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ES2C 04 Ltr to Rufus 3


------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT---------------------
This is a sexually graphic story with adult content.
You must be 21 years of age to read. The characters in
this sexual fantasy story are imaginary, and are not a
representation, in any manner, of any real world
persons or groups or organizations.
This story is based on a series of letters from a sissified
male to the man who introduced him into sissy-hood. I'm not
sure when I'll end the series.
Story Content: (TV/TG, MM, MF)

Letters To Rufus - #3
By: Es2c
Rufus, it was really exciting doing all those
hard up men at the peep shows last Saturday. I never
thought I would delight in basically being a public
sperm dump. The variety of cocks and cum was so
I liked the cute little sissy outfit you and
mother decided on. I'm glad you persuaded me to tell
my mom that I was going to start whoring as a
cocksucker for you. Even she surprised me at how
understanding she was. You were right about her being
happy for me. She hugged me with tears in her eyes
and told me how proud she was of me.
"Dear, it's so good to know that you've found a
man that cares enough for you that he wants you to
suck other men's cocks for him"
Even though I sucked off 38 tricks in the 16
hours you took me around, it really didn't seem that
long. I must say they gave me enough cum that I hardly
got hungry at all. mother told me that hot cum was a
good long lasting food. She was right. I remember a
few of the men's' big loads that were indeed nice
filling snacks.
Thank you so much Rufus darling for allowing me
to whore for you. It means a lot to me to be able to
demonstrate to you how much I value our relationship
and all you've done for me.
I know you have real women that you take out and
date and sex. I fully understand that and don't even
mind it that the money I make for you will be spent on
them. I'm just thankful to be your part time sissy
slut and whore, and darling you know I'll always be
there for you and your hard dick on a full time basis.
Yes, I don't mind being your full time fool. You are
special to me. I accept that you are too much man for
me to have by myself, so I'll be available for
whatever amount of time you need me for darling.
Whether it's to have me suck you off, to fuck me, or
have me whore for you, all you need to do is call.
And Rufus, in regard to me hooking for you, no, I
still don't want to know about the money and what you
charge men for me to suck their horny dicks. I see my
job as doing as you desire of me, and to do it well,
no matter how much you make off my sucking mouth or
what you charge each customer. My job is to perform
for you, and to do it well.
And Rufus darling, I was indeed tired when you
brought me home after my first day of whoring, but it
was a happy wonderful tiredness. I was happy because;
1. I'd helped all those men with softening their hard
dicks; 2. I helped put some extra change in your
pocket; and 3. Of the wonderful fucking you gave me
before dropping me off at home. That really was the
crowning part of the day. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!
You've made my life so much more exciting than it was
I was hoping you'd call Sunday, but I understand
that you probably had some other commitments. After
all, you told me I made you over $1200 and that you
might want to go up to Atlantic City and try your
luck. I hope you'll have fun and win some more money.
I really feel so good about being able to help you
have the freedom to enjoy yourself like you've always
I'm going to stop here, because I'm getting tired
and need to get ready for bed. Tomorrow is a workday.
I want to add some more tomorrow (Monday) and will try
to finish this letter then, and get it in the mail
The Next Day--------
DARN IT! I'm so sorry I was not home when you
came by earlier this evening. The bus was late
because of an accident on the freeway. However, you
were so sweet darling to leave your cum in mother's
cunt for me. She told me it was her idea because she
knew how much I loved your stuff.
She says it was good too. She loved sucking your
dick and getting that first thick rich hot load all to
herself, and I appreciate you going the extra mile and
fucking her so I could eat out your second load when I
came in from work. She really enjoyed the fuck too.
She says it was the best she's had, bar none.
It was such a nice snack and a nice thing for
both of y'all to do for me. What you did has made
Mother think even more highly of you darling.
By the way, she told me y'all talked about the
possibility of her selling her self for you too. That
would be so neat to have you pimping us both out.
Mother admitted to me, that the thought of her being
perceived as a white trash whore being pimped out by a
black pimp really turned her on. She's already told
me that she wants me to suck her pussy out after she
turns tricks that fuck her. I know I couldn't refuse
lapping up her sperm laden well-fucked pussy.
Well, I'm going to close now Rufus dear, let
me know what you want me to do this weekend. I was
sorry to hear that your new system didn't work out in
Atlantic City and that you lost all your money. But
don't worry darling, as long as you can find men that
will pay you, for me to suck them off, I'll do my best
to get their cum out of their dicks.
You should get this letter tomorrow, Wednesday.
Before I close, I have to address this. You've
asked me why I write you so many letters. Well the
truth of the matter is that I know you don't have a
whole lot of time for me on the phone, and letters are
so much more expressive than just talking. Plus, I
can really make a lasting record of how I feel at the
time. Anyway, you said you might show them to your
buddies. If that's what you want darling, go right
ahead. It'll only make me love you more because it'll
show them and the world that you're my man and I think
so much of you.

Love always,
Your indebted sissy woman, slut, and proud whore


PS, mother sends her love too.
Lookout for Letter #4


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