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EASW a chapter 1


The Erotic Adventure's of Snow White By DemonBound

Prologue and Chapter 1 (voy, oral, fist, MF, MF-tit fuck, Fmf, M+F, FF)

Warning: This story is intended for adults, if you aren't, don't read
it. It also isn't for you if you are offended by sex, since it deliberately
contains every sex act I can think of, though I'm sure I missed a few. It
contains lesbian and homosexual and straight sex, incest, bondage, torture,
bestiality, rape, oral and anal intercourse, at least one scene with a
golden shower, and sex with characters that would be considered underage if
they really existed and lived in our society. I left out snuff and scat
sex, since I personally find those distasteful (oops, I forgot, there is
one scene where one person gets killed, but it isn't the point of the
scene), I probably missed some fetishes, and I rushed through any male to
male sex scenes, since I find those not erotic and a little off putting,
but there you have it. This book isn't for the young, the weak of heart or
stomach, so-called fundamentalists, or for those who can't tell reality
from make believe. family values are pretty much completely lacking here.
I don't really care about the laws, but I don't want anyone to be damaged.
So if you can be damaged by reading this book, don't. If you read it,
understand that the consequences are your own, chosen by you, borne by you.

Explanation: This story is not really erotica, it is porn-rotica. It is
intentionally as explicit, graphic, and down in the muck pornographic as I
could make it. I wrote about things that disturb even me. I didn't do it
for money, since I don't expect to ever make a dime off of it. I didn't do
it for fame, since I am using an alias and never intend to tell anyone who
really wrote it. I did it because I realized I had a dark side, or at
least a highly sexual side, that was aroused by some things my conscious
mind initially wanted to deny. Many of these things are rightly seen as
wrong, hurtful, even sinful, if your beliefs run that way. Rape, incest,
pedophilia, bestiality, as well as simple things like group sex, facial cum shots, anal sex, golden showers, lesbian sex, even male homosexual sex, are
all darkly attractive to me. (and yes, I know I said that I found
homosexual sex distasteful, I never said I was consistent, deal with it) I
came to realize that by trying to suppress them, to push them down into the
murky depths of my subconscious mind, I was giving them power over me. So
instead, I started writing stories like this.

I like to think that these stories help me keep my dark side in check.
I've never acted out these dark fantasies in the real world, and I never
will. But in stories the mind can fool itself, at least fool that
primitive bestial self that is attracted to such things, and at the same
time no real people are hurt. Rape in the real world is often devastating
to the victim, practicing pedophiles deserve the quick prison deaths many
of them get, incest is probably as devastating as rape, and bestiality is
at best distasteful to most, and probably cruel to animals as well. Most
sex is absurd on the face of it anyway. But in fiction no real person is
harmed or humiliated, no actual being is tormented or tortured, and as
such, fiction is the perfect way allow your dark side expression. So in
the interest of self knowledge and self control, the part of me that I call
DemonBound came to be born, existing to show you the reader and me the
writer exactly what is in that shadowy realm in the dark corner of my soul.
Besides, I think my words make pretty good stroking material.

This isn't art, it's sex, and even if it is just words, it's every bit
as messy as sex always is, just inside your head to save on cleaning costs.
I hope that even if you find this shocking, offensive, or crude, you also
find it interesting and hopefully arousing. Read on.

begin story section


<<Once upon a time in the middle of winter, when the flakes of snow were
falling like feathers from the sky, a queen sat at a window sewing, and the
frame of the window was made of black ebony. And whilst she was sewing and
looking out of the window at the snow, she pricked her finger with the
needle, and three drops of blood fell upon the snow. And she thought to
herself, would that I had a child as white as snow, as red as blood, and as
black as the wood of the window-frame. - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs>>

Once upon a time, in the middle of winter, with flakes of snow falling
outside, a Queen leaned on the snowy sill of an ebony framed window that
looked out on the nearby Dark Forest. But the Queen took little notice of
the scenery, for she could only concentrate on the long prick probing deep
into her burning pussy. She stood naked, leaning forward against the
window sill in the stone wall of the castle, her full breasts brushing
against the window frame with each thrust. A delicious pain filled her as
the long tool probed the very depths of her womb, a pain mixed with
pleasure, for the prick was by far the longest she'd ever enjoyed.

"That's right, fuck the slut well, huntsman, and I shall reward you
well." The King slowly stroked his own lesser tool as he watched his wife rutting with the young man who was his huntsman. "I shall give you a pearl
for every drop of your cum that drips from the whore's well used cunt when
you are done."

"Yes...your shall be as you command." said the panting

The huntsman thought that he might well be the richest man on earth if
the king kept his oath, for the silky pink pussy milking skillfully at his
cock felt like it would draw forth an ocean of cum from his heavy balls.
He smiled as he rocked forward to push deep into the Queen's cunt, amused
by the image of the Queen's love tunnel filled with pearls shot there by
his cock.

It wasn't every day that a huntsman was able to thrust his weapon
between the lips of a royal quim, though this quim had more visitors than
most. In fact, he had heard that all of the Queens orifices had regular
visitors. Not to mention her hands, cleavage, and the valley between her
bottom cheeks

Some said that the Queen had unnatural tastes that the King helped her
fulfill out of love. Others said that it was the King to blame, that his
middle-aged tool wasn't up to satisfying his young Queen, and so used other
men to live up to his husbandly duties. But whatever the reason, the
King's Guard had the lowest pay and the highest moral of any army within a
dozen kingdoms.

And if the huntsman were to say anything, it would be that he counted
himself a luck man, and hoped his luck in the future extended to her mouth
and well lubricated asshole as well. He thrust in again, drawing a gasp
from the Queen, thinking more of the pearls he was about to give the Queen
more than those he would get from the king.

As the thrust filled her needy love tunnel, the Queen gasped, sucking in
the cold air that blew in from the open window. She could see, down below
the castle, one of the peasants, in a small yard outside his hut. He had
been mending a fowling net outside when he had noticed her full white
breasts in the ebon framed castle window. He had called out his plump
peasant wife, who was peeling potatoes for the family dinner, and pointed
out to her the Queen's breasts. Then, grinning, he'd pushed on his wife's
shoulders until she knelt before him. A handy butter churn provided a
white mass of new butter that he pushed between her breasts after pushing
down her peasant blouse. The woman's plump face was as excited to be a
surrogate for the Queen as the peasant was excited by the idea of fucking
the Queen's lily white breasts. The Queen gasped again at the idea of the
stout peasant cock gliding between her globes. She could almost feel it,
as the peasant had his wife push her large but flabby breasts together, and
then pushed his dick into the buttery valley thus formed. She cupped her
breasts together, in imitation of the peasant wife and in offering to her
low-born wish-to-be lover. He grinned and waved, and his fat wife licked
at his buttery cock, protruding between her heaving teats

The Queen rocked back and forth, her pendulous breasts scrapping against
the sill, her nipples brushing the snow now and then, her pussy swallowing
the huntsman's long yard with every cycle. She had little understanding of
the pleasures she had learned to enjoy under her husband's tutelage, though
they were no less powerful for that. At first his vigorous cock had been
more than enough for the shy, church trained princess who married the much
older King. But as time went on, he came to her less and less often, and
she found that she was left with an itch inside her that even her clever
fingers could not completely scratch. In despair and shame, she had
started making love to some of the young pages, secretly but to the great
delight of the pages. She became a tireless source of boyish delight as
she initiated virgin lad after virgin lad to the pleasures of the flesh.
The King eventually complained that his favorite pages suddenly seemed to
be always tired . Then one day he had found her with a young page's six
inch cock firmly scratching the itch deep in her throat. She almost
drowned as the young page suddenly froze and simultaneously came in great
gouts down her throat. The cum had spilled from between her overstrained
lips, down her chin, onto her heavy white globes, and over the bunched
material of the pink satin bodice which had been pushed down so that young page cock could touch sensitive royal nipples and range freely between
royal bosoms.

The king had become very angry, calling her slut and whore...but his
cock became hard for the first time in many weeks. "I thought you a Queen
but you are no more than a tavern slut drinking cum for coppers," the King
raged, "If this is what you love then this is what you shall have." The
king slapped the page and ordered him to send in the first maid he met, and
to tell no-one.

Soon a young girl came in , smudged with dust and dirt, shy and afraid,
especially as she saw the Queen on her knees and with her breasts bared.
Her eyes had widened as the sight of the white pearls on the Queen's chin.
"Clean up my slut of a wife," ordered the angry king. The girl started
toward the Queen with a dust rag in her hand. "Not like that, you
worthless idiot, she is still the Queen and no rag must touch her, you must
lick her clean, for only your tongue is clean enough to do the job." The
girl trembled, but the King was her lord and she could not refuse.

As she was being well filled by the huntsman, the Queen remembered again
the humiliation she had felt at the touch of the young girl's tongue on her
hard nipples. But she also remembered the glow that that tongue had built
as it licked along the slopes of her heaving breasts, her slim throat, and
finally her red lips, until the glow exploded into an intense orgasm that
had left her swooning. And then again, as the king had followed the page's
example and sent his seed to follow the first load. The maid had cleaned
up again, both her mistress and the kings royal tool. From that time on,
the Queen was content to suffer the humiliation's the king heaped upon her
in matters sexual, in exchange for his evident happiness, and her own, in
all other matters.

The huntsman was only the latest in a long list of men and women who had
tasted the Queens charms, and she even occasionally still made love to her
husband. But mostly he enjoyed his humiliation game with his young bride,
as often as not his seed found the floor instead of her glowing body. As
it did this time, when the king, overexcited, suddenly sent a few drops
leaping to the stone below him.

"Fuck her, huntsman...cum deep inside her!" The King continued to watch

The huntsman rushed to obey, roughly banging against the depths of the
Queens womb. She grunted as she was roughly shoved forward, pain,
humiliation, and pleasure surging through her at the feel of the raging
cock inside her. On a particularly strong thrust, a splinter from the
ebony wood of the window sill pierced the pink nipple of her right breast.
She cried out as three drops of her blood stained the snow just outside the
window. She thought it the most beautiful thing in the world, as if a drop
of her essence floated in a sea of soft cum, contrasting with the black of
the sill. As the huntsman spurted his seed deep within her, the Queen
came, and as she came she wished that the seed might bring her a child as
beautiful as the three drops of blood against the white of the snow and the
black window sill; a child with Raven hair, ruby lips and skin white as

Outside the castle, the peasant saw the Queens face spasm in pleasure.
She leaned exhausted for a time in the sill, and then she withdrew. That
was all right with him, his hard cock was already softening after it's
buttery gift to his wife's chin and throat. "Up woman, the Smith and his
wife come to dinner tonight, you must give them something special for their
rolls this night," said the grinning peasant. His wife smiled, and
obediently wiped the slightly used butter from her breasts with the creamy
addition mixed in, and returned it playfully to the butter churn. Said
she, "We shall have little seeds for the rolls this night, and Smith's
Annie has often told me she liked the taste of your tool's gift." With a
grin the peasant went back to his mending, and the wife to her peeling, a
pleasant start to a night of earthy pleasure.

<<Some months later the Queen bore a child, a little daughter, who was
as white as snow, and as red as blood, and her hair was as black as ebony,
and she was therefore called little snow-white. And when the child was
born, the Queen died. - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs>>

Nine months later, the Queen gave birth to a little girl with skin as
white as snow, lips as red as rubies, and hair dark as a raven's wing. But
the Queen, dissipated by her pleasures right up until the ninth month, died
of the strain of child birth. She was mourned by the whole kingdom, though
some wives secretly sighed relief, but the king's guard wore black arm
bands for a year.

The little girl was called Snow White, and was the darling of all the
men in the castle as none were sure that she were not their child. Her
early years were spent happily in the huge stone castle, as the raven
haired little beauty toddled around the halls, a friend to all, an almost
always smiling.

She was sent away to the church convent when she was ten, after her maid
found her studying medicine with a foreign diplomat's eleven year old son.
So Snow White came to her fifteenth birthday, a great beauty, as innocent
(almost) as she was beautiful, but with a terrible itch.

Chapter 1

<<After a year had passed the king took to himself another wife. She
was a beautiful woman, but proud and haughty, and she could not bear that
anyone else could surpass her in beauty. She had a wonderful
looking-glass, and when she stood in front of it and looked at herself in
it, and said,

looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall,

who in this land is the fairest of all.

The looking-glass answered,

thou, o Queen, art the fairest of all.

Then she was satisfied, for she knew that the looking-glass spoke the

- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs>>

The Queen smiled, as she looked in the mirror by the feather bed she
reclined upon. The soft pink silk wrap she almost wore set off her taut
and tan skin and her long blonde hair. She admired her heaving breasts lightly sheened with perspiration, and reached up to squeeze one large
pointed nipple. Then she patted the raven tresses between her thighs,
which shifted to reveal the gently smiling face of the young girl who had
been nibbling the Queen's rather large clit. The beautiful oriental
servant girl returned to kissing the inner thigh of her mistress, working
her way toward the artfully bent knee posed to best effect for the image on
the mirror. After 14 years of being the Queen she still looked good.

"It is time, Petal my dear, for a finger," says the Queen.

"Yes my Lady...the Rose or the Orchid?"

"Oh...choices, choices...which would my dear husband prefer?"

The man in the throne-like chair, slowly massaging the royal crotch of
his royal blue tights, answered, "Please yourself, my dear."

It was said that the King had searched far and wide for a replacement
for his beloved first Queen, trying to replace true love. Others, less
kind, said he was trying to find as big a slut as she. In any case many of
the brothels of the kingdom now boast a sign saying 'The King slept here!'
But the Quest ended when a mysterious blonde walked into the castle one
day, demanded to see the King.

When granted an audience, she proceeded to lick and suck the straining
prods of tens of the King's guards in front of the court. She swallowed
every drop from the first 9, and covered her face with the offering from
the last. Licking the cum from her lips, she said, "Well, sire? Will you
have me for your next Queen?" The wedding was three days later.

The perfect face of the Queen sneered knowingly at the gray-haired old man who thought he still ruled a kingdom, and said, "As you wish, my King."
Then to the girl, "The Orchid then, clever little Petal." She lay back
indolently to enjoy the attentions of the beautiful naked young girl, who
obediently teased the pink entrance to the Queen's tight pussy.

At first only the tip of the finger pushed into the tight opening, in
and out several times, bringing the Queens breath a little faster. Then
knowing the Queen's insatiable appetites, the girl sent her finger deep
into the pink depths. The pink walls sucked avidly at the slender finger,
seeming to beg for more. Petal stopped for a moment to enjoy the milking
motion of the Queen's well trained muscles. She starts the thrusting
motion again.

"A second, Petal," the Queen orders.

The girl obediently slips a second finger to join the first . Her
fingers slowly move back and forth, twinning within like small snakes. The
Queen moans softly, and shudders in a small orgasm. "Now three...and

The oriental girl roughly added a third finger and thrusts rapidly into
the slippery tunnel.

The king in the meantime had lowered his tights and was stroking his old tool in excitement." His voice quivering with lust, he says, "I want to see
the Fist!"

The Queen raise an eyebrow as she looked over, "You do? Then do you
agree to the treaty with the Orcs?" She reaches down to stop the movement
of her servant's pistoning wrist, and begins toying with the girl's small
pert breasts.

"But they want twelve virgins delivered to them! Every year! For five
Years! How can you ask me to agree to that!? You know how Orcs use the
women they capture," the king complained, while continuing to stroke his
hard cock.

"But they will agree to stop the raids, and will open trade, and in
addition pay three rubies apiece for the girls," retorted the Queen, "a
small price to pay to fill the royal coffers and they don't care if the
girls are only peasants."

"Well...I know not..."

The Queen smiled down at her playmate, and squeezed one of the girl's
brown nipples cruelly. "It seems we'll have to stop, while I discuss this
important matter." Petal bit her lower lip, prettily, but didn't cry out at
the pain. She made no move away from the twisting fingers, only kneeling
quietly. The Queen looked archly at the King.

The King looked angry but said, "Oh, very well...but it must be four
rubies...and I want her in to the forearm!"

The Queens perfect teeth show whitely as she smiled in victory. "Of
course...anything for you...Petal, you may resume...with the fist"

"No oil!" demanded the King.

The Queen only smiled and released Petal's abused nipple, which she then
massaged to take away the sting. She pulled Petal up for a long wet kiss,
and a lingering caress of the girl's shaved slit. She whispered only for
the girl's ears, "All the way, dear Petal...make it good for the old fool."

Petal nodded and lowered her petite mouth to her mistress's blond thatched crotch. She licked wetly at the royal labia, stroked the taut
clit, and forced saliva into the opening of the pink tunnel. She balled
her fist and showed it to the panting King, and looking him in the eye,
brought it to the opening of her own twat. She rubbed at the opening
lovingly, coating it with her own juices, then she slowly positioned it at
the opening of the royal pussy while keeping her gaze locked to the King's
eyes, awaiting a Royal command."

The King nodded.

Petal thrust! Her fist pushed at the tight channel, the Queen cried out
in pain, and the fist disappeared, impossibly, into the small opening which
now griped the wrist of the smiling oriental beauty. Petal took her
revenge for the nipple twisting by not waiting for the Queen's tight vagina to stretch out to accommodate her fist, but gathered her strength and
thrust home with all her might, pushing her fist at least 6 inches into the
Queen's depths. She began moving her arm back and forth, causing the Queen
to cry out in mixed pain and pleasure, moaning and writhing around the fist
deep within her. The girl's fist came back almost to the entrance to the
Queen's vagina, then thrust in again, just slightly deeper than before.
Slowly the Queens pussy stretched to take the fist, and then the girl did
completely remove her fist, only to punch it back in, over and over again.
The Queen shuddered in orgasm, and then again, then finally began orgasming
at every entrance of the small fist. More and more of the girls arm
disappeared up the royal vagina.

Finally, the King waddled over, his tights around his knees, his cock
close to bursting. He gestured to Petal to open her mouth. She does,
stopping with her arm buried to the elbow in the Queen, who shuddered
continually. With a last few strokes from his own hand, the King began to
come. His spunk shot out, striking the young girl in the forehead. He
quickly adjusted his aim, sending his seed into her mouth, lips and chin.

At just this moment, a polite knock sounded, quickly followed by the
chamber door opening and the entrance of the castle Chamberlain. The
Chamberlain stood in the chamber doorway with a look of surprise as he took
in the scene of his King, rapidly deflating cock in hand, and the asian servant, Petal, cum dripping down her face and her arm to the elbow in the
Queens spasming body.

"Well, what is it!?," snarls the King, "Can't you see I'm busy?"

The Chamberlain blushes red, though he never takes his eyes off the
Queen's blond pussy filled with arm. "I'm sorry sir, I thought you'd want
to know..." the Chamberlain runs out of steam.

The King says, "Know what!?" He casually wipes his shrinking cock on
Petal's raven hair, cleaning off lingering traces of his cum.

The Chamberlain says, "Oh...ah, yes Sire...your daughter, the Princess,
is arriving."

Snow White had just had her 15th birthday, and was coming back to the
castle to live. She was now of marriageable age and it was important that
she wed or at least become betrothed, both because of her supposed warm
nature and because the kingdom needed the potential alliances.

"Snowy? Well, why didn't you say so?"

The King puts away his shriveled tool.

"That was delightful, dear wife. Are you coming down to greet your

The step-Queen replied coldly, still impaled on Petal's arm, "Perhaps
later, my Lord."

The step-Queen was miffed that this slip of a girl could so easily pull
the King from her own sexual influence. She'd arranged for everyone to
over react to the girl's little fumblings with the ambassador of the
Northern Kingdom, and have the girl sent away because she kept interfering,
albeit unknowingly, with the step-Queen's plots to take true control of the
Southern Kingdom by sexually binding the King to her. The step-Queen
simply couldn't abide true competition for the King's love.

Now here the little bitch was back. She had heard rumors that the girl had developed into a great beauty, which didn't surprise the step-Queen

The King and his still staring Chamberlain left, though the Chamberlain
seemed to have a little trouble walking.

The step-Queen turns once more to the Mirror, saying:

"Let your magic become unshut,

This little princess I wish to see. Mirror, mirror I command thee,

The little slut I will now see."

An image forms of a young girl riding in a carriage, much worse for the
long ride from the convent. She wears a thick, high necked dress that
covered her to her slippered feet. Though pretty, she seems shy and timid,
and is just a bit flat bosomed. She is accompanied by another young girl,
who, though plain, wears a nice smile and seemed to be trying to cheer up
her companion.

The step-Queen smiled, thinking that the rumor had exaggerated. Here
was no real competition for her own beauty. Things could be managed. She
commanded Petal, "Continue with your work, dear girl."

And as Petal once more continues pushing her fist through the tight
pinkness, the step- Queen speaks again to the Mirror:

Mirror, ...ah...mirror....mmmm.... on the wall, who is the...oh my....
fairest one of ....huuuuh...all?"

And the mirror replies:

Oh Queen with hair of Gold, Who has swallowed pricks untold, With skin
as white as thick spewed cum And breasts that swell the cocks of everyone.
With ass so snug a Greek might weep, and cunt so tight no spunk may leak,

No one in all the land is as fair as thee, Or half so nasty, that I may

The step-Queen smiles, shuddering, at the mirrors words, for she knows
the mirror speaks the truth.

Petal looks surprised as she feels a steady suction on her arm, knowing
that she should have long since touched the depths of the step-Queen's
womb, but continues valiantly as her arm is slowly swallowed.

The step-Queen smiles and says, "And now, dear Petal...the other fist."


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