.
Shofield running up to meet me.


"I need you to remain backstage, so that nobody...makes...shows up on
stage," he stuttered, "Basically, keep them backstage."

"Sure." Just then a bright flash, and we were down to five lights. I
ran up to the booth,

"I don't know," Emily started. "It just went out."

"FUCK!!" Emily's eyes bugged out of her head, and she started to laugh.
"Nothing to laugh about," I said. "Forget it, I don't care just do the
best you can."


"I have to run backstage, I'll see you guys after the show."

"Kay." With that, the heating lamp was shut off and people started to
enter the auditorium. I ran backstage and held my post. The play started.

The temperature of the building dropped rather quickly, and soon
everyone was cold. I kept the actors huddled together, until they were to
come on stage, gently rubbing their shoulders, to warm them up. Aaron
looked at me, shivering in his suit. I turned him around and rubbed his
shoulders, a little more generous and a little more gently. "Thanks." He
whispered between shivers.

Another standing ovation, the mayor and many Galway residents clapped
and stood in appreciation of an American Classic. The entire cast and crew
went to a pizzeria and ate free pizza and soda. We were congratulated by
many of the audience who stopped by. It was really cool. Although we were
having fun, we were ordered to head to bed. I crawled into bed with Aaron
by my side, and fell asleep. Tomorrow we head off to Dublin for an entire

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