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Archived Sex Stories

ELLEN hurt you You are here for


Ellen By Mistress Diana

"I have a challenge for you, Diana," Mike said one night after a
particularly great session of lovemaking.

"What is that? You want me to get you hard again?" I answered slyly.

He laughed.

"No, no...there is this guy at work who was telling me about his wife. I
guess she's kind of a slut, but she wants to take it to another level."

"Oh yeah?" I asked, intrigued.

"Yeah, he says she loves to fuck him all the time, but she wants to be
treated like a slut by other people. Just for a couple of days."

"Hmmm...interesting. I suppose you told him about me?"

"Yep," he said, grinning.


"He agreed that it would be good if it made her stop driving him crazy."

I laughed.

"Well, does he want to participate?"

"He said only at the end. What we do with her before that is totally up
to us."

I was definitely intrigued and up for that challenge.

"What is her name?" I asked.


"And does she know about this?"

"He was going to speak to her if we agreed. I guess we're agreeing?"

"Oh sure. Have you met this Ellen?"

"Yeah, just once. She's a real knockout. I know we would both enjoy

"Hmmm...I bet," looking down at his cock, which was beginning to get a
life of its own.

"Well tell Ellen's husband we would love to accommodate his wife," I
said leaning down to get a closer look at Mike's cock.

"Oh, I will- Diana!"

My mouth had engulfed him and for a little while he forgot about this

A week later, I was preparing for Ellen's visit with us. I was dying to
see this woman and 'take her to the next level', so to speak. Mike seemed
very eager as well and I knew he couldn't wait to fuck her. Well, he'd get
his chance, but as always, I had first crack at her. And what a day I had

Ellen arrived promptly that morning. I opened the door to find a
gorgeous woman about 35 years old. She was about average height, but very
trim and fit. Her large D-cups strained against her sweater and her hips
were very shapely. I smiled at her pretty face framed by long, red hair.
Mike knew I liked redheads and I wasn't disappointed.

" nice to meet you, I'm Diana. Please come in."

She smiled at me a bit nervously and stepped inside. I think she was a
little disappointed at how ordinary my house was. It was if she was
expecting a full torture chamber.

I noticed the bag she was carrying.

"Did you bring everything?"

"Yes. I hope you like the clothes."

"Well, if not we can always get you new ones. Come into the kitchen, I
have coffee on."

She followed me into the kitchen and sat down. I smiled in approval of
her shapely legs as she crossed them. Her skirt rode up just a little bit
showing me her nice, tanned thighs.

I poured the coffee and sat down across from her and began to explain
the rules.

"Ok, Ellen. There are some things I need to know about you. Then I
will tell you what the rules are."

She nodded.

"Why are you here?" I asked.

She cleared her throat before starting.

"Well, I have always, uh, wanted to be dominated by someone. You know,
made to serve."


"So I guess your boyfriend and my husband talked and he told me about

"Yes, yes, I know. But what do you hope to accomplish by being with
Mike and I?"

"I-I want to act out my fantasies...I want to be the true slut I know I

I looked at her. She was definitely serious.

"Ellen, I know you are a slut. While you are here, you are to do
whatever Mike and I tell you. You will perform for us plus whomever else
we decide should use you. You are to call me Mistress from now on.


I raised my eyebrow and she hastily added "Mistress."

"Good. Now you are here on your own free will. You may leave at any
time if you feel uncomfortable. Although you may experience some pain, we
are not here to hurt you. You are here for our pleasure as much as your
own, but our pleasure comes before yours. You with me so far?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"While you are in our house, you must be naked at all times. If and
when we go out, you will of course be allowed to wear clothes, but only
what I want you to wear. You must obey us at all times. If you do, things
will go well for you. If you don't you will be disciplined. However, I
may discipline you regardless. Any questions?"

"Just one - will my husband be participating?"

"Yes, at some point he will - when and where is up to Mike and I." I
took one last sip of my coffee and leaned back. "Is your pussy shaved?"

"Yes, Mistress," she said lowering her eyes.

"Good. Let me see it."

She looked up at me with wide eyes.

"Go ahead. Raise your skirt and take your panties off. Might as well
start now."

She hesitated slightly before pulling her skirt up to expose smooth
thighs. She had on tiny lace panties and I licked my lips anticipating
seeing her bare mound underneath.

"Just pull them aside for now."

She pushed the material aside and I could see that she was very bare. I
smiled in satisfaction.

"Very nice. You can lower your skirt now."

I stood up and put the coffee cups in the sink and stood before her.

"Have you ever had sex with a woman, slut?"

" haven't, Mistress."

"But you want to, right?"

"Yes, Mistress...I do."

"You will come to enjoy the taste of another woman's pussy. I guarantee
it. Now let's go downstairs and get started."

My basement was a perfect place to play with my sluts. It was quiet and
no one could hear anything from within. It was small and cozy with a pull
out couch and plenty of hooks and places to restrain. It didn't look evil,
though. It was merely a place to play.

When we got downstairs, I made Ellen strip and stand before me naked. I
admired her lush body with her narrow waist and full breasts.

"Spread your legs, slut."

She obediently spread her legs and I walked around her admiring her firm
ass. I got a small ass vibe and lubed it up and teased her tight puckered
hole. She jumped and tried to move away. I grabbed her around the waist
and rammed it in and turned it on low.

"Go sit in that chair," I said, pointing to a hard wooden chair.

She gingerly moved over to it and sat down. I heard her moan slightly
as the ass vibe was pushed further inside her.

All my toys were laid out near her and I proceeded to restrain her.
First her arms were pulled back and cuffed at the wrists then lashed to the
chair. This caused her big breasts to stick out nicely. I already noticed
the nipples were becoming erect. Next, I looped a rope tightly around the
tops of her breasts, pushing them down and out. Another rope went snuggly
around her waist as I pulled it tightly so her back was against the chair.
I spread her legs wide and tied her calves to the legs of the chair, making
sure I wound the rope down the entire length to her ankles. Her pussy was
open to me now. Lastly, I gagged her with a cloth, tied tightly behind her

I stood back and lubed up another vibrator, but wondered if I actually
needed to. I placed it at the entrance to her pussy and began to thrust it
inside. She moaned against her gag as I turned it on low and inserted it
deep in her snatch.

"Alright, slut. I am going upstairs to shower and change. You will not
be able to cum with the vibes set as low as they are. However, if that
vibrator shoved in your cunt is not there when I return, I will punish you.

She nodded and I left her.

While I showered, I started to think about the day I had planned for her
and smiled...

My slut was waiting for me downstairs with fear in her eyes. The
vibrator had left her pussy.

I took off her gag.

"Did you cum?" I asked.

" just slipped out."

"Didn't I tell you to keep in there?"

"Yes, Mistress, but it slid out...I-"

Her words were cut off by a slap to the face.

"No excuses!" I picked up the vibrator and saw that it was very wet.
Although I knew that would happen, I didn't tell her that.

"I am going to have to discipline you now, slut. First suck this."

I shoved the vibrator into her mouth and made her lick the cum from it.
Then I untied her from the chair, leaving the cuffs on and pushed her face
down on the bed.

"Raise your ass to me."

She pushed her knees up under her and raised her ass up. I took my
paddle and landed it on her ass with a loud SMACK.

"Owww," she cried out.

I brought the paddle down on the other cheek hard. She cried louder and
I saw that some redness was beginning to appear. I gave her several more
swats until I was satisfied she was disciplined enough without being sore
for the rest of the day. We had things to do.

I uncuffed her hands and pulled her up to her feet.

"I want to you to dress - we are going out."

"Yes, Mistress."

I went through her bag and found exactly the clothes I wanted her to
wear. I sat down and watched her nervously get dressed.

First she slid on long, black stockings that attached to a garter belt.
She was not allowed panties. Over that was a tight, leather mini that
barely covered her ass. I watched her smooth it over her ass, trying to
pull it down a bit. Next, she put on tight, white sweater. No bra was
allowed and her tits strained against the material and her nipples were
visible. She looked like a perfect little slut. I let her were modest
heels as we probably would be doing some walking.

I told her to go into the bathroom and put on some more makeup. Dark
red lipstick and plenty of eyeshadow. When she came out, she looked great.

"Ok, let's go," I said leading the way upstairs.

We got in the car and I drove us to the mall.

It was a pretty busy day at the mall with lots of people shopping for
the impending holidays. Ellen and I entered a store and immediately she
got looks from people. Some of them good, some of them bad. As we walked
her tits jiggled underneath her sweater and her hard nipples poked through.
I just smiled at passersby, but she was clearly self-conscious about her

I paraded her about looking for someone for her to serve. I thought
some good, anonymous sex would be just the thing for her. Several men had
given her openly lewd looks so I knew it wouldn't take long.

We strolled into a record store that was somewhat empty for a busy day.
It was dark and there was lots of loud music playing. Perfect.

We caught the attention of nice looking guy with long, black hair. He
was about 25 with a big smile showing lots of white teeth. He noticed
Ellen right away and she looked away, embarrassed. She never asked me what
we were going to do, but I knew she had guessed.

I told her to wait where she was while I spoke to the guy. It was easy
to engage him in conversation about Ellen. He told me his name was Eric
and I told him about Ellen. I explained to him that she was an eager
little slut and she wanted to be used by many different people and he was
the first.

We decided to go the back of the store behind a large display of CDs. I
brought Ellen and presented her to Eric.

I looked at her.

"Ok, slut, I think this man needs his cock sucked."

She looked at me wide-eyed but got down on her knees. Eric was already
bulging out of his pants and he lost no time unzipping himself to free his
throbbing cock.

Ellen brought her red lips to his cockhead and took him into her mouth
and began to suck and lick. Eric brought his hands to her head and began
to push her mouth down to engulf him. I stood slightly off to the side to
make sure no one interrupted us. What we were doing was pretty risky.

She sucked his cock expertly - licking and sucking it to full hardness.
Eric began moaning loudly and I was thankful for the booming music that
filled the store. He clutched her head and began to hump her slut mouth,
making her take him deep. She let him have his way with her mouth as he
increased his speed and I knew it wouldn't take too long.

Sure enough, he began to groan and spurt his cum in her mouth. My slut
drank it all down, not letting a drop escape her mouth. When Eric pulled
out of her mouth, she licked his cock clean before he pushed it back in his

"Wow," he said looking at me. "What a good cock-sucker she is."

"Yes, she is," I said, smiling down at Ellen.

I helped her to her feet and said good-bye. She was trying to fix her
lipstick, which had smeared somewhat from her cock sucking.

We left the store quickly and began to walk down to a lingerie store
that I frequented. I knew the owner and she knew about me.

We entered and I told Ellen to find something really sexy while I spoke
to my friend, June. She was a slim blond woman around 40 who was also a
Domme like myself. We frequently shared our slaves with each other as well
as some good stories. I pointed Ellen out to her as we talked.

"Wow, Diana. She is hot!"

"Yeah, she just sucked this guy's cock in the record store," I said,

"No way! You are so bad."

I just laughed.

"Are you going to do something here?" she asked mischievously.

"Only with your permission," I said, winking.

"Well, by all means. Let's go in back."

"Ok, let me get her something sexy to wear."

I knew June had a certain weakness for ladies in sexy lingerie and I
wondered how she was able to work there without constantly orgasming.

I found Ellen looking at a sheer black teddy.

"That would look lovely on you. Would you like to try it on?"

She nodded.

"Follow me. I know just the place."

We made our way to June's private office in the back. Ellen looked at
me nervously as we entered it - not sure what was going to happen this

"Ellen, this is June. She owns the store and would like to see you try
this particular item on."

"Yes, Mistress," she said shyly.

June winked and smiled at me.

Ellen removed her clothes and June whistled at her body when it was
fully naked.

"Nice breasts, Ellen."

"Thank you."

"Let's see how you look in that teddy."

Ellen slid it on and stood there in her heels looking at us. The sheer
black material covered her body, but we could see everything underneath.
Her large tits were practically bursting through the thin material and her
nipples were smooth and flat against it. The bottom was pushing into her
pussy lips.

"Turn around," June said quietly.

Ellen turned around and showed us her firm ass barely covered by the
black lace.

"Very nice indeed," she whispered. "You're lucky, Diana. I don't know
how you find these."

I laughed and sat up on June's desk.

"Would you like to play with her?"

"Oh yes..."

"Then go right ahead. The slut hasn't been with a woman yet."


"Yes, why don't you break her in a little?"

June swallowed.

"Has she cum today?"

"Nope, but I think she needs to very badly. Right, slut?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Ellen looked at us with desire in her eyes.

"Come over here, then, slut," June ordered.

Ellen stood before June, her large breasts heaving. June placed her
small hands on Ellen's breasts and began to tweak the nipples lightly.
Ellen closed her eyes and sighed softly. I watched as June ran her thumbs
around the large areola of one nipple making it hard and firm under her
touch. When it was hard, she leaned her head down and began to suck it
through the material.

"Ohhhhh..." Ellen cried softly as June's mouth took her nipple in.

June sucked harder and bit down gently on the hard flesh. Ellen jumped
a little but otherwise didn't move. June did the same to the other breast,
bringing both nipples to a firm erectness. She looked great standing there
with her huge tits pushing out.

"Sit down in that chair," June ordered. "And spread those legs wide."

Ellen sat down and opened her legs, but it wasn't enough.

"Hook them over the arms of the chair," I suggested.

She did as she was told and her gorgeous pussy came into view. June
knelt next to Ellen.

"Now play with yourself. Show us how a slut cums."

Ellen looked at me and I nodded. Then she brought her fingers down to
her pussy lips and moved the material aside. Her fingers began to softly
stroke her slit before opening it up to show us the pink flesh inside.

"Ohhh...nice," June whispered and went back to teasing Ellen's nipples.

I leaned back on the desk and watched my slut get hotter by the minute.
In fact, I was getting hotter by the minute, but I was going to wait. It
was always worth it to wait.

June sucked and tweaked Ellen's nipples harder and I watched my slut
raise her hips up to meet her own fingers. Her eyes were shut tight as she
plunged her hot cunt with her fingers and pulled on her clit. June's own
hand closed over hers and helped her fuck herself.

"Yeah, that's it, slut, harder. Fuck that tight little pussy of yours,"
June breathed.

"Ohhhh...god, I'm...I'm gonna cum..." Ellen moaned.

"Good - cum for us, you sweet little slut. cum all over those fingers."

That was it. Ellen leaned her head back and let out a long moan.

"Fuck!!! I'm CUMMMINNNG!!!!"

She humped her hand hard and thrashed about on the chair. I hoped no
one had heard her, but it was June's shop so...

June helped Ellen along with her orgasm as I watched the two of them.
It went on for sometime before June took her hand away and sucked the
juices off her fingers. Ellen slumped in the chair and her face was flush.

"Wow - that was great," June said, her own face red.

I laughed and stood up.

"I'll pay for that teddy - we'll definitely take it."

"Oh no, no," June protested. "It's on the house. After a show like

I thanked her let told Ellen to take it off and get dressed. She got up
on shaky legs and pulled her clothes on as June put the teddy in a bag.

As she showed us out, she made me promise to tell her about the rest of
the day's adventures. I smiled and told her I would.

We were both hungry after that so we ducked into a cozy little pub in
the corner of the mall. Ellen thanked me several times for letting her
fulfill some fantasies thus far. I told her it wasn't over yet.

As we ate, I scoped out the place for a possible scene. There were a
few couples about, but nothing promising. Then I noticed two construction
workers. Perfect. I told Ellen I had to use the ladies room and told her
to stay put.

I walked up to the construction workers and engaged them in a brief
conversation about Ellen. They both glanced her way and immediately saw
what they liked. They couldn't believe what I offered to them, but they
certainly didn't refuse. However, they were a little disappointed when I
told them that I wasn't part of the deal.

I told them to go into the men's room in about 10 minutes while I paid
the bill and I would have Ellen meet them there.

I returned to my seat and took out my credit card.

"Ok, Ellen, your next test will be with two men. They are over there at
the bar."

She glanced over at them and her eyes went wide.

"Now you can walk away and we'll be done. Do you want to continue?"

"Yes, Mistress. I very much want to do this."

"Ok, we will go into the men's room and you will let them do whatever
they like. I will be there and they will not hurt you, understand?"

"Yes...Mistress," she said and I saw the hunger in her eyes.

After the bill was paid, we slipped into the men's room and found our
friends there. I was glad it was a single occupant room as I locked the
door and introduced Ellen to the men. They were both well-built with deep
tans and sandy colored hair. I noticed they kind of looked the same.

"Are you brothers or something?" I asked.

"Yes," one of them said. "I'm Steve and this is Ryan."

"Oh cool," I giggled and stepped to one side. "Ellen...please show
Steve and Ryan a good time."

"Yes, Mistress," she said as she got down on her knees.

I smiled at my good little slut and leaned against the wall as Steve
undid his fly to take out his semi-hard cock. Without encouragement, she
immediately took him in her hands and began to suck his cock. Again, she
expertly sucked and licked his cock like she had to Eric earlier. Within
no time, he was hard and groaning. He pushed her head away and slapped her
face with his cock.

"Get on your hands and knees, little slut. I'm gonna fuck that pussy of

She turned around and pulled up her skirt showing him her smooth ass.
When she spread her legs, her pussy lips were clearly visible and slightly

"Oh yeah...I'm gonna love fucking this hot bitch," Steve said as he
knelt behind her.

He pushed his cock roughly into her hole and she moaned like the slut
she was. He grabbed her hips and began to slowly slide his cock in and

"Oh fuck, yeah...her cunt is so wet. Ryan, give this bitch your cock.
You're gonna love it."

Ryan grinned and sat on the edge of the toilet and unzipped. A very
large cock came into view. He grabbed Ellen by the hair and pushed her
head down onto his throbbing member.

"Suck this, you red-headed bitch," he said.

Ellen bravely took him in and closed her lips around his cock. He
groaned and thrust himself deeper in his mouth. Meanwhile Steve was
sliding his cock in and out her pussy.

I watched with interest as she took two large cocks from either end.
Steve pumped her cunt while Ryan used her mouth like a fuck hole. His hand
grabbed a fistful of her hair and roughly moved her up and down on his
cock. The other hand reached down to play with her swaying tits through her

This went on for a while as I watched her take them. She was moaning
against Ryan's cock, as I knew she was getting closer to orgasm.

Steve slapped her quivering ass cheeks as he drove in and out of her

"Mmmmm...yeah, I'm gonna cum inside your cunt," he gasped.

Ellen could only moan and she began to shudder.

"That's it, cunt, cum...cum hard because I'm going to fill your sweet
pussy with jism."

That was all she needed - she left Ryan's cock and cried out that she
was cumming.

"Oh YES!!! I'm cumming!!!!"

At that instant Ryan jerked his huge cock off into her face and large,
white jets of cum coated her face and went into her mouth. She moaned and
cried as she came hard and that brought Steve to his peak.

"Oh fuck...." He said simply as he stopped pummeling her and released
his load deep within her pussy.

It was quite a show.

We ducked out later after Ellen cleaned up and straightened her clothes
out. She was clearly turned on by that last scene and again thanked me
several times.

"I'm glad you liked it. You did put on quite a performance there."

She giggled softly and thanked me again.

"I think we've had enough today," I said as we exited the mall. "Let's
go home and see what kind of mischief awaits us there."

As soon as we got home, I was eager to have her please me. The day's
encounters had whipped me up into a state of total longing. I needed to
use her body and very badly.

I immediately ushered her downstairs and told her to undress, as one of
the rules was that she had to be naked at all times. As she did this, I
shed my own clothes, anxious to be free of them. She watched shyly as I
did this but didn't say anything.

"Turn around and put your hands behind your back," I told her.

I tied her hands tightly behind her, enjoying the look of her breasts when I did that. I couldn't wait to play with them and take them into my

I pushed her down on the bed so she was lying on her bound hands. I got
down next to her and took one firm breast in my hand. I squeezed it softly
at first. She watched me with lust in her eyes as I cupped the mound and
pressed my fingers into the flesh. I increased the pressure and as I did
so, her lustful look began to turn to one of pain. I squeezed harder and
harder watching her squirm and complain. I ignored her, and took the
nipple into my mouth and began to suck it hard.

She moved a little, trying to get out from under my grasp so I slapped
her hard across the face. She whimpered, but didn't move again.

I went back to sucking her nipple, biting down on it to make it stand up
firmly. Ellen whimpered some more and it made me only want her more. My
other hand went to her other breast where I began to squeeze it painfully
as well. I drew my hand up against her soft titflesh and began to milk it
roughly. My thumb raked across the nipple, which made that one stand up as

Satisfied, I pulled away and watched her breasts heave. red marks
showed from my fingers and each nipple was hugely erect. I selected my
best nipple clamps, always a favorite, and attached them.

"Owwww...." She cried. "That hurts..."

"Good. It is supposed to."

A chain attached the clamps and I yanked a couple of times. She
screamed and her tits were pulled hard by her nipples.

"We're not done yet," I said as I began to slap her tits lightly with my

Back and forth I went watching her breasts jiggle like they did all day
when she walked. The chain clinked and pulled her nipples but she was
beginning to like it. I could tell by her moans.

"Spread your legs, slut."

She spread them and I began to lightly slap her clit. She writhed and
moaned as I did so and I could feel the wetness seep out from her pussy lips.

"Good girl," I said as straddled her face. "Now you are going to
finally taste another woman's pussy. Eat me."

I felt her tongue begin to slide tentatively out of her mouth to touch
my moist lips. I shuddered and pulled my lips apart so she could get her
tongue in.

"Oh yessss...lovely."

I leaned over her and sought her own pussy with my mouth in a classic 69

"Now just follow my lead," I said as my fingers forced her lips open and
my tongue soon followed.

I began to lick up and down her smooth, shaved slit, flattening my
tongue. She did the same.

"Good girl," I said and returned my face to her wet snatch.

I slid my tongue in between her lips and circled it around her clit.
The hard nub was slightly swollen from her earlier activities. Her tongue
did the same to my clit and brought lovely shivers throughout my body.

We continued this way for a while. When my tongue plunged into her
cunt, her tongue would do the same. I had her eating me out expertly in no
time. I shivered and moaned as she tongued me. My own ministrations were
bringing similar cries of passion from her. Our tongues lapped at each
other, tasting our sweet juices and bringing us closer to cumming.

Every once in a while, I would reach underneath me to pull on her nipple
chain just to remind her who was in charge. She would moan and squirm
against me, but she never stopped performing her task.

As I got closer to cumming I got back up on my knees so she could get
her tongue deep within my pussy. I writhed on her slutty mouth as she
licked and sucked my throbbing pussy. I began to play with her clamped
tits which only brought more enjoyment for me.

Soon I felt my body contract and I shut my eyes as the orgasm slowly
took over. I cried out over and over that I was cumming and told my little
bitch to keep sucking - that her Mistress was going to cum all over her
face. When I did finally cum, it was very hard. My whole body shook over
and over as I ground my pussy into her face, practically smothering her
with my juices.

When the last shudders subsided, I eased off her and lie down next to
her. Ellen's face was shiny with my cum and I began to lick it off. She
moaned at this and I knew she was very turned on by what just happened.

"You did well, my little one. You shall be rewarded."

"Thank you, Mistress."

I took her nipple clamps off, much to her relief. I slowly tongued them
and she moaned loudly from the sensitivity the clamps caused.

Leaving her for a minute I got a long, double-ended dildo. I was eager
for another cum and I wanted to do it with her. I slowly inserted it into
her dripping cunt and twirled it around. She involuntary humped it and
moved her hips wantonly. I laughed as I pumped her with it a few times
before inserting it into my own warmness.

I leaned against some pillows so I was able to manipulate it and began
to slowly fuck our sweet pussies. She moaned and laid still as I pushed
the huge dildo into her and back into me. The feeling of the dildo pushing
into my pussy was overwhelming and my eyes glazed over slightly as I
watched my slut writhe and moan helplessly as I fucked her.

Back and forth I went asking her if she wanted it faster, deeper,
harder. She answered 'yes' each time and I praised her eagerness. I
watched her tits wobble back and forth as she thrashed and humped the dildo
like it was her last fuck on earth. On my end, things were progressing
just fine.

I pushed and fucked us and brought myself to the brink. I knew she was
there too and I egged her on. I started moving the dildo harder, shutting
my eyes with effort. Before I knew it she was shouting that she was
cumming. Hearing my slut moan like that drove me wild and I went crashing
over the edge myself in a long, heavy orgasm that lasted forever.

Mike came home shortly after, and I brought Ellen up to see him. His
eyes were bulging out as I paraded my slut around the kitchen. He couldn't
take his eyes off her luscious tits and I knew he was going to have a good
time with them all night.

After a quick dinner, we retired to the downstairs lair.

"How would you like this slut, dear?" I asked him.

"Tie her up...let me abuse those sweet tits for a while."

I attached leather cuffs to Ellen's wrists and bound her standing up to
a frame. I roped her around and around so her bound breasts stuck out and
she was securely fastened. She was spread-eagled and ready for us.

Mike placed his hands on her breasts and began to softly knead her
flesh. Ellen began to moan as he massaged and probed softly. His thumbs
ran over her nipples repeatedly until they got rock-hard. Her moaning grew
louder as he began to twist them between his fingers.

He did this for a while before leaning over to take one nipple in his
mouth. I watched as he began to suck it in his mouth hard. She cried out
in pleasure. "You like this, don't you, slut?" I asked.


"Tell me."

"I...I like my tits sucked, Mistress. It makes me very hot."

Mike bit down on the flesh and she screamed.

"Do you like that too?" I asked.

She didn't answer as she was too busy crying out in pain as Mike
squeezed her tits roughly and bit her nipples.

"Oh god, Diana, she's wonderful," he said standing up. "I'm gonna slap
those big tits around."

He began to slap the jiggling flesh hard with his hands. Each slap
brought cries from Ellen as her skin got redder and redder. She moaned and
thrashed in her bindings as Mike slapped, pinched and prodded her tits. It
was definitely turning me on watching her take it.

When Mike felt he had enough, I slipped my finger inside her pussy and
it came around very wet.

"Very wet, slut. You're enjoying yourself, aren't you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Suck your juices off my finger."

I pushed my finger into her mouth and she licked it clean.

"Good, girl. I'm going to untie you now."

After I freed her, I forced her down on her knees so she could suck
Mike's cock. I knew he would enjoy her expert cock-sucking. She wasted no
time and got right to work. Mike was soon groaning as she licked and
sucked his hard cock. She even deep-throated him several times.

"Oh fuck, Diana, this little whore is great. I'm gonna cum in her slut

He humped her mouth hard as she squeezed his balls and sucked him deep.
He had both his hands on her head as he forced her deeper. I watched as he
literally fucked her mouth. Her tits were jiggling all over and her sexy
ass wiggled as she took his prick in her mouth.

"Uggghhhh...I'm gonna cum, you slut."

"Mmmm, do it, Mike. Fill this whore's mouth with your cum."

"Fuck yeah," he groaned.

He pumped her for several long, hard strokes before stopping.

"Oh YESSS!!! I'm cumming!!!!"

Ellen kept her mouth closed around his cock as he shot his load. She
sucked him dry and never let up until he stopped jerking around. When at
last he pulled out, she licked him clean, swallowing it all.

Mike collapsed on the couch heaving.

"Fuck, she was good."

I laughed and stripped off my clothes and sat next to him. I spread my
legs wide.

"Get over here slut, and lick my pussy," I said.

She crawled over and we both admired her ass as it swayed with her
movements. I pushed my hips out so my pussy was spread wide for her. She
lowered her head and began to lick my already wet slit.

"Mmmm...that's it. Don't forget what I taught you today."

She was a fast learner. In no time her tongue was teasing my clit and
pushing into my hole. I could see Mike's cock getting hard just watching
us. He reached over and started fondling my breasts as my little slave
tongued me.

"You've trained her well," he whispered.

"I didn't have to do much - she was very eager," I whispered back.

He stroked my nipple to hardness very gently, totally unlike how he was
earlier with Ellen. He knew better.

I sunk back in the couch and closed my eyes as Ellen nibbled my hard

"Ohhh...that's wonderful," I breathed.

Mike lowered his head to my nipple and began to suck. The sensation
drove me crazy as he swirled his tongue around and around before gently
biting me. I cried out and felt my pussy twitch.

Ellen increased the pressure of her licking to my moans and pushed two
fingers into my pussy. I arched my back and cried out.

"Oh yes, you slut, fuck your Mistress with those fingers!"

She moved her fingers in and out of me quickly while her mouth was
locked on my clit. Mike moved to my other breast and began to suck hard.

I moaned and bucked my hips as the two of them pushed me closer and
closer to orgasm. I could feel it building in a huge wave.

When Ellen added a third finger, it sent me right over the edge. I
brought my pussy right into her face and came hard, crying and bucking my
hips as Mike sucked my nipples. I could smell the musky scent of my cum as
I rode Ellen's fingers - not wanting it to end.

When I was able to recover, I wanted to reward Ellen. I knew Mike was
dying to fuck her in the ass, but I wanted to see him push it between those
tits first. When I suggested it to him, he eagerly agreed.

I had Ellen lie on the bed on her back and stretch her arms out wide. I
bound her wrists and ankles and she was spread wide open for Mike. His
bobbing cock was in her pussy in no time. She gasped as he forced his way
inside her and I heard her pussy squelch with the force.

As Mike slowly pumped her cunt I attached the nipple clamps with the
chain to her erect nipples. She moaned as the sensation radiated
throughout her hot little body. Mike loved the looks of her breasts with
the clamps as he slid his cock in and out of her cunt.

Although he was having his way with her pussy, he pulled out after a
while and straddled her stomach. Grabbing each tit in his hand he squeezed
the flesh around his cum-coated cock and began to tit-fuck her.

I gasped as I watched his cock become enveloped by her quivering tits.
His thumbs raked the clamps on her nipples as he slid between her two large
pillows. She moaned loudly like the slut she was as he humped her. Mike's
fingers dug deep in her flesh as he held the tits tightly.

"Oh god, yes...mmmm...I'm gonna slide my cock around these tits of
yours, bitch."

"Oh yes, please, Sir...use my tits...fuck them," she wailed.

I watched her hips moved up and down as her pussy was begging to be

"You like your tits grabbed like this?" he asked.

"Oh yessss, Sir."

"And your nipples abused," he pulled on the chain which stretched her
nipples hard, "like this?"

She squealed and cried out that she did and wanted more.

He pushed his cock hard all the way up to her mouth so she could lick
his cockhead.

"Yeah, suck it bitch."

She sucked his cockhead into her mouth before he pulled it back out.

I lie there next to them and watched Mike hump and stab at her tight
cleavage. Ellen's breasts were heaving from the effort and she was

Mike fucked her tits for a while longer and then slowly pulled away.

"Diana, get her legs up, I wanna finish in her ass."

Ellen opened her eyes and looked at us.

I untied her ankles and pushed her legs up and back and tied them to her
wrists. She was spread impossible wide - both holes open to Mike. Her
pussy was dripping.

"Mmmm...she looks good. I'm gonna fuck that tight ass of hers," Mike
said, getting into position.

Her pushed the tip of his cock into her shit-hole and she gasped.

"Just relax..." he whispered.

I saw her take a couple of deep breaths before he began to push his cock
into her. Her asshole stretched wide as his cock fully penetrated her. He
slowly pushed himself all the way in until his balls were practically
touching her. He held it there.

"Play with her pussy, Di. I want her to cum too."

I smiled at him and climbed on top of her so my face was near her pussy and mine was over her face. However, she wasn't going to get to taste me.
I only wanted to see her get ass-fucked as my fingers did their magic to
her cunt.

As Mike started to slowly fuck her sweet ass, my fingers teased her soft
pussy lips open. They were slick with her juices as I rubbed my finger
around the edges of her slit. I pried them open and rubbed my thumb along
her clit, loving the feel of the hard little nub.

Ellen began moaning again as her ass and pussy was abused. I knew she
was loving it immensely. My fingers tickled, pinched and probed as Mike
drove his cock deep into her ass.

"Oh god...I'm gonna cum soon, her ass is so tight..."

"Mmmm...not yet, sweetie...fuck her ass some more."

He groaned and slowed down a little. I sat up a bit and brought my hand
down on her cunt, slapping it.

"Owww!!!" she wailed.

I slapped her again.

"Oh yeah, slap her cunt," Mike said.

I continued to lightly slap her cunt and pinch her clit until she was
htrashing beneath me. Mike grasped her legs tightly and suddenly he
exploded deep in her ass.

"Oh fuck YEAH!!!" he yelled as he spurted his seed into her.

This was too much for Ellen and she came in long, ragged gasps. Her
whole body shook as I rubbed her hot clit hard with my fingers, feeling her
juices practically spurt out of her clenching cunt.

She cried out over and over as I brought her to the last and hardest
orgasm of the day.


I woke up the next day in Mistress Diana's bed. She was sleeping next
to me and I snuggled against her warm body. Mike had left us early to go
to work with a wink. I knew what that meant as I was to go to his office
to see my husband. I had to wear my slutty clothes and fuck Gary in his
office and act like the true slut I am.

I lie there in bed as the morning sun began to creep into the room and
thought about the day before. Never in my life had I done things like
that. Bondage, public sex, sex with women, was all so
unreal, but what I wanted more than anything.

After I came last night, Diana untied me and led me to bed with her and
Mike. We all fell asleep together and there was no more sex, but it was
wonderful. Diana told me that I should finally see my husband the next day
and show him what a slut I had become. We both thought that it would be
great and a perfect way to end my adventure.

When Diana stirred awake next to me she opened her eyes and smiled at
me. Without a word she kissed me full on the lips. I had never kissed a
woman before, but it was wonderful. Suddenly she was very gentle and
caring and I held her as our mouths leisurely explored each other. I could
feel my already sexually charged body come to life and I pressed my soft,
full breasts against hers. My nipples instantly became hard as they
touched another woman's breasts. It was wonderful to be in her arms,
kissing her as our bodies touched.

We fucked each other slowly with our fingers and both of us came after a
long time. It very satisfying and I knew that I would always hunger for
her touch.

Afterwards she led me in the shower where she soaped my body up with her
soft hands. She rubbed the soap into my skin as she kneaded and massaged
my breasts until I was practically cumming. Then, she turned me around and
had me place my hands on the wall and spread my legs. As the warm water
coated and caressed my body, she finger-fucked my throbbing pussy until I
came in long, gasps.

Soon it was time to go and see Gary. I was somewhat nervous as I
dressed in my slutty clothes. No bra or panties was allowed under my skirt
and blouse. I could feel my tits wiggling free and my nipples hardened

When I was ready, Diana hugged and kissed me. She thanked me for being
such a good slut and told me I was always welcome in her home.

I kissed her back and thanked her over and over again for letting me
explore my slutty side. We both smiled and I left.

I was grateful for my coat, as it was a cold day. I didn't want to be
too conspicuous with my nipples jutting out as I got to Gary's office.

Luckily it was just before lunchtime so there weren't too many people
about as I went up to his office. He was on the phone at his desk. When
he saw me come in, his jaw dropped slightly and he hastily ended his call.

"Ellen!" he said, looking me over.

"Hi, hun," I smiled, trying my best to be seductive.

"You, um, how..."

"It was great. Diana was the perfect Mistress."

He quickly got up and shut the door.

"Don't say stuff like that around here. You never know-"

He stopped abruptly as I shrugged off my coat. My blouse was open very
low, showing my cleavage and my nipples were very hard.

Without a word, I went around and sat on the edge of his desk facing

"Do you want to know what I did?" I asked in a low voice.

"Um, yeah, I guess..." he said swallowing. I could see the bulge in his
pants already forming.

"Well, I was tied up and spanked," I said as I unloosened his tie.
"Then I was taken to the mall and forced to give some guy a blowjob in a
record store."

"" he choked.

I unbuttoned my blouse all the way and pulled it open.

"Then I was taken to a store and made to put on sexy lingerie while a
woman fondled me," I said, placing his hand on my breast. "I actually came
from that one."

His eyes were wide, but he said nothing. I stood up briefly to hike my
skirt up, showing him my bare pussy.

"Then, I was made to have sex with two guys in a men's room. One took
me from behind as I sucked the other's cock."

Gary moaned softly and his other hand cupped my breast and squeezed it

"Finally, I was taken home and I was made to served Diana and Mike in
various positions - mostly tied up."

Gary pulled away his hands and reached for the phone.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Hey - it's Gary. Yeah. She's here. Ok."

He hung up and pushed his face into my cleavage - sucking and licking my
tits. I shut my eyes, not caring about anything else as his hands grasped
my thighs and squeezed.

About 30 seconds later I heard the door open, close, then lock. I
opened my eyes to see Mike standing there, grinning.

I looked at Gary and he nodded. My whole body tingled as I thought of
what was to happen.

Gary pushed me back on the desk and opened my legs wide. He lowered his
head between my legs and began to lick my pussy. I moaned as his tongue
went to work on my nub. I always thought he was a great pussy licker and
today was no exception. He knew I loved to be eaten.

Mike bent over and began to play with my tits roughly. I remembered
what he had done the night before and started to moan and thrash a little.
I loved how he slapped and bit my nipples and urged him in a low voice to
do that now.

He smiled and pinched my nipples hard, pulling them up and out before
lowering his head to take them in his teeth. It was all too much and
suddenly I came, pushing my pussy into Gary's face and grinding it into
him. Mike covered my mouth with his hand as I cried out over and over that
I was cumming.

When Gary raised his head, his face was shiny with my cum. He smiled
down at me, looking at my tits heaving - nipples hard.

"What a slut you are, Ellen!"

I smiled weakly and nodded.

"Well, I'm gonna fuck this cunt of yours good while you suck Mike's

I practically came again when he said that and eagerly opened my legs
for him. He unzipped his pants and his 8 inches came springing out. With
one grunt, he was inside of me.

I heard Mike unzip as well and I turned my head to see his huge cock
bobbing in my face.

"Suck it, bitch," he said, placing it at my lips.

I opened my mouth and reached for his cock with my hand, guiding him in.
He groaned as my wet lips enclosed around the base of his cock and I began
to lick and suck him.

Gary slowly slid his cock in and out of my sopping pussy with little
squishing sounds. Both of them played with my ample tits as their cocks
were serviced by my holes. I was eager to please them and wanted nothing
more than to have them cum on me or in me.

Mike grabbed my hair and began to thrust his cock into my mouth hard. I
knew he liked to use my mouth like a cunt - fucking it hard. I relaxed my
throat muscles and took him in.

Meanwhile, Gary had my legs up in the air and resting on his shoulders.
His cock slammed into my cunt faster and faster as I was fucked hard from
both ends.

I could feel my pussy clenching and building to yet another orgasm, but
I was going to wait until both of them came.

The sounds of fucking filled Gary's little office as both men were lost
in the rhythm of fucking my body. They were gasping and moaning, but not
as loud as me as they pounded my cunt and mouth. I couldn't believe that
it was actually happening, but it just wonderful and unbelievably sexy. I
would never forget the last two days.

"Oh fuck...Diana..." It was Gary. He was so close now as he humped my
pussy viciously.

I looked at his face and it was screwed up with lust.

"Oh yeah..." he said, trying to be as quiet as possible. Suddenly, he
pulled out and jerked his cock, sending jets of creamy white cum all over
my pussy, thighs and stomach.

When Mike saw that, he did the same thing. He pulled out of my mouth
and came all over my face and breasts in long, streams of cum.

I lie there covered with cum and my fingers instantly went to my pussy where I stroked and rubbed my clit to another earth-shattering orgasm as
they both watched.

Like I said, it was a great two days.


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