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Archived Sex Stories

EGBDF 01 Tool Using Animals



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


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Tool Using animals

Kanan murmured softly. The sensations between her thighs were
exquisite and her naked body trembled with excitement. She groaned
and tilted her head back between the thighs of dark youth
straddling her face. Opening her mouth, she sucked gently on his
heavy balls, her fingers coiled lovingly about his penis. He
groaned and flung his head back. His cock and balls and anus
smelled musky and sexy and exciting. Slowly, she dragged her
tongue down under his balls to his anus. The man moaned as her
tongue swirled over his asshole. Its dank taste aroused her. She
stretched her other arm and gripped the head of the second man who
was licking her slit. His tongue was warm and thick and heavy and
rough and her hips undulated gently under his face. She moved his
head around in her crotch. The man astride her face squeezed her
large, swollen breasts, pinching her throbbing nipples. She
groaned and took his penis slowly in her mouth again and sucked it. Her tongue worked the gorged cock-head cunningly, trying to
pierce through the slit in his cock-head. The man gasped and
fucked her face heavily, his buttocks bobbing slowly up and down,
his penis gliding in and out of her mouth. She reached up and
clenched his buttocks, pulling him deeper into her mouth and
pressed his fingertip to her anus.

"Oh fuck yeh!" He gasped. "Suck it, baby! Suck it good! Suck my
cock! Ohhh uhhh yes!"

The man licking her slit looked up and grinned. "Told you she was
hot, stud! Told you she wanted it!"

"Fuck, c'mon, bitch! Suck my prick! Oh fuck yes! Ohhhhh yes! Yeh!
Suck it, whore! Suck it nice and hard!"

The man licking her slit pushed three fingers into her cunt and
started masturbating her rapidly. Kanan groaned and gasped, her
hips jerking and writhing ecstatically beneath his and clenched
his head and pushed it back into her crotch. Chuckling, the man continued licking her cunt as he finger-fucked her. After several
minutes, they stopped and broke apart and, turning on her hands
and knees between their bodies, she presented her rear to the man whose cock she had sucked. The other, who had been tongue-fucking
her cunt, got to his knees and pulled her head to his crotch.
Moaning softly, she took his penis in her mouth and began to suck
on it. He groaned, flinging his head back and fucked her face
steadily, rocking his hips and moving her head back and forth.
Behind her, his companion pulled her buttocks open and, chuckling
softly, pressed his cock-head to her asshole.

"Hey, whore! Want it in your ass?"

She lifted her head and looked over her shoulder at him. Her eyes
glittered with excitement and her face was flushed with lust.

"Later," she gasped. "You can fuck my butt later. My ass and cunt together, if you like. Now just fuck my cunt."

"Anything you say, whore! Anything you say!"

"Fuck, what a horny cunt!"


The men laughed. The one before her pulled her head around to his
cock again while, behind her, his companion squeezed his cock-head
into her cunt. She gasped deep in her throat. His buttocks flexed
slowly and he squeezed his cock inward, pushing it deeper and
deeper into her cunt. Pinned between them, her petite body
squirmed and her buttocks writhed and swayed in pleasure, moving
backward, her cunt engulfing his penis till she had all nine
inches of it inside her. It throbbed strongly and it was rock-hard
and searing hot. She trembled with excitement. The man behind her
leaned over and squeezed her pendulous breasts, crushing them in
his hands. She moaned, her head rocking back and forth on the cock
in her mouth.

The two men grunted and gasped thickly, their sweaty bodies
jerking at hers. Kanan's head swam with excitement. The cock in
her cunt was wonderfully thick and hot and hard. It grated heavily
in and out of her cunt, rasping over her throbbing clitoris,
crushing her cunt-flesh. The penis in her mouth was bigger and
heavier and it spurted heady pre-cum gunk. She sucked it greedily
and the man moaned aloud.

"Take it -- take my cock!" The one fucking her cunt said.

"Suck!" His companion gasped. "Suck it! C'mon whore! Suck my

Now the man with his penis in her mouth squeezed her breasts in
rising excitement and she whimpered and trembled. Her body rocked
and swung between theirs. The man behind her thrust into her hard
and forced her mouth deeper onto the cock in front. Back and forth
they went, gasping and grunting for several minutes. Pausing
briefly, they exchanged positions and continued fucking her mouth
and cunt. The second man's cock was even bigger and harder,
longer. It crushed her cunt-flesh, pressing deep into her belly.
Kanan's body flamed with excitement. Her cunt quivered and
convulsed on the penis thrusting into it and she heard the man behind her gasp loudly. She began to orgasm intensely, flushing
with excitement as the sensations swamped her. Her cunt clamped
down hard on the man's cock and he gasped, struggling to contain

The two men were carpenters in their early twenties. She did not
even know their names. Earlier that afternoon, she had watched
them working in the small garden. She was alone at home. The rest
of the family was at a movie she had already seen. Kanan said
she'd spend the afternoon with her friend who lived in the
building next door.

After the family left, she went across, but Aarti was out, too.
Kanan came back and pottered about the house. Her servant-lovers
weren't at hand either and she grew bored. She watched television,
read book, listened to music and then, feeling restless, wandered
around idly.

The house was being extensively renovated. It was mess. She
wandered into her half-done bedroom and looked out of the window
and saw the carpenters. She watched them silently.

They were dark, handsome men. One was slim and lean, the other
better built. Both were stripped to their trousers and vests.
Kanan watched their muscles ripple smoothly as they worked. It was
hot and humid, and their dark brown bodies glistened with sweat.
They had rucked off their vests and Kanan saw that their torsos
were hard and muscular and smooth, sexily hairless. Both had their
armpits shorn.

Kanan grew aroused looking at their tough bodies -- the deep,
muscular chests, the hard, flat bellies, the narrow hips, the
broad shoulders and bulging, curved biceps, V-shaped torsos and
hard nipples. Her breasts grew heavy with lust, her nipples
stiffened and she felt the familiar, delightful tingle in her
cunt, the first dewdrops of her cunt-juice seeping down her
thighs. Her lips parted and her nostrils flared and her breathing
sharpened. Her pulse quickened as she pictured their penises and
wondered how it would feel to have them in her mouth and cunt and

The carpenters were sawing a plank, the muscles in their arms and
shoulders and torsos rippling smoothly and easily. They took a
break when they finished. One of them looked up and saw her at the
window. Their eyes met and an electric tension crackled in the air
between them. He couldn't tear his eyes away.

His mate was chugging water from a bottle. He put it down, saw the
other man staring at the window and turned to follow his gaze.
Both men stared and she returned their look steadily. As they
watched, her lips parted and her tongue slid out and slowly,
sensuously, arched across the bow of her upper lip. It was a
blatantly erotic action, an unmistakably invitation. She pressed
her face to the metal bars of the window and rapidly rapped it
with her tongue. The men gaped. Her hands moved up and cupped her
breasts. They saw her squeeze them gently.

Smiling at their astonished reactions, Kanan moved away from the
window. As she stepped into the darkness of the room, she held a
hand out, motioning them forward. Nervously, hesitantly, they
moved to the window and looked in. She stepped back into the
bedroom and onto the bed. She was dressed in long, baggy Bermuda
shorts and a striped sweatshirt. Watching them, she crossed her
arms, caught the hem of her shirt and slowly pulled it up over her
head. She was naked under it and her breasts were full and ripe.
She squeezed them sensuously and, flattening her palms over her
nipples, rolled her hands over her breasts.

"Fuck me," she whispered, her lips open, her tongue arching over
her upper lip again. "Take me --"

Turning her back to them, she took off her shorts, bending steeply
forward as she did so, exposing her naked buttocks and thighs. She
kicked the shorts aside and, sinking to her knees, still bent
forward, her buttocks thrust back, looked back over her shoulder
at them with a lascivious smile. She thrust a hand between her
legs and clawed her cunt-lips open.

"Here," she murmured. "In my cunt. It's hot for your cocks, guys.
I want your fat cocks in my cunt -- and in my ass -- I want your
cum in my mouth -- c'mon -- take me!"

"Look, motherfucker, look! Look at the broad!" One man said.

Kanan saw the other shake his head in disbelief. "I don't believe
it. She's playing a trick. Come on, let's get out of here. We'll
come back when everyone else does."

He took the first man's arm and tried to pull him away from the
window. The first guy shook him off.

"Go if you like," he growled. "I'm staying."

"Fucker, listen to me, this is bad news. She can't be more than

Kanan heard them. She smiled lasciviously and shuffled her legs
further apart. They saw her cunt-lips unfurl, and the tempting
moist flesh within.

"Yes," she smiled, her silken hair framing her stunning face in a
sheen. "I'm sixteen, and I'm hot for you -- come and fuck me --

"Motherfucker, she wants it!"

"Yes," Kanan groaned. "I want it! I want to be fucked. Come in,
please. My cunt's itching for your juicy pricks. Please -- do
something! Fuck me!" In the vernacular, the words were doubly

Kanan stretched one arm between her thighs and, splaying her
cunt-lips apart, arched a slim finger into her cunt. The
carpenters gasped as she began to masturbate. Her finger wiggled
and slid in and out of her cunt, visibly getting wet with her
juices. Pressing it to her clitoris, she vibrated her finger
rapidly and moaned softly. Her buttocks swayed and twitched and
her body rocked gently. Her face arched, suffused with lust.

"Like this," she moaned. "Fuck me here, like this --"

She licked her cunt-wet finger and looked at the two men. The
second carpenter was still unsure, and tried to pull his companion
away again. Kanan stretched her arm and groped for something among
the scattered paraphernalia beside the bed.

With a wicked smile, she pulled out two objects: One was a
plunger, of the kind used for cleaning bathroom drains. It had a
black rubber suction cup fixed to the end of a two-foot long baton
of smoothly rounded wood. The other object was a *dandiya*, a slim
long rod used in traditional annual *raas*-*garba* dances. As the
stunned carpenters watched, Kanan moved the plunger between her
thighs. Lifting her hips high, holding the middle of the baton,
she inserted its tip into her cunt. She gasped, her face arching,
her lips parting sensuously.

"Yes!" She gasped. "Oh yes!"

The carpenters gaped as her hips sank again, and she slid more of
the long baton into her cunt. Deeper and deeper it went, till she
had a good third of it in her cunt. She started to masturbate,
slowly moving the baton in and out of her slit. The wooden shaft
darkened with her cunt-juices. Her hips juddered and swayed and
her buttocks trembled and her body rocked slowly back and forth.
The carpenters' eyes were rivetted on the sight of her hand slowly
moving the baton up and down and in and out of her sodden cunt.
Her body writhed and shook, her back bowing and unbowing in
evidently unfaked passion. Suddenly, she began to move the baton
faster, jerking it rapidly in and out and up and down. Her fingers
tensed on the wooden shaft as she pumped it in her cunt.

Gasping and panting, she abandoned it for the *dandiya*. The baton
remained in her slit, and she shuffled backward, so that the
rubber cup was on the bed, holding the baton upright and in place.
Taking the *dandiya*, she licked it lasciviously as if it were a
penis. When it was glistening with her spittle, she stretched a
hand down her back and slid it between her buttocks. The
carpenters gasped as they saw her begin to push it into her anus.
She moaned thickly, and slowly forced the *dandiya* into her
asshole. Panting loudly, mouthing obscenities, she began to
masturbate her anus, sliding the *dandiya* in and out of her rear
orifice. Her buttocks trembled and spasmed over the invader.

"Yes," she gasped. "Yes -- I like it even there -- in my tight ass
-- with another in my hot cunt -- I like to have a thick, long
cocks in my cunt and ass -- together -- just like this -- OHhhh --
yes -- please -- come and fuck me like this -- please!"

She slid down with her face on the counterpane, her buttocks
raised high and, her face turned to them, watching them, she began
to fuck herself in cunt and ass simultaneously. With one hand she
moved the baton in her cunt and with the other she rocked the
*dandiya* in her ass.

"I want her! I want that whore!" The first carpenter gasped.

Still his companion vacillated, torn between lust and fear.

"Yes," she gasped. "I want you to fuck me like a whore -- like a
cheap whore -- let me suck your cocks -- come, taste my pussy --
stick your fat cocks in my cunt -- in my ass -- feel my tits, guys -- I want you!"

Flipping over onto her back, she continued masturbating, her legs
drawn up high. The men could see her pumping the baton in her cunt with one hand, the other under her buttocks, moving the *dandiya*
in and out of her ass. Her breasts jiggled as her body rocked and
writhed on the bed.

"Come in -- come in -- the door's open!" She groaned.

Now the second man lost control. The carpenters rushed around and
barged into the house and the bedroom.

Kanan was kneeling on the bed and waiting for them. She had
discarded the dildos. The two men stopped before her, eyeing her
naked body greedily. She was a knockout.

"Fuck, what a great looking piece of ass!" One said.

Kanan was stunning. She had the face of an angel, the body of a
temptress and the heart of a whore. Her face was a perfect oval,
with a pert nose, luscious, slightly pouting lips, even teeth and
lovely large eyes. Her hair was silky and shoulder length and
bound in a pony tail with a thick cotton band. Her breasts were
full and ripe, with long, hard nipples in puckered aureoles, and
her belly was trim and flat. Her hips flared and her legs and arms
were slender and smooth. She was very short, a little over five
feet. Her skin was smooth and firm and creamy and clear, utterly

Looking at the panting men with her lustrous eyes, she smiled
prettily and cupped her breasts in wanton offering.

"Do you like me?" She murmured.

They nodded.

"Do want to fuck me?"

"Yes. My god, yes!" Gasped one.

"Will you fuck me nice and hard? Really hard? I like it best that

"Yes, yes we will!"

"Good. But you must do as I say. Will you?"

"Yes. Anything you say!"

"Good," she said, her eyes glittering with excitement. "Then you
will have to do a lot for me!"

She slid off the bed and went up to them. Standing between them,
she slid her hands sensuously up their hard, muscular bodies.

"You have fine bodies," she murmured. "I love being fucked by men like you."

Leaning forward, she licked one man's nipple, then the other's.
Their bodies smelled dank and sweaty and sexy. She tilted her face
and asked them to kiss her. When they did, she thrust her tongue
hungrily into their mouths. Taking their hands in hers, she made
them fondle her breasts and buttocks and crotch. Her hands crawled
down their hard bellies.

"Are your cocks nice and big? Let me see," she murmured.

Deftly, she flipped open the buttons of their trousers and slid
her hands between their legs. Her fingers closed around their
erect penises and she murmured her pleasure.

"Oh my, yes, these are wonderful. Just the kind I like. Long and
thick and hard. Come, let me set the poor things free."

She pulled down their zippers and their trousers puddled to their
feet and their cocks bounced out, already erect, hard and swollen.
Both were uncircumcised. One was about eight inches long, the
other slightly bigger. Their balls were heavy and low. The men groaned and squeezed her breasts and fondled her eagerly as she
cupped their balls and stroked their cocks deftly. The men grunted, pawing her hungrily.

"I want to suck your lovely cocks," she murmured and slithered to
her knees. "Come on, fuck my mouth. Both of you."

Holding one penis and masturbating it deftly, she opened her mouth
and swirled her tongue over the other, flipping back the foreskin.
The man gasped and, gripping her head, jerked it towards his
groin, thrusting his hips forward.

"Suck it! Come on, suck it!" He gasped. "Suck my cock!"

Her face weaved around the cock-head, teasing and tormenting the

"Come on, whore!" He rasped. "Suck my cock, now! Suck it hard! OHH
-- yeh! That's it! Ohhh god yes! Suck it! Suck it, bitch! Suck my

Giggling softly, she dragged her tongue and teeth up and down his
shaft and over his balls. The man groaned and she relented and
gently took his cock-head between her lips. He cried out and his
belly drew in sharply. His cock throbbed and sputtered pre-cum
gunk. She swallowed it greedily and pressed her cunning tongue to
the slit in his cock-head, as if to draw out more seed. The other
man's penis throbbed in her fist and grew slippery with his gunk.
She smeared her breasts and nipples with jizz. The cock in her
mouth tasted wonderfully musky and sexy. Her head swam with
excitement. This was heaven.

"Yes -- Ohhhh yes -- suck it! Mm -- yes -- suck my cock, bitch --
Ohhh yes!" The man gasped.

She left him for the other and, holding his hips, sucked his cock
rapidly and hard. Her head rocked back and forth between his
thighs. His penis glistened between her lips and her face
distended. Turning, she drew the first man closer and took both
cock-heads in her mouth simultaneously.

The men groaned, their heads bent, watching her incredulously. Her
tongue worked their cock-heads frantically and, thrusting a hand
between her legs, she began to masturbate.

All three were panting with excitement when she stopped at last.
She backed herself to the bed and lifted herself up onto it, lying
on her back with her hips at the edge. Spreading her legs wide
open, she pulled her cunt-lips apart with both hands.

"Now," she gasped. "Fuck me with your tongues and fingers --
together --"

The carpenters jostled between her thighs and thrust their faces
into her crotch. Kanan moaned and, closing her eyes, arched in
pleasure, her hands under her swollen breasts. Her nipples were
long and hard and she rubbed them sensuously, whimpering her
pleasure. As the two tongues battled in her cunt, her hips writhed
and heaved and bucked sensuously under their faces. She squeezed
her breasts in erotic excitement, her head rolling languorously
from side to side.

"OHhhhh yes -- Yes -- OHhhh god yes -- that's so good -- lick it
-- lick my slit -- OHH yes -- fuck me with your tongues, guys --
Ahhhh yes -- yes -- like that -- yes --"

Caressing their heads, she opened her legs even wider, letting
both access her dripping wet cunt.

"Now -- put your fingers in -- two each -- Mmmm -- yes -- OHhhh
--. yes -- and keep licking -- don't stop -- please don't -- stop

Now they were finger-fucking her and tongue-fucking her
simultaneously. The sensations were overpowering and Kanan writhed
with excitement. Her voice grew sharper, her breathing more
ragged. They squeezed her breasts hard and she gasped. One of them
pulled her over onto her side. Understanding his intention, she
lifted her upper leg and bent her knee. One man pushed his face
and fingers into her crotch, while the other thrust his tongue
into the cleft between her buttocks. She groaned when she felt his
tongue rim her anus. She pulled her buttocks open and gasped,
writhing in pleasure. He pressed his fingertip to her asshole and
it yielded at once. He slid his finger into her ass. Now both men finger-fucked her cunt and ass together. Kanan groaned and writhed
in delight. Her hips bucked and heaved and writhed in erotic joy.

"OHhhh -- UNhhh OHhhh yes! Ohh ma UNhhh yes! Do it -- do it to me
-- please -- don't stop -- don't ever stop!" She gasped in

She was on the verge of an orgasm when they stopped abruptly. She
opened her eyes and looked around, frantic for them and saw them
approaching her with the plunger and the *dandiya*. Her eyes
danced with excitement and pleasure and she opened her legs
readily for them. Holding the plunger firmly, one man pushed it
into her cunt and began to masturbate her gently with it. She
gasped and writhed and her buttocks split open. Instantly, the
other man pressed the *dandiya* to her anus and, squeezing her
buttocks open, slid it inward.

Kanan cried out in excitement as the two dildos rocked steadily in
and out of her adjacent orifices. Sensing her orgasm, they began
to masturbate her rapidly and, within seconds, Kanan exploded
violently, clawing at the bedsheets, her face contorting with joy.

The men discarded the toys. Panting like rutting dogs, chuckling
at their fortune at having such a lovely sixteen-year old to
satisfy them, they pulled her off the bed and started to fuck her
together without giving her time to recover. Kanan's orgasm had
only intensified her lust, and, within minutes she was taking them

Now, after they had fucked her together in her cunt and mouth and,
despite her multiple orgasms, her lust raged unabated. She pulled
one of them down onto his back. Kissing him hungrily, she slid her
lovely body across his, his upright penis between her thighs.
Holding it, she lowered herself in a deep squat, her feet splayed
on the floor on either side of his hips. With a shuddering moan,
she impaled her cunt on his cock. The man under her gasped and,
holding her thighs, jerked his hips violently upward and buried
his cock in her flesh. Kanan cried out, her head snapping mouth,
her mouth tearing open as the hot, hard penis seared into her
flesh. Moaning and whimpering, her knees deeply bent, she began to
swing her hips in tight, erotic circles, mashing her cunt-flesh
with the carpenter's penis. Grunting, grinning at the lust on her
face, he moved slowly with her.

"Yeh -- take it whore -- take my cock -- you like it in your hot
cunt, don't you? Like having my fat cock in your horny slit, hah?"

"Yes -- OHhhh yes -- yes OHhhh god yes!" She gasped.

Leaning back on one arm, the other at her crotch to open her
cunt-lips, her pretty face flung back, Kanan swung her hips round
and round. The man beneath her craned his neck and watched her
cunt twist on his cock. She flung her face backward and the other
carpenter scurried forward and pushed his cock down into her
mouth. She sucked his penis hungrily, her face upside down between
his thighs, her body jerking and swaying erotically. The man fucking her face squeezed her breasts and she shuddered in

"Mmm -- Yeh -- Ohh Yeh -- fuck, the bitch is so hot!" The man fucking her cunt cried.

Abandoning the penis in her mouth, Kanan leaned forward on
outstretched arms and began to rock up and down on the cock in her
cunt. Her face arched and she gasped her joy. Her large, swollen
breasts bounced and jiggled and she held her hands under them,
fingering her nipples, her eyes shut, her mouth a wide 'O'. The
carpenter under her pulled her buttocks up and down, moving her
cunt up and down his shaft.

"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!" He gasped, as their bodies slapped and
rocked together, with mounting urgency. "Oh mother of god oh

"Yes! Yes, oh yes -- take me -- fuck me -- fuck me hard Ohh yes!"
She cried.

The other man came around and she leaned forward on her arms
again, leaving the man under her to squeeze her breasts while she
took the other's cock in her mouth again.

She sucked it hungrily, holding his hips, her head sliding deeply
forward on his groin, her tongue flickering frantically over his
cock-head, her lips and teeth raking his shaft. Her body tossed
and jerked with the thrusts of the man under her. His swollen
penis glistened and gleamed and appeared and disappeared between
her buttocks as she moved up and down on it. Her breasts bounced
and jiggled as she bucked on his penis.

"Hey, fucker, give me a turn!" The man fucking her face said to
his mate.

"Not -- not yet -- OH fuck yes -- man, she's so good OHhhh fuck
YEH, take it whore! Take my cock!"

Bucking frenziedly on his penis now, Kanan stopped sucking the
other's penis.

"Please -- don't fight -- you -- Ohh -- yes Oh god yes -- you can
-- have my ass."

Cackling with delight, the man sprang around and behind her.

"Boy oh boy!" He chortled. "Got me a right randy number here, I

Kanan leaned forward on her forearms and kissed the carpenter
beneath her, thrusting her tongue greedily into his mouth. He
squeezed her breasts feverishly. Moaning, she spread her feet
further apart, and her buttocks split open, exposing her puckered
anus to the man behind her. Now she was on her feet and forearms,
crouched over the carpenter under her like a wanton bitch. Her
thighs trembled with tension and excitement. The youth behind her
straddled her buttocks and dropped in a deep squat, his penis in
his hand. He pressed the cock-head to her asshole. She tensed,
then relaxed under the insistent pressure and with a loud gasp, he
forced his cock-head through into her asshole.


Kanan's head snapped up. Her mouth tore open and her face
contorted in an erotic mingling of pain and pleasure. The penis in
her asshole was the bigger of the two. Hot and hard and thick, it
throbbed angrily in her anus. The man behind her gasped and,
flinging his head back, gripping her waist, flexed his buttocks
and slowly squeezed his cock deeper and deeper into her rear


"OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!" The carpenter sodomising her gasped.

Deeper and deeper he went. Lust-fire raged in her body. His thrust
forced her cunt inexorably down onto his mate's penis. Kanan's
body broke into a hard sweat. She was pinned between her lovers,
her cunt and anus plugged by the two huge, throbbing spikes. The
breath rattled in her throat in heaving, sobbing gasps. The man above her twisted her head around and kissed her, forcing his
tongue into her mouth. His hands slid up from her hips and
squeezed her swollen breasts in frenzied excitement.

"Baby, you're incredible!" He gasped.

He leaned forward on strong, outstretched arms and all three began
to move in unison, like some contorted, deformed animal. Kanan's
body rocked slowly and heavily between theirs. The two penises
throbbed and pulsed and stroked in and out of her cunt and ass
together. Accidentally, they hit a rhythm so that one went out
while the other pierced deep, and the sensation was exquisite: A
release of tension in one orifice contrapuncted with the biting
ecstasy in the other. On and on the two penises sawed, rasping in
and out of her cunt and ass. They gradually began to move faster.
Now the two men moved together, thrusting into her cunt and ass
simultaneously, their penetrating cocks separated by the thinnest
membrane of flesh. Kanan was dizzy with excitement and lust. She
orgasmed and they kept moving and she came again. Her sphincter
and cunt convulsed on their penises and both men groaned.

They were virile, powerful lovers, with stamina and staying power.
They fucked her untiringly, and Kanan's moans turned to whimpering
gasps of pure pleasure.

They stopped and eased out of her and fucked her again. They
turned her around to face the man who had fucked her ass and the
carpenter under her pulled her ass down onto his cock, gasping
loudly and obscenely as her sphincter convulsed frantically on his
member. She cried out, her face twisting and contorting, turning
her head to kiss him. He squeezed her breasts and she spread her
legs, unfurling her cunt and leaned back on her elbows and
forearms, her legs folded beneath her thighs. The other man moved
between her legs and with a growl of delight, jerked his cock,
recently out of her anus, deep into her cunt. Kanan's body bowed
and arched and she cried out, twisting in shock and agony. They
began to fuck her hard, their hips thudding and crashing against
her thighs and buttocks. The two huge cocks pistoned in and out of
her orifices and her head jerked from side to side as she cried
out in joy, her face contorted with lust. Her breasts wobbled and
shook and the man fucking her cunt bent his head and sucked them
hard. She cried out, her back arching steeply, her body jerking
and snapping and whipping between theirs.

They hit a rhythm again, so that when one pushed himself into her
cunt, he forced her anus down onto the other's penis. The two
penises rocked in and out of the twin, adjacent orifices. Kanan's
body blazed with lust.

"Ohhhh unhhh OH unhh Oh unh oh unh oh unh oh unh oh unh oh unhhh
yes -- Ohhhh yes -- yes -- fuck me -- fuck me hard Ohhhh yes!" She
panted. "Ohh -- uhhh -- ohhh -- uhhh -- ohhh -- uhhhh -- ohhhh --
uhhh yes! Ohhh god yes, oh ma uhhhh oh ma!"

"Ahhhh yes! Take it! Take it, whore! Take it! Ohhhhh fuck yes Ohhh
yes yes yes Ohhh unhhh Ohhhhhhh!" The man fucking her cunt gasped.

"Ohh unhh UNHH Unhhh unhhh Unhhhh Unhhh!" His companion responded.

She orgasmed repeatedly, and still they held back. Their penises
still sawing in and out of her cunt and ass, the two men pulled
her down onto her side and lying behind and in front of her, began
fucking her rapidly. Their penises plunged greedily in and out of
her flesh and Kanan's body whipped deliriously, frenziedly between
theirs. Hands mauled her swollen, turgid breasts, pinches and
squeezed her smoothly curved buttocks. Kanan's face was contorted
in a rictus of delight.

"OhmaohmaohmaohunhhohunuhunhhhunhunhhhunhhhOhh!" She wept.

Again she orgasmed and now they stopped and, pulling out of her,
made her kneel on the bed with her back to them. One of them
mounted her from behind, straddling her hips, moving his cock to
her cunt-lips.

Kanan moaned and whimpered, bent over on her forearms and knees,
her body trembling, her chest heaving. She felt dizzy with lust.
The man's penis seared at her cunt-lips. With a shuddering cry, he
plunged into her flesh. Her head snapped up, her mouth jerked open
and she cried out loudly.


The man's fingers dug into her flesh as he flexed his buttocks
powerfully. His penis surged into her cunt-flesh and his head
arched and he gasped loudly.


He grunted, grinned briefly, looked down at her and began
ram-fucking her cunt, slamming his hips savagely back and forth,
pounding his cock furiously in and out of her cunt. His hips swung
like a trip-hammer and his buttocks flexed and unflexed
powerfully. His enormous cock glistened and shone as it thundered
in and out of her cunt with an audible squelch.

He fucked her for several minutes, faster and faster, and her body
jerked and rocked violently under his, every thrust forcing a
sharp cry. Her breasts swung and jiggled furiously and the other
man chuckled and began to squeeze and fondle them, kneeling in
front of her. Instantly, Kanan's head arched and she sucked his
hard penis. The two men chortled.

"Told you so!" One gasped. "Aren't you glad you didn't run?"

"Yeah. She's one helluva piece of ass!"

The man fucking her cunt began moving still faster, pounding into
her flesh hungrily, his cock reaming and ramming into her
tirelessly. Pausing briefly, he sodomised her again, running his
penis swiftly into her anus to her cry of agonised pleasure. He
stroked powerfully in and out of her anus and then returned to
ram-fucking her cunt. Kanan exploded, her cunt spasming on his
pistoning penis and he growled in satisfaction and, drilling deep
into her, came hard, flooding her cunt with his seed.

Then it was his friend's turn and he, too, thrust his cock deep
into her cunt and ram-fucked her with a furious urgency and
energy. She gasped and groaned, rocking and jerking under his
thrusts, moaning obscene encouragement.

"Fuck me! Ohhhhh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!"

Her breasts swung and jiggled and she orgasmed repeatedly. He
squeezed and crushed her turgid breasts, panting and gasping,
calling her lewd, exciting, obscene names. Finally, he, too, came,
making her gasp as his jizz sizzled and spurted in her cunt in a
deluge of joy.

She lay on the bed with them, gasping and panting, smiling
radiantly. They were magnificent lovers. She slid her hands down
their hard bodies and fondled their thick, long, sticky penises.
The men groaned in disbelief.

"You don't wanna fuck again?" One said.

Kanan giggled. "Oh, but I do. I want to fuck and fuck and fuck.

"Our cocks will shrivel and fall off."

"Then," she said, smiling wickedly, "I'd better make the most of
it while they're still attached, hadn't I?"

Masturbating one man, she slid over the other and bent her head to
his crotch. He moaned, but his penis betrayed him. She smiled in
satisfaction as it thickened and swelled in her mouth. She loved
its taste and weight and odour. She sucked him slowly and heavily,
running her tongue round and round the cock-head. It carried the
mingled flavours of her cunt and his jizz and her ass, a heady,
potent cocktail of coital juices.

The man groaned and began to fuck her face. He squeezed her
breasts eagerly. She lay on her back, her head resting on the
first man's thigh, her face turned to suck his cock and pulled his
companion over her. He bent over her on outstretched hands and
knees and slowly squeezed his cock into her cunt. Kanan moaned
deep in her cock-filled throat. Her back arched and she slid her
palm down her belly, splitting her cunt-lips open, flicking her
clitoris erotically. Her hips swayed and writhed and bucked and
began to grind in tight circles. The man gasped and pushed deeper
into her. The other, whose cock she was sucking, gasped and
crushed her breasts in a frenzy.

"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck," he muttered, his hips bucking,
his hand at the base of his cock, holding it to her lips.

"Fuck, take it -- take my prick, whore!" The other gasped, slowly
grinding his cock in and out of her cunt.

Kanan broke away from them. "Wait," she said. "I have another
idea. You -- come here -- lie down -- now -- mm, yes -- OHHH unhh
yes! Ohhh god yes! Now -- you -- ohh -- uhh -- come on -- do it!
Shove your cock in! C'mon do it! Yes! OHHH yes! Oh god there! Yes!

With the first man lying on his back, Kanan straddled his hips in
a deep squat, holding his cock in her hand. She moved it between
her buttocks and slowly impaled her anus on it. His cock-head
squeezed into her asshole and she gasped, her shoulders hunched,
her fingers taut on his shaft, her belly sucking inward, her head
snapping back. Her hips swayed erotically and her breath came in
broken, heaving, rattling gasps. Slowly, she forced her ass lower
and lower onto his penis, till he was embedded in her ass to the

Whimpering, Kanan slowly stretched her body, leaning back against
the man under her, stretching her legs and spreading them wide.
The man beneath her squeezed her breasts. She looked at his
companion, her nostrils flared, her lips parted, her tongue
running over her upper lip sexily, and clawed her cunt-lips open.

"Now," she gasped. "Now -- you -- you fuck my cunt -- like this --
come on!"

Her chin was on her chest, her face screwed up with lust as her
hips gyrated slowly on the man's beneath her, his penis churning
her asshole. The other knelt between her legs, his eyes on her
face and slowly squeezed his cock into her cunt. She groaned, her
face twisting in lust and arched her head back. The man under her
kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.

"Ohhhhh -- fuck yes! Ohhhh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, guys! Fuck me
hard! Fuck me like a whore -- come on, do it! Do it!"

The two carpenters fucked her simultaneously for over ten minutes,
pausing only to change positions. Their cocks sawed in and out of
her cunt and ass, crushing her tender, teenage flesh between their
hard, toughened bodies. Kanan moaned and writhed and then began to
thrash ecstatically as they moved faster and faster, their
excitement growing. She orgasmed repeatedly and now they took her
brutally, rocking rapidly and deeply in and out of her adjacent
orifices till they lost control and came, too, exploding in her

Slowly, the men got up and staggered out of bed. They began to
dress. She turned over on her back and looked at them and smiled.
They grinned, for she had begun to fondle her breasts again.

"Tomorrow," she murmured. "Fuck me again, tomorrow. Just like
this. I will wait for you."

"Whore, we gonna fuck you every day."

"Yeh, every single day."

"We gonna show you the stars, baby." The carpenter mimed a fucking
action, holding a pair of imaginary hips and jerking his loins
rapidly back and forth. "We gonna fuck your brains out."

Laughing and chuckling, they swaggered out arrogantly. Kanan
moaned to herself, gazing dreamily at their strong, naked backs.
She smiled to herself. The carpentry work was going to take a
long, long time.
= o =


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