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ES2C 05 Ltr to Rufus 4


------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT---------------------
This is a sexually graphic story with adult content.
You must be 21 years of age to read. The characters in
this sexual fantasy story are imaginary, and are not a
representation, in any manner, of any real world
persons or groups or organizations.
This story is based on a series of letters from a sissified
male to the man who introduced him into sissy-hood.
Story Content: (TV/TG, M+/M, MF)

Letters To Rufus - #4
By: Es2c
Dear Rufus,

Yes, darling I'm writing you another letter.
It's Monday evening and it's such a dreary rainy
day. Work was also dreary, but there was sunshine in
my thoughts of you and me and mother and the events of
this past weekend.
I'm glad you took mother and I to work that gang bang at that
private club last Saturday night. It was good for us to have
worked together, as we haven't done anything together in a while.
She and I were so delighted to have taken care of the hard up
group of 25 black club members. It was indeed a memorable night
for both of us.
Mother really got turned on by the men calling her a `White
Trash Ho'. She said it made her feel even sexier and as a result
she performed even more wantonly and in her words more `Whorish'.
She really enjoyed sucking and getting fucked by all those
seemingly ever-hard black guys.
I was surprised at how many wanted to fuck me too after they
found out I was a sissy whore.
I'm getting ahead of myself darling. What I
really wanted to let you know was that you can't
imagine how surprised mother and I were when you
called us 11:00 PM last Friday night.
When you told us that you had an opportunity to
make some good money fast if we'd turn a few tricks
fast, I initially thought you wanted us to do a few
blowjobs like I normally do for you darling. But when
you went on to tell me the rest of the story, I had to
sit down. You know, the part about how the 3 hookers
got arrested who were suppose to go that bachelor
party and suck off, and get fucked by 15 half drunk
horny guys in their late twenties.
I was a bit speechless, that's why I gave the
phone to mother so you could explain what you wanted.
Sure, mother and I knew you might want both of us
to do some blowjobs on that following Saturday at some
peepshows and some XXX theaters, but being at the
mercy and captive in a room with 25 studs with alcohol
reinforced hard-ons was a different matter. However,
mother was ready to say yes while I trying to gain my
confidence. You'd been the only one to fuck me
darling, and I just didn't know if I was ready for a
gang bang fuck line.
"Don't worry, dearie, maybe my 42 year old pussy
can take up most of the slack and you won't have to
take such a banging on your less experienced sissy
cunt. I'll also borrow one of you sissy pussy douche
and fuck lube kits and get my ass ready too. Surely
some of the guys wouldn't mind fucking a lady up her
ass if he was in real need." mother told me with a
very serious tone. I could tell she was as serious as
a heart attack about turning this party of tricks for
you, Rufus darling.
You were on the phone the whole time mother and I
were talking. After she'd pretty much said she was
going whether or not I was game, I felt like I'd be
letting you down darling if I didn't go. mother also
implied that too. When I got the same vibes from both
of you, I made up my mind to do it.
It was a flurry of activity since you were coming
by top pick us up in about an hour. We both rushed
around getting all douched up and made up for our
mother sissy debut as your whores. I was somewhat
nervous about the group accepting such an unusual
substitution, but mother's words that you'd protect us
did make me feel better.
I was also glad that you wanted us to come
prepared to get busy with their dicks and that we
didn't have to dress so formally. When you said you
wanted me to wear a camisole, garter belt, crotchless
G-string with a sack to hold my small cock and balls,
makeup and a smile, I didn't believe you were serious.
But you were.
Mother was happy to be wearing the same thing
except she didn't wear any panties and she liked the
idea of her big tits being out.
I didn't think mother would have much trouble
getting guys to fuck her, after all, she's not that
bad looking anyway, even though she's not the outgoing
type, ordinarily that is. However, Rufus, I believed
after you fucked her and have been continuing to do
so, you've sparked a change in her, as well as me too
for that matter.
As we drove over to the party, I did feel better
when you explained that the guys were so hard up they
might be satisfied with us just giving them blowjobs.
I was of course nervous when we walked in the
large party suite at the hotel. However, I felt
relieved when one of the guys came over and put his
arm around me and offered me a drink. I felt even
better when he started feeling on me and placed my
hand on his crotch. His bulge was very noticeable. I
felt weak about doing that in front of everyone even
though most of the eyes were on mom and her 38-D tits.
However, after I had a few sips of the strong
punch, I settled down as the guy with me let me know
that he'd always wanted to get sucked off by a sissy
slut. There was something in the tone of his voice
that made me liked him calling me what he did. I
guess it's just my nature to be what I am.
Moments later he had his stiffening meat out and
I had my mouth open and in it went. He was very hard
and very hot to the touch too. It didn't take much to
see he was definitely hard up.
Out the corner of my eye, I could see the crowd
had circled mother and all three of her holes were
filled as she was alternately also tending to about
four jutting cocks of men standing in front of her.
She was being fucked in her mouth, ass and cunt. At
least we had half the dicks in the room on the road to
getting off, I thought to myself.
The big black dick in my mouth was a superb piece
of manly meat. I just knew he was going to blow my
head off when he got ready to shoot, but I was happily
anticipating his forceful ejaculate on my tongue and
gums. He shot off very strongly, and my, was it hot
and gooey. But, it was oh so delicious. If all the
guys were as full as he was, I knew mother and I were
in for a filling night.
Rufus darling, I was glad you stayed the first
hour, that is until things were going smoothly. I
don't know if was because of us or the fact they
didn't pay you for us until the guys broke us in a
bit, but it doesn't matter. It was still good to have
you around until the ice was broken and mother and I
were working smoothly as a team.
After those first two guys creamed in my sissy
pussy, I was okay then.
After the first two guys humped my ass and mouth
simultaneously, I got the hang and feel of being
doubled fucked.
It was so rewarding to hear a few of the men say
my sissy cunt was as good as a woman's pussy.
I felt confident and very contented to have
semen oozing from my sissy pussy and streaming down
the inside of my thighs. I really felt so womanish in
that condition. The guys calling me all those sweet
names also added to me feeling rather pussy-ish too.
You know, names like "Sissy cunt" "Fag pussy" "Queer
cunt". It was such a great feeling, because wherever I
looked someone had their dick ready to stick in either
mother or me.
It was so delightful to be treated like a warm
piece of meat for those fellows' hard dicks. They
liked treating us like fuck meat and we adored it,
both mom and I. It was good being treated like we
were gutter whores.
I also really enjoyed sucking mom's cunt to keep
it freshened up for the next dick that was to slid in
her. The guys really liked seeing me suck up that
thick melded frothy dick slime that had been whipped
up by the action of all the big dicks that'd been in
We were soon swimming in all the cum they gave us
but it a rather delightful swim, as we told you when
you picked us up the next morning guys had
It was also comforting to have three of the guys
give us their phone numbers and tell us they might be
interested in renting us out, me and mom as a team,
for some future party fucking. Of course we told them
you're our manager and handle all the scheduling and
money matters.
Well Rufus, darling, it's getting late and I
guess I need to get ready for bed and another grueling
day at the salt mines - my job. I'd much prefer being
somewhere getting dicked for you.
Oh well, until next time, Goodnight darling.

Yours with love,


PS, As usual, mother sends her love too.

Will there be a Letter #5? Don't know at this time.



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