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ES2C 06 The Other Woman


------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT---------------
This is a sexually graphic story with adult
content. You must be 21 years of age to read.
The characters in this sexual fantasy story are
imaginary, and are not a representation, in any
manner, of any real world persons or groups or

Story Content: (TV/TG, M+/M)

STORY TITLE: The Other Woman
By: Es2c

My name is Tom. I'm also known as Tammy to a gentleman
friend of mine. His name is Steve.

Steve is my lover man, even though he's married. We have a
great time when he has time for me.

I don't complain that I'm sharing him. I'm just grateful
he finds time for me. You see I care a lot for him. I
guess you could say I even adore him and love him. I'd do
almost anything for him.

I really like dressing up pretty for him when he wants to
get together with me. We mostly meet in out of the way
motels and hotels for our sexual rendezvous. When I'm
decked out in pearls, pumps, a sexy dress, and makeup, I
pass in public rather well. So it's not unusual for him to
occasionally take me to some dimly lit restaurants or shows
in an adjacent city.

Each minute I spend with him is so precious to me. I keep
a detailed diary account of each of our fairy tale

Steve is so handsome and is quite the sexual athlete in
bed. I love being on the end of his thick 7 & 5/8"
perfectly formed circumcised penis. He has such a well-
shaped cockhead, which I could spend hours sucking on. As
you might imagine, I do spend a lot of time with it between
my lips suckling it for him.

Steve likes to see me wearing very feminine and ornately
lacy attire when we're together. I'm not sure whether it's
to contrast his masculinity compared to mine or to ensure I
don't forget that I'm the woman in the relationship.
Either way, I don't know or care, as I like doing what he
desires of me.

He and I both know that I often look quite the slut at
times when I dress as he wants me too, but I'm more than
glad to do so to please my Prince Charming.

The man is the consummate sex machine. Very seldom does he
give me less than 3 sizable loads when he's sexing me. He
loves to always have me suck out that first hot heavy load.
I like doing that too, very much - I just love the taste of
his rich creamy semen. And I am just crazy about the way
his cum is spurted in such powerful jets. It's the things
that dreams are made of.

After I get his first load, he'll rests up a bit, maybe 10
- 15 minutes, before he's truly using me as a woman. I get
such a thrill from his initial penetration and invasion of
my sissy pussy.

He loves to do me in the Missionary position and also with
me on top too. I love it when he's kissing me as he
shooting his hot sperm in me. It's such a magic moment for
me when he's giving me such a precious part of himself.
Many times I'll come with him as he comes in me. As you
can imagine, it's such a blissful experience to come in
unison as lovers.

After his ecstasy fucking of me, we both rest up and cuddle
a bit before he gives me the third load of his jism. The
talks we have during this time are so romantic and endear
me to the man each time we have them.

The third load I leisurely suckle from him, as I fondle and
orally caress his penis and big balls. I love spending the
last of our time together with my head in his crotch
lovingly lapping and playfully sucking and kissing his
handsome member and fondling his big balls. As I'm doing
all this, I sensuously express my adoration to him and my
grateful thanks for him being my lover and letting me be a
part of his life.

We generally spend about 3 hours together, unless it's just
for a quickie when he needs me to meet him somewhere for a
quick blowjob.

Even for quickies, I'll dress up as best I can for him as I
always want to visually express to him that I am indeed the
devoted female in our relation. I know he appreciates all
the trouble I go through whether he says so or not.

Many times he lets me pay for the expenses of us meeting.
Even though he's not rich and could afford it, I do so to
remind him how much I care for him and to show I am
committed and devoted to pleasing him.

I'm not rolling in money either. In fact - I know you
readers are going to think I'm awful - I often suck dicks
for money in order to get funds to be with him, including
buying the kind of clothes he wants me to wear. And yes, I
buy him nice little expensive presents from time to time to
remind him of my affection for him.

One time he was jokingly asking me if I would get him the
money to buy his wife a $6,000 necklace for their
anniversary. I was suckling his wonderful penis at the
time, in anticipation of getting his third tasty load of
the night. We were at some remote out of the way motel.
As usual he was caressing the back of my head and upper
back as I lay between his parted legs.

Between slurps and laps, I promised him I'd help him buy it
for her, even though his anniversary was only 24 days away.
He thought I was kidding. I wasn't.

Eighteen days later, I met him early one evening after work
and handed him sixty $100 bills, all neatly pressed flat
and in an envelope with a love note from me.

As usual, even for such brief meetings between us, I was in
TV attire.

It was a nice little respectable number. A dark blue
woman's business suit with a white satin blouses. The skirt
hem was neither short nor too long, but just right to
accent my nicely shaped legs. As usual, I wore pearl
accessories. Steve loves to see me in pearls.

Steve knows I hustled myself to make the money for him. He
didn't get into the details and I didn't offer them to him.
After all, that's my business, unless of course he wanted
me to tell him. However, I can reveal it to you readers.

If you must know, I sucked dicks wherever I could find
someone to pay. It didn't matter how much they could pay
either. I gave head for as little as $2 and as much as
$40. I worked the bus stations, adult theaters, and parks
as I trolled for dick suck tricks.

I sucked dick 324 times in 18 days. Most of the dicks were
new men but there were several repeat customers in that
tally. Either way, that was a new record for me.

Steve was impressed that I could deliver in such a short
time and praised me.

"You're such a sweet thing honey, and can be quite the
little whore, but remember, you're mine." He told me as he
pecked me on the lips. I was so elated at his affectionate
compliment. Just seeing the way he looked when I handed
him that envelope bulging with money was so thrilling to me
and worth the effort I'd put out to earn it.

His words were payment enough for all my 18 days of hard
work of lapping and sucking on and swallowing from public

"Now I need to get enough money to take her to a fancy
restaurant to present such a nice present. I can't just
take her to any old eating place. You by chance don't have
an extra $1,000 on you do you I could have."

There were only 6 days left before the big night.

"Darling, you go ahead and make the reservations for your
evening. Don't worry, I'll have your money in 5 days." I
said hurriedly as I gave him a quick kiss and rushed off to
raise the extra money he wanted for an evening on the town
with his wife.

In fact, when I left him, I immediately went to a section
of town where there were adult bookstores with peep booths
or adjoining XXX theaters.

I was out to 1 AM that night swallowing more public dick
cream for my lover man. I raised $225 for 6 hours work on
a Tuesday night. I didn't think that was too bad as I took
a shower and retired to bed.

I suspected I could make a $1,000 in 5 days if I went out
whoring about 6 hours after work each day.

As when I met Steve to give him the $6,000, I'd have to
pack my tv outfit and dress in a public restroom somewhere,
since it was too far to go back to my apartment. Plus it
would waste valuable time, time better spent sucking dicks
for my beloved Steve.

I'll spare you, the reader, all I had to go through to suck
up the additional money he needed, but as I promised him, I
again met my lover man, exactly five days later and handed
him eleven $100 bills. That's right, I gave him more than
he asked for.

Again, I was thrilled at the look on his face as I gave him
a similar envelope containing another love note in which I
again let him know that the contents of the envelope was
another small gesture of what I'd do to demonstrate my love
for him.

We kissed passionately in his car on the dimly lit street.
I would've sucked him off then and there, but he had to
save himself for Dorothy - his wife - for the big night,
which was literally around the corner.

As we parted, he again thanked me and reminded me of

"Remember, our anniversary is just three months away,
surely you and I must do something equal to this."

I was so busy helping him out I almost forgot about his and
mine 3 year anniversary coming up. Three delightful years
of me being the other woman - and whore - for him.

As I walked in my apartment, I was rather tired, but
pleasantly so. I felt very contented, knowing that getting
face fucked all those times over the past few weeks worth
it and for a good cause.

As I took a leisurely glamour bath, I began mental planning
for what I had to do to make our third anniversary
memorable. I knew Steve meant by his parting words that he
expected me to finance and make sure our own anniversary
was as spectacular as the one I'd bankrolled, through my tv
hookering, for he and his wife.

I smiled as I mused over the things one does for love.
However, I knew Steve knew, that me being what some might
label as a fool for him, is nothing more than me doing my
role as a devoted lover of a handsome man such as him. One
that does what's necessary to keep his and my loving
relationship vibrant and loving.

I've always wanted to buy Steve a nice masculine diamond
ring. Those that have a square gem setting and have three
large stones in them. I giggled as I thought of the
significance of the three. One for each of us - him, his
wife, and me.

I reflected on the time frame in which I had to work. I
quickly concluded I'd need $10,000 to do all I wanted to do
to make his and our third anniversary special as well as

As I went to sleep that night, I pleasantly lamented that a
woman's work is never done in keeping her man happy, and

I had sweet dreams that night of what Steve and I would do
on our anniversary night.

When I awoke the next morning, I'd raised my anniversary
budget to $15,000. As I went off to work, I was happy and
at one with the world.

I wanted this to be special for Steve and I. Again I knew
what I had to do and what Steve was probably expecting of
me. I knew I couldn't let him down.

I concluded that not only would I have to suck dicks, but I
also may have to sell some of my sissy cunt this time.

Oh well, as they say, anything worth having is worth
working for. I certainly know Steve's love for me is worth
having, and therefore worth me selling a little ass for.

Yes, a woman's work is never done, especially if you're the
other woman.



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