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EASW b chapters 2 and 3


The Erotic Adventure's of Snow White By DemonBound

Chapters 2 and 3 (oral, ff, MF, bg, fff)

Warning: This story is intended for adults, if you aren't, don't read
it. It also isn't for you if you are offended by sex, since it deliberately
contains every sex act I can think of, though I'm sure I missed a few. It
contains lesbian and homosexual and straight sex, incest, bondage, torture,
bestiality, rape, oral and anal intercourse, at least one scene with a
golden shower, and sex with characters that would be considered underage if
they really existed and lived in our society. I left out snuff and scat
sex, since I personally find those distasteful (oops, I forgot, there is
one scene where one person gets killed, but it isn't the point of the
scene), I probably missed some fetishes, and I rushed through any male to
male sex scenes, since I find those not erotic and a little off putting,
but there you have it. This book isn't for the young, the weak of heart or
stomach, so-called fundamentalists, or for those who can't tell reality
from make believe. family values are pretty much completely lacking here.
I don't really care about the laws, but I don't want anyone to be damaged.
So if you can be damaged by reading this book, don't. If you read it,
understand that the consequences are your own, chosen by you, borne by you.

begin story section

Summary of the story thus far:

Warning & Explanation, (prologue) Snow White's mother fucks the huntsman
while the king watches, a peasant see the queen's tits and tit fucks his
wife, the Queen sucks off a young page and is given a tongue bath by a maid
while the King watches, the Queen dies giving birth to Snow White, Snow
White grows up in the castle until she is caught in an indiscretion with a
boy, and is sent to a convent school, meanwhile (chapter one) the King
takes another wife who is chosen for her sexual performance, she had
auditioned by sucking off 10 men in front of the court, the step-Queen uses
a lesbian sex show to convince the king to make a treaty with the orcs,
Snow White returns to the castle and the intrigues of court.

Chapter 2

<<But snow-white was growing up, and grew more and more beautiful, and
when she was fifteen years old she was as beautiful as the day, and more
beautiful than the queen herself. -Snow White and the Seven Dwarves>>

Snow White listened as her friend, Gabby, regaled her with another bit
of gossip.

"...and there they were...with the goat's cock firmly imbedded in the
Mayor's wife's ass ...when who should show up but the High Priest, and the
Mayor, talking about the new bridge over the great River in the Dark
Forest. Well, the High Priest said, 'Certes, now I believe you...if your
wife can take a goats cock up her ass like that, we can build one puny
bridge!' And the Mayor said..."

Snow White interrupted, "Oh stop...that never happened and you know it."

Gabby smiled at her friend, put her hand over her heart, and said,
"Cross my heart, and pray to die a virgin if I lie." She then rather ruined
the effect by squeezing her own breast and caressing the nipple through her
convent dress.

This brought a pretty blush to Snow Whites dusty face, though she didn't
really try to stop her friend. Gabby smiled, "If you don't like my
stories, there are other things we could do to pass the time. You could
take off that silly chest band...and there is know" Gabby
licked her lips suggestively, and eyed Snow Whites apparently flat chest,
then she looked lower. She reached down and caught up the hem of Snow
White's heavy dress, only to have her hand slapped away. Gabby laughed at
the scowl Snow White gave her.

"How can you be a virgin, Gabby? Just last week you told me about that
Nubian slave you let roger you up know, from behind, " burst out
the blushing Snow White. She continued, "And how about those three boys you told me about... you were comparing the taste of their...ah, seed.
You can't possibly be a virgin anymore...or were you lying?"

Gabby grinned, "All true...but I am a virgin still, for my hymen is
intact." Gabby pulled up the hem of her own dress, displaying her
bloomerless thighs. "Though I've swallowed cum and had spunk enemas, not a
drop has passed this pink portal. Since you won't let me...or anyone
else...touch you, you don't mind if I touch myself, do you?

Suiting action to words, Gabby sighed as one long finger began to circle
her small clitoris, and leaned back to enjoy the ride. "Long carriage
rides always make me horny, don't they make you horny, Snowy?"

The blush stayed on Snow White's cheeks, but she said nothing and
squirmed as she watched her friend masturbate. Her eyes followed the
finger as it flicked and swirled, circled and teased. Then the finger
trailed down between the dark lips of her friends suddenly wet pussy, and
just the tip disappeared.

"You know, you could help out are my best friend after all,"
enticed the gasping Gabby, "really, Snowy, just a little tickle, or even
better, a little lick. I'd do the same for you."

Snow White hesitated, " know I'm saving myself for marriage.
That's why I'm wearing this chest band, and the long dress, I don't want to
temp anyone or be tempted."

"Ah pleeeease...please Snowy, it's so much better with someone else"

Snow White hesitated again, "Nothing below the waist, Gabby...will you
be satisfied with that?"

Gabby nodded while continuing her circling strokes, "Come undo my bodice
then, Snowy."

The blushing Snow White moved to sit next to her friend, and slowly
undid the lacing that held together the top of Gabby's dress. She looked
in at the pert breasts, so much smaller than her own. She marveled at the
white skin and the delicate network of fine blue veins just barely visible
under skin that had never seen the sun. She itched to touch them, to
carress them. Slowly, she reached in one small white hand and cupped the
perky tit. She massaged the smallish globe that filled her hand.
Curiously, she pinched the nipple, which grew hard. She marveled at the
softness of her friend's skin.

Gabby, breathing faster, said, "Kiss me Snowy"

Snow White kissed her friend chastely on the lips, with her mouth
closed. Suddenly a demanding hand pushed on the back of her head, and she
felt Gabby's tongue pushing between her ruby read lips. At first she
resisted, but then she gave in to her friend's silent demand, and let
Gabby's tongue probe her mouth, at last pushing her own tongue into the
other girl's warm mouth and returning the caress fully. As if by itself,
her hand continued to grope her friends breast, playing softly with the
nipple. After a time, the hand at the back of her head pushed downward.
Slowly, Snow White kissed down the throat, ignoring the slight dusty flavor
the road left, until she came to the slope of her friends small breasts.
Then, under the hands urging, she licked the undersides and teased at one
nipple with her tongue as Gabby began to tremble, close to her orgasm. The
hand forced Snow White to engulf the nipple between her perfect ruby lips,
where she started sucking in earnest, and teasing with her teeth in a way
she knew would send her friend over the top. Gabby finally shuddered in

"Oooooh, that's so gooooood, Snowy...aaaaaah"

Snow White finally raised her head and smiled at her friend, "There,
happy now?"

Gabby grinned, and reached for her friend's confined breast, kneading
lightly. "Not yet, but close. Now I want to do you."

"Gabby, I told you nothing below the waist!"

"These aren't below the waist. Let me take off that chest band."


Gabby quickly let go of one breast and stuck her finger back between her
sopping pussy lips. Then, as Snow White opened her mouth to say 'No,' she
slipped the honey covered finger into Snow White's perfect mouth. The
girl's lips puckered instinctively around the sweet tasting finger, and
sucked in surprise. Gabby slowly fucked the finger in between those red lips, back and forth, back and forth. Snow Whites eyes half closed, and
her tongue started to lap up the sweet sauce, causing her friend to shudder
in a small orgasm at the sight. Gabby finally pulled out her finger.


"All right, but only above the waist!"

Gabby grinned and pushed Snow White into leaning forward so the button's
down her back could be undone. Underneath showed the tight band that
flattened her breasts unnaturally. Soon it too was untied. The cruelly
constrained orbs sprang back to their normal, that is to say very large and
full, condition. Snowy leaned back as Gabby's knowing fingers began to
tease her ruby red nipples and large full milky white breasts.

"God, I wish I had a cock to put between these. I'd just die," said
Gabby as she lowered her mouth to tease one nipple with her teeth."

Snowy felt a twinge between her thighs that somehow connected to the one
in her nipple, as her friend nipped at the large aureoles.

Just then, the sound of the sliding wooden panel that led up to the
drive's seat opened. The sound gave just enough warning for Gabby to
quickly let go the ruby nipple, but no quite enough time to keep the driver
from getting a good look at the heavy white breasts and ruby nipples of
Snow White. Gabby quickly threw her friends dress up and over the
magnificent pair, bringing a grin to the ogling face.

"I was loosening milady's was too tight."

"Certainly, mum...whatever you say," grinned the driver.

Snowy murmured, blushing, "What did you want driver?"

"We're near as spit, t' th' castle mum"

"Thank you driver, that will be all," Snow White replied.

"Too right, that 't was...all that and more," leered the driver.

"What!?" screeched Gabby, outraged.

"Sorry mum"

The panel closed but not before a muttered 'Convent girls' was heard.

Gabby looked at Snow White and burst out laughing while Snow White could
only blush. She quickly ordered her chest band restored and moved back
across the carriage from her friend. After a time, she said, "Tell me one
of your stories pass the time."

Chapter 3

<<I envy the gods-touched man who sits near you Listening to the
sweetness of your voice For I swear that your magical laughter causes my
heart to flutter in my breast Speechless, I tremble as orgasmic fire runs
through my flesh I am blinded and deaf to all else My skin glows, and I
shudder all over I reach my ultimate peak, then die away with joy
-"Seizure" by Sappho of Lesbos>>

Snow White looked out the carriage window eagerly. She hadn't seen home
for more than four years. Though the old castle was drafty and had been
built for war not beauty, it was her home. All her best memories from her
young childhood were from there. She remembered playing Hide and Seek in
the stony halls. She remembered spying on the servants, seeing how they
lived their lives. She remembered the court Fool capering before the
roaring fire, on a cold winter night. And she remembered her fumblings
with the ambassador's son.

She wondered what had ever happened to her friend, Knat. The boy had
been one of her best friends, being of good enough birth that they were
allowed to associate freely. Their shy explorations had really been
innocent for the most part. They had both simply wanted to see what all
the fuss was about.

One day Knat had found her in the yard, his face flushed and excited.
He had whispered in her ear that he'd seen something strange and wanted to
tell her about it. Snow White had dropped the small golden ball which was
her favorite toy, and followed him to one of the back stalls in the
stables. Knat eagerly related that he had seen the court physician giving
one of the cook's helpers her medicine. Apparently, this had involved a
lot of touching, and laughing. Knat told of the doctor exploring the
girl's breasts, probing and pinching, and finally tasting. The doctor had
also explored up under the girls dress, after placing his fingers between
the girl's legs for a while he had pronounced that she definitely had a
fever. By this time, the girl did indeed look hot, her face was flushed
and she was sweating. As the doctor probed between her thighs, she'd
shuddered and gasped, and finally cried out softly. After a few moments,
the doctor told her there was only one medicine that could cure her. He'd
taken something long and hard from his pants and told the girl that she was
to suck on it until the medicine came. After a few minutes, she'd gotten
her medicine and swallowed almost every drop.

Knat had suggested that they play doctor too. Unfortunately her
personal maid had been looking for her, and just as Snow White was
examining the medicine dispenser, about to try to get some for herself, the
maid found her, and screamed. Snow White was quickly hauled away, and she
got her first royal spanking. That was the last Snow White had seen of
Knat in all these years, though she'd heard that he'd been paddled silly
and spend three months in a special course for bad boys taught by father Dominus. Snow White hoped she'd get a chance to see him again, though of
course she had no intention of renewing their game, now that she knew how
wrong it had been.

The carriage rolled through the portcullis gate and into the inner
courtyard. Several of the castle staff were assembled to greet her, as
well as several guard and cavalry officers, and a few courtiers. Her
father and his Chamberlain hurried down the steps as her carriage pulled
up. Her father seemed to be adjusting his tights hurriedly.

Snow White hardly waited until the carriage stopped before throwing open
the door and hurling herself into his waiting arms. She hugged him tight,
a bit shocked at how old he seemed. When last she had seen him, his hair
had still had some black in it, now it was completely gray. And she
remembered him as a robust, well built man, now he appeared frail and
stooped. She stepped back and smiled

"Greetings, are you?"

"Well, my child. I am very glad you have returned."

"So am I, father, the Nuns were kind, but this is home"

Her father then introduced her to the courtiers, and the Chamberlain.
The servants were not introduced individually, nor were the soldiers, but
all bowed for the King's daughter. Snow White noticed that there had been
changes in the staff as well. The male servants seemed a bit tired. And
the uniforms seemed to have changed. The maid's skirts seemed much shorter
than she remembered. And surely the blouses had not shown so much
cleavage. When the maids had bowed, more than one set of nipples had winked
at her. Snow White tried not to notice, she was just happy to be home.

"There is to be a feast tonight," the King said, "the huntsman has
brought in a buck, so we shall gorge on venison, and the Chamberlain has
arranged entertainment, under the Queen's instruction. Your mother will
greet you then...she is indisposed at the moment. Now I'm sure you are
tired from your journey, so I'll have you shown to your rooms..."

"Oh father," interrupted Snow White, "I haven't introduced you to my
friend" she waved airily at her young travelling companion to bring her to
the King's attention.

Gabby curtsied to the old King and grinned, "Hello, your Majesty."

"This is Gabby, my best friend from the convent...she has agreed to be
my lady in waiting," said Snow White.

The King waved a regal greeting, "Welcome to my castle, my dear. Any
friend of my daughters is well come to my home."

The proprieties met, the two girls were shown to their suite of rooms on
the third floor by one of the maids. There was a medium sized room to be
used as a common room, two smaller bedrooms, a small room for a chamberpot,
and another medium room for bathing. The common area was well appointed
with tapestries of famous battles, several plush chairs and a sofa arranged
around a large fire place. The bedrooms both had a mirrored night table
and a canopied bed, and tapestries of mythical animals. In the bathing
room, a large wooden tub was heated by a clever oven stocked with coals,
and here the tapestries brought a blush to Snow White's cheeks. In all, it
was a thousand times grander than the barracks room they'd lived in at the

The maid had shown them through the suite and helped them unpack when
their luggage finally arrived, carried by several sweating but handsome
male house servants. The maid had flirted heavily with one of the men in
particular, running her hand along his inner thigh when she thought Snow
White wasn't paying attention. During the unpacking process, Gabby had
smiled and silently pointed at the maid when she'd bent over to put some
clothing in a bottom draw. Snow White had noticed that the very short
dress showed that the maid wore no bloomers, or anything else, underneath.
When the job was done, she'd smiled and bowed low to Snow White, revealing
the deep valley between her breasts, and just a touch of brown nipple as

"Is there anything else I can do for you, milady? Anything at all?" the
maid asked in a sultry voice.

"No, thank you very've been a great help," replied Snow

"Are you sure, milady?" The maid had licked her lips and run a hand over
her blouse that brought her nipples to prominence through the thin
material. "Anything?"

"Nothing, thank you," Snow White firmly stated, with just a touch of red to her pale white cheeks.

"Very well, milady...a girl will come in a bit to prepare your bath."

The maid left, and Gabby laughed at the odd expression on Snow White's
face. Snow White frowned, "Oh shut up, Gabby, really!"


A while latter, a quiet knock was followed by the entrance of a
beautiful oriental girl in a silk robe, who carried several towels.
Without a word, she walked over into the bathroom, and began preparing the
bath. Snow White was glad to see her, she would dearly love to sit in a
tub forever after the long, dusty journey.

When everything was prepared, the little oriental girl came into the
common room and motioned both Snow White and Gabby into the bathing room.
They had followed willingly, being used to bathing communally at the

The girls had quickly taken off their clothing with the young oriental
girl's help. She had blinked at the chest band around Snow White's
compressed breasts, and had looked even more surprised as Snow White's full
globes had been revealed, but she still said nothing. Even dusty and
dirty, the nude Snow White was beautiful, with long raven hair, full red lips, ruby nipples, a delicate patch of dark hair framing a plump labia and
a pair of pussy lips an unusual shade of red, a heart shaped derriere and
long shapely legs. She stretched, loosening up after being confined by the
chest band for so long.

Gabby, too, was stretching but she presented a much less appealing
picture, though not ugly, she was plain. She had a pleasant smile but her
mouth was too big and her nose was slightly crooked. She had been the
fastest runner in the convent, and it showed in her small breasts and thin
hips and legs. Her pussy really was her best feature, pink and somehow
friendly. Unfortunately, it was also under used since her father had
threatened to have her disinherited if she wasn't a virgin when she
married. As her father was one of the wealthiest merchants in the kingdom,
Gabby's hymen was still intact. She managed to please herself in other

Gabby had started to get into the tub easily large enough for four
people, when the young oriental had silently stopped her with a head shake
and a light touch on the shoulder. Gabby realized that Snow White was
moving toward a pair of wooden stools near a low grating in the floor near
the outer wall of the castle. Gabby obediently moved over to the grate,
thinking how strange the life of the nobility was.

She sat down on one of the stools, and watched with salacious pleasure
as the bath girl slowly poured warm water over Snow White's luscious body.
The oriental girl then took out a small vial of soft scented soap and
poured it into her hand. She massaged it into Snow White's long black
hair, and then rinsed it clean. Using more of the soap she'd gently
cleaned Snow White's face, and delicate neck. A quick rinse, and then she
pinned the long hair up to keep it out of the way. Then the soapy hands
moved downward, first along Snow White's back, then her shoulders, then
finally the full breasts. The tiny hands seemed to linger there overlong,
soaping and caressing, and the large ruby nipples became hard and pointed,
and Snow White breathed a little deeper and faster. But eventually the
hands moved on, soaping downward across the flat stomach, and just touching
the fine black pubic hair. Snow White took a fast breath, but said nothing
until one delicate finger brushed that perfect red bead at the top of her
suddenly parted labia. She shuddered, but stopped the questing hand.

"Thank you, but no," she gently commanded.

The girl bowed her head slowly.

"Please, I'll finish myself, see to my friend..." Snow White said,
"...what is your name?"

"Petal, Mistress," quietly answered the young bath girl.

"Well, Petal, please see to my friend."

The girl looked disappointed, but moved to obey, with a soft, "Yes

Gabby closed her gaping mouth, having been amazed at the sudden show.
She smiled as Petal came over to her slowly.

"Hello Petal...I'm Gabby," she said.

The girl smiled shyly, and moved to repeat the soaping process,
silently. The hands moved a bit faster and more impersonally than before,
but Gabby still enjoyed the sensual feeling of the delicate hands on her
skin. She did not stop them at her public hair as Snow White had done, but
actually spread her thighs to allow the girl to thoroughly soup her pubic
mound, even moaning softly at the touch. Gabby reached out and grasped the
waist of the girl, to keep her balance as the hand probed across her best

When she was rinsed, Gabby realized that Snow White was already in hot
tub. She quickly joined her.

As the two girls watched, Petal finally took off the silk robe she wore,
and removed the wispy under garment she wore. She revealed her golden skin
and petite body with the grace of a dancer. She seemed to be aware of the
eyes of her audience, each movement slow and graceful, and she seemed to
tease them with her body. First one brown nipple was revealed, then a
smooth shoulder. The robe fluttered around her as she turned, revealing
her taut belly, then another turn and the robe slipped to reveal firm
golden buttock. Finally, she stood for a moment, with the robe held in one
hand, and draped down one thigh.

She folded the robe, put it away and moved to climb into the tub. She
silently moved up to Snow White and started massaging her shoulders to
relax her in the warm water. For a few moments it looked like Snow White
would simply let the girl have her way with her, but she firmly shook her
head and took the girls hand from her shoulders. Petal looked disappointed
but moved over to Gabby, again silently starting a massage.

Gabby noticed that Snow White leaned back against the side of the tub
and looked over to watch. Gabby grinned back at her and relaxed. Petal's
hands slowly moved over Gabby, slowly kneading the muscles and soothing the
smooth skin. Gabby slowly reached out and caressed the face of the
oriental beauty and smiled at her.

Petal had noticed that Snow White was watching, and smiled in sudden
understanding. She took Gabby's hand and kissed the palm. She leaned down
and slowly kissed Gabby, gently probing her mouth with her tongue. Their
tongues slid together sensually. Gabby gently fondled Petal's small, pert
breast, and then pulled the girl through the water to straddle her lap
facing her, Petal's legs to either side of Gabby's hips. Petal slowly
rubbed her small breasts over Gabby's chest and belly, and took a nipple
from where it floated just above the water line, into her mouth. Her
clever tongue flicked at it until it hardened.

Snow White slowly parts her thighs, watching her friend. Her finger
parted the red lips of her pussy, as she slowly stroked herself. She
watched as Gabby arched her back when Petal finally took the nipple in and
sucked hard. She watched as Gabby opened her over- wide mouth in pleasure.
And she watched as Gabby put the girl's hand between her legs, and the hand
started stroking.

As Gabby started to breathe in gasps, Petal moved so that one of her
legs was between Gabby's. Snow White had seen some of the girls do this at
the convent. They had called it 'riding.' Now both pussies could rub
against a smooth thigh, and did, as Petal started sliding back and forth
through the warm water. Both of them were shuddering and gasping as they
rode toward orgasm. They gasped in pleasure, enjoying the wet warm
friction between smooth thighs and throbbing cunts.

"Aah... Petal...that feels so good...the water is so warm!" sighed

Petal only smiled, and closed her eyes, as she rubbed her body slowly
and carefully back and forth. Her nipples brushed against Gabby's. Her
flat stomach caressed the slightly protruding lower belly of the other
girl. Her hands stroked and circled the slim ass of her Saphic lover. As
her fingers stroked along the crack of Gabby's ass, Petal felt a shudder
that told her that Gabby might like some extra attention.

Snow White slowly stroked her own pussy as Petal ran the tip of a finger
around the anus of her friend. She imagined that it was her anus that
Petal's finger tickled. As the finger slowly pushed into the tight wet
rim, Snow White tried to feel it inside her own virgin ass. She tried to
feel the motion as it thrust in and out.

She'd longed to feel something inside of her own ass, her own cunt, even
in her mouth: a finger, a prick, even one of the dildos the sisters had
often used. But she had the idea that she had to save herself for
marriage, so for the most part she had. It was an old fashioned idea, even
the priests where slowly giving it up, but she felt that the Nobility had
to set an example. Never mind that the peasants didn't want or need an
example, being quite happy fumbling through their sex lives, fucking and
sucking anything they could. Never mind that the middle class laughed at
the old ways during their elaborate orgies. She felt she had to be pure on
her wedding day. So she tried to be 'good' and, aside from an occasional
session of fumbling with Gabby, she was still a virgin. And though she
protested, she enjoyed Gabby's stories very much. She also found that she
enjoyed watching Gabby, and had encouraged Gabby to put on a show for her
several times.

Snow White shuddered in her first orgasm, as Gabby began to shake and
quiver with her own climax, her sphincter clinching Petal's slim finger.
Feeling the girl's pussy spasming against her thigh, Petal too began to
cum. The bathing room filled with the sound of feminine sighs and soft
cries of pleasure.

"Well, did you like the show, Snowy?" grinned Gabby.

Gabby maneuvered Petal around in the water until Snow White could see
the asian girl's pink pussy, and tight anus. Gabby's fingers stroked
slowly, and spread the lips wide in offering.

"Want a taste? I bet it's sweet," teased Gabby.

Snow White silently shook her head.

Gabby smiled and turned Petal in the water until she faced Snow White,
then she pushed. Petal glided through the water until she came to rest
against the pale, pale skin. When she touched Snow White, she began
massaging the firm flesh starting at the shoulders. She didn't give the
princess a chance to object, but quickly added her lips to the massage her
hands had begun. She received no rebuke when her tongue started lapping at
the ruby nipples. Soon, the hard buds filled her mouth, and she heard the
soft 'oh' of the princess as she bit down gently.

Gabby followed Petal through the water, until she too suckled at a full
white breast. But her fingers dallied lower down, trailing at last into
the raven curls at Snow White's lower belly. She caressed and massaged
among the short hairs until she knew she could push farther. But rather
than put her own fingers into the sweet pussy of her friend. Gabby took
the hand of the beautiful asian girl and put it atop the red lips that now
begged for a touch. Petal's hand was a willing accomplice, quickly
stroking away Snow White's resolve to stay 'pure'.

"Do you still want to stay above the waist, Snowy?" Gabby asked.

Snow White shuddered in orgasm under Petals fingers.

" it. Kiss me there, Gabby"

"Not I, dearest Snowy...I think Petal wants that honor. Do you want
Petal to suck your pussy, Snowy? Do you want her tongue in you?"

Snow White nodded mutely, and Gabby grinned.

Snow White started to sit up on the rim of the tub so that Petal could
lick and suck at the ruby pussy that so wanted to be kissed. Petal smiled
and put a hand on her shoulder to stop her. She took a deep breath and
dove under the water. As Gabby sucked at her nipples, Snow White felt
Petal's mouth moving on her straining twat. It turned out Petal could hold
her breath for a VERY long time.

end story section


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