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Archived Sex Stories

EASW d chapter 5 and 6


The Erotic Adventure's of Snow White
By DemonBound

Chapter 5 (bd, tort, mc, anal, rim, MFf, best, ff, cum,
Chapter 6 (1st, oral, Mf, erk!, fist)

Warning: This story is intended for adults, if you
aren't, don't read it. It also isn't for you if you are
offended by sex, since it deliberately contains every
sex act I can think of, though I'm sure I missed a few.
It contains lesbian and homosexual and straight sex,
incest, bondage, torture, bestiality, rape, oral and
anal intercourse, at least one scene with a golden
shower, and sex with characters that would be
considered underage if they really existed and lived in
our society. I left out snuff and scat sex, since I
personally find those distasteful (oops, I forgot,
there is one scene where one person gets killed, but it
isn't the point of the scene), I probably missed some
fetishes, and I rushed through any male to male sex
scenes, since I find those not erotic and a little off
putting, but there you have it. This book isn't for
the young, the weak of heart or stomach, so-called
fundamentalists, or for those who can't tell reality
from make believe. family values are pretty much
completely lacking here. I don't really care about the
laws, but I don't want anyone to be damaged. So if you
can be damaged by reading this book, don't. If you
read it, understand that the consequences are your own,
chosen by you, borne by you.

begin story segment

Summary of the story thus far:

Warning & Explanation, (prologue) Snow White's mother
fucks the huntsman while the king watches, a peasant
see the queen's tits and tit fucks his wife, the Queen
sucks off a young page and is given a tongue bath by a
maid while the King watches, the Queen dies giving
birth to Snow White, Snow White grows up in the castle
until she is caught in an indiscretion with a boy, and
is sent to a convent school, meanwhile (chapter one)
the King takes another wife who is chosen for her
sexual performance, she had auditioned by sucking off
10 men in front of the court, the step-Queen uses a
lesbian sex show to convince the king to make a treaty
with the orcs, Snow White returns to the castle and the
intrigues of court.(chapter 2) Snow White is
entertained by her friend Gabby's lewd tails, Gabby
decides to masturbate and talks Snow White into helping
her, then Gabby starts to reciprocate when they are
interrupted. (chapter 3) Snow White remembers her
misadventure with Knat, the Ambassador's son in which
they play doctor and cause a scandal, she and Gabby
arrive at the castle and she notices disturbing changes
in her childhood home, Snow White and Gabby take a bath
together with Petal that turns into a slow, wet three-
way (chapter 4) Snow White is shocked but intrigued
when her stepmother gives her father a blow job at the
dinner table and is tempted to join in, the step-Queens
entertainment begins with a dwarven fool who ends up
with his end in a young girls mouth while the girl's
grandmother tongues the girl's own bottom. the fool
cums on the girls face and tits, a troupe of
plainspeople play at setting up camp in the center of
the dining hall and proceed with a spectacle for the
crowd including Yvette who sucks off 4 plainsmen and
receive a second round from all four on her lovely
naked body and Yolanda who amazes the crowd by feeding
her daughter Yvette mothers milk from her own breast
and having her milk deposited on her pussy, Yvette
fists her mother, the show continues with Yolanda
taking many varieties of food into her amazing cunt
including a huge bloodsausage that she uses as a double
ended dildo to fuck her daughter, the finale is Yolanda
filling her cunt with squirming eels, this is just too
much for Snow White and she runs out of the banquet
trying to control her raging lust and remain pure for
her wedding day.

Chapter 5

<<And once when the queen asked her looking-glass,
looking-glass, looking-glass, on the wall,
who in this land is the fairest of all.

It answered,
thou art fairer than all who are here, lady
But more beautiful still is snow-white, as I

Then the queen was shocked, and turned yellow and green
envy. From that hour, whenever she looked at snow-
white, her
heart heaved in her breast, she hated the girl so much.
And envy and pride grew higher and higher in her heart
like a
weed, so that she had no peace day or night. She
called a
huntsman, and said, take the child away into the
forest. I will
no longer have her in my sight. Kill her, and bring me
back her
lung and liver as a token.
-Snow White and the Seven Dwarves>>

The Queen nearly threw her biggest ivory dildo through
the mirror in anger at it's infuriating answer to her
latest question. Petal's replacement, a young redhead
with freckled breasts and an abnormally large
clitoris, cringed and hide behind a dresser. The Queen
raged and stamped her booted foot.

"What do you mean, Snow White is fairer than I!!?",
screamed the Queen.

The calm voice of the mirror answered, apparently
indifferent to its near brush with destruction, as only
an inanimate object can be.

"You did not ask who in the land was greatest
It was beauty you asked me of
And enchanting though you are, Snow White is even
Your game is Sex, and hers is Love

Though from you, Oh Mistress Slut Queen,
She could take instruction in Love's arts
Her innocence's appeal is plainly seen,
Within her snowy breast is a student's heart"

The step-Queen screamed, and looked around for someone
to vent her anger on. Seeing the naked young girl
behind the dresser, she stalked over and stood
glowering. She was an imposing sight, dressed in her
black leather corset and high heeled thigh boots. Her
breasts heaved and her nipples, visible through the
cutouts in the leather, were hard in anger. The
cowering redhead waited submissively for her doom. The
step-Queen decided.

"Get me the ropes, Rose, and the butt plug--the wide
one. Then get on the bed. I need to relax. Oh, and
get me a couple of nipple clamps. Make that three
clamps," ordered the step-Queen.

Rose quivered in fear but did as she was told. Soon
she was bound across the big bed, her ass full with
the extra large butt plug. Naked fear was on her pretty
face as she strained to see her Mistress.

The step-Queen fondled the clamps contemplatively.
She'd been wanting to try out the girl's oversized love
button for days. That just might burn off some of her
frustration. She wondered how well the girl could


The Huntsman knew he was in trouble when the step-Queen
sent for him.

She had smiled and thanked him for coming in a tone of
voice that implied that soon that was just what he
would be doing. She'd had her new servant, a red head,
serve him some wine. He'd noticed that the red head
seemed to be having trouble walking, wincing as she
brought the wine. The step-Queen watched with a
peculiar smile as he drank.

She'd had the girl join her on the divan she reclined
on. While the step-Queen talked of a hunt she wanted
to organize, she hugged the girl and idly started
fondling her through the green satin robe the girl
wore. The material contrasted strangely with the red
teddy the step-Queen had on.

The Huntsman felt strangely light-headed as the step-
Queen talked. He couldn't concentrate on her words,
though he seemed to have no trouble concentrating on
the step-Queen's hand inside the girl's robe slowly
caressing a small but perky breast. The Huntsman
suddenly realized he couldn't remember when the step-
Queen had opened the girl's robe so he could see the
freckled breast clearly as she played with the nipple
with her long fingernails. The girl seemed not even to
notice when the step-Queen flipped open the robe so
that her thatch of red pubic hair was plainly visible.

"There is a job I want you to do for me, Huntsman,"
said the step-Queen as she pulled the girls mouth to
her own suddenly bared breasts. The Huntsman hardly
wondered when that had happened, only able to
concentrate on the growing hardness between his thighs
and the Queen's hand stroking the girl's large
clitoris. He was dimly surprised at the size of it,
almost a small penis, really. He never even noticed
the pain on the girl's face as the Queen stroked the
much abused clit. For her part, her mouth never
stopped it's suction on the Queen's long nipple. "A
job you will be amply rewarded for."

Suddenly, he found himself fucking the step-Queen, whom
he thought of as the Bitch-Queen. He didn't remember
taking off his cloths, or joining the Bitch-Queen on
the divan. He'd never noticed when his prick first
glided into her strangely accessible pussy. He thought
the silky pussy was the best thing he'd ever felt, even
better than the strangely distant memory of fucking a
Queen once before. He'd missed a chance before, he
remembered. He'd wanted to fuck her in the ass, but he
never had gotten the chance. The Bitch-Queen seemed to
read his mind as she pushed him away momentarily. It
was only then that he realized that the red head had
been sucking at his balls from behind as he fucked the
Queen. Now the red head sucked on the head of his long
prick as the Queen turned over on her stomach. The
Queen looked over her shoulder at him.

"My step-daughter is not a good horsewoman, Huntsman.
I want you to stay with her during the hunt tomorrow.
I want you to take care of her for me"

The Huntsman could only nod, dumbly, as his cockhead
swelled in the red head's mouth. Then the girl was
guiding the tip of his prick into her Mistress's
mystically tight and hot anus. He began to cum as soon
as the head was in that gripping heat, providing all
the lubrication he needed to bury himself in the tight
sheath. He was disappointed that he couldn't enjoy
that wonderful ass longer, but soon his prick would
loose it's glorious length and slip out. Only--it
didn't, he stayed hard and kept coming, as he thrust
in again and again into the velvet ass. He felt the
redhead probing his own ass with her finger, which only
made him push in more vigorously.

Suddenly, he couldn't move. Buried deep within the
Bitch-Queen's ass, he could neither push in further nor
withdraw as his cock was gripped in a painful hold that
actually held the sperm in his spurting cock. The
Bitch-Queen's ass went from velvet to iron!

"I want you to do me one last favor. You'll promise to
do it for me, won't you Huntsman?" the Bitch-Queen
demanded over her shoulder. The red head had withdrawn
her finger. His cock was trapped. He struggled
frantically to fuck the Bitch-Queen's ass, but could

"What...what do you want. Let me fuck you...fuck your
ass. What do you want!?" cried the frustrated, still
hard Huntsman.

"Kill her for me. Kill Snow White and bring me
her...oh, I don't know...her heart, I guess. And her
liver. Promise me, Huntsman, and all the ecstasy you
can handle will be yours."

The Huntsman, horrified, tried to say no, tried to
protest, but found himself answering, "I...I'll do it.
For you, My Queen, I'll do anything!"

She smiled, "For my ass, you mean." She looked over
her shoulder at Rose and gave her a silent command.
The Huntsman still couldn't move, but now the Bitch-
Queen's ass felt like it was milking his long cock.
The Huntsman had the bizarre thought that the Bitch-
Queen had somehow stuck a milkmaid up her ass, for it
felt exactly as if a hand slowly pulled at his manhood.
He began to spurt again into the Bitch-Queen's bowels
as he felt the red head thrust her tongue into his ass
in place of her finger. He came as never before. The
girl's tongue seeming to bore into him from behind as
the Queens ass sucked him from in front. His last
conscious thought, as he descended into mindless
sensuality, was that the girl's tongue must match her
extraordinary clit.


Gabby enjoyed the smell of fresh hay, as she walked
into the stables to see that Snow White's horse for the
hunt was a gentle one. Snow White loved horses, but
couldn't seem to handle a really spirited mount. Gabby
looked around for one of the stable hands, but the
stables seemed deserted. Probably out exercising the

Not all the horses where gone though, she could hear at
least one, in one of the stalls toward the back. A
horse was stamping and snorting, and occasionally
whinnying in some excitement. Gabby moved toward the
stall to investigate.

"Hello, is anyone here?" called Gabby.

The sounds from the stall suddenly got louder, and the
horse seemed to be sort of squealing. Gabby thought she
recognized another smell in the stable air besides
fresh hay, and not that of manure. She grinned,
expecting to find a couple trysting in the horses
stall, probably to the horse's great annoyance.

As she approached the stall, one of the stable hands
came out. She was a young woman with long straight hair
and dark skin, which meant that she had some blood of
the Plains people in her. The stable girl's blouse had
a drabbling of some thick off-white goo, which she
seemed not to notice. Her striking, high cheekboned
face was flushed, and a trace of the same white goo
gathered at one corner of her mouth, though she had
tried to wipe it away she'd missed a dab.

"Oh, Miss, I'm sorry, I was busy with the Duke of
Cragmore's mount...I didn't hear you come in."

"That's all right," grinned Gabby, "but now you have to
pay the price...what young man have you got in there,
'helping you with the horse'?"

The girl looked surprised, but blushed.

"There isn't a man in there, Miss...really!" the girl

Gabby didn't argue, she simply embraced the girl, and
after observing the startled look on the stable girl's
face, lowered her mouth to the girl's chest and sucked
at the hard nipple beneath the light material to take
in one of the drops of goo on the girl's blouse. The
girl stiffened, but didn't pull away, apparently used
to responding to sudden sexual advances from the
nobility. The King and step-Queen apparently chose the
castle staff for a compliant nature and good looks, as
much as competence on the job.

Gabby contemplated the unmistakable taste of jism as
she sucked at the girl's nipple. It had a remarkably
strong flavor, musky and slightly sour. Gabby thought
it tasted feral and dangerous...perhaps a huntsman or a
bandit would have jism that tasted like this. Gabby
decided she wanted to meet the man that matched the
jism she now licked from the stable girl's lips. She
broke of her attentions to the stable girl, and headed
into the stable. The girl tried feebly to stop her,
plucking at Gabby's sleeve.

"No, wait...don't go in there..."

Gabby only smiled and pulled away from the girl,
marching into the stable. Then she looked around in
surprise. There was no-one in the stall! Admittedly,
the stallion was immense, but a man is rather difficult
to hide, even behind a horse. Gabby wondered where
that interesting jism had come from. Then she looked
under the stallion, thinking perhaps to discover a man
clinging to the other side of the horse like some
carnival rider, but instead she discovered the largest
penis she had ever seen.
The penis was at least twenty inches long, dark black
at the base, but turning dappled with pink toward the
tip, until the enormous head was all pink. It had a
slightly drooping look, hanging down from the
stallion's body, the head leaking large drops of pearly
strong smelling jism...wild jism...the same jism Gabby
had just licked from the stable girl's blouse and face!

Gabby gasped in shock as she realized what had
happened. The stable girl had sucked off the horse!
And Gabby had gobbled up the horse jism the girl had

The girl tried to stammer an explanation, as Gabby
shivered, contemplating the taste of horse jism in her

"He was too excited," said the girl, "The Duke said to
calm him down...but nothing worked! He got wind of a
mare in heat, and the Duke couldn't ride him...the Duke
is a really good rider too! But Bountiful wouldn't
calm down...I had to do something!"

Gabby thought to herself that the horse was well named,
there was enough jism on the floor for four men. And
the girl had undoubtedly swallowed as much as she

The stable girl was still blathering about 'having to
do something' to calm the horse down, or getting a

Gabby reached out and touched the enormous prick, first
with the tips of her fingers, then with a firm grasp of
her hand. Her fingers didn't even come close to
meeting. She noticed that even though the horse's cock
was slowly deflating, there was a hard core. She'd
heard there was a real bone in there, unlike the human
cocks she'd sucked. She dropped to her knees,
unmindful of the slime on the floor, and slowly frigged
the giant penis.

"Did you swallow?"


"I said, did you swallow girl? Did you drink this
horse's jism?"

"Y-yes, I in trouble?...are you going to tell
the Stable Master?"

Gabby didn't answer, obsessed with a sudden desire.
She slowly lowered her face to the still large, though
shrinking knob, and took it into her mouth. A large
drop of jism rolled down her tongue and into her
throat. She swallowed. It was definitely the same
taste as the jism from the girl's blouse. She made up
her mind.

"That you think Bountiful could come


"Do I stutter? Or do you? Can he go again?"

The girl tried to draw herself together, fear,
puzzlement, and a strange desire playing across her

"I think so, Miss"

"Then do it! I want to see him it and I won't
tell on you."

Slowly, the girl knelt beside Gabby, and began to frig
the giant cock, her hands joining and guiding Gabby's
as the horse began to respond. The stallion shuffled
and snorted, but perhaps realizing what was to come,
stayed remarkably still. The girl licked at the head
of the prick as it grew to superhuman proportions.
Gabby played with Bountiful's grapefruit sized balls,
as she knew all males liked, and watched the stable
girl lovingly licking and sucking at the horse's prick.

Later, Gabby would take off the stable girl's cloths.
She wanted to watch the pearly globs of horse jism
rolling down between the dusky mounds of the stable
girls breasts, down over the taut stomach, pooling in
the deep navel, perhaps even matting in the dark, curly
pubic hair. Perhaps she'd even see if she could get
the stable girl to actually try to take the tree trunk
sized penis into her well licked pussy. And when it was
all over, she'd clean the girl's body with her tongue
as well. But for now, she watched, as the horse pushed
his first eight inches down the relaxed throat of the
stable girl. She was obviously an experienced horse
Chapter 6

<<The huntsman obeyed, and took her away
but when he had drawn his knife, and was about to
snow-white's innocent heart, she began to weep, and
said, ah dear
huntsman, leave me my life. I will run away into the
wild forest,
and never come home again.

And as she was so beautiful the huntsman had pity on
her and
said, run away, then, you poor child. The wild beasts
will soon
have devoured you, thought he, and yet it seemed as if
a stone had
been rolled from his heart since it was no longer
needful for
him to kill her. And as a young bear just then came
running by
he stabbed it, and cut out its lung and liver and took
them to the
queen as proof that the child was dead. The cook had
to salt them,
and the wicked queen ate them, and thought she had
eaten the lung
and liver of snow-white.
--Snow White and the Seven Dwarves>>
The huntsman felt her pleading hands kneading his
thigh, her soft face pressed against his growing
manhood through the thin material of his tights. If
she must die, it would be a shame if she never knew the
feel of a man inside her, and the Bitch-Queen would not
care, as long as the girl died afterwards.

All had gone as the Bitch-Queen wanted. The girl had
actually been grateful to have someone help her in the
hunt. Even with the gentlest horse in the stable, a
placid 12 year old mare, Snow White needed all the help
she could get. The Huntsman had marveled at her thin
waist as he picked her up and placed her on the horse.
He's also marveled at the amazing pert swell of breast
so near to hand under the girls modest hunting garb.
It would be a shame to pierce those perfect globes with
his hunting knife when the time came. But his cock
still throbbed whenever he thought of the Bitch-Queen's
milking ass. No untried girl could compete with that
great marvel of an ass.

It hadn't taken long to get separated from the rest of
the hunting party, and telling her that he was taking
them back to the castle, he'd taken them instead deep
into the wildest and darkest part of the old forest,
what some called the Enchanted Forest. This deep into
the forest he wouldn't be surprised to see an elf or
even a unicorn. This was as far as he dared go.

He'd told her that he thought her horse was going lame.
They'd stopped, and she'd obediently slipped down from
the horse. He made a pretense of checking the hoof.
Then he turned to the waiting girl, most fetching in
her riding dress, drew his knife and advanced on the
girl menacingly.

Snow White had gone into shock, never even considering
fighting back, as she realized the betrayal of her
protector from childhood.

"Why?" was all she asked, as she waited to die.

"The Queen," answered the Huntsman as he steeled
himself to plunge his knife into her perfect breast,
"She is jealous of your beauty I think. You can't be
allowed to live.

Snow White had suddenly thrown herself at his feet as
if to beg for her life, but she actually had something
else entirely in mind.

"Come girl, have you no shame?", said the Huntsman,
embarrassed at her lack of dignity.

Snow White rose to kneel before the Huntsman, she had
put her face to his thigh. Then her reasoning became
clear, as she looked up to the Huntsman, her chin just
touching his manhood through his tights.

"But...I don't want to die a virgin. Please, huntsman,
please...f-fuck me!"

He had silenced her by putting a hand to the back of
her head and firmly pressing her face to his crotch, to
give himself time to think She began to lick at him
through his cotton tights, trying to distract him from
his purpose. His manhood had swollen, pushing slowly
between the ruby red lips, and making up the Huntsman's

"Pull down my tights, girl, you can't do a good job
through a man's pants. Take my prick into your mouth,
and if you do a good job, I will give your cunt the
fill of it before you breathe your last

A few minutes later, the huntsman could take no more,
her untutored but very sweet mouth had him on the brink
of shooting, and he wanted to take the girl's cherry!
He pushed her back off his swollen prick, amazed at the
6 inches she'd managed to swallow, unlettered as she
was in love's art.
"Enough!" he said gruffly, "Take off that dress, I must
take it back smeared with your blood, but right now,
it's in the way."

Snow White unconsciously made a show of it. Her
reluctance made the removal of each strap or fold a
strip show. The huntsman almost came when one perfect,
out thrust nipple finally peeked over the cup of her
bodice, and he almost came again when the crease of a
perfect ass made itself known. It was almost to much
to bear, when her damp, raven dark pubic hair parted to
show the red petals of her swollen pussy.

"Even facing death, you are so aroused? What a
waste...what a waste. You were meant for love, not

One hard callused finger parted the dripping lips and
touch a ruby nub. Snow White shuddered in a small
orgasm. The tip of the finger slipped inside easily at
first, until it ran up against some obstruction. Snow
White orgasmed again even as she winced in pain.

"So it's true, you are a virgin. Surely a miracle,
with a body and temperament like yours. Like your

The huntsman pushed her gently over onto a small grassy
mound and straddled her, his rampant penis brushing
against her cheek, his balls nestled between her
cantaloupe breasts. He gently uses his cockhead to
caress her face, nose, cheek, forehead and mouth. She
tries to suck in the head of his prick but he refuses

He pulled back, obviously contemplating pushing his
prick between her full firm breasts and taking his
pleasure there. She shuddered as the tip of his cock
brushes the swelling nipples.

'Nay,' he thought, 'for I could never plunge a knife
into so fair a pair of breasts, had I spilled seed
between them.'

Finally, he moved down between her thighs, the head
menacing the delicate lips of her ultimate portal.

"Please," she cried, not sure what it is she asked for,
her life or simple for him to take her. "Please!"

The huntsman was patient from long hours spent seeking
prey. He was in no hurry now, as he teased the
remarkable red lips with his cock. He slide his long
cock between the lips, but not through, simply rubbing
the length against her opening, and her red nubbin.
Instantly she shuddered and sent down a flood of clear
fluid which coats the member knocking at her door. She
hunches up her hips, insistently, but this only slides
the cock she longs for so frantically past her sopping
cunt opening. The huntsman holds her down, and rubs at
her clit, waiting patiently through three orgasms, each
only making her more ready for the next.

Finally, he edges the tip into the tight opening,
slowly working in the head, but no more will fit.

"Now push, girl, push if you want my prick in you.
Push if you want my seed!"

Snow White thrust upward, the Huntsman thrust downward
to the earth, and with a tear, Snow White was separated
from her hymen. She didn't notice the loss, however,
since she was so filled with something else. If she
could have thought of anything but the prick filling
her, she would have wondered why she had waited for so

Snow White's first prick was exceptional. It was at
least 12 inches long, though not particularly thick.
Snow White never noticed any lack though. It was more
than thick enough for her tight virgin pussy. And the
Huntsman was a skilled lover, patient and firm. His
prick was soon buried almost to the roots in her, the
head actually touching the back of her womb

The huntsman marveled at the girl beneath him. So like
her mother in her love of live and sex. He thought
her only lack was experience--experience she would
never get now. He had mourned the death of the first
Queen, and missed his occasional sessions with her.
She had blown him just three days before she died,
great with the girl in her belly, but still a skilled
cock sucker and seemingly more aroused than
inconvenienced by her pregnancy. The huntsman realized
that when he came, it wouldn't be the first time she'd
had his seed, for she'd been bathed in it in the womb.
She shivered beneath him, legs in the air, as if in
anticipation of experiencing his cum again. But it was
probably just another orgasm. The girl just seemed to
have one after another.

After a very long time, he felt his balls tighten. His
prick swelled with the girl, and he shot his first load
into her tight, no longer virgin pussy. It was getting
it's first and last taste of spunk, he thought. After
a few spurts, he pulled out that long cock, wanting to
spend on that tight little belly, and maybe give the
little princess her first and last taste of a man's
semen too. 'Might as well get it all at once, here',
he thought. He came copiously on her ruby clit, and
drabbled his cum through the midnight pussy hair.
Finally, he put the tip to her mouth. She sucked it in
eagerly, ignoring her own hymen's bloodo the tool,
wanting his cum as much as he wanted to give it to her.

There was only a drop left, but she sucked at the tip
in hopes of getting another. Besides, the longer she
sucked, the longer she lived.

The Huntsman was in a quandary. He really didn't want
to kill the girl who's red tongue was laving his piss-
slit in hopes of getting just a bit more of his cum.
But even now, he couldn't forget the Queen's ass. If
only he could leave the girl alive but still get some
of that ass! The full, pouting lips made up his mind
as she looked up at him hopefully. He'd just have to
think of something.

Just then the huntsman looked up to see a bear cub
wander into the clearing. Cubs where bad news, because
the mother couldn't be far. (The Huntsman never knew
it but the cub's mother had been eaten by a dragon only
a day ago.) Still, if he were quick and lucky, he
might be able to do something. Abruptly, he pulled his
cock from Snow White's lips, and once again took knife
in hand, pulling up his tights. She looked up at him

"Stay here, little princess...I may be able to save
your life."


Snow White shuddered under the grasp of the huntsman.
She could not believe what he intended. She could see
it still beating in his hand, the bear's blood dripping
to mingle with her own on the dress the huntsman had
used to clean her off. She tried to escape as she felt
the hot pulsing mass between her thighs, but the
huntsman was too strong. She felt it touch her pussy-
bloody and still beating.

The Huntsman said it had to come from within her body,
or the Queen could tell. He told her that the Bitch-
Queen was more than just a bitch, she was actually a
witch, and a witch could tell. So to fool the Witch-
Queen, it had to go into her, so he could say
truthfully that he had taken the beating heart from her

In spite of herself, she felt a strange primal
excitement, and even shuddered not in revulsion, but in
strange pleasure as the beating vibrations triggered a
explosion in her loins that she didn't want to call an
orgasm. She remembered Yolanda and her eels, both
attracted to the dark magic of it and repelled by the
perversity of it. She had been horribly embarrassed by
the show, but also horribly aroused. She'd had to have
Gabby lick her to sleep when she finally came in.
Still, fantasy was one think, the reality something
else. She struggled in the Huntsman's grip to no

The beating heart pushed, her doubly red lips parted,
and her womb accepted the mass of throbbing muscle!
She screamed, this time unable to deny the intense
pleasure that rocked her at a second and third orgasm.
The huntsman watched her in fascination as she throbbed
again and again to the slowly diminishing beats of the
bear's heart. Finally, the heart nearly stopped

The huntsman was again amazed as she orgasmed when he
stuck in his fist to pull out the heart, and again when
he withdrew it, just as it beat it's last. This girl
had an appetite for pleasure of any kind beyond any he
had ever heard of. Not even the old Queen, nor even
the new, Witch-Queen could match that raw sensuality.

Quickly, he repeated the process with the lungs and
liver, watching each time as she came again, though not
with the intensity of the heart. Finally, he simple
spent some time with his fist buried in her still
sopping cunt, pulling it out and thrusting it back in,
seeing how many times he could make her come. He lost
count and his hand got tired before she finally lost

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