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Archived Sex Stories

EGBDF 04 Cram and Punishment



Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

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Cram and Punishment

Except for the soft rustle of paper, the scratch of pens, the
classroom was silent. Meghna sat at her desk by the huge window,
looking out, the end of the pen between her lips. She was utterly
bored. She looked around. Everyone else had their heads down, and
were scribbling away or looking bewildered. Meghna smiled to
herself. Thanks to the very exclusive coaching classes she had
arranged for herself, her work was almost done and she knew it was
near-perfect. It could have been perfect, but she deliberately let
in a few errors. It aroused suspicion when a student who had
rarely moved beyond a lowly C minus or even a D suddenly starting
producing straight A's. A discreet would do for now. By the end of
the year, she'd be at the head of her class.

She smiled, pleased with herself. Till recently, she had never
believed in the trite adage that learning should be fun. She had
always found perfectly beastly. Now she knew just how much fun it
could be. It was just a matter of application.

Meghna slipped into an erotic daydream. She flipped her tongue at
the end of the pen and erotically swirled her tongue over the
smooth metal, nibbling it gently, sucking on the tip. It felt

Now if only it was a cock. She loved sucking cock and relished the
heat and hardness of a penis in her mouth, the tangy taste of
pre-cum gunk, the hot sting of gunk in her mouth. Her breasts warmed and swelled under her tunic as the fantasy grew more vivid
and she saw herself lasciviously sucking a cock, pumping it in her
fist, her lips wide, licking and sucking it hungrily. Meghna's
cunt tingled and she felt the first delicious beads of cunt-juice
on her thighs.

The last term had been wonderful. Six months ago, she was just
another kid at school, good at sports but not much else. Then,
just before her fifteenth birthday, Alex, the swimming coach
enticed her behind the locker-rooms and fucked her brains out.

Not that she was an innocent about sex, or didn't have risqué
sexual fantasies. It was just that in school, bedding in a
dormitory, there was nothing she could do about it.

To be sure, it was a co-ed school, and there were plenty of
handsome boys around, but she was terrified of being caught. In
any case, she'd decided that she wasn't ready for the
fumble-and-shove approach. She was determined to have a man who
could guide her, a man with experience in fucking women.

What she knew about sex was either clinical, acquired from biology
text-books and surreptitiously read reference materials in the
library, or lurid, gleaned for half-understood conversations with
girls and the raunchy boy-talk she sometimes overheard. Once she'd
learned the mechanics of it, her sharp imagination took care of
the rest. She knew her body was very attractive and, shortly after
puberty, she discovered the pleasures that came of fondling her
breasts and her cunt. For a while, she experimented with the
nearest things at hand -- hockey sticks, shampoo bottles,
hairbrushes -- but constantly, her mind yearned for the real

Alex was the first real man to enter her erotic reveries. He was
very sexy, superbly built and devilishly handsome. Since they
always met when he was in his tight little swimming briefs, Meghna
had a chance to notice the alluring bulge between his thighs.
Using the reference book photographs and textbook diagrams she
tried to imagine what his penis would look like and how it might
feel when it went into her cunt.

Meghna started flirting covertly with him. She would make it a
point to catch his attention, swimming that much more, working
that much harder, smiling winningly at him, moving as close to him
as she possibly could without drawing attention from the other
kids. Alex noticed. She was very lovely.

It took time, and it taught her that she couldn't get anything
without working for it. For weeks on end, she trained with a
passion, forcing her body to its limits. The results showed: She
lost her puppy fat and became fit and her body's curves grew even
sexier. He put her name down for an interschool championship. She
won five gold medals, two silvers and three bronzes. The school
got the team trophy.

Meghna was felicitated at school assembly and given a special
certificate. The students clamoured for a party, since this was
the first time the school had so comprehensively beaten its rival.
We handed them a drubbing, sent them packing with their tails
between their legs, did you see the look on their coach's face?
The faculty, immensely pleased, relented. Even the headmaster, an
intimidating ex-Army officer named Martin, succumbed and permitted
himself a congratulatory smile. The school went wild.

They arranged a dance session in the main hall, with its vaulted
ceiling and long wooden rafters. A rock-group was hired. The cooks
went to town and turned out fresh ice-cream and cakes and
hamburgers and fries and sandwiches and there was all the cola
they could drink. Meghna was the star of the show. Every guy
wanted to dance with her. The rock-band called her up on stage
while they did 'Smoke On The Water'. For several hours, she jived
tirelessly, thrilled with herself. There was no dearth of handsome
guys vying to be with her.

She took a break at eleven o'clock and sat sipping a cold Coke.
The hall was hot and stuffy. Meghna went out. The night was cool
and clear and she took several deep breaths, smiling to herself.

Meghna would never know what made her stroll out to the pool. She
walked slowly around the dark, silent water, ruffled by a cool
breeze, and hugged herself with excitement. It was wonderful to be
recognised and honoured like this. Suddenly, she was glad she'd
stayed on in school.

When she and her sister, Kanan, a year older than herself, were
nine and ten, they'd been packed off here. Kanan hadn't been able
to handle it. Some kids just couldn't. Kanan was miserable and
lonely and, a few months later, went home. Meghna enjoyed the
freedom and distance from the horrid house in Bombay, all stuffy
and gloomy with no books or good music or sports facilities she
could use. She had always enjoyed this school and now she was
truly happy. She started back to the hall.


Startled, she stopped, whirling around, looking into the darkness.
A figure stepped from the darkness behind the locker-rooms.

"Who's that?" She asked anxiously.

"It's me, Alex."

Meghna smiled in relief. "Alex. You scared me." She walked towards
him. "Why aren't you at the party?"

He smiled and shook his head. "No, it's not for us. It's your
night, for you and your friends and the kids in school."

"But the other teachers are there! And you, of all people, you,
Alex, you earned it! We -- I -- could never have made it without

"I know. But it's you, and the rest of the team, that did the

"Rubbish. Come on, come with me. I'll dance with you." She took
his hand in hers.

His fingers tightened in hers, he didn't move. She turned.

"Come on, Alex! Don't be such a ninny!"


Something in his voice made her stop. "What?"

"Meghna, I --"

"What, Alex?" She said softly, looking concerned.

Alex groaned and grabbed her and pulled her to him and kissed her
hard on her lips, holding her tight. Meghna froze under him, her
lips clamped shut in stunned disbelief. She could feel the
throbbing hardness in his crotch.

"Oh god, Meghna," he said hoarsely and they broke apart. "I'm
sorry. I'm sorry. Please -- don't tell anyone -- I'm sorry. I
shouldn't have done that. Oh god. Please. Forgive me."

He buried his face in his hands. Instinctively, Meghna went to him
and put her arms around him and held him close, comforting him.
His head jerked up in surprise.

"Alex." Meghna's voice was soft. "Kiss me again."

He stared at her for a long minute, their eyes locked, time
standing still. Slowly, he pulled her closer and bent his head to
hers. This time, when his lips met hers, she responded and parted
her lips. His tongue slid into her mouth. Meghna felt dizzy with
excitement. It was happening! It was happening at last, and
tonight of all nights! It was perfect.

He kissed her gently and deeply for a long time, and her mind
leaped in joy at the realisation that she was French-kissing this
man. At last, their lips parted.

"Oh god, Meghna. I can't tell you how long I've wanted this."

"I never knew."

"You never asked."

"I tried. I tried in a hundred ways. Why didn't you see?"

"I must have been blind!"

She smiled. "Yes. You were. I've wanted this, too, for a long
time. I did this, all this swimming, only for you. Because I
wanted this to happen some day."

"My god!"

"Isn't it perfect, that it's happening tonight, of all nights?"

He smiled and kissed her again, gently and deeply. This time, when
they stopped, she clung to him, her fingers scrunching his shirt,
her head bowed on his chest.

"Alex," she mumbled softly, her voice trembling as he caressed her
hair and back gently.


"There's something else."

"What?" He tried to lift her face, but she resisted.

"I -- I want -- I want to --" She looked up, flustered and
nervous, blushing furiously.

He smiled, understanding and pleasure in his eyes. "Do you mean
that?" His voice was soft.

She nodded silently. He chuckled softly.

"So do I. Very much. I have, for a long, long time."

"So have I. More than I can say." Her voice was muffled by his
shirt. "Will you?"

"Yes. Is it your first time?"

She looked up at him anxiously. "Yes. Does that matter?"

"Sometimes it hurts a bit the first time."

"I don't mind. But I want it to be you."

"You won't tell anyone? Not your friends, not any of them?"

"No one," she promised, her head lifting. "It will be our secret.
Just ours. But you will have to help me."

"Do you trust me?"


"Absolutely, completely, without doubt?"

"Yes. Yes I do."

"You'll do as I say?"

"Yes. I'll do as you say."

"Even if I say things, ask things, do things you may not have
thought of?"

"Even then."

"Let me hear you say what you want, Meghna. I must hear you say

She hesitated for a second and then, her heart thumping, took the
step. "I want you to sleep with me, Alex. That's what I want."

He shook his head and smiled. "No, Meghna."

"What?" Meghna looked puzzled.

"Not 'sleep with' or 'know' or 'take' or 'be with' or anything
delicate like that."

"What then?"

"Tell me you want me to fuck you. Use the word. Fuck."

She looked at him and for a moment he thought she would turn away.
Then a slow, sexy grin split her face and her eyes glittered with
excitement and he knew he had done the right thing after all. She
understood perfectly the implications of what he meant.

"Yes," she breathed. "That's what I want. I want you to fuck me.
Here. Now. I want to be fucked. By you. Again and again. I -- I --
I want your cock in my cunt!"

Alex stared at her incredulously for a moment and then shook with
silent laughter. She smiled with him.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing. Everything. This. You and me, and all this. One minute
you're a schoolkid and the next you're using words like a two-bit

Meghna cuffed his face, grinning at him. He laughed and pulled her
closer and they stumbled into the shadows behind the locker-room.
There was a small, grassy tuft there and they fell on it, with her
body over his.

"Come on, bitch," he chuckled. "Tell me what you want -- whore!"

"Say that again," she said softly. "Call me that again. It's

"I know. I can see it turns you on. Whore! Bitch! Slut! Tell me
what you want again!"

"I want your cock," she said softly. "I want your cock. I want to
be fucked."



"Where do you want my cock, bitch? In your mouth or your cunt?"

"In -- in -- both. Wherever it's best."

"Where?" He rolled her over and straddled her on his knees,
holding her wrists in his arms, pinning her to the ground.

"In -- in my mouth -- and in my cunt --"

"Ever seen a cock before?"

She shook her head. He grinned.

"Okay, here you go then!"

Meghna would never forget that wonderful, magical night when a man fucked her for the first time in her life. Alex's cock was the
most beautiful thing she had seen, better than anything she had
imagined one to be. He unzipped his trousers and made her hold it
and jerk it and it grew hot and hard in her fingers and he had
what she knew was called an erection. When she told him that, he
laughed and told her that most whores usually just called it a
hard-on and since she was now his whore, she should call it that,
too. Meghna did.

Then, on the grassy tuft behind the locker-rooms, Alex fucked her.
Slowly and gently, he caressed her, stripping off her T-shirt and
jeans and underclothes till she lay naked under him. Then he
caressed her again and his hands were gentle and tender and her
body trembled and quivered at his touch. Her breasts swelled and
grew hard and he kissed her and then bent his head to her breasts and sucked on them and made her gasp and moan and arch as the hot
flames of lust leaped through her body.

Alex aroused her slowly and unhurriedly, fondling and caressing
and kissing and licking her body from head to toe. When he moved
to her cunt, instinct guided her and her legs opened wide for his
tongue. That first tongue-fuck almost made her pass out with
ecstasy. Deftly moving his tongue and fingers in her slit, he
brought her to the brink of an orgasm and abruptly abandoned her.
Meghna was panting with lust like a bitch in heat when he stopped.
She moaned and begged him to go on. He chuckled and said it was
her turn.

"Suck my cock, bitch," he grunted softly. "Go on! Suck my cock!"

The words burned in her ears and aroused her even more. He stood
up and she knelt before him and again, for the first time, took a
penis in her mouth.

It was wonderful, better than anything she had imagined it to be.
His cock was hot and hard and the musky smell and taste of it made
her dizzy. Gently guiding her, he showed her how to jerk his cock,
to use her tongue and lips and teeth. Pre-cum gunk spurted into
her mouth. She gagged, and he forced her to swallow it and Meghna
discovered the pleasures of drinking jizz. He fucked her face
slowly, murmuring his approval, rocking her head back and forth
with one hand till he was ready. Then he pushed her head away and
they went down on the grass together and Alex moved over her,
between her thighs, moving his cock-head to her cunt-lips. Meghna
thirsted and ached for it inside her. Instinctively, her fingers
held it.

"Fuck me!" She gasped in his ear. "Fuck me Alex! Fuck my cunt!"

His buttocks flexed and his cock squeezed slowly into her flesh.
Meghna gasped and cried out and her body snapped in a bow under
his. She would never forget that first extraordinary, erotic,
tingling sensation as his hard, hot, throbbing penis tunnelled
into her cunt, squeezing her inflamed clitoris and generating all
kinds of wonderful feelings in her flesh.

"Meghna. Are you done?"

Meghna's head whipped around. The math teacher stood over her,
looking down. She flashed a smile. Last evening, this man had been
a rutting stallion, fucking her cunt demonically, pounding his
penis into her flesh repeatedly, fucking her for over her an hour
till he was sated. Meghna rubbed her legs provocatively together.
He noticed and she grinned at the sudden intake of his breath.
Holding his eyes, smiling saucily, she ran her pointed tongue-tip
over her upper lip. Golwalkar frowned and looked over his shoulder
to see if anyone was watching. His eyes darted back to her and she
flicked her tongue erotically over the end of the pen, as though
it were a penis. Slowly, she arched her back, almost casually,
thrusting her large breasts up and out. The teacher stared. She
stretched and pretended a yawn and looked at her watch.

"Five minutes, sir, Mr. Golwalkar," she murmured. "That's all I

"Meghna!" His voice was slightly hoarse. He didn't miss the

"Yes, sir?" She looked up, all innocence.

"Hurry up," he muttered. "Finish it. I'll be up all night
correcting these."

He turned and stalked away and Meghna smiled to herself, her eyes
dancing with mischief. Oh yes, sir, you will be up all night, or
most of it anyway, but not correcting these. Not if I have
anything to do about it, she said to herself. She bent her head
and finished her work.

A few minutes later, just as she was done, the bell rang. The
other students slammed their books shut and scrambled out, handing
their work to Golwalkar as they left. Meghna waited till the room
emptied. Slowly, she got up, collected her books and walked up to

"Here you are," she murmured. "Thanks." She handed him her work
and started out.


She stopped and turned, hiding a smile. Golwalkar wanted to fuck

"Yes, sir?" Again, she wore an expression of angelic innocence.

"Don't 'yes, sir' me like that, you impudent imp!" He snapped.

"Then how should I do it, sir?" She walked up to him quickly and,
dumping her books on his desk, standing very close, squeezed his
penis through his trousers. "Like this?"

His penis responded immediately and she didn't take her hand away
and he didn't move. She smiled and squeezed it affectionately
again. It was a long, thick cock, and he used it well. He was in
his late forties, slim and trim, with dark, heavy features,
clean-shaven. His body, she knew, was lean and hard, the torso
covered in a mat of fine, soft hair. Her fingers crawled up and
she pulled down the zipper of his fly and slid her hand into his
trousers and under his shorts to squeeze his penis.

He gasped, his eyes glittering with excitement. "You'll get us
into trouble!"

"Maybe. Maybe not. Adventure is the spice of life."

"You're mad!"

"I agree. Especially about your cock. I want to suck it. And then
you're going to fuck me."

"No! Not here!"

"Yes! Here! Right here."

She fell to her knees and deftly undid his trousers. They puddled
at his feet. Pulling out his cock, began to suck it quickly. It
ballooned in her mouth, growing hot and hard. Golwalkar groaned
and gasped as she jerked and sucked his penis hard. Her tongue was
cunning and clever and he couldn't help himself. He gave in and
began to fuck her mouth with jerky motions of his hips. She looked
up and smiled knowingly as she licked his gorged cock-head. His
penis swelled and grew harder and hotter in her fingers and mouth
and she sucked it hungrily, her head rocking rapidly back and
forth between his legs. Her fingers and lips grew sticky with his
jizz. His cock throbbed ominously in her mouth. He groaned loudly.

"Ohhhh uhhh yes -- suck it -- yes -- suck my cock, Meghna -- ohhh

"Wanna cum in my mouth? You know I like that. Then you can lick my
slit. I don't mind."

The math teacher groaned, torn with indecision.

"Hurry up, it won't be long now," she warned. "My friend here's
about to blow his top."

Golwalkar decided. He pushed her head away. Meghna smiled
knowingly and stood up.

"Somehow I knew you'd want that," she murmured and, rising on her
toes, kissed him wantonly, arching her tongue into his mouth, her
fingers still jerking his cock. "Come on, now, stuff my slit with
your fat cock, sir!"

Meghna hopped up on the desk and, shucking off her panties, lay on
her back, opening her legs and lifting her tunic high over her
hips. Unbuttoning the tunic, she lifted her bra over her breasts and squeezed them with one hand, opening her cunt-lips with the

"Come on, sir, fuck my cunt!" She murmured, smiling lasciviously.
"My slit's all wet for you!"

With a groan, the math teacher moved between her legs and, bending
over his fifteen-year old pupil, quickly squeezed his eight-inch
long cock into her cunt. She moaned softly and arched, her hands
under her swollen breasts.

"Mmm -- yes -- that feels so good, sir -- come on -- fuck me! Fuck
me hard!"

His trousers puddled at his ankles, still in his shirt and tie
with just the bottom three buttons of his shirt open, Meghna's
math teacher began fucking her cunt quickly. Bent over her, his
hands on the desk, his head arched back, his mouth open in a wide
O, he rocked his hips rapidly back and forth, thrusting his penis
greedily in and out of her cunt. Meghna moaned and gasped softly,
smiling with pleasure, goading him with obscene love-calls.

"Yes -- that's nice -- ohhhhh yes, sir, yes -- fuck me, sir --
fuck my cunt -- Ohhh yes -- fuck it harder, sir -- harder -- ram
it in, sir -- ram it all into my slit -- Ohhhh yes! Yes! Ohhhh god

"Ohhhh -- unhhhh Ohhhhhh --. unhhhh OH uhh OHH!" The man gasped.

Golwalkar's penis glistened with their juices as it plunged and
pistoned in and out of the fifteen-year old schoolgirl's sodden
cunt. She gasped and moaned, her body jerking and snapping back
and forth on the desk, her breasts jiggling and bouncing. She
squeezed them and her head rolled languorously from side to side
in evident pleasure. Her hips bucked and heaved under his.

"Yes -- Ohhhh yes, sir, yes! Fuck me, sir! Fuck me!" She gasped.

Golwalkar straightened his back and stood upright. He lifted her
legs high and wide, his hands under her knees, and began slamming
his cock savagely in and out of her cunt. Meghna cried out, her
face twisting and contorting, her face jerking from side to side.
Her math teacher's inflamed penis pounded into her cunt, reaming
and ramming into her frantically convulsing cunt.

"Yes! Ohhhh yes! Take it! Take it, bitch, take!" He gasped, his
head bent, watching the spasms of lust on the teenage schoolgirl's

"OHH! OH OH OH OH OH! Oh sir-sir-sir yes Ohhhh god yes!" She

Her cunt was a tight, hot vortex that contracted and convulsed on
his penis, sucking him in deeper and deeper. Golwalkar drowned
himself in it and thrust greedily into her flesh with ragged gasps
of pleasure. The heat in his loins was unbearable. Their orgasms
crashed together. Meghna exploded, arching and gasping as the
lust-heat swamped her, her breath hissing from her throat, her
cunt heaving up to his and sucking his penis deep and clamping
down hard on the hard, thick member.

"OHHHH yes sir yes OHHHH god yes OHH ma uhhh OHHH!" She called.

"Ohh uhh yes! Oh baby yes take it Ohhhhhh uhhh yes!" Her teacher

Golwalkar cried out, his face twisting, his cock buried in her
flesh and, seconds later, came violently. Hot jizz spurted from
his cock-head into her slit. He groaned, his head flung back, his
hips twitching at her crotch. Meghna whimpered, writhing
erotically on the desk, fondling her desk, her face radiant with
joy as she felt the sharp sting of his spoot in her slit, jet
after jet of hot jizz spurting into her flesh. Golwalkar emptied
himself in his student's slit and slowly slid out. He began
pulling on his trousers. She lay on the desk, panting and
whimpering, caressing her breasts and cunt dreamily, running her
fingers through the sticky gunk in her crotch.

"That was wonderful," she murmured. "Do it again -- fuck my ass."

"Come on, slut," he chuckled, fastening his belt. "Get out of

Meghna rolled off the desk with a moan and steadied herself. Her
legs were trembling. Slowly, she straightened her tunic and
underclothes. Her eyes were dazed, and her delectable lips were
moist. Golwalkar grinned at her.

"Come to my house after lights-out tonight," he chuckled softly.
"It's time for your lesson in -- integration." He laughed softly.

Meghna said nothing. She straightened her clothes and walked out.
In the hallway, she stopped and leaned against the wall. Her
breasts were still hot and hard and her cunt seeped and tingled
with lust and excitement. She pressed her legs together, and
squeezed her breast slowly. Gradually, she calmed herself and
recovered. Turning, her head bowed, clutching her books, she
walked slowly down the silent corridor. There was no one to see
her small smile of satisfaction.

<CENTER><P><B><FONT FACE="arial,helvetica"><FONT

Meghna made it to dinner just as the bell rang. The dining hall
was full and, for the next hour, the kids ate and talked and
laughed. The school was liberal in some ways. There was none of
the old British public-school insistence on rigid, inflexible
adherence to inhuman rules of conduct at all times and in all
things, like dining in silence. The children were allowed to dress
informally and to converse, so long as they didn't fight and shout
and throw food about.

The entire faculty dined with them, at a long table at the head of
the hall. Meghna flicked a quick look at the High Table, as it was
still called, and smiled to herself. For six months, it wasn't bad
going. She was bedding nine of the sixteen men at the table. There
was Alex, the swimming coach, Golwalkar who taught Mathematics,
Ramchandran, the Physics teacher, Trivedi for Geography, Mehta,
who taught Chemistry, Rao, the Biology teacher, Dias, the Gym
instructor, and the Football coach, a Nigerian named Chinua. That
made eight.

The headmaster, Martin, was talking to one of the teachers. Meghna
hid a grin. He was her latest conquest, just last week. In bed,
his stiff, crusty, crotchety demeanour vanished completely. He
fucked her hard, very hard, and he went on and on, but it felt
good. Not surprisingly, he was kinkier than the others: He liked
watching her masturbate with his switch and wore his heavy
jackboots throughout the time they were in bed. He insisted she
wore a black leather garment that he kept hidden in a little
closet. It was an outrageous thing, a leather corset that ran from
under her breasts to above her cunt, with black leather
cross-lacing in front and behind, and garters beneath. Martin
particularly liked sodomising her in it.

Of the rest, the English, Music and Art teachers were decrepit old spinsters, who didn't count. Two men were geriatric old farts,
semi-retired, living out their last days in school because they
had nowhere else to go. To save face, they were called Professors
Emeritus, and had small offices, but they didn't teach and had no
effect on her grades. Had they the slightest influence, Meghna
would have fucked them without hesitation. She knew now how to get
what she wanted.

The last two interested her. They were the youngest of the lot,
and had only recently joined the school. Khan, the History teacher
was dark, handsome man with piercing eyes. The other was the new
priest, father Pinto. The meal ended and everyone rose to their
feet for the priest to lead them in a short prayer. Her head
bowed, Meghna looked at him covertly. He was going to be a
challenge. She vowed to get into his cassock before the term
ended. The very idea of seducing a man of the cloth was erotic.
She'd probably have to teach him a thing or two.

After dinner, the students were allowed an hour's free time in the
common room. Meghna relaxed, played carrom and checkers, listened
to music, flipped through some magazines. Then it was time for bed
and lights-out at nine-thirty sharp. The students filed back to
their dormitories and rooms. Meghna had a room to herself.

Soon after her swimming success, Meghna was appointed as captain
of the girls' soccer team and the gymnastics squad. She had a
natural aptitude for sports, and no one questioned her
achievements for she was clearly the most skillful soccer player
in school and worked hard at gymnastics. That she got the
captaincy chiefly by fucking Chinua and Dias separately and
together was irrelevant. She still did so, even after her
investiture, frequently fucking Chinua on dark evenings between
the goal-posts and Dias in the gymnasium.

Meghna's achievements could not be ignored. She was made Head
Prefect, unusual for someone not in the final year. That entitled
her to several privileges, one of which was the privacy of her own
room. She went into it now and locked the door behind her. The
room was warm and cozy, with a small, soft bed with several
pillows, books, a compact music-system and her own desk with an
anglepoise lamp. An electric heater hummed in one corner.

The room had a little toilet and a small bathroom ensuite. Only
the Head Prefect had such facilities. The other Prefects had to
use the common bathrooms and toilets.

Meghna stripped off her clothes and tossed them into a corner and
sat at her desk. Leaving the lights on, she pulled back the
curtains to the large window and looked out over the school

It was a lovely campus, sprawling over a hundred acres of meadows
and stream-crossed woodlands, nestling in the foothills of the
high mountains. There were trekking trails and stables for
horse-riding and every sports facility. The buildings were low,
wooden structures, not more than one storey high, with sloping,
red-tiled roofs. Across the meadow, Meghna could see the spire of
the chapel and the lights in the professors' cottages and studies.

A low mist crept up from the plains and crawled across the campus.
Meghna hugged herself happily. Her work was done, her grades were
good, she was the brightest star in the school's firmament. And
she had the teachers where she wanted them. Mostly between her

Meghna leaned back in her chair and propped her feet up on the
window-sill. Parting her legs, she caressed her naked body gently,
cupping and squeezing her breasts, fingering her slit which
rapidly grew moist with excitement. Rummaging in a drawer, she
selected one of a range of dildoes, gifts from Alex. This one was
long and slim with a smooth shaft and a narrow, tapering head. She
sucked and licked the head slowly, letting herself slip into an
erotic trance and then moved it between her legs and inserted it
slowly into her slit and began to masturbate.

That was one of the advantages of having her own room. She could
do what she liked, when she liked, without having to hide from
anyone. The first two months after Alex fucked her had been tense.
He wanted to fuck her every night, and she couldn't refuse. It was
the only time they could be alone. She was in a dorm then, and
slipping out was a risky business. Several times, she was foiled
by a prefect or teacher doing the rounds and had to slide back
into her bunk. Frustrated, she contrived to get herself a bunk in
the corner nearest the door, but set in the darkness. Then,
arranging her pillows and several cushions under the sheets to
give her bed the appearance of a sleeping form, creeping down the
darkened hallways, her heart pounding in her chest, tense and
nervous, she would steal out to keep her assignation with Alex in
his rooms or down by the pool if the night was warm.

Her sexual ascent through the ranks of the faculty began when she
was caught returning from one of her trysts with Alex. It was
cool, sharp night, and they met in his room and he fucked her
steadily and relentlessly and repeatedly for over an hour. Meghna
was delirious when he finally finished. No matter what he did to
her, she wanted more. He was a virile, powerful, imaginative
lover, something she'd sensed when he first fucked her that starry
night behind the swimming pool locker-rooms.

Even then, though it was her first time, he fucked her repeatedly.
Meghna could still remember it, how good his cock felt when it
first surged into her cunt and he began stroking it smoothly and
effortlessly in and out. She very nearly passed out with the
pleasure of it. Her body arched and writhed and he kissed her
tenderly, sucking and licking her swollen breasts till she felt
like screaming with the intensity of it. She came within minutes,
moaning and gasping and arching under him. Alex kept moving slowly
and rhythmically, forcing her to let him continue. Within minutes,
she was aroused again.

He smiled knowingly, kissed her, turned her over onto her front on
her hands and knees and fucked her from behind. The position was
the subject of her most graphic fantasies. She loved every minute
of it. He fucked her slowly and unhurriedly, rocking her back and
forth, pulling her cunt up and down on his pistoning penis and she
came again and yet again. He began moving faster, gasping and
groaning, thrusting eagerly and deeply into her and then, with a
shuddering cry, he jerked out of her cunt. Meghna groaned softly,
not knowing what to expect next.

Gently, he turned her on her back and explained, masturbating
slowly, his chest heaving, that he couldn't risk coming in her
cunt. She knew enough to understand why. He promised to take her
to a doctor who could 'fix her up' so that he could come in her

Meghna felt a twinge of disappointment. She had no idea of what an
ejaculation meant or felt like and longed for the experience. He
sensed her confusion.

"It's all right, girl," he said softly. "There are other ways."

"What -- what do you mean?"

He smiled. "I could come in your mouth. On your lovely face and
tits. Would you like to try?"

She looked at his cock and nodded slowly. More than anything else,
she wanted to know what his seed felt like. Then doubt crept in.

"Can I -- should I -- do I -- swallow it -- your --"

"My jizz? Yes, you can, if you like. In fact, if you don't mind,
I'd rather enjoy it if you did. By the way," he grinned, "it's
called jizz, gunk, spoot, seed, cum. Anything but 'seed' or
'semen'. Got it?"

He stood up and pulled her head to his crotch again and fucked her
mouth slowly, his head bent, watching her, rocking her head back
and forth with his hands, pumping his hips. His cock was slippery
and sticky with their juices and it smelled and tasted divine.
Meghna sucked him languorously, whimpering with pleasure, jerking
and pumping his cock with growing confidence.

Alex came in her mouth. Meghna gagged, sputtered, gasped and then,
her mind leaping with delight at the warm, tangy taste and smell
of it, sucked it eagerly. Instinctively, she opened her mouth and
let it spurt down her throat and splash on her breasts and face.

The very next day, he spirited her off to a clinic in the town not
far from the school. The doctor was an old school friend of his.
At first, he refused to do anything. She was far too young for a
loop, or even to go on the Pill. Alex took him aside and whispered
in his ear. Meghna didn't hear what he said.

Finally, the doctor nodded and smiled briefly. He gave her some
pills and told her how to take them, warning her that if she
stopped or missed taking them, she could well get pregnant. He
told her to take them for a few days and see him after that. She
was not to have sex in that time. Meghna nodded.

That evening, she felt very worried and nervous and confused and
sat silently beside him in his beat-up old car as they rattled
back towards the school. A kilometre away from the gates, he
pulled off the road onto a little track. She didn't ask where they
were going, sensing what he wanted. They stopped after a bit and
he got out and held the door for her. She did as he said and
followed him down the trail, now little more than a bridle-path.
It opened out on the crest of a hill overlooking the valley below.
It was bewitchingly beautiful, but Meghna wasn't looking. She
turned to him, and his face was sombre. When he spoke, his voice
was gentle and low.

"Meghna. Listen to me. I know you're worried and tense and
uncertain. So am I. I don't know if this is right, any of this,
whether we should go on or stop. I brought you here to tell you
this, and also that if you think that we should never meet again,
I will not say anything. Nothing will change. I'll still coach
you, you'll go through school, but nothing more. If that's what
you want. And if it is, I'll throw these away, here and now." He
showed her the bottle of pills.

Meghna looked at the pills and then looked up at him. Suddenly,
with brittle clarity, she knew what she wanted. She stepped
towards him and without a word, silently and gently, unbuttoned
and unzipped his trousers and knelt before him. Alex looked down
and smiled in pleasure and relief. His cock swelled in her mouth
and fingers.

He fucked her slowly for half an hour on the grassy knoll, taking
her deeply and slowly in different positions this time, and again,
came in her mouth. Meghna moaned her pleasure. They strolled back
to the car. As they bumped back towards the main road, she turned
to him.



"What did you tell the doctor?"

He looked at her strangely. "Nothing. Why?"

"Alex. Don't lie. You said something to him. It was about me. What
was it?"

He shook his head, refusing to answer.

"You told him about us, didn't you? You told him to give me the
pills because of us."

Alex's face went still and his fingers tensed on the wheel.

"What else, Alex?" She said very softly. "What else did you say?"

There was no answer. Meghna sighed and turned her face away.
"Alex. Listen to me. Just because I'm fifteen, it doesn't mean I'm
a fool. I saw his expression. I know you told him to give me the
pills, and that it was because of us. It doesn't matter. What I
want to know is if you promised him anything. About me."

Alex's head whipped around, white with shock. She looked at him

"So you did. You promised him that if he got me on the pill and it
all worked okay, he could fuck me, too the next time we go there.
Am I right?"

"I had to, dammit!" His voice sounded strangled. "There was no
other way."

They rode along in a tense silence.

"Oh god, Meghna. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Look, let's just forget --"

"Shut up, Alex."

"But --"

"Please. Shut up. Honestly, you're such a fool. Why did you have
to say any of that? Don't you see how much it made him think
poorly of you? Did you think I was stupid enough not to want to
fuck you ever again? Properly? With your cum in my cunt and all?
For that, Alex, I would have done anything." She looked at him
hard. "Anything, you hear? I would have told him myself!"

Alex almost went off the road. She glared at him angrily.

"Watch the road, Alex! And don't you ever, ever do something like
that again! Yes, I'm saying it again. I would have fucked the
doctor for those pills. I'd have done there and then. I never,
ever, want to see you being humiliated like this again, is that
clear? You may be fucking me, but you are my lover now, and I
won't have you treated like shit."

"I'm -- I'm sorry -- I really am -- I had no idea --"

"Of course you didn't, silly," she said, her voice softening. "I'm
sorry for bawling you out like that. You did what you thought you
had to. I should be thanking you."

He looked at her and smiled in relief. "Meghna, you're wonderful."

She grinned. "Really?"

"Yes, really."

"Then, Alex," she said, shuffling closer to him on the seat,
tonguing his ear, her hand in his crotch. "Pull over. Now. And
fuck me again. In the back seat. My cunt's on fire again!"

A week later, the doctor pronounced that she was safe. Meghna
smiled at him, lying on his examination table with her dress
pulled up to her waist, her panties off, her knees bent, her cunt open for his inspection. He stepped back and smiled at her.

"Yes, I think you're all right," he said. "You can have sex now."

She grinned. "Thank you, doctor. You're very kind." She remained
as she was. "Alex!" Alex came through the partition door.

"Alex, the doctor says I'm fine. I can fuck now."

The doctor's jaw dropped. Alex chuckled and clapped him on the

"Go on, doc. Take your payment. Fuck her!"

The doctor stared in disbelief.

"No," Meghna said quietly and both looked at her. "Not the doctor.
Not right away. First you, Alex. I want you to cum in my slit.
Then the doctor can fuck me. When you're done. And I want him to
stay and watch us."

Alex was thrilled. He dropped his trousers, and Meghna sucked his
penis rapidly and then he fucked her hard on the doctor's
examining table on her back, pounding his cock in and out of her
cunt till he came, exploding in her flesh. Meghna closed her eyes
and moaned in genuine pleasure, her face radiant with lust as, for
the first time, she felt the joyous explosion of a man's seed in
her cunt-flesh.

Minutes later, the doctor was taking his turn with her. She sucked his penis, too, and he fucked her from behind, standing on the
floor in his white lab-coat, holding her hips as she stood on the
floor, bent over the table, her buttocks thrust back at him.
Holding her hips, he jerked his cock rapidly and hard in and out
of her cunt, gasping and moaning in joy, while Alex watched. Her
breasts swung with his thrusts and, groaning, he thrust furiously
in and out of her cunt while squeezing and crushing her breasts in
his hands. Meghna orgasmed violently and, seconds later, groaning
loudly, the doctor plunged his penis into her with a slow, deep,
skewering thrust and came, his jizz spurting into her cunt,
already sodden with her juices and Alex's spoot. He slid out of
her. Meghna turned and thanked him politely. The man simpered.

"I'd like to see you again when you've begun doing butt-fucks. I
enjoy that."

Meghna promised to return so that he could sodomise her.

After that, Meghna was unstoppable. Alex tutored her gently and
their sex got better and better. Soon, he taught her to enjoy
butt-fucks. She was nervous and tense the first time, but he
salved his cock and anus and took her ass slowly and gently and
the pain ebbed rapidly and transformed into unbridled, wanton
lust. From then on, Alex buggered her regularly, and she grew to
enjoy it. They fucked every night. She kept her promise with the
doctor, returning one warm afternoon and letting him fuck her
after she had sucked his cock and then, lying on her back, lifting
her legs high, invited him to take her ass. The doctor sodomised
the young girl joyously, gasping and moaning in pleasure. Meghna
didn't need to fake an orgasm, panting and keening happily on his

Soon, she was adept at sneaking away from the dormitory to visit
Alex. They invited the doctor to join them and Meghna discovered
the exquisite, indescribable pleasures of having two men fuck her
simultaneously in her cunt and mouth and, later, in her cunt and
ass. The only thing better than having a good, thick, hard penis
in her cunt, she decided, was having another in her ass at the
same time. Her fear of being caught diminished as she successfully
evaded detection night after night.

It was Dias, the gymnastics teacher, who caught her. She was just
stepping out of the shadows of one of the doorways, when the
hallway lights flicked on. Meghna whirled in terror, her heart
almost stopping. Her pulse pounded and she felt a knot of fear in
her belly. Dias stood at the end of the hallway, glaring at her.


"Sir." She started backing down the hallway and realised to her
horror that her panties and bra were in her hand. She hadn't put
them on when she left Alex and the doctor, enjoying the sexy
feeling of slipping through the night without wearing them. She
hid her hand behind her back.

Dias stalked down the corridor towards her.

"What is that you're hiding, young lady?"

"Me sir? Nothing. Nothing."

"Do not lie to me. Show me."

"No, sir, it's nothing sir."

"Meghna. That is an order. Show me."

Slowly, her hand came around to her front. He looked down and took
them one by one, holding them in forefinger and thumb.

"Well. I'm sure you have an explanation, young lady."

She stood there, her head bowed.

"Well? I'm waiting."

"I'm sorry sir. It won't happen again."

"What won't happen again?"

"Nothing, sir. I'm sorry sir."

He was very close now, their voices low. "Where did you go?"

"Nowhere, sir. Nowhere."

"Another lie."

"Really sir. Please believe me. I -- I only went to the toilet."


"Yes sir! It's the truth, sir!"

"Then would you be so kind as to explain why you were creeping
down the hall in that suspicious fashion?"

"Was I?"

"You most certainly were. The question is, why?"

"I -- I don't know, sir. I didn't want to make a noise."

"Hardly likely, young lady. This floor's carpeted, if you hadn't

She looked down.

"And what about these -- clothes? Why are they in your hand?"

"I -- I was feeling hot, sir. I took them off." At least that was

"I see." There was a strange glint in his eyes. "Frankly, young lady, I don't believe a word."

Meghna's heart pounded. She was in deep trouble now and she knew

"Report to the Headmaster's office tomorrow at eight o'clock."

She looked up, terrified.

"Please, sir, don't report me! Please! I'll do anything you ask!
Just don't report me! Please, sir, I beg you!"

He looked at her steadily. "Meghna. It's one o'clock in the
morning. You're not only out of bed after lights, but you're
creeping down the hall. You're not properly dressed. I think this
needs an explanation, don't you? And you, of all people. Tsk, tsk.
I had such hopes."

A tear trembled on her lash and trickled down her cheek. "Please,
sir," she sobbed quietly. "Please don't take me to the Headmaster!
I'll do anything you say, sir, please! Give me any punishment,

He considered the situation. Here he was, a virile man in his
late-thirties, the prime of life, some said, standing in a
deserted hallway at one o'clock in the morning with a lovely young girl with enormous sex-appeal who wasn't wearing any underwear.
The possibilities were endless. After an agonising, interminable
silence, he nodded slowly.

"Very well. Since this is your first offense -- or the first one
that's been detected, anyway, though I suspect you've been at
whatever you're at for some time -- and since you're quite
evidently a good student, I won't go to the Head."

A look of relief crossed her face.

"Oh thank you sir! Thank you! I promise I won't do it again."

"That's not good enough. This school is very lenient with the
students but whatever rules exist, must be obeyed absolutely.
Transgressions cannot go unpunished. Do you understand?"

"Oh, yes sir. Yes. I'll do whatever you say."

She kept saying that, making him think of ever more erotic

"You'll take your punishment now."

"Yes, sir." She bowed her head meekly.

"In the master's study. Now."

Each of the students' residential buildings had a housemaster, one
of the teachers who looked after the maintenance and discipline of
the house. Dias was her housemaster. Although he didn't live in
the building itself, he had a small study in the far corner on
this floor.

Dias turned and strode down the corridor. His breathing was heavy
and he could feel his pulse quickening with excitement. He hadn't
the least doubt that the girl had been out for an assignation.
Probably one of the groundsmen or boys from the senior class. It
happened all the time when the kids were at a certain age and
filled with hormones. But he'd never caught one red-handed, not in
this irresistible state anyway. He entered the study, and she came
in behind him, looking nervous, but no longer terrified.

"Lock the door, please. And come here."

Meghna looked surprised, but did as she was told.

She looked at him and finally saw the glitter in his eyes. He
could not hide it any longer. She felt a rush of relief and
excitement. She knew what he wanted, what he was after. She could
handle it. If she gave him a good time, she would be safe. Safe
enough to go out with impunity now, so long as he was the master
and got his share of the action. Fair enough. She shrugged to
herself, and looked at him again, studying him as a lover for the
first time.

Dias was a swarthy, tall, superbly built man. A fine athlete and
gymnast, he had a sculpted, V-shaped body with broad shoulders
that swept to high hips and a narrow waist. His arms and legs were
long and thick with musculature and his chest was deep and his
belly flat. His buttocks were taut and firm. His features were
coarse, with a thick, but straight nose, a slim mouth, deep eyes
and a hard, rocky jaw. He was clean-shaven and his hair was dark
and thick. Quite sexy in his own way, Meghna decided. She noticed
the interesting bulge between his thighs. Definitely fuckable.

The room was small, but tidy, with a potted plant on one side, a
large desk set at an angle with a deep, comfortable leather swivel
chair behind it. A small bookrack held his sports magazines and
some books. The desk was neat and clean with only a blotter on it.
An anglepoise lamp occupied one corner of the desk. Across it,
there were two chairs for visitors, and, against the far wall, a
small couch and two armchairs grouped around a low, glass-topped

Meghna stepped forward, keeping her head bowed, fingering the top
button of her tunic. It was well-cut, smart, grey uniform with
five buttons down the front and a green slash at the waist. It
hung to her knees. Discreetly, she popped the top button, then the
next. Dias saw her do it and sucked in his breath softly. He could
see the swell of her breasts and the shadow of her deep cleavage.

"Bend over that chair," he said quietly, nodding to a chair across
the desk.

She leaned over the backrest of the chair, and as she did so, the
lapels of her tunic swung low. Dias was on the other side of her
desk and he saw her naked breasts dangling succulent and tempting.
Her delectable butt was thrust back. His erection strained at his
trousers, and he longed to plunge his cock into the teenage girl's
flesh. Steadying himself, he picked up a jockey-whip from the desk
and came around beside her. Meghna closed her eyes and tensed,
biting her lower lip, waiting for the stinging blow.

It never came. Instead, the whip rested gently on her hip, then
slid slowly downward, over the curve of her buttock. Reaching the
hem of her dress, it slipped below and began to rise again,
lifting her tunic. Meghna stifled a smile of victory. She was
right. He wanted to fuck her.

He lifted the dress higher till her buttocks were exposed to his
view. She heard him suck in his breath. The whip caressed her
smooth buttocks gently. Her hips trembled and, involuntarily, she
moved her legs apart. Dias' gasped audibly. He could see the dark
puckered flesh of her anus and, beneath it, the soft, moist
cunt-lips, rimmed by a thin fuzz of dark pubic hair.

She was irresistible. He dropped the whip and his hands slid down
her buttocks and thighs, caressing them sensuously. There was
complete silence. He was standing by her side as she bent over and
his groin pressed against her arm. She realised that he had a
massive erection. She was about to move, to fling herself to her
knees and take his cock in her mouth when, sensing the tension in
her body and muscles and fearing that she might turn and run or
fight with him and raise a racket, Dias stopped her, squeezing her
buttocks and hips hard.

"Don't move!" He snarled. "You are forbidden to move! You are
under punishment!"

Meghna froze in position, bent over, his hands on her buttocks. He
moved behind her.

"You are to be punished," he repeated. "Do not move. Not a sound,
do you hear?"

Meghna nodded, biting her lower lip and trembling with excitement.
This was very sexy. His hands left her buttocks briefly. She felt
movement behind her; heard the soft krrik of his fly coming down,
the sighing sussurus of his trousers slipping down his legs, the
snap of his underwear being rolled off, and realised that his
penis was out in the open now. She longed to touch it, stroke it,
jerk it, kiss it, lick it, suck it. Her body ached and went tense.

His hands returned to her buttocks and he felt the tension in her
and mistook it for anxiety. His caresses grew gentler and more
erotic. Meghna bit her lower lip, her head tilted back, her eyes
closed, her nostrils flared. She was dying to moan her joy. He
moistened four fingers with his tongue and slid them into the dark
cleft between her buttocks, touched her anus where Alex's cock --
and the doctor's -- had been shortly before. Meghna struggled to
keep still. His fingers rippled lower and brushed against her
cunt-lips. They were already wet and still sticky with jizz.

He froze and she tensed, suddenly frightened again. He chuckled
softly and his fingers pried open her cunt-lips gently and
wriggled in her wet cunt-flesh.

"As I thought," he murmured. "You have been with someone.

Meghna nodded slowly, once, biting her lower lip, her pulse
racing, holding her breath.

"Who was it? One of the groundsmen? A fellow student?"

Meghna shook her head, refusing to answer.

"Never mind," he said softly. "When you have been punished
properly, you will tell me of your own accord."

Meghna sensed him kneeling behind her. He kissed her hip, then her
buttocks and his lips and tongue followed the smooth curve of her
buttocks, down to her thighs and up again. His hands slid up her
flanks, lifting her tunic higher and higher, till it was just
under her breasts. Her body trembled and quivered with tension but
now there was no mistaking it. He understood it for what it was.

"Move to the desk," he commanded. "And spread your legs. As far as
you can. More. Yes. Good. Now hold still. And not a word."

Meghna took the one step forward to the desk and bent over it on
her forearms, shuffling her legs far apart. Her buttocks lobed
open and her cunt-lips unfurled fully. Gently teasing her buttocks
further open, Dias pushed his face between them.

Meghna's head whipped up, her long neck craned. Biting her lower
lip, her eyes squeezed shut, her fingers clenching the sides of
the desk, her face contorted, she forced herself to keep still.
Her cunt was ablaze with lust. His tongue rippled into her crack,
found her anus and swirled slowly over the puckered flesh.
Meghna's gasp was sharp and thick, unmistakably one of pleasure,
and she relaxed and yielded and his tongue-tip pressed to her

It continued its erotic argosy, questing for her fleece. Meghna's
hips quivered and her naked legs trembled when his tongue-tip
found her cunt at last. It was open, and dripping with juice. He
pulled back her cunt-lips with his fingers and his tongue arched
up into her slit. Meghna's head arched and her mouth snapped open
in a low, trembling moan of the purest pleasure.

"OHHHHHH uhhh OHMA uhhhh OHHHH!"

Excited by her call, Dias pushed his tongue deeper into her crack.
Meghna's hips writhed and swayed erotically. Dias' hands slid up
her body to her breasts. They were swollen and turgid, the nipples
quivering stiffly. She moaned again as he fondled them gently,
with the lightest, most erotic caress, flicking her nipples with
his hard fingernails, rolling his rough-skinned open palms
sensuously under the pendulant mounds

Dias tongue-fucked the fifteen-year old till she was on the brink
of a violent orgasm. Her breathing was ragged and hoarse and she
moaned softly and incessantly, barely stifling her cries.

"OHH!" She gasped. "Oh ma uhhh OHHHH uhhh OHHHHH!"

On and on he went, utterly relentless, devouring her flesh with
his tongue, till she was teetering on the brink of a violent
orgasm. Abruptly, he paused and got to his feet behind her. Meghna
whimpered, her hips writhing erotically. Dias grinned. His penis
was swollen with excitement. He masturbated rapidly for a few
seconds and then moved forward. Meghna tensed as she felt the heat
of his flesh behind her. His penis seemed to be long and thick and
hard. It pressed between her buttocks; the head touched her anus.
She tensed, then heard his dry chuckle as he moved his penis
lower, to her cunt-lips. His cock was evidently large. He paused.
She couldn't help herself. She thrust a hand between her legs and
clawed her cunt-lips open for him. Dias grinned and chuckled
softly. His guess was correct. She was no innocent virgin. He
guided his cock to her slit and, flexing his buttocks slowly,
squeezed his cock-head into her cunt. Meghna's head arched and her
mouth snapped open and she gasped.


Dias chuckled softly and, holding her hips, flexed his buttocks
taut and swung his hips smoothly forward. His penis surged into
her flesh. It was big, over eight inches long and correspondingly
thick, and it went in deeper and deeper, crushing her clitoris in
its passage, mashing her cunt-flesh. Her cunt spasmed and
convulsed frantically on his penis and he arched his head with a
look of blissful relief. Her cunt was hot and tight and wet and it
contracted on his penis with a desperate, avid hunger.

Dias started fucking her quickly and smoothly. Holding her hips,
he ran his cock-sword in and out of her cunt-scabbard. His hips
rocked rapidly back and forth, and he jerked her body back and
forth, running her cunt up and down on his shaft. Moistening his
fingers with his tongue, he cupped her breasts again. They were
large and succulent and filled his hands. He squeezed them gently,
kneading the turgid flesh, pinching and rolling her nipples.
Meghna's body lurched and jerked across the desk. Her head was
arched and she gasped and panted thickly, in a soft, lust-laden
voice. His thighs slapped softly against her buttocks and his
balls pressed against her cunt-lips with each rhythmic thrust.

"Oh uh Ohh uhh OHHHHH uhh Oh ma uhh OHHHH!" The girl moaned
deliriously. "Oh ma uhhh OHHH uhhh OHHHH!"

"Now," he grunted, slowing his motions. "Tell me. You have done
this before?"

Gasping and whimpering, Meghna nodded slightly.

"For how long have you been fucking? Answer."

"Ohhh uhh sir -- uhhh Ohhhh -- Four -- five weeks."

"Who with?"

She shook her head. Abruptly, he pulled his cock out and rammed it
in hard, clamping a hand over her face to muffle her shocked

"There will be more of that if you do not answer, Meghna. Who

"Uh -- Uh -- Alex, sir. Alex."

"Ah. Alex. Good old Alex." Dias resumed his gentle, rhythmic
fucking. "Meghna."

"Ohhh uhhh ohh ma uhhh OHHH ma --"

"You will answer me in the approved fashion!" Again he rammed hard
into her cunt, muffling her cry.

"OHHHHH yes! Yes! Sir, yes!"

"That's better. You are a naughty girl."

"Yes -- ohhhh uhhh yes, sir -- yes. I'm UHHHH sorry uhhh oh ma
uhhh ohh uhhh OHHH, sir!"

"You will have to be punished severely."

"Yes! Ohhh yes ohhh god yes, sir, yes!"

"I am happy to note that you accept your transgression and the

"Yes -- ohh god yes -- oh god, sir, oh god yes!"

"I will administer the punishment personally. For the rest of the
week. Daily."

"Yes -- uhhh Ohhhh yes -- ohhh uhhh yes, sir."

"You understand that this is for your good?"

"Yes -- ohhh yes -- ohhh ma uhh oh ma yes!"

"And you will not speak of it to anyone, do you understand?"

"Yes -- yes sir, yes!"

"You may tell Alex, however, if you wish. No, I insist you tell

"Yes, sir -- ohhh -- I will, sir -- yes!"

"Good." Dias continued fucking her steadily.

Meghna rocked and jerked under him, her pleasure intense and

"Sir -- Please, sir -- please?"

"Yes. What is it?"

"Sir, please, sir -- k me hard, sir! I want it hard, sir, like
you did just then! OHHH yes! Ohhhh yes, yes -- that's it! Again,
sir, again! OHHHhhh -- Once more! AhhhhHHHh hunhh Ahhh -- Now, sir
-- quickly and hard sir please Ohhh god oh god oh ma ohhh Unhhh
Ohhh unhh Oh unnhhh OH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OH
uh OHH uh OHH uh OHHHHH!"

Overwhelmed, Dias ram-fucked her cunt furiously, slamming his cock
into her cunt. Meghna orgasmed violently. Her cunt spasmed
fiercely on his penis and he gasped and ground into her hard,
thrusting in greedily again and again, his hands on her hips,
jerking her cunt down onto his rampant penis. He hammered his hips
at her buttocks violently for a minute, and then, gasping, jerked
out of her and came hard, spurting hot, sticky gunk over her back
and in the cleft between her buttocks. Groaning, he squeezed his
cock into her cunt again briefly and squirmed his hips against
her. Meghna groaned, her head bowed, her chest heaving.

Slowly, Dias eased his cock out of her cunt and stepped back. She
remained bent over the table, panting and whimpering, her body
trembling. At last, she straightened, tottering unsteadily on her
feet and turned around. He was zipping his fly, belting his
trousers. He grinned at her. Meghna smiled weakly and straightened
her tunic, her eyes dazed.

"I hope you've learned your lesson," he said with feigned

"Yes, sir," she murmured, lowering her eyes.

"And what is it you have learned?"

"To -- to obey my teachers, sir. To follow the rules."

"Good. But do you know all the rules?"

"No, sir. Not all."

"Then you might break another rule, even unwittingly, isn't that

"Sir, yes, sir. It might happen."

"We don't want that, now, do we?"

She shook her head. "No. No, sir. I want to be a good student."

"That's good." He smiled and patted her head indulgently. "I will
teach you the rules, Meghna. All the rules."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." Meghna hid a grin of delight. "That
would be very nice."

"Very well. Come back here tomorrow night."

"After lights, sir?" She asked cheekily.

He looked at her hard and she raised her head and looked at him
with utter innocence .

"Yes," he said slowly. "After lights."

"Thank you, sir. You're very kind to me, sir. I'm sorry, sir." She

Dias felt his pulse quicken. She was extraordinarily attractive.
He nodded and waved his hand in dismissal. "Very well. You may go

"Thank you, sir."

Meghna stepped forward as though to pass him and stopped, right in
front of him.

"Yes?" He looked at her curiously.


"Yes, what is it?"

Suddenly he gasped. She squeezed his penis through his trousers
and smiled wantonly up at him.

"Your cock's wonderful, sir. I loved it when you fucked me just
now. Every minute. Would you let me suck your cock, sir? Just
once, tonight? To show you how sorry I really am? You can even
come in my mouth, sir, if you like."

He stared at her speechless, and she took it to mean assent.
Smiling happily, she knelt before him and deftly undid his
trousers and fly again. Pulling his cock out of his jock-strap,
she moaned softly, kissing the thick cock-head, jerking it in her
fist. It swelled rapidly at her touch and her tongue snaked out
and coiled languidly around the cock-head. Then she opened her
mouth and took his penis between her lips and began sucking it.
Dias groaned and fucked her face incredulously, his hips jerking
back and forth, her head bobbing between his legs. It felt
wonderful, for her mouth was a warm, moist grotto and her tongue
had an electric cunning that was truly unusual. Meghna sucked his
cock for several minutes and then he came again and she opened her
mouth lasciviously, smiling wantonly up at him as he saw his jizz spurt into her mouth and splash on her face. When it was done, she
took him in her mouth again and licked his cock. Finally, she
rose, licking her lips, wiping the gunk off her face with her
fingers and lapping it, her eyes never leaving his face. Rising on
her toes, she kissed him gently on the lips.

Dias was in a state of excitement all through the next day. As
night fell, his agitation grew. He pottered about distractedly,
waiting for her. Lights-out was called and the dormitory fell into
darkness. Time crawled. Half-an-hour, forty-five minutes. Dias was
in deep rut. He strode out of his study, did the rounds of the
dorms and finally came to hers. It was dark inside. A small
nightlamp in the far corner provided just enough illumination to
navigate the room.

There were six bunks in the room, arranged in pairs, one above the
other. One pair was in front of him along the left wall, another
along the right. The third was along the front wall, to the right
of the door, at a convenient distance from the nightlamp and so in
deeper shadows than the rest. Dias knew from his charts that
Meghna had the lower berth. The room was completely quiet. He
stepped cautiously towards her bunk. The sheets were drawn up and
there appeared to be a form under them. Gently, he lifted the

Meghna was fast asleep. Dias looked at her, his head bowed. She
looked lovely, her pretty face serene and calm, her breathing
steady and regular. He drew back the covers and stifled a gasp of
surprise. She was completely naked. He looked at her breasts hungrily, the high, fleshy, full, swollen mounds rising and
falling evenly, the nipples stubby in their dainty aureoles. He
pulled the covers further back. Her belly was bare, too, and
beneath, he saw the tempting shadow between her thighs. She didn't

Dias quelled his disappointment and drew the covers over her
again. He couldn't force her out of bed. He sighed and was about
to turn away when she moved, and he froze.

Meghna's hand slipped out from under the covers and slid up his
thigh to his crotch. She squeezed his cock through his trousers
and then, deftly, with one hand, she slid down his fly-zipper
without a sound and slipped her hand into his crotch and around
his penis. Dias froze in surprise. The shape in the bed moved and
before he could say or do anything, she tossed off the sheets,
swung her feet off the bed and, sitting at its edge, took his
penis in her mouth and started sucking it rapidly. Her head rocked
back and forth before him and she pumped his penis in her fist.

"Meghna!" He gasped, but his cock betrayed him, growing hot and

She looked up in annoyance, a finger to her lips. "Ssh! Quiet!"

Their roles were reversed and now it was he who obeyed. She
grinned and began sucking him lasciviously, looking up at him with
a smile as he ran her tongue around his glistening, bulging
cock-head. Dipping her head, she sucked on his low, heavy balls
and then took his penis deep in her mouth again and sucked it
hard, her head rocking rapidly back and forth.

Dias expected that she would want him to come in her mouth and she
surprised him yet again when she stopped and, pulling open his
trousers, pulled his head down and kissed him eagerly. He bent
over and returned the kiss, his tongue flickering in her mouth.

"Not here!" He hissed. "For heavens' sake, not here!"

She jerked his cock and he groaned. "Yes, sir, here. Right here.
Right now. My cunt is on fire and it won't wait. Take off your
clothes and fuck me here!"

Meghna pulled him down into her bunk, tearing off his clothes and,
within seconds, his cock was buried in her flesh and he was
fucking her rapidly, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his cock
plunging in and out of her cunt.

She arched and jerked and lurched under him, kissing him
feverishly, her hips bucking and heaving under his, kissing him,
biting his shoulders, tonguing his ear erotically.

"Come inside me," she hissed in his ear. "I want your cum in my

He stared at her in surprise, slowing his movements, and she
giggled and licked his nipple. His body was smooth, his torso
hairless and sexy.

"Don't worry, sir, I'm safe. I'm on the pill."

Dias groaned and kissed her deeply and began to fuck her
furiously, his buttocks plummeting up and down demonically.
Meghna's head arched and her mouth opened in a soundless cry. Her
fingers scrabbled at his smooth, strong back and her legs wrapped
taut about his thighs. Her body jerked and snapped and whipped
back and forth and up and down under his. Her breasts were hot and
swollen under his. Her cunt convulsed frantically on his penis. He
bent his head and sucked her breasts, nibbling on her nipples and
her body twisted and writhed and thrashed joyfully beneath his,
her head whipping from side to side.

"Sir! Sir! Come on sir, come on! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, sir, yes!
Ohh yes, sir, yes!"

"Yes -- take it! Oh fuck yes -- take it -- c'mon take it!" The
teacher gasped.

She came and he gasped at the heat of her orgasm as her cunt bit
down hot and hard on his penis. He thrust his cock into her hard,
ramming it in as deep as it would go. Meghna bit her lower lip and
arched under him, clenching his buttocks and pulling him deeper
into her. Dias lost control. The breath hissed from his throat and
his hips rocked in a frenzy, hammering violently at hers, burying
his cock in her cunt, quivering and throbbing, his hips twitching
at her crotch. He came explosively inside her and her face glowed
with joy as the hot spoot flooded her sodden slit.

A few minutes later, Dias left her dorm. He went to the toilet to
wash and returned to his study. Meghna was already there. She sat
naked behind his desk on his swivel chair, her body bathed in the
soft amber glow from the anglepoise desklamp. Dias stopped in his
tracks. Meghna put her feet on the desk and, spreading her legs
wide, leaning back in her chair, reached down and pulled her
cunt-lips open for him.

"Come on, sir," she said huskily. "Come and lick my slit. Then I
want your cock in my ass."

The girl was irresistible. Dias rushed forward with a strangled
cry, ripping off his clothes. Meghna giggled and, as he came
towards, lifted one leg off the desk and then replaced it, with
him now between her thighs. He fell to his knees and thrust his
face into her cunt with a moan. Meghna murmured and smiled softly.
His tongue felt good in her slit. She smiled down at him,
caressing his handsome face and moving his head round and round in
her crotch.

"Mmm -- yes -- that's nice -- yes -- tongue-fuck me, sir -- yes --
Ohhh that feels lovely!"

Her cunt tasted heavenly, tangy and very wet. Dias lapped at her
juices. Meghna moaned softly and arched her face, her lips parted,
her nostrils flared. Her buttocks and hips twitched and her body
jerked up and down, making her breasts bounce gently. She slid her
hands under her breasts and lifted them and squeezed them. She
rolled her palms sensuously over her stiff nipples and tweaked
them in her fingers. Her lips parted and her tongue described an
erotic, languid arc over her upper lip, her face turned to one

"Ohhhh yes, sir, yes -- Ohhhhhh god Mr. Dias sir yes -- shove your
tongue in, sir Ohhh god oh god oh god yes!"

He found her gorged clit and sucked on it. Meghna gasped, her head
arching steeply. The lust in her loins grew and spread, and she
forced her legs still wider and clenched his head to her cunt, her
hands squeezing her breasts in an erotic frenzy. Dias' tongue
swirled through her cunt-flesh, probing and flickering like liquid
lightning, driving her to paroxysms of delight. Excited by her
response, the gym instructor plied her cunt with his tongue till
she came. Meghna moaned and cried out, her back arching, her
breasts hot and hard in her hands, her head arched back, her hips
writhing uncontrollably under his face.

Dias got to his feet with a smile and, moaning, taking her feet
off the desk, Meghna slipped off the chair to her knees and began
sucking his penis. It was already hard and hot and she sucked it
slowly, moaning deep in her throat, lasciviously working the
cock-head with her tongue. Dias smiled and grunted in pleasure,
rocking her head back and forth, pumping his hips at her face. She
pumped his cock in her fist, licked his balls, sucked his penis
again and, holding his hips now, began to do it rapidly and
hungrily as her lust mounted again. Dias gasped, his hard belly
rippling with tension. Meghna thrust a hand into her crotch and
began masturbating.

They fucked on his desk. Dias lay on his back across its length.
Meghna continued sucking him for a while and then, moaning, moved
up, straddling his hips in a low squat, her feet on the desk on
either side of his hips, his penis in her hands, between her
thighs. She lowered her hips, holding his penis, and he gasped as
her cunt-lips slipped around his bulging cock-head. She grinned
down at him, pausing in that deep, strenuous position apparently
without effort, one hand on his shaft, the other on his hard
belly, her body leaning forward slightly.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" She grinned.

He gasped in response, his hands hot on her breasts.

"Watch this," she smiled.

Putting her hands on her hips, taking her weight on her heels, she
swung her hips in a slow, wide, circle. Her cunt swirled around
his cock-head, making him gasp as it convulsed delightfully on his
penis. Again her hips rolled and yet again and then she began
rolling them round and round faster and faster, churning her cunt with his cock. Her lips parted and her nostrils flared and her
breathing was sharp with excitement.

"Oh ma uhhh OHHH yes Oh fuck yes!" She cried.

Her breasts wobbled with her motions and he squeezed them, awed by
her prowess. With a shuddering moan of relief, flinging her head
back, Meghna swung her hips once more and this time, it was a
descending spiral so that with one single twirl, her cunt swallowed his cock fully. Dias gasped and arched under her,
thrusting his penis deep into her cunt.

She cried out and they began to move, bucking and rocking eagerly
on his desk. Her hips rose and fell, her buttocks flexing and
unflexing, her knees bending and unbending. Her cunt slid up and
down the length of his erect, throbbing shaft, and it glistened as
it appeared and disappeared between her cunt-lips. She leaned
forward with her fingertips on the table and, her head flung back,
began moving faster and faster, slamming her cunt up and down on
his penis. Her breasts bounced and tossed with their movements.

"Ohh sir! Sir! Yes! Oh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Ohh yes!"
She cried.

"Take it! Oh yes, take it, bitch! Take it! Take my cock, whore!"
He gasped.

She came violently, her cunt convulsing on his penis and her
motions slowed to a heavy up-and-down, crushing stroke, her hips
writhing and grinding and gyrating ecstatically over his. His
penis throbbed ominously in her flesh and she sensed his orgasm.
Immediately, she slipped off his cock. He groaned in despair.

"I want your cum in my ass," she gasped. "Not in my cunt -- c'mon
-- fuck my butt!"

Her words inflamed him. She turned around to kneel on the desktop
with her back to him, leaning forward on her front in a *namaz*
position, her buttocks raised, her legs spread. Her tight little
anus winked invitingly. Panting with lust, Dias knelt behind her,
and spreading her buttocks wider with his hands, pressed his
cock-head to her anus. She tensed when she felt his cock-head at
her anus, then relaxed and yielded. He gripped her hips, flexed
his buttocks and his huge cock-head popped into her asshole.

Meghna's head snapped up, her mouth jerked open and the breath
rushed from her throat in a choking gasp. Her ass was incredibly
hot and very tight and it convulsed fiercely on his penis. Dias'
head jerked back as if pulled by an invisible string and he cried
out softly.

"More!" She panted. "Give it to me, sir! Do it! Fuck my ass!"

"OHHHHhhunhhhhhAHHHHHHHH!" Her gymnastics instructor moaned,
half-crazy with lust and delight.

His buttocks flexed slowly and his penis surged into her ass.
Meghna gasped and whimpered, her body twisting as she reached
behind for his anus.

"Fuck me!" She gasped. "Oh god yes -- fuck my ass! Do it, sir! Do

She felt no pain, only a searing, indescribable lust. Her hips
jerked and lurched backward, impaling her anus on his throbbing,
burning penis. She gasped. He cried out and, sliding out of her,
thrust into her again. Her body lurched forward with his stroke.

"Again!" She gasped. "Do that again!"

His orgasm was imminent. Dias fucked her ass heavily and slowly,
thrusting his swollen throbbing penis in and out of her cunt, then
going faster and faster, plunging greedily into her hot,
convulsing ass-flesh. Meghna's soft, staccato, choking gasps and
moans thrilled him. He buried his penis in her anus.

"Take it!" He gasped. "Take it, bitch! Take my cock! Ohhhh god

"Oh sir! Sir! Yes!" she sobbed. "Ohhh god yes! Ohhhh yes! Fuck me,
sir! Ohhh unhhhh yes! Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard, sir Ohhhhhhh yes
yes yes!"

He found his rhythm at last and began stroking smoothly in and out
of her anus, swinging his hips from the waist, his taut buttocks
flexing and unflexing. His thighs slapped softly against her
buttocks and his glistening penis appeared and disappeared between
the lobes of her buttocks. He slid his hands up her body and
cupped and squeezed her swinging, bouncing breasts. Crushing them
in his hands, he began moving faster and faster.

Meghna came hard, her cunt and ass spasming and convulsing
frantically. Her anus cramped on his penis and it was too much for
him to bear. With a shuddering cry, he plunged into her and held
fast, his cock quivering in her anus, his hips twitching at her
buttocks. Meghna moaned. He gasped and then his face creased in a
smile of joy as the heat surged out of his cock and spurted in
hot, sticky jets into her tight asshole.

Meghna bowed her head, panting and gasping heavily. Slowly, he
eased his penis out of her and she moaned. Her body sank to the
desktop, trembling and quivering. Dias grinned down at her and
caressed her buttocks and anus with his sticky penis.

"You really liked that, didn't you, whore?" He murmured. "Liked
having it in your ass? "

Slowly, she turned around under him and her face was radiant with
genuine pleasure.

"Shall I tell you the truth, sir?"

He smiled. "You must always tell the truth, young lady."

She giggled. "Well, sir, the truth is, I can't decide where I
liked it more: In my cunt or in my ass or in my mouth."

"To be quite honest, neither can I."

"Well then, sir, there's only one to find out, I guess."

He was on his haunches on the desk and she got up quickly and,
tucking an errant strand of hair behind her ear, bent her head
over his crotch and took his penis in her mouth again. He grunted,
then chuckled softly, caressing her breasts, sliding his hand down
her back to her slit.

She sucked his cock steadily for several minutes and, to his
surprise, succeeded in resurrecting his erection. She licked it
slowly, smiling with satisfaction, savouring the mingled taste of
cunt and jizz and ass on it. Her eyes glittering, she straightened
before him.

"I love being fucked," she murmured, quite unneces*sari*ly. "Fuck

Her lips fluttered against his and her tongue rapped at his,
slipping between his lips and into his mouth. Dias squeezed her
turgid breasts. She was the best woman he'd ever known, the best
fuck he'd ever had. She gave utterly and without reserve and there
wasn't the least hint of ennui about her lovemaking. In time, she
would be formidable in bed.

"A penny for your thoughts," she smiled as they went down on the
desk again, her body under his.

"Too cheap," he chuckled, taking her hands in his and stretching
her arms above her head. "Much too cheap."

"So am I," she said. "Very cheap. Free, actually."

"No," he laughed, his penis throbbing between her thighs, "I don't
think you're cheap at all. I think you're priceless. Quite

"You're sweet," she said, kissing him deeply.

She lifted her hips and he found her cunt-hole and, flexing his
buttocks, entered her slowly.

"Mm -- that's wonderful, sir," she murmured, smiling, kissing him.
"Your cock really is wonderful -- yes -- I think it's nicest in my
cunt -- what do you think?"

He grinned and bent his head to suck her nipples. "Yes, I tend to
agree, Meghna. Your cunt is really good on my cock."

"I want to be fucked all night."

"I want to fuck you all night."

"I'll come here every night."

"Yes. You must."

"Mm -- what a lovely way to study, sir -- the best -- come on now
-- fuck me slowly -- make it last -- ohhh yes -- that's nice --
mm, that's good -- ohhh yes -- do it, sir -- fuck me -- take me
like a whore, sir -- use me!"

Dias fucked Meghna every night for a week. He sated himself with
her body, fucking her repeatedly in her every orifice for hours on
end after lights out. There was not an available surface in his
study they didn't use.

Meghna felt sorry for Alex. She had told him about Dias and
although he agreed to wait out the week, she could see that he
didn't like being deprived. That gave her an idea.

The following week, Dias walked into his study and was
thunderstruck to see Alex and Meghna fucking on his desk. He
watched them and then she looked at him and smiled and invited him
to join in. Dias gasped in surprise and delight.

That night, the two hard-bodied sports instructors fucked the
fifteen-year old repeatedly till she was dizzy with exhaustion.
They took her separately and together in her cunt and mouth and
then in her cunt and ass simultaneously. She was ecstatic and
almost fainted with the intensity of the pleasure from the two
huge penises sawing rhythmically in and out of her teenage flesh.

For the next fortnight, Meghna alternated between the two men during the week, and, every Saturday night, they fucked her
together. Meghna loved every minute of it and never tired of the
fucking, no matter what they did to her or how often. She only
wanted more.

Not long afterwards, the mid-term exam results were announced.
Meghna did poorly. She looked at her report sheets in horror. She
had barely passed a single examination. After lights-out, waiting
for the others to fall asleep so she could go to Dias, Meghna lay
on her bunk and stared silently at the bunk above her. The
terrifying figures swam before her eyes.

She looked at her watch with a sigh. It was almost time.
Cautiously, she slipped out the room. Going down the hall to Dias'
room, she saw the answer.

It was so clear, so elegant in its simplicity that it took her
breath away. She stopped, leaning against the wall, her head
bowed, her mind whirling with excitement and plans. Finally,
smiling to herself, she hurried to Dias.

That night, Meghna pushed Dias to the limit. Apparently
insatiable, she aroused him again and again after every orgasm,
with the most cunning caresses, exploring his body with the
sexiest of touches, using her lips and tongue and teeth and
fingers with such skill that he was almost screaming in an agony
of pleasure. She made him fuck her hard in her cunt and in her
ass, drank his jizz, and made him fuck her again, and yet again.
Dias was exhausted when she finally kissed him goodnight.

Two nights later, she made her first foray into the academics
faculty and snared Trivedi, the Geography teacher. He was in his
mid-forties, slim and well-kept, and randy as hell. He had to be,
with a wife who looked like a buffalo and was just as beddable.

Meghna went into his study one sultry Sunday afternoon, ostensibly
to ask for some help in her schoolwork. Ten minutes after she went
in, she was sucking his cock greedily and, a short while later, he
fucked her savagely on her back on the floor, pounding his
seven-inch penis into her like a demon. She stayed with him for an
hour and left him flushed and gasping and smiling.

Her geography marks improved dramatically. Smiling at the latest
results, Meghna began working through five other subjects, ticking
them off in a little check-list as she went along. English, Music
and Art were beyond reach, since there wasn't anything she could
do about the three doddering spinsters. All the others, in
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and History were male
and, three weeks after she launched what she called Operation
Come-A-Lot, Meghna was fucking them all. The results, on her
report sheets, were astonishingly and uniformly good.
Unfortunately, the History teacher, Gandhi, left the school a few
weeks later and one of the old ladies substituted, forcing Meghna
to work harder on the subject. To her surprise, she found she did
well despite the lack of any external aids or incentives. Turning
to English, she worked steadily and that, too, yielded dividends.

Meghna realised that she was able to get the marks she wanted by
either method. Equally, she found that it was much more fun and
far less effort to use the more informal system. She continued
sleeping with the teachers.

She missed Gandhi, for he was a gentle, avuncular sort with round
glasses. She didn't mind that he had a soft, pudgy body or that
his cock wasn't as big as the others. He was gentle and kind, and
where the others fucked her, Gandhi made love to her, tenderly
revelling in the pleasures of her fifteen-year old flesh.

Then there was Chinua, the soccer coach whom she found very sexy
and quickly seduced late one evening. He was a strong, virile,
handsome man and he was the best tongue-fucker of the lot, for he
had a long, thick, heavy, pointed tongue and he loved the taste of
wet cunt. His penis was a magnificent thing, almost ten inches
long and enormously thick and the first time he went into her,
Meghna very nearly fainted with joy. He filled her to the brim and
she thought he would rip her flesh in two, that it would surely
burst from her throat. His cock touched the inside of her belly
and found recesses in her cunt to explore that none of the others
could. Meghna spent long hours taking soccer coaching and soon
became captain of the team. Chinua and she celebrated with a
prolonged fuck in the woods behind the soccer field.

Her marks were not only linked to the sexual favours she dispensed
so liberally, though that certainly helped put her a rung above
the rest. Meghna was an intelligent girl and knew that getting
high marks without knowing very much about the subject in which
they were awarded was bound to arouse suspicion sooner or later.
Questions would be asked and people would talk. That would
jeopardize everything and she wanted to avoid that at all costs.
So while she was fucking her teachers, Meghna also studied
seriously and worked hard at gymnastics, athletics, football,
swimming and other sports. She played tennis, volleyball, squash,
badminton and learned horseback riding. The difference, as she
said to Alex, was that the horses needed saddles, while she much
preferred to ride bareback.

Her progress was recognised, and she was appointed Prefect and
then Head Prefect, when she returned with the gymnastics trophy
and won an inter-school elocution competition. By now, very firmly
the brightest star in the school's firmament, Meghna was every
schoolgirl's idol, every schoolboy's fantasy, every
school-master's pride and joy.
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