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ES2C 01 IOUs


------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT--------------
This is a sexually graphic story with adult content.
You must be 21 years of age to read. The characters in
this sexual fantasy story are imaginary, and are not a
representation, in any manner, of any real world
Story Content: (TV/TG, MM)

By: Es2c

The phone rang.
"Hello! ... Yes my name is Cecil. ... That is so vulgar! What
public restroom did you see that on the wall at? ... Uh huh ...
Well you come right over here so I can get you straight about
that! Now listen carefully. I live off East Broadway, at Fuller.
I live at 131512 North Fuller. ... You come right on over here
and tell me that to my face. You're the sixth black man today
that's called about that filth written on that wall. I'm not a
trashy cocksucker for black dicks like it says. I don't suck
cocks! Now because the other five men that called before you, and
who subsequently came over to my house, were aroused from reading
that filth, I did feel sorry for them and let them put their stiff
dicks in my mouth. I then pursed my lips and slid my head back
and forth along their black cock shafts. I also let them hump my
face too. When they reached the point of no return and shot off,
I swallowed all their hot cum and even let them keep their big
rods between my lips until they were satisfied that all their cum
had dribbled out. But I want you to know not once did I suck on
their dicks. Remember that! ... Sure, I accept your apology. ...
No, I don't mind if you come over. I'd welcome that so I can
explain why you and others have gotten the wrong idea about me
from that wall filth. ... I'm 3 blocks North of Broadway, the 4th
house on the right after you cross Jones Street as you're coming
up Fuller. That's right, number 131512. By the way, what name
will you be using when you come by. ... You can't fool me.
You'll be just like all the other men that come over here. You
never use your real name. ... Okay, Jack it is. I'll be waiting
on you. Oh and by the way, don't be put off if I'm dressed up in
on of my hobby outfits. ... My hobby is wearing women's clothing,
especially lingerie. No I'm not a fag. I just like the colors
and styles. ... Ok, see you."

"Are you Cecil?" The big black man said as I opened the
door. I could see his eyes on me as I stood there with a black
see through lace-scalloped robe on and a pink and white lacy baby
doll on underneath.
"Come on in Jack. You sound the same in person as you did on
the phone. Now don't say a thing. Just sit right over there. I
know what you're thinking about all this. By the way is your dick
hard? Here let me feel you. Just as I thought, you are. Don't
say a thing. Just drop your pants and shorts and sit on the couch
over there. I'll kneel between your legs and wrap my soft wet
warm lips around your heated hard meat. All you men who come over
here are just alike. You read that filth and get an erection
because it says cocksucker."
He quickly dropped his pants and shorts and sat down with his
huge black rod jutting to the sky.
I knelt between his legs and grasped his big dick.
"I like doing you fellows open crotch because I know y'all
want me to lick and lap your balls too. I'll do them later.
First I'll start off by getting this precum licked up and then
slide my mouth over it. You have a rather handsome penis. The
head is so nicely shaped when it's swollen." I noted to him as I
lapped up his oozing precum. Moments later I engulfed his big
dickhead and heard him softly moan as I got as much of his cock in
his mouth as possible before sliding my mouth back and forth.
After a moment or two of that. I pulled my head off his monstrous
dick and proceeded to work on his bulbous balls. He really
enjoyed that before urging me to put it back in my mouth. I did.
"Wow! You really were full Jack. I swallowed 6 times." I
said twenty minutes later as I removed my mouth from his softening
black rod. He discharged his load of hot slimy cum into my
swallowing mouth about five minutes before as I let him soak his
dick in my mouth as I used my tongue to catch the oozing dredges
that come after the shoot, especially with such a large organ as
"Well that was..."
"I know even before you say it. You're going to say that was
good for starters, but you want more. You want to fuck me too
don't you? I can see it in your eyes. Well that's okay. I
understand you men. Y'all see me in my hobby clothes and want to
treat me like a women with your dicks. Well, I've given up trying
to refuse you. I keep myself all douched and lubed up just in
case you do wish for me to function as a woman and fuck my ass
pussy. I know, I'll even mouth your dick hard if you want me
too." I said as I guided his big semi-hard rod back to my lips.
An hour later Jack was about to leave after creaming in my
ass twice.
"Do I owe you anything Cecil?"
"I know, you're just like all the others that come here. You
say that and all you're going to have on you is fifty cents.
Well, I'd like at least ten dollars, but I know you're not going
to have it on you, so if you want to leave me an unsigned I.O.U.
and put it in that brass basket by the table there, that'll be
fine. But I warn you, if you call - here, here's my card - me and
get an appointment to come over again, after the tenth unsigned
I.O.U. I expect some kind of payment."
"So you mark the number of visits in a journal or something?"
"No jack, I'm not too good at bookkeeping. I rely on your
honesty. I've got a couple of guys that've been coming over here
almost twice a month for two years, but the claim they haven't
been here ten times yet. Well anyway, I know there conscience
will get the better of them one day and they'll pay up."
"O-Oh I see. Well, here let me do the I.O.U." He said and
threw it in the brass basket as he was leaving.
"See ya." He said.
"Now be sure and Call me if your dick gets hard and you want
to see me again." I replied before he closed the door.
I felt contented and well fucked. Jack was the 6th man to
give up his dick cream to me today, and the 4th to fuck me. It
wasn't even 3:00PM yet. This Saturday promised to be a record day
the way it was going.
"Hello! ... Yes my name is Cecil. ... That is so vulgar! What
public restroom did you see that on the wall at? ... Uh huh ...
Well you come right over to my house so I can get you straight
about that! ..."
As I waited for my next guest, I thought about emptying the
brass trash can, after all, those I.O.U.s were almost over flowing
from it.
****THE END ****


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