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ES2C 03 Ltr to Rufus 2


------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT---------------------
This is a sexually graphic story with adult content.
You must be 21 years of age to read. The characters in
this sexual fantasy story are imaginary, and are not a
representation, in any manner, of any real world
persons or groups or organizations.
This story is based on a series of letters from a sissified
male to the man who introduced him into sissy-hood.
Story Content: (TV/TG, MM)

Letters To Rufus - #2
By: Es2c

Dear Rufus,

I just had to write and say how much I
appreciated you inviting me to be the entertainment
for your male relatives at your private family reunion
party for them.
I was a bit nervous in accepting your invitation
to suck their dicks. However, I'm truly glad I did
let you talk me into it. It was nice being around
them, and I must say, I did like wearing makeup among
them to let them know I was femmy, or sissy. I was
surprised at how easy I let you talked me into doing
Mother gladly helped me with my lips, nails,
eyeliner and shadow. The open toe flats really
accented my matching bright pink colored toenails.
I didn't realize that you and mom had decided
that I would go half and half. That is, I'd wear a
lacy woman's blouse and women's pants, but one of my
regular sports jackets. The combination was
definitely that of a sissy, not a full tv and
definitely not all male. Even though my hair wasn't
particularly styled in a femmy way, it matched my
feminine flair. I was really surprised I wasn't
nervous around all those black men dressed as an
obviously lesser male.
Like you said, maybe it's the same type of
comfort many women feel when they're the only woman in
a group of men. They know they're not men and that
they're different. Your telling me that did put me at
ease, because I knew I not only was different but also
wanted to be treated differently, and as a fem, if I
may add.
Also, I just adore your relatives as referring to
me as being "sweet". I didn't find out until later
that meant I was sissyish. I loved it all, especially
sucking their big fine hard dicks. I'm telling you,
your family line has some fine dick meat in it. They
all had many similarities in length, shape, and
thickness, especially their dick heads. Also, all the
hot, thick, creamy rich cum they gave me also seemed
to have a strong similar flavor.
It was great to be the only sissy there for 9 big
dick black men. It was fun being the group's white
cocksucker. Except you, everybody else had me mouth
their dicks twice. Three of your uncles creamed in my
mouth 3 times. I loved to hear them moan as they shot
off in my mouth. It was sweet music to my ears.
It was so exciting to have swallowed 20 loads
from all of you all at the party. I didn't get a
chance to eat much of the great food from the buffet
spread, but I must say, you men fed me quite well with
your natural dick cream. I thoroughly enjoyed all
your tube steaks and hot creamy gravy.
Even though you only let me suck you off once, I
should've known you had something else planned. Thank
you so much Rufus darling. Taking me to that motel
was fantastic. I was so surprised when you handed me
that pre-packaged enema kit and sissy pussy lube kit.
However, but your kissing me at the same moment you
handed them to me let me know all that I needed to
know. I was really excited at your offer to fuck me
and treat me like I was indeed a woman. I was so
excited that you wanted to fuck me, and fuck me you
did. I mean the way you humped my sissy ass pussy was
I felt so connected and bonded to you both times
you shot your jism deep in me. It was so delightful
and an honor for me being your pussy.
Doing that for me as a way of paying me back for
entertaining your relatives was so sweet of you.
You slipping that big rod of yours in me will be
a very treasured moment for me always. After all, you
took my cherry darling.
Another very tender moment was after we finished
fucking, and were luxuriating in the afterglow of our
last coupling. Remember when you had me lay across
your lap and suckle your not so soft prick as we
watched TV? I just loved leisurely lapping and
licking your long black shaft, letting my fingers play
in your bushy pubic hair, handling, lapping and
mouthing your hairy soft balls, and most of all
letting my tongue flit and fit in the pee slit of your
nice dick head as I caught and sucked down any oozing
dregs of your leaking cum.
Darling, the whole evening and night was a very
special and magical event for me. I know I love being
your sissy woman when you need me to.
And Rufus, you don't ever have to apologize for
asking me for motel room money. I will gladly do so
anytime you want me for a motel date. No questions
asked. I MEAN IT!!
Speaking of money, I know you were joking about
getting your relatives to pay you, for me sucking
their cocks. But after I thought about it later the
next day, and the way you brought it up in the
conversation, it didn't dawn on me at the time what
you really might've been trying to communicate to me.
Forgive me for being dimwitted. Rufus darling, if you
were really trying to lead into, or get a reaction as
to whether I would suck dicks for you, for money, the
answer is YES!! YES!! YES!!
I would be delighted to suck strange men's dicks
for your profit. Darling, I want you to have money to
get the nice things you deserve. All I would ask in
return, is that you fuck me, from time to time, as you
did last night in the motel. That's all the treat I'd
ask for.
Thanks so much for involving me in your life.

Regina, your sissy woman, slut, and maybe your
whore to be (Please?)




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