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Dumb Debbie


Comments: WARNING!!! This story depicts the exploitation and humiliation
of a young teenage girl. If you object to graphic depictions of urination,
scat, and diaper related activity, DO NOT proceed to read this story!

story Codes: M+/f/manipulation/coercion/diapers/ws/scat

story Intro: Debbie is a dumb blonde who hates school and has trouble
understanding simple tasks and terms in the classroom. Her teacher Mr.
Garett has just the right idea for her.

Dumb Debbie

by H. Grant

Debbie wandered the highway waiting for her math teacher Mr. Garett as
the sun was setting. She was dressed in tight cut off jeans that were so
short and tight that they revealed most of her ass. They were torn and
shredded at the base with little rips and holes in them. Her hair was
natural blonde and her lips were full and ripe with cherry red lipstick.
Her eyes were caked with black eye shadow and glitter just above the
eyelides. Debbie wasn't very bright at all. In fact, she had just failed
general English which was the easiest level English class in the school.
Her parents had received her report card and yelled at her. Angry and
confused, she had decided to run away. She didn't like her parents and she
didn't like school. All of those hard math problems that involved adding
numbers made her head hurt whenever she tried to think too much. In fact,
the only thing Debbie learned in school was what men liked. She had
discovered that by doing certain things - special things, men began to
notice her and like her. She loved it when the men told her how smart and
pretty she was.

One time her math teacher Mr. Garett called her into his private office
after school. He told her that she was very pretty and that he was
impressed with how quickly she had learned how to add and subtract. This
confused Debbie because she had just failed her addition test.

"Gee Mr. Garett, I thought you called me in here because I couldn't
solve the math problems you gave me." said Debbie with a index finger in
her mouth and a confused look on her pretty little face.

"That's all right Debbie. Try not to think too hard, it's not good for
you." soothed Mr. Garett.

He stared at the cute little blonde. She was swaying slightly back and
forth in front of him - her hips moving from side to side as if she had to
go to the bathroom. Debbie was a confused little tart. Mr. Garett had
pulled her file from the student inventory room and discovered to his
delight that her I.Q. was almost 70. He also knew from observing Debbie
that she was very impressionable and could be easily made to laugh and
giggle and persuaded to do things. He observed most of all that she wanted
to be popular like the cheerleaders on the cheerleading squad. Debbie had
already discovered early on that by wearing certain clothes - specifically
tight revealing outfits, men paid more attention to her. Tight tops that
cut off just below her nipples and revealed most of the lower half of her
precious globes made her extremely popular with the boys and teachers at

So here she was - standing in front of Mr. Garett in her tight cut off
jeans and cherry red cut off top that revealed the bottom of her massive
boobies. Her hair was done up in pigtails and her eyes were practically
smeared with slutty eye shadow. Her lips were swollen with cherry red lipstick and occasionally without even knowing her hot little tongue darted
out from between her lips moistening her hot little mouth. Mr. Garett
instructed her to be quiet while he stared at her. His gaze moved up and
down her voluptuous body and fell at her crotch. The cut off jeans
revealed almost all of her upper thighs and stopped short at her cunt forming a little "V". The jeans were about two sizes too small for the
dumb blonde and pulled so tightly against her crotch that he could see the
outline of her pink puffy panties and more specifically, the little folds
of her vagina. Mr. Garret gazed intently at Debbie. Suddenly something
struck him.

"Step closer to the desk Debbie. I want to have a closer look at you."
commanded Mr. Garett.

Debbie didn't want to get Mr. Garett angry so she stepped forward
eagerly. Mr. Garett look intently at Debbie's crotch. There was a little
wet spot that had formed between her legs. On the surface it appeared that
Debbie had creamed herself with pussy goo. Most of the moisture probably
was. But it was also a little damper than usual.

"Now Debbie, your a very smart girl and I'm very impressed with your
performance in class. You want to continue to please me don't you Debbie?
After all, you wouldn't want to fail general math now would you?" asked Mr.

"Oh no Mr. Garett!" blurted Debbie with a little bit of drool coming
out of her mouth. "Please don't fail me. My parents wouldn't like that
and they would yell at me. I don't like being yelled at Mr. Garett."

"Ok Debbie I won't fail you. But you must do what I tell you like a
good girl. You want to be a good girl don't you Debbie?" sneered Mr.

"Oh yes Mr. Garett. I'll do anything you want. Just don't fail me - I
want to be smart and get good grades." cooed Debbie in the best little
girlish voice she could muster. She knew men liked that.

"Alright Debbie, you be a smart girl and open your legs for me. Step
closer to my chair....that's a good girl I want to smell you."

Debbie stepped even closer to Mr. Garett. She was so glad that Mr.
Garett thought she was smart and pretty. A man of such power and status
was certain to spread the word around about how smart she was. Soon she
would be able to apply for scholarships and get into college and please her
parents. She knew that some day if she tried really hard, she would get
even smarter and learn how to speak properly and to add and subtract.
Debbie also knew that when she got done using the toilet, she should think
really hard and try to remember to wipe herself. Sometimes she remembered
and sometimes she didn't. This was one of those times when she forgot. As
she stepped closer to Mr. Garret, she grew more excited at the prospect of
being probed and smelled by a very powerful man - a teacher!

"Good girl Debbie....spread those little legs....see how smart you are?
You'll do anything I want won't you Debbie....don't say yes or no....just
giggle your reply."

Debbie giggled and spread her legs. Mr. Garret pulled her closer and
pressed his nose up against her crotch and smelled. She sure smelled like
girly goo alright. But there was also a hint of pee pee odor mixed in.

"Did Debbie make pee pee in her panties?" asked Mr. Garett.

"Gee I don't know Mr. Garett....I guess you promise not to tell
anyone if I tell you a secret?"

"Sure Debbie, you can tell me. After all I'm you're teacher" exclaimed
Mr. Garett.

"Well....sometimes when I go potty I forget to wipe myself." murmured
Debbie in a little wee voice.

"That's ok Debbie. Wiping isn't good for you. It requires too much
thought. I want you to promise me like a good girl that you will forget
about wiping yourself when you use the potty."

"OK Mr. Garett. It will be easy to forget. I forget about a lot of
things." chimed Debbie.

"I know Debbie. That's what makes you so special and popular. Now I
want you to turn around and bend over. I have a feeling your pee pee
wasn't the only place you forgot to wipe...I want to smell your bottom."

Debbie dutifully turned around and bent over. She felt Mr. Garett's
hands slowly pull her cheeks apart. Her cut off jeans allowing access to
her most private and intimate area....Mr. Garett began to probe the inner
lining of her pink panties with his fingers. Slowing he reached around and
unbuttoned her jeans form the other side. Then his hands found her zipper
and pulled it down - loosening the jeans considerably.

"Stand up for a second Debbie so I can pull your pants down." said Mr.

"What's a second Mr. Garett? I don't know what that word means." said
Debbie - slightly confused.

"Never mind Debbie. Would you like some bubble gum to chew on while I
inspect you?"

"Oh yes Mr. Garett. I just love bubble gum. It's my most favorite
thing in the world!" cheered Debbie.

Mr. Garett proceeded with more important things while Debbie chewed
mindlessly on her bubble gum making loud slurping sounds and giggling.
With one hand, Mr. Garett shoved Debbie forward again - this time making
sure her pink pantied hiney was right near his face. Mr. Garett inhaled
deeply - smelling Debbie's sweet & dumb girly odors. He took a finger and
peeled back Debbie's panties to reveal her inner crotch. Next he pulled
his desk lamp forward so that it shined a bright beam of light right on her
exposed bottom. Mr. Garett was searching for little traces of BM but
found none.

"Debbie you've been a very naughty wiped your
girls aren't supposed to do that sort of thing. Only men are allowed to do
that." stated Mr. Garret firmly.

"Gee...I'm sorry Mr. Garett. I promise I won't do it again. I feel so
stupid." whimpered Debbie.

"That's alright Debbie. It's OK to be dumb and stupid. That's what men like. If you really want to get ahead in this world, it's better to be
that way."

"Really Mr. Garett? It's OK to be dumb? I'm so glad because now I can
tell you my other secret that nobody knows accept my parents."

"That's OK Debbie. You can tell me. But first let me make something
very clear to you. Your secrets can only be secrets from other girls. Do
you understand Debbie? men are different." exclaimed Mr. Garett.

Debbie nodded slowly trying to figure out what Mr. Garett meant.

"Men are supposed to know all of your secrets Debbie. If you tell them,
they can make good things happen to you....they can make you feel better
and all good inside. Do you understand?" asked Mr. Garett.

Debbie nodded again slowly chewing her bubble gum.

"Now what's your other secret?" soothed Mr. Garett cunningly.

"Well..." stammered Debbie. "I have trouble thinking and figuring
things out."

There was a moment of silence as Debbie concentrated hard on what she
was going to say next. Her discomfort in coming up with words was clearly
visible to Mr. Garett. Finally she continued.

"I....I need to be given directions and told what to do." She wimpered.

"That's OK Debbie. I'm going to help you." said Mr. Garett.

"Really?" blurted Debbie. "Thank you Mr. Garett. I'll do anything you
want. I hate school and I hate home and I hate my parents."

"OK Debbie. I want you to listen carefully and do exactly as I say. I
want you to get your clothes back on and wait for me out on the main road
after school. I'm going to take you to a special place for girls like you.
There you will meet several of my friends. They are all doctors and they
are very rich. They will take care of you for the rest of your life. You
won't have to worry about food, shelter, or clothing ever again. All of
these things - especially clothing will be provided for you. Do you
understand Debbie?"

"Oh yes Mr. Garett. I love being taken care of. I'll do anything you
want and I just can't wait to meet your friends. Are there any other girls I can play with?"

"No Debbie. You won't be meeting other girls. However there will be
other girls living where you'll be staying, but they are only allowed to
interact with men. They will be staying in separate rooms." exclaimed Mr.

"Gee Mr. Garett." whimpered Debbie in her little girl voice. "Who will
I play with."

"You'll see Debbie." soothed Mr. Garett. "Your going to meet some new
friends and they're all going to love playing with you. All you have to
remember is that you must do as you're told like a good girl. Remember
they're all doctors and they know what is best for you Debbie. Now go
outside and wait out on the curb by the highway and I'll pick you up
shortly. Do not talk to anybody....especially any police."

"OK." Debbie stammered as she bent down and picked up her jeans that
were lying on the floor. Pulling them tightly over her waist, she smiled
at Mr. Garett and quickly left the room.

Debbie continued to pace the highway curb outside the school yard. She
felt all giggly and excited. Mr. Garett was going to take good care of
her! She just couldn't wait to see her new home. Suddenly a van pulled up
next to her on the road. It was Mr. Garett!

"Hop in Debbie. We're going on a long trip." said Mr. Garett.

"Yipee" cheered Debbie as she climbed into the van. While they were
driving Debbie looked around the interior of the van. She spotted some
curious things. In the back of the van there were several strange looking
items scattered all over the place. Loose clothing littered the floor
consisting of silk bras, crotchless panties and piles of make up kits.
Also on one of the built in shelves was a pile of medicine bottles with
labels that Debbie couldn't read or even begin to understand. There were
also surgical tools and needles.

"What's all this stuff doin' in the back of your van Mr. Garett?" asked
Debbie in her little wee voice.

"Don't worry about it Debbie. Don't try to figure it out. Remember,
thinking is bad for you unless you are instructed to do something. Is that

"Yes Mr. Garett." whimpered Debbie afraid that she had upset Mr.

"Now Debbie, we are getting very close to your new home and there are a
few rules I want you to follow." state her teacher. "The first rule is
that you are not allowed to speak to your new friends. They are all
doctors and they are a lot smarter than you. If you want to make them your
friends you have to behave as they tell you. You are not allowed to talk
unless you are asked to. The only thing you are allowed to do is giggle
and smile and be very friendly." exclaimed Mr. Garett.

He stared over at Debbie making sure she had comprehended what he was
saying. She looked so slutty in her outfit and she smelled like urine.

Mr. Garett continued.

"Also if you want to go potty you must ask permission by stating the
following: 'I have to go wee wee' or 'I have to make poo poo.' Do you

"Gee....I think I do Mr. Garett." smiled Debbie.

"Good." said Mr Garett. "Also when you ask to use the potty you must
make sure that you speak in your little girl voice and giggle a lot. The
doctors appreciate a good little girl when she smiles and askes politely.
Lots of times they will tell you that you are not allowed to use the potty.
If this happens to must stand in front of them and giggle and wait for them
to instruct you to make wee wee and poo poo in your panties.

"Gee Mr. Garett." stammered Debbie. "Isn't that smelly and

"Don't worry about all of that Debbie." replied Mr. Garett firmly.
"You are not allowed to think about what is right or wrong anymore. You
just be a good little girl and please your new friends and they'll take
good care of you do. Do you understand?"

"OK." giggled Debbie.

She knew that Mr. Garett liked it when she giggled. She also knew that
he liked it when she chewed bubble gum and stuck her finger in her mouth.
She also knew that Mr. Garett liked it when she drooled on her shirt. If
Mr. Garett's friends were anything like him, she was going to get along
just fine. After all, she didn't no any better.

Mr. Garett said nothing more the rest of the way. He amused himself by
observing Debbie next to him in the van. She had been a real find. She
just sat there chewing gum and occasionally sticking her finger in her
sweet mouth when they passed something that confused her. Finally Mr.
Garett pulled into a wooded area that was secluded from the rest of the
highway. The driveway was covered with small gravel stones. As the van
pulled around a small bend Debbie could see the huge mansion that awaited

"Wow!" she gasped. "Is this my new home?"

"Be quiet Debbie." Mr. Garett said sternly. "Remember how I told you
to behave. Your a stupid blonde cunt who needs to be taught manners. Now
start giggling and drooling like a good girl and the doctors will be nice
to you and make you feel good. They like stupid bimbos like you. They're
going to be your new friends."

"Gee...OK Mr. Garett." whimpered Debbie - and she immediately began to
roll her eyes and blow bubbles with her bubble gum.

"Good girl Debbie." said Mr. Garett as he parked the van. "Now I want
you to stand beside the van and play with your little pig tails while I
make arrangements."

As they stepped out of the van, three men in their late forties exited
the front door of the mansion and came out to greet Mr. Garett. They
briefly glanced at young Debbie - glossing over what she was wearing. Then
they turned their attention to Mr. Garett.

"Quite a find you have here Mr. Garett." said one of the men referring
to Debbie.

"Yes. She's quite a prize." replied Mr. Garett. "She's very dumb and
very receptive. And she just loves attention don't you Debbie."

Debbie giggled her response allowing a little bit of drool to fall on
her red cut off top. Her boobies swayed in the gentle breeze and stood up
very erect - pressing against her tight red top.

"Come here Debbie. The doctors want to have a look at you." Mr. Garett
said firmly.

Debbie rolled her eyes and blew another bubble. Then she strolled over
to the four men. As she came closer they circled her and began making
comments to one another.

"She smells...has she had a bath?" asked one of the men.

"No. I'm afraid not." replied Mr. Garett. "She wet her panties like a
good girl though."

One of the other doctors stepped forward and pressed his nose against
Debbie ass.

"Any BM?" he asked.

"No. Not yet. But she's already forgetting how to use the potty aren't
you Debbie?" asked Mr. Garett.

Debbie smiled an affirmative and began giggling again. Her slutty
eyelashes glowing with glitter. Another man stepped forward and pressed
his index finger to her mouth.

"Suck on his finger Debbie. Show him how much you like doctors." said
Mr. Garett as he got beside her and squeezed one of her boobs.

Debbie opened her mouth and began slurping on the doctor's finger as if
it were the greatest lollipop in the whole world. A little bit of drool
seeped out of her hot little mouth and onto the doctor's finger. Suddenly
Debbie felt another finger invade the inside of her panties and probe the
tip of her hot little brownie. Debbie was getting excited. She began to
moan as she swayed between all four men. A little bit of pussy cream
seeped out of her cheap cunt soaking the big fat finger that was pressing
against her bottom. She felt another hand cup the front of her jeans and
pull the zipper down exposing even more of her undies.

"What do we have here?" chided one of the doctors. "Isn't she
cute...all dressed up in pink little panties....and she's feels so wet."

"Maybe we should take her inside." suggested Mr. Garett.

Debbie cooed and continued slurping on the doctor's finger. She loved
the way she was receiving attention. The other doctor removed his finger
from Debbie's bottom. There was a little brown streak on it. The doctor
held it up to his nose and took a big wiff.

"Hey fellas. Look at the healthy little present Debbie has given us."
he snickered.

The men gathered around and smelled his finger.

"Ummm...she sure is a healthy girl." exclaimed one of them. "Here
Debbie. Suck your odor off of his finger."

Debbie rolled her eyes and batted her eyelashes. Then she stuck the
dirty finger in her mouth and began slurping away without removing the
other finger. A slightly bitter taste engulfed her senses. Just then
someone's tongue lashed out and licked her face. Another doctor gathered
up saliva in his mouth and spit it into the back of her hair. Another
finger was inserted into her mouth. Now she was sucking on three fingers
one of them covered with a trace of poop. Suddenly the men picked her up
one on each limb and began carrying her giggling and drooling into the

The next thing Debbie knew she was being placed on a very large steel
table. Her head was being held firmly by one of the doctors and her arms
and legs were being held by two others. The sound of other men entering
the room was unmistakable though because she heard several other voices.
She tried to look around but her head was being held firmly to the table
and her eyes were being held shut.

"Relax Debbie." said one of the men. "We're just going to give you a
special bath."

With that, Debbie heard the sound of trousers being unbuttoned and pants
being pulled down. Then she felt the table shake. She guessed that one of
the men was climbing on top of it. She heard heavy breathing as the doctor
that was holding her head down began licking her ears and face.

"Start giggling Debbie....we love dumb little girls that giggle don't we
men." she heard one of them say.

Instinctively Debbie began doing what came natural to her. She began
giggling and cooing. Her hot little tongue darted out of her mouth and
began lapping at one of the fingers that was pressing against her lips.
Suddenly she felt something warm splash against her chest and shirt. Then
she felt another warm liquid sensation on her forehead that trickled down
through the back of her hair. Then she felt her thighs being spread apart
and her pants being pulled down. Strong firm hands began to tug at the
sides of her panties pulling them down her legs. Another man climbed on
the table and grasped her ankles hoisting them upward. Her panties were
removed and each of her ankles were clasped by two pairs of hands pulling
them wide apart. As her legs were being spread wide, another pair of hands
hoisted her bottom upward so that her cunt was exposed for all to see.
Debbie kept giggling and tried to sway her hips but she was held firmly in

"Hold still Debbie. This will make you feel real good." said a male
voice. Debbie felt another pair of hands on each side of her hips.
Gradually the hands moved toward her inner thighs while the other pairs of
hands were holding her legs wide apart and her bottom upward. Debbie felt
excited. They were going to start probing her in her little private area.

To her surprise, the hands stopped short of her inner vaginal folds and
rested on the outer lips of her cheap cunt. Then she felt a slight pain as
she dimly realized that her vagina was being pulled wide open in separate

"Relax Debbie." said a voice.

"Just keep giggling like a good little whore." said another.

Debbie heard one of the men move on top of the table. Her cunt was now
spread wide open by several pairs of hands. Debbie felt itchy. She wanted
something - anything in her cunt bad. Suddenly she got her wish.
Something warm slithered into her moist hole. However, unlike the warm
liquid feeling she had felt on her chest and hair, it stopped suddenly.
She heard laughter from several of the men in the room. Then she felt
another glob slither into her womb. It didn't feel like a finger. It felt
mushy and warm. Suddenly Debbie felt something warm spray across her face.
It smelled like pee. Debbie grew more excited and began giggling
uncontrollably. Another (much larger) mass entered her vagina. Gradually
Debbie felt her vagina become full and eventually it was no longer
necessary for the doctors to hold her cunt open - it wouldn't close!

When the doctors had finished with Debbie they looked down at the
giggling little whore on the operating table. She was filthy from head to
toe and smelled like a dirty diaper. Her bright red cutoff top was
drenched with urine as were her boobies and bellybutton. Her hair was
matted down with piss and sticky globs of semen. The slutty makeup she
wore on her eyelids was running down her cheek. But the most beautiful
site of all was her dirty little cunt. It was filled with mushy poop of
the worst kind and it smelled!

Debbie heard someone taking pictures and then she felt a sharp pain in
her arm. Soon she was fast asleep.

When Debbie awoke, she felt very comfortable. She was in a beautiful
bedroom with satin drapes and silk sheets. The room was beautifully
furnished. However there were no windows. Debbie reflected on what had
happened to her prior to falling asleep. She couldn't see anything but she
had a vivid memory of what it felt like and what it smelled like. It
seemed dirty to her at first, but one of the men had told her that it would
be alright and that she would get used to it. She smiled and felt a
feeling of relief as she rested her head on her soft pillow. men were so
smart and intelligent. They knew exactly what to do and how to treat a
lady. They were very powerful and important and she knew that she wanted
to please them in any way she knew how. She remembered her instructions
and she began to get excited about obeying them and behaving like a good
little girl should.

Debbie slipped out of the bed and stood in front of the tall mirror in
front the big dresser. Her eyes lit up when she saw what she was dressed
in. It was a short pink mini dress that was the see through kind. Every
bit of cleavage was clearly visible. Her hair was done up in pig tails and
she had a beautiful pair of pink panties on. She smelled of fresh baby
powder down below and, to her delight, there was a little brown teddy bear
sitting on one of the chairs just for her to play with. Debbie stuck her
finger in her mouth and a little bit of drool came out. She walked over
and picked up the teddy bear clutching it to her breasts.

Just then the door opened and two of the doctors came into the room.
They were dressed in business suits and looked very powerful and important
to Debbie. She smiled at them and began to sway back and forth. For some
reason, she couldn't think of anything to say. No words had popped into
her mind. Her only impulse was to giggle and bat her eyes at them. They
both walked up to either side of her.

"That's a good girl...what a pretty whore...isn't she cute?" one of them

"Let's have a little kiss huh Debbie?" said the other as he leaned
forward and pressed his tongue against her hot little mouth.

Debbie swooned in his direction giving him a long, wet kiss and probing
his powerful mouth with her sweet little tongue.

"Get on your knees between us Debbie. We have a gift for you." said the

"Yeah. We think you're going to like it Debbie just open up your little
mouth and close your eyes."

Debbie knelt down between the two doctors feeling so excited that these
powerful and important men were spending their precious and hard earned
time with her. She knew that they had many other important things to do
like go to meetings with other important men and handle paper work and
numbers. men were good at that sort of thing and Debbie was pleased that
they had taken time off to pleasure her.

"Open your mouth wide Debbie." commanded one of the men in a stern

Debbie opened wide as she heard the unzipping of trousers.

Then she felt the tips of the two men's cocks brush against her cheeks.
Both men smiled as they began to insert their massive dicks into her mouth
at the same time! Debbie gulped and felt instantly full. The two masses
of lard began swimming in her mouth and mixing with her saliva. She could
taste little drops of semen and traces of urine as the two cocks mixed with
each other and played around in her mouth. Both men took hold of each of
her pigtails and jerked them back and forth. Suddenly one the cocks
spurted in her mouth. The warm thick liquid splashed against the back of
her throat filling her tonsils. The other man pulled his cock out of her
mouth and inserted the tip into one of her nostrils.

"Hold still Debbie." he said. "This is just like a little snort of
heroin only better."

Debbie could hardly give a response. Her mouth was filled with smelly
goo and the cock from which it came was still buried in her mouth. Both
men held her head firmly and waited for a few seconds. There was a long
pause as Debbie looked up sweetly at both men rolling her eyes and looking
slutty. Her mouth was filled with cock and there was another penis buried
up her sweet little nose. Suddenly she felt it....SQUIRT...SQUISH...SQUIRT
right up her nose. When the man was finished he removed his peter from her
nostril letting the cum ooze out in little driblets.

The gooey liquid rolled out of her nose and down her lips - eventually
rolling off of her chin and onto the carpet.

"Stand up Debbie - we want to fondle you." said one of the men.

"Yeah...we just love the smell of baby powder on you." said another.

Debbie stood up clutching her teddy bear. As she did so she suddenly
felt the urge to go potty. Both men slipped their hands in her panties and
began to play with her. Gradually both pairs of hands made their way to
the back of her panties and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Debbie gave a
little yelp and out came a little fart.

"Uh oh...does dumb little Debbie have something she wants to tell us?"
asked one of the men.

"Uh huh." said Debbie in her little girl voice, a little glob of semen
seeping out of her mouth.

"Good what does little Debbie have to tell us?"

"I gotta go poo poo." she whimpered clutching her teddy bear.

The men smiled at one another.

"Do you know where good little girls make their poopies?" asked one of

"Uh...gee I think so mister" Debbie replied meekly.

"And where do dumb little girls make messy?" asked the other.

"In my panties." replied Debbie swaying back and forth between the two

"That's a good little whore - you're learning so fast." said one of the
men. "We might have to reward you with a golden shower."

"And if dumb little Debbie makes a big mistake in her panties, we might
even give her a brown shower." Said the other.

Debbie didn't no what a golden shower was, much less a brown shower.
All she knew was that she had to make poo poo.

Debbie looked at one of the men.

"Can I make poopies now mister?" asked the dumb little blonde.

"You sure can baby girl - right in your little panties!"

Both men knelt down behind Debbie grasping her from behind and pulling
her pink panties close to their faces. Debbie was still for what seemed
like a long moment. Then a little crackling sound came from her little
hiney. Both men stared intently at her tight little bottom. After a few
moments another squishy sound was heard and a tiny little brown spot
appeared at the base of her panties. Debbie clutched her teddy bear
feeling a little embarrassed. Her cheeks blushed with pink colors as she
realized what she was doing. Suddenly she felt a warm sensation in her
hiney that slowly began to spread out engulfing a larger portion of her
bottom. The smell in the room began to resemble that of a little child's
nursery. The men began to grin as the air began to fill with the odor of
smelly girl poo. Debbie blushed again and looked behind her at the men leering at her accident.

"That's a good girl Debbie. men like it when dumb girls make messy in
their panties....that's all you're good for you little blonde headed slut!"

Debbie didn't no what to make of their comments. She had just done
something awfully bad and dirty in her panties. But the men were telling
her that she was a good girl. Debbie liked being told that she was a good
girl. That meant that men approved of her and that she was worthy of being
paid attention to. Debbie liked getting attention especially when it was
between her legs.

Slowly she began to realize that what she had done in her panties was
good and pleasing to other men. She began to smile relieved that the men approved of her and thought she was pretty.

"We have a surprise for Debbie. Since you have been a good little girl you will be rewarded." Said one of the men.

"You like being rewarded don't you Debbie?" asked the other.

"Uh huh" Debbie blurted in her sweet little girl voice feeling the poop
ooze and slither all over her slutty little bottom.

"O.k. Debbie, we're going to show you the surprise. It's something we
want you to wear. But first we want you to do something for us." said one
of the men.

"Turn around and face this camera....we want to take some pictures of

Debbie smiled and giggled to herself. She was going to be a movie star!
She turned around slowly awaiting further instructions.

"Now Debbie, we want you to take your mini dress off and leave your
panties on. Go over to the bed and lay down on it."

Debbie removed her mini dress exposing her massive boobies which also
smelled like baby powder. She waddled over to the bed. The sound of poop
squishing between her thighs was unmistakable. She had made such a big
mess that a little bit of poo slithered out of her panties and fell onto
the carpet. Dumb little Debbie didn't take notice as she slowly climbed
onto the bed. One of the men whistled loudly and instantly three other men entered the bedroom carrying several cameras and heavy recording equipment.
Some audio equipment was placed next to the bed and several fancy bright
lights were set up at the foot and head of the mattress. Debbie just lay
on her pillow with just her pink panties on. Her boobies were all puffy
from excitement and her crotch stank of poo poo.

Finally the cameras were all set up and the five men positioned
themselves behind the various film stations. One of the men handed Debbie
a pink teddy bear and told her to cuddle it. Debbie loved the new teddy
bear and did as she was told.

"Now lie there against the pillow Debbie and spread your legs so that
the audience can get a good view of your panties."

Debbie lay back against the pillow clutching her new teddy. Slowly she
spread her legs allowing the bright beams of camera light to shine on her
dirty panties.

"Now suck your thumb Debbie and place the teddy's face against your
crotch so that he can have a whiff of your accident too!" said one of the

"Good girl...nice little lift both your legs in the air and
hold them together while the men pull your panties down a little bit - the
audience wants to see what's inside."

Debbie lay on her back and lifter her legs in the air while holding them
together. Two of the burly men in business suits came over and leaned on
either side of her. Together they held Debbie's legs up and grasped the
sides of her pretty pink panties. Slowly they peeled them backward and
drew them upward exposing little smears of poop along the way. They
deliberately stopped short of exposing her cunt leaving the lights and
cameras to focus on her mushy stinky brown bottom. Little globs of poo
clung to her panties as the teddy bear fell off to the side. The cameras
continued to roll.

"Now Debbie...before we show your new surprise we want you to make some
sounds into the microphone while we take pictures and film you. If you're
really good we can make you a movie would you like that Debbie?"

"Gee mister...I love being a star. What do I have to do?" blurted
Debbie still sucking on her thumb.

"Lean close to the microphone and begin moaning the same
time we want you to reach down with both your hands and spread your hiney
nice and wide so that the audience can get a nice view of your beautiful
poo poo hole." Said one of the camera men. Debbie did as she was told.
These were powerful important men who knew just how to make her a star.
She would do anything for them. They were so kind to her - giving her a
new teddy and all.

"Now Debbie, the next thing we are going to ask you to do is a little
dirty, but the we know the audience will love it and they think it will
make you very cute and pretty...just take one of your hands and place two
fingers in your hiney hole and smear some of your poo poo around..that's a
girl....good little whore!"

Debbie smiled and place two of her fingers into the crevice of her pink
little bottom. Her fingers kept searching until they found something very
mushy and sticky. Slowly she began to move her fingers in little circles
smearing the poo in areas of her bottom it hadn't reached yet. All the
while she continued to moan into the microphone giving broad hints of
intense pleasure with what she was doing.

"Now Debbie, we want you to be a good little girl and giggle for the
audience." Said one of the photographers. Debbie giggled softly into the
microphone, her fingers still smearing the smelly BM around her hiney.

"That's a good little take some of your pooey and smear it
in your pee pee!" said another. Debbie kept giggling. These men made her
feel so special and important. She felt all cute and pretty with her thumb
in her dumb little mouth and her fingers probing the smelly poo all over
her hiney. Tenderly she began to scoop some of the smelly mess onto her
dirty fingers and probe the inner folds of her pink little pee pee with it.
Some other photographers had entered the room taking "stills" of her with
regular cameras. Debbie still had both legs locked together holding them
high in the air so everyone in the audience could get a perfect view of her
dirty little twat.

"Priceless." said one of the men as Debbie continued to giggle and suck
her thumb. "She'll make a nice potty for us. I just can't wait to poop
all over her blonde pigtails."

"Me too!" said another man. "I want to pee in her ear."

Debbie had no idea what the men were talking about other than the words
"Pee" and "Poo." She knew that those words had something to do with the
sweet smelly odor protruding from her exposed bottom. Suddenly a little
bit of "wee" trickled out of her dirty hole just as she was smearing the
last traces of poo on her little clitty.

"Oh look....dirty little Debbie is making pee pees for us." exclaimed
one of the men. "Let's get a close up of that."

Two of the camera men knelt on either side of the bed and trained their
cameras on Debbie's dumb little twat. SQUIRT.....SQUISH....SQUIRT! The
blonde little whore peed for the men making a huge jet stream squirt out
from between her little legs. The urine splashed all over the silk sheets
making a little puddle at the foot of the bed. Debbie giggled and cooed as
one of the men stuck his finger in her little pee pee hole and began to
caress her left boob. Another man circled around to the head of the bed
and placed his penis above her sweet little face. It was big and throbbing
and angry looking. The burly man lowered the fat smelly snake onto her
pink little lips and pressed. Debbie removed her finger from her mouth and
gently sucked on the throbbing piece of stinky lard. The cock grew bigger
as it entered her mouth swelling her cheeks out and making her look like a
blowup doll with every orifice open to the men. She liked being treated
like a queen by these powerful and important men. They were so smart and
intelligent and they knew just what to do with her. She loved the silk
sheets and satin curtains. She loved the teddy bear they gave her to play
with. Debbie didn't much care for being dirty and smelly, but this was
part of being taken care of by the men and occasionally she enjoyed the
sweet little tingly feelings emanating from her vagina. She especially
loved it when they played with her down there and spread her little cunny.
She also loved the things they were saying to her even though she wasn't
bright enough to figure everything out. She also loved sucking on their
big fat smelly cocks. To dumb little Debbie they were better than fingers.
Whenever she was thirsty one of the cocks would spray her with dirty pee or
smelly goo. Debbie hadn't been living there long enough to know what
feeding time meant. But she was sure that the men would take could care of
her in that department.

"Good girl Debbie.....keep sucking and slurping like a stupid little
cunt" said the man with his cock in her mouth. Debbie slurped and gurgled
away with her legs high in the air. Her dirty pink panties slid slightly
above her crotch so that all the men had a could view of what a stinky
whore she was. Cameras zoomed in on her dirty little bottom and some of
the men played with her hair. The fat dirty finger in her pee wee was
replaced by a second....then a third....then a fourth. Suddenly Debbie
felt sharp shooting pain in her cunt as it began to stretch enormously.
The man with his fingers in her dirty crotch was slowly easing his fist
into her. At first there was very little give in Debbie's twat. However
the little smears of girly poo made it easier for the man to move his fist
in and out. Gradually the fist went deeper and deeper into Debbie's hole spreading it wider and wider. The cock in her mouth had swelled to epic
proportions and had begun to leak urine. Debbie felt another warm
sensation on her belly as another man began peeing on her. The other man began ramming his fist into Debbie more forcefully occasionally pulling it
out to inspect the glistening goo and smeary traces of poo that lined his

Debbie couldn't concentrate on all of these things happening to her at
once. Right now she was focusing on the salty taste of pee pee that was
being sprayed in her hot little mouth. More urine leaked off of her belly
button and onto the bed. The silk sheets were now soaking wet as the
little whore sucked, giggled and rocked gently from left to right while her
feet were held in the air. She began to smell her own poo as the man in
her mouth gently withdrew his penis - the last vestiges of semen and urine dripping from the tip of it. The fist was also removed from her dirty
vagina and the men retreated to another room to clean themselves up.

"You've been a good girl Debbie. We want to reward you for being a good
little whore." Good things happen to good girls who please men." Said one
of the photographers.

"Hold still dirty little cunt while the men clean you off!" commanded

Debbie lay motionless while a large box of baby wipes were brought to
the bed side table. Four men knelt on either side of her and began wiping
her down paying particular attention to her poopie bottom. After the last
traces of her smelly BM were wiped away, Debbie's dirty undies were
removed. She whimpered a little as her teddy was removed from the bed as
well. Next one of the men pulled out a small bottle of baby powder and
began to smear Debbie's anus with it. Next, her smelly cunt received the
same treatment as she cooed with pleasure. All the while the entire scene
was being filmed for the pleasure of an all male viewing audience. Debbie
was the perfect model for the movie. She was dumb, giggly, an oh so messy!
The men had taken full advantage of the young teen's situation. She was so
stupid and willing to believe anything they told her. The men had no
respect for her and neither would the viewing audience. She would be
treated as a sex object for the rest of her life as long she believed the
promises that they had absolutely no intentions of fulfilling. It didn't
matter because Debbie forgot everything that was said to her within a
matter of minutes anyway. Whenever a lie was uttered in her presence such
as becoming a movie star, it was quickly clouded by her bimbo nature and
lack of judgement and attention span. The doctors quickly learned that
Debbie responded much more receptively to physical stimulation rather than
verbal. Her little bimbo brain could not handle too many words in one
sentence. Her brain would soon center around her crotch. Soon, with the
proper medication and treatment, her cunt would do the thinking for her and
there would be no need for vocabulary of any sort. Debbie would soon
become completely air-headed and child like. Her words would soon be
reduced to little baby babbles and giggles. On the rare occasion when her
bimbo mind had a relapse and a question surfaced, a cock would be the
answer - the only answer.

"Stand up Debbie. We have a little surprise for you." said one of the

Debbie was guided to her feet and one of the men slipped her mini skirt
back on over her head. The dress stopped short of her waist leaving her
hairless pink puffy pee pee in full view. One of the men reached down with
two fingers and gently spread the lips of her labia to one side checking
for dribble. Her little girly scent was enhanced by the baby powder and
she smiled sweetly at all the men surrounding her. Next, another hand
pulled one of her hiney cheeks to one side exposing a hint of her little
poo poo hole. One of the men inserted a finger into her little bum and
began to wiggle it around. Two men entered the room with her new present.
It was beautiful pink puffy diaper with little dollies on it squatting down
getting ready to make BMs. Debbie's eyes lit up with joy. It was so cute
and adorable! She especially liked the little dollies on the front
although she couldn't quite make out what they were doing - or what they
were about to do. Dumb little Debbie giggled with pleasure as one of the
men continued to finger her bottom. She was so excited. She couldn't wait
for the men to put the new diaper on her. Now she wouldn't have to use the
potty. It was so hard figuring out how to pull down her panties or what
that funny little silver knob meant in the school bathroom. Now these
powerful men would do all her thinking for her. She would no longer have
to wipe herself either.

"Now lift your little legs Debbie....that's a girl....we're so proud of
you." said one of the business men. Both men slid the thirsty diaper up
her thighs and fastened it to her waist. A little bit of drool escaped
from Debbie's mouth and landed on the floor in front of all the men.

"Now Debbie...where do cute little dumb blondes make potty?" asked one
of the men.

Debbie thought for a moment with her finger in her mouth.

"In my diapey" she whimpered.

"That's a good girl." The men said in unison.

"Now what will you say when you make pee pee?" asked another.

Debbie rolled her eyes and drooled for a moment.

"wee wee." She said.

"Good girl. And what will you say when you make poopies?" asked

Debbie giggled shyly.

"poo poo" she replied.

"That's a good girl." They replied.

Then they all took turns kissing Debbie full on the lips and fondling
the little diapered area between her legs.


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