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Archived Sex Stories

EASW e chapter 7


The Erotic Adventures of Snow White
by DemonBound

Chapter 7

Warning: This story is intended for adults, if you
aren't, don't read it. It also isn't for you if you
are offended by sex, since it deliberately contains
every sex act I can think of, though I'm sure I
missed a few. It contains lesbian and homosexual and
straight sex, incest, bondage, torture, bestiality,
rape, oral and anal intercourse, at least one scene
with a golden shower, and sex with characters that
would be considered underage if they really existed
and lived in our society. I left out snuff and scat
sex, since I personally find those distasteful
(oops, I forgot, there is one scene where one person
gets killed(ok, actually two), but it isn't the
point of the scene), I probably missed some
fetishes, and I rushed through any male to male sex
scenes, since I find those not erotic and a little
off putting, but there you have it.
This book isn't for the young, the weak of
heart or stomach, so-called fundamentalists, or for
those who can't tell reality from make believe.
Family values are pretty much completely lacking
here. I don't really care about the laws, but I
don't want anyone to be damaged. So if you can be
damaged by reading this book, don't. If you read
it, understand that the consequences are your own,
chosen by you, borne by you.
The story so far:

Warning & Explanation, (prologue) Snow White's
mother fucks the huntsman while the king watches, a
peasant see the queen's tits and tit fucks his wife,
the Queen sucks off a young page and is given a
tongue bath by a maid while the King watches, the
Queen dies giving birth to Snow White, Snow White
grows up in the castle until she is caught in an
indiscretion with a boy, and is sent to a convent
school, meanwhile (chapter one) the King takes
another wife who is chosen for her sexual
performance, she had auditioned by sucking off 10
men in front of the court, the step-Queen uses a
lesbian sex show to convince the king to make a
treaty with the orcs, Snow White returns to the
castle and the intrigues of court.

(chapter 2) Snow White is entertained by her friend
Gabby's lewd tails, Gabby decides to masturbate and
talks Snow White into helping her, then Gabby starts
to reciprocate when they are interrupted. (chapter
3) Snow White remembers her misadventure with Knat,
the Ambassador's son in which they play doctor and
cause a scandal, she and Gabby arrive at the castle
and she notices disturbing changes in her childhood
home, Snow White and Gabby take a bath together with
Petal that turns into a slow, wet three-way

(chapter 4) Snow White is shocked but intrigued when
her stepmother gives her father a blow job at the
dinner table and is tempted to join in, the step-
Queens entertainment begins with a dwarven fool who
ends up with his end in a young girls mouth while
the girl's grandmother tongues the girl's own
bottom. the fool cums on the girls face and tits, a
troupe of plainspeople play at setting up camp in
the center of the dining hall and proceed with a
spectacle for the crowd including Yvette who sucks
off 4 plainsmen and recieves a second round from all
four on her lovely naked body and Yolanda who amazes
the crowd by feeding her daughter Yvette mothers
milk from her own breast and having her milk
deposited on her pussy, Yvette fists her mother, the
show continues with Yolanda taking many varieties of
food into her amazing cunt including a huge
bloodsausage that she uses as a double ended dildo
to fuck her daughter, the finale is Yolanda filling
her cunt with squirming eels, this is just too much
for Snow White and she runs out of the banquet
trying to control her raging lust and remain pure
for her wedding day.

(chapter five)The step-Queen asks the mirror who is
most beautiful and it answeres Snow White, enraging
the step-Queen, she takes out her frustration on
Rose, her new submissive, she uses a magical potion,
Rose, and her own asshole to brain wash the court
Huntsman into agreeing to kill Snow White, Gabby has
a side adventure with an orally fixated stable girl
and a stallion.(chapter six) The Huntsman takes Snow
White deep into the Enchanted Forest to take her
life, but takes her virginity instead, after she
gives him some untutored oral sex, after she looses
her hymen she tastes her first cum. The Huntsman
kills a bear cub and shoves its beating heart into
her cunt so he can say truthfully that he pulled it
still beating from Snow White's body, he then fists
her to orgasm after orgasm until she passes out. He
leaves her unconscious and naked but alive, lost in
the Enchanted forest.

begin story segment

Chapter 7

Gabby sighed as the cart swayed from side to side.
So far, being a virgin captive was in turns scary,
uncomfortable, and boring. Three days in a barred,
wheeled cage was enough to bore anyone, even if you
were scared out of your mind. The other two girls
seemed to spend all their time crying, whining and
praying. Being peasants, they weren't much in the
conversation department, all they had in common was
virginity and a cage, and they didn't want to talk
about either.


Two days after Snow White disappeared during the
hunt, the castle guards had come and thrown Gabby
into the dungeon. She'd tried to get someone to go
to the King, sure that it was a mistake, but without
Snow White's protection, the Queen had been able to
have her arrested and the sexually entranced King
had never noticed. The Queen needed three virgins
for the Orcs, and it was known that Gabby was one,
at least technically.

Gabby, always resourceful, had even tried bribery.
She'd blown all three guards, put on a masturbation
show for them,and finally gotten one of them to come
into the cell to fuck her. She'd lain back on the
small cot in the cell and the rather ugly, fortyish
guard-commander had come in and quickly pushed his
cock into her pussy. He'd sweated and strained
until she felt something tear inside her. She'd
cried out in pain and her torn hymen had stained the
cot red with her virgin blood.

This was not the gentle lover she'd imagined taking
her virginity, or even the rowdy gang-bang she'd
used as a backup fantasy. The man was smelly and
crude and cared nothing for her pleasure. He banged
away at her like she was only so much meat he was
tenderizing, building toward his odious climax.

Then just as it seemed he was about to cum in her,
the guard had stiffened and slumped over her. She
was pinned to bloody cot by his dead weight and
could still feel his erection inside her as she
struggled to throw him off or at least squirm out
from under. At first she thought he'd had a heart
attack, but then she saw the Queen standing there
over the guard-commander's shoulder with a bloody
dagger in her hand. The remaining two guards stood
behind her, looked sick, having just seen their boss
get a knife through the kidney.

"Well, don't just stand there, get that piece of
offal off of her!"

The two guards had dragged their dead guard-
commander off of Gabby, exposing her slim athletic
body, including her bloody thighs and obviously
newly opened vagina to the Queen's gaze.

The Queen had stared balefully down at her.

"Clever girl, if you aren't a virgin, I can't give
you to the Orcs, eh?", snarled the Queen. "But not
clever enough!"

The Queen ordered her servant to be brought. When
the girl arrived, the Queen ordered the guards to
tie Gabby to the cot, one limb to each corner.

"Clean her up, Rose. Use your tongue. You men, I
want you to see this."

Rose started at Gabby's bellybutton, as the guards
watched, and started licking up the blood there. As
she worked her way down, she started lapping up a
mixture of blood and semen. Apparently with his
dying breath the middle-aged guard had shot one last
load. Rose swirled her tongue through Gabby's pubic
hair trying to get every drop of bodily fluid.

Absently, the Queen sheathed her bloody dagger and
pulled open the breeches of the two guards, freeing
their cocks. She started frigging them slowly as
Rose turned her attention to Gabby's clitoris,
spending far more time than necessary until Gabby
shuddered in an involuntary orgasm. But the tongue
only moved to stroke between her pink, plump lips.
Then finally, the tip bored into the tight anus
below to get the last bits of red and white from
Gabby's body.

The two guards looked appauled but facinated at the
spectacle of blood, sex, and death the Queen was
forcing them to watch. As if against their will,
their cocks hardened though, which was what the
Queen wanted.

The Queen knelt in front of one of the guards, while
motioning Rose to the other. The Queen and her
servant started sucking on the guards' reluctantly
straining cocks. Rose limited her suction to the
first four inches or so of her man, but the Queen
swallowed all six inches easily. The Queen's guard
shot first , and not one drop escaped the tight
sucking lips. She backed off and watched her
servant finish the second guard, though she did play
with Rose's breasts for a while. Finally, she drew
her dagger again and, leaning over the girl, thrust
the hilt into Rose's pussy. As the guard started to
cum, overwhelmed by what he was seeing and feeling,
the Queen, thrust the dagger hilt to the crosshilt
into Rose and at the same time forced her to take
the full length of the man's tool down her throat.
The Queen stroked the girl's throat, and thus the
cock buried in it, until every drop had been

Then the Queen had kissed Rose to open her mouth,
and pulling back so that the two men and Gabby could
see, she had spit the first guard's seed into the
gulping mouth of the servant girl. The second guard
was lucky for two reason's; he'd just cum down
Rose's throat and so wasn't immediately hard again,
and he'd been the one to tell the Queen about the
guard commander's stupidity. But the first guard
wasn't so lucky. At the sight of the Queen feeding
his semen to Rose, his cock had hardened again. And
at just that moment, the Queen had ripped the dagger
out of Rose's cunt in a blinding fast motion and
through the man's suddenly detached penis. The
Queen, with supernatural force, held up the body of
the dying man so that his cockblood drenched Gabby's
crotch, until the newly made corpse bleed out across
the former virgin.

Gabby started to lose consciousness from the shock,
but not before she heard the Queen chanting in some
evil sounding tongue. And not before she saw the
Queen position Rose so that her mouth was connected
to Gabby's bloody pussy. The last thing she saw was
the Queen massaging Rose's stomach with one hand and
fucking her again with the dagger hilt, until Rose
disgorged the blood and semen she'd swallowed into
Gabby's torn cunt.

When she woke up, she was covered in dried blood and
semen. And she was a virgin again.


Or at least her hymen was intact. The Orcs had
carefully examined her when they took delivery, and
seemed happy with their acquisition. Of course
she'd been cleaned up by then, and dressed in a
peasant girl's dress. So three days later she was
riding in the cage cart, bored to tears.

The Orcs guarding the wagon were bored too. They'd
been told by the Orcish chieftain, Gellock, that
he'd cut off their balls if the girls weren't
virgins when they got to the Orcish temple, for the
ritual orgy. But the Orcs seemed to think that only
applied to their cunts. None of the girls had yet
been fucked by an orc, but that didn't mean the Orcs
didn't find ways to amuse themselves.

As soon as the cart was out of the capital city, the
Orcs had made the three girls strip. The Orcs had
laughed and made lewd comparisons of the three
girl's charms.

Anna was a big, apple cheeked blonde girl, large in
breast and hip, but also large in girth, sure in
later years to spread into the typical peasant wife
earth mother type. But now the girl was apparently
much to the Orcs' taste, as they licked their thin
lips with long black tongues and tried to get her to
play with her tits for them. The girl had just
sobbed, until one of the brutes grabbed her breasts
through the bars, at which she had pulled away and
retreated as far from the bars as she could, to sit
in a huddle, unsuccessfully trying to cover herself
with her hands.

Vickie, the redhead, was acclaimed for her hair and
pale skin. They also made much of her full lips.
She never moved when they ran their hands over her
delicate throat and commented on how her lips would
feel around their black cocks. But she shuddered
when a clawed finger was thrust between her lips in
a suggestive pumping motion. Finally they tired of

Gabby was not an immediate favorite. Her plain
brown hair drew no admiring glances. And they made
unflattering comments about her slightly horsy face
with it's too wide mouth, though they did say she
probably sucked a mean cock. And her rather flat
build was accented the wrong way by the fact that
she was a head taller than either of the other
girls. They did say, with a lewd wink, that she
looked like she had the stamina for a long run.
Finally Gabby got mad.

She sat down on the floor of the cart and spread her
runner's thighs. She parted the lips of her plump,
inviting pussy, holding them apart to give the Orcs
a good long look.

"You fags don't know what you're missing! This is
hot and wet and waiting--for any dick but yours!
And you can't touch it, or your little balls will
get cut off!"

That had shut the Orcs up. They'd stared at Gabby's
pussy for long minutes. And to tease them even
more, she'd started to play with herself. As her
pussy started to drool, more than one hard Orcish
hand rubbed at aching crotches. Finally the leader
had start smacking heads, and screaming. Slowly,
the band had moved down the road, though with many
of the Orcs slightly bent over as they walked.


Knat groaned as he felt the beautiful Elven girl's
tongue swirl around his prick head, then slide down
his shaft. Though only four feet tall, the Elven
girl seemed to have no problem deep throating the
first eight inches of his cock. But her talents
didn't end in her throat. Her lips and tongue were
skilled workmen searching out every sensitive nerve
in his manhood.

The Elves really knew how to give a party. As it
was his last night in the Elven Lands, Sandy had
come up with something special. After dinner, she'd
led him into the living room, and sat him down on
the low bench the Elves used for a couch. She'd sat
down next to him and they'd indulged in a little
kissing and groping.

He really liked the feel of her small, long nippled
breasts. The nipples seemed to lick at his palms as
he kneaded them. His one regret was that they
weren't a bit larger. Try as he might, he couldn't
really fuck them properly. Oh, he could rub his
cock between them, tease the nipples with the head
of his cock, even spurt his semen on them. But it
just wasn't the same as burying his bone between two
ripe melons, the cock head occasionally appearing to
tickle the girl's chin, until he blew his wad into
the hollow of her throat. Still, he'd learned to
appreciate the Elven girl's petite beauty.

The heavy petting had proceeded until he'd gotten a
couple of fingertips worked into the tight opening
of her pussy. Then she'd pushed him back
reluctantly, with a smile.

"Wait, I've got a surprise for you, Knat," she

"Better than milady's tight and talented pussy?"

Sandy laughed, "You have such a way with words, Mr.
Ambassador. Yes, a treat, something special."

She walked over to a curtained alcove in the room,
which was actually deep within a gigantic tree. All
the Elves lived in buildings made from living trees,
their magic turning the gigantic old oaks and
towering sequoia pines into comfortable and useful,
and of course beautiful, homes.

She picked up a waist high (his waist, her tits)
pedestal with a cover on it, and brought it over in
front of the couch.

Knat seemed to hear some high pitched muffled
giggling and assumed that some of the ladies of the
court were spying on them. He didn't mind, it would
give them something to remember when he stuffed his
horse-like cock into Sandy's various orifices. Give
them a thrill.

Then he gaped in astonishment as Sandy whipped of
the pedestals cover to reveal a tiny tableau. Two
teeny women sat side by side on a small bed. They
smiled and giggled, and Knat knew where the sound
had come from. But what amazed him was the two sets
of rainbow hued dragonfly wings the two fairies
waved lazily in shimmering arcs. He noticed the
two six inch figures were dressed in skimpy outfits
of impossibly sheer black leather.

"May I present Mia and Tia, the Twins!" Sandy said

Knat noticed that indeed the two little redheads
were identical. Identical pea sized breasts swelled
out of identical leather harnesses. Four duplicate
red nipples poked through cutouts in the tight
costumes. Two generous though minuscule asses
pushed past restraining leather.

They sat with arms draped familiarly around each
other, breasts almost touching, and with one bent
leg each thrown up on the bed in a provocative pose.
They giggled again and took teeny hands from each
other's crotch to wave to Knat and Sandy.

"Hello Prince Knat," they tinkled together, "Hello

"Good Even', fair maidens, pleased to make your
acquaintance," answered the Prince. Sandy also
greeted the small pair.

One of the miniature women grinned mischievously,
and slipped a teeny hand into the other's leather
panties, who closed her eye's and moaned, "Mia
already came once...we couldn't wait when we heard
you fooling around." Then to Sandy, "Does he have a
big dick?"

Sandy grinned and pulled the Prince to his feet,
"See for yourself." She knelt beside him and pulled
down the Prince's purple tights. His massive cock,
still soft, seemed even more massive when compared
to the little women, hung down proudly between his
well muscled legs. Sandy held it up in her small
hand to give the two fairy girls a good look.
Flaccid, it was still longer than they were tall.
They oh'ed appreciatively, and unconsciously
caressed each other's impossibly small love mounds.

Mia spoke up, her voice almost a tinkling bell, "Oh,
I want to see it shoot! Will you make it shoot,
Sandy? Please? Oh, please?"

Sandy laughed and started frigging the massive
organ, "All right but you have to help me get him
hard. Maybe you could put on a little show?"

Taking the hint, Mia and Tia started
enthusiastically kissing each other, though with
many a glance at the Prince's organ. Mia leaned
down and took an almost microscopic nipple between
her lips. Tia stoked her sister's roan hair in
encouragement. Mia switched to the other nipple,
then she reached in and removed a tiny but
voluptuous breast from her sister's leather outfit.
She offered the tiny breast up to the Prince as if
wanting him to suckle at it himself. Then it was
Mia's turn to have her breasts bared.

Knat expected to see Mia push her sister down on the
bed to get at her pussy with her tongue. But though
Tia removed her little panties, no one went down.
Instead Tia went up...flying up into the air a few
inches, her glittering wings fanning quickly. Knat
was actually able to feel the breeze on his cock.
Tia reached down to her own pussy and pushed two
tiny fingers between her pussy lips. Then she
pushed her dewy fingers into Mia's happy mouth. Mia
motioned for Tia to come closer and spread her legs.
The long legs spread, and Tia moved slightly closer
to Mia, but she stopped, hovering, well out of range
of her sister's hungry mouth. Or so Knat thought,
until an incredibly long tongue flicked out to lap
between the spread lips hovering beyond the reach of
her hands. Tia sighed as the tongue tickled her
suddenly wet pussy.

Sandy smiled and explained as she rubbed the tip of
his cock against her throat, "They eat nectar from
flowers when they aren't eating each other. Those
tongues can get into any tight crack."

Mia also rose into the air, still licking up her
sister's dew. Tia threw her head back, but her
impossible tongue reached out to encircle her own
right nipple. The little fairies flew in an
intricate aerial ballet, with Mia's tongue always
fluttering in Tia's little cunt.

Finally Tia cried out, "Oh oh oh! I'm coming!", her
voice like ringing chimes.

Without a missed wing beat, the two lesbian fairies
suddenly moved into an aerial sixty-nine. Mia's
leather panties fluttered to the ground. This time
the two tongues buried themselves in two teeny
spasming cunts as their wings almost caressed Knat's
gigantic prick, and the wind did rustle Sandy's
blond hair as she licked at the Prince's balls.
Their tiny multiple orgasms filled the room with a
chorus of wind chimes

Finally the tiny fliers seemed tired as they hovered
near the now semi-hard prick. Sandy held out the
comparatively monstrous cock, and they settled down
astride it with grateful sighs. They giggled and
clamped the suddenly harder cock between their
thighs, as Sandy's frigging of the base of the cock
almost dislodged them. They turned it into a game
as they rubbed their pussies against the huge pole.

Knat groaned and put a hand to Sandy's head to guide
her mouth onto the end of his hard penis. But Sandy
resisted for a moment.

"Wait Knat...the girls are tired...they need a bit
of food. How about a protein shake girls?"

The two fairies flew into the air eagerly, as Sandy
held the Prince's cock for them. They flew around
to the head and touched it with their tiny hands,
like a pair of farm girls caressing a giant's prick.
Then Knat felt tiny nipples brush the head, as they
gave his prick a breast massage. They even rubbed
their pussies against the giant mushroom. Finally
their efforts were rewarded, as Sandy carefully
squeezed out a drop of precum. The drop hung
pendant from the slit in the tip of his cock. Then
two long tongues lapped out from the hovering
fairies, and buried their tips in the fluid. They
almost got more than they asked for when Knat almost
came, but Sandy gripped the base of his cock tightly
to hold in his cum, and Knat managed to stop with a
tremendous effort of will. He shuddered in a sort
of dry orgasm as the fairy girls first sucked up his
precum through their hollow tongues, then probed at
least a full inch down his urethra.

Then with another tinkling giggle they flew back to
their little bed.

"Make him shoot, Sandy, make him SHOOT!" they cried.

And Sandy started to do just that. She engulfed the
head of his prick in her mouth, and started a larger
version of the tongue bath the fairies had given his
prick head. Knat groaned as he felt Sandy's tongue
swirl around his prick head, then slide down his
shaft. The first eight inches went down amazingly

Knat was distracted by the fairies who now watched
from the little bed. Tia, or perhaps Mia was laying
on the bed, her tiny but rounded ass thrust up into
the air. Her sister winked at him from between wide
spread ass cheeks. Knat wasn't sure, but it sure
looked like Mia's, or was it Tia's, long tongue was
buried in Tia's, or was it Mia's tiny asshole!

Fairy ass riming was distracting enough that at
first he didn't notice anything wrong with the mouth
moving on his prick. Then with his eyes on the ass
munching incestuous lesbian fairies, Knat noticed a
difference. Without ever leaving his cock, the
feeling had changed, becoming more forceful, more

Knat glanced down to see that now a beautiful Elven
boy nursed on his cock. Damn these elves, he
thought, always playing tricks. He reached down to
grasp the bobbing blond curls and pull the sucking
mouth from his slightly softening cock. He gave the
head a rough shake.
The boy, Sandy's twin surely, grinned up at him,
licked his lips, and said, "Bigot."

But the figure blurred under Knat's fingers,
becoming again the young female cocksucker he'd
started with and intended to finish in. He allowed
her to once more engulf his prick in her hot little

This was his favorite position, standing over a
pretty girl with his dick in her mouth, especially
while watching someone else have sex. He'd thought
about it a lot, and decided it was because it
reminded him of his almost blowjob from the young
Snow White. She'd been in just that position, his
boy's prick just touching her full lower lip, when
they'd been caught. From that point on, he'd
favored pale skinned, black haired women. The elves
where almost universally blonde, but they'd managed
to find a few brunettes for the visiting prince.
He'd already said good-bye to his favorites among

Sandy, who was trying for a ninth inch, had been the
diplomatic liaison assigned to him by the Queen of
the Fairies. They'd become good friends, even if
she was blonde, so he'd wanted to spend his last
night in the Elven Lands giving her a special
goodbye. She'd wanted say goodbye as a boy, but
Knat just wasn't that broad minded, so she settled
for a couple of long fucks and a last blowjob, all
as a girl. Though she'd seemed to think that the
lesbian fairies might distract him enough to get
away with something.

The Elves were a strange breed, able to change sexes
at will. This led to some interesting elements in
their culture. There was no differentiation about
who did what job, all cleaned house, all hunted, all
could be warriors, all could bear or father
children. And they had some really wild parties.
Knat was going to miss the Elven Lands.

Since his father became the King of the Southern
Kingdom, Knat had been his father's good will
ambassador. His next stop was the Orcish Nations.
He'd seen Orcish women, he wasn't looking forward to
the trip.

Fortunately Sandy's throat was a sure cure for too
much anticipation. He suddenly realized her slight
form had all thirteen inches of his cock. He
watched the long blonde hair brush against his
thighs as she bobbed back and forth. Knat felt his
balls tightening as the sensation built. The
fairies were going to be disappointed, as it looked
like his cum was all going down Sandy's throat
But she fooled him. As his balls started to erupt,
she gracefully pulled off his prick, like a sheath
coming off a sword. The little glutton let the
first spurt shoot into her own mouth. The fairies
lay one a top the other, one playing with the others
breasts as they watched wide eyed. Then their eyes
opened even wider as Sandy mischievously pointed the
thirteen inch prick directly at them.
They screamed little shrill whistles of dismay as
they were inundated with hot spunk. They tried to
cover themselves with their hands and huddle into
little balls on the bed, but Sandy directed the cum
hose to spray them no matter how they squirmed.
They ended up with cum literally covering them from
head to foot. cum dripped from their shimmering
wings, their hair, their tits, even their toes.
Even as the flood eventually subsided they continued
to writhe on the little bed.

Knat looked on with some concern that they were
actually choking on his sperm. But Sandy calmly put
his prick back in her mouth as she sucked out every
remaining drop. Then he realized they had gone into
a frenzy of orgasm just from being cum on. He
grinned as he saw them grope for one another and
start licking the cum from their sister's body. He
was amazed at the amount they managed to suck off
each other, but eventually they just couldn't take
any more. They collapsed, sated with cum, but still
quivering with waves of passion.

Then he blinked in surprise as Sandy picked up
little Tia, or was it Mia, gently spread the almost
unconscious fairy's legs apart with a pair of
fingers almost as large as the legs they spread.
Tia screamed with laughter as she realized that a
giant tongue was cleaning off the Prince's spunk,
starting at her tiny cunt, running over her belly,
engulfing her ripe tits, and ending up slopping
across her face in one giant lick. The laughter
didn't stop her from moaning as just the tip of
Sandy's tongue returned to her crotch, swirling
gently from Sandy's standpoint but irresistibly from
Tia's (or Mia's).
Then it was Mia's turn (or Tia's). She was licked
from stem to stern, even her fragile looking wings
getting a gigantic tongue bath. It was a comical
but erotic sight to see the two tiny girls using
their whole bodies to caress Sandy's tongue and vice
versa. Then Knat got an idea.

"Sandy, come lie down on the couch here."

Obediently, Sandy lay down on the couch, as the
fairies hovered nearby. She was still wearing most
of her cloths, since Knat had never stripped her.
Now he did, caressing her to excitement as he did.
But after he took off her cloths he gave her pussy a
caress, spreading the juicy lips. Then he motioned
the fairies over.

"Mia, Tia...she helped you in your distress. Now
you must return your debt of honor."

They smiled, and flew to over to Sandy and landed on
her stomach. Sandy lay back, relaxed, with only a
pillow to prop up her head to watch. Mia and Tia
walked but her body to her face and began to caress
her face with tiny hands. They kissed her lips,
only the faintest of exquisite pressures, and their
wings fanned in Sandy's soft breath. Then they
moved down to her delicate throat, using their whole
bodies to massage the muscles strained to deep
throat Knat's thirteen inch cock. Huge seeming
nipples where used as dildos within tight fairy
pussies, until Mia and Tia spasmed in orgasm, and
Sandy too almost came at the unique caress. The two
slid giggling down the tight fair stomach, coming to
rest in the field of long golden grass. The two
playfully pummeled the hard stone they found at the
end of the field, as Sandy shuddered at the tickling

Knat stood watching this play, though when they
moved down her body, he moved over to rub his cock
against Sandy's lips until she let him slip the
flaccid head into her mouth.

At last they reached their goal (at least as far as
Knat was concerned). They playfully played tug of
war with Sandy's pussy lips, spreading wide her
glistening pussy. They took turns sliding
themselves between her cunt lips until they were
both covered in Sandy's lubrication. During this
odd game, Sandy's pussy had gaped wide, seeming to
try to suck a prick from out of nowhere into it's
depth. This gave Mia an idea. (She was always the
adventurous one). She slipped one of her tiny, tiny
feet into the rather large hole. Sandy quivered,
but carefully didn't clinch. It was a tight fit,
but Mia managed to fit most of both legs into
Sandy's vagina. There she stuck, her over generous
ass squirming against Sandy's clit as she struggled
to get more of herself into the Elven girl.
Finally, Tia began tugging at Sandy's labia trying
to spread her pussy wide enough for Mia to fit.

Sandy wasn't unaffected by all this tugging and
squirming, but she knew that if she tightened up,
Mia would never get in. So she tried to breath
shallowly, and concentrate on Knat's cockhead in her
mouth. This helped, as she got wetter whenever she
sucked cock.

Finally, Mia got her ass into Sandy's cunt. Once
that was in, it was easy to squirm her arms down
into the opening and wriggle until she was in tits
deep. Now she knew what her rat's cock felt when it
was in her cunt, she thought. A hot soft slippery
grasp massaged her entire body. Tia now sat on
Sandy's clit and demanded that Mia eat her pussy.
Mia obliged. The smell of her sisters hot cunt
started to send her over the edge. Her whole body
became one giant orgasm and she moaned and writhed
in the tight whole body embrace of Sandy's cunt.

Sandy came too, in rolling waves that she tried to
suppress. But the very act of suppression acted to
make her more excited. As the fairy squirmed in her
cunt, she came again and again. She wished that
Knat would cum in her mouth, but he'd pulled out
when she started to come. He must be saving it for

Tia was a bit miffed because Mia hadn't made her
come with her mouth. Now Tia wanted her turn at the
novel experience. Finally Knat had to pull Mia out
of Sandy's cunt by her wings to make room for Tia.
But at last Tia was tit deep in Sandy's pussy. Then
suddenly Tia's vaginal world began to move! Some
powerful force was lifting her up. Then a strange
pressure began behind her, pressing her against the
top of Sandy's cunt.

Knat thought Tia might be regretting her
adventurousness, though she never complained as his
cock pushed into Sandy's tight asshole. Sandy
certainly didn't mind having a cock in her ass,
though she probably hadn't realized how big it
actually was, since this was the first time he'd
been in her ass. Knat did remember to pull out
after he started to shoot deep into Sandy's colon.
He managed to make Tia's night by spraying her face
and shoulders a second time with his cum. He knew
how much the fairies liked his cum, he didn't want
them to miss out. He needn't have worried, they
managed to suck quite a lot out of Sandy's stretched
out ass.

God, he was going to miss the Elven Lands!

end story segment


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