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ED4 Confessions


Every Day at Four: Erotic Confessions by Kitten Cream
(c) May, 2001 (MF, MMF, voy, mast, anal, bond)

Don't read this adult story if you are underage or
aren't allowed to wherever you live. Also stay away if
you are disgusted by the thought of someone planting a
listening device to hear all your private sexual
revelations. Remember: This is only a fantasy!

Feedback and suggestions are welcome! Email If you'd like to post this story
elsewhere (thank you for the compliment!) please give
credit where it is due by listing me as the author. It
may only be posted to non-pay sites. Feel free to
print this story for your improved viewing pleasure.


He closed the door of his office, his cock already
hardening from anticipation.

3:56 p.m. Only a few more minutes.

His secretary was instructed to hold all calls for the
next hour; over the last several weeks, this had been
his time to work on a big IT spending project, so it
wasn't a strange request for him to make. Settling
into the comfortable black leather executive chair
behind the gleaming mahogany expanse of his desk, he
swiftly worked to remove his belt and loosen his
trousers. A moment later, his cock emerged into the
artificially cooled office air, the head slightly
moist with the first seepings of pre-cum. He pulled
on the headset and got out some hand lotion and a
handkerchief, placing them conveniently close at hand
on the desk.

The first time he tried this, he blew a load all over
the bottom of the desk and the carpet. He spent twenty
embarrassed minutes removing all traces so the
cleaning staff wouldn't notice the stains. Thus, the

4:00 p.m. His cock kicked with a sudden pulse of

Through the headset, he heard a door open and two
women giggling and talking quietly. The door shut
behind them.

"...couldn't believe it when the phone rang and he
insisted I answer! Mark was just getting ready to go
down on me. Well, I didn't realize it at the time, but
the whole thing was planned. Somehow, he and Gerry
found out I was seeing both of them and decided to
teach me a lesson!"

"No! What happened? All the details, please!" A
crackling noise. "Do you want my other pop-tart? It's

"Yum, my favorite!"

He waited impatiently through the sounds of rustling
wrappers and soda cans being opened.

"Ahh, that tastes good!" she drank thirstily. He'd
christened her Strawberry. He didn't know her real
name, this woman whose voice made him cum like a randy
teenager every afternoon at four. But he knew that she
liked wild sex, Diet Coke, junk food and (now filing
it away for future reference) raspberry pop-tarts.

The sound from the hidden mike was clear enough to
pick up the brushing sound of the two women's hose-
clad legs crossing and uncrossing as his sexual
goddess recounted every hot detail of her evenings.
The microphone/CD-R set-up was thanks to an electrical
engineering and information technology double major.
The mike was connected to his laptop; it recorded
every naughty word for "anytime playback" on a CD-R.
He already had four CDs of heart-thumping material.

This masturbatory fantasy-meets-reality life had begun
when he overheard a conversation as he passed by the
partially open door of the break room last week. An
unknown woman was recounting how her date had shown up
with an offering of strawberries and whipped cream,
and ended up nibbling the berries out of her every
orifice. Intrigued by the husky, sexy sound of her low
voice, and horny as hell from the overheard details,
he retreated to his office around the corner to let
his hard-on subside. Wouldn't do to let anyone see the
Corporate Information Officer sporting a woody in the

As he sat breathing deeply, calmingly behind his desk,
he became aware of a very faint murmur of voices
through the wall. A burst of realization hit - his
office shared a wall (and a ventilation duct) with the
break room!

Hoping that this conversation hadn't been a one-time
event, he borrowed a stethoscope from a doctor friend,
and over the next two days he listened anytime he
heard voices from next door. At 4:00 p.m. every day,
the two women got together for an afternoon break. One
of the women described her sexual encounters. The
other woman added comments and exclamations.

Overhearing those women talk had made him hornier in
two minutes than all the corporate-climber
propositions and bar-side come-ons of the last few
years combined. He had to hear more!

For the 1st time in his life, he masturbated at work.
Listening to their conversations, he stroked himself
one-handed as he leaned up against the wall. The
position was much too uncomfortable, though. He needed
to sit in order to use both hands to get the best cum,
and these orgasms left his knees weak as water. So he
devised a plan.

He was a pretty good engineer, although it had been a
few years since he wired anything together. Over the
weekend, he put together a tiny mike assembly and
installed it Sunday evening, when no one was around to
care about the strange construction-noises coming from
that part of the office. The connecting wire on his
side of the wall was detachable, so he stored it in
his locked desk drawer when not in use.

His erection went up a notch when Strawberry again
began to speak.

"Anyway, like I said Mark told me to answer the phone.
I was, like, 'Now! No way!' but he picked up the phone
and handed it to me. I got a shock when I heard Gerry
on the other end! He was calling from his cell phone.

"'Hey honey, it's me! What are you up to?' he asked,
*just* when Mark bit my *fucking* clitoris so hard I
saw stars. Well, you know how hard it is for me to be
quiet during sex?"

She waited for an "um-hm" from her friend, "I KNOW I
yelped a little, but Gerry didn't say anything about
it. So I told him I was watching a movie. Now, Mark is
sucking and licking me and I'm sooo wet my pussy is
making slippery noises, and I was really worried Gerry
might hear something. I mean, he's pretty adventurous
and all, but the one time I asked if he fantasized
about threesomes he was like, 'two women gettin' it
on, far out!' He didn't mention anything about two men
and a woman, you know? And I don't think he'd be real
happy to know I'm seeing someone else, even though we
haven't said that we're exclusive."

A pause while she drank some soda.

The listener applied a squirt of lotion and started to
stroke slowly up the shaft of his now completely hard
cock, lingering on the sensitive spot on the underside
of his shaft, breathing deeply and slowly to control
the build-up of his arousal. He hated to cum when she
was still in the middle of the story, because then he
couldn't really enjoy the rest of it until his
batteries were recharged.

"Then Mark starts getting all phone-sex on me. 'Mmm,
wish I was there with you. I could be licking you all
over while you try to concentrate on the movie. You
know how you like it when I lick behind your knees?
Well, picture this - you'd be leaning back on the
couch, bare-ass naked under your short skirt. I'd
kneel in front of you, lift your legs up onto my
shoulders, and lick slo-o-owly up your left leg,
nibbling first on your toes, then moving from ankle to
knee. I'd spend about ten minutes driving you crazy
sucking on the crease on the back of your knee, before
licking up further...towards your upper thighs... and

"I'm panting by now, but Gerry knows that I turn into
super-slut when a man strokes the backs of my legs, so
he wouldn't be surprised if I made some noise while
he's talking about it. He even made me cum one time,
when we were watching a porn movie and he kept
stroking all over my legs, then he got that feather
out, you remember?"

Her friend made vague, agreeing noises, not wanting to
distract Strawberry from her current recollection, and
the listener spared a moment to regret that he'd
missed the details of that day's confession.

"I didn't even stop to think why *Mark* wasn't acting
suspicious about this phone call. He's licking and
sucking me, plus now he's got two fingers kinda
rolling around down there, he's holding my pussy open
with his other hand, and I can feel a big one coming.
I mean, it feels to me like *two* guys are making love
to me, instead of just one, you know? And Gerry keeps
going on about how he'd lick up the other leg, and
then finally he'd get to my pussy, only he'd just
tease me for a little while first. He says, 'Then I'd
stop everything, I'd just blow air on your little clit
and shaved pussy. You're so wet, your juices are
puddling underneath you.'

"I'm all, 'oh my God, oh my God, stop teasing me. I
can't take it. Lick me!' It was crazy, I was talking
to both of them...because Mark, almost like he could
hear what Gerry was saying, had stopped everything
too. He was just blowing on my pussy and holding me
open, not licking or fingering me anymore. He held me
down on the bed so I couldn't move, but my hips kept
trying to push up against him for some clitty contact.

"The bastards! Both of them know I hate being teased.
I mean, if you can have multiple orgasms, why deny
yourself? The next one's only a couple minutes away,
for Christ's sake. And here's me, not suspecting a
*thing*, moaning about how 'I've got to cum, please
let me cum'. Mark was watching my face and grinning,
and he's not even acting curious about this strange
phone call. I should have known, I'm telling you, but
I wasn't really thinking straight by then.

"Mark and Gerry stayed still for about two minutes.
Finally, Mark starts up again, pushing what feels like
three fingers up me. I'm stuffed full, he starts
pistoning them in and out like he does with his cock
when he's getting ready to cum, then he pinches the
hell out of my clit and I scream, 'Aahhh, fuck, yes!'
I completely lose it. Did you ever cum so hard your
whole body goes into a spasm and your mind goes blank?

"Only problem now is that Gerry, at the other end of
the phone, hears me scream and goes all quiet for a
second. Then he starts growling, 'You've got someone
there with you, don't you? You slut, you've got
another man with you! Who is it? I'll kill him! I'm
coming over. I'm gonna beat your ass for cheatin' on
me, by God.'

"Then he hangs up, and the damn doorbell rings! I
about pissed the bed, it scared me so bad. Mark is
laying there, not saying anything, just grinning like
an idiot. When the doorbell rings all he says is,
'Aren't you going to get that?' Like nothing's

Another pause, while she chugs the last of the soda,
burps and excuses herself. Her friend giggles
breathlessly and drinks from her own can of soda.

"Now, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer when
I've just had a mind-boggling orgasm, but I was
*finally* starting to catch on. Mark bounces off the
bed, his cock still rock-hard, and grabs my hand,
pulling me out of the bedroom and down the hall to the
front door. I'm too stunned to do anything but follow.
He throws open the door, both of us naked as the day
we were born, and there's Gerry, his shirt untucked,
pants unzipped, hard-on tenting his shirt, holding his
cell phone and grinning like an idiot!

"I finally figured out it was a set-up. I was pissed
at both of them, but since Gerry was the one that
scared the shit out of me on the phone I took it out
on him, beating on his chest with my fists and
yelling, 'You asshole, I can't believe you did that!'

"Mark grabs me from behind and pulls me up against his
front. He holds my arms still, and says, 'Now, why are
you acting like the one who's been wronged, when
you've been two-timing *us*, Little Miss Slut?'

"Gerry's nodding his head the whole time, while he
steps inside and shuts the door. 'Mmm-hmmm, you're the
one whose been fucking us both. No wonder you didn't
want me to come over last night or tonight. You had
fuck-dates with Mark! If I hadn't decided to drop by
last night and "persuade" you to take pity on a poor
horny accountant, I'd never have run into Mark on his
way out the front door. We realized what was going on,
and went for a couple of beers down at the bar to plan
how to teach you a lesson. Lucky for you, we were so
turned on at the thought of fucking you together, we
kind of got over being mad. You must have hinted at a
threesome at least a dozen times. Be careful what you
wish for, isn't that what they say?'

"I was still kind of pissed at the joke they played,
even though I was relieved that they weren't mad. On
the other hand, both of them were obviously hot for
me, which was a big turn on. So I thought, what the
hell? You only live once, right? Mark still has me
pressed up against him, but he's let go of my hands. I
reach around behind me and grab his cock and I take
Gerry's hand, and lead them down the hall to the

"Oohh, girl! You have *not* been fucked 'til you've
been doublefucked. Those boys were all over me, and I
loved it. They'd been hard for at least an hour, so I
took pity..." Her friend snorted, doubtful that pity
was involved. Strawberry ignored the interruption,
"...and got started right away. I got a condom out of
the drawer, one of the ribbed ones, you know? Slid it
onto Mark, Gerry's watching and stroking himself the
whole time, then I got on top and slid all the way
down his cock. Mmm, fabulous feeling to take it all in
one go. It's a little unexpected for the body, you
know, so it's this almost...forced...feeling. He gave
this sexy caveman groan and started bucking up against
me right away.

"Gerry watched us for a minute, then got behind me and
started rubbing up against my ass. I expected that,
that boy takes any excuse possible to go through the
back door. I looked over my shoulder at him, then
nodded towards the bottle of Astroglide and the
condoms on the bedside table. He sheathed himself,
lubed up his cock, then slid a couple of fingers into
me, wriggling them around to spread the lube inside my
ass. When those fingers came out, I took a deep breath
and pushed out, and his cock slid home.

I felt like they'd meet in the middle; at first it
stung, Gerry's cock didn't have a lot of room to push
into my ass because of Mark's cock in the front. But
Gerry reached around and started rubbing my clitty,
and everything started feeling really good. Didn't
take long for the boys to lose it, maybe five minutes,
because we were moaning and groaning and thrashing
around all over the bed after about thirty seconds. I
came twice in a row, right away. Mark kept thrusting
up against me, groaning and grunting about how tight
it was in my pussy, then he started hammering away in
these short little thrusts that means he's about to
cum. But Gerry beat him to it. He said that it was an
unbelievable feeling in my tight ass, having Mark's
cock rubbing up against his through my body. He yells
out like Tarzan or something and then grabs my hips,
pushing in as deep as he can. I feel his cock get
hotter and the head swells up inside me; he's coming
into the condom. Then Mark's cock is pulsing too.

"I'm caught between the two of them, really enjoying
myself, but I can't quite get the rhythm I need to go
again before they're done. I was thrashing around
trying to make it over the hill one last time when
Gerry's cock slid out of my ass."

She paused reflectively, "I don't know why, but...that
feeling of being suddenly empty and crampy from the
churning around up there, plus this weird feeling that
you've got to go the bathroom right then...just tipped
me right over. I started jerking and hollering. Gerry
held me 'til I calmed down, then rolled me over. Both
guys were hugging me and telling me how great it was."


His back arched as her story reached its climax, one
hand clamped around the base of his cock to hold back
as long as possible, the other hand almost a blur as
it stroked up and down his shaft, gripping it tightly.
Small grunts escaped his tightly clenched teeth. Sweat
popped out on his forehead, rolling down the back of
his neck and dampening his shirt collar. He let go the
base of his cock and grabbed for the handkerchief just
in time as his cock began spurting its tribute to the
erotic goddess next door. He collapsed bonelessly into
the leather chair, sobbing slightly as he tried to
catch his breath, listening as she finished the story.

"Anyway, that's about it. They left about four o'clock
this morning, so I'm pretty bushed! Can't wait to get
home tonight and take a nap. Speaking of time, what
time...Oh shit! We've got to get back to work!"

The two women hurriedly scraped their chairs back,
threw away their trash and headed out the door.


He lay back in the chair, recovering from a powerful

This tale would provide him with rich fantasy material
for some time to come. He didn't know who she was; the
only drawback was that he didn't know what she looked
like, so he couldn't picture the real woman in his
fantasies. Maybe it was better that way. Though he
really enjoyed hearing her sexual exploits, she was
almost like a man in the way she described her
conquests. Now that he was mature enough to consider
the merit in a lasting, long-term relationship, he
wanted to spend time with a woman who enjoyed sweet
words and sexy compliments, not raunchy, no-holds-
barred fucking. Or at least, he thought wryly, not on
the first date.

Although, come to think of it, a woman who liked both
would be nice...

He grinned ruefully at his own thoughts. He'd actually
be thrilled to meet a woman who didn't see his
position or his bank balance as more of a turn-on than


He finished cleaning up and headed down the hall
towards the men's restroom, almost running into his
secretary as she scurried to her desk.

"Oops, sorry," he caught her as she stumbled and two-
stepped to avoid knocking into him.

"No problem," she mumbled, red-faced. He stared at her
a moment, wondering if something was wrong, but
swiftly dismissed the thought and continued on his


The next afternoon, he settled into his chair, donned
headphones and prepared for the afternoon ritual. He
was prepared to hear anything from this uninhibited
woman. The women didn't waste time with preliminary
chit-chat today.

"So, Mark and Gerry showed up together last night,
around eight. I was in my ratty bathrobe, hair a mess.
I told them I was way too tired for sex, but they said
they just wanted to talk. 'Talk' my ass, I never
should have fallen for that one, but they were being
so sweet I let them in.

"We ended up sitting on the couch in the living room.
The guys wanted to give me a massage, so the robe got
dropped to my waist. Gerry started a conversation
about fantasies, wanting us to talk about our ultimate
fantasies. Mark is behind me on the couch rubbing my
back, Gerry's giving me a foot massage. He says I
should start with my fantasy, since he and Mark are
busy massaging. Hah! But I'm not shy, right, so I said

"I told them my biggest fantasy is me, tied up,
blindfolded, and forced to cum like, twenty times in a
row. They wanted all the details - what was allowed,
what wasn't. I told them if you don't know what turns
me on yet, then you haven't been paying attention.

"Mark goes, 'Well, obviously you like vaginal, anal,
and oral, and we know you like sandwiches, but are
there any limits? How about some wild stuff, like
vibrators or beads, or veggies, and so on? And what
about whipping you - oh, not hard enough to leave
marks or anything, just a little light nipple-whipping
and so forth?' I was pretty surprised, because these
guys never even acted like they'd heard of that kind
of stuff. Guess I shouldn't buy into stereotypes so
much. I mean, stockbrokers and accountants go through
the horny teenager stage, too, right? They probably
thought up the same perverted shit I did along the

The listener's mind boggled at what *she* might find

"They wanted more details about the fantasy. Mark is
starting to rub his hands all the way around from my
shoulders, down to my shoulder blades, then around my
sides and to the front, resting his hands over my
boobs and kinda rubbing them in these little circles.
Feels really good, relaxing, you know? I lean back
against him, which is his signal that he can
concentrate on the front side and forget my back. So
his hands start wandering downwards. Gerry asks for
more details about the fantasy. I'm getting kind of
hot, because it really turns me on having these two
hot guys taking care of me so good, being all tender,
while I tell them about this fantasy I've had for,
like five years.

"I tell them, 'I fantasize that my boyfriend has
decided to give me a threesome for my birthday, so his
best friend comes over and they feed me a gourmet
meal, good wine, nice soft music and candlelight. Then
we all get in the spa. The water's all bubbly, I'm
laying back against the wall with one of the whirlpool
jets centered *right* on my pussy, a guy on each side
of me, just nibbling on my neck and sucking my fingers
and stuff.

"After about three orgasms from riding the spa jet,
they help me out, dry me with towels and lead me to
the bedroom.

"They tie me face down on the bed first, and then they
work me over, until I'm *begging* them to stop, only
they don't, they keep going.'"

The eavesdropper's cock was so hard he didn't know how
much longer he could hold back. Jesus, this was hot.
It was pretty close to his own hottest fantasy, too,
which was to tie up his partner and give her multiple
orgasms. He usually pictured himself as the only man
in his fantasy, but this scenario sounded pretty good.
He took several deep breaths, trying to hold out as
long as he could.

"At this point, Mark has two fingers rubbing on either
side of my clitty and his other hand is real lightly
pinching my nipples, back and forth, breast to breast.
Gerry's sitting with my feet in his lap. He's pushing
one of my feet into his erection, kind of rubbing it
around and around, and he's massaging the other foot,
rubbing in between my toes. I never realized how
erotic that could feel until last night, you know? I
mean, the feeling of his fingers going in between each
toe was kinda ticklish and sensual at the same time.
My foot kept twitching all over the place.

"I'm about to cum, Mark's got me all creamy from his
massage, and he decides it's a good time to slide a
couple fingers right in there. Gerry's been watching
everything, and I feel his cock jumping around under
my foot when Mark starts fingering me. Gerry reaches
down and unfastens his pants and out it pops, happy as
hell to see me. Mark starts sliding his fingers in and
out. I'm thrashing around from the good feelings and
rubbing my foot up and down on Gerry's cock. I swear
he came in about 30 seconds. Well, it was too much
for me. Gerry's warm, wet come spurting all in between
my toes, Mark pushing his fingers right in there, then
pulling them out to rub over my clitty, and back in,
going really fast...I started moaning and groaning and
had a nice big orgasm, it was lovely and relaxing."

At this point, the eavesdropper could no longer hold
back and pumped what felt like a gallon of cum into
the handkerchief. He relaxed, feeling his heartbeat
return to normal, as she finished up the story.

"Mark's the only one who hasn't cum yet, but my poor
pussy just could *not* handle a cock last night, I was
sore from the night before. So I turned around and
pulled out his cock and sucked him off. He came
record-time, guess he liked the fantasy a lot. I let
his jizz splatter all over my face - he *loves* that.
Gerry's kind of laying back, recovering from the quick
orgasm. I've got my robe-covered ass in his face, so
he can't really see anything, he's still back there
rubbing my foot, which feels lovely. Kind of soothing
since I was too tired to cum again."

In an abrupt change of topic, she suddenly asked,
"What *are* toes called, anyway? I mean, the big toe
is called your big toe, but what about the others? Our
fingers have names - index, pinky and so on - why not
our toes?" Her friend just hummed a noncommittal
response. Her breathing was slightly choppy, one of
the first times he could recall hearing her react to
Strawberry's stories.

He heard Strawberry swallow some soda, take a bite of
candy bar and slowly chew. Then, slightly muffled as
she finished swallowing, "Anyway, we decided to do it,
go through with my fantasy I mean, this weekend. When
we've got plenty of time and don't have to get up
early for work. The guys are coming over on Saturday
afternoon. Can't wait! We decided not to have sex
tonight to make the next time even hotter. Plus, I
still haven't heard their fantasies, we were all too
tired to talk about it anymore last night."

Her chair scraped back and she walked across the room
to throw away the trash. Her friend followed after a
last swallow from her drink.


He removed the headset, turned off the recorder and
breathed in deeply. He'd like to be the one with her
this weekend, rather than listening passively to the
story on Monday! Since that didn't seem an option he
dismissed the thought, cleaned up and went to the
men's room.

His secretary wasn't at her desk when he left. On his
way back, he saw her coming around the corner, her
cheeks flushed. He wondered idly if she'd been outside
taking a walk. He vaguely recalled hearing her tell
someone that she was starting an exercise program.


The next afternoon, although he checked at 4:00 p.m.,
the women didn't come to the break room. Not
surprisingly, since he surmised that the only reason
they went in there was privacy to talk about
Strawberry's sex life. No one else used the break room
in the late afternoon, it's sterile walls were too
drab compared with the bright May sunshine. Most of
the employees congregated in the grounds outside the
building. He grinned richly. If they only knew what
they were missing.

At 4:10 he went to the break room himself to grab a
soda from the fridge, and surprised his secretary
sitting at a table, eating...his breath stopped...a
raspberry pop-tart.

"Oh, sir, I- I- I didn't expect to see you in here.
Did you need something?" she stammered.

"No, I just came to get a drink. Do you often use the
break room this time of the day?" Somehow, he got the
question out in a normal tone of voice. Could this
woman be his Strawberry? It was difficult to tell,
because the women spoke in such low tones during the
afternoon confessions that he couldn't have picked
their voices out of a line-up. But now that he thought
of it, there had been something strangely familiar
about her voice all along.

"Oh, yes, most afternoons about this time. You don't
mind, do you? I mean, you always close yourself in the
office for this big project, and..." her voice raised
slightly, defensively at the end, as though to head
off a reprimand. He assured her that he didn't mind,
and somehow left without saying anything that would
reveal his suspicions. He almost staggered back to his

Crazy to think that this woman, with her tightly
pinned hair and oh-so-proper demeanor, could be
Strawberry. But the thought grew less unlikely the
longer he considered the logic. The break room
storytelling seemed to have started when he began
having her hold his calls each day; it was a natural
time for her to forward all the calls to voicemail and
take a break. Also, there was another break room
across the building, closer to the main employee area.
The one near his office was mainly used by the
management staff.

He wondered what time she and her friend had gotten
together, back before he started working on the IT
project every afternoon. He swiftly calculated; she'd
only been working for the company about three
months...Damn, to think he'd missed weeks, possibly
months, of her sexual history!

He could now put a face and body to the voice in his
wet dreams. How much more erotic these afternoon
confessions would be, now that he knew her identity.
She had a great body, firm tits and a slender waist. A
pretty face, glasses aside. Big eyes, nice lips and
high cheekbones. She didn't wear much make-up, he'd
noticed and been glad of that.

His cock, so recently drained, struggled to harden at
the thought that his Strawberry had been sitting right
outside his office door all this time.


Hope you enjoyed this story! If you'd like to find out
how this eavesdropping boss meets his Strawberry, read
"Every Day at Four: The Meeting" (MF, Rom).

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