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EASW g chapter 9

The Erotic Adventure's of Snow White
(young, incest, mast, oral, anal, tits, f, Mf, Mf, Mf, MMMf, Ff)
By DemonBound

Warning: This story is intended for adults, if you aren't, don't
read it. It also isn't for you if you are offended by sex, since
it deliberately contains every sex act I can think of, though I'm
sure I missed a few. It contains lesbian and homosexual and
straight sex, incest, bondage, torture, bestiality, rape, oral and
anal intercourse, at least one scene with a golden shower, and sex
with characters that would be considered underage if they really
existed and lived in our society. I left out snuff and scat sex,
since I personally find those distasteful (oops, I forgot, there
is one scene where one person gets killed(ok, two actually), but
it isn't the point of the scene), I probably missed some fetishes,
and I rushed through any male to male sex scenes, since I find
those not erotic and a little off putting, but there you have it.
This book isn't for the young, the weak of heart or stomach, so-
called fundamentalists, or for those who can't tell reality from
make believe. family values are pretty much completely lacking
here. I don't really care about the laws, but I don't want anyone
to be damaged. So if you can be damaged by reading this book,
don't. If you read it, understand that the consequences are your
own, chosen by you, borne by you.

The Erotic Adventures of Snow White
by DemonBound

Warning: This story is intended for adults, if you aren't, don't
read it. It also isn't for you if you are offended by sex, since
it deliberately contains every sex act I can think of, though I'm
sure I missed a few. It contains lesbian and homosexual and
straight sex, incest, bondage, torture, bestiality, rape, oral and
anal intercourse, at least one scene with a golden shower, and sex
with characters that would be considered underage if they really
existed and lived in our society. I left out snuff and scat sex,
since I personally find those distasteful (oops, I forgot, there
is one scene where one person gets killed, but it isn't the point
of the scene), I probably missed some fetishes, and I rushed
through any male to male sex scenes, since I find those not erotic
and a little off putting, but there you have it. This book isn't
for the young, the weak of heart or stomach, so-called
fundamentalists, or for those who can't tell reality from make
believe. family values are pretty much completely lacking here. I
don't really care about the laws, but I don't want anyone to be
damaged. So if you can be damaged by reading this book, don't.
If you read it, understand that the consequences are your own,
chosen by you, borne by you.

The story so far:

Warning & Explanation, (prologue) Snow White's mother fucks the
huntsman while the king watches, a peasant sees the queen's tits
and tit fucks his wife, the Queen sucks off a young page and is
given a tongue bath by a maid while the King watches, the Queen
dies giving birth to Snow White, Snow White grows up in the castle
until she is caught in an indiscretion with a boy, and is sent to
a convent school, meanwhile (chapter one) the King takes another
wife who is chosen for her sexual performance, she had auditioned
by sucking off 10 men in front of the court, the step-Queen uses a
lesbian sex show to convince the king to make a treaty with the
orcs, Snow White returns to the castle and the intrigues of court.

(chapter 2) Snow White is entertained by her friend Gabby's lewd
tails, Gabby decides to masturbate and talks Snow White into
helping her, then Gabby starts to reciprocate when they are
interrupted. (chapter 3) Snow White remembers her misadventure
with Knat, the Ambassador's son in which they play doctor and
cause a scandal, she and Gabby arrive at the castle and she
notices disturbing changes in her childhood home, Snow White and
Gabby take a bath together with Petal that turns into a slow, wet

(chapter 4) Snow White is shocked but intrigued when her
stepmother gives her father a blow job at the dinner table and is
tempted to join in, the step-Queens entertainment begins with a
dwarven fool who ends up with his end in a young girls mouth while
the girl's grandmother tongues the girl's own bottom. the fool
cums on the girls face and tits, a troupe of plainspeople play at
setting up camp in the center of the dining hall and proceed with
a spectacle for the crowd including Yvette who sucks off 4
plainsmen and receives a second round from all four on her lovely
naked body and Yolanda who amazes the crowd by feeding her
daughter Yvette mothers milk from her own breast and having her
milk deposited on her pussy, Yvette fists her mother, the show
continues with Yolanda taking many varieties of food into her
amazing cunt including a huge bloodsausage that she uses as a
double ended dildo to fuck her daughter, the finale is Yolanda
filling her cunt with squirming eels, this is just too much for
Snow White and she runs out of the banquet trying to control her
raging lust and remain pure for her wedding day.

(chapter five)The step-Queen asks the mirror who is most beautiful
and it answers Snow White, enraging the step-Queen, she takes out
her frustration on Rose, her new submissive, she uses a magical
potion, Rose, and her own asshole to brain wash the court Huntsman
into agreeing to kill Snow White, Gabby has a side adventure with
an orally fixated stable girl and a stallion.(chapter six) The
Huntsman takes Snow White deep into the Enchanted Forest to take
her life, but takes her virginity instead after she gives him some
untutored oral sex, after she looses her hymen she tastes her
first cum. The Huntsman kills a bear cub and shoves its beating
heart into her cunt so he can say truthfully that he pulled it
still beating from Snow White's body, he then fists her to orgasm
after orgasm until she passes out. He leaves her unconscious and
naked but alive, lost in the Enchanted forest.

(chapter seven) Gabby is sold to the orcs by the Witch Queen as a
virgin even though she had lost that condition with a not-so-
friendly guard and had it restored by the Witch Queen's evil
magic. The guard who had taken Gabby's virginity is killed and
another is killed and mutilated by the Witch Queen in a spell of
sex and blood and death, and Gabby becomes a virgin once more. In
the Orc's cart on the way back to the Orc land's Gabby meets Anna
and Vickie, two virgin peasant girls. The adult Knat, now a prince
and ambassador himself, has a fair well party with the magically
sex changing Elf, Sandy and two redheaded twin six inch tall
leatherclad Fairy girls, Tia and Mia. He sees a teeny sex show,
manages to get all of his 13 inch cock down Sandy's throat, and
gives the twins a literal cum bath, during which he remembers his
last encounter with Snow White, but his nostalgia doesn't stop him
from enjoying a double penetration of his cock in Sandy's ass and
Tia and Mia as living dildos taking turns in Sandy's pussy.

(chapter eight) Snow White meets a dragon who declines to eat her
until she's had a bath. The Dragon gives Snow White a ride, a
bath, and some cloths, Snow White gives the dragon a magical
blowjob. The dragon gives Snow White a tongue lashing and a
cinnamon treat. The dragon takes a nap. While Snow White rides
the dragon, her friend Gabby blows an Orc, and another Orc, and
another Orc. Gabby's companions are cruelly broken in by the
orcs. Anna is sodomized by a sheep and ends up covered in black
Orcish jism, the orcs have a party with a farmer and his wife
where the wife sucks sheep cock, then Orc cock, then takes her
husband up the ass and an Orc in front. Gabby and Vickie suck the
cum from Anna's abused ass. Vickie's talent turns out to be
giving head once the Orc Captain breaks her in by making her suck
off a pony, with a dagger hilt in her ass. Vickie turns into a
cum drinking slut, swallowing and cum any where from anything. A
depraved village woman uses her body to hold the sperm for Vickie
to drink while her boys fuck her and her daughters fist each
other, then their mother. Vickie gets to drink lots more jism.
Gabby fists one of the daughter, sucks Orc cum out of her ass, and
lets the orcs sodomized her. Meanwhile Snow White goes the wrong
way deeper into the Enchanted Forest, where she meets an old woman
with a plant named Ollie. Ollie and the old woman seduce Snow
White, who agrees to tentacle sex with Ollie. Ollie fucks Snow
White every way possible, and plants an orange sized seed in her
womb. The old woman sucks it out. There is a small side story of
a woman giving birth then having sex with a horse while she is
begin story segment

Chapter 9

<<She ran as long as her feet would go until it was almost
then she saw a little cottage and went into it to rest herself.
Everything in the cottage was small, but neater and cleaner than
can be told. There was a table on which was a white cover, and
seven little plates, and on each plate a little spoon, moreover,
there were seven little knives and forks, and seven little mugs.
Against the wall stood seven little beds side by side, and
covered with snow-white counterpanes.
--Snow White and the Seven Dwarves>>

Following the old hags advice, Snow White had headed even deeper
into the Dark Forest. The old witch had told her of a cottage
deep in the forest, that was as cute as anything could be cute.
There, claimed the ugly old woman, Snow White would find people
who would succor her in her hour of need.

So, with a pack of food supplied by the old woman (who really
hadn't been that bad to her), she had walked for another week
through the strange land of the Forest.

She was frightened, and often lonely, being a very friendly girl.
But fortunately, she was able to relieve some of her tension with
the Hag's last gift. The witch had given her poor, deceased
Ollie's Taproot. The witch had told her that the Taproot had
special magic, even now that Ollie was gone.

When Snow White rubbed it in a certain way, the Taproot would
begin to vibrate and squirm. Since the Taproot was about seven
inches long and well knurled, it was perfect for relieving
tension. Though it had only seen a few days use so far, it was
already showing a dark sheen, like wood well lacquered. Snow
White supposed she was using it too much, but it was such a

The witch had told her she needed to take care of it, in a very
peculiar manor. One a month, it needed blood to survive. So on
her next monthly visit from Aunt Flow, a time she was always very
horny anyway, when she woke up in the morning, she simple stroked
the Taproot a few times to get it going and then started working
the writhing thing into her blood engorged pussy. Once all but a
nub was inside her, she simply put on her bloomers and continued

She didn't walk far for the next three days, but she never saw a
spot of blood on her bloomers and she never had a single cramp.
Besides, she must have come at least 30 or 40 times. It was hard
to keep track, though.

At last she came to a small clearing in the forest, with beautiful
wildflowers growing all around, and a wonderful little cottage
nestled inside. The cottage looked a little like some child's toy
because everything was in miniature. It was neat and clean and
well cared for by someone who was good with such things. She
might have believed it built by fairies, for she'd heard they were
good a landscaping and interior design.

She walked up to the door and knocked, but there was no answer.
Snow White peered through a little window into the cottage, but
saw no one. What she did see made her mouth water, for the little
table inside was set with a banquet waiting for someone to eat it.
Snow White tried the little door knob and found that the door
opened easily. She went in.

<<Little snow-white was so hungry and thirsty that she ate some
vegetables and bread from each plate and drank a drop of wine
out of each mug, for she did not wish to take all from one only.
Then, as she was so tired, she laid herself down on one of the
little beds, but none of them suited her, one was too long,
another too short, but at last she found that the seventh one was
right, and so she remained in it, said a prayer and went to
--Snow White and the Seven Dwarves>>

She was very hungry because caring for the taproot had slowed her
down and the food the witch gave her was gone. She wanted to save
some of the Dragon's magic elixir, so she'd gone without any food
since early this morning, and here it was after noon. She decided
whoever the owner of the little cottage was, he, or they (since
there were 7 plates at the table) wouldn't begrudge her a little

She resolved only to take a few bites from each plate so that no
one person would be without. Snow White was amazed! This was the
best food she'd had since the royal banquet just before the hunt.
Thinking of the royal banquet reminded her of Yolanda and the
sausages, and of her own father's prick disappearing into the
Witch Queens throat. She got a bit horny as she ate, and the
small drink of wine she took from each glass didn't help, reminded
her of other things she'd drunk. But, finished with her meal, and
tired from her long walk, Snow White decided to take a nap until
the owners of the cottage came back.

She tried each bed in turn, but each had some flaw. One was too
soft. One was too hard. Another was too short. (Well, they were
all too short, but this one more than the rest. Another smelled a
bit funny. But finally the last bed met with her approval. She
lay on the bed for some time but wasn't able to sleep. She needed
to relax.

Not wanting to bother to get up to get her Taproot, she decided to
simply relax the old fashioned way. She lay back and slowly
untied the stays of her peasant blouse, teasing herself. One
perfect hand brushed aside the fabric to reveal a ruby nipple atop
a perfect white breast. Snow White squeezed the red button to
hardness and a ripple of pleasure traveled down to her puss.

She started to have the old itch again, so she slowly caressed
herself with her other hand. She pulled gently at the tie of her
skirt until the waist band opened and she could thrust her hand
down into her crotch. She rubbed at her pussy lips, through the
material of her bloomers, feeling them swell and part.

At last, her hand stole beneath the waistband of her bloomers and
finally her fingers pushed into that sweet ruby hole and her palm
rubbed that tingling clit. She played with cunt and breast until
she orgasmed and then fell asleep. Which was just how the Dwarves
found her when they came home from a hard day in the mines.

<<When it was quite dark the owners of the cottage came back.
They were seven dwarfs who dug and delved in the mountains for
ore. They lit their seven candles, and as it was now light within
the cottage they saw that someone had been there, for everything
was not in the same order in which they had left it.
--Snow White and the Seven Dwarves>>

The first thing they noticed when they came home was the smell of
cinnamon in the room. Then, when they lit their seven magical
candles, they noticed that some of their food was missing. Some
of their other stuff had been moved too.

<<The first said, who has been sitting on my chair.
The second, who has been eating off my plate.
The third, who has been taking some of my bread.
The fourth, who has been eating my vegetables.
The fifth, who has been using my fork.
The sixth, who has been cutting with my knife.
The seventh, who has been drinking out of my mug.
--Snow White and the Seven Dwarves>>

The first Dwarf said, "Hey, my chair is all wet." This was
lubrication from Snow White's over excited cunt as she'd thought
about her father's prick in her throat...er, her stepmother's
throat, that was.

The second Dwarf said, "Somebody got a pubic hair in my food!"
This was from Snow White playing with herself while she ate,
remembering Yolanda and the turkey drumstick.

The third Dwarf said, "Yeah? Well, my breadsticks are all soggy!"
Snow White had been thinking about Yolanda again, but the
breadsticks were a bit scratchy and they kept getting soft.

The fourth Dwarf said, "And this pickle doesn't smell right! Who
ever heard of cinnamon pickles!" Snow White had found the pickle
much more useful.

The fifth Dwarf said, "Well, my fork handle is covered in some
kind of goo!" The handle was made of smooth wood and was fairly
long, and it was harder than the pickle.

The sixth Dwarf said, "And my knife handle too, but it ain't goo,
let me tell you!" Snow White had liked the feel of the fork
handle so well, she'd filled another hole with the knife handle.

And the seventh Dwarf said, "Damn, somebody drank my beer!!"

<<Then the first looked round and saw that there was a little
hollow on his bed, and he said, who has been getting into my
bed. The others came up and each called out, somebody has been
lying in my bed too. But the seventh when he looked at his bed
saw little snow-white, who was lying asleep therein. And he
called the others, who came running up, and they cried out with
astonishment, and brought their seven little candles and let the
light fall on little snow-white. Oh, heavens, oh, heavens, cried
they, what a lovely child. And they were so glad that they did
not wake her up, but let her sleep on in the bed. And the
seventh dwarf slept with his companions, one hour with each, and
so passed the night.
--Snow White and the Seven Dwarves>>

This really caused an uproar, since bear was nearly sacred.

They soon noticed that each of their beds had been slept in as

Then they found the culprit, a young girl, nearly nude, displaying
between the flaps of an unlaced blouse, two perfect ruby nipples
attached to the fullest, sweetest set of breasts that any of them
had ever seen. The girl had the sweetest face that any of them
had even dreamed of . And it didn't hurt that she obviously had
just tossed off in Roberts' bed. Normally, they'd have been mad,
but it's really hard to stay mad with a stiff dick.

They crowded around the bed and whispered to one another in

"Is she real?"

"I think so. Here, let me check." A small hand reached out
tentatively to mold one breast, almost lost in the large quivery

"Yeah, she's real...oh, god, my dick is so hard!"

"Stop that, you'll wake her up!"

"Shut up!"

"No, you shut up. And Gusher, put it back in your pants!"

"Screw you, Roberts, I see you looking at her mouth."

"Diver, get away from that skirt"

This, as one of the dwarves made to crawl under Snow White's

Finally, Snow White woke up with a gasp as a penis brushed her
palm. All the Dwarves jumped back, and tools disappeared as the
young girl woke up. She found herself ringed round by the
smallest men she'd ever seen, all of whom seemed to be blushing.
She blushed herself when she noticed that her blouse was open and
her hand was still trapped between moist thighs, She quickly
pulled her hand out and tied her blouse closed.

"Oh dear, I'm so sorry... I fell asleep," exclaimed the well bred
even if randy Snow White .

There was a chorus of negation as the dwarves rushed to assure her
that it was quite all right.

<<When it was morning little snow-white awoke, and was frightened
when she saw the seven dwarfs. But they were friendly and asked
her what her name was. My name is snow-white, she answered.
How have you come to our house, said the dwarfs. Then she told
them that her step-mother had wished to have her killed, but
that the huntsman had spared her life, and that she had run for
the whole day, until at last she had found their dwelling.
--Snow White and the Seven Dwarves>>

A few minutes later, Snow White was sitting at the table while
they ate their dinners, and telling the little men about her
wicked Witch Queen stepmother, and her adventures in the woods.

"And so I came to the cottage of an old witch who
was...<gasp>...just slightly evil." She was having a bit of
trouble finishing her story because one of the little men had
apparently slipped under the table unnoticed. The first she'd
know of it, she felt a mouth on her toes. She'd faltered in her
tale, for a moment, but it felt good and she didn't want to be
rude, so she just went on.

When the mouth started to move up her legs, she'd been telling
about the dragon she met. Perhaps because they so seemed to want
the whole story, perhaps because she felt she owed the little men
the whole truth for their involuntary hosting, or perhaps because
the unknown mouth was having an effect, Snow White was more frank
and explicit than one might expect from a young girl talking to a
bunch of older if smaller men. She noticed that most of the
Dwarves, as she'd learned they were to be called, had stopped
eating, and their mouths were a bit open, and more than one face
was flushed, but as none of them complained or tried to stop her,
she just kept talking. The mouth below the table was licking at
the crease of her knee, as she told about the price the dragon had
extracted for his aid. She noticed, a strange rotating motion
amongst the Dwarves as she told them about the Dragon's tongue and
where it went.

"There was this strange bush...<moan>..." This was when the mouth
pushed between her spread thighs and licked at her bloomers. A
shivering Snow White told of Ollie's strange behavior and what the
old witch did about it. She noticed the mouth sucking through her
bloomers worked faster as she got to the witch sucking out the

"So at last she told me....mmmm....to come here...ohhh... and that
you'd succor me." She shuddered and inundated the questing mouth
with her cinnamon secretions right through the bloomers. She
blinked as there was a small lavender spout at the place of one
particularly excited Dwarf's place. All the Dwarves ignore it, so
she did too.

"I thought...oh my...that I might do your house work and cook your
food while you where at the mines, or something."

<<The dwarfs said, if you will take care of our house, cook, make
the beds, wash, sew and knit, and if you will keep everything neat
and clean you can stay with us and you shall want for nothing.
Yes, said snow-white, with all my heart. And she stayed with
them. She kept the house in order for them. In the mornings
they went to the mountains and looked for copper and gold, in the
evenings they came back, and then their supper had to be ready.
The girl was alone the whole day, so the good dwarfs warned her
and said, beware of your step-mother, she will soon know that you
are here, be sure to let no one come in.
--Snow White and the Seven Dwarves>>

Roberts stood and said, "We have to talk about it." He motioned
his fellows to a huddle, and the mouth disappeared from between
her thighs. They talked in whispers for many long minutes. There
were many glances back at her, and a heated exchange or two among
themselves. Finally, they all came back.

"I'm sorry, but we have no need of a maid. Most of the house work
is done by Dwarven magic, what little is left we do ourselves,"
said Roberts, apparently the leader.

"Oh please let me stay with you, " Snow White pleaded prettily,
"there must be something I can do for you?"

"Well, there is the matter of the food you've taken from us, and
rent on all the beds. I'm afraid we are going to have to insist
that you pay us back."

"But I have no money! How can I pay you?"

Roberts had the grace to look embarrassed, "We want you to stay
here...and pay for your room and board...with...well...your


"You've slept in each of our beds, and eaten the food of each as
well. We figure it's only fair that you...accommodate each of us
in turn. One per night."

Snow White blushed, but she really didn't have much choice. It
wasn't like she was a highborn princes anymore, or that she was
sexually inexperienced, since a demon plant, a witch, a dragon and
a huntsman had all had her. She had no where better to go, and she
figured that they were small, how hard could it be to take care of
their little carnal desires. Besides, she knew she needed
company, being a very ...well...friendly girl, at least now.
These little men seemed nice enough.

"Well, all right..."

Suddenly, she was surrounded by cheering Dwarves, each one trying
to seal the deal with a quick grope, tickle, or pinch.

Later she'd remember back to thinking it would be easy, because
they were all so small, and laugh at herself for being so nave.


The next night, Snow White started her new duties with a little,
slightly dopey looking Dwarf with big ears named Handy.

After the evening meal, the dwarves had all sat around the fire
place drinking beer and smoking until it was time for bed. All
seven went off to bed, turning out the little oil lamps they used
for light until only the glowing embers shed even the dimmest
light. Snow White was a bit surprised, and even a little
disappointed, since no one had touched her yet. They'd built a
nice divan for Snow White to sleep on that was really very
comfortable as either a bed or a couch, but the legs where a bit
short. She lay down and started to drowse.

Then she felt a touch on her knee.



Snow White soon gathered that this particular Dwarf didn't want
the others watching him, so he'd waited until the other's went to
bed. He climbed onto the divan and stood next to her. She felt
something odd brush against her as he leaned to whisper in her

"I'm Handy, Snowy, pleased to meet you."

"Pleased to meet you to, Handy," whispered Snow White.

Snow White felt a surprisingly large hand reach into her night
shirt and cup one of her breasts. The dexterous fingers soon
stroked her nipple to hardness. She also felt something bobbing
near her throat, she reached out and found that she was touching
flesh. It must be Handy's tool.
But it was a very odd tool indeed! It curves under her hand. In
fact, it more than curved. It swirled. Handy shuddered at her
touch. One of his large hands guided her small hand on his
corkscrew prick. She rubbed at the tip and then around and down,
around and down, and around and down, until at last she was
cupping his balls. Then back up.

Handy hadn't been idle while she was learning to give him the
strokes he loved. His fingers had already brought her other
nipple to hardness. Then he caressed her face, and pushed a
finger gently between her lips, finger fucking her mouth gently.
Then the hand, seemingly almost disembodied, flew to her stomach
and probed at her navel.

Snow White stroked the big spiral several more times, feeling it
turn strangely in her hand, then decided she wanted a taste. But
she had barely gotten the head of the strange prick between her
lips, when she heard a whispered, "No, only your hand,
Snowy...only your hand."

Confused, she'd gone back to stroking the long spiral. Handy had
then suggested that they lie down. His face ended up near her
pussy, and her head was almost at his feet, but both could now
stroke the other without awkwardness.

She felt his fingers part her pussy lips, and push slowly into her
wet vagina. First one then two, then three. They pushed in and
turned, and pulled out. The first finger of his other hand probed
at her anus, and finally slipped in with the help of some of her
own pussy juice. Then a fourth finger slipped into her pussy
while the thumb played with her clit.

Suddenly, a fist was in her. She cried out as it pumped into her
slowly, back and forth. She remembered the huntsman fist fucking
her, but that was crude and fumbling next to Handy's dexterous
touch. She felt as if a soft flower had somehow been pushed into
her, to caress her with it's soft petals. Another petal probed
expertly into her anus, and combined with the fist in her
throbbing pussy, slowly pushed her to orgasm.

Snow White had continued her stroking of the corkscrew cock,
though she was a bit distracted, and she too pushed a finger into
an asshole. Handy didn't seem to be complaining. She'd already
greased her palm with his pre-cum and was stroking faster and
faster as she felt his balls tighten. Strangely, she thought his
cock kept getting longer under her twisting hand, and all the
twisting didn't seem to be hers.

Then, with his fist in her up to his elbow, neither could hold
back any more. Snow White shuddered and started coming, like
little bursts of fireworks that shook her whole body, and made her
ass clench on his finger. For his part, Handy started to spurt in
odd twisting jets, as his penis twirled in her hand. His purple
spunk landing on Snow Whites heaving breasts. But Snow White
still had a little presence of mind even as her pelvis jerked up
around Handy's fist. She did manage to aim the spurting tip of
the twisted affair at her face. She opened her mouth just in
time to get her first taste of the last drops of dwarf jism from
Handy's cock. It tasted like grapes.

Handy got off 5 more times that night, each time only by her
hands. But since he'd gotten her off at least a dozen times, once
just by caressing her breasts, she didn't complain. She went to
sleep dreaming of disembodied hands on her body.


The second night the dwarves where more boisterous. They drank
and smoked and told dirty stories about Dwarven women, who were
bearded the same as the men . They claimed this was why they'd
left the great underground cities of the dwarves to come live in
the Dark Forest. They even showed Snow White some Dwarven dances.
There was a lot of merriment, and Snow White was hugged so many
times she lost count.

Finally, the dwarves wandered off to their little beds, all but
the leader named Roberts. Snow White noticed that the lights
stayed on tonight, so she guessed that Roberts wasn't really the
shy type.

This tallest of the dwarves was actually able to sit on her divan
without his feet dangling above the floor. He sat beside her as
they talked. He was a witty dwarf, with a handsome gray beard,
and blue eyes.

At first they just talked, and he set her at ease and made her
laugh. But finally, he asked that she sit on the floor and said
he would brush her hair. Only would she take off her cloths
first? Snow White blushed but quickly stripped off her clothing
and sat on a small pillow in front of Roberts. Roberts pulled
out a beautiful brush made from boars hair and mother of pearl.
He began to brush her raven hair.

Snow White sighed and leaned back. Which was when she realized
that Roberts had managed to take off his pants, for the back of
her head was nestled near and nuzzled by a long but thin
swizzlestick style Dwarven penis. As she looks back in surprise,
Roberts grinned down at her, and parted her hair to hang down over
her ample breasts. She settled back again, letting Roberts brush
her hair. She was very aware of the penis slowly hardening
against the back of her head. As Roberts brushed, his penis
pushed out past her throat, and bobbed out beyond her face from
behind. Somehow it seemed to rotate as it got longer, which was

Roberts set aside the comb and started stroking her hair with
strong hands, and by coincidence brushing down over her hidden
breasts. Finally, he gave up all pretense, and started teasing at
her nipples through her hair. The hardened tips pushed out
through the black locks. His twisty penis also pushed out past
her neck, brushed against her cheek, and bobbed before her eyes.
With the slightest pressure of one finger against her chin, he
turned Snow White toward his cock.

Snow White was entranced by the sight of the odd prick before her.
Unlike a human penis, which might bend but was basically straight,
this penis had a continuous ridge running in a spiral around it,
so that it almost seemed to form an odd pink screw, though it did
still have a knob at the end which also had a strange twisted
look. Snow White tenderly pressed her lips to the pink spiral in
an almost schoolgirl like kiss. But at Robert's soft moan, she
parts blood red lips to lick lightly with her very red tongue.
She noticed a musty but not unpleasant fragrance, and there was a
slightly salty taste as well. The dwarves worked hard in the
mines, and that meant sweat, but it didn't seem to be as strong as
the smell from a human man. She turned her head back and forth
along the hard penis swirl, running her tongue back and forth on
the screw ridges. She liked the texture of it, almost bumpy
against her tongue. She was content to lick against the side, and
Roberts didn't complain, in fact, his hands softly caressed her
neck and ears in encouragement. As the minutes passed, she
noticed that a drop of purple viscous fluid dripped from the tip
to land in her shiny, well brushed raven tresses.

Suddenly, she wanted more. She pulled away long enough to turn
and kneel on the pillow. She smiled as she saw Roberts flushed
face. He smiled back and caressed the nipples peaking through her
hair with the twisty tip of his cock. She quivered at the touch,
and grabbed his penis in her tiny white hand. She brought the tip
up to her face and ran it over her cheeks. She stroked her hand
along it's length thinking that it was very long for such a
slender wand.

When her hand milked out another drop, she darted forward to lap
it up. Roberts groaned as he watched her tongue tease the dew
drop from his cock head. The head jumped and seemed to rotate a
quarter turn. He smiled down at the young girl as she took in
just the very tip of the head between her lips and sucked gently.

"Run your tongue along the ridge, girl, that feels best,"
instructed Roberts.

Snow White eagerly complied, twisting her head to allow her tongue
to follow the thread of the penis. She wasn't able to get very
far before she had to stop and rotate the other way to get to the
next part of the ridge. But she was determined to cover it all
with her tongue, so little by little more of Roberts' cock screwed
into her mouth until the tip bumped into the back of her throat.
She gagged a bit at that point and pulled back. She was amazed to
see she'd hardly taken a third of the cock into her mouth. She
was afraid that Roberts would be disappointed.

"Don't worry girl, it takes practice to learn to deep throat.
Dwarven girls start early," said Roberts, "usually with their
father's prick. Their mothers usually teach them. Is it
different with Humans?"

Snow White just nodded with just the tip of his penis in her
mouth. She didn't know how to tell him that she'd been sent away
to convent school exactly because they didn't want her to know
anything about sucking cock. Of course, Gabriel had tried to make
up for this lack in her life through word of mouth, so to speak,
but this oral tradition didn't come close to a real dick in her
mouth. She bobbed several times, so Roberts didn't get bored.

She tried again to push the Dwarven screw into her throat, but had
to give up when she gagged again. She knew she could do better
than that! She'd had that Dragon's dick down her throat into her
cunt, for gods sake. Somehow the Dragon magic had let her relax
her throat, but she didn't remember how to do it. She licked
Roberts shaft from end to end while she thought about the problem.

"Tell me about your first...blowjob, Roberts," she asked just
before taking on of his balls into her mouth and swirling her
tongue around it. He seemed to be sitting very still as if trying
hard to control himself.

Roberts smiled down at her fondly as he spoke, "I was only 25
years old at the time, a mere boy, when I woke up one morning to
find something wet wrapped around the tip of my morning hardon.
It was my sister's mouth, she was just turning 45 herself and
didn't even have a beard yet."

"Your sister sucked you off?" asked a surprised Snow White, as she
stroked his hard cock.

"Yes, she said she needed practice. She couldn't get all of Dad's
dick down her throat. But she surprised me that morning, and
being young, I didn't have much control. She ended up getting
practice all right, but it was practice at swallowing cum. As
soon as I realized it was my big sister's tongue tickling my
threads, I shot my wad right down her throat!"

Snow White hummed encouragement as she sucked in as much of his
shaft as she could take. It seemed to go in a bit further this
time before she felt a gag coming on. She motioned for him to
keep talking.

"Of course, she was mad. She didn't need practice gulping cum,
she needed practice getting deep, really engaging the threads.
The next time, she made me jerk off on her tits first. She knew
I'd last longer the second time, after she got me hard again with
her mouth. Then she could get me deep enough for the slots in her
throat to lock into the ridges on my cock. Once she got me
threaded, she'd keep me there for hours"

Snow White spared a hand to reach between her legs and massage
between her pussy lips as she twisted her head on Roberts' knob.
She thought about Roberts' dick in his sister's throat, and felt
herself shudder and give down a flood of cinnamon scented juices.
It pooled in her palm as she rubbed herself, giving her an idea.
She took her own pussy juice and started massaging it into the
head of Roberts' prick.

"Go on."

"Well, sometimes I'd cum 3 or 4 times, but after a while, she
decided she didn't want to swallow all of it. So, every time I
started to cum, she'd practically strip my threads getting my
prick out. She got so she wouldn't even let me cum on her tongue.
She insisted that I shoot on her face or tits."

This time she got the head past the tight spot at the back of her
mouth and into her throat! Roberts had felt her take the head to
the back of her mouth and stop, stuck. But he'd flexed his odd
Dwarven pelvis, and suddenly his prick started turning. The
threads actually pulled the rotating head deeper into her throat,
past the opening of her esophagus! Now she knew what the threads
were for. When Dwarves fucked, they were locked together, they
didn't separate until the male shot his load into throat or pussy
or ass. So, for the male to push in and out his prick had to
rotate! They literally screwed each other. Now that Roberts'
cockhead was in her throat, she knew the rest would be easy. Her
throat wasn't threaded like a Dwarven girl's would be, but she
thought she could still please him. Robert's prick created a
swirling sensation at the back of her throat as it pushed into her
esophagus. As she played with his balls, she felt them tighten.
It wouldn't be long now.

"I got the last laugh though. One time I was near to blasting,
and she was about to start unscrewing us so she didn't have to
swallow. But I noticed that by coincidence, we were end to end.
My prick was in her mouth, but her pussy was near my mouth. I had
an inspiration. I grabbed her thighs and pulled them apart, and
started licking her pussy right through her bloomers. She was
surprised, but there wasn't much she could do. After a few
minutes she was moaning and writhing, but she couldn't unscrew."
Apparently, the only way to disengage was actually to rotate your
whole body back against the groove of the thread, something
Roberts' sister did only too well. When she felt him eating her
out, his sister hadn't been able to bring herself to pull her cunt
away from his mouth, so she couldn't rotate.

But Snow White had no intention of pulling back. Snow White
pushed and swirled until his prick was all the way in. Once the
head was in, it was easy to deepthroat the rest. It was very
long, but also very thin. She milked his screw top prick with her
throat with all her might.

"When she started her orgasm, I did too. I shot load after load
right down her throat and she couldn't move a muscle she was
cumming so hard."

Suiting actions to words, Roberts started to spurt his purple seed
into Snow White's throat. Not being threaded, or even being
lapped on, she could have pulled back at any moment. But she
realized that Roberts favorite act was cumming down a girl's
throat like that first time with his sister. She'd really have
liked to see him shoot, and liked to taste the cum, but if Roberts
would get more out of it, she could wait for another time.

She felt his body shudder and jerk as he pumped his scum into her.
She even felt it surging through the prick buried in her throat.
Finally it backed up, and a bit forced it's way out of her mouth
and dribbled down her chin. At this, Roberts leaned back with his
eyes closed and lay there quivering as his prick slowly pulled out
of Snow White's throat.

Snow White spent several minutes just toying with the now soft and
slimy cock, licking and tickling it. But it seemed like it would
be a while longer before Roberts was ready to go again. But when
he was a little recovered, he moved down Snow White's magnificent
body and spread her thighs. Now it was Snow White's turn to get
instead of give a bit of oral love.

Though Snow White got no friendly cock to scratch her itchy pussy
that night, she found that sometimes only a little lick was


Snow White groaned as the little dwarf's cock augured into her
asshole. But when she did, another twisting cock appeared from
between her purple slimed breasts and popped into her mouth. She
gave the grape flavored head a friendly lick as it swirled back
for another stroke, and reached down between her lush thighs to
push the writhing magic dildo a little deeper into her ruby cunt.
She could see that a third dwarf was jerking off, getting ready
for another blast, this one probably on her face. And finally,
one Dwarf stood off a ways, excitedly pulling his pud as he took
in the whole view.

Her ass began milking Packer's cock as the powerful sensations in
her bowels triggered yet another orgasm. She didn't really have
time, but she had a fleeting thought about how each type of orgasm
felt different. When she came from Packer's long tool in her ass,
it was a stretched, slightly painful throb that made her feel like
she'd just taken a really good dump...in reverse. But the
twitching magic dildo that was Ollie's legacy brought a slow, warm
wave that washed through her whole abdomen. When Gusher came on
her tits though, it was a happy tingling that started in her
perfect nipples. And Peaks only made it more intense when he
fucked her between her tremendous breasts, the tingle spread from
her nipples, to the valley that nestled the warm Dwarven cock,
then to the whole quivering range of mountainous breasts. Peaks
had already figured out that if he pinched her nipples while he
fucked, the resulting tit orgasm made it feel like he was fucking
mountains of gelatin.

Snow White hadn't started out to take care of four dwarves at
once, it was all just a scheduling mistake, sort of.

It had been Peaks' turn. He'd just wanted to fuck her tits. He'd
been planning it all day at work. He was just going to oil those
beauties up, get Snow White to hold them together, and push his
cock right in. Or maybe he'd use butter, slowly rubbing the
yellow paste over Snow White's heaving chest. Rubbing at the hot
red nipples with it, letting it melt and flow down the well packed
slopes. Well, he talked about it all day too. This rather
annoyed Roberts since they fell behind on their self imposed work
quota, but the other dwarves were too excited about finally
getting some to really mind Peaks' talking.

Most of them favored the butter idea. But packer said that the
best lube he'd ever had was another Dwarf's cum. He'd known this
girl who'd gotten so loose in the cunt that her threads were
stripped, but she loved sex, so she started letting guys fuck her
up the ass. But she was really tight there. So tight it actually
hurt to screw it into her. After several tries to get fucked in
the ass, without success, she was desperate. So finally, when she
was really horny, she'd invited a dozen guys over to her sister's
home. She'd had her sister fist fuck her cunt while the males all
jerked off. Then her sister sucked off one of the males, taking
just the head in her mouth so it wouldn't all go down her throat.
With her mouth full of sperm, the girl had put her mouth to her
sister's ass, forced in her tongue which she formed into a sort of
tube, and started spitting cum into her ass, trying to force as
much spunk as possible up the tight hole. After that, each male
Dwarf had been able to screw her ass, everyone having an easier
time than the last. Packer had been tenth in line. He said he
never had a smoother fuck up a girls ass than when the way was
greased with another guys spunk.

Most of the Dwarves agreed that Packer was weird, but Gusher
thought he saw a way to get two turns in a row. During the
afternoon break, Gusher took Peaks aside and convinced him that
nothing could be better than sloppy seconds between Snow White's
tits. He made it sound like the best experience with breasts
since he'd stopped sucking milk from his mother's tits at fifteen.
And he also told Peaks how he could have it two nights in a row.

That evening, Peaks asked Snow White to come to dinner topless,
which she did though she blushed right down to her hard red
nipples the whole time. Peaks sat next to her. None of the
Dwarves seemed to mind, especially since he made a point of
fondling her breasts and caressing her nipples all through the
meal. Eyevan in particular seemed to be entranced. Peaks managed
to get her so hot, Snow White started sucking her own nipples.
She tongued the crimson nubs, running the tip around and around
until they glistened with saliva. She suckled them as if they
would give milk. Then, being a polite girl, she made sure the
dwarves could see her nipping at the ruby tips with her strong
white teeth. They all applauded as she shuddered in an orgasm
that sent fire from her nipples to her clit.

The Dwarves spent the evening getting Snow White hot again and
again, but of course, it was only Peaks' turn so they didn't
really take it anywhere. But Peaks tormented her with ice cubes,
feathers, and fingers. She also managed to masturbate through her
skirts a couple of times. At last it was time for bed.

But Peaks went back to his bed, like all the other Dwarves. Snow
White waited and waited, but nobody ever came to fuck her. She
sighed in frustration, but assumed that Peaks must just like to
tease and pet in public. That would be a bit frustrating, but she
supposed no one ever said it would be easy to fuck Dwarves for a
living. She finally resorted to playing with her clit until she
came a couple of times, then went to sleep, still very horny

She never woke up as Gusher put a stool next to her divan, and
climbed to stand atop it. She stirred but didn't awaken when she
heard the strange buzz the witch's magic dildo made when it was
going full speed. And she barely stirred as she felt something
brush her lips, though she sucked at the buzzing object in her
sleep as if it were her thumb or a baby bottle. But she woke up
fast when the now wet, buzzing , twitching length was shoved
rather rudely, though not painfully, four inches into her always
moist pussy! She arched her back as one of the vibrating knurls
was pushed against her clit. When she could, she opened her eyes
to see the Dwarf named Gusher standing on the stool next to her,
pushing her toy in and out of her pussy.

Gusher took her hand and put it the magic dildo, and she got the
idea he wanted to watch her fuck herself with it. He started
stroking his cock as he watched her. She did push the knurly
branch into her pussy a few times, but an idea came to her. She
smiled an impish grin. Gusher didn't just want her to fuck
herself, he wanted her to tease him, while she fucked herself.
She thought she'd experiment a bit.

"Oh gosh, my pussy is so wet! See, I already came when you pushed
into me. But I'm going to cum again. See?" said Snow White

Snow White felt her abdomen spasm around the hard wood in her
vagina, and she gave down another flood of her juices on the well
polished knob pushing at the entrance to her womb. She pulled out
the dripping dildo and watched to see Gusher's reaction when she
brought it up to her
mouth and let some of her own fluid drip into her mouth.

"Oh! It tastes so good! My pussy tastes like cinnamon. Ooooh, I
want to suck it, suck my own pussy...but I can't. This dildo will
have to do."

The beautiful girl began to lap at the dildo as if it were
Gusher's cock. The Dwarf's cock was all ready hard and pulsing,
but she hadn't actually touched it at all. So instead she
engulfed the dildo's knob with her petite mouth and slurped and
sucked at her own juices. Gusher looked ecstatic as he watched
the dildo disappear into her mouth, this was better than he'd

The girl moaned, "Mmmm...it feels like a hard cock in my mouth but
tastes like a soft pussy. I want more. Would you like me to put
it in my pussy again, Gusher?" At the Dwarfs nod, she grinned,
"No, maybe between my tits. You could pretend it was your cock
about to explode all over my tits. But first, it has to be wet I

Gusher said nothing, since cumming on her tits was exactly what he
had in mind. He continued to stroke as she rubbed the dildo along
her pussy lips to sop up some of her juice again. It wouldn't be
long now.

She used her own vaginal secretion to anoint her hard nipples and
deep red aureoles with the vibrating dildo's head. Her back
arched up to press against the sensations coming from the dildo.
She curled one arm around her breasts to push them together and
pushed the dildo between the firm mounds of teenaged flesh. Her
pussy juice made the dildo slide easily back and forth, making the
tip appear and disappear over and over. She felt a delicious
tension in her breast that spread to her torso and to her whole
body, until she felt her pussy and ass clenching and her toes
curling. She wished she had something in her ass to clench,

What finally pushed her over into a quivering release was the
first splash of hot purple cum on her tits! It was almost as if
the dildo had cum. But it was Gusher of course, who pushed away
the dildo and moved the head of his cock until it just touched the
cleavage between the underside of her breasts. His hot cum
spurted between and over Snow Whites breasts as she convulsed,
moaning softly and quivered in the throws of her orgasm. The
purple slime dribbled down into the hollow of her breastbone in a
congealing pool so it looked as it she wore some odd gemstone on a
choker. Finally, Snow White lay still, too exhausted to move.
She was tempted to see if she could get a second rise out of him
by scooping up his cum with her fingers and eating it, but she was
too tired right this second.

Besides, she felt a hard cock stretch and spin between her
breasts, and a stumpy body straddle her slim stomach. For a long
time, she just let the hard cock push in and out, spreading cum
over her upper body, without any help from her. She was amazed at
Gusher's energy. But soon, the slime covered cock head poking at
her chin roused her enough to want to taste it.

When she looked up, though, she got a surprise. It wasn't
Gusher's cock between her breasts, but Peaks that pushed into her
open mouth. On the second trip from between her tits into her
mouth, she managed to turn her passive pouty 'oh' into a more
aggressive suction. Now her tongue started to clean off Gusher's
cum from Peaks' rotating dick. Snow White licked and sucked the
screwy cock-head every time it emerged from her tits until Peaks
spattered her face, mouth, neck and tits with his own load.

Which, of course is what caused the problem. Eyevan had
apparently been watching the whole thing and told the other's at
breakfast the next morning. Packer had immediately said that it
was now his turn, since both Peaks and Gusher had gotten off with
her. Gusher raged that it was his turn, that he'd only been doing
a favor for Peaks! Eyevan didn't care who went as long as he got
to watch again. Finally, they worked out a deal between the four
of them. But they forgot to tell Snow White, who was asleep,
exhausted, on her divan.

So she'd been really surprised when Packer had suddenly crept up,
and pushed his lubricated cock into her ass. Peaks had been
straddling her, vigorously pushing his dick between her breasts,
which Gusher had already covered with his goo. She'd also been
slowly twirling the magic dildo in her pussy, which had caused
some of her lube to run down over her ass hole and into a small
pool of juice on the divan. Packer had simply dipped his wick
into the pool and pushed into the tight hole above.

Snow White had literally felt something drill into her anus, as
Packer's cock twirled when he flexed his butt checks to push
forward into the tight ass. The threaded shaft quickly pulled
Packer's cock deep into Snow White's tender bowels. Still, she
did her best to open wide to the whirling invader, though she felt
a little full with a cock in her ass, a dildo in her cunt, a dick
swirling in her mouth and the shaft between her breasts. It felt
wonderful though.

Though she had come once from the cock in her ass, and again from
Peaks fucking her tits and pinching her nipples, neither dwarf had
shot their load. Peaks pulled back a bit so that Gusher could
push his rotating dick head into the warm suction of Snow Whites
mouth. Eyevan just pulled his pud a little faster. They seemed
to be trying to work toward a goal. The dwarves had been working
together in the mines for nearly sixty years, and knew how to work
as a team. Packer slowed down a bit. Peaks pushed the girls
breasts together a bit more firmly. Gusher pulled out and smeared
his precum across Snow White's lips, and Eyevan just moved in

"Ok, boys, all together now...and Snowy, open your mouth dear, "
said Packer, swirling a final time deep into the girl's asshole.

The command to Snow White was really unnecessary, since her mouth
had opened in an ecstatic 'oh' as she felt Packer start flooding
her bowels with his copious purple cum. Her ass clamped to
Packer's dick and squeezed for more.

In the mean time, Gusher aimed for the perfect red 'oh' of her
mouth, but as usual, this was like pouring a bucket of water on a
birthday candle to put it out. His cum spattered her face like
purple rain on spring flowers. Strings of cum ran into her
perfect black hair, across her cheek, and down her chin. Most of
it went into her mouth though. The innocent young princess
eagerly gulped it down. Her red tongue flicked out to slurp up
more of the spunk for the girl's greedy mouth
It was this sight that brought on Eyevan's own load of purple
jism. He too shot into the girl's mouth, covering the even white
teeth with thick blobs of grape sperm. But a red tongue wiped
away the new coating and swept it back to disappear down the
girl's gullet.

Peaks too went for the obvious target. While Packer pushed his
sperm up into the girl's bowels, all the rest attacked the sperm
disposal problem from the other end. Peaks had pulled out,
reluctantly, from between the already well anointed mounds and put
his cockhead just below Snow White's full red lower lip. When he
started to cum, he deposited the thick pearls into the divot just
below the luscious pouty lip. As more and more of his cum oozed
out, it slowly pushed up and onto the girl's lip. He loved the
look of his scum on her lips, but he loved it even more when it
dripped into her open mouth and joined the two other vintages of
grape jism rapidly disappearing down the thoroughly fucked young
girl's throat.

Snow White loved it. She imagined she could tell which cum was
who's purely by taste and texture. She came yet again as the
dildo in her pussy seemed to send waves of perverse pleasure into
her throat as she swallowed. Every drop that hit her face seemed
to also hit her clit. Every blob she licked from her lips seemed
to shoot contractions into her cunt, and every gulp seemed to
carry with it a ball of pleasure from her stomach to much lower on
her torso. The sperm flowing up her rectum seemed to meet the
spunk flowing down her esophagus in a glowing orgasmic ball.

At last all four dwarves wiped their deflating cocks on her face
and hair. Then she cleaned all four cocks with her tongue.

Snow White was so tired, she fell asleep with the dildo still
squirming in her tight pussy. She came several times in her
sleep, dreaming of purple cum, and when she woke up in the morning
she got Gusher to shoot a load of his thick spunk onto her easy
over eggs. She broke the yoke, mixed the yellow slime with the
purple jism, and ate them on toast, though she let quite a few
drops roll down her chin and onto her tits. She pulled down her
peasant top and rubbed the thick drops onto her nipples, then she
sucked her own nipples for the cheering dwarves until she couldn't
taste her breakfast any more.


The next several nights were sort of hectic. But on the seventh
night, she got a real surprise. No one had made advances that
night. Oh, she'd been felt up, and kissed and fondled, but nothing
serious. She'd also masturbated for the dwarves with the magic
Taproot on the table, but that was just a little after dinner
entertainment. She'd figured out by process of elimination that
he last nightly visitor must be the one called Diver, the little
guy simple hadn't made a move.

Diver was medium height for a dwarf, and stocky. His face was a
bit delicate, and his beard was a soft and curly mahogany. He
wore his hair very short, but it too was a deep rich brown. He
always seemed to be wearing coveralls two sizes to big. He was
the quietest of the dwarves, always seeming to be in the
background, and was a bit secretive. He was shy too. The other
dwarves often lounged around in just their underclothing, or even
in the nude, especially since Snow White arrived. But Diver never
did, and always changed his cloths behind a screen. He never
bathed around the other Dwarves, always waiting until everyone
else was finished then going in alone. In all, he was something of
a mystery.

It wasn't that he lacked interest in her, Snow White knew. Diver
often fondled her when no one else was looking. Once he'd sucked
on her ruby nipples all through lunch out in the forging shed
while everyone else was eating. Snow White had gotten so hot
she'd had to masturbate on the horn of an anvil. Diver looked on
with eager eyes and a flushed face but hadn't even pulled out his
cock and masturbated. And now it was his night and he did

Snow White shrugged. Maybe she'd have to make the first move.
Maybe he was even a virgin, as she had been short weeks earlier.
Maybe she'd wait until everyone was asleep then tip-toe over to
his bed, peel back the covers, pull up his night shirt and start
sucking his swirly cock while he was still asleep.

Snow White lay back on her divan as she thought about sucking
Diver's virgin cock. She wore a wrap-around skirt so that any
little hands had fast access to her puss or ass, so when she lay
back the skirt opened around her thighs, framing the raven curls
and ruby lips. She stroked herself as she wondered whether she
could make him cum without waking him up. Her fingers rubbed along
her pouty outer labia as she thought about tickling firm Dwarven
balls. A finger tip flicked against a glistening clit while she
thought about a cockhead twisting and turning in her mouth until
it finally spurted out it's thick purple cream over her tongue and
down her throat. The smell of cinnamon wafted across the room as
she had a minor orgasm. That was it, she'd take a little nap,
then Diver was going to get his little cock sucked!

Snow White fell asleep still with a finger on her red clit and her
skirts open up past her pussy. She awoke with a small soft cry as
she orgasmed sweatly. A gentle tongue was lapping just under her
clitoris, teasing at the opening of her urethra. Snowy looked
down to see the short cut hair she knew had to be Diver's. She
pulled her knees up and apart to give him better access to her.
Diver licked at the petals of her red cunt in a strangely knowing
way, doing just all the things Snow White loved to have done. Her
clit was often so sensitive that a single lick would bring her to
a rather painful orgasm, but Diver avoided direct contact, though
his beard did occasionally brush against it. His tongue wandered
outside the lines of her labia and ran in hot swirls up and down
her inner thighs. The other Dwarves often just went right for the
pussy, but this one drew things out. He seemed slower and gentler.
She thought she liked it, and it reminded her of the bath girl
back in the castle. When his tongue wandered at last back to her
seeping womanhood, she had a long, slow, languid orgasm.

Diver let her recover, then started at her toes and licked and
sucked his way up to her knees, then to her navel, and then
finally down to her inner thigh. She came without ever having her
pussy touched.

Then the mouth suddenly fastened to her clit, sucking hard and
demandingly. With a flick of a tongue, Snow White came so hard
she actually cramped. But the tongue was not done; flick, flick,
flick went the tongue hard on her clit. Her body spasmed
painfully; one, two, three hard orgasms shook her body. She tried
to push the little dwarf away from her painful clit, but Diver was
strong as only years in the mines could make a person. Again the
tongue went flick, flick, flick. Again Snow White came
explosively, painfully, one, twice, thrice. Just when she was
going to scream for help, the tongue left her clit and ran through
her raven pubic hair. Strong hands massaged her belly to ease the
cramps. Snow White sobbed softly in the aftermath of the painful

"Shh...there there...shhhh", comforted Diver, "that wasn't so bad.
Shhh, now."

Snow White felt a gentle finger probing into her vagina, just
gently rubbing inside of her. The finger found one particular
spot that brought a slow glow to her pussy and belly. The slowly
rubbing finger played her like an instrument. Another finger
pushed at her anal rosebud, not actually penetrating, just
pressing enough to stretch the sphincter muscles a bit. Another
soft orgasm washed through her, then another and another. For a
timeless eternity she rocked in a warm orgasmic sea.

Finally, Diver crawled from between her thighs to lie alongside
her. He pulled open the ties on her peasant blouse and nestles
his head between her full orbs. At last he lay atop her, suckling
from her nipple like a baby taking milk. He licked and sucked
until she had another orgasm that seemed to
center on her nipple and flow outward to her belly and pussy.

He looked up at her with liquid brown eyes, his sensitive face
showing an intense yearning.

"Please," he asked, "please."

Snow White didn't know what she was being asked for, but after the
intensity of what she'd just been through with Diver, she knew
that whatever it was she'd give it. She smiled and nodded down at
him wordlessly. She made him stand on the divan while she knelt
beside it and started to take off his cloths, a little surprised
he was still fully dressed.

She unbuckled the coveralls and pushed them down to Diver's waist,
then unbuttoned the
little shirt. She thought it odd when she saw his chest wrapped
in bandages, but he must have been hurt in the mines. She took
off his shoes and socks revealing delicate feet and toes. She was
curious to see if his cock would be as delicate as the rest of
him. He looked on with that strange pleading expression as she
pulled down his coverall to reveal his boxer shorts. There wasn't
even a bulge. Maybe that was it, maybe the poor boy was impotent.
That made it kind of a challenge.

"Don't worry, just relax," said the Princess. She kissed his
belly and slowly started pushing the shorts downward trying to
tease him as she had been teased. Her tongue followed the shorts
down through dark brown hair, already damp with sweat. But
something was wrong. Where was his cock? When her tongue suddenly
slid between two tiny purple lips, she realized what was wrong.

"You're a girl!," exclaimed Snow White.

"Please don't say anything, it's a secret," begged the Dwarven

"But...but why?"

"Because I'm... I'm a Dyke," Diver explained.

"Oh," said Snow White.

As she unwrapped the bandages around Diver's chest to reveal apple
sized breasts, she thought about what it must be like to be a
lesbian among the Dwarves. In the Human lands, lesbians were
tolerated, especially if they'd let men watch them. But men who
were homosexual were often harassed and looked down on. That must
be how it was for lesbians among Dwarves. It must be pretty bad
for Diver to end up out in the woods with a bunch of crazy miners,
pretending to be a man.

Snow White delicately tongued the tiny nipples to hardness. Diver
moaned softly. Snow White stopped the small sound by kissing her,
gently pushing as much of her tongue as she could into Diver's
mouth. Diver's beard tickled her throat while she kissed her.
She removed the rest of Diver's clothing and made he lie down on
her stomach. Then she started giving the little Dwarven woman a
massage using her own full white breasts.

"Close your eyes, just feel what I'm doing," whispered Snow White.
Diver did as she was asked.

Diver thought it was a Dike's dream come true, giant breasts
running all over her body. Those big ruby nipples stroking along
her back, her ass, her legs. Snow White turned her over and did
the same down her front. Small breasts were engulfed by the huge
pillowy mounds. The small taught stomach was caressed by firm red
nipples. Snow White even ran a nipple through Diver's pussy lips,
trying to fuck her with the nipple.

Then Diver felt Snow White reach down into the drawer in the divan
and take something out. A moment later she heard a low buzzing
sound. She'd seen Snow White's toy, so she wasn't surprised that
the slowly squirming, vibrating Taproot pushed against her pussy.
Slowly, Snow White brought her off without ever pushing it into
her. Diver thought that was a good thing, it was rather large for
a Dwarf. But she liked having it pressed against her lips and

Then the Taproot pulled away and the buzzing got louder and higher
pitched. Then Diver tried to scream as the huge wooden club
pushed deep into her pussy, but she found that Snow White's mouth
covered hers and she could only moan in pain as the gigantic magic
dildo reamed into her. She shuddered in her first orgasm as Snow
White shoved the writhing Taproot deeper.

Oh well, she thought after four orgasms, she'd done it to Snow
White, turn about was fair play she supposed. Then she felt it
starting to push into her ass and started worrying.

"mmmMMMMpph...ooooooh," she moaned into Snow Whites mouth
end story segment

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