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EGBDF 02 Learning To Swim



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


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Learning To Swim
Meghna's lustrous eyes twinkled mischievously and she struggled to
keep a straight face. It wasn't easy, and she giggled, earning a
disapproving frown. She stifled her laughter.

"I'm sorry I was so badly behaved," she murmured, not a hint of
apology in her tone.

"You realise your error?"

"Yes, sir."

"Which was?"

"I swam only fifty lengths, instead of sixty."

"A serious matter."

"Yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir. You will punish me, won't you, sir?"

The tall, handsome man looked at her gravely, hiding a grin. "I'm
afraid so, young lady. Step forward."

Meekly, she stepped forward, her head bowed, her hands clasped.

"Bend over."

Meghna bent from the waist, her hands on her knees, her face on
level with his belly.


She bent further. His crotch was inches from her face. There was a
thick bulge between his legs. She waited silently.

The man smiled to himself, looking down at her. He was a tanned,
good-looking man in his late twenties. He had the superbly
sculpted body of a professional swimmer: Long, smooth, rippling
muscles, a hairless torso, broad shoulders that slashed in a
savagely tapering V to a narrow waist and high hips. His belly was
hard and flat, slabbed with muscle. His chest was deep and broad,
with a thick cleft, his nipples pulled taut on either side.
Muscles ripped down his smooth, inward-dipped back. His buttocks
were taut and firm and his legs and arms were thick with muscle.
He was clean-shaven, square-jawed with dark eyes and a thick shock
of hair. His neck was strong, and he had a fine, aquiline nose and
a wide, slim-lipped mouth. He wore a pair of small tight swimming
briefs and nothing else.

The girl looked up at him, and he concealed his smile, and felt a
rush of excitement. Meghna was outrageous. She had an exquisite,
oval, finely-chiselled face, with delicate bones, large, lustrous
eyes, a fine, straight nose, wide, full lips, and a firm chin. Her
hair was dark and silky, of shoulder length, and tied in a firm,
bouncing pony-tail with a plain cotton band. Though she wasn't
tall, her body was perfectly proportioned. A long, slender,
graceful neck led to high, sloping breasts that were full and
firm. Her stomach was trim and flat and her waist nipped in and
then her hips flared gracefully and gently to long, firm legs. Her
ankles and wrists were slender, like her toes and hands, and
shapely. Her limbs were smoothly turned and her skin was smooth
and clear and soft, yet firm, without a trace of flabbiness. She
wore a one-piece Lycra competition swim-suit in deep blue. She was
fifteen years old.

Their eyes met and the man feigned stern displeasure. She
concealed a gamin grin and bent her head again and waited. The
man's hands fell to her shoulders and slipped the straps of her
swimsuit down her arms. She shook her arms free of the suit.
Slowly, he peeled the suit off her bent body. Her flesh was smooth
and silken to the touch. As he drew it down to her hips and
buttocks, he had to move closer and his crotch brushed her face.
Gently, he pulled the suit off her buttocks and, bending slightly,
down her thighs. She pushed it down to her knees.

Stripped naked, the young schoolgirl awaited her punishment. The
man pressed his loins to her face. His hands roamed her tender
flesh, caressing her buttocks and pendulant breasts, slowly
squeezing and parting her buttocks, his fingers exploring the dark
cleft. His fingers fluttered over the puckered flesh of her anus,
then slid lower to her cunt. Her hips writhed.

"Be still!" His voice was low, but sharp. The girl froze.

Gently, he caressed her. Meghna bit her lower lip and stifled a
moan of pleasure as his fingers teased her anus and then dipped
lower to her crotch. She ached to feel his finger in her slit,
already wet and yearning for his touch. His hands fled to her
breasts, cupping them gently, squeezing the mounds and finding
them turgid and warm, swelling steadily. Her nipples were already
hard. His hands moved down her back again to her buttocks.

"Open your legs," he commanded.

Meghna shuffled her legs apart. His fingers dipped into her crotch
and found her slit, framed with sparse, neatly trimmed pubic fuzz,
to be moist with anticipation. He chuckled softly and slowly
squeezed a finger into her cunt.

His penis was against her lips in his briefs. Meghna's lips parted
and she caressed it with her lips and tongue through the thin,
tight cloth. It began to respond. Her hips twitched. The man moved
his finger slowly in and out of her hot, tight cunt. She remained
bent over with her hands on her knees, awaiting his instructions.

"Now. Show me your contrition, young lady," he murmured. "You know
what you must do."

It was what she was waiting for. Her hands moved up to his hips
and she rolled down his briefs. His penis was long and dark and
thick, uncircumcised, thickening rapidly. She knew it would swell
to a magnificent nine-inch length and corresponding thickness.
Meghna took it one hand and slipped her lips around it, jerking it
in her fist. It rose smoothly, hardening and thickening in her
mouth. His hand pumped at her buttocks, a finger arched into her

The man smiled down at her, his hips moving back and forth, his
swollen cock glistening in her fingers and sliding in and out of
her mouth. Her lips and fingers shone with pre-cum gunk. Her chest
heaved and her breasts swung and shook as her body rocked back and
forth, bowed in mock contrition before him. Her hips writhed and
his palm, with a finger arched, slapped softly at her buttocks.

"Yes," he grunted softly. "That's very satisfactory, young lady. I
can see that you truly regret your lapse."

Meghna groaned deep in her throat, caressing her lust-ridden face
with his penis, her head turned up, lasciviously licking his
swollen shaft, winding her long tongue around his cock-head. She
cupped his balls, bent her head, licked and sucked them and then,
holding his hips with both hands, took his penis deep in her mouth
and sucked it furiously and hungrily. The man gasped, his head
snapping back and, with one hand on her head, the other slapping
rapidly between her trembling, swaying, writhing buttocks, fucked
her face eagerly, thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth. It
was a warm, wet suction-device and he felt his penis throb and his
balls surge with excitement. Finally, he pushed her head away.

"Now," he said, satisfied. "It is time for the rest of your
punishment. Turn around and bend over."

Meghna obeyed meekly and turned around and bent forward, her hands
on her knees, her buttocks thrust back at him. He pressed his
cock-head to her cunt from behind.

"How many strokes shall it be this time?" He asked.

"You must decide, sir," she gasped softly. "As many as are
necessary for my sake, so that I improve."

"That is good. What must you learn from this?"

"To -- to -- do what I am told. Always to obey."

"Correct. Count the strokes after one."

"Yes, sir. I will."

"One." The man flexed his buttocks and, holding her hips, thrust
his hips forward. His cock surged into the teenager's cunt-flesh.

Meghna gasped and cried out, her head snapping up. His penis burst
into her cunt, hot and hard and throbbing, going in deeper and
deeper. The man held her hips and smoothly flexed his buttocks
taut, pushing his hips forward till his penis was buried in her
cunt to the hilt. He paused briefly and she groaned, her buttocks
squirming against his thighs. He squeezed her dangling, succulent
breasts. His hips eased back and his cock slid slowly outward.
Meghna groaned. Flexing his buttocks, he swung his hips and thrust
into her again.

"OH!" She gasped. "Ohhhh yes!"

"Count!" He snapped.

"Two!" She gasped.

He pulled out and thrust in again and now it was with a snap of
his hips.

"Three! Four! Ohhh god five! Ohhh yes, six! Ohh, sir! Ohhh yes,
ohhh yes, sir, yes! Oh ma uhh Ohhh uhh oh uhh oh ma uhh ohhh oh
yes sir ohhh yes oh god yes!"

"Keep counting!" He barked. "Or else your punishment will be
doubled! Keep counting!"

He fucked her hard and Meghna gasped and mumbled the numbers, her
body jerking and lurching with thrusts. He took her hard, his hips
slapping against her thighs, his inflamed cock bursting into her
flesh again and again, his hands on her hips, sliding up now and
then to squeeze her pendulous, swinging, wobbling breasts. Faster
and faster he went, and her chanting of the numbers grew confused,
interspersed with ululating moans as his penis rocked rapidly in
and out of her cunt, his hips swinging rapidly and gyrating to
enter her from all angles. The fifteen-year old schoolgirl's body
trembled and shook and lurched eagerly beneath his and her cries
were sharp and eager and hungry. Her cunt convulsed on his
throbbing penis and he flung his head back and groaned, pounding
into her flesh, squeezing his penis in as far as it would go, as
though he couldn't have enough of its heat and cramping tightness.

Her orgasm was sharp and intense and she gasped, her head arching,
radiant with excitement as the heat of the climax swept through
her slender frame. The man went into her with a spiralling,
skewering, thrust, pulled out, then entered her again, and yet
again. Meghna groaned in joy. Finally, it ebbed. She remained bent
over, his cock in her cunt. The man looked down at her, his chest
heaving with excitement. She was incredibly sexy, and he wasn't

"I'm disappointed," he said softly. "You did not keep your
promise. You did not count."

"I did, sir!" She said. "I counted in my mind!"

"You were not told you could. You must be punished."

"Oh, sir!"

"Very well. Tell me how many strokes there were. If you are right,
I will forgive you the rest. If not, the punishment will be

"One hundred and seventy-two, sir! I counted!"

"I'm sorry. You're wrong. It was one hundred and seventy-five.

"Oh, sir!" Meghna pretended to be in distress.

"A rule is a rule," he said firmly. "You will be sodomised. And
then you will suck my penis and swallow my seed. Let this be a
lesson to you."

"Yes, sir," she said meekly, but thoroughly delighted. "As you
say, sir."

He slid out of her cunt and pressed his cock-head to her tight
little anus. Meghna tensed and then, as he pressed firmly forward,
holding her hips, yielded. His cock-head popped into her
rear-channel. She cried out, her head snapping up, her face
contorted in a rictus of pain and joy. He chuckled.

"That's better. Now you're learning!"

Holding her firm and steady with his hands on her slender waist,
he flexed his buttocks and squeezed his inflamed penis into her
tight little anus. Meghna panted in agonised pleasure. The pain
receded as his cock went deeper and deeper into her asshole and
now there was only the heat in her loins. She squirmed her
buttocks backward, taking his cock deeper into her ass, till all
nine inches of him were buried in her ass.

"God, yes!" She gasped. "Do it! Fuck my ass! Ohhh god yes! Give it
to me!"

"That," he said, "is my intention."

The man fucked the fifteen-year old schoolgirl's ass for several
minutes with intense and immense enjoyment. His hips rocked
unhurriedly back and forth, and his cock slid in and out of her
ass, appearing and disappearing between the curves of her
buttocks. He held her hips and moved her ass up and down on his
shaft. The girl groaned and moaned and gasped and panted and
rocked back and forth under her master, her swollen breasts jiggling with his thrusts. He clenched and squeezed them hard in
his hands.

"Ohhh sir! Ohhhh yes! Ohhhh god yes! OHH OHHHH sir-sir-sir yes!"

Her anus was tight and hot and it squeezed his penis hungrily. The
man gasped.

"Mmmm -- yes -- yes -- I can see that you're sorry --"

"Yes, sir -- no, sir -- I mean, yes -- yes I'm sorry, sir --"

He chuckled. "I accept your apology and contrition. You're

"Oh thank you, sir! Now fuck me hard, sir! Fuck me! Fuck my ass,
sir, please! Do it to me, sir, please!"

The man laughed. "Certainly, young lady! Anything you say!"

He dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her slender waist and
began sodomizing her slowly and deeply and thoroughly. He rocked
his hips to and fro and back and forth, crushing his inflamed
penis into the delightful tightness of her hot rear channel. Bent
over before him, the fifteen-year old moaned and gasped, her
breath coming in heaving, cracked sobs of pure pleasure. His penis
was enormous, hot and heavy and the sensation of it grinding and
squelching rhythmically in and out of her anus was heavenly. She
squirmed her hips and buttocks against his thighs. He slid his
hands up under her body and squeezed her breasts, grunting and
groaning his pleasure.

"Mm -- take it -- c'mon -- take it -- yes -- that is very good --
ohhh yes -- c'mon -- ohhhh uhhh yes!"

"Ohh uhh OHHH uhh OH sir yes! Ohhh god yes! Punish me sir -- fuck
me -- fuck my ass ohhh god yes -- ohhh yes!"

The man thrust his hand under her belly to her crotch and, arching
a finger into her slit, masturbated her rapidly. Her clitoris was
hard and stiff and he flicked it back and forth.

Meghna's face whipped up and she cried out as another orgasm
crashed over her. The man chuckled dryly, and rocked his hips back
and forth, stuffing his penis into her ass.

When her climax waned, he slipped his penis out of her. Meghna
gasped at the release of pressure and, trembling and panting and
gasping, fell to her knees before him. She paused for a moment,
her head bowed, her chest heaving, her body shaking with the
strain and then, turning around before him, pushed her head
between his legs. Taking his cock in one hand, jerking it, she
slipped her lips around it and began to suck it again.

The man's penis was coated with her cunt and ass juices and his
slippery gunk and it tasted heavenly. Meghna felt dizzy. She
sucked his cock slowly and heavily, taking him deep in her mouth
and licking it lasciviously. He grunted and, holding her head,
moved it back and forth as he pumped his hips and fucked her face.
Meghna groaned deep in her throat and sucked him harder and faster
and deeper. His cock throbbed angrily in her mouth and, with a
soft gasp, he came. Meghna sensed his climax and sucked his penis
sharply, then tilted her head back, opening her lips and jerking
his cock in her fist. Gunk spurted from his cock-head into her
mouth and splashed on her face. She shook his cock over her face
and breasts, taking his seed on her body, then took his cock in
her mouth and sucked him slowly. The man groaned. Slowly, he lost
his erection.

He stepped back and she pulled his briefs up for him, and, still
kneeling on the floor, her face and breasts shining with his gunk,
smiled wantonly at him. She cupped her breasts, massaging his seed
into her flesh.

"Thank you, sir," she said softly. "You are very kind. I will try
and be good from now on. I will always do as you say."

"Yes. You must always obey, always. That is the code."

"Yes, sir. I will do as you say."

"Stand up."

She got up and he kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her
mouth. She wound her arm about his head and squirmed against him,
her hands caressing his superb body. He pushed her away.

"Go on, now," he said gently. "It's almost time for your study
period, Meg. You can't stay here forever."

She groaned. "I wish I could. Must I go? I can do the work at
night. You could sign me out of class."

"I'll do no such thing. You've got to study, can't just fuck your
way through school."

"Whyever not?" Meghna looked genuinely surprised. "It's more fun,
and it's not like I don't learn!"

"Rubbish. All you learn is anatomy -- your teacher's anatomy."

Meghna giggled. "At least that's one paper I'll do well in. Just
last evening, I learned all about curves and angles from

"Who, the math teacher?"

"Yes. He showed me all kinds of things."

"The sod. So now he's fucking you, too?"

"Oh yes. Several weeks now. Ever since I plugged his exam. This
time I'll get an A. He really loves fucking my ass."

"I'm sure you will," the man laughed. "But your Physics marks are
still appalling."

"Not for long," she grinned. "Ramchandran's been fucking me, too,
over the past few days."

"That stupid bugger!"

She grinned and shrugged impishly. "Yes, he does that, too. I
don't mind." She giggled irrepressibly. "He taught me all about

"Yeah, I bet. It still won't work."

"I think it might."

"You're a nymphomaniac."

"Are you complaining?"

"Not at all."

"Then shut up and fuck me."

"Do you want to be punished again?"

"Yes! Yes, of course I do!"

The man laughed.

"Fuck me again, Alex," she whispered, her tongue in his ear. "Fuck
me as much as you like."

He laughed and slapped her bottom and pushed her away again.

"Get out, you randy little slut," he chuckled. "Go get an
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