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ES2C 02 Ltr to Rufus 1


------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT-------------------------
This is a sexually graphic story with adult content. You must be
21 years of age to read. The characters in this sexual fantasy
story are imaginary, and are not a representation, in any manner,
of any real world persons or groups or organizations.
This story is based on a series of letters from a sissified
male to the man who introduced him into sissy-hood.

Story Content: (TV/TG, MM)

Letters To Rufus - #1
By: Es2c

Dear Rufus,

Just a little note to let you know how much I enjoyed
being out with you last night. I know it didn't start out
as a real date. However, after I got to know you better,
it did seem like one.
Even though our initial meeting started out a bit
rocky, I was very pleased that later in the evening, we
found much common ground.
I was very scared when you first pulled a knife on me
and made me suck your handsome, steel hard cock in that
hotel men's room stall. I mean your hard black meat was
rigid and hot. However, after a few minutes of you pushing
and pulling it out of my mouth, my fright seem to drain
away and replaced with a warm feeling of delicious delight.
I didn't know what was coming over me, but obviously you
detected I wasn't as mechanical as I started out. Remember
you telling me not suck and slurp so loudly because you
feared someone might hear me?
I didn't know quite why at the time, but I knew I
liked what you were doing to me. Later after you finished
using my mouth and I'd swallowed all your hot jism, I
neither felt scared anymore or angry.
I think you understood then that we both had been
mutually benefited by the encounter. You got rid of the
hot cum that made you hard up, and I received what I needed
to light the sissy fire in me that had apparently been
lying dormant.
When I realized that I liked what had occurred, it
helped me compose myself and listen to your explanation of
what drove you to mouth rape me.
Before I go on, I must say your hot creamy cum tasted
delicious. As I told you, I've never tasted another man's
semen before, especially since I'd never sucked a penis
Well anyway, your thinking I was making a come on to
you when we were at the urinals together was wrong. I
wasn't. However, mother has told me before that my eyes do
that have that sort of "come hither and come take me look".
She told me that one day that and my feminine facial
appearance would get me into trouble. So therefore, I can
forgive you for assuming I was signaling you that I was
game to suck your lovely dick. Like you said, as we
talked about the incident afterward, maybe subconsciously,
that is the signal I've been sending out along and I was
lucky enough to have you receive and act on it. No matter
about that now. Either way, you thought you received it,
and acted on your belief because you needed relief for your
Rufus, I want you to know, last night was like I was
in a type of strange dream. I meet a lot of people in my
job as a hotel accountant, and all around hotel office
flunkey, but you were definitely different that other
people I've run into. I surprised myself that I went with
you after you forced me to suck on your tool. But I found
you so easy to talk to. I guess it did help for my tummy
to be full of your hot cum too.
The black tavern you took me to was a nice place. I
never have been around many black folks before, but I
enjoyed being there with you.
When some of your buddies jokingly accused me of being
your white sissy fag, my face turned red, not out of anger,
but because I wondered if they knew how close they were to
the truth, especially since I was sitting there with a
wonderful warm load of your sperm in me.
Anyway, I appreciated you introducing me as a friend
of yours. I'm sure you know I picked up from between the
lines of the conversations you had with your buddies that
you like to occasionally sex sissies. I didn't get turned
off by that. In fact, I'm really glad fate brought us
As I said earlier, I loved what happened between us in
the hotel restroom, including the bit of roughness you
showed when forcing me to suck on your very stiff penis. I
too was surprised at how easy I suckled you and swallowed
all you shot off in my mouth, even though you fucked my
face as if it was a pussy. I have to agree with and accept
your assessment that I'm a latent, or subconscious, closet,
dick sucking sissy, that loves the taste of dick cream.
I also must let you know, I really adored you telling
me to suck you off again, before you dropped me off at my
place. My wish came true. When you placed my hand on your
cock and had me caress and finger it through your pants, I
was hoping you'd have me take you in my mouth again.
Feeling your dick swell up in my hand was so thrilling as
well as was the taste of your hard cockmeat for the second
time last night. Your hot creamy jism was the perfect
nightcap for what turned out to be a romantic evening for
me. I felt so delightful going into my house with your hot
cum coating the inside of my mouth. Having your hard dick
between my lips seemed so natural. It's such a thrill when
you shoot off in my mouth. Both times I almost came in my
shorts. Speaking of that, I had to jack off after I got
home. I thought about your adorable black dick the whole
time I was pulling myself off.
Also, I was so excited about what happened that I just
had to tell mother. I still live with her at home, as I
told you.
She'd hinted several times before that maybe I was a
little too femmy as to why I didn't have a girlfriend. It's
just that I've never had much luck with them and didn't
seem to want to take the time to pursue the ones I did find
somewhat interesting. However, I didn't take her serious
until I tasted your dick and it's sweet creamy cum.
She was so happy that I'd discovered she was right.
She's always sort of thought of me as a daughter anyway,
especially since my dad ran away when I was about 2.
I hope you see fit to call me. I'd love to have your
hard dick between my lips again. I don't mind if you just
want to see me when you have a hard-on, or can't find some
pussy to fuck. That's fine with me. I can accept that and
would love being on the receiving end of it whenever you
need me to be.


(Maybe you should call me Regina - You Like? That could be
our code name for when you wanted me to be your mouth
pussy- just a thought)
LOOKOUT FOR LETTER #2, It will Arrive Soon



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