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EASW c chapter 4


The Erotic Adventure's of Snow White By DemonBound

Chapter 4 (inc, oral, MFf, rimming, MfF, bukkake, M+F, lact, fist, food,
FF, best-eels)

Warning: This story is intended for adults, if you aren't, don't read
it. It also isn't for you if you are offended by sex, since it deliberately
contains every sex act I can think of, though I'm sure I missed a few. It
contains lesbian and homosexual and straight sex, incest, bondage, torture,
bestiality, rape, oral and anal intercourse, at least one scene with a
golden shower, and sex with characters that would be considered underage if
they really existed and lived in our society. I left out snuff and scat
sex, since I personally find those distasteful (oops, I forgot, there is
one scene where one person gets killed, but it isn't the point of the
scene), I probably missed some fetishes, and I rushed through any male to
male sex scenes, since I find those not erotic and a little off putting,
but there you have it. This book isn't for the young, the weak of heart or
stomach, so-called fundamentalists, or for those who can't tell reality
from make believe. family values are pretty much completely lacking here.
I don't really care about the laws, but I don't want anyone to be damaged.
So if you can be damaged by reading this book, don't. If you read it,
understand that the consequences are your own, chosen by you, borne by you.

begin story section

The story thus far:

Warning & Explanation, (prologue) Snow White's mother fucks the huntsman
while the king watches, a peasant see the queen's tits and tit fucks his
wife, the Queen sucks off a young page and is given a tongue bath by a maid
while the King watches, the Queen dies giving birth to Snow White, Snow
White grows up in the castle until she is caught in an indiscretion with a
boy, and is sent to a convent school, meanwhile (chapter one) the King
takes another wife who is chosen for her sexual performance, she had
auditioned by sucking off 10 men in front of the court, the step-Queen uses
a lesbian sex show to convince the king to make a treaty with the orcs,
Snow White returns to the castle and the intrigues of court.

(chapter 2) Snow White is entertained by her friend Gabby's lewd tails,
Gabby decides to masturbate and talks Snow White into helping her, then
Gabby starts to reciprocate when they are interrupted. (chapter 3) Snow
White remembers her misadventure with Knat, the Ambassador's son in which
they play doctor and cause a scandal, she and Gabby arrive at the castle
and she notices disturbing changes in her childhood home, Snow White and
Gabby take a bath together with Petal that turns into a slow, wet three-way

Chapter 4

That night, Snow White sat at the high table in the place of honor on
the right hand of the king. Her stepmother, the Queen sat at the left of
the king. The most important of the kingdom's nobles, and visiting
dignitaries sat at the high table, while lesser nobility sat at the two
rows of long table that ran down the sides of the dining hall. The center
was left free for the evening's entertainment.

Her father wore a fur lined cape, rich royal blue tunic embroidered with
gold thread and tight blue leggings with the pointed, curling shoes popular
in the Southern Kingdom at the time. He was smooth shaven and wore his
hair long, as if he were a young man, but his gray hair and slightly
stooped posture revealed his true age. Still, he looked as if he belonged
with the golden crown he wore on his head.

The Queen's clothing also shouted wealth and power, though with much
less modesty. The Queens dress seemed more designed to display than
conceal her charms. Though it was patterned on a classic gown with a wide
hoop and tight corset, the skirt was cunnningly split so that successive
layers of material, starting with a light creme and ending with a deep
crimson, framed and pointed to the Queen's womanhood.When she walked, or
sat, a glimpse of her long tanned legs could be had and perhaps just a bit
more than legs. The cream satin bodice, trimmed in pearls and lace was
scooped low in the front to show ample tanned cleavage and a diamond shaped
cutout displayed the undersides of the Queens busom. Only a ring of gold
held the material together across this mountainous region. But the
material seemed a bit superfilous, since the Queen's areolas and nipples
where exposed through openings ringed in baby pearls. She also wore her
blonde hair piled high and bound by a glittering network of diamonds and
pearls. On her feet where creme stiletto heeled boots also trimmed in lace
an pearls.

They sat on a kind of thriple couch, so that each had a seat, but were
as close together as hoops skirts the Queen and Snow White wore would

As they all waited for the first course to be served, Snow White frowned
slightly as she realized that her father, the King, had casually draped his
arm around his second wife's shoulders, and started toying with her left
breast through the low-cut gown the queen wore. He sat playing with her
nipple as he waited. For her part, the Queen had her hand in the royal
crotch and was gently rubbing.

Both acted as if this were perfectly normal and none of the nobles or
servants present seemed surprised, nor did they comment, though some did
seem to be watching with interest. Snow White did her best to ignore it,
though a tingle, or maybe an itch, ran through her at the sight. Life at
the castle had changed since she left, and the convent was never like this.

The Queen frowned slightly as she played with her husband's cock, as she
remembered meeting her stepdaughter for the first time in nearly 5 years.
It had been an unwelcome surprise to see the plain, flat chest girl from
the dusty coach ride, transformed into the lovely creature seated on the
other side of her husband.

Snow White was dressed in a pink satin gown with dark highlights that
complemented her midnight black hair. Cleaned and combed, her hair fell in
ebon waves down her elegant back. The gown was more modest than most, but
the snowy swell of well formed breasts showed above the satin bodice,
forming an impressive cleavage. Her tiny waist accented the swell of her
wide hips, even as the shell of the hoop skirt concealed her long legs.

She hadn't wanted to wear the dress, thinking it too suggestive when she
saw how low the bodice was cut, but she found that all of her carefully
unpacked convent clothing had been sent to the wash, and only this dress
had been left in their place. Snow White wasn't happy that her campaign to
avoid sexual attention seemed off to a bad start.

The Queen was not happy, not happy at all. This girl could be a threat!
Gone was the plain drudge in the was a girl to rival the Queen
for beauty. What had happened? Petal had said nothing about this sudden
beauty! Petal was about to get a very painful punishment! Something would
have to be done. daughter or not, the King's wandering eye could not be
allowed to be attracted to this girl...unless she could be controlled.
Perhaps the Queen could seduce her, control her, and the girl certainly
looked delicious. But if she couldn't be controlled...well, something
would have to be done.

The King continued his toying, even as he turned to chat with his
daughter. Though the King seemed not to notice, the Queen felt a definite
hardening as the king took in the vision of his offspring. He seemed to
have trouble keeping his eyes on her face. He chatted about
inconsequentials as he kneaded his wife's breasts, until the chamberlain
announced dinner was served.

As the plates were brought in with the first course, the king turned to
his wife. "How about a little appetizer, dear wife." The Queen smiled
salaciously, "Of course, your highness." Snow White looked on, shocked, as
the Queen dropped to her knees, pulled out her father's tool, and started
licking at the head.

"Did you get all settled in, my dear?" asked the king as his wife licked
wetly at the shaft of his prick.

"Very well, father, th-thank you," Snow White stammered.

"I usually find travel very tedious,"commented the King, "Unless I have
something to divert me."

The Queen locked eyes with the stunned Snow White, and winked.

"Thanks the gods, Gabrielle was with me. She is an excellent story teller." said the Princess.

Her father went on as if nothing were wrong, though he started to
breathe a little harder. Snow White breathed harder too. She haltingly
spoke of the weather as she watched her father's hard cockhead disappear
between the Queen's full lips.

"It appears, father, that we arrived just in time. I, I fear we are in
for a bit of rain."

"Yes...mmmm...a spring shower," said the King, as his wife started
bobbing her head so that just the head of his prick pushed into her mouth
and then pulled back out. "But it will soon go as quickly as

*Thuck* *thuck* *thuck* *thuck,* went her father's cockhead as it popped
into and out off her stepmother's sucking mouth.

"It promises to be a good year for the farmers, " said the blushing Snow
White as the Queen started pushing more of the King's prick into her mouth.

"Yes...mmmm...more tongue, there along the vein, yes that's it...once
the...ah...seed is planted, I'm sure everything will grow ripe and full,"
said the King, his eyes seemingly lingering on his daughter's chest, though
she tried not to notice.

"The mother Superior says that things always grow large in the Southern
Kingdom as long as they get the attention they need," said the Princess.

"Very true...fortunately...of yes, mmmmn...your stepmother is very good
at...extracting...the most from things!" exclaimed the king, "production
has been up since I put her in charge of the farms.

She's taken many loads from the royal...shoulders."

*ssluurppp* *ssliththth* *glmmmp* The Queen took each of the kings
testicles into her mouth and slurped and slobbered happily as his cock
rubbed across her face.

Snow White noticed that her father's tool was only about 7 inches long,
and of no special girth, but was still strangely fascinating. She'd seen
bigger, having watched Gabby tackle a monster nearly eleven inches long one
night. Gabby had only been able to swallow about 5 inches of it, though
the young monk visiting the convent hadn't complained. But this tool held
her attention, as she tried to talk normally to her father. Perhaps it was
because of the Queen's apparent ease as she started to feed it into her
mouth, deep throating all seven inches, or the special twist the Queen gave
her head with each downward swallow. Surely, it wasn't because she
wondered at what the tool would feel and taste like, within her own mouth.

"I'm sure she's...quite proficient," said the Princess.

The Queen performed her duties with all her skill, hoping to divert the
King and embarrass the Princess. For all her skill, she was certain the
King's thought where not entirely on his wife's mouth. As her tongue
played with the droplet of precum peeking out of the king's piss-slit, she
noticed the king take his daughters hand, as if only to convey filial
affection, but when he did so, the cock in the Queen's mouth hardened
perceptibly. Enraged, but concealing it well, she decided she would have
to give into the King's obvious fancy for now. Perhaps she could control
the girl as she did the father. She let the King's prick slip from her
mouth, leaving a deliberate trail of precum as the head dropped down to
nestle between her ample breasts.

"You are certainly beautiful, daughter, no one told me my King's
daughter had grown up so well formed," the Queen said to Snow White, as she
massaged her nipples with the king's cock. Snow White blushed, as much from
the heat inside her at the sight of her Step-mother's smeared lips, as the
actual comment.

"Thank you, Stepmother, but your beauty far surpasses my own, and my
father's love for you is very evident." Snow White said.

The Queen moved up so that the king's cock slipped into the diamond cut
out in her bodice. She settled down on the prick moving between her
breasts until the head peaked out above the golden ring. Now the King
could fuck her tits while they were held around him by the bodice. Snow
White's breasts heaved as she tried to control the strange mix of feeling
she felt as she held hands with her father while his prick was moving back
and forth through the deep valley of the Queen's chest.

"Oh yes...but he as well, my dear, I can...tell," the Queen
said between licks at the Royal cockhead, when it peaked out. "I am sure
we will soon become a very close family."

Suddenly, the Princess felt a hand under the hem of her gown. She saw
the Queen wink at her as she felt the Queen's now free hand run up Snow
White's dainty calf. She jumped, but the King apparently never noticed as
his wife's mouth closed once more over his prick. At first, Snow White
tried to pretend that there wasn't a hand almost at her knee, though she
did close her legs trying to trap the Queen's hand, impede any further
inappropriate progress.

"There, there, daughter, I love you both though in different ways, I
hope the two of you will be very close." The King said. He casually loosed
his daughter's hand and put one arm around her shoulder, as he had the
Queen earlier, and drew her near to him in a fatherly hug. As he did, his
hand brushed down to cup one snow-white breast through the dress, as if by
accident. Snow White had had more than her strained morals could handle
and she quickly reached up to again take her father's hand--thus removing
it from her breast. But just one touch of his daughter's ruby nipple, even
through cloth, had brought on the King's proceedings.

The Queen quickly pulled back, forced to remove her hand from Snow
White's leg so that she could catch up the overflow, as the spurting head
of the King's prick pushed out of her breasts, and between her lips,
rapidly filling her mouth. Knowing the King's taste's, she didn't swallow it, but let if spill out into her hand.

After several spurts, the king pulled his cock from between the Queen's
breasts but made no move to put it back into his leggings.

"Ah, just the thing before dinner...thanks you my dear," said the King
to the Queen, but looking into his beautiful daughter's eyes as he said it.
Then he turned to the Queen, "and now you have a good conditioner for your

Snow White and the King both watched spellbound as the Queen smiled,
dipped a finger into her palm, and started massaging the King's spunk into
her nipples, then across her lips and fiinally into her cleavage and face.

"Would you like to try some, stepdaughter?" asked the Queen.

"N-no, thank you stepmother," blushed Snow White.

The Queen smiled as she noticed that Snow White had apparently forgotten
to keep ahold of her father's wandering hand. The Princess seemed unaware
of the hand gently massaging her breast as she watched the Queen rub the
last of her father's cum onto her face.

When at last the Queen rose from her spot between the King's legs, a
single drop of cum ran down her chin to drip on Snow White's gown. Snow
White could only stare, at the white on virginal pink. Snow White shivered
at the totally horrid, but fascinating, fantasy about dipping a finger in
the drop and sucking the finger to taste her father's cum. She pulled
herself together and tried to ignore the whole thing, once more taking her
father's hand from her tingling right breast.

She thought "I'm saving myself for marriage, I'm saving myself for
marriage. Besides, he's my father. It's wrong."

The Queen sat back down next to the King, and the dinner proceeded
almost normally. Several courses where brought in, and musicians played.
People ate and talked. Snow White slowly calmed down some what. By the
third course, oysters on the half shell, she was breathing normally.

Snow White noticed that many of the people were more interested in their
companions than their food, though. She noticed that Gabby was slowly
eating a banana while looking deeply into the eyes of the young cavalry
officer she was sitting next to. Other couples, or even groups, had gone
even farther: kissing, petting, even partial nudity seemed as much the norm
as the exception. More than one maiden was having a special appetizer of
her own, and an occasional young page was engaged in unnatural acts of a
similar nature.

With each new course, Snow White had more trouble ignoring the goings on
around her.

When the first of the desserts was served, the King called out, "And
have you arranged a suitable entertainment tonight, my wife?"

The Queen answered, "Of course, Sire. Would you like to see?"

The King's voice quavered, perhaps with age, perhaps in anticipation,
"Let the spectacle begin."

The Queen clapped her hand and the band struck up a merry tune. From
out of a side door capered a shrunken misshapen figure in bright red and
royal blue silks. He wore a fools cap with jangling bells and carried a
scepter shaped like a large phallus. This was definitely not the fool of
Snow White's childhood. He jumped up on the table and ran along it turning
somersaults and threatening the various guests with the head of his fake
penis. Every once in a while he'd stop and sing out a very dirty limerick.
Gales of laughter arose at the little man's antics.

At one point, he apparently got the scepter stuck in the ample cleavage of a middle aged matron, who only laughed the harder. He pulled and tugged
at the scepter, fondled the pillowy mounds trying to pry them apart, and
finally ended up putting his silk clad buttocks in her face as he tried to
get the scepter out. The matron promptly bit him.

He tumbled away from her, his face all flushed with outrage, hands on

"Gentles, my arse is not some field of grass that some old goat may
munch upon it. I cry foul, foul I say! I demand succor and sweet healing
balm for my aching bum."

The fool pulled down his silken pantaloons, mooning the whole court, as
cries of "Foul" and "A Penalty is do" arose around the tables. Finally the
King, laughing, stood up.

"Lady, you have done my poor fool's arse a great wrong, it seems only
right that you should now do it, aright."

"Nay, my Lord, " cried the fool, "The good book does say that the sins
of the father are visited even onto the third generation. I say it is also
true of the sins of Adam's folly as well. The Grand Dam has wronged me,
its only right the Grand daughter make it right!"

The King chuckles "So be it then."

Next to the matron with the dangerous teeth, sat a young girl, in a
ornate peach ball gown. She was just coming into her full womanhood, and
was apparently proud of her new breasts, for she had been leaning back,
eyes closed, as one of the serving boys was treated to an intimate
exploration of them with nimble fingers. She blushed as she realized that
the room was suddenly focused on her. She pulled the unfortunate lad's
hands from her bodice and stood, facing the dwarfish Jester, not seeming to
know what to do with the Kings command.

The Jester grinned, "First a soothing balm, must you place on the
offended parts."

He picked up a jar of honey, and handed it to the blushing girl.

"A bun must be buttered, but if butter be not handy, a bit of sweet
honey will do."

The fool put his injured arse near to the girl's face.

"Thy smooth hand may sooth the pain, but only thy mouth may take away
the sting of humiliation at thy Gran's teeth!"

The girl looked to her grandmother for guidance, who urged her to spread
the honey in obedience to the King's justice.

"But I don't know what to do," cried the girl.

The King answered, "Then the elder must instruct you. Madam, you must
demonstrate all to your kindred by example. Girl, you must do to the fool,
what your Grand Dam does to you."

The matron grinned, apparently liking the sport, though the girl looked
nervous. As the fool's bottom was bare, it was decided that the girl's
bottom must be bare also. Her fancy dress was soon stripped, layer , by
layer, by the girl's grandmother, with more than a little fondling and
display of new bud charms. Thin hips just starting to swell complemented
the startlingly large and perky breasts. Removing the girl's bloomers
revealed a sparse thatch of blonde hairs, a petite slit, and a generous
bottom, pink and smooth. Finally, the girl was ready to begin.

As the grand dam slowly caressed the buttocks of the girl, the girl used
her hand to spread the honey on the misshapen cheeks of the fool. To the
great amusement of the crowd, the fool began making faces of ecstasy and
stroking his penis, which soon grew to be no less than nine inches. The
girl's fingers slipped between the cheeks of his ass, mirroring the
finger's of her mother's mother between her own ass, stroking and probing
at the brown rose of the Fool as her own tight rosebud was probed.

"Enough," cried the fool, "'Twas the hills that were attacked, yet you
sneak into the valley, me thinks the Dam was a goat, but the daughter is a
pig, seeking to root among the dirt! If the hog is given her head, the
snake shall surely spit-too soon, too soon. You shall have your slops
anon. Now, as the good book says, an Eye for an Eye, and as a mouth has
done the wrong, only your mouth can now amends. Thou must dine on sweet
honey'd buns"

At this the matron's head descends to the rosy cheeks of the girls arse
and begins to lick and kiss. Obediently, and to much laughter, the girl begins to lick and suck at the honey on the lumpy ass before her. As she
does, the fool puckers his mouth, shuts his eyes and strokes ever faster on
his prick. The girl shudder's and moans as her grandmother's tongue begins
to probe at an orifice hidden deep within well licked cheeks. She hardly
hesitates to put her own tongue in the hidden grotto in the dwarf's valley.
He in turn redoubles his efforts with his tool, his fist a blur. The girls mouth finally slows, her tongue slips out of the fool's anus, and her mouth
opens as she shudders at the orgasm brought from her own dark hole by the
experienced tongue of her grandmother.

The fool quickly turns with a yell, "And now the special sauce to make
the buns taste even better!" Though his prick is in the right place, his
aim is off as the first drop of cum hits the girl's check. The next blast
goes true, though, as the honey coated tongue is now coated anew, this time
in white. Though a dwarf, his balls must have been man sized to match his
prick, for wad after wad struck the girl on face, mouth and bosom, with
plenty left over to spray some on the girl's ass as well. The matron
misses not a beat, as she licks up every drop, and the girl continues to
come until the Jester brings her to with a quick slap of his deflated cock
across her lips.

It didn't stay deflated long though, as the dwarf continued on his
rounds of the table, his cock became the new scepter which was waved in
blessing at many a maid and a few young gentlemen. The jester found
himself wronged trice more, requiring a penalty of each offender, and a
final gift of the dwarf's copious cum.

By then the Queen had grown bored, however, and called for the main

The Chamberlain stepped up and called, "Let the Plainspeople come

The central area of the dining hall was soon filled by a small troupe of
Plainspeople in colorful costumes, complete with a wagon drawn by a pony
and a burro. The troupe had four men and two women. The men were all
young and darkly good looking, and well endowed, as was evidenced by the
bulges in their tight costumes. The older woman was in her early forties,
large breasted and wide hipped, and oozed with a strange unsettling
sensuality as if everything she saw could only add to her pleasure. The
younger woman was apparently her daughter, for there was a strong family resemblance, though it seemed she was only starting to come into that
all-consuming carnality of her mother.

The troupe proceeded to 'set up camp' in a most bumbling and humorous
fashion, with many pratfalls and more groping and fondling. Several times
the mother's blouse just seemed to slip off one shoulder, exposing a large
pendulous breast. All of the men seemed to manage to end up pantless, and
one by one they managed a moment alone with the either the mother or
daughter which resulted in a quick grope, maybe a suck or two, and a raging
hardon thrust into some hole or other. But finally, all was in readiness.

The Kings Chamberlain came forth once again to do the honors of

"Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we have an exhibition of unusual skill
and natural ability, in the setting that gave it birth, a Plainsman camp! I
give you the Amazing Yolonda, and her daughter Yvette. Yolonda is a
gourmand of love, some would even say a glutton. Her specialty is the
consumption of foods, but in a special way which she shall demonstrate for
your edification. This we shall see tonight. Her daughter is her
apprentice in all things and will assist as needed."

"But first an appetizer of love," The Chamberlain motions Yvette
forward. She comes forth boldly, her swaying hips and jiggling breast threatening to jump out of the bright cloth covering them. The Chamberlain
stands behind her and prepares to make the threat reality.

"Do you wish to see these heathen globes, Gentles?" he asks as he
thrusts his hands into the girls blouse, kneading and hefting the dusky
breasts. The crowd of jaded nobles growled an assent. The Chamberlain
solemnly complies, looking more like a priest than a voyeur's panderer, as
he spills her globes out into the open air and the crowd's view. He
pinches her brown nipples to hardness, and moves his hands down to her
crotch above her skirt.

"And do you wish to see this dark grotto, used by so many brown-skinned
lovers?" Soon the skirt fluttered to the ground, showing the black thatched
pussy, and the chamberlains hand rubbing between the dark lips from behind
as he displayed the Plainswoman for every eye.

"And, Gentles, this sweet meat is only the appetizer! Shall she perform
for you her specialty?" At the crowds eager roar, he continued, "She is a
sword swallower without equal, but she only swallows certain select
swords...don't you wish yours was among them. Now I give you Yvette!"

The four Plainsmen came forward, each carrying a pillow. They also
bring with them a round platform, which they make sure is visible to all.
After making a small mound of the pillows on the platorm, they formed a
square on it's rim. Yvette, now completely nude, kneels at the center of
the square, steadying herself on the naked thighs of the Plainsmen. She
smiles and licks her red painted lips to a sheen of moisture and laughs at
the gasps from the crowd. The men begin to massage her body with their
hardening pricks. Here one caresses a brown nipple with a dark cock, there
a long shaft rubs down the curve of a graceful swan's throat. Her cheeks
are stroked with hard and leaking love tools, leaving glistening paths
across the beautiful face.

At first Yvette does nothing, simply accepting this phallic worship as
her just due, but finally she must react. A small hand reaches up to a
long prick and begins to frig slowly. The proud mouth opens, not to speak,
but to take the head of the second brown tool within. Her other hand takes
a third prick, and begins to toy with it softly. The last Plainsman, not
to be left out, pushes her brown breasts together and begins to fuck
between them.

Then something unusual happens, the Plainsman with his prickhead in her
mouth, carefully reaches back a foot off the platform and pushes. The
platform turns! And as an added bonus, a large part of the man's prick
disappears down the girl's throat. Yvette has swallowed at least 6 inches,
which all may see because of the slow complete rotation of the platform.
The man pushes again, gaining another slow rotation and another two inches
into the gulping throat. All 8 inches glide out, as she turns to another
prick, swallowing it with one greedy gobble. This man now takes his turn
providing the motion of the rotating platform and trying to plum the depths
of Yvette's talented throat. In turn, each sword is baptized in the girls throat before returning to it's original location. Now each cock glistens
with saliva, and the valley between her breasts is slick with her own spit
as well. Some in the audience notice that the dark lips between her legs
also drip with moisture, and her abdomen contracts rhythmically as she
sucks. The first prick regains it's home, 8 inches in.

Yolonda looks on with something akin to pride. In the background, she
takes off her own skirt and blouse, revealing worn but serviceable breasts,
a pot belly still small enough to be interesting, and a shaven cleft with
wide, brown lips. Apparently just to warm up she starts pumping between
the lips with two long fingers.

With her mother looking on, Yvette sucks the four cocks one at a time,
slowly turning for the audience. She seems to finally settle on one,
perhaps by taste, and begins to deep throat it in earnest, going so far as
to take in all nine inches and swallow the balls as well. She hold it for
a moment, letting the crowd see the muscles in her throat massaging the
long prick within. Then she starts to bob her head, almost all nine inches
coming out, then going back in, faster and faster.

Many in the crowd said she rivaled the Queen in skill, but those who had
actually experienced the real thing (a surprisingly large number) knew
differently, though they still thought it was an impressive display. The
dark mouth moved back and forth, faster and faster, until at a word from
the Plainsman, Yvette backed off, mouth open, awaiting the man's tribute.
It was soon in coming and impressive in volume, and all went into the red painted grotto. Yvette knelt with open mouth through one full rotation, so
that all might see the white mass on her tongue, while the Plainsman
cleaned his prick on her black hair. Then she swallowed with evident

Another prick soon filled her mouth, though this one was treated to more
subtlety. She circled the dark head with a soft pink tongue, and kissed
along the underside with loving precision. The tip of her tongue fluttered
at the underside like a cat drinking water, and the Plainsman groaned, but
the platform kept on turning. Yvette sucked and slurped at the man's
balls, all the while being fucked between her breasts by one man, and
frigging two others. Finally she seemed to get thirsty, her mouth grew
more demanding, her slurping drowning out the soft sighs and gasps coming
from the audience. With a groan, the man withdrew his prick, and with
unnatural aim, shot blast after blast of creamy cum into her eager mouth.
This time some hit her chin, but the obliging Plainsman used a finger to
scoop it up and into her mouth. Her lips closed around the finger, which
he pumped in and out a couple of times, but when it came out it was free of
jism. Her mouth and tongue once again made the rotation as proof of her
prowess, before the sweet gift was again eagerly swallowed.

The men never stopped turning as they rearranged themselves a bit so
that Yvette could more easily get to the straining pricks that had not yet
shot into her gullet. But a surprise was in store. This time, as she
frigged the two spent tools back to hardness, both undrained cocks pushed
into Yvette's straining mouth. By standing close together, the two
Plainsmen managed to force an improbable length of two cock into her
throat. Yvette never seemed happier than with the two poles struggling
within her wide red mouth. She grunted and slurped and sucked with evident
delight and joy. Her tongue tickled, swirled, and licked, she hollowed her
cheeks to get more contact with the meat in her mouth. Finally, she pulled
back, and on cue the twin pricks spouted twin guisers of cum into her
mouth, which finally had more cum than it could hold. cum freely ran down
her chin and onto her breasts. A few drops hit the platform. This time,
she swallowed not a drop.

The men stepped off the platform, but kept turning it while frigging
their pricks. Yvette now lowered herself to the platform as it turned.
Her breasts smearing the cum already dripped there. He ass was in the air,
showing everyone her dark pussy and tight asshole. When she came back
around to face the crowd, she spit the double load of cum into her hand,
and grinned. Still lying ass up on the platform she reached back between
her thighs, with her cum cupping hand, and started anointing her pussy and
ass with the copious load. She rubbed in the cum with a load groan, and
moaning, breasts lying on cum soaked boards, chin smeared with more, she
started to force a scum covered finger into her ass and another into her
pussy. A second finger joined the first in her pussy. She seemed to be
trying to force all the cum into some orifice or another.

As she worked, the four Plainsmen looked on with rapidly growing
hardons. They watched as she moaned and started licking the boards, trying
to lap up the spills. Their breathing got faster and faster as her own
did. They seemed like mad men pulling on their pricks as her fingers
disappeared into the drenched holes. Finally, as her body began to spasm
in an immense orgasm, each achieved a second shot! From a distance of
several feet, gush after gush of sperm coated the dark-skinned girl,
seeming to intensify her own orgasm. spunk landed on her ass and in her
hair. It coated her back and legs. She writhed in spunk, wallowed in cum,
and shuddered again and again. When they could shoot no more, they stepped
back onto the platform and pulled her to her knees. There she smiled,
rotating for the crowd, covered hair, face, and body with cum, and gave a
few last licks of still proud but spent pricks, cleaning the last of the
scum from them and into her mouth.

The Chamberlain started the applause, and it quickly grew as the
impressed crowd regained their stunned faculties. The girl's mother grinned, massaging one breast, and gave her own pussy a last swipe. She
took the girl to one side and gave her an open mouthed kiss, sucking some
of the sperm from Yvette's mouth. She gave her daughter's buttocks a firm
approving squeeze, and slipped a finger tip into her tight but lubricated
asshole as a sign of motherly regard. While the crowd was districted by
the little show of affection, the Plainsmen put a small table near the
platform, full of covered bowls. They also put a low leather stool on the
platform in place of the pillows.

The Chamberlain moved forward after pulling his tool from the lips of
one of the serving girls and closing his robes. After a moment to compose
himself, he announces the next act. "And now, the main course. As Yvette
swallows cum, so too does her mother swallow love in all it's forms. The
great Yolonda has practiced her arcane arts for many years and now brings
them to us. I give you Yolonda the Gourmand of Love!"

Yolonda sits on the leather stool, while Yvette kneels between her
mother's spread thighs. One of the Plainsmen stands nearby the table, and
slowly begins turning the platform once again. Yvette, still smeared in
four men's cum, slowly caresses her mother's breasts. She nurses as she
must have as a child, and as the crowd watches in amazement, she squeezes
her mother's straining breasts and milk shoots into her mouth! Yvette
suckles at both breasts until her mouth is full, then she lowers her head
and spits the rich, creamy milk carefully into her mother's pussy. Yolonda
pulls her pussy lips apart, stretching them wide, to open herself for the

Yvette massages her mother's milk covered slit, stroking the brown clit,
putting a finger into the opening that gave her birth. She leans down and
licks the milk from her mother's clit. Yolonda shudders in a small orgasm,
holding her daughter's head to her pussy. After a bit Yvette pulls back to
again stroke her mother, this time working two fingers into the gaping
hole. A third finger pumps in and out. Finally, Yvette balls her fist and
slowly pushes it into her mother's snatch. Yolonda scoots forward on the
leather seat, as the platforms slowly turns, so that all may see the fist
disappear up to the wrist and a little beyond. Finally, she signals Yvette
that she is ready for the next stage.

The Plainsman at the table pulls the covers off the containers,
revealing an assortment of foodstuffs of various kinds. He hands Yvette a
large banana. Yvette does the predictable thing, and promptly deep throats
it until only the stem is visible. Yolonda frowns, and tweaks her
daughter's nipple, hard enough to make the girl squeak and with a bit of
gagging, force the banana out into her hand. There is a smattering of
laughter in the crowd at this familial rivalry. Yvette contritely peals
the banana, and carefully teasing the opening, begins to push the banana
into her mother's milky quim. Yolonda seems to concentrate, and the banana
seems actually to be sucked into her. Yvette gives the banana (and her
mother's clit) a friendly lick as the tip vanishes. Yolonda holds very
still for a moment. Then the crowd gasps as the banana starts to reappear,
not squashed as one might suppose, but still whole. Yvette plays the model as she frames the emerging banana with her hands. Then, just as it seems
it's about to drop out, the banana starts back into the well trained cunt.

Yolonda's stomach ripples as the fruit is sucked back into her. Then
the ripples change direction. To the delight of the crowd, as it reappears
a second time, Yvette eats the fruit with many an unnecessary lick

Next Yvette is handed a bowl full of a dozen eggs. Many of the women
murmur in disbelief. As Yolonda holds her pussy lips apart, Yvette licks
each egg, then firmly pushes it into her mother's pussy, each one
disappearing with a pop, and a quick shudder from Yolonda. When ten of the
eggs are gone, Yvette tries to insert the eleventh, to no avail. There
apparently just isn't enough room in Yolonda's gash for more. So Yvette
shrugs, licks, and shoves an egg up her mother's ass! The crowd goes wild
as a second egg joins the first, but they really start to cheer when the
Plainsman gives Yvette the second dozen eggs. Slowly, four more eggs
disappear into Yolonda's ass and the rest into her bulging womb. Yolonda's
stomach visibly swells so that she appears pregnant.

Yvette then amuses the crowd through another rotation by squeezing her
pregnant looking mother's teats, and shooting milk at the crowd. Then
Yolonda starts laying eggs. Yvette carefully puts them one at a time into
the bowl as they slowly squeeze out. When she gets to the last dozen,
Yolonda alternates an egg from her cunt with an egg from her ass. At last
all the eggs are out. Yvette proceeds to crack open the eggs to prove they
are raw. She breaks the third egg into her mothers upturned mouth and
Yolonda sucks the raw egg down whole. Then Yvette does the same. The next
egg is broken into Yolonda's mouth, but Yvette sucks at her mother's mouth
until she can swallow the yoke herself. Several more eggs disappear,
swapped back and forth between mother and daughter. Then Yvette breaks and
egg between her breasts and smears the yoke and white over her dusky mounds
and pert nipples. Yolonda now suckles at her daughter's breast, licking up
all trace of the raw egg.

Many in the crowd are openly masturbating, not a few openly fucking.
The king is playing with his wife's pussy as she is fucked in the ass by a
cavalry officer. Gabby seems to have disappeared, apparently blowing the
Ambassador from Yelkin, or perhaps the Ambassador's wife. Snow White sits
quite still, eyes frozen on the slowly turning platform, apparently in

The Plainsman now hands Yvette a quick succession of cucumbers, carrots,
squash, potatoes, and several other garden friends of womankind. These go
into Yolonda's various well licked and lubricated orifices. But this
interlude does little more than prove Yolonda's prowess as a gourmand of
love, literally a woman who will fuck anything. The crowd grows a bit
restless, though they perk up a bit when a series of slices of melon are
given Yolonda's special sauce and then passed out to the audience. And
they are intrigued when Yvette shoves several whole oranges up her mother's
cunt, and she proceeds to squeeze them into orange juice. A cup is placed
below the performers cunt lips as the orange juice dribbles out and the cup
is then given to the King, who pronounces it delicious.

Next, a string of sausages is slowly pushed Yolonda's gobbling pussy,
then even more slowly pulled out again. Yolonda starts to shudder through
a mini orgasm as each sausage reemerges. Then the sausages are pushed into
her anus, and popped out like large pearls on a string. Finally, Yvette
eats the several of sausages without bothering to take a bite. The meats
theme is continued with a chicken drumstick in Yolonda's ass and a turkey
drumstick in her cunt. Again, bits of meat are passed among the spectators

The crowd seems to approve when a two foot long blood sausage is handed
to Yvette. She holds it up for the crowd, displaying the three inch
diameter, and the firm consistency. She licks at one end, tonguing it as
if playing with a man's piss slit and sucking it in and out of her grinning
mouth until it is slick with her saliva. Then she turns to her mother and
presents the opposite end to Yolonda's mouth, heretofore underestimated
until she shows them who taught Yvette her skills by deep throating a good
6 inches of it. For a few minutes, Yvette and Yolonda compete to see who
can suck in more of the giant sausage, bobbing their heads back and forth
on it's hard length. At last, apparently satisfied that the sausage is
serviceable, they stop sucking and Yvette once again kneels between her
mother's thighs.

Yvette once more licks and nibbles at the wide pussy lips before her.
She fists her mother again, pumping back and forth to loosen the well
stretched lips even more. Then in goes the tip of the blood sausage! She
slowly works it in several inches while playing with the maternal clitoris.
Yolonda writhes happily as it slowly slips inside her, until nearly half is
housed in her throbbing cunt. Then Yvette turns around straddling the huge
sausage in her mother's cunt. She rubs her pussy back and forth along it's
exposed length with half closed eyes. She fondles her brown breasts and
plays with the nipples, cupping them for the crowd. Her mother leans
forward and kisses her back, running small kisses down her spine to the
shapely buttocks as Yvette moves forward to the end of the sausage to tease
her pussy with the very tip. Yolonda buries her mouth between Yvette's
cheeks, slurping at her asshole until Yvette begins to quiver and slump
forward with weak knees.

Then she guides the tip of the sausage into her daughter's pussy and
savagely pulls the girl back onto the huge length while she still shudders
from her anal orgasm. Yvette cries out in pain and pleasure as nearly a
foot of 3 inch diameter blood sausage reams into her. Yolonda and Yvette
start up a rocking thrusting fuck motion while Yolonda kneads her
daughter's full breasts and their moans fill the dining hall. They thrust
again and again as the wooden platform is slowly turned by the Plainsman,
who begins to masturbate not because it is part of the show but just
because he can.. Yvette turns around athletically, never letting the
sausage slip from either cunt, so that she is sitting in Yolonda's lap.
They grind their pussies together and pull apart, making the blood sausage
disappear and reappear, again and again. Their bellies slide together,
their breasts massage each other, with Yvette's on top. They kiss
passionately, tongues dueling in straining mouths. They seem oblivious to
the watching nobles, the spinning platform, and all but the huge form in
their cunts and each other's bodies. But when the Plainsman suddenly cums,
spraying them both with globes of white jism, Yvette has the presence of
mind to dip low in Yolonda's lap to start nursing at her breasts, suckling
mother's milk and spunk both. She kisses her mother again to share the
white froth. This seems to bring on a frenzy, as mother and daughter explode into violent rocking, bucking and straining to steal as much of the
blood sausage as possible from the cunt of the other. They both begin to
jerk in huge clenching waves as massive orgasms rock their dark bodies.

After the orgasmic waves slow to a stop, Yvette climbs slowly off of her
mother's lap, letting the slick meat pole slip from her well stretched
pussy. Shakily, she motions to the nearby Plainsman who turns to the table
and uncovers a transparent bowl full of squirming river eels.

The Chamberlain announces, "Now, for the finale, unnatural acts that
fire the imagination and stretch the ability to believe...among other

He motions to the other three Plainsmen. And as Yvette starts pushing
the first eel into Yolonda's ass while Yolonda plays with the sausage still
in her twat, the three men bring up the burro and the donkey...

Snow White just can't stand it any longer. She gets up, flushed and
gasping, and heads for the door as rapidly as dignity permits. Almost
no-one notices her leaving, though the Queen grins in amusement. The king
is thoroughly engrossed as Yvette breaks the protruding neck of the eel,
causing a violent death seizure to spasm through its body deep in Yolonda's
ass. Snow White tries to ignore the goings on as she all but runs out the
door. She also tries to ignore the trickle running down her leg.

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