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Archived Sex Stories

EASW f chapter 8


The Erotic Adventure's of Snow White
(fant, magic, nc, reluct, rape, f/dragon, oral, f/orc,
anal, ff/orc, rim, best, fF/ram, bukkake, cum-eating,
best, f/pony, anal, toy, fac, cum-play, cum-swap, inc,
F/M+/f+, fist, old, tent, fF/plant, vag)
By DemonBound
Chapter 8

Warning: This story is intended for adults, if you
aren't, don't read it. It also isn't for you if you are
offended by sex, since it deliberately contains every sex
act I can think of, though I'm sure I missed a few. It
contains lesbian and homosexual and straight sex, incest,
bondage, torture, bestiality, rape, oral and anal
intercourse, at least one scene with a golden shower, and
sex with characters that would be considered underage if
they really existed and lived in our society. I left out
snuff and scat sex, since I personally find those
distasteful (oops, I forgot, there is one scene where one
person gets killed(ok, two actually), but it isn't the
point of the scene), I probably missed some fetishes, and
I rushed through any male to male sex scenes, since I
find those not erotic and a little off putting, but there
you have it. This book isn't for the young, the weak of
heart or stomach, so-called fundamentalists, or for those
who can't tell reality from make believe. family values
are pretty much completely lacking here. I don't really
care about the laws, but I don't want anyone to be
damaged. So if you can be damaged by reading this book,
don't. If you read it, understand that the consequences
are your own, chosen by you, borne by you.
The story so far:

Warning & Explanation, (prologue) Snow White's mother
fucks the huntsman while the king watches, a peasant sees
the queen's tits and tit fucks his wife, the Queen sucks
off a young page and is given a tongue bath by a maid
while the King watches, the Queen dies giving birth to
Snow White, Snow White grows up in the castle until she
is caught in an indiscretion with a boy, and is sent to a
convent school, meanwhile (chapter one) the King takes
another wife who is chosen for her sexual performance,
she had auditioned by sucking off 10 men in front of the
court, the step-Queen uses a lesbian sex show to convince
the king to make a treaty with the orcs, Snow White
returns to the castle and the intrigues of court.

(chapter 2) Snow White is entertained by her friend
Gabby's lewd tails, Gabby decides to masturbate and talks
Snow White into helping her, then Gabby starts to
reciprocate when they are interrupted. (chapter 3) Snow
White remembers her misadventure with Knat, the
Ambassador's son in which they play doctor and cause a
scandal, she and Gabby arrive at the castle and she
notices disturbing changes in her childhood home, Snow
White and Gabby take a bath together with Petal that
turns into a slow, wet three-way.

(chapter 4) Snow White is shocked but intrigued when her
stepmother gives her father a blow job at the dinner
table and is tempted to join in, the step-Queens
entertainment begins with a dwarven fool who ends up with
his end in a young girls mouth while the girl's
grandmother tongues the girl's own bottom. the fool cums
on the girls face and tits, a troupe of plainspeople play
at setting up camp in the center of the dining hall and
proceed with a spectacle for the crowd including Yvette
who sucks off 4 plainsmen and receives a second round
from all four on her lovely naked body and Yolanda who
amazes the crowd by feeding her daughter Yvette mothers
milk from her own breast and having her milk deposited on
her pussy, Yvette fists her mother, the show continues
with Yolanda taking many varieties of food into her
amazing cunt including a huge bloodsausage that she uses
as a double ended dildo to fuck her daughter, the finale
is Yolanda filling her cunt with squirming eels, this is
just too much for Snow White and she runs out of the
banquet trying to control her raging lust and remain pure
for her wedding day.

(chapter five)The step-Queen asks the mirror who is most
beautiful and it answers Snow White, enraging the step-
Queen, she takes out her frustration on Rose, her new
submissive, she uses a magical potion, Rose, and her own
asshole to brain wash the court Huntsman into agreeing to
kill Snow White, Gabby has a side adventure with an
orally fixated stable girl and a stallion.(chapter six)
The Huntsman takes Snow White deep into the Enchanted
Forest to take her life, but takes her virginity instead
after she gives him some untutored oral sex, after she
looses her hymen she tastes her first cum. The Huntsman
kills a bear cub and shoves its beating heart into her
cunt so he can say truthfully that he pulled it still
beating from Snow White's body, he then fists her to
orgasm after orgasm until she passes out. He leaves her
unconscious and naked but alive, lost in the Enchanted

(chapter seven) Gabby is sold to the orcs by the Witch
Queen as a virgin even though she had lost that condition
with a not-so-friendly guard and had it restored by the
Witch Queen's evil magic. The guard who had taken Gabby's
virginity is killed and another is killed and mutilated
by the Witch Queen in a spell of sex and blood and death,
and Gabby becomes a virgin once more. In the Orc's cart
on the way back to the Orc land's Gabby meets Anna and
Vickie, two virgin peasant girls. The adult Knat, now a
prince and ambassador himself, has a fair well party with
the magically sex changing Elf, Sandy and two redheaded
twin six inch tall leatherclad Fairy girls, Tia and Mia.
He sees a teeny sex show, manages to get all of his 13
inch cock down Sandy's throat, and gives the twins a
literal cum bath, during which he remembers his last
encounter with Snow White, but his nostalgia doesn't stop
him from enjoying a double penetration of his cock in
Sandy's ass and Tia and Mia as living dildos taking turns
in Sandy's pussy.

begin story segment

Chapter 8

<<But now the poor child was all alone in the great
forest, and so terrified that she looked at all the
leaves on the trees, and did not know what to do. Then
she began to run, and ran over sharp stones and through
thorns, and the wild beasts ran past her, but did her no
--Snow White and the Seven Dwarves>>

The huntsman had left her where she lay, sure that some
animal would come along and devour her. But, he thought,
at least he hadn't had to do it. She was just too good a
fuck to kill.

She lay there for several hours, but the animals of the
forest seems strangely absent in the area, and she was
left alone.

She finally woke up, but didn't bother to open her eyes.
She thought of the huntsman and what he had done to her.
She didn't have to worry about being a virgin for her
husband. Not only wasn't she a virgin, she wasn't likely
to live long alone here in the forest. In despair, she
let her hand stray down to her crotch, feeling the
crusted mixture of semen and blood. She stroked her clit
for a moment. At least she'd had that before she died.
Just then a voice spoke.

"Oh my god, not another one!"

She opened her eyes to look around, relieved at the sound
of a human voice. But no people were in sight. Puzzled,
Snow White looked around again, just as a serpentine head
broke through the brush about 6 feet from the ground.
With a cracking sound, a small tree was brushed aside by
the massive body that went with the head. It was a

Snow White screamed.

"Oh do shut up, miss. That's so very tiresome," said the

Snow White noticed that the dragon was about 30 feet long
and stood about 10 feet high. It was a dull silver
color, with dark strips and startling big green eyes.
Overall, it was a handsome beast, strongly and leanly
built like the predator it was. If it wasn't about to
devour her, Snow White thought, it would be rather

"Another sacrifice. Stupid peasants. As if one stringy
virgin is better than a nice juicy sheep. But you can't
convince them of that. As soon as they notice a few
sheep gone, or maybe a cow or two, they drag another
supposed virgin into the woods, tie it to a tree, and
run. Then they're all upset when I keep eating their
sheep. That's when the knights come. It's all so

The dragon advanced to the petrified Snow White. He
looked her over, and gave a long sniff.

"Well, at least you aren't a virgin. Not with the smell
of cum leaking out of you all over. Probably been fucked
by your boyfriend in the hopes that I won't eat you if
you're not a virgin. Well, he was part right. You don't
have to be a virgin, but you do have to be clean, and you
are filthy. What is that, dried bear's blood? What are
you, some kind of freak?"

Snow White shook her head no, mutely.

The dragon knelt down gracefully.

"Well, get on. There is a stream nearby, we can get you
cleaned up."

Snow White hakes her head, "I'd rather not, Sir Dragon,
if the only thing keeping you from eating me is..." She
blushed. " my smell."

The silver dragon straightened up, bringing his massive
head around to stare into her eyes from a foot away.

"Oh for the love of...look, I don't eat scared little
girls unless I have to. I eat sheep these days, I tell
you, and occasionally a cow. Not humans, not even
virgins. Now get on and I'll fly us over to the stream"

"How? You don't have wings," said the puzzled Snow

And so it was. The dragon had a long serpentine body,
four legs, and a tail, but no visible wings, not even
little ones.

"Of course I have wings," said the dragon exasperated, as
it knelt again waiting for her to climb on.

"I don't see them," said Snow White timidly.

"So far, I don't see that you have a brain, but I'm
willing to trust you if you say you have one. Now get
on!" The last was accompanied by a small blast of flame.

Snow White slowly climbed up the scaly shoulder, to
straddle the sinewy neck. She winced as her sore much
abused pussy touched the smooth hard scales. As the
dragon began to move, she tried to grip him with her
thighs but started to slip off. She leaned forward and
grabbed his neck with both arms. She sighed at the
unusual feeling of hard scales against her nipples. Then
the dragon leapt into the air.

Snow White expected them to simply fall back to earth,
but instead, she felt something brush against her bottom
for a moment. Looking back, she saw that now a pair of
enormous wings sprouted from the dragons body. The wings
were iridescent in liquid tones of silver. They flashed
in the sunlight as they propelled dragon and princess
through the air. She relaxed just a bit, even though her
stomach jumped as the dragon swooped through the air, and
laughed at the beautiful sight of the rolling tree
covered hills speeding below them.

The forest sped by faster than the fastest horse could
run. If she only knew which way to go, this dragon could
take her home in minutes. If he could be persuaded to
help her, but what could a young girl possibly use to
induce a huge reptile to do her a favor?.

Short moment's later, they landed next to a small pool
fed by a little babbling stream. There was moss at the
edge, the water was cold, and it was deeper than it
looked. Still, it was good to get clean. Snow White
paddled around in the pool after she washed off the
Huntsman's semen and the bear's and her own blood. The
dragon looked on, apparently with interest, though it was
impossible to tell with a dragon.

When she got out, the dragon obligingly swatted a fallen
tree into splinters, raked then into a pile and started a
small fire under her direction, so she could dry herself.
A small fire for a dragon turned out to be a respectable
bonfire, which warmed her skin nicely, bringing a rosy
glow to her almost transparently white skin, and adding
the homey smell of burning wood to the green smell of
water laden, foliage rich air near the pool. Once again
dry and clean, she started thinking about more than just
the next few minutes.

"Now, how do I go about getting cloths, I wonder," she
asked herself aloud as she stood trying to stop just
short of roasting her pert bottom, as she stood naked
next to the fire, combing her long raven dark hair with
her fingers.

"I can provide you some coverings, I suppose. I have
some back at my cave," the dragon answered, as he lay
comfortably nearby, looking on with unusual interest for
a female of an entirely different order, let alone

Snow White looked in wonder at the dragon. For a
ravening monster, he was certainly being helpful. But
after her shock at the Huntsman's betrayal and
abandonment, even if he hadn't killed her, she was leery
of someone, or something really, offering such ready
help. She wondered what he could possibly want from a
human ex-virgin. Still, she couldn't go running around
in the forest, naked. After all, it didn't matter if a
dragon saw her dark nest of pubic hair, or her naked
bosom, but she at least hoped to eventually run into real

"All right, lets go"

The dragon let his long forked tongue shoot out in
reptilian glee, though, of course, Snow White didn't know

A short flight later, they entered the dragon's lair.
She didn't notice any huge piles of gold or gems, though
she did notice a strangely normal set of bedroom
furniture in a side chamber. The main chamber was mostly
bare, carved from solid rock, and big enough to be a
dragon's living room.

"You'll find some cloths in the chamber over there. The
last girl left them when she went."

"Last girl?"

"She decided to go to the Capital. I didn't stop her,
but she was the best virgin yet."

Snow White still wondered what a dragon could possibly
want from a human, virgin or not. She said so. And at
last the dragon told her. She was shocked!

"But, but how could I? You're 30 feet long! Surely I'd
never be able to..."

"I'm a dragon, it's magic, trust me."

"But wouldn't you rather have a lady dragon?"

The dragon gave her an inscrutable dragon look. "Nope,
that's one thing a lady dragon can't do for me...think of
the teeth!"


A short time later, Snow White stood back in the dragon's
main cave, dressed, strangely but decently, once more.
She stared at the dragon in amazement, or at least at
part of him.

The dragon's silver phallus was as long as her forearm,
nearly as thick as her wrist, and had three rings or
ridges along it's length, one near the base, one midway
down its length, and one near the tip. She thought it
much larger than the huntsman's tool, and wondered how
she would ever get the monster penis down her throat,
which of course, was what the dragon wanted. She
hesitantly reached out to touch it, surprised to find it
cool, though she liked the feel, which was like a smooth,
supple leather. She started to bend her head down to
bring her mouth to the impressive shaft, but stopped,
daunted by its size. But a quick growl from the dragon
hurried her along. She began licking at the cold shaft,
which slowly grew warm under her ruby lips.

"Oh yes, that's right. Lick the head"

Obediently Snow White lapped the shiny silver head. She
ran her tongue along the underside just as Gabby had told
her men liked. The head tasted of cinnamon for some
reason. She ran her daintily hand down the shaft,
causing a shudder throughout the gargantuan body. The
Dragon lay on his side, looking slightly ridiculous with
his gigantic penis sticking out and one set of legs
raised into the air so she could kneel at the tip and
give him the oral attention he wanted

Snow White was beginning to think there was something
strange about this dragon. From Gabby's stories, she
knew that all males liked a blowjob, but the dragon
wanted her to do other strange things. He'd made her
dress up in an outfit she recognized as a school girl
uniform, that resembled a sailor suit, with a short
skirt. It was a little tight across the chest, but the
dragon didn't protest. He did want her to leave her
panties off. As soon as she had the uniform on, the
silver penis has appeared. He had her walk around for a
while just so he could look at her, then he had her do
things like pretend to drop something and bend over to
pick it up, and he would peek at her ass and pussy when
she did. Finally, he'd told her to give him a blow job.
She didn't argue much, it wasn't like she was a virgin
anymore, maybe she could get a job with Yolanda and
Yvette, blowing donkeys. This would certainly be good

As she licked, she noticed that the dragon was growling.
She realized he was speaking in the dragon language.
Perhaps he was casting the spell he promised would let
her take in the massive penis, which had gotten even
longer as she licked at it, or perhaps he was just
enjoying her mouth on his dick. She put just the tip to
her full red lips and let them open just a bit, then she

A drop of slick silvery fluid oozed out of the slit in
the end. It too tasted of cinnamon. She swallowed it,
though she had a little trouble with the thickness of the
fluid. She tried to push her lips farther down over the
end of the dragon's cock, but found that she could
barely take in the tip even with her mouth wide open.
She couldn't even get the head in her mouth, let alone
what the dragon demanded. She did start sliding her
hands back and forth on the shaft. Maybe she could make
him cum that way. She certainly didn't mind letting him
cum in her mouth, it tasted much better than the
Huntsman's cum, and she'd liked that. The pre-cum she'd
already swallowed burned down her throat like a good
whiskey. She managed to suck out another big stringy
drop. But a single drop of cum for a dragon was pretty
big. If his actual orgasm was anything like the
huntsman's , unless the dragon's spell worked, she might

She felt the dragon's huge head touching her bottom
through the short skirt. She looked down to see him
peering up at her ruby red slit. He was wonderfully
flexible. Then the head pulled out from under her skirt.
She was startled as she felt the dragon's prehensile
tongue suddenly plunge between her breasts, down the
sailor shirt she wore. Apparently in surprise she'd
opened her mouth wider, because she realized she had the
huge head of the dragon's penis in her mouth. She sucked
in so that her cheeks hollowed in to touch the silver
surface and started bobbing her head. As she did so, she
felt the forked tongue tickling her nipple while
completely encircling her left breast. It actually felt
like the forked tip was gently pinching her nipple to

Between her lips, she felt the first ring enter her
mouth. She realized that her bobbing had taken the first
8 inches or so. The fantastic tongue at her breast had
distracted her as the cock head she thought couldn't even
fit in her mouth actually pushed past the back of her
mouth, and on into her throat. She backed off, pulling
the massive cock out of her throat so she could look at
it. Sure enough, her spit slicked the silvery surface
clear back to the first ring. She tongued the ring, and
gave it little puckering kisses all around. Snow White
wanted to lick his balls, as Gabby told her was a good
thing to do with a man, but the dragon didn't seem to
have any balls. But the drop of silvery pre-cum must
come from somewhere. She put the thought out of her head
as she put the cock back into it and drank a new cinnamon
draught down.

She bobbed happily at the silver phallus for several long
minutes, gradually taking more cock down her throat,
until finally felt the second ring enter her lips. The
dragon groaned, blowing a gust of hot air between her
breasts. His agile tongue swept out from between her
heaving breasts, then suddenly she felt the fat tongue
brush up to cup her ass under the short plaid skirt. The
dragon's forked tongue licked down into the cleavage of
her ass, down past her asshole, between her puffy red
cunt lips, and up around her ruby red clitoris.

She shuddered in her first orgasm, and felt the dragon's
phallus shudder too. Her throat was inundated with
silvery dragon sperm. She wondered where it was going,
since the penis head should be somewhere in the vicinity
of her lower intestines by now. Maybe the penis went
into some other dimension due to the dragon's
accommodation spell. The forked tongue tip working at
her clit drove all thoughts of the mechanics of dragon
magic from her mind. She pulled back a bit, wanting to
actually taste the cinnamony cum. Now she was sure, she
was getting drunk on the stuff.

Next, the dragon's tongue probed at her cervix, tickling
the tight opening and finally pushing into it. It should
have hurt, since the tiny opening was never intended to
be penetrated by anything bigger than wads of sperm,
unless she was dilated to give birth, but it didn't, or
at least not as much as it felt good, merely another
penetration among many others. Snow White orgasmed
again, the feeling in her cunt and womb combining with
the feeling in her mouth and the spreading warmth in her
stomach from the dragon cum. The tongue seemed to go so
far up into her that the dragon should have been able to
lick his own cock. And as the third ring incredibly
passed her lips, she felt somewhere deep inside her that
the forked tongue was licking at the silver cock head, as
silver cum somehow ended up in her stomach. Then she
felt a fullness growing in her womb, starting to push out
along the long thin tongue buried in her. She felt her
vagina stretching around a cock from the inside out!

Apparently dragon magic didn't know or care what hole was
connect to what inside a woman's body. Dragon magic only
apparently cared about getting the maximum amount of cock
and cum and a good amount of tongue into that body. But
if Snow White had really had time to think about it, she
probably would have decided that was just how magic,
especially sex magic worked.

Snow Whites full red lips touch the scales at the base of
the dragon's magical phallus, with her jaw stretched wide
to the breaking, and she knew she had it all. And then
the dragon came in earnest. It seemed as if quarts of
the silvery liquid gushed into her through the impaling
penis. Incredibly, she felt it running out of her doubly
stuffed vagina and down her thighs, but at the same time
she tasted it in her mouth and felt her stomach grow full
with it as well. This went on for a full 10 minutes,
then abruptly both tongue and penis pulled out of her,
leaving behind a void. With a sigh, she sat back on her
heels in the middle of a small pool of dragon cum. Her
white blouse was plastered to her firm breasts, her hard
nipples showing clearly through the material soaked with
her sweat and the cum that dribbled in thick rivers down
her chin and onto her chest. The plaid skirt was also
soaked in cum and lubrication, thick ropes of silver goo
slowly dripping from her well used thighs.

"I wonder if I'll ever be able make love to
anyone normal again, dragon, you've stretched me out to
epic proportions," Snow White said sadly.

A sleepy voice answered her, "Silly girl, I told you it
was magic, now you'll be able to fuck anything, as long
as you live and be the right size. Now I've got to sleep
for a while."

"What do you mean?" asked Snow White. She was unanswered
except for a horrendous snore.

Three days later, Snow White left the dragon's lair with
a few sets of cloths packed into a bag, and a large jar
that had at one time held peaches, but now held about a
quart of the dragon's cum.

She'd decided that she rather liked the taste. And maybe
it was magical after all. Later in life, many people
commented to her that they loved the fact that her breath
and pussy always smelled of cinnamon.

The dragon never woke up while she was there, and as far
as anyone knows it is sleeping there still.


Gabby ran her tongue around the hard leathery plate that
formed the head of the Orc's penis. While the head
itself was rather insensitive, the edge was intensely
sensitive, particularly on the bottom. The Orc, who was
the Captain of the guards, pushed in a little farther,
the third ridge on his cock pushing past her lips. It
was very large, but she could just get it into her mouth.
She pushed towards the bars of the wagon, and managed to
take another couple of inches. Then she pulled back to
tickle the piss slit.

The assembled Orcish guards cheered as they watched,
jerking off, from the campfire. After a few days, the
Captain had decided that their orders didn't mean the
girls couldn't be touched, just not fucked in the pussy.
But he'd also decided that the Chief wouldn't be happy if
they were virgins but dead from repeated anal sex gang
rapes, so he'd decided that the rank and file would have
to be satisfied with the occasional sex show. Tonight
the Captain was getting blown for the edification of the
guards. Again. Occasionally one of the other Orcs would
get a chance to be the star, but the Captain felt that
rank should have privileges.

So Gabbie occasionally had to give an Orc a blow job, and
had gone down several times on both Anna and Vickie. She
didn't much care for Orc jism, since it was black and
oily, and tasted of vinegar, but they always insisted
that she swallow. And the girls were pretty useless,
they never wanted to return a favor, though she'd gotten
Anna to suck on her nipples. It could have been worse.

They'd decided that Anna was built for taking it up the
ass. So far, Anna's plump asshole had been stuffed with
three-ridged Orcish cocks at least three times. After
the first time, Gabbie had taken pity on her and started
massaging the girl's fat pussy lips and clit before the
lucky Orc for the night pulled her to the bars and fucked
her ass. This let Anna relax her ass a bit before the
horny head pushed in. When she saw that the Orcs didn't
seem to mind if she interfered a bit, as long as she
didn't try to stop the show, she also started licking the
girl's asshole to lubricate it and to slip a finger in to
loosen things up a bit. Then she even played with the
girls pussy while she was being ass fucked. Once Anna
had even come with a Orc cock in her ass, thanks to
Gabby. But the ungrateful bitch hadn't reciprocated the
one time Gabby had been screwed up the butt.

One night, though, Gabby got her poetic justice. The
Orcs had managed to buy a Ram from a human farmer,
supposedly for their herds. The Orcs had wanted proof of
the Ram's potency, but none of the ewes was in heat. The
farmer actually lowered his price when he found out how
they intended to test the ram, as long as he got to

Anna had been pulled from the cart and forced to kneel
where all the Orcs could watch. The farmer had lead the
Ram to her by a rope tether. Two of the Orcs held Anna
down, and the farmer tried to get the Ram to mount Anna's
ample buttocks. Though he got the animal's dick hard,
and up to the tight rosebud, the poor animal couldn't
get in. Anna screamed like the animal was three feet
into her though, because she couldn't relax for the
massive head. The Orcs thought this was hilarious, but
they wanted their show to go on. After much discussion,
the farmer came up with a solution. He wanted to see the
show too.

The farmer summoned his wife, a thin framed, wide lipped
woman. She frowned at her husband, obviously wondering
what her crazy spouse had in mind. She adamantly refused
to go down on an Orc for him. She'd already blow his
brother, the baker, and the butcher over that money he
lost at poker, she said. Quickly, the farmer explained
what he had in mind. She refused. But the farmer was
persuasive, and after a while managed to get her to kiss
him. It had been down hill from there. He'd massaged a
breast for a while, and though she'd protested his man-
handing her in front of a bunch of Orcs she didn't push
away the hand that pressed at her cunt .

Finally she'd let the farmer draw her over to where Anna
lay quietly crying. The farmer's wife had started
frigging the Ram who'd softened in the mean time, but in
a short time he was hard again. The farmer knelt by his
wife, and played with her now bared tits to keep her hot.
The farmer told her what he wanted next, but again she
refused. It wasn't so much that she objected to the act,
but just to having witnesses, especially despised Orcish
witnesses, to her depravity. Once again the farmer was
too clever for her, and two fingers thrust into her hot
box broke down her resistance. The farmer's wife opened
her too wide mouth and took in the head of the Ram's
penis. She never tried to deep throat the animal, but
she did lick at it, slobbering and smacking her lips,
until it was covered with her saliva. Then she looked at
poor Anna's asshole, and as an act of kindness, spit into
the clinched opening.

The Ram was led up to cover Anna and his cock put at the
opening to the poor girl's ass. And this time the animal
was able to push in, though not without quite a bit of
crying and carrying on from Anna. Once the cock was in
her ass, the Orcs let her go, knowing she wouldn't be
able to get the Ram dick out of her ass until she made
him come. She tried though, pushing forward along the
ground, breasts dragging in the dirt, trying to get away
from the cock ramming into her.

The Orcs loved this, they all sat there watching and
joking and jerking off. And they weren't alone. The
farmer had apparently aroused his wife's curiosity, as
well as her pussy, and she was eagerly sucking on a handy
Orc cock while her husband fucked her from behind. This
only made the whole show better. A few over excited Orcs
blasted their black loads into the surrounding darkness.

The Ram pushed and pulled for about ten minutes before
finally starting to come. At first the only clue was the
change in pitch of Anna's cries, getting softer as her
ass was lubricated. But finally her bowel could hold no
more and thick jism leaked around the pole in her ass.
At last the Ram slipped out of her ass and off her back,
and went over to a small patch of grass and started
eating as if nothing had happened. At this a half dozen
guards had rushed over to Anna's upthrust ass. At a
guttural order from the Captain they stopped short of
sticking in their cocks to replace the Ram's. But they
did jerk off until they blew thick wads of black sperm
over the poor girls now stretched out ass hole.

The farmer tried to get his wife to suck out Anna's
spunky ass, but she refused. She did let the Orc she was
blowing shoot in her mouth though. And she ended up
letting one of the Orcs fuck her pussy while the farmer
fucked her ass.

The guards finally threw Anna back into the cage and told
Gabbie and Vickie to clean her up. Vickie had hung
back, so Gabbie had shrugged, and licked the poor girl's
ass hole clean. She'd noticed that for all Anna's
protests and screams, her pussy was wet and she jerked at
the touch of a tongue as if in orgasm. Gabbie grabbed
Vickie and held her head to Anna's ass until she did her
share of the cleanup. The Orcs just laughed.

A week later Gabbie was choking just a bit, with Orc dork
in her mouth. She bobbed quickly back and forth, trying
to make the Captain come quickly so she could get some
sleep. He didn't seem to mind, quite content to fuck her
mouth hard and fast. Gabbie tried a trick she hoped
worked as well with Orcs as it did with Men. She slipped
a finger behind his balls and probed at his asshole.
When her finger slid in an inch or so, the Captain
suddenly grunted, and shot what seemed like a quart of
black, smelly, slimy Orc jism into her mouth. She
swallowed quickly, though not quickly enough, for a good
amount of the black gunk ran down over her lower lip and
chin to drip on her thighs.

The Orcs cheered, the Captain pulled out and shook out a
last drop into her unturned and open mouth. Good,
another successful blowjob, successful meaning fast and
pleasing to the Orcs who would come up with something
worse if she didn't please them.

"Let's give them an encore, Vickie. Come eat me out for
a bit."

Gabbie was pleased when Vickie immediately came over and
started licking. She had a good mouth, now that she was
resigned to using it.

Actually Vickie, the redhead, was the one who usually
gave the blowjobs. The Orcs loved her red hair and full
lips and actually fought over the chance to get a blow
job from her. At least at first. But as time went on
the Orc's got impatient with her. She never did anything
she wasn't forced to do. She'd lick if and how she was
told, but only if they told her just what to do. An Orc
could grab the back of her head and force her to deep
throat him, but she'd never do it on her own. And she
swallowed, if the Orc held her head on his cock when he
came. But she might as well have been a doll, for all
the action she took during sex. More than once, an Orc
started in her mouth and finished in Gabby's, because
Gabby would take part.

Gabby licked and sucked when a dick was presented to her.
She actually opened her throat and pushed a cock into her
throat, at least from time to time. And if she didn't
really like the oily taste of the Orc's black jism, she
soon found out that jism shot while the cock was deep in
her throat never touched her tongue and she never had to
taste it. And she would occasionally pull back and open
her mouth and beg for them to come on her tongue. That
way they never figured out why she liked to deep throat
so much. Just like human men, the Orcs loved the idea
she wanted to eat their spunk. And it could have been

One day, when the Captain's dick actually got soft in
Vickie's mouth during a rest stop, he'd finally had
enough. Vickie was pulled out of the cage right there
and made to kneel in the dust. Then one of the ponies
that was pulling the prison cart was unharnessed and led
over to her while the guards gathered around to watch.

At first Vickie just knelt there doing nothing, not so
much resisting as not understanding what was required of
her. But the Captain told her in graphic detail what he
wanted her to do. The girl knelt there stunned, then
started to shake her head no, trying to back away from
the beast. But the Captain got around behind her and
roughly grabbed her breasts. He squeezed until the girl
writhed in pain. She reached out and started fondling
the pony's penis. Though only a small horse, it's cock
was still larger than most men's' or Orcs', and of quite
a girth, though Gabby had seen bigger on the stallion in
the King's stables. At the Captain's urgings, and a fair
amount of pain in breast and nipple, Vickie finally
started licking the horse cock, running her tongue up and
down it's length. When it was finally fully hard and
slick with slobber, the Orc made her take the head
between those full pouty lips. Gabby thought she looked
rather good with a horse dick in her mouth. But there
she stuck, she wouldn't move or lick though she didn't
pull back from it. The pony itself started moving back
and forth but Vickie just sat there with the head between
her lips.

The disgusted Captain finally pulled his dagger from his
belt. Gabby thought he was going to kill Vickie then and
there. But then she noticed that he hadn't removed the
dagger from it's sheath, and in fact was holding it
pommel forward. Gabby noticed that the pommel had a
point on it, though it was blunt. Then he reached under
Vickie and put the cold iron knob of the pommel against
Vickie's anus. She knew what was coming, and tried to
get away, but she only had one way to go and it was
blocked by pony cock As she lunged forward, the Captain
brutally pushed the knob into her ass, and she was forced
to take about four inched of pony cock down her throat.
He pulled back on the knife and all but the pony's cock
head came out of her mouth. But the pommel didn't come
out at all. It was wider than the tight ring of her anus
that it had already pushed through, thus the Orc was able
to push and pull her back and forth with the hard iron in
her colon.

Vickie was basically used as a cock sucking puppet, as
the Orc forced her back and forth with the dagger in her
ass. Forward, and horse cock pushed into her throat,
backward, and the cock appeared again, slick with saliva.
But after a while, Vickie was as deep as she thought she
could go and she started resisting. This only forced
more of the pommel into her ass, until she was impaled by
cock in front and 4 inches of pommel behind. She was
gagging on seven inches of thick pony cock, with thick
horse spunk spilling down her chin that the pony had
started drabbling into her as soon as his cock was in her
mouth. This was not anything like the pony's orgasm,
just the equine version of precum. Then Captain started
pushing forward with the pommel, and with a strong arm
around her body, forcing her to take even more. Slowly
one more inch disappeared down her throat, then another,
then another. In all she finally took about eleven
inches. The Captain put a hand to her throat and joked
about frigging the cock in her throat. He didn't let her
pull back until she'd mostly lost consciousness from lack
of air. When she did, he had her pull off the cock
completely, to the horses annoyance and with difficulty
because of the swollen knob that normally held a horses
cock in a mare's pussy until they were completely
finished. He told her that if she didn't put on a good
show, he'd push her onto the cock until she passed out,
and maybe until she died. She believed him. It was as if
something had broken inside her, and she surrendered.

She thoughtfully looked at the pony cock for a minute,
but a small prod from the pommel in her ass got her
moving. Vickie stuck out her long tongue and slowly
lapped delicately at the slit in the swollen head. She
played with a glob of spunk on her tongue and finally
swallowed it. She whirled her tongue around the head
lovingly, and darted forward to engulf it once more. She
bobbed her head in an odd twisting motion, to take about
three inches in. The pony snorted appreciatively. She
pulled back again and milked at the long shaft until
several large drops squeezed out onto her upturned face.
She rubbed the cockhead through her silky red hair. The
she pulled back, actually sitting down a bit on the prod
in her ass, and massaged the dribbling cock across her
breasts. A white slimy trail now ran from one nipple
down into the valley between her breasts and back up to
the other nipple. She whispered back to the Captain, who
grinned and motioned one of the guard over. The guard
quickly opened his britches and started masturbating.

Vickie never touched the Orc, she just looked him
straight in the eye as she once more filled her mouth
with pony dick. She never looked away as she pushed
about six inches past her lips. She stroked the pony's
cock in time with the strokes of the guard. If he sped
up, she sped up, if he slowed down, she slowed down.
When a drop of precum appeared on the tip of the Orc's
penis, she pulled back and licked a drop of jism from the
horse's cock head. It wasn't long before the Orc
couldn't hold back anymore. Vickie still wouldn't touch
him, but as he started to shoot, she quickly spat out the
horse dick and positioned her face in front of the Orc's
black monster. She held the pony cockhead nearby, and as
off-white drops of horse cum dripped on her face, she
took shot after shot of black Orc jism on cheek, nose and
lips. Finally, she opened those pouty lips and, never
touching him, let the last several shots go into her
gulping mouth. She swallowed ever drop. Then when he
was dry, she went back to the pony who had yet to really

Vickie's face was now striped in black and white trails
of cum. She bobbed her head taking more cock with every
stroke, until finally she achieved about eight inches on
her own. At last the pony really started to cum. Vickie
swallowed some of it, and let some overflow down her
chin, there was certainly no shortage. But she knew that
the Orcs would like it better if the could see it spurt,
so she pushed back onto the pommel again, until it was
fully lodged in her ass, and pointed the cock tip at her
red hair, her face and her pert tits. cum dripped down
her body as she finished by opening her mouth as she had
to the Orc guard and started swallowing as the pony
spurted into her mouth. She milked the pony's cock and
squeezed his balls to get the last drop. Then when she
couldn't get any more from the pony, she started wiping
the cum from her own face and body and sucking it into
her mouth and down her throat.

After that, she gave blowjobs often. But just as often,
several of the Orcs would just come over and masturbate
until they came, shooting their sperm onto her face and
tits. She would lap up every drop. And whenever one of
the Orc's came from one of Gabby's blow jobs, Vickie
would be there to lick every drop from Gabby's face, or
tits or ass, as well.

Once all the Orcs jerked off into a goblet until it was
full to the top with oily black jism. When they gave it
to Vickie, she spent 20 minutes slowly playing with it
and drinking it. She dripped it down her breasts until
it clung to her nipples, then she'd catch it in her palm
and lick it clean. She dripped some onto her cunt and
masturbated until she came several times. She finished
the goblet by tilting back her head, sticking out her
tongue, and pouring the black mess so that it ran down
her tongue and down her throat.

A few days later, she got them to refill the goblet, and
this time had Anna knelt, ass in the air. Vickie poured
a line of black cum down the crack of Anna's ample ass,
and licked it out of her asshole until Anna came to a
rippling orgasm just from the anal stimulation. She
turned Anna around and forced her to hold her large
melons together. Vickie then poured a pool of blackness
between Anna's tits, and lapped between the mounds until
it was gone. Along the way, she licked and chewed Anna's
nipples, until the girl threw her head back with a cry of
pleasure. Then Vickie quickly filled Anna's mouth with
sperm, and massage her throat to make her swallow it.
Vickie had gone from a reluctant virgin to a cum drinking
nympho. She would drink any sperm, any time. The Orcs
made money in human villages by making men pay to watch
her drink cum. She drank horse cum, goat cum, sheep cum,
bull cum, dog cum and even pig cum. She swallowed human
and Orc cum by the quart. She swallowed cum from cups,
goblets, and bowls, from dicks, hands, and asses.

Once a woman had let her four sons fuck her one after the
other, then pressed her pussy between the bars while
Vickie sucked the scum out of her cunt. The woman had
been so inspired, she'd let all four sons fuck her in the
ass, and had Vickie suck out her dripping sphincter The
woman had also wanted to have her sons shoot in her mouth
and then feed it to Vickie in a kiss, but she'd gotten
too excited while blowing her youngest son. It seemed
her two daughters had gotten so excited by the sight of
their brothers fucking their mother, that they had
started fisting each other. When the mother saw the two
girls hand-in-cunt she'd swallowed the sperm. So
instead, the mother and her two daughters had blow the
next three men who came down the road. Then they'd taken
turns spitting it into Vickie's mouth. The two daughters
then fisted their mother in pussy and ass while she blew
the Orc Captain. Vickie got to drink that cum too, when
the woman dribbled it on her own tits.

Gabby had spent most of that scene with Anna's head
between her thighs and three finger's up Anna's ass. But
afterwards she'd gotten one of the daughters over near
the bars and gotten Anna to shove her hand up the girl's
cunt. One of the Orcs had seen the girl trapped against
the bars by the hand in her cunt and had stepped up
behind her, grabbed her tits, and rammed his cock into
her ass. Gabby got so excited that when the Orc came,
she sucked the black jism from the girl's ass. She
decided that she'd been around Vickie too long. She
turned around, backed up to the bars and let three Orcs
and one of the brothers fuck her in the ass. Of course,
Vickie sucked her ass clean later.


Of course, Snow White walked in exactly the wrong
direction if her aim was to get back home. She walked
farther and farther into the Dark Forest. There were
things in the forest that she'd never imagined; blue
monkeys with wings, rocks that talked, and mushrooms of
unusual shape and size, but no people. Snow White
continued on for many days, sustained by the many streams
in the forest, and occasional sips from her jar. At last
she came to a clearing that held a dilapidated old hut
that she'd have thought abandoned except for the trickle
of smoke from the chimney.

She was overjoyed to finally see a sign of human
habitation. Though she was in good shape from work at
the convent (where she often ran long distances to burn
off some of her excess sexual energy), she wasn't well
suited to living in the woods. She hoped to at least get
directions to the nearest town. She was sure that she
could get by in a town; after all she was literate,
fluent in three languages, and knew her numbers. Surely
she could find some position, as a Governess or a Shop
Girl. She wasn't quit sure if a an ex-virgin Princess
hunted by an Evil Witch-Queen would be welcome. But
perhaps 'Gwen', the lady's maid, might get by. This hut
was a long way from a good position in a respectable town

Snow White knocked at the door, almost knocking it off
the one remaining leather hinge, and waited. There was a
long moment of silence, then a thump, a thud, and a
crash. She also heard a strange rustling. Then the door
opened, explosively, to reveal a grizzled old woman, both
plumb and ugly. She was clothed in a thin peasant skirt
and a white blouse that had some odd greenish stains on
it. Snow White noticed that the blouse was untied,
revealing wrinkled breasts that must have been quite
large once. The skirt hung from her wide hips and old pot
belly, and was thin and thread-bare enough to make out
the outline of what must have been the old woman's pubic
hair. She glowering at the Princess in an evil manner,
as she took in the sight of the bedraggled, but
surprising beautiful visitor.

"Well, what do ye want? I'll brook no solicitors, if
that's what ye be," snapped the old woman.

Snow White answered bravely, "Please, Grandmother, I'm
lost in the woods. Can you help me to get back to town?"

The old woman eyed her for a long moment, then seemed to
soften, "Of course, deary, an innocent young girl is
always welcome in my hut. Won't you come in and have
some tea?"

As Snow White somewhat reluctantly entered the hovel she
was startled by a large shape rustling in a corner. As
she cringed in startled fear, she was able to make out
the shape of a large green creeping vine. She was
somewhat relieved that it was only a plant until she
noticed that it was moving by itself. She let out a soft
scream as the plant monster started stretching its long
green tentacular vines along the ground toward her.

"Ollie! Down, Ollie!" cried the old woman. She swatted
at the large plant, which cringed and pulled back into
the corner. The plant was some kind of tangled vine,
with at least a dozen long leafy appendages which waved
in the air as if searching it for something. As she
watched, new tentacles grew, and some others seemed to
wither. The new growth was a pale green while the older
growth was a dark brownish-green

"There, there, dear, nothing to be scared of from old
Ollie. He's just my little house plant is all. He won't
hurt a hair on your head," the old woman crooned softly
to Snow White. She urged the startled girl to hold out
her hand to the plant thing, and chuckled softly as the
plant sent a tentacle out to 'sniff' at the princess's
hand. Soon Snow White was patting Ollie's leaves and
letting his vines twirl through her fingers.

Snow White yipped again in fear when one of the tentacles
wandered under her skirt and tickled the lower curves of
her heart shaped bottom, but the old woman hauled the
vine out with a quick tug.

"Now Ollie, mind your manners, old thing," said the

The old woman ushered Snow White to a seat on a rough
stool near a small rickety table. The withered crone
pattered about the dimly lit, musty hut, quickly brewing
a pleasant smelling tea in a battered cooper tea pot on a
small peasant style stone oven with a metal plate for a
stove top, and produced some hot pastries to go with it.
They still seemed hot from the oven. Snow White wondered
vaguely where the pastries had come from, since she
hadn't noticed the smell of baking as she approached the
hut, in fact only noticing it after the tea was brewed.
But she soon forgot her idle musings, as she tore into
the first thing to eat, besides dragon spunk, that she'd
had in several days.

The old woman sat near the table in a spread legged
sprawl on a soft mass of old cloth that gave off a small
cloud of dust when she sat. She watched the girl eat, a
smile revealing the remains of several yellowed and
cracked old teeth. She seems very pleased to see the ex-
princess eating and drinking, seeming almost to gloat.
Ollie rustled softly as he sent a mass of his tentacles
over to hunker near his strange mistress.

After a few moments, Snow White noticed that the
strangely animate plant had sent a vine under the old
woman's skirt, too. But the old woman didn't scold the
plant, seeming not to be aware of the leafy tentacle
rooting around under her skirt. Snow White was very
aware though, when there seemed to be something writhing
under the thin material near the outline of the woman's
pubic bush. She should have been disturbed by this she
knew, but somehow she wasn't. In fact, she felt good,
calm even in this strange setting, and there was a warm
glow in her middle, probably from the tasty pastries.
She felt a vague itch and found herself thinking of the
huntsman's large penis.

"Tell me how a young innocent like yourself, surely a
virgin, came to be wandering in the Dark Forest?" the old
woman asked eagerly, though perhaps a bit breathily.

Snow White blushed, but found herself telling the old
woman about the witch-queen, the hunt that was supposed
to be her last, and the hunter that was her first.
Somehow, she felt that the old woman was someone she
could trust. She felt sleepy, and relaxed, but she
didn't actually fall asleep. Instead she explained how
the Huntsman had tricking her into going even farther
into the Forest, and then his attempt to take her life.

"But he spared me, for a price. He...he...ravaged me,"
blushed Snow White. "He did...unspeakable things to me,
so I guess I'm not a virgin any more."

The old woman looked oddly disappointed, then suddenly
her face lit with sympathy. "You poor dear!" She came
around behind Snow White and put her hands on the pale
white shoulders to comfort the girl. The gnarled hands
began a gentle massage to take away the tension that had
crept into those slender shoulders as Snow White told her
story. Snow white felt the old woman press close against
her back, and felt something ropy and firm moving under
the old woman's skirt.

"I can only imagine it," said the old woman as she rubbed
the tension out of Snow White's body.

"That beast of a man, forcing himself on you. His great
hands bruising these tender breasts!"

Snow White realized the old woman's hands where now
massaging her breasts, but, perhaps because her breasts
did ache from the memory of that day, she let the old
hands continue their work. The woman's hands had looked
gnarled with arthritic joints and withered finger, but on
her body they felt warm and strong, and awoke a sensual
pleasure that was far superior to the long days of fear
and tension, even if it was a strange even bizarre

One of Ollie's inquisitive tentacles poked up from under
the table to hover near her throat, then brushed up
against her face. She never even flinched, so relaxed
was she in the old hag's company. She could smell its
dusk odor of growing plants and soil. On impulse she
smiled lazily pressed her lips against it's tip
affectionately, just to feel the texture of it. It was
firm and warm. She was a bit surprised when the tentacle
pushed gently into her mouth, a steady pressure spreading
her lips. This didn't bother her since she'd been
wondering what it would taste like. She ran her tongue
around the tip curiously. It was warmer than she thought
and tasted sort of like a green tomato, though maybe that
was just the vegetable version of most meats tasting a
lot like chicken. She was tempted to take a bite, but
had started to think of Ollie as a sort of odd green
person, or at least a pet.

The old woman grasped the vine, and slowly pulled it out.
Snow White was vaguely surprised to see the length that
came from between her lips. Without realizing it, she'd
taken several inches of the green vine into her mouth,
which now glistened wetly with her saliva in the dim
light of the hut. The hag held it away from the girl's
mouth but the vine still wetly caressed the hollow of her

"He just wants a bit of a kiss, deary, no harm in him."

The old woman kept a hold of the vine as she went back to
caressing Snow Whites breasts. She curled Ollie's vine
around one magnificent mound. The vine constricted and
relaxed rhythmically, beginning a strangely interesting
massage of it's own. For a plant, Ollie seemed to know a
lot about caressing a woman's body.

"See, he just wants to help."

Soon, Snow White's blouse was completely open down the
front, and the hands, and Ollie's vine tentacles,
wandered freely across her body.

"I'll wager you fairly cringed at the sight of his big
strong virile cock, it must have seemed a right monster!"

The old woman illustrated her point by pulling Ollie's
tentacle from the girl's breast. She let it brush against
the strangely quiescent girl's lips. It seemed to have
some kind of growth in pale green on the end now.

"I'll bet it was even bigger than this! He probably
brushed that monster prick down across your face to shame
you, hard and already leaking spunk to smear across your
lips and cheeks. Did he slap it against your face like
this, deary?"

Ollie's tentacle gently smacked into Snow White's nose
and lips, wielded like a soft, exciting club by the old

"Did he push it between those perfect red lips, like

Action followed words, and Snow White again felt the
tentacle push into her mouth, but now it had that
intriguing mushroom shaped knob on it. It pushed in and
pulled out of her mouth under the guiding hand of the old

"I'll bet he forced you to lick and suck him, catering to
his gross desires. Then I'll bet he pushed his prick
down your throat and shot his spunk right down into your
stomach! Is that what happened, deary? Did he cum in
your mouth?"

Snow White was a bit disappointed when the old woman
asked this question. The tentacle had just been pushing
into the back of her mouth, and she'd been wondering how
it would compare to the huntsman and the dragon, but the
old woman pulled it out, evidently so she could actually

"Are you still a virgin, in your mouth, then? Did he cum
in your mouth, child?" A wrinkled hand caressed her
throat, and Ollie's tentacle tip brushed the full red

"N-no, he didn't c-come in my mouth"

"Ah, that's good, deary. men are such beasts as to
degrade a woman so, when I was a girl your age many a
cock spewed down my throat to my shame. Ye are lucky to
have been spared that ordeal."

"Yes, I suppose so, though...I don't know...I
wonder...anyway, he didn't ah, you know...not there, not
him" After a pause Snow White dreamily said, "I met a
dragon later though. H-he came in my mouth. A lot. But
it was ok."

Snow White shivered at the frission in her loins at the
thought of the dragon's cock spurting in her mouth while
its tongue was in her cunt literally, and magically, up
to her tonsils.

"A dragon, eh? Oh my, that must have been something! Ah,
then not a virgin in that sweet mouth. But still the
huntsman must have gratified his lusts in some manner."

The old woman spit in her palm, and pushed it into the
valley of Snow Whites cleavage. She rubbed the spittle
between the firm mounds, and teased at the red nipples
with her wrinkled old fingers.

"Did he put his cock between these hills? Did he force
you to hold your tits together like some common whore in
a back alley for him to fuck?" The old woman took Snow
White's hands and put them to work holding the white
globes together. Then she took Ollie's odd tentacle and
rubbed the hard tip under the crease of the firm mounds.
She teased at the underside of Snow White's quivering
breasts, and then pushed the mushroom up into her
cleavage along the trail of spittle. It disappeared from
sight, then pushed up until the tip popped back into
view. The old woman stroked it in and out until Snow
White almost had a tit orgasm.

"Many a cruel, heartless man used me so in my tender
naive youth. In those days my teats were nearly as big
as your's are, dear child, and men were always grabbing
at them, kissing them, rolling them around in big strong
hands. I was just a girl, what could a girl do to stop
such depravity. They would make me hold them so that
they could use them like a cunt. Sailors, soldiers, even
merchants and Nobles would shoot their nasty juices
between my bubbies."

"Did your Huntsman treat you so? Did he make you spread
his seed over your nipples, rubbing it into you throat
and shoulders? Did he cum between your tits and splatter
your lovely throat and face with his white jism?"

"No, not my breasts."

"Ah, nothing is ever too much for men, they will do
anything! I can hardly say what they used to do to me.
Sometimes they would push up between my wide spread limbs
and push their rude members deep into my most private
parts! Right up inside my cunt!"

The hag continued, "Did your hunter use those hard cruel
hunters hands to force your young thighs apart like

Snow White thought she was remembering the Huntsman's
hands on her until she realized that the gnarled hands
had snaked the material of Snow White's skirt up to her
waist, and were actually pushing apart her thighs.
Suddenly two more of Ollie's tentacles appeared and
wrapped around her thighs, holding them spread apart
lewdly so that her hot juicy cunt was revealed to the old
woman's gaze.

"Ah! So wet. And only from retelling the story!"

The woman reached down past curly raven pubic hairs, and
rubbed at the ruby clit shamefully poking past the top
of full puffy outer labia. Snow White bucked, but the
old woman stopped short, not letting the poor girl
orgasm. She ran a finger between the inner lips to open
them and display the red hole that gaped and closed,
gaped and closed.

"He must have pushed that huge prick between those lips,
and into that tight, tight cunt. He would have been
stopped by your hymen, but men are never stopped for long
when satisfying their bestial lusts. Did he take your
prized cherry, deary...did he cum in your tight, torn
virgin pussy?"

Snow White writhed and gasped out, "He...he fucked me!
His prick was inside me...and he shot his...his jism into
me! I loved it, too!"

The old woman pushed about four inches of Ollie into the
gasping vagina, but stopped any more from going in.
"So, not a virgin in mouth or breast or surely
the horrible huntsman took the time to push into so
luscious an ass. And if he didn't that perverse dragon
must surely have pushed his seed into so wonderful a shit
shoot. Some huge cock has surely been in this
magnificent rosebud."

Snow White shuddered in memory as the old woman touched
her to illustrate her graphic guesses, but as a finger
stole down deep between her legs and toward the back she
felt compelled to offer a correction.

"No...not either. Neither of them f-fucked me there. I
guess, if you look at it like that, I'm still kind of a
virgin, in my bottom."

"Ah, a virgin ass!" the old woman cried.

Suddenly, Snow White seemed to start, realizing that she
was nude and being stroked by the hands of a horrible
withered old hag, and she had a plant stuck in her pussy!
She realized with horror that this woman must be a witch,
like the queen, and had cast some kind of spell on her.
She cried out, and tried to cover herself with her hands,
batting aside the old crones hands from her breasts and

The old woman cackled, but backed away, and let her be.

But Ollie whipped tentacles around her arms and pulled
them painfully back. A tentacle went around her throat.
Two more grasped her breasts as if they had been ties in
rope. Ollie pushed the tentacle into her cunt another
couple of inches, then abruptly pulled out. The head of
his plant cock-tentacle hovered near her face

"So, you do have some value to me after all, little
girl." cackled the hag witch.

"What do you mean? Let me go!" groaned Snow White as
Ollie threatened to push his green cock vine into her
mouth and she twisted and turned her head, trying to
avoid it.

The old witch casually reached down and thrust three
fingers into Snow White, who was helpless to prevent it.

"I have a job for you, dear little hot cunt, and if you
do it, I'll reward you. I'll help you get to a place
safe from the witch-queen who seeks to kill you."

"But you're a witch, too!" gasped Snow White as she felt
the three fingers thrusting into and out of her dripping
wet love tunnel.

"I owe her nothing! She is as much my rival as yours and
if I can cause her a mischief, so much the better! So,
do you want my help, or not?"

Reluctantly, Snow White listened as the woman explained.


The old woman pushed her over onto the now bush like
Ollie, and she fell until she was completely enveloped by
the plant, and supported several inches off the ground.

Snow White had been bathed and prepared. The old woman
had muttered strange incantations over her, though she'd
gone ahead and finger fucked her several times during the
process, apparently just for fun. At last she was ready,
and the witch had led her over to the quivering plant.
The witch's familiar, for such Ollie was, began to
shudder harder, and his vines began to move and grow.
The old woman watched the show avidly, though it was a
little hard to see through the virtual cloud of viney
tentacles. But it seemed to Snow White that she could see
the old hag stripping off her own cloths and starting to
rub her dry withered pussy as she watched the young girl.
Then Snow White had no time to think of what the witch
was doing.

Snow White felt surrounded by a cloud of tongues as the
tentacles of the plant beast searched out the surface of
her body. Tentacles probed every inch of her body. She
felt several twining around her breasts. More pushed
softly into her armpits. Her nipples where tickles by
the tips of vines until they stood up long and red.
Others caressed her legs, rubbing down her thighs and the
backs of her knees. They even probes between her toes.
It felt like Gabby and five friends where lapping at the
crack of her perfect ass. They brushed feather soft
against the ruby bud at the top of her vulva, even
against the softness of her blood red pussy lips.

Then when Ollie had touched every part of her, he sent
vines around her arms, and she found her hands bound
behind her body, her shoulders where forced back and her
ruby tipped tits thrust out as if eager for more

She felt vines wrap around her knees and pull them up and
apart, almost painfully. She had never been so open.
Her pussy lips spread wide and her anus was fully exposed
to the tickling of the vines. Two of the vines actually
somehow took hold of her inner lips and spread them
wider, stretching her cunt open for whatever was to come.

Her breasts where bound together cruelly, though the
nipples where exposed. They were bound in such a way
that a cock could still be slipped between them if one
where available.
Her head was pulled back so that her slender neck was
exposed. Her eyes where covered by leaves, so feeling
and smell and sound became more important.

The tentacles never stopped moving, tickling every part
of her body as before, but this time she couldn't move.
She could only moan, as she felt that vague itch return
to her loans. She suspected that itch was about to be
well scratched. At last she writhed in her viney bonds
from her first orgasm.

As if this was some kind of signal, she felt the tip of
every tentacle slowly begin to change, until each
developed a small pale green mushroom tip. When all the
tentacles had new little heads, they began again their
assault of her body. It felt as if a thousand small hard
cocks all tried to fuck her at once. She didn't grow
alarmed until she felt the tips at the various openings
in her body begin to engorge. Slowly, ever so slowly,
they started to push into her. Two pressed into her ears,
blocking out outside noise, though she still heard some
vibration given off by Ollie that sounded like a hundred
fairy maiden's sighing in ecstasy. Two more fucked into
her nostrils, feeling like little pricks lost in some
new cunts, very definitely smelling of sex and green

She tried to cry out, but this only allowed three more to
fill her mouth and begin writhing in and out without any
rhythm, but feeling as if three midgets vied to be the
first to cum in her mouth. These small tentacle-pricks
spasmed as if in botanical orgasm, but the spurts only
drove sweet puffs of air down into her lungs. At least
four must have been twining sinuously between her pussy
lips, each only the size of a young school boy's first
hard on, but together, they filled her thrillingly, like
no school boy could, and came in puffs of oxygen rich sex
tinged air.

But only one teased at the entrance to her lower
intestines, an immense vine, who's mushroom head was at
least 4 inches in diameter. At first this 'back door'
vine was content to nuzzle, to nudge, and was able to
slip forward some small way up into the perfect ass of
Snow White. But soon she felt fear grip her as she felt
her tight ruby red anus stretched to its limits and the
head was still not within her straining asshole, the only
virgin orifice she retained. Still the vine pushed and
rooted, as plants often do in their pushy plant way. If
she could have cried out with her mouth full of young
penis vines, she would have. Still the vine pressed. It
began to ooze sap, seemingly from the very skin of the
mushroom tip. Penis heads caressed every inch of her
body, and licked at clit, and nipples and lips and the
palms of her hands and the soles of her feet. Slowly she
began to relax, in spite of herself, as the giant
mushroom rotated left and right, and rocked slightly back
and forth, working a bit deeper with each thrust. One of
the school boy penises in her mouth began to leak the
same sap now lubricating her asshole. It tasted like
honey and cum, and only made her more excited as it ran
down her throat. She ran her tongue back and forth
between the pricks in her mouth, teasing at the ends.
This was very nearly the only movement she could make.
He pussy did milk at the small pricks buried in the tight
opening, but that really wasn't voluntary.

Then the anal tentacle began a new assault, stronger than
before. She felt her ass stretch to it is maximum
diameter, and beyond. She did her best to scream, as
waves of pleasure mixed with the pain. She began her
second agonizing orgasm as the giant tip finally drilled
past her straining anal ring.

She began a firecracker string of orgasms as tentacles
rubbed at her clit. Other tentacles twined in her mouth.
Dozens of pricks teased her nipples. Pricks teased her
mound caressed her thighs and licked at the sensitive
area between pussy and asshole. They pumped inside her
and out. Tentacles bound her young cantaloupe sized
breasts together, so that another could cleave between,
pulsing and writhing, up into her mouth and down her
throat. She could feel green plant cum running down her
throat, into her spasming young cunt, into her armpits
even. Everywhere the plant cum touched seemed to become
more sensitive. If she could have, she would have
stopped then even though much of what she felt was
pleasure, so sensitive had she become that every touch
was painful as well, though every touch brought orgasm
after endless orgasm. Even her knees seemed to come.
But it didn't stop, and no matter how she struggled she
couldn't escape the multitude of pricks running over her
body and into every hole. Pain and pleasure mixed until
she couldn't tell them apart.

One monstrous sensation overwhelmed the rest, though.
She could feel the massive mushroom edging deeper into
her ass. And unlike most of the tentacles, that seemed
bent on emptying themselves into her, the 'back door'
tentacle seemed to be sucking, even pulling at her
insides as it moved ever deeper into her body. Even as
her cunt showering small penises with her clear
lubricating cum, they seemed to urge their bigger cousin
on and inward, stroking it through the small stretch of
skin between anus and vagina.

Finally, when she thought she'd go mad, if she hadn't
already, it reached some end point, perhaps beginning to
taste the sap pumped down her throat by the vine between
her breasts and down her throat. As Snow White reached
some sort of peak in her multiple orgasms, the giant Ass-
drilling Mushroom began to withdraw. She would have
moaned anew, if only her mouth weren't still filled with
squirming finger sized cocks and the larger tit-fucker
tentacle cock, as she felt a profound, perhaps ultimate,
emptiness as the monster withdrew, taking with it the
needed nutrients to finish it's life cycle. And it was
every bit as painful for the mushroom to pass back
through the tight ring as it had been to penetrate the
first time. But finally, her ass was empty, and she
found herself somewhat disappointed that it was over.

She had forgotten the crones words, though, "First it
needs your soil, virgin soil, then it needs your rain to
plant it's seed!"

For a moment, the tentacles stopped, pulling out of her
pussy, her mouth, from between her breasts. Then she
felt the giant Mushroom tip, swollen even larger, nudging
at her already well lubricated slit. She felt with
horror the huge bulge about three inches behind the giant
head, as it brushed between her knees. It must have been
as large as a man's head. Then the smaller penis-
tentacles that gripped her, pulled her legs wider,
spreading her engorged pussy lips even farther apart.
The tentacle was back at her lips, spewing forth another
green slime that slid down her throat, but this time
making her hungry. Hungry for cock, her mouth literally
watering for cock between her lips. She moaned and
sucked, pulling the plant prick into her throat. Her
pussy watered for the taste of cock too, as she seemed to
forget everything else besides the need to consume cock,
in any hole. A perfunctory tentacle found it's way into
her ass, but it seemed half hearted. But her ass clamped
down on it, and the huntsman would have recognized the
milking action from his experience with the Queen's ass.
Perhaps a dozen tentacles joined the first in filled her
straining mouth, seeming to absorb her copious saliva,
the more cocks she had, the more her mouth demanded cocks
and salivated to get them in.

The giant Ass Mushroom, now the pussy Mushroom, began to
suck it's way inside her, lapping up her juices with what
felt like another dozen tentacle sprouting from within
itself. She even felt one very tiny cock tentacle making
it's way into her piss hole. She had a small but
distinct urethra orgasm as the cock began pumping out her
piss from inside her bladder. More tentacles licked at
her salty, sweaty skin.

Even more than the first phase, this phase of Ollie's
life cycle threatened to drive her mad. Not even the
terrible pain as the bulge of the 'seed' began to enter
her slowed her orgasms. She spasmed higher and higher,
soaring ever upward from one orgasm to another. As she
lost consciousness, she wished the seed had been even
bigger, the head broader, the plant cum thicker and
Snow White awoke tangled in a pile of brown withered
branches, some still poking inside her. She was covered
as well, in sticky sap, on her face, her breasts, her
hair. But not between her thighs. She looked down to
see the hideous face of the old crone peering up at her
from between her suspiciously clean thighs. (She was
sure she still had a stick up her ass, however.) She

"What do you think you are doing!?"

Snow White shuddered as that long gray tongue slithered
out and between the lips of her pussy.

"Why deary! Just doing what's necessary. We have to get
that seed out, you know-before it sprouts, like. Just
lie back, and Meg will take it out."

Snow White found that she didn't have much choice, being
paralyzed by the final ejaculate of the monstrous cock

The old witch went on lapping at Snow White's cunt, but
she also occasionally licked down to the still painful
anal ring and pushed saliva into the girl's colon. She
also finally pulled the stick out of the Princess's ass.
The old witch returned to Snow White's pussy, pushing
into it with two fingers and started spreading the still
tender lips apart again. Three fingers replaced two, and
then her bony old hand slid into Snow Whites vagina. As
she licked, she pulled with the hand in the girl's cunt
at some large mass inside Snow White. Snow White
realized that her belly bulged out like the pregnant girl
the convent took in one year. (The girl had given birth
hanging in an odd hammock hanging from the stable
ceiling. After she gave birth, she'd repaid the nuns, by
letting a plow-horse fuck her, while the nuns watched.
The plow-horse's cock must have been 4 inches in diameter
and there was no way she could have taken it except just
after giving birth.) The witch pushed down on it from
outside and Snow White knew that the bulge must be the
seed that Ollie had planted.

As the nuns in the convent had said, sometimes one had to
just relax and enjoy what one couldn't stop. Besides, if
she closed her eyes (one of the few muscles that still
worked) she could imagine it was the silver tongue of the
Dragon or perhaps simply the agile tongue of dear lost
Gabby lapping at her clit.

It took a long time for the crone to lick that giant seed
out of Snow Whites belly.
end story segment


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