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Dublin Delights14 Gay lit


Dublin Delights Chapter 14 Dublin

Part 1

Most of us in our life have sat in one place so long that we become
numb, seemingly stuck to that one spot for all eternity. As was the case
with the bus ride to Dublin. Dublin was our final stop on our Ireland
tour. This brought an air of depression, but we also had the revelation
that we have a week to spend there. There was, however, a stop on our
cross-country trip. In a remote town, we stopped at a cathedral and had
mass. We did go to a Christian school. As I sat in prayer, I asked God,
'what the fuck is wrong with the world?' I don't think that I should have
sworn, but I got my point across. But that wasn't it. All of the sudden,
every pent up emotion came to the surface. All the anger at the world for
hating gays, all the love that Aaron shows me every day. A single tear
rolled down my cheek. I snuck a glance at Aaron and put a smile on my
face. He smiled back, knowingly.

We continued on our bus trip with nothing more to happen. Until I saw
the beginning of Dublin. The city skyline, (which wasn't as impressive as
Chicago's) with the snow capped mountains in the back ground, made this
large city look almost like a small town. We passed through round-a-bout
after round-a-bout. Each decorated with different plants and flowers. A
lot of work must have been put in to make this city look beautiful.

We were only on the out skirts when we pulled up to a small building.
Mr. O'Mally stood at the front of the bus. "This is the theater, that we
will be performing our last show in. Leave your bags in the bus, and lets

We all followed the chaperones into the place, only to walk into
darkness. "Sorry!!" we heard from somewhere. Next thing we saw was the
lights flicker on and the auditorium come into view.

It was an interesting place. Obviously, still in its condition from the
last play. The floor was checkerboard, and the stage walls were midnight
black. I took a look at the lighting only to find that there didn't have
to be much work done. My eyes, traveled downward only to fall upon two
girls starting at me, about two feet away.

"Hello, I'm Breeann," one of them said.

"And I'm Emme," the other added.

"Were to help you get the technical stuff off the ground," Breeann said.

"Emily, Nicole!!" I yelled. They sauntered over to me, but with a quick
wave of the hand, they came more quickly.


"This is Breeann, and Emme,"I stated as I pointed to the two, "They are
our helpers."

'Hi's and 'Hello's were passed around. Then Breeann showed Emily to the
lighting booth, and Jessica to the sound booth. Emme, however, just stared
blankly at me. I gave her a cheese smile and asked, "Where can I find the
extension ladder?"

"Ohh, Let me get it for you." She ran off, but not without calling
Breeann to help her. They cam back running like a pair of lemmings, and
tried their hardest to set it up without touching any lights. The finally
succeed, but not without almost knocking out a few people, slamming the
ladder into a few chairs, and asking for my help. 'I do wonder if the have
'Ireland's most funny Videos?'

I made a few minor adjustments on the hanging battens. As least as
possible because I really don't want to move the ladder again. It could
cause a scene, if it hasn't already. Even climbing up the thing was a
hassle. First, we all debated who should go up there. I knew I would
loose, but it was fun. And, I swear, every extension ladder in Ireland is
too narrow.

Up on the ladder, which balanced precariously on a chain hung iron bar,
I heard they were taking orders for dinner. "Surprise me!!" I yelled. Who
knew that it would actually be the name of a meal. I was almost finished
with my adjustments when I heard my name being yelled from below. "Yea!!"

"Sean, Come down here please." It was Mrs. Kensington.

"Just a sec." Actually, I took my dear sweet time up here. I knew that
this was going to be 'the talk' and I wanted to avoid it as much as
possible. I turned the shudder pull like it was stuck even though it slid
very easily. 'What the hell, am I going to say? What the hell, is she
going to say?' I heard the pull click to its position and I let the light
hang freely. I looked below, to see Mrs. Kensington still waiting for me.
Each steep seemed like an eternity. 'What the fuck is wrong with me? This
isn't stressful, she all but gave her approval yesterday.' With that I
glided down the remaining rungs. "Yea, what do you need?"

She waved her hand and Aaron came running towards her. "Alright, I'll
make this as short as possible."

Both of us made a quick glance at each other. "Ok," I responded.

"You know the school policy towards sex. 'Complete and utter
abstinence.' But I am an understanding parent as well as a teacher, and I
know that it is not going to happen. Now, I could put forceful measures in
place, in order to keep you two apart, but I could only use those for fear
of physical danger, i.e. a baby. Since, with the uniqueness of your
relationship, that isn't going to happen, my only option is a warning.
Please...please be careful. There are a lot of sick people out there, with
STD's and everything. So just be careful."

I assured her that I would be careful. Aaron made sure to add that we
were in love, and there was no way that anything would get in between us.
My admiration for him, and our relationship jumped up a few notches with
that statement.

"Good," she replied, "Now get back to work." As if on cue, the other
chaperones brought in lunch. I grabbed my 'surprise me' and sat next to
Aaron on the foot of the stage.

"How'd you like that?"

"She's cool," he said, "You think she'll tell?"

"Naw...I think that she has a lot of respect for privacy, and I'm glad
for that."

"Yea," was his only response.

We ate in silence then, not much more than a look was exchanged between
us. A few minutes of this is all that I could take. "Is anything wrong?"

"Huh?? Oh, no, I'm fine."

"No, you look like you're about to cry."

"Can we talk about it later, there seems to be a lot of people around."

"Yea, sure," I wasn't really convinced that he wanted it to drop, but I
saw his point. "So, you going to do good tonight?" I was striving for
conversation matter.

"Yea, I guess. Just the same as any other performance."

"Come on, you have to lighten up, you have a show to put on, and
audience to please, you have me. I am proud of you. Foremost, because,
you do that emotional scene, at the end of the play." He looked
at me now. "You have no idea how that touches me, every time. What I saw
the play like eleven times total, and yet, it still gets to me. That is
why I am proud of you, and love you."

His eyes bolted open, and he nearly spit up his food. "Shut up!!" he
yelled, turning a few heads. "I have to put on a fucking mask every
morning, and live with the fact that I am not normal. The least you could
do, is respect the fact that I want to keep the appearance of somebody
normal, and for your sake, you should too." He told me in very whispered


"Nothin' to be sorry about. Like Mrs. Kensington said, 'be careful',"
he said taking deep breaths.

"Yea, but I want to talk later."

"Ok." We went back to eating.

Mr. Shofield took center stage, "Alright, I hope everyone is filled.
The place opens in one hour, so let's get things cleaned up, make-up on,
and be ready for warm-ups in 30 minutes."

Everybody moved like ants scattering about. Nicole was finishing up,
actors went in back to get ready, and the spares cleaned up the place.
With my work done, I calmly walked up the stairs into the lighting booth. I
plugged in the massive plug, which transmits power to the circuit board. I
waved Emily to join me. I had her play with the lights and finally ordered
a lighting test. Not really paying attention as each light went on and
off. My mind was somewhere else. 'What could be bugging Aaron that much
that he would blow up at me like that? Maybe, family troubles...past...did
I say 'I love you' too loud? And what was it that about to make him cry
before? All these questions.'

"Is it ok?"

"Huh?" I was shaken back into reality.

"Is it ok," Emily repeated.

"Umm, yea. Fine."



Thirty minutes before the youth theater opened the actors started their
warm-ups. It was cute watching them embarrass themselves in front of us.
Prancing around on stage, and saying babble, that's supposed to loosen the
tongue and relax you. I know what its like thought. I was an actor once.

Right on schedule, the auditorium opened and people began to pour in. I
grabbed myself a seat in the lighting booth. I watched as the place filled
up to right outside our door. I took a seat and watched.

Mr. Shofield steeped onto the empty stage and made his way to center.
"Ladies and Gentlemen. I would like to welcome you to the Dublin Youth
Theater. Tonight, all the way from the United States, I am honored to
bring you Thorton Weilder's play, 'Our Town'. There will be one
intermission in the middle so please enjoy the play."

The lights went dark. 'My lights.' I heard scuffling on the stage; the
show was going to begin soon. A glow emanated from the lights behind a
wall of actors. Each holding hands stretched from one side of the stage to
the other. Soft piano music spread throughout the small theater. The play
began as it did every time. And as every time, it was amazing. Although I
have heard these lines hundreds of times. They play so well, that it was
good each and every time.

The play went on. It must have captivated the audience, because I heard
not a peep out of them. Intermission came and went and the 'emotional
scene' approached. Aaron came out, and collapsed in front of his dead
wife's grave. (you have to read it.) He cried there. Something was
different. I could see this from the booth. These were not fake tears,
like every other time. The lights went out and the play came to an end.
The house lights came back up.

I casually strolled down the ramp. I may be moving slowly, but my mind
was racing. What happened, if anything. I walked back stage only to see a
crowd of actors huddled. I crashed through. There was Aaron, on a couch,
curled into a ball. Tears were streaming and his face was all red. He was
clutching his abdomen.

I fell by his side, I didn't care if anybody saw. I pulled one of his
hands away and held it. More so, he held mine. He clutched at it, it
stated to hurt, but I didn't care. My other hand found its was to his
forehead. I stroked his hair back, and whispered softly into his ear.
"Its going to be ok." I too was at the point of tears. While my boyfriend
lie there, in serious pain, all I could do is comfort him. I wanted to be
there. Like he was there in my dream, suffering the pain with me. I
wanted that so bad.

"What are you doing," I heard from behind me.

"What?" was my response, not paying much attention to the out side

"What are you doing," I heard it now, it was Doug.

"Being a friend," I responded more than annoyed. "Which is much more
than you're doing." He pushed off, making his way through the crowd, but I
heard one word that he said, so clearly. 'Fag.'

"EVERYBODY!! Move away!!" Mr. O'Mally yelled. Nobody moved.

"NOW!!!" Mr. Shofield added. They started to drift apart, making there
way to do whatever. I really didn't care. "Sean, move away please."

"No," Aaron gasped. He clasped onto my hand tighter. ""

"Shhh, let go of his hand Aaron."

"No, its ok, let him stay," I heard Mrs. Kensington say.

"Fine," was his response. I continued to pet his hair, showing that I
am not leaving. He mustered a smile and gave me a look of thanks. I just
stared into his tear-ridden eyes; I hoped my face showed the greatest love
possible, because that is what I felt.

Paramedics came in the side door of the theater and put him onto a
gurney. All the time, he never let go of my hand. As they wheeled him
out, I saw Mrs. Kensington talking to Mr. O'Mally and Mr. Shofield. I
looked back at her, and we made eye contact. I mouthed to her, 'Go ahead.'
She nodded in approval. All three of them came running out the ambulance.

"Sean, this is against, everything that I believe in as a teacher, but
go ahead with him, we will follow." Mr. Shofield said. I nodded to him.

"We can have two people ride with him. He isn't in serious condition,"
one of the paramedics said. They stuffed Aaron in the ambulance, and Mr.
Shofield and myself climbed in. It was a tight squeeze, but we made it.
They put a mask on Aaron, to help him breath, and started an IV. All
common procedures, I guess.

Under better circumstanced it would have been really cool, to hear the
Irish siren. It sounds so different than ours. It seemed to take forever
to get to the hospital. Eventually we did pull in. They took him out of
the ambulance.

My fingers were numb by now. I caught a glimpse in his eye. They
showed true terror. I gave him a reassuring smile. Which he half
heartedly returned. All together we moved it the ER.

The place was a mess. There was a pool of blood on the floor, and some
other liquid. People were screaming. The wheeled him into an exam room.
Mr. O'Mally and Mrs. Kensington showed up soon after. Aaron seemed in a
lot less pain, but there was definitely something wrong.

He let go of my hand. Thousands of pins suddenly penetrated my hand as
blood returned. I stared at it in obvious pain. Aaron gave me a smile
which, despite my current condition, just had to return.

"You do realize, Sean, that we are going to have to talk with you two
about this," Mr. Shofield said.

"About what?"

"Your relationship."

"Ohh," I hesitated. "What do you want to know?"

"This is not the most appropriate place for a discussion of that

"I don't care, and I don't think Aaron will either." I looked at him.
Aaron was sleeping. The drugs must have done their work.

"Alright. Where is that God damn doctor?" Mr. Shofield was obviously a
little embarrassed about the subject. Suddenly, I was't.

"What would you like to know, I filled Mrs. Kensington in on most of

"Yes, she told us," Mr. O'Mally said.

"So what more do you need to know."

"When did this start, for starters?"

"On the bus to O'Hare"

"You guys got together then?"

"No, that happened early morning at Lac Gur."

"What have you done?" Mr. Shofield said. His face was all red.

I gave a small laugh. "Why is that important?"

"Because, as teachers, we have to look after our students."

"You don't need to know how far we went. That is no business of yours.
What you do need to know is that I am not fucking around here. This is the
real thing. I..."

"Watch your tongue." Mr. O'Mally said.

"I love him. This is not student infatuation. This is real, hardcore,
unadulterated, love."

"You are serious."

"Very! Anything else?"

Mr. Shofield spoke up, "Yea, I want to know, what it was like for you
to realize that you are gay?"

"I didn't harp on it for a long time. I sorta figured it out when girls don't grab my attention. Why?"

"I think my son..."

"He's waking up," Mr. O'Mally interrupted. I looked into his eyes.
They showed pain, anguish, but most of all frustration.

I returned my hand to its formal position and bagan to stroke his hair
again. Then bravery took the best of me. I bent over and kissed him on
the forehead. Then whispered in his ear. "Everything is going to be
alright." I knew what his eyes looked like. They must have bugged out of
their sockets. But when I looked at him again he hooked one of his arms
around my neck and pulled me into a kiss, full on the lips.

"Alright you two, that's enough."

§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ (from Tim's

Aaron came in from stage with tears in his eyes. He was in obvious
pain. I caught him as he nearly fell. "Are you ok?" I said.

"I need to go back. Just one more scene to go."

"Are you ok?" I repeated.

"No, it hurts." He stood up on his own and hobbled back onto stage.
Falling before his character's wife's grave. The lights went down. I
rushed out to help him up and literally carried him back stage. I helped
him onto the couch and he curled up into the fetal position, clutching his
stomach. 'Where the hell are the teachers.' Everything else was chaos. I
saw a glimpse of Sean and he was suddenly by his side comforting him. I
really did envy their relationship.

"What are you doing," I heard Doug say.

"What?" Sean said

"What are you doing?"

"Being a friend. Which is much more than you're doing."

Doug clearly didn't like that comment and pushed his way through the
crowd. I heard him say something under his breath, 'Fag' Did he know about

Suddenly Mr. Shofield and Mr. O'Mally told us all to get the fuck out
of there, in much kinder words. Every single one of complied except for
Sean. We all congregated on stage. I grabbed a few people next to me and
asked them if they would pray. They grabbed a few more and soon, every one
was in a circle. Including the techies, and the extras.

We said the "Our Father" as one group. After the prayer, nobody let go.
It was then that I looked around. Everyone had a look of worry on his or
her face. Doug wasn't there. I was the first to let go. In a bit I found
John, Nicole and Megan talking in a corner.

"Hey," I said.

"Hi," John replied.

"Anyone got any news?"

"The ambulance just pulled out," Megan informed me.

"Hey, where's Doug? He wasn't in the prayer circle." Everyone looked
around just as curious as I was.

"There," Nicole said. And sure enough, he was sitting in a corner.
John started over towards him. I followed.

"Hey, Doug!" John nearly yelled.


"Why weren't you prayin' with us?"

"I don't pray for fags."

"What makes you think Aaron's a fag?"

"Its not just Aaron, its Sean too. And they just are."

"Well," John said as he turned to me. Then, like a flash he grabbed
Doug by the collar and pinned him against the wall. He grabbed his hair
and bashed his head against the wall as well. "If you ever do, say, or
fucking think anything degrading towards them, I will rip off your balls
and stuff them so far up your ass, you'll be eating your own cum for
breakfast. Got it?" No response. John banged his head against the wall
again. "Got it?" he repeated.

"Yea," Dug said trembling.

"Good." John tossed him to the floor. "Don't fuck with me...or them!!"

Doug scampered away. I spoke up, "John you surprise me."

"Yea, well. They're my friends. Besides, what Aaron pulled today, in
all the pain yet still going out on stage, proves he is more a man than
even I would be. And Sean, without another care in the world, came by his
side. He didn't care what anybody thought, what they said. That too was
manly. They aren't fags, just gay. That's cool by me."

I put my arm around his shoulders, "I wish they were here to hear you
say that."

§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ (From
Sean's Perspective) Five little Beeps Four Lung Machines Three Doctors Two
Monitors And My Boyfriend pumped with lots of drugs

I have contented myself with making up words to the "12 days of
Christmas." It passed the time. While doing so, I held his hand and stayed
near him. 'Where was the damn doctor,' I thought to myself. Just then,
his eyes groggily opened. And also just then, I heard one of the monitors
across from our curtain start to go off. It produced this annoying and
loud hum that could only single 'BAD.' All of us including Aaron looked on,
as nurses and one doctor ran into the room. The worked on her in plain
view of us. But to no avail. The three chaperones and I tried to block
Aaron's view. In his state, this could be too traumatic. I think though,
he say it. As they pulled the sheet over her head, I felt sorry. There
was no family, no friends. For an hour she sat there, and nobody came.

Finally, a doctor came. After seven hours of Aaron drifting off, and
walking up a doctor came to our curtain.

"What seems to be the problem?" The teachers explained our medical
situation. Mr. Shofield explained our 'we are pissed off because it took
so long' situation. "Sorry about that, things have been hectic around
here," was his excuse. Questioned but accepted, the doctor came to look at

"Does this hurt?" he said as he poked at his abdomen. Aaron nodded his
head rapidly when the doctor poked him in his lower right. He had Aaron
drink the liquid and took him in for a x-ray. Again with the waiting.
Returning, Aaron asleep in the bed. The doctor explained the situation.

"Aaron has an inflamed appendix. This is nothing major since it doesn't
pose and immediate threat. Apparently, the swelling has gone down, this
the passing hours. So, the problem was most likely something he ate.
Because the swelling went down, I am assuming that the problem has passed.
I have a prescription for some pain reducers, which should alleviate all
the pain that he could suffer for the next day or so. The pills are not
depressants, so he should be active after a long nights rest. Here is my
number at the hospital. If the problem persists, bring him back in and we
will run more tests." He awoke Aaron and had him stand up, which he did
with minor difficulty. "Aaron, I want you to take it easy for the next day
or so. OK?"


"Alright, you can go out that door. I realize you are from America, so
please see the desk to fill out some papers and get directions to your

"Thank you doctor."

"No problem." With that, he rushed off.

"Aaron, are you ok?" I asked, with genuine concern in my eyes.

"Yea, I'm alright." He winced with every step. I marched to his side
and put an arm around him holding up a minor portion of his weight.

"It's in the job description of a boyfriend." He smiled at that.

"What else is in that description?"

"I'll show you later." I said with a sly smile.

"I would love to but it hurts so much."

"Don't worry about it." I smiled. He just beamed back at me. 'I love
you,' I mouthed.


(From Doug's Perspective)

"Well," John said as he turned to Tim. Then, like a flash he grabbed Me
by the collar and pinned me against the wall. He grabbed my hair and
bashed my head against the wall as well. I feared for my life. My head
was swimming with pain now, and prepared myself for more. "If you ever do,
say, or fucking think anything degrading towards them, I will rip off your
balls and stuff them so far up your ass, you'll be eating your own cum for
breakfast. Got it?" I was fear stricken. John banged my head against the
wall again. "Got it?" he repeated.

"Yea," I said trembling

"Good." John tossed me to the floor. "Don't fuck with me...or them!!" I
ran, I ran up the stairs to the top of the theater. I sat in the corner.

"What the fuck is wrong with me, I am supposed to be the tough guy. Get
a grip on yourself Doug, you're a Freshman, he's Junior, and a fuck of a
lot bigger than you." I was talking to myself. "Those little faggots.
I'll get them for this. How?" 'Yea, how?'


(from Tim's Perspective)

We were all shushed out of the theater into the bus. No words were
said. Everyone was still a bit shocked about what had happened. Eventually
though, conversation did pick up on the way to the hotel. We arrived in
late evening. The sun had set and the streetlights shone dimly on the
doorstep. The hotel was nestled between two other buildings creating one
continuous wall. Something that I saw very often in this country.
Solemnly we signed in and went to our rooms. The chaperones had sleeping
arrangements for us. Darn, no cohabitation. One reason why I envied Sean
and Aaron.

John and myself carried Sean and Aaron's stuff up to their room. "I
hope he's alright." I commented.

"I do too," he replied. Apparently there wasn't much to say. Ms.
Becher gave me the key to their room. I slid the card and flipped the
light. John followed me with Aaron's bag.

"Here, put Aaron's stuff there," I directed him. He dropped the bags on
the floor and slumped to the bed. He sat there, starting at the floor.
"What is it?"


"Come on, were beyond all that macho shit!! What is wrong."

"Just thinkin'."

"Are you OK?"

"For now," he said in such a calm voice it scared me. We both headed
for the door at the same moment and left the room. I turned out the light
behind me.


(From John's Perspective)

'Ahhhh, TORMENT!!!' I thought to myself. 'I just told off a friend. I
just defended a fa...another friend. What the hell!! Just a few days ago,
I was ready to cut off all communication with them. Now...FUCK...I
defending their choices. For Fucking Sakes, I'm protecting them. What

"What is it?" I heard Tim say.

I paused. 'What did change? I...realized...they are the same people.
THAT'S IT!!' "Nothin'," I said to him.

"Come on, were beyond all that macho shit!! What is wrong."

"Just thinking'." I got such a strong urge to punch in Doug's face.
What right did he have. They are still the same people. THEY ARE STILL
THE SAME FUCKING PEOPLE. Just different. Time, yea, that's what he needs,
that's what I needed.'

"Are you OK?"

"For now." 'I knew I wasn't. Suddenly, it has become my mission to save
these two good friends from the world. WHAT THE FUCK!!!! Why is it my
responsibility? GOD, I hate Doug.' All these thoughts were racing through
my head. I had to compose and control myself. I got up and headed for the
door. Without words, we left the room.


Part two

(From Sean's Perspective) Five little Beeps Four Lung Machines Three
Doctors Two Monitors And My Boyfriend pumped with lots of drugs

"What are you humming?" Aaron asked me.

"Hmm? Oh, nothing, just something I made up as I waited."

"Let's hear it."

I turned red. Thank God it was dark in the car on the ride home.
"Fine." I sang the song softly. Aaron got this snicker on his face when I
finished. "What?"

"You must have been really bored."

"You could say that. Four hours plus Two long time."

"Your tired."

"How astute."


"Can I sleep with you tonight?" It was more a comment than a question
with the tome of voice I had.

"Sure," was his curt response. With that we started forward looking
forward to a soft bed. We pulled up the hotel. I am not sure as to how we
got in or up to our room which was on the second floor. But, I found
myself there with the light on and I was stripping off my clothes. "Could
you help me? It is a bit painful."

Without conscious thought I walked to him and helped him undress. Then
I climbed into the bed with him. I spooned up against him, and wrapped my
arm around his chest. "I love you," I said.

"I love you too." My eyes closed and I was out.


I awoke to the sound of a phone call. Reluctantly I uncurled myself
from Aaron, and picked it up.

"Good morning. This is the Gresham Hotel wake up call service. The
time is 7:00 Am. Thank you." And the phone hung up. 'Gresham hotel huh?
Sounds like a nice place. I rolled back to Aaron, only hear yet another


"Sean, this is Mr. O'Mally. Sorry about the wake up call. I forgot to
cancel it. You two go back to sleep. The rest of us minus Mrs.
Kensington are going on a small tour of the immediate area."

"Ok." I hung up, not waiting for a response. I rolled back.

"Who was that?" Aaron asked.

"Mr. O'Mally. He said that we should get more sleep, the rest of them
are going on a small trip around the area. We'll ask them to fill us in
about it later. Shhh, go to sleep."

"K. Hold me please."

"Don't have to ask." With that we returned to our original position and
fell back asleep.

§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ (From Tim's

"Good morning. This is the Gresham Hotel wake up call service. The
time is 7:00 Am. Thank you."

I hung up the phone in disgust. "John get up!!" I heard a low moan from
him. "JOHN!!"

"I'm up!!" With that he reluctantly tossed the covers off of him as did
I. "What are we doing today?"

"I don't know," I responded. "We just have to be downstairs soon."


I put on some clothes. But not without looking at John. Sean and Aaron
got me thinking. But long ago I dismissed that possibility. 'It might be
kinda cool getting some everywhere you went, but up the ass ain't for me.
Could give it a try though?' I looked up in surprise. 'What did I just
think? Could give it a try. I dismissed it. I felt for April. Although
unattainable, I still felt for her. The sex...just...might be fun.' With
that a smile crossed my face. "Hey, John?"

"You ever wonder what were missing and Sean and Aaron are getting?"

"Man, all the time. Nicole won't put out. I know I couldn't love, but
the sex...just...might be fun"

'Holy twilight-zone.' "I was just thinking the same thing. April won't

"Dude, that's weird, but... dude, you don't even have April. I have
Nicole," he said with a grin.

"Shut up," I hissed as I left the room. I was in such a state last
night that I couldn't remember how I got to my room. John came out after
me and looked at me with a tilt of his neck.

"This way." I followed him to the elevator, excuse me, lift where we
meet a few of our 'mates.' "Hey."

Hi's were heard around the group. Silently we marched onto the elevator
and waited till we reached first floor. Still devoid of conversation we
walked through the lobby into the adjoining café. There, served was
breakfast. John, Nicole, Megan, and myself sat at a table.

"You hear any news?" Megan started off.

"No," I responded. That was it. No more conversation. Eventually, Mr.
Shofield grabbed each of our attentions.

"Aaron is fine. There was a small problem with his intestine, but it
has fixed itself. I ask that you don't knock on his door, or interrupt
with a phone call. He and Sean are sleeping. They were up all night."
Murmurs where heard around the area. Apparently they were suspected
already. "Today, we are going on a little tour of the immediate area. We
will visit St. Patrick's Cathedral, and make a stop at a small home, of a
writer, which you all will recognize. I will leave that for a surprise."

'Like he actually knew, and like I actually cared,' I thought to myself.
With that, we were excused and piled into the bus, once again.

The tour was really cool, we stopped at St. Patricks Cathedral.
Suprisingly it was rather small. But cool. It was like anyone would
imagine a Cathedral. Cold and big. There was a small plaque on the floor.
I knew that there was a relic of St. Patrick somewhere in the church, I
bet that it is in that. Other than that, we stopped at this one famous writer's house. Or parents house. I really wasn't paying attention. And
truthfully, it didn't matter much to me. I guess you could say that I was
a little preoccupied. I think we all were. I got a glance from John that
said something, but I am really bad at reading people so I am not sure.
After the tour, we were given free reign. This meant that we could walk
around and shop. Just to prove how good we were at finding our way home,
they dropped us off at some mall. Bassically, they told us to get the hell
off the bus.

Megan, Nicole, and John joined me on our little trip through the mall.
Derek, Mark, and Doug tried to tag along but one look from John sent Doug
away and hence his entire group. To tell you the truth, I feel sorry for
him. First, an outcast from our group and next having to hang out with
those two. Ahh, Hell.

"Hey, what's up?" Nicole asked me.

"Ahh, nothing, just thinking how sorry I feel for Doug."

"Why is that," Megan piped in.

"Look who he has to hang out with."

"He deserves it," John said without turning his head.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Nicole asked.

"Doug was saying shit about Sean and Aaron...and their choice
of...lifestyles," I explained.

"Oh. Like what."

"One word. Fag."

"Ohhhhh, I get it." I rolled my eyes at her.

We shopped for a little while longer, stopping here and there, looking
for this and that. I found some earrings to give my mother. She will like
them; they are in the Celtic design. Idle discussion followed us as we
made our way back to the hotel. There was still plenty of time, so we took
our time.

We stopped here and there at a few corner stores. All of us picked up
something or another. In truth, it was nice. Amazingly, I completely
forgot all that had happened in the day before. Being with my friends did
that. But then I realized that there were two missing.

Finally the hotel came into view. I opened the door and let everyone
else in. We had plenty of time before we were to go to the play, so I
walked back up to my room. On the way I passed Sean and Aaron's. I
couldn't hold back the urge. I knocked lightly on the door. Getting no
response I started off toward my room. As I was walking though, I heard a
door open and instinctively turned around.

"Tim? Was that you," Sean said.

"Yea." I backtracked and entered their room. It was a mess, undoubtedly
due to the fact that they dressed half asleep last night..

"What is it?" Sean asked quietly once the door closed.

"Nothing, I just wanted to make sure you and Aaron were OK." He gave me
a little smile. "How is he?"

"Aaron? A lot better. I won't tell you the details, I'll leave that to
him. But lets just say that I got to my room about 4:30 in the morning.

"Wow! What a wait."

"You can say that again."

Aaron twitched in his sleep and Sean went to his side. That notion of
how I envied their relationship sprang back into my mind. I wish that I
had somebody who would do that for me. "Shhh, Aaron, It's OK."

"No, No, I'm up. What time is it?"

"Its 3:40"

"Shit!" Aaron exclaimed with obvious trouble. "I've been asleep for
like twelve hours."

"I know, I've been watching you," Sean said. I saw only love in his
eyes for Aaron.

"Maybe I should go. Leave you two alone," I said.

"No, its ok. We need a little company."

I sat on the bed with them. "Aaron, what was it like?" I started the

"Oh, man, I don't even want to remember. I saw this lady die, and there
was blood and shit all over the floor."

"Well not literal shit. More like proverbial shit," Sean chimed in.

"Dude, sorry. What'd they say was the problem."

"It was nothing, just a little swelling of my appendix."

"Isn't that dangerous?"

"Yea, but his swelling went down, as we waited. So it was ok. But The
fact is, we waited. And waited, and waited. Always with the waiting."

I laughed at his little joke, as did Aaron. "I really am sorry for you,
but you did something out there, that none of us would really do. You give
the phrase 'The show must go on,' whole new meaning. And Sean, you went to
his side without a moment's second thought. Which by the way, there is a
little problem.

"What is that?" Sean asked.

"I think that Doug knows. In fact, I know he does."

"Ohh, I already knew that, I heard what he said," Sean said.

"What did he say?" Aaron asked.

"He said, 'Fag,'" That's it.

"Well, you need not worry, myself and John actually, have the situation
under control. Man, you should have heard it. John completely told him
off in your defense."

"Full of surprises he is," I said.

§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ (From
Sean's Perspective)

'WOW!! John actually defending us, this blew me away. I have gained a
whole lot more respect for the guy.' "Full of surprise he is," I said.

"Ok, dudes, I going to head up to my room."

"Alright," I said. With that, Tim left our room. Once the door closed
behind him, I jumped into bed right next to Aaron. "So, what do you want
to do tonight."

"Isn't there a play tonight?"

"Yea, well, we don't have to go."

A smile crossed his lips. "What, you going to show me the rest of the
job description."

"Of what, a boyfriend?" He looked at me with blank face that could only
make me laugh.

"Of course."

"Only if your up to it."

"To tell you the truth, I don't think I am. Besides I want to go see
this play."

"Whatever you say dude."

"Listen, could you wake me up in about an hour and a half. That will
give me a half hour to get ready."

"Yea sure. Have a good nap." I kissed him on the lips. Just a quick
kiss that was quickly returned. Not wanting this to turn into something
that requires a shower I released and headed out the door.

The hotel was really cool. red carpet and all the fixings. The design
was complicated. There was an adjoining café, but that only took one
floor, sorta. More like a floor and a half. See, complicated. I started
to walk around, waste time and think. Turning corners here and there I
came across a set of double doors with small circular windows in them. I
opened one and stepped into a large ballroom. It was huge and dark. It
kinda scared me a bit. In my travels I started down a flight of stairs but
as I approached I heard the obvious sounds of a kitchen. Definitely out of
my bounds. I proceeded the other wan and went up the flight. The ended at
one single door. I opened it, scared at what I was going to find. Like a
dead body or something. What I found was a "L" shaped room with an Ironing
board and Iron in it. It had one window which the setting sun shown in. I
sat down and started out the window at the small piece of skyline that I
could see. I smiled to myself. 'There is nothing more perfect than this
moment right here except if Aaron were right here with me. Things were

I walked back to my room taking my time. I was almost in a state of
bliss. I passed Megan and Nicole's room. I peeked my head in. "Hi

"Hi, Sean," Megan said. "How is Aaron?"

I knew that this question was going to come up and I prepared my
response. "Better, but that wan't the worst part. It was the hospital.
If we were in a America, the place would be shut down." I saw a disgusted
look come across both of their faces.

"That bad huh?"

"Yea, hey, you know what time it is?"

"Yea, its 5:00"

"Thanks, I got to go, I'll talk later."

"Ok, give him our regards."

"Will do." With that I left. I continued to walk down the hallway.

"Hey Fag," I heard called out. I paid no attention, I knew exactly who
that was. "Hey fudgepacker, I'm talking to you." My rage boiled. I tried
my hardest to keep it contained, but he was pushing the limit.

"YOU, Cocksucker!!" Doug said as he steeped out of the hall. "I'm
talking to you." That was it. I turned on my heel with fire in my eyes.

"Your in deep shit!" I told him. I walked right past him and into his
room but not without grabbing him with my hand first. I dragged him into
the room. Derek was sitting on the bed going through his bag or something.
"OUT!!" I screamed at him. He must have seen the fire, because he didn't
give staying a second thought.

I tossed Dough onto the bed and got up right next to him, put my forearm
to his throat cutting off air supply, and grabbed his hair and pulled his
head up. "Alright dickweed. What ever thought you had about gay people
being pansies, forget it, because I can kick your ass just as good as any
straight man. In fact I heard what John did. You just don't quit." His
eyes became wide with fear. "Now dickweed, you will not say anything to
me, him, or anybody that remotely sounds like an insult. Because if you do
I will tell Derek to fuck you dry. And he will." 'I really didn't know if
he would but dude is so large that he would probably jump at any chance to
get some. But, it was a good threat.' I saw pure fear in his eyes which
were turning an ugly shade of red. I let him up. "Got it?"

"Yea." He followed me as I got up, but I pushed him forcefully back.

"Don't fuck with me."

I left the room and went to mine. As I stepped in I heard Aaron soft
breathing. I climbed into bed with him. "Get up, babe," I whispered in
his ear.


I smiled. I kissed him full on the lips. I felt him tence up but soon
relax and start to kiss back. I released after a fierce tongue battle.
"You up?"

"Very, and now horny as hell."

"Yep, a cold shower will do you just fine. Come on."

"What, your not coming with me?"

"Why you want me to?" He gave me that sarcastic smile of his. "Fine. I
guess I could use one too."

I stripped off my clothing and did Aaron. He wasn't lying when he said
he was horny. His dick sprang up when I released it from his briefs. I
tried to think of something else. "Does it still hurt?"

"What my stomach, or that?" he said as he pointed down.

"Now you asked for it." I stepped up behind him and nestled my rising
dick between his ass and reached my hand around a grabbed his shaft. A
moan was released from his lips. Those perfect lips. His eyes closed and
he leaned his head back against my shoulder. With my free hand I adjusted
the water and turned on the showerhead. With the other I began to stroke
his velvet pole. Together we steeped into the shower. I released his dick
and lathered up his hair and body making sure to get every spot clean. I
came upon his still hard cock. Delicately I rubbed the soap into the flesh
making sure to rub it thoroughly. I could tell that he was so close. I
rinsed his throbbing cock off and put it into my mouth in which he shot
into my mouth. Wave after wave of his cum slid down my throat. I savored
every drop.

"Wow!!" was all he said.

I raised up and kissed him, hard and passionately. "What can I say."

"You can say that you'll let me do you."

"Can't do, we are late already. Don't want to appear suspicious. Now
come on, wash me, and no playing around. We can do that after."

"Ok." Taking my word, he washed me very quickly. We were out of the
shower and dressed and smelling good ten minutes later.


"Alright, the theater is only a short walk from here so everyone lets
get going, here are your tickets." Mr. Shofield handed out the tickets to
the play. Looking at the ticket I saw that it was called, "In The Blink Of
An Eye" Interesting Title I thought.

It was an impressive sight. One in which anyone passing stared. The
entire group, 44 people, walking down O'Connell St. Towards one of
Dublin's theaters. The theater itself was impressive. It had that Dublin
look to it, yet also had the Broadway décor. It was really cool. Each of
us filed into the theater passing off our tickets on the way. Aaron
swapped with Justin to sit next to me. 'Brave of him.'

Like I thought would happen I nodded off. It was a stressful two days
and I almost expected it to happen. I awoke with a start. The lights for
this play apparently were nothing out of the ordinary so, there was nothing
that really grabbed my attention. The set itself was nuts looking, like an
insane asylum. Yet again, I nodded off. My eyes fluttered when the house
lights came back up. 'Intermission already.' I got up and stretched.

"So, how are you liking the play," Mrs. Kensington said from behind me.

"Ohh, its...good."

"How, I mean how could you see anything through those eyelids of yours."


"Its ok," she laughed, "I understand. Don't worry about it."

"Ok," I smiled at her. I turned to Aaron who, unlike me, didn't awake,
and just smiled. The house lights flickered signaling act II is about to
start. I sat down and tried, to stay awake.

It felt kinda weird. A sort of tingling that traveled up my arm and
towards my face. It hung around, until, it lurched. My eyes shot open.
'AFTERNOON DOSE.' My hand lurched again, then again. Suddenly, it wouldn't
stop. There was no stopping. I slumped in my chair hopping not to make a
scene. My seizure continued. My forcefully closed eyes began to tear.
Soon though, the shaking stopped. It was then I realized that my hand was
being held. I looked over to see a very concerned face on Aaron. Angry at
myself for forgetting my medicine, I tore my hand away and left the
auditorium for the lobby.

I sat in the lobby in one of the over extravagant chairs and put my head
in my hands. I cried. I cried and I didn't understand why. I have cried
tears for my epilepsy for years and I was over that. So why did I cry now.
'Because I have just displayed it for all of Ireland to see. And
furthermore, my boyfriend. Shit, I can't remember if I told him.' I cried
more tears.

I heard the creaking of the wooden chair next to me. I thought nothing
of it until I felt a hand rub across my bent back. It comforted me. "I
love you." I heard Aaron say.

With tear stained eyes I looked up at him. "But..." He put his finger
to his lips. I followed his sign and shut up.

"I love you no less, even if you an ax-murderer. Although disappointed,
I would love you no less." I laughed at his little joke.

"I love you too." Just then Mr. O'Mally came out to see what was the

"Is everything alright?"

"Yea, I just had a seizure."

"Are you feeling ok,"

"Yea, it just makes me really tired. Pooped kinda tired."

"Do you want to go back to the hotel? After the past few days I am not
sure as to why you two even came tonight."

"Maybe that would be good," I said.

"Alright, Aaron, accompany him back to the hotel, and take it easy, both
of you."

In all truth, I have no idea what he was thinking, he knew about us.
Now if that isn't trust, I don't know what is. We proceeded slowly down
the walk to the hotel. Once there, without words we walked in, up the
stairs, to our room, out of our clothes, and into the bed.

"Its my turn," Aaron said as he lay upon my chest.

"You don't have to."

"I know. I want to." With that, he launched himself upward and kissed
me on the lips. He then snuck down and started to nibble on my earlobe.
This brought tingling sensations that raced through my body. My penis
began to rise to attention and Aaron knew it. His hands explored around my
nipples and drifted down to my abdomen. "I love you so much!" he said
before angel kissing the crook of my neck.

"Oh, God, I love you too." He nibbled his way down to my nipple and
lightly sucked on it before moving to the next one. They along with the
rest of me stood erect. Pleasure, like a drug, raced through my system.
It was more than I could take. "Aaron, I need you right now."

He kissed around my naval, and finally reached my cock. But passed it
right by. "AAAaarronn!!" He nibbled on my inner thigh. He gently sent
waves of pleasure through my body with his tongue. He teased my taint and
scrotum. This was more than I could take. I covered my mouth with my
hands and moaned loudly. He took one of my balls into his mouth and wet it
down before doing my other, then both. Finally after all this agonizing
torture, he took my precum slickened cock into his mouth, only to let it go
and lightly blow on it gently. I squirmed around on the bed grabbing
sheets and pillows. He took me into his mouth and took he in halfway. A
few more bobs and he had it down, but unfortunately, a few more bobs and I
exploded deep into his throat. I covered my face with a pillow and yelled.
I was spent, utterly and completely. Aaron climbed up next to me.
"That was...that was...oh..." I couldn't talk.

"Thanks," he kissed me, sharing some of my own seed with me. We kissed
for ages. It was passionate, sensual, loving. "I love you, Sean," he said
as he backed away.

"I love you too." Aaron climbed back onto my chest, where he originally
was and pulled the blankets over us. I fell into a deep blissful sleep.


Part three

"Good morning. This is the Gresham Hotel wake up call service. The
time is 7:00 Am. Thank you."

I rolled out of bed. The sun radiated its brilliance through the
window. I couldn't help but realize just how lucky I am. I tapped Aaron on
the shoulder. "Hey, babe, wake up."

"hmm, you have no idea how much I just want to stay in bed."

"Come on." I pulled the blanket off his naked form.

"ASS!! Its cold."

"Come here, I'll warm you up." His eyebrow perked up. He got off the
bed and walked toward me staring right into my eyes. When he was close
enough, I snuck one arm around his waist and the other put to his cheek. I
brought him closer and pulled his lips to mine. We kissed as our dicks
became engorged. He started to laugh as he felt the head of my cock snake
its way up his stomach.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"We can't do that now," he responded while pointed to my penis. This
brought a small chuckle to my lips as well. Reluctantly we got dressed.
Aaron and I had a little problem stuffing our hard cocks into the jeans we
put on. But we succeeded. I promised him, I would take care of that

We left our room with idle banter bouncing back and forth all the way to
the café where they were serving, of all things, Cheerios. That was
quickly followed by a piece of toast and some orange juice. This would be
my first outing into the Dublin world. We were to take a trip down to the
old jail and to Trinity collage to see the 'Tain.' Apparently it was an old book, which has Celtic background. I think that it is one of the oldest
books to exist or something like that.

The bus ride was really boring. Before the Jail we were taken on an
extended tour of Dublin. We spent a very long time looking at doors. Yep,
that's right, doors. Really really interesting doors. And I say that in
the most sarcastic voice possible. I sat in back which is unusual for me.
Aaron, John, and Tim sat next to me. You know that last row spans the
entire bus. There was more than enough room.

"Sean, what happened to you yesturday?" Tim asked.

"I had a seizure." Everybody knows that secret of mine, I don't think
there is much need to keep that in the closet.

"Was everything alright?" John asked.

I looked at Aaron. "Yep, I am just fine."

"Oh God," Tim moaned, "I don't want to hear about that."

"Oh, John, by the way, Doug came after me and started with the name
calling and shit. I threatened him. Rather severally too."

"How?" Aaron asked me.

"I put my arm at his throat like this," as I demonstrated, "And told him
to fuck off or Derek would fuck him."

"Sean, that is..." Aaron began to yell.

"Absolutely funny..." John interrupted.

"And what he needed." Tim interrupted him.

"See," I said to Aaron, "It was for our own benefit. Besides I wasn't
lying, I bet Derek would jump on a chance like that."

"Probably right, and I see your point," Aaron stated.

After that, the bus ride, looking at doors, was quite unadventurous, and
quite quiet. We pulled up to a large brick wall and were told to exit the
bus. We walked down this footpath through a really old looking gate, and
finally to a modern castle structure. We were led inside. The walls were
smoothed brick and it was cold and damp. This was not Trinity Collage, we
were at the prison we were to visit today.

This was confirmed when we were brought to the first room. The label on
the door said 'Cell block A.' Inside was a gigantic three story room with
walkways and a spiral staircase. It was like Alcatraze squared. On three
stories the walls were lined with cells. We were led to one of the few
open ones. The cells themselves were about the size of my closet. 'How
could anyone live like this.' The curator ran through the explanations like
any tour. I paid little attention, more being diverted to the place
itself. I stepped over to the staircase and saw that it not only went up
but down too. I looked over the security rail into the blackness.

"What do you think is down there?" I heard from behind me. I jumped at
the sound.

"What," I said in a panic.

"Did I scare you Sean, I'm Sorry,"

"Its ok Aaron, this place gives me the gitters. Come on, the rest are
leaving. I don't want to be caught lost in this place."

We followed the group to a large doorway. "Outside this door is the
courtyard. This courtyard was the place of executions, exercises, and free
time," the curator said. She opened the door. The cold wind wiped at us.
I zipped up my coat as did everyone else. We were lead in an "L" shaped
courtyard. I swear I could hear voices. 'This place is freaky, I wish I
never got up this morning.' Again, I paid little heed to the explanations.
I looked closely at the walls. She pointed to a spot where executions took
place. I walked up the to wall there. I could see holes where the plaster
was blasted away by a bullet. A cold shiver ran down my spine. 'I'm
usually not a jumpy person. This place, though, it just does that to me.'

The tour proceeded likewise, we were shown to the rich chamber where the
rich were held. A picture was hung in the room depicting what the room did
look like. There was fireplace, which was still there. A soft chair, and
rugs. IT looked almost too comfortable to be a prison cell. We were also
led to solitary confinement where Mr. O'Connel stayed many a day.
Apparently he was the leader in one of the many Irish revolutions that
plagued this country. Lastly we were led to the chapel. There, a screen
came down and they showed us a short movie on the history of the prison.
I, along with Aaron sat in back. He started to rub the inside of my hand.
I didn't respond much. I was too into the video. I turned to give him a
smile then plastered my face back to the screen.

Once the picture was over we were led out. It was only a short walk to
the collage so as a group we made our way, not down the street but through
a park. It was cool. We all played on the way there. We talked and
actually a few danced. Or at least attempted to. I laughed at their
tries. We hung back and held hands. I was so relaxed around this group.
And as long as Doug was put in his place, things seemed to be alright.

As a mob of people we crossed the street and entered one of the most
popular and oldest schools still in use today. Trinity Collage. We
entered a huge courtyard and walked to the south side where there was a
newer looking building. When we got closer I saw the 'Student Union' Sign
above the door. I had to marvel at the architect who designed it. It
wasn't too impressive but I couldn't describe it in words. There we had
lunch. Some people opted for the long ass lines and some went for the
vending machines. I went for the vending machines. I really wasn't that
hungry anyway. Aaron on the other hand, picked up a seven course meal. We
sat at what had to be the only free table. Eventually people began to
flock to that location. Aaron had to endure the 'how are you feeling'
questions, and I had to endure the 'what the hell happened' questions. I
could tell he was getting sick of it. I rubbed my foot against his as a
sign that I understand. He just smiled at me. That smile thought held so
much. Only when you are in love can you truly know what just a small sign
means. Man, it just makes everything alright, all the pressures disappear.
It is wonderful.

Well, as it turns out, the 'Tain' wasn't on display. Gee, that's
depressing. But we were led to the library. The place was huge. It was
two floors with a great big hole in the floor on the second. Books upon
books lined the shelves. The place was huge, just huge. All done in oak,
it gave that comfortable feel. All too soon we were pushed out, and as it
may be, we were forced to pass by a gift shop which doubled as the student
book store. Right outside the store, in the main courtyard we were all
gathered for an announcement.

"Ok, the play is an early one, so I want you guys to be ready to go at
4:00. That gives you two hours to do what you want. There is the..." and
Mr. Shofield began to ramble off places and directions. All meaningless
to me.

Aaron, myself, Tim, John, aww hell, our circle of friends just decided
to walk around and shop for a while. We walked down this one little small
street. It had this really corny Irish shop. Decked out in green, you
know you're an American if you buy something from that store. Everyone
did, but me. Further on we found this really neat looking place. From
outside you could see a display case full of rings.

"Guys, lets go in here!" Tim said. We fulfill everyone's wishes and we
went in. Tim just looked the the jewelry. He stared at it intently. I
gave a quick glance and found what I wanted. I made sure Aaron was away
and made the purchase. I continued through the store and found the
Waterford Crystal area. I remember what my mom asked for. She wanted some
crystal. 'What was it, little bowls?' I looked and I looked and for the
life of me, couldn't find little bowls. 'Fuck it.' I picked out a large
serving bowl and got a sales clerk. I had that sucker shipped directly to
our home, not wanting to break it on the way home.

"That will be £130," the sales clerk said. I dished out the cash and
left it in the care of the business.

By the time we made it back to the hotel it was time to get ready.
Well, we had a little extra time. I dragged Aaron up to our room, (Which
by the way consists of one single bed and a double bed. The chaparones
wouldn't be that stupid.) There I sat his on the bed and I sat next to him.
"Aaron, I got something for you." Why was I nervous.

He looked deep into my eyes. A smile crossed his lips. I love that,
when he smiles. "What?"

I pulled out the little box, which held the claddagh ring. I handed it
to him. "Open it." He did, that little smile turned into bugged out eyes
and a jaw dropper.

"It's beautiful."

"The traditional wedding ring of the Irish since the 17th Century, the
Royal Claddagh ring is worn by people all over the world as a universal
symbol of love, loyalty, friendship and fidelity. For love, we wear the
heart. In friendship, we wear the hands. And, in loyalty and lasting
fidelity: we wear the Royal Claddagh crown. Worn on the right hand, with
crown and heart facing out, the ring tells that the wearer's heart is yet
to be won. While under love's spell it is worn with heart and crown facing
inwards. Wearing the ring on the left hand, with the crown and heart
facing out, signifies that your love has been requited," I read the little
insert that came with it. "I love it." He swung his arms around my neck.
"I love you."

"I love you too," I said as I held him close. "Here, I got this chain
here incase you are uncomfortable wearing it on your finger. I know how
you are a little uncomfortable showing..." I stopped right there.

"I get it, and thanks for understanding." He let me go. "I will wear it
close to my heart. Where you belong."


"I try."

"Cute, now jump in the shower."

"What, your not coming with me?"

"No, or we'll never get there on time. Now come on."


Cyrano De Burgerac, one of the funniest, serious, most entertaining
plays created. I loved every minute of it. I held his hand for most of
it. It just made things a little better. Every so often, I would squeeze
it just to make sure he was still there. You know, once you have something
so precious, you want to do whatever possible to keep from losing it.
That's how it was. I never want to lose him...this. It is just too
special, almost sacred. And, I love every minute of it. Ahh, well, so
much for Cyrano De Burgerac.

This was itching me out inside. I had to show him. I broght Aaron to
the grand ballroom that I found and that small ironing room. The moon was
showing brilliantly through the window that was half open.

"I have an idea."

"What, its like 10:00, we have to get up early in the morning."

"Just wait here," he said. I did as he commanded. I sat and looked out
the window. It really was beautiful outside, but was a little cold. I
started to close the window. "No, leave it." Aaron scared the shit out of

He walked into the room with the comforter off the bed and he locked the
door behind him. I gave him my grin. "You are full of surprises."

"How do you know what I am going to do?"

"Because we haven't done that in a while. And your just aching," I
stated while swaying my head.

"Shut up you." He tossed the comforter at me. I caught it but it
covered me. By the time I got it off, his full weight was on me. "What do
you say we lay down and spread this over us. It will feel good being warm
in the cool air."

"I love you."

"I know." He stroked my cheek, just staring into my eyes. "I want you
so bad. I want to hold you, caress you, feel you in me; I want to be as
close as possible. And I never want to let go."

"hmm," was all I could say before I landed a passionate kiss on him. We
rolled over. The kiss never changing urgency, but tongues started to reach
out and feel against one another. The feeling was intense. My hands were
all over his body as were his. They reached under my shirt and I knew what
was going to happen. I wanted it. I raised my arms and he pulled off the
shirt, my nipples becoming instantly hard in the cold air. He warmed them
with his mouth, now they became hard from pleasure. "Ohh, God."

He must have taken this as a good sign and started to undo my pants. I
subjected my self completely to his will. Somehow he took his shirt and
pants off too. My head arched up and I held in a loud moan when his hand
found my throbbing member. I was about to blow my load right there.
"Aaron," I barely whispered. He took the head of my penis into his mouth
and began to move slowly downward avoiding the gag reflex. With a magic
touch he gave me such pleasure. I ran my hands through his silk hair. I
was completely relaxed, unforceful, just letting it come. Literally.
"Aaron, I am about to cum." He just took this as encouragement and doubled
his efforts. My eyes shot open and my body tensed. I could feel it boil
to the surface like an erupting volcano. I shot wave after wave of
pleasure into my boyfriends waiting mouth.

I slumped to the floor from the arching position I was holding while I
shot my load. I felt completely weak. Unwilling to move. Suddenly Aaron
jumped and nearly pounced on me. He gave he a hard kiss sharing the nectar
with me. That has become sort of a ritual with us. "Love you," he said as
he rolled next to me.

I rolled onto him and began the same process he did to me. I snuck down
and placed his nipples into my mouth, one at a time. He started to stroke
my hair. He too was unforceful, willing to undergo what I had in store for
him. No rush. I licked a trail down his stomach down to the bush that
surrounded his pole. I took one last look at him before I began my trek. I
saw only love in them yet he had hints of passion and wanting. I swiveled
my head and took one of his balls into my mouth, I swirled it around making
sure to get it real wet. Then took the other and repeated. I heard
audible noises coming from him. One of my hands reached up and pinched his
nipples. The other I got wet with my spit and placed it at his awaiting
anus. I pushed in gently. Not wanting to get him off this quickly. I
licked up the shaft and took his head in. As quickly as I engulfed the
head I let go and blew hot air on it. This produced a moan from him. I
smiled in recognition. I went down on him in one quick motion. How, I
don't know. He covered his mouth with his hands that were still stroking
my hair. I heard a muffled sound and I almost laughed. I continued doing
this for a while. Seemed like forever. It is amazing how much please you
can get from giving pleasure. I was hard again. I continued to gently
probe his hole and continued to suck diligently on his cock. I could feel
it get bigger in my mouth and I knew that he was about too explode. And
what an explosion it was. There seemed to be an endless amount. Suffice
it to say that I didn't catch it all. I released his now shriveling penis
and began to clean up the mess that leaked. I, like him gave his a big
kiss, sharing his juices with him. We both lie there, both wanting the
same thing but too tired to ask.

Since his ass is already wet, I climbed behind him once I recovered. As
I climbed over him I whispered, "I love you." I saw a smile cross his lips.

"Love you too babe."

I hooked my finger again in his ass. It slipped in easily with the work
that I performed earlier. I wet my fingers further and inserted two, them
three, each producing a new moan. "Are you ready," I asked him.

"As I'll ever be."

I was surprised how easily my cock slipped into his ass. Last time it
was hard, My hands reached around him and stroked, caressed,
and rubbed all over his chest and abdomen. They finnaly claimed his cock
in their grasp. I started to jsck him off.

"Ohhhh, mmmmmmmm, Ohhhh, God," he moaned. I must have hit something
suddenly or he got a new fire, because he began to push back against me
with each thrust. I could feel the cum start to make its jurny again. I
grunted and started to kiss his neck harshly. I let go of his dick and he
bucked wildly. He sprayed his cum all over my hands and I sprayed my cum inside his ass. We collapsed physically into a heap of breathing beings.
After a bit I brought my hand to one of the towels but Aaron stopped me.

"No, good lubrication." He then guided my own hand to my own ass and
started to control my fingers. I was his puppet. With his control I
fingered myself spreading my muscles enough to let him enter. He then took
my hand and controlling it once more stroked his dick. He laid me down on
my side and raised my leg. He got behind me and started to gently kiss me.
"I love you Sean with all of my heart." I could only moan in response. He
gently inserted his penis into my awaiting hole.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Oh, God, Ow."

"Holy shit Sean, I'm sorry." He started to pull out, but I grabbed his
ass and held him there.

With short gasps I said, "It's ok now, just go slowly." And that is
exactly what he did. He pushed slowly until he had me to his hilt. I
could feel his pubic hair tickle my ring. "Mmmm, now fuck me." I whispered
to him.

He started to pull and once he was almost at the point of losing contact
he thrust back in. his cock hit my prostrate with every thrust sending
immense waves coursing through my system like a drug. I started to push
back against him, to meet in the middle. I could feel him tense, I could
feel him go ridged, I could feel myself go ridged. Just in time I caught
what was left of my cum in my hands. My orgasm caused my ass to clench on
his dick witch pushed him over the edge. He sprayed what was left of his
supply into my ass. I welcomed every bit.

"Aaron, you want to hear something corny?"

"Mmm, what?"

"That was the most intense, most sacred, and most bonding action that we
have ever performed, not one of us was the domination, we just sacrificed
ourselves to the others whim. Trusting each other."



"That was really cool, I love you so much, but I am so tired right now."
With that he fell asleep holding me. And I fell asleep being held.


I woke up shivering. My teeth were chattering. I found that I was
drenched with sweat and the window was open. I was naked and being held by
my boyfriend. 'Now if only it were warm.' Through chattering teeth I
smiled. I detangled myself and frantically searched the pile of clothes
for a timepiece. '3:00'

I crawled back to Aaron. "Get up babes," I whispered to him.

"Hmm, I don't want to."

"Yes, because it would be a good idea being found up here naked, in a
mess, and sweaty by housecleaning."

"I see your point." Reluctantly he got up. "Holy Shit, its cold."

"Reason number two."

"Damn right, lets get the hell down there." We made short work of our
little camp and dragged everything to our room. Then taking a lazy shower
we collapsed into bed.

"Goodnight, Love you."

"Loves too."


Part 4

"Good morning. This is the Gresham Hotel wake up call service. The
time is 6:00 Am. Thank you."

In the most basic sence, I tossed the receiver across the room.
'Tonight, he is sleeping on this side of the bed.' I literally rolled off
the bed with a thud.

"You OK?"

"You up?"

"Yea, I up," he responded.

"Then yes, I'm ok, come on, lets get going. We are going to Northern
Ireland today." Aaron got up and helped off the floor.

"No time for fun this morning, they gave us little time to get ready.
The bus leaves in a half an hour."

"So, does that disqualify my morning kiss."

"Of course not." I gave him a full tongue kiss on the lips with a little
force behind it. "Now, lets go."

"K. Hey Sean, Last night was really special."

"Oh, I know, it was...wonderful."

Breakfast was short and sweet. We all piled into the bus for a full day
of Northern exposure. The clouds rolled in last night and it began to
mist. Not rain, mist. Throughout the trip I could not help but smile. No
matter how much I tried to suppress it, I just smiled.

"What you smiling about?"

"hmm." I looked behind me. "Oh, Tim, nothing." I said as my face grew
red. I could feel the blood rush.

"Hmmm, I see," he said.


"Yes, Tim we did what you are thinking, and it was the greatest that I
have had, EVER." Aaron took me completely by surprise. And I felt a new
vigor of blood rush to my head once again.

"Oh," was all Tim could say.

"Gee, a little brave there Aaron," I said.

"Well, No more beatin' round the bush."

"Cool." We talked like we always did, about everything and anything.
Nothing really important. Both staring off into space. "You remember Lac

"How could I forget."

"You have no idea, how scared I was."

"You, I was shacking."

"And now look where we are."

"Yea, and I wouldn't change a thing." The trip was spent in silence,
until we pulled into a small depot thing.

"Alright, Welcome to Arma," Mr. O'Mally said. We piled from one bus
into another as we drove a little ways to an ancient burial mound. We
split into two groups and made our way into the little room.

"Every five years, the sun is positioned just right that it shone
through that out cropping and into the recesses of the cavern we are
standing in right now. The waiting list to be in here for that event is
meters long, so don't expect to be here for it. Instead we will simulate
it with a powerful halogen light." The tour guide flipped a switch on a
remote control and light poured in. All the way to the back of the cavern.
It shone onto a little pictograph of a spiral with a scratched off person
in the middle. How ancient people could think of all this and build it
just right is beyond me.

We once again got into our tour bus and drove off toward Arma, the city.
We arrived at a octagonal tower. "Here, we are to meet a Irish theater
group and basically we are going to play games with each other. Impromptu

Yea, my favorite. Impromptu games are really simple. You do what they
tell you and you do it on the fly. Sounds easy do it? NOT. You have to
invent an answer in no time flat that won't make you look stupid. Being a
techie, I failed miserably, and the group had quite a laugh at many of my
answers. Oh, well, at least I am good for something.

The day passed by rather quickly but not without writing our own little
skit. The entire groups split into two and were required to perform the
exact same epilogue about some Irish legend. Aaron and I were separated
and forced to work on opposite teams.

We made our skit rather simple, I was a tree. I earned that position
and am proud of it. As I stood there with my arms outstretched I saw this
red haired guy walk across the complex. My eyes followed him. I couldn't
tear my eyes away. He was hot. How else could I say it. 'No, wrong. I
am taken. But, NO...NO.' I came to a realization just then. 'I was in
love with my Aaron. I can look, but I must always look back. And with
Aaron, it is so easy to look back.'

"And the wind grew violent as Kith galloped to the gates...And the wind
grew violent," The narrator said.

"Sean, the wind grew violent!!" Mr. Shofield yelled. I snapped back to
attention and started to wave in the wind. I gave a sheepish grin to

In the most basic sense of the word, our play sucked. It really did.
Group two took their places and they started to sing. They turned theirs
into a fucking musical. Boy, did we feel dumb. Well, I can't speak for
the rest of us, but I felt dumb. This activity took up most of the
afternoon. We played a few more games and we did the story telling part. I
told everyone on the behalf of Emily and Nicole who were to afraid to stand
up that teching was much harder than it seems.

"I won't go into specifics but there are just a few things that I have
to worry about. Let's see, watts, washes, colors, spots, ample coverage,
locations, types of lights to use, and like in Lac Gur, how to solve a
problem in 10 seconds flat. Emily has to learn a new system everywhere we
go, as does Nicole. So yea, there is more than meets the eye."

A few people nodded in agreement, I could tell that these were the
techies. If I remember correctly, they gave the same laughable answers to
the impromptu games I did. I sat down, now rather proud of myself. A
smile crossed my lips. I am doing that quite often now and it feels good.
I looked over at Aaron, who was staring right at me. He gave a little
thumbs up. 'What was the big deal. I just told them what I do.'


We left Arma late and I watched the sun set as the bus drove us back to
Dublin. I fell into a lapse of conversation and contented myself with
staring out into the bleakness of the night. I found sort of a peace in
that darkness. If comforted me that I was here. I had this feeling
of...contentment. I was truthfully happy that I was here. Not just with
Aaron but with everyone, with my friends. Sounds silly I know, but it is
how I felt. All too soon Dublin came into view. Soon after we pulled up
to our hotel. I could tell that everyone was tired.

I trudged up the stairs and collapsed on my bed. Aaron came in and
collapsed next to me. "Fun day?"

"Yea, it was," he responded.


"And you?"

"If was fun. I feel like talking about it more tomorrow, I am beat."

"Yea." There was a knock at the door.

"Guys, the chaperones want is downstairs," I heard Tim's voice through
the door.

"What now?" I groaned. Reluctantly I peeled myself from my rather
comfortable position and opened the door. "Coming?"

"No." He got up as he said this. I waited and we walked to the lobby

"What do you suppose this is about?" I asked.

"Don't know."

"hmm." We were led to a lounge where we filled out the room nicely.

"I bet we all had fun today," Mr. O'Mally said a little too
enthusiastically. "But there have been some concerns about our behavior. I
was informed on some complaints that were passed down from other

"Does anyone have anything they would like to say," Mr. Shofield
stepped in. This of course was a fruitless effort. There was no way that
anyone was going to admit to anything. "Fine then." From there he gave us
the 'We Are Guests' speech and so forth we were dismissed.

I was feeling a bit parched so I told Aaron I was going to have a drink
down here while they were still open. I saw Mr. O'Mally and Mr. Shofield
along with a few others having one so I figured 'why the hell not.'

"Alright, I'll see you up there, you got the key, right?"

"Yep." With that Aaron scrambled off. I sat and ran over the day as I
drank my Sprite, which was finished in no time. I had that feeling of
contentment wash over me again. Nothing could bring me down. I was
looking forward to another night curled with Aaron in my arms. That was
the best part of this relationship. Not the sex, yea it is good, but no, I
like just cuddling with him. That is what brings that feeling of

I swiped the card with a smile on my lips. Nothing could have prepared
me for what I saw. Aaron was sitting on the bed with Emily pressed firmly
upon his lips. There was no look of shock or anything. My mind went a
million miles per hour. 'Things were so perfect, too perfect.' I raced out
of the room. I don't know if they saw me, I didn't care. Life just sucked right now. I ran down the hall, up the stairs, left, right, fuck it, I
can't remember how I got there but I ended up at the huge dark ballroom.
It was freaky the first time I saw it, but now it was welcoming, inviting.
I slipped inside and fell into one of the corners. Tears, which were held
back, came forth. My emotions exploded. 'Why? How? Why?'

§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ (From
Aaron's Perspective)

"What the fuck!" I yelled, as I pushed Emily off of me.


"Why'd you do that. What if somebody..."

"Nobody saw, except Sean. He..."



"You don't get it!!! God, get out. NOW." She quickly obliged seeing
the anger in my voice. I ran out of the room and began a frantic search.
'How the hell could I get in such a predicament? She told me she wanted to

"Aaron, I have a small problem," She said to me.

"What's that?"

"Well, I don't know how to word this right. Ummm...umm...Aww, shit."
She attacked me, she kissed me, I was in shock, and my eyes shot open. I
didn't know what to do. I heard the door, and then I pushed her off.
That's it. But he saw, he saw, he saw, he saw. How the hell do I tell
him, where do I start, God, I just love him. I couldn't hurt him. Why
does this have to happen? IT'S NOT MY FAULT.'

I searched around corners around bends, climbed stairs. I checked the
'L' room. There is only one other place. I ran back and approached the
ballroom. I was panting. I walked in the room bathed with light for a
spilt second until the door closed.

"Sean? Are you in here?" No response. 'Shit'

§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ (From
Sean's Perspective)

"Sean? Are you in here?" I heard Aaron say. 'I didn't want to talk to
him. He cheated. Not even on another man, it was a woman. A girl, a

"Sean, I know you're in here, please talk to me." There was a pause.
"Sean, please. If you won't talk, just listen." In truth I was listening,
but I didn't want to hear it. "Sean, nothing happened." I could hear his
voice move as he spoke. "She attacked me, she started to kiss me. I

'He stopped, why did he stop?'

"That's not true. She did kiss me, and it caught me by surprise." I
could hear him start to cry. There was a sniffle here and there. "I told
you a while ago, that all this was new, that I wasn't sure. But, I guess
with the way we act, and the things we do, that I seem pretty sure now.
It's just..." He was really crying now. "It's just..." I could hear him
slump down to the floor. "I don't even know if you're in here. I don't
know where you are. I know now. I know for damn sure, that...that..."

I got up and waited.

"I love you, and you alone," he said in a horse whisper. With that he
cried. "I can't loose you, I don't know what I would do. I need you. You
have become a part of me. Oh, God, what have I done."

I waited no longer. I made my way to him and in the darkness knelt at
his side. I stoked his back. "Shhh, its ok, now."


"Yea." He threw himself into my chest.

"God, I am so so so sorry. I never meant...I... Oh, Sean"

I started to cry with him. "It's ok Aaron, I heard every word."


I woke up in the middle of the night. Aaron was clutching onto me for
dear life. I smiled at his unnecessary attempt at keeping me in his life.
I shifted to get more comfortable hoping that it wouldn't wake him.
"hmm...don't go...hmm." He hummed in his sleep.

"Shh, baby, I'm not going anywhere.

§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ (From Tim's

"Are you sure of this?"

"No, You?"

"No." John came toward me and rested his hand on my shoulder.

"For the sake of experimentation," he said.

"For the sake of experimentation." With that, he kissed me. 'I am being
kissed by another male.' Apparently thinking along the same lines he broke
off. But we swore that we would try this. I stood there, stark naked with
John pressed firmly against me. Our rapidly hardening cocks dripping with
pre-cum. 'Am I enjoying this?' He wasted no time and slipped down my body.
Before I knew it he had my cock in his mouth, only to have it spit out
again. He gagged on my six and a half inch meat. I snickered.

"What? Your trying it next." He went back down, this time slowly, and
eventually got the whole thing down. It felt awesome. 'Yea, I had a
blowjob before, but this was more. Intense.' He made short work of his
chore and I soon felt myself approaching orgasm. He must have sensed it
too and pulled off. "Remember what we promised. Nothing in the mouth."

"I know, I know, come on, finish what you started." He did so and
continued to bob on my dick. "Ohh, God, I'm going to cum." I pushed his
head off and with one jerk with my hand sprayed cum allover my chest,
stomach, face, and hair. I think there is some on the bed too. "John,
that was the best blowjob..."

"Save it. Your turn." He flopped himself down on the bed next to me. I
rolled onto him and kissed him hard on the mouth. Then, I too, slid down
his body, but not without kissing and bathing his nipples in saliva. His
approving moans pushed me forward and I slid down farther, to the most
intimate place.

I licked his shaft to wet it down a little. He nearly cried with
anticipation. Finally, I took his head in and slowly pushed his cock
deeper into my mouth. I could feel it hit the back of my throat, but there
was still and inch or two left. As I came back up for air I thought, 'how
do those sluts do that on porn films.' I went back down and then remembered
something Sean told me. "It is the most amazing feeling when your dick
goes down somebody's throat. With this thrust, I pushed harder and I could
feel the strangest reflex. His dick must have popped through the opening,
because my nose was neatly nusled in his pubic hair. I swallowed. I could
hear him moan and thrash as I did so. 'Found his weak spot.' I continued
with this pattern and soon felt his dick expand, without warning he spilled
his cum filling my mouth, I swallowed in fear of suffocation.

It really didn't taste that bad, but I was angry. I got up and flung
myself at his lips, forcing them open with a kiss, I spit his juices back
into him. "Warn me next time." I yelled at him.

"Next time??"

"Fuck you."

"We'll do that next time, I think we had enough for tonight. By the
way, I'm sorry, I should have warned you."

"Damn right." With that I wiped myself off and got into my own bed. I
couldn't fall asleep. I lay awake for what seemed like a long time.

"Tim? Are you awake?" I heard John say.


"I don't want to seem gay or anything, but can I sleep with you

At the very least I was taken aback, but I obliged and moved back and
opened the comforter. "Sure." He climbed in.

"Tim, You're a good friend."


Part four

(From Sean's Perspective)


Tim's voice brought me back to the land of the living. "WHAT!!"

"Let me in."

"Fine," I said reluctantly. "Aaron, come on get dressed." I went up and
opened the door.

"Hey guys."

"What'd you wake us up this early for." His face changed to one of

"They're sayin' stuff."


"Justin, Jeff, Jenny, all of them. There sayin' stuff about you two. I
think Doug busted you guys out. Want me to pound him?" He sounded almost
anxious with that last remark.

"Maybe. Aaron, think very hard about what I am about to ask you."

Groggily he responded. "Sure."

"One simple choice. Confirm or deny." He looked puzzled, but came to
the realization of what I was asking. I tossed himself back onto the bed.

"Sean...I..." His worried expression turned to one of almost peace.

"Are you s..."

"Yes!! One hundred percent. I ain't playin' that pussy shit."

I smiled at his analogy, "Good. Come on, we are going to Gledelouge
today to visit some old abbey. Should be very interesting."

"That won't be the only thing that will make the day interesting."

I could feel the stares, I could feel them, like knives. It was just a
rumor, un confirmed. John and Tim came to join Aaron and I to breakfast
but I could still feel the stares.

"Meeting!!" Mrs. Kensington called. "After Breakfast." And so it was.
Once breakfast was over, we all gathered in the lounge. The doors were
closed behind us.

"There is a rumor going around about two people in our close knit group.
And I am going to tell you that as high school students you should be above
rumors and such. So we don't want you to spread things that aren't true."
MR. Shofield started his speech.

I made eye contact with Aaron and mouthed, 'Are you sure?' He told me he
was. "Mr. Shofield. I would like to make an announcement."

"Yes Sean. If you wish."

My knees were shaking. My palms were sweating. But one look at Aaron
gave all the courage that I needed. I took a deep breath. "Those rumors
that somebody in our group..." At once almost every one coughed and said,
'Doug' under their breath. It was rather amusing. "Yes, well. They are
true." I motioned for Aaron to come meet me. He did without question.
"Aaron and I are gay, and yes, Aaron and I are going out. I seriously hope
that all of you are mature enough to accept this type of relationship.

"Wow," Mr. Shofield said, "congratulations."

"Queers!!" I heard Doug yell.

"Shut up," about fourteen people said to him. I smiled to myself. This
might be easier than I thought.

I grabbed Aaron's hand and brought him in for a short kiss, but it meant
a lot. That short kiss turned into a longer passionate one. I could hear
hoots and hollers from the 'audience.' I broke and took a bow. "Thank you
very much, there will be another show after the performance tonight.
Private viewing only." There were a few laughs to that. Aaron tuned a
bright color red.


"Sorry, Mrs. Kensington."

The day was really cool. WE visited an Ancient Abbey from like the
fourteenth century. There were grave markers there from then. The walls
of the abbey were carved, aww, man it was just indescribable. We walked
the path that the monks took from the living quarters to the church itself
over four hundred years ago. I don't know, it like meant something.
Really weird.

From the abbey we were driven to a tourist site. We were led into a
theater sort of thing and they played a movie on the cultural history of
Ireland. We heard names like the Tain, which we recognized but also, heard
names like crunniuc and macha. One was a dog; the other was a great
warrior. I specifically can't remember which is which. The move was
really cool. My favorite part was the soundtrack, sold separately. Of
course I picked it up. 'CD's are expensive here. £11.98.'

When we got out of the movie it was raining out, a light drizzle. It
added to the character of the place. The trees were lush and the leaves
dropped with each drop. It looked really cool. I sat by the full plate
window and just stared outside.

"What'cha looking at?"

"Hmmm?" I responded.

"What are you looking at," John said.

"Ohh, nothing'."

"Then, what'cha thinking about."

I breathed a small laugh. "Why does it matter to you?"

Taken aback he said, "I was just asking." He suddenly turned really
serious. "Sean, there is one thing that I want to ask you."

I looked into his worried expression trying to tell what it could be
that is bothering him so much. "What is it?"

"Umm...I...don't know.... how to word this... And you can't tell a
single soul about this. And don't take this the wrong way or anything.

"Whoa!! You don't need a disclaimer, what is it. You have my word."

"Ummm...Last night, Tim and I did stuff."

I knew exactly what he was talking about, but I gave him this blank
stare. "Explain futher."

"Come on," he pleaded. I continued to wait for his answer. "We..." He
got real close to me. "We sucked each other off. There I said it."


"What do you mean, so, that's what gays do, not straights."

"So why did you do it?"

"I don't know, it was like an unspoken bond between us. Like
experimentation or something like that."

"Well there you go. You just gave your self a reason."

"But, I got excited. Is that like right??"

"To tell the truth, I don't know. But I could guess. John. You have
so many hormones floating in your system as a teenager that, you could
probably get off by watching a cow and a dog. So just relax. And if you
liked it so what, you know that your true affections are for females so
there is nothing to worry about."

He sat and thought about that for a while. "Your right!"

"So what did Tim have to say?"

"Would that be before or after I came in his mouth."

"You didn't."

"It was an accident."

"Damn right it was an accident, but I got you back," Tim butted in.

"How?" I asked.

"He kissed me, with the tongue, I was enjoying it until he spit my cum into my mouth."

I laughed. "So, how did it taste, not to bad huh?"

"Shut up!" He looked sheepishly around. "Not that bad."


"What's going on?" Aaron came and asked. I gave a blank stare to John
and Tim. I took that as a yes.

"John and Tim had sex."

"Are you serious?" He sounded surprised.


"Cool, maybe we could join you sometime." I looked at him with my mouth
agape. "Ummm...ore not."

"Or not is right. Well, maybe on a special occasion."

"Hold on guys. I'm not gay or anything," John shot back. I just nodded
my head in sarcastic approval.

"I ain't either, Bi at least," Tim said.

"Glad that you could admit that." I gave him a reassuring smile.

"Great I'm going to be surrounded by cocksuckers," John said jokingly.

"Look at it this way John, free blowjobs." This perked his spirits.

The day actually went rather quickly from there. We walked along a wide
path toward a lake of some sort. We saw some spray painted sheep on the
way. Which about five of the group went chasing. We also passed by a
small waterfall in which I took the best Ireland shot of Aaron I have.
Once at the lake we took a group shot and finally boarded the bus for home.

Truthfully it has been a very interesting day. Interesting indeed.
Nobody really gives a shit if Aaron and I are going out. Nobody knows
about Tim and John's exploits. Ohh, how fun. In the evening we were going
to see Cinderella, but it was canceled. Most of our group contented
ourselves in enjoying time at a near by pizza joint. We talked about
almost everything. I knew that our relationship would come up in
conversation and I would answer every question truthfully. And trust me,
during the course of the evening, I was shot them all. "When did you
know?", "When did you get together?", "What have you done?" In which I
answered none of your damn business, but the rest I answered truthfully.

Tomorrow would be the last full day that we would have in Ireland. The
chaperones gave it to us as a free day. We could sleep late eat when we
wanted and walk around to where ever we wanted. I actually had a jolly
good Idea. If it went through, I could not only say that I went to Ireland
but to Whales as well.


I did sleep late. There was no wake up call. It felt great. When I
rolled over in bed it was like 10:00. I rolled onto my back and thought of
home. My friends at school would be learning right now. Poor them. I
laughed to myself.

"What's so funny?" I heard Aaron say groggily.

"Just thinking about all of our friends back home. Mine would be in
Spanish right now. Poor them!"

"We better get up if we are going to catch the ferry."

"Your right." We both got up and started to get ready. "Aaron, you ever
think about what we are going to do when we get home?"



"Doug, is obviously going to give us a hard time, spreading rumors and
shit. But I think that we have the support of all the thespians here.
Doug will be branded a liar and a idiot. You know, come to think of it.
This group of people, they are...we are so close. Like a club."

"A clique"


"I know. And they have our backs. I don't think we have much to worry
about if we are careful. We don't have to tell the entire world until we
think that we are ready. And for me, that will be a while."

"Me too."

We met John, Megan, Nicole, and Tim at the lobby and started for the

"So, how was your private show, Sean."

"Standing ovation. Disserved many encores. And got every single one."
I gave a sly smile.

"You are a sick person," Megan said.

"Yep, and I know you like it."

"So, that wasn't the point. Just wish I could make sick jokes too."

"Nicole is right there Megan."

"TIM!!!" Nicole yelled. "I am not into that."

"What are you sayin'. I'm not beautiful?" Megan asked Nicole.

"Foot in mouth, foot in mouth," John yelled.

"Fuck you asshole."

"Yep, and you love me."

The banter passed back and forth, I was with friends. I was
comfortable. We made it to the depot and bought round trip tickets.
According to the timetable, we could spend an hour and a half in Wales so
we could catch the last ferry back.

I smiled in defiance as I saw old lady Ireland sail away over the
horizon. "So babes, how about a kiss." He looked worried.

"Right here?"

"Yep, who cares, were never going to see these people again."

"I admire your courage, but I don't have that much yet."

"Just give it time. Here is what I think. Our love is much more
powerful than their hate. Eventually that power will compel us to show how
we feel for each other publicly. But yes, your right, it takes time. And
we have it, hell, we're still in High school."

"You see us together in ten years?"

"Yes." I answered right away.




"If I live that long."

"I love you so much."

"I love you too."

Well it turns out that we had little to do over in Whales. They don't
take Irish money. I mean what self-respecting English establishment in
England Isle wouldn't take Irish money. The only thing we had to eat was
snack food on the ferry back home. By the time we did get back to the
hotel the day seemed to have flown by. Tired from the walk and the long
ferry rides we went to an early bed.

I however didn't fall asleep. I got up and grabbed the comforter off
the other bed leaving Aaron cuddled in his. I walked out of the room and
climbed the stairs to the "L" room as it has unofficially been called. The
moon shone brightly on the last night in Ireland. I curled up in the
comforter and stared out the window at the moon. The memories of this trip
flooded back to me.

It was only two weeks ago, but I remember Lac Gur. The place was
beautiful. The first Irish land marks. The first taste of its culture.
It was also the place where I found myself and Aaron. Things just went up
hill from there. New Years. How I will always remember that night. Both
the night he gave himself to me and the night we were discovered. Emotions
spilled that following day. I giggled to myself remembering how stupid I
was. Galway, where I gave myself to Aaron. Where I warmed him in that old theater. Ha, five lights. Where at home I lit the stage with fifty.
There's an improvisation. Then Dublin. That fateful night when the
teachers found out. Where we received the sympathy of the group. Where I
cared for my Aaron, where he...I'm glad that he is ok. The days and nights
here were unforgettable. And will always be.

"Sean, where'd you go?" I turned to see Aaron standing in the doorway
with his comforter wrapped around him.

"Just remembering." He came and sat down in my lap. Wrapped in mounds
of blankets it felt good to have him there. I related all the memories to
him, separated by a kiss here and there. It was pleasant. A great way to
spend the last night. Sitting at the window looking at the Irish moon,
remembering what we did, and how we felt on this trip of ours. After we
ran out of things to remember, we just sat in each others arms. I didn't
talk and neither did he. Yet the way he looked at me ever once and a while
spoke volumes of what he felt.


Part five

(From Sean's Perspective)

"Good morning. This is the Gresham Hotel wake up call service. The
time is 7:00 Am. Thank you."

You know, they have to pull one of those deals on the last day here. A
wave of depression hit me. It is the last day here. I sat up in bed, how
I got into the bed is a mystery to me. "Aaron, get up, man, we have to

"Hmm, I don't want to."

"Neither do I, but, man, I don't want to go either, but we got to."


"Exactly." I got up and started to change. I pulled out my suitcase and
tossed what little was out into it. Reluctantly Aaron did the same. He
pulled on a jacket vest. He looked really hot in that thing. It supprised
me how long it has been since I thought that. I guess things change once
courting is over. "Hey, buddy."


"You look really hot in that vest."

"Yea, you think so."

"Ohh, yea, I just want to..."

"Don't get me riled up."

I gave him a smile. "Fine, when we get home, your spending the day with
your family then your going to spend as many nights over at my place and me
over at yours as possible."

"Ohh, yea."

"You still look really hot."

"Told you to stop."

"Can't help it." I walked up to him and hooked my hands in the armholes
of the vest and pulled him into a kiss. "You just too much to pass up." I
could visibly see him blush. We kissed even harder.

"Sean, Aaron, come on, clean up your room and bring your bags
downstairs." I heard along with a knock. We instantly broke apart. With a
smirk on my face that only said 'later' we followed commands. When I got
down to the lobby, I could see that we were late. Everyone else was ready.
Bags lay strewn through the lobby just waiting to be put onto the bus.

"What took you guys so long?" Emily asked.

"The usual. Packing this, packing that." A few people gave a smirk
under their breath. This whole gay thing is becoming easier and easier to
downplay. In fact, it is becoming downright fun.

"OK, all my Students. Lets put our bags onto the bus and then climb
aboard. We have to catch the plane." Numerous groans were heard through
the lobby.

To tell you the truth, the ride to the airport was very quite, I think
that everyone was doing what Aaron and I were last night. Remembering the
memories. We soundlessly put our bags onto the conveyor belt and had our
tickets stamped. We soundlessly sat and waited for our flight.

"Airligus flight 103 Chicago United States now boarding at gate 23.
Airligus flight 103 Chicago United States now boarding at gate 23."

"I love you," I whispered to Aaron and quickly grabbed his had and gave
it a squeeze, letting go, just as quickly.

He turned back and said, "I love you too."

I sat in the window seat and looked out over the wing. Aaron sat down
next to me and grabbed hold of my hand. "You OK?"

"Yea, I just don't want to go back."

"I know the feeling."

"We had such a good time."

"Better than good, it was awesome. Hey, when we get older, how about we
come back, just you and me."

I smiled at his wonderful idea. "I would love that." With that we sat
back and enjoyed the feeling as the plane jolted into motion and took off.

We spent a good five minutes in the air when, without looking at me,
Aaron said, "So, ever had sex on a plane." I just busted up laughing. I
couldn't hold it. He joined me. For some strange reason, what he said
just seemed so hysterically funny. Everyone one the plane was looking at
us. But I didn't care. As the laughter died down my eyes drifted shut.
Planes do that to me. I fell asleep with a smile on my face and a smile in
my heart.


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