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ES2C 07 Occupational Oralist


------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT-------------------------


Story Title: Occupational Oralist
Author: Es2c
Author's Note: I want to thank another Web Author, C.D.E., for his interesting
stories, which inspired me to write this one.


Shelly/Shellie - Sissified Son
Shelly's mother Nurse Sally

"My son, it happened and that's all there is to it. Now it's time to get over
it and move on. The doctor said you were not hurt and faired very well to have
been kidnapped and held as a sexual hostage by 40 men for three days. He said
you seemed to be well nourished. After all, all that warm sperm you ate is a
very wholesome food."

"Oh please don't remind me about the doctor telling me that. He said it over
and over. I cringed each time he mentioned it. And in regard to getting
readjusted. It'll take a while. It-It's easier said than done mother."

"I know it's rough re-adjusting after all the steady diet of dick and hot
jism, but you'll get use to it."

"M-Mother! Please! You sound a-as if I was enjoying what happened."

"Shelly Dear, from the video that we got of part of the ordeal, you really
looked comfortable sucking on that big black dick in your mouth and it didn't
seem to phase you that there were at least 8 other men in line to fuck your face
too. Also, the way you were holding his big balls and caressing his taunt ass
cheeks also gave that impression too."

"I told you mother, t-they made me do all those things."

"If you say so, but you do remember me catching you stroking and playing with
your friend Sam's big dick some years ago? If I recall, you were about to lap
his dick head as I walked in on you two."

"T-That, er, oh Mother, y-you k-know we were just experimenting, a-and h-he'd
just double dared me to do that because I'd already lost a bet cause h-his cock
was twice as b-big as mine. Plus, W-We were just kids then."

"I understand dear, but as I've told you before, there is nothing to feel
guilty about if you enjoy handling and pleasing other men's dicks. I think it's
more harmful for you to repress such feelings than to face them head on so to
speak. He! He! He! Forgive the pun dear, it just came out that way."

"Go ahead, make fun of me after such a horrific thing has happened to me."

"Well first of all, I not inclined to see it that way Sweetie. If anything,
it may have been a blessing in disguise for you to have learned and experienced
so much about being a surrogate woman for horny men, and so many of them at

"W-Whatever blessings could there be in what I-I've been..."

"Well Shelly, you're now experienced in handling a large group of men by
giving head and ass on demand. Your experience as a shemale slut may have
prepared you for an opportunity that may come along that you could never have
dreamed of. Remember the saying, prepare yourself and the opportunity will come

"Mother! I hardly think that having been forced to-to be a shemale slu...,
what a disgusting name! I can't even say it! I doubt such experience will ever
be needed for... for any sort of legal or moral opportunity."

"You never know dear, you just never know. By the way, I understand you never
threw up, got nauseous, or sick from all the semen you swallowed. Did you?"

"Er, no why?"

"And the taste didn't bother you that much did it?"

"Well of course, I'm not accustomed to eating men's cum."

"But my point Sweetie was that you adapted to it rather well and consumed
large amounts of it without any side effects. That sends me a loud and clear
message, that not only is your body tolerant of jism, but also may be telling
you it's more natural for you to consume than you want to admit. You know
Mother Nature prepares us all for the roles in life we're to play in the
strangest ways. Shelly my son, your talent might just be that you're better
suited on the receiving ends of men's dicks rather than trying to be a full man.
You're aware of how soft your skin and hands are, the curve of your hips, not to
mention your shapely legs."

"M-Mother! I-I can't believe this! Y-You're telling me, your own son t-that
I'm n-not a full man! A-And that I-I should want to be on the end of-of men's
penises. That's so depraved, especially for a mother to tell her grown son.
Mother I'm 23. A-And if I-I'm not a man, w-what am I."

"How about a sissy man. Yes, being a sissy man would address some of your
shortcomings, especially your small prick, and fit in very well with what I
believe is your latent and natural desire, or need, I might add, to suck dicks
and eat semen regularly."

Mother and I talked on and on about this whole situation. However, it seemed
that no matter my feelings, she was insistent in her focus that I should not
pass up any opportunity to suck more cocks.

"Yes dear I think you should try sucking a few of your friends dicks to see if
after your experience you find it revolting or just that more delicious after
something in you has awoken you to this new need. Think of your experience as
the training you needed to capitalize on getting the jism you subconsciously

I was so upset with mother's persistent theme, I just gave up and went to

A month after the above conversation, I found out that mother had
conspired against me in order to prove her point.

I couldn't believe she had invited four of my high school buddies to offer
themselves to me, and to even force themselves on me to see my reaction.

Well, I didn't know this as she set me up to meet them. They did indeed
force them selves on me, but I was too weak to fight back and they dominated me
and made me take their huge penises and swallow every drop of their jism.

One of my buddies, named Shaw, took me to a place that was in the middle of
nowhere. I had no idea where I was. He not only fucked my face, but also made
me use a prepackaged enema so her could fuck my ass to boot.

Mother was elated that all four of my buddies had indeed used me. I
called it coerced rape, she didn't.

I didn't report them because they were friends and they said they thought it
wouldn't hurt for me to take their sperm, since they were friends and I had
taken the jism of so many strangers during my kidnapping ordeal.

I thought their logic was nuts, but the more they presented it to me, I
began to see their perspective. They simply were saying that since I had
pleased so many strangers, they just wanted me to do it for them too.

They convinced me they really needed to get off and that I shouldn't mind
helping them. I believed them. In fact even after Shaw raped me the first
time. I forgave him and felt sorry for him two days later when I sucked him
off. Then a week later after his "rape of me, he convinced me to have sissy
intercourse with him again. Again he presented me with a prepackaged enema kit
so I could prepare my rear for his onslaught of working his dick soft in me.

The only reason I gave in was because he said I couldn't get off the right way
with his thing in my mouth.

I was livid at them for conspiring against me with mother.

mother however, was delighted. She had some video evidence and a lot of audio
from secret tape recorders the guys had when they forced themselves on me.

Just because mother heard me say things like "I guess there's no use fighting
you if your dick is hard, that just means you might get violent and injure me.
Okay, take it out, I'll suck it for you and swallow your hot cum. After all,
that's the real reason you're forcing yourself on me. The only way to solve
this is for me to suck it out of you."

To me, if that's not self-defense or self-preservation talk, I don't know what

Another audio tape caught me talking to Shaw about his first rape of me.

ME: "Shaw, you ought to be ashamed yourself of forcing yourself on me the
first time. What makes you think I'm going to let you do such a despicable
thing to me again. You really shot off a lot of cum in my bottom."

SHAW: "Shelly you were just good, that's all it is to it. You're better than
many of the girls I've fucked. You got more cum out of me than them. It was
just plain good. That's why I shot off so much and why I want some more of your
sissy pussy. See how hard my dick is? Here feel it."

ME:"Y-You are hard. I don't see how you can be that way. You coerce me to
suck you off just a few days ago."

SHAW: "C'mon Shelly baby, let me split your cheeks again. I won't bother
again after you give me some more of your good booty."

ME: "Y-You said that last time. You promise this is the last time?"

SHAW: "Yeah sure. C'mon lets go over to that little motel where they rent
rooms by the hour. If we're lucky we can get the room we used last time."

ME: "That wasn't a bad room, even if the place looks rundown on the outside.
By the way, I assume that if I didn't agree, you'd force yourself on me anyway,
so that's why I'm going to let you get it out of your system and penetrate me
again. I presume you bought one of those kits too."

SHAW: "Yeah, right behind the seat."

"Again, mother, you can clearly here me say I was giving in because I knew
he'd force me if I didn't do as he wanted. Even rape experts agree, if rape is
inevitable, the best thing to do is submit. Again, it was just self
preservation when I went with him to that seedy motel, prepared my rear for him
and let him "split my cheeks" to use his words."


"Shelly, I can understand you being upset at your mother and your friends
conspiring against you. However, it could be that the best therapy may not be
for you to undergo treatment to stop performing as a sissy, as you say, but it
could be that some latent desires within you have been awaken and you just need
to obey them."

"You-You mean I-I should continue..."

"Yes, I think it might be more beneficial for you to suck a few more dicks and
have sissy intercourse with a few more men to see if you are really ready to
give up being on the receiving end of aroused penises. You've even admitted to
me how concerned you were about making sure you got your friends off to their

"T-That's n-not quite what I-I meant. I-I said that I-I hoped that I did it
g-good enough that they wouldn't bother me again."

"Then you're saying that if they told you it wasn't done as good as they
wanted, you'd do it until you sucked them off to their full satisfaction.

"No, no, that's not w-what I-I meant. I..."

"What you meant is not really important Shelly. What is important that you
work on this situation and together we can see what is the best determination
for you. What I want you to do is suck a few more dicks and get fucked a few
more times and then come back and see me, say in a month. I want you to suck
off to completion and swallow all the sperm they ejaculate, of at least 20
different men by the time you come back. As far as passive sissy intercourse,
that is where you'll be the surrogate woman for some lucky man, let's say you
try to get fucked at least twice a week. All this will be good therapy for

"B-But Doctor, a-are you sure this is the right thing for me to..."

"Shelly, I wouldn't recommend it for you if it wasn't. By the way, the
wearing of feminine clothing, especially underwear, facial makeup and jewelry is
highly recommended. In fact you should. I agree with your mother, pearl
earrings are a must as well as at minimum, and a single strand of quality
costume pearl jewelry would be a nice touch for you."


"Shelly, to answer your question about you having to wear a nurse's uniform,
yes you must. You look good in it too. But the real reason we have to dress
you as a woman is that our Government Grant specifically says that only female
nurses are covered. Hence, if an inspector comes by to check on personnel, we
want to be able to have him see only staff wearing female attire. Once he sees
that, he probably won't ask anymore questions. You benefit from the nice salary
we can pay you and once he sees you walking around in a nurse's dress outfit,
especially the one you'll be wearing which is a pink colored one, he won't ever
think of you being a man."

"B-But Nurse Sally, I-I don't think this job is right for me. I-I know mother
has told you a-about the incident w-which led h-her to think I'd be good for
this job, but you see..."

"Yes, Shelly, I know all the details about your forced sexual encounter at the
hands of those 40 horny burly brutes. But I have to agree with your Mom, you
can't wallow in self-pity and feel sorry about that having happened to you.
Just as your friends and others have helped you to see that your experience
wasn't as traumatic as you originally perceived it to be, I also see this job as
not only having the same therapeutic effect, but also helping you capitalize on
an opportunity that was borne out of a negative situation."

"T-That's all well and good Nurse Sally, but I'm afraid I'll have to decline

"Before you say anything else, Shelly, your mother asked me to call her if you
were somewhat reluctant to accept this job offer because you felt you didn't
have the confidence to take on the responsibilities of such an important job as

"Confidence! Nurse Sally, t-that's not the issue here. I-I just don't..."

"If you're confident, then are you afraid you just can't tolerate having
responsibilities? I would've thought you were a responsible person. You
could've fooled me by your resume. I'll have to alert all the local job
placement agencies about you not being a responsible and dependable worker.
They'll probably black list your name."

"No, no, that's not true. I-I'm a very responsible person and dependable, b-
but Nurse..."

"I'm so glad to hear you say that Shelly. By accepting this important job,
you'll show and prove to me that you mean that, otherwise I'm afraid I won't
have any confidence in you that you can be counted on to handle challenging


"Do you really want me to call your mom and tell her you're shirking away from
being responsible? By the way, does she still have that fan belt she use to
punish you with when you were a teen? Does she still use it or has she had to
use something a bit more accommodating since you're older and bigger?"

"S-She told you a-about..."

"Yes Shelly, your mother and I are old friends, You know that. I fully agree
with her. Remember, spare the rod, spoil the child? No Shelly, you must not
think that just because you're 23, she can't punish you for not being
responsible and dependable. You still want me to call her and tell her that? I
suspect she may get upset."

"No! No, er, you're right, s-she might get upset at me. B-But Nurse Sally, c-
can't you help me find another job other than this one, I-I just want to put
this entire penis s-sucking a-and sissy intercourse thing behind me."

"Shelly, lets not sound so clinical. Say cocksucking or dick sucking, but not
penis sucking. Okay?"

"If-If you say so."

"I tell you what Shelly, lets compromise. We'll start you out on this job and
when something else comes available, and if you qualify, I'll consider you for
it. That's fair isn't it?"

"O-Okay. I-I guess then, m-my job will be to-to suck the penis..., er, cocks
of all these mental and sexual predator patients in which the state has cut the
budget for their medication that suppresses their sexual arousal?"

"Yes, that's what the job entails. Shelly, by using someone such as you,
who's been trained and accustomed to having a variety of big dicks in your mouth
and accepting copious quantities of hot sperm, you're an ideal solution to
helping us find an innovative way to solve our budget dilemma. Your cocksucking
keeps our patients calm and we stay within our budget, by paying your salary
from a federal grant, which we can't use for medications, only staff labor. My
boss congratulated on this and praised me for thinking outside the box in
finding a solution to this problem."

I looked at my new boss with wonderment. It still puzzled me how she could be
so business like and yet cavalier about with this whole situation, which would
degrade me horribly.

She went through more details of the job I didn't want to take, but one which
it seems that she and my Mother, seemed determined that I pursue.

"Your title will be Staff Oralist. You'll have a schedule, but you will be
issued a pager and beeped for any emergency semen extractions that may be
required. That'll usually be to help calm down a patient who's become unruly.
We expect that your warm wet mouth engulfing his swollen aching dick will help
to calm the patient."

"H-How many patients will I have to work with on my shift?" I asked.

"Very good question, Shellieee." She responded stretching the vowel of my new
feminine name, or the feminine version of my name to be more precise. I hated
it nevertheless.

"I want to start you off with 24 a shift."

When I looked surprised at the larger number, Nurse Sally gave me more details
- more that I wanted to hear.

"We have 144 male patients. I estimated you should comfortably be able to
Fellate or suck off, at least once, 24 in eight hours, or about 3 per hour. You
know, about 15 to 20 minutes per dick. That gives every man a good come every
week. By the way, your workweek will be a total of 48 hours or six days. This
is necessary to get all the patients off on a scheduled weekly basis. The extra
hours will be overtime pay."

"I-I guess the overtime is all right, b-but doesn't that seems like an awful
lot of..."

"Not from what you did when you were held hostage those two days. Didn't you
do 4 to 5 dicks an hour during several sessions with those men? Am I right

"M-My memory is a bit blurred in-in that regard."

"Well, if your mom is right, you should have no problem getting these perverts
to pop you a wad or two in 20 minutes. By the way, Shellie, it's only fair to
let the patients know that they're entitled to at least 10 minutes of mouth time
of you having your lips, tongue and mouth working on their dicks and balls. If
they come in less than that and don't take the full 20 minutes allowed for you
to get them off, you still owe them that juicy suck time on their dicks."

I was again surprised at the level of details that Nurse Sally was giving me
guidance on. Even though degrading in one sense, her expectations placed a
certain level of professionalism with this job that impressed me.

"What happens if they don't get off after 20 minutes?" I asked.

"Hmmm! Another good question. Lets deal with that if it happens. My first
guess would be for you to move on to the next patient and then come back and
handle any of those cases in the time you have left for your shift or put you in
for overtime as it maybe needed. Our paramount concern is to get these patients
off and keep them from being horny. So Shellie, it'll be imperative for you to
do whatever is needed to accomplish that. This is necessary, be cause if you
don't, the patients will just cause problems for other staff members. See what
I mean about your job being critical and filled with responsibility?"

"I-I see." I slowly replied with less than an air of optimism about my new
occupation of professional oralist, or professional cocksucker, to be more

"And Shellie, since your mom says you've became somewhat of a connoisseur
taster of semen in your time as a sex hostage, I think you'll find our patients
will give you some of the thickest and creamiest jism you could ever want to
eat. You see, before bringing you on board, we encouraged the patients to
masturbate under supervised conditions by the staff. The patients really shot
off some thick curds of gelatinous cum. Your mother said you seemed to only
talk to her about the taste of the men you sucked off who had that thick rich
pudding kind of dick cream. I don't think you'll be disappointed as you milk
our bulls here. He! He! He!"

As Nurse Sally reveled in her chuckle, I lamented at how much mother had
revealed of what I'd thought was sensitive, mother son, confidential talk.


In my first week, it quickly became apparent that I was a big hit with all the
patients as well as the staff.

Nurse Sally started out with me as I did my very first 8 patients. She
instructed me on a few things she wanted me to do to enhance the sucking
experience for the patient.

Besides "cleaning the meat I was about to eat" (Her term for wiping the
patient's genitals with a pre-moistened towelette), I was to always lap and
mouth their balls, nuzzle briefly around the base of their dick stalks, work up
the shaft, and spend a good bit of time flicking my tongue on their pee slit,
before engulfing the bloated dick head and letting my tightly clamped lips slide
back and forth along the shaft's length. As I do so, I'm to cup, knead and
fondle the patient's balls as I suckle their rigid sex meat.

I'd not given such methodical blowjobs before, but I caught on quickly and by
the third patient, Nurse Sally was praising me on how smoothly I was performing.
She really praised my swallowing action.

I'm not sure how it happened, but when held hostage, I never choked on a load
of hot sperm, no matter the quantity, as it gushed in my throat. For some
reason, I developed a sort of sixth sense about when dicks are about to erupt
and it didn't bother me when they came. It seemed that my throat muscles and
breathing worked together smoothly to easily accept all their hot gooey jism. I
consumed all that was shot off effortlessly without any signs of gagging or

"That's the sign of talent and experience Shellie the way you swallow without
any hint of choking. Your natural skill makes you idea for this job." Nurse
Sally said.

On this first day on the job, I couldn't help but be impressed at how well
hung all the patients were. There were dicks in all sizes and shapes. Even if
I hated what I was doing, I couldn't help admiring how handsome the patient's
dicks were.

I tried to hide my admiration of all the handsome attractive dick meat I had
to mouth in front of Nurse Sally, but I wasn't sure how well I did. I also
tried to suppress exhibiting any sign of delight at tasting the exquisite creamy
ejaculate the first 8 patients provided me.

It was rather difficult because as I sucked and swallowed under her
observation, my small prick erected. It had been hard every since the very first
patient, no matter how I tried to will it down. Fortunately, it never made a
sizable bulge in the pink nurse's dress uniform I was required to wear.

My prick's reaction to being put in the position to suck dicks and eat the
output, bothered me again for the umpteen time. I now sensed it was a losing
battle. It seemed that my destiny was to be a cocksucker. Even so, there was
something in me fighting this newfound craving in me, even though I found it
more delight with each prick that sent pulsating hot jets of jism into the
interior of my mouth.

I was so glad Nurse Sally left me on my own after the eighth patient, because
I knew I was going to have trouble keeping up my fake image of not enjoying what
I was doing.

I breathed a sigh of relief as she walked away on a page from the nurse's
station. As I exposed the genitals of patient number 9, I gasped at the 8 inch
length and girth of his well proportioned, circumcised black penis. It had an
ideal shape and was thick.

I've discovered I'm partial in my admiration of men's members. I favor thick
stocky cocks over others, even though I seem to find all the dicks I've seen so
far, attractive in one sense or another.

I could not close my hand around completely around its circumference.

As I held and prepared the man for my services, he reached a full erection
state quickly, to my full delight.

His cock head was large and bloated as it exhibited the pinkish color of being
fully distended and blood gorged. There was no doubt it was ripe and ready to
spit its hot slimy load of seed.

My mouth literally watered and I found myself drooling at the thought of
mouthing such a thing of beauty. The precum was starting to seep out and the
big drop that formed in the large pee slit just increased my hunger.

Without following Nurse Sally's methodical approach of licking his scrotum
first, I engulfing the man's heated dick head and slid as much of his beautiful
meat down my throat as I could.

It was such a delight to have his dick head bump against the furthest most
back of my throat. I must've gotten at over five inches of his lovely shaft in
my mouth on that initial lunge.

After that, I cupped his larger ball and tenderly suckled and slid my
slobbering mouth up and down his pole of rigid black meat.

I closed my eyes and hummed slightly with contentment as I satisfied my own
oral longing. It was a mutually beneficial situation as the patient too was
moaning in delight. It seemed our actions were feeding on and reinforcing each
other's pleasure.

It all seemed so symbiotic and prefect. It scared me at how much I was
enjoying this.

As he reached his climax and ejaculated, I luxuriated in its taste and gulped
down blast after blast of his thick, very warm slimy creamy discharges. I slowly
mouth milked his exquisite penis. I was hoping he would harden and come again,
but it was obvious, he had given me a tremendous release of his cum and needed
time to recover.

It was doing this time that I realized that I also had come in the lacy pink
panties I wore. I raised my skirt and stuffed tissues in there to sop up my
spent cum. It worked and there was no visible stain on my uniform. I was

I then wiped my saliva traces from his languished member, tucked it away and
closed his pajamas. He drifted off to sleep as I was doing so and gave me a
very grateful "Thanks".

His saying that, in addition to my having thoroughly enjoyed what had
transpired made my day.

I quickly moved on, excited at what I would find in the pajamas of patient
number 10 next door.

I was hungry for more cock and cum.

The six 8 hour shifts didn't turn out to be that bad and the money came in
really good. Especially when the overtime was included. There was more of than
I thought there would be.

"Yes, Shellie, if hard dicks create problems for us, you'll have to work the
overtime to get them down and calm the patient." Was Sally's take on things
when I had to do mandatory overtime cocksucking.

As Nurse Sally predicted, I didn't have a problem meeting the schedule she
laid out for me. I was comfortably giving three good juicy blowjobs an hour
with an average time of about 12 - 15 minutes to suck each dick to completion
with about a minute of cool down milking time thrown in. The patients all
seemed very pleased with my efforts.

But the other thing that neither of seemed to have counted on was the number
of emergency extractions I'd have to do in a shift. On average, I was doing 6
extra dicks in addition to my normally scheduled patients. In other words, I
was having to do 30 dicks a shift as opposed to the planned 24.

"Well that's the way it is" Was all that Chief Nurse Sally said.

Nurse Sally was very pleased, so was mother at the glowing reports she got
about my performance. Her and Nurse Sally's praise as well as that of the
staff, as to what a great job I was doing, did make what at first I thought to
be a degrading, disgraceful, job, much more tolerable, and acceptable to me.

Additionally, the anticipation and excitement the patients exhibited, as I
made my rounds to put their dicks in my mouth, really added to the fulfillment
and satisfaction I got knowing I had a job that mattered and what I did made a
difference in their lives.

"It really good to shoot my cum in your mouth"; "You really suck!"; "It's good
busting my nuts in your mouth"; "You got a real good mouth pussy"; are typical
praises I receive as I make my nightly rounds.

To know that you're needed and respected by the people you're helping out,
really makes a difference on a job.

In case I forgot to tell you, I work the grave yard shift 11 PM to 8AM, which
includes an half hour for lunch and two short breaks.

Another aspect of the job that Nurse Sally was right about was the quality of
the sperm the patients produced. It is high quality and abundant. It is
definitely rich, creamy, and in many cases rivaled the consistency of clam
chowder and pudding.

It's in my job description to swallow all ejaculate. With all the men feed me
from their dicks, I very seldom get hungry at work.

I didn't realize just how much jism I was eating until a report was done for
Nurse Sally as to how much semen was being extracted from the patients balls on
a weekly basis.

Working with another nurse, we did a sampling by me sucking off a specified
number of patients as they wore a very sheer sheepskin condom, made for oral
sex. I would do my duty and after the patient ejaculated, it was removed, and
the amount of cum in it measured.

The patients selected for the sampling were not too happy about having their
dicks covered with a prophylactic. They all complained about missing the feel
of my wet sucking mouth action on their bare hard throbbing meat.

Since we measured each selected patient's ejaculate at his bedside - who
incidentally were routinely strapped down as I orally administered to them - it
was some consolation and appeasement to them to see me swallow each semen
specimen after it was measured. In addition, I also gave them a nice milking
after removing the sheepskin.

"You really bring that extra little something to your job. I could tell by
their smiles that all the patients we sampled, were pleased you respected them
enough to swallow their semen as well as suckle and milk their dick heads."
Commented the nurse helping me with the ejaculate specimen measurements.

"Thank you." I replied. "I guess, I feel sort of bonded to each of my
patients through their dicks and jism." I added.

"That is so touching. Why I bet you would be just as pleased sucking a cum
filled pussy too. You think so?" She asked.

"I-I guess I'd never thought of that." I lied. You see mother had introduced
to the taste of jism flavored cunt as part of my sex education which she'd
taught me.

By the time, we two had finished my round; she invited me to suck her slimy
cunt out after one of the doctors fucked her later that night.

She met me at the appointed time and I was amazed at what a large gaping twat
such a small petite woman had. She was brimming full of the doctor's gooey cum.

sucking her pussy also reassured me that I had not lost my desire to be with a
woman, even after getting caught up in being forced to be sissy snatch by a
bunch of rapists and now coerced into being an occupational cocksucking shemale

I became her pussy cleaner on a regular basis and delighted in the taste of
jism mixed with pussy juice.

It also boosted my masculine ego when I placed my head between the parted
legs of this beautiful lady and feasted on her luscious, but well fucked crotch.

It was obvious the man enjoying her charms had a big dick and luxuriated in
her lush pussy.

I was sure my much smaller member would never please a woman who was use to a
more sizable tool. She even said as much, once when I got enough nerve to ask
her if I could put it in before I sucked her. She let me do so once. It was
great. She was a beautiful woman. However, she's only let me do it that once,
as she got virtually no pleasure from my doing so. She enjoys my oral activity
far more.

"Shellie, your talent is sucking, and being fucked, not fucking. All the
nurses on the staff know how small you are. We've all seen the photos Nurse
Sally took of you doing your job physical. We looked at your file. Just
because you're not man enough to fuck pussy properly, doesn't mean you should
feel any lesser about yourself if you have to jack off for relief, while others
enjoy the wonderfulness of your mouth, tongue and lips or the pleasure of your
sissy cunt, that is, for men who want you that way. Okay Sweetie?" She said
as she kissed me on the forehead.

I nodded in silent acknowledgment.

In time, that nurse had me meet other nurses occasionally to clean their
drippy fucked frothy cunts too, in the large hospital where we worked.

As to the outcome of our measuring of ejaculate sampling, the results showed
that on average each patient was ejaculating approximately 1.5 ounces, by
volume, of semen. So that meant I was consuming 45 ounces or 1.4 quarts of
spurting creamy jism each day, or shift. This amounted to a total of just over
2 gallons of swallowed hot ejaculated sperm a week.

My boss, Nurse Sally thought that this information was a good statistic. Why,
I didn't know. All I knew was that all that rich dick juice was filling. I
usually didn't get hungry as I make my rounds and get filled, as I go from dick
to hard dick, milking them and swallowing the viscous creamy nectar collected
with my suckling lips.

I must admit, it is pleasurable hearing the patients moan as they ejaculate,
as well as seeing their body motions and as their dicks rhythmically spurt in my
sucking mouth.

Not long after I started working with Nurse Sally, three of the male nurse's
aids started propositioning me for head. Hoping to deter them because my mouth
was too tired from sucking the patients off, they wouldn't accept that. They
came up with the idea of me pleasing them with my ass. They literally coerced me
to let them slip their hard erections in my rear, thus having sissy intercourse
with them. It started off with me feeling sorry for one of the aids I became
friendly with.

I hated to think of him suffering from his hard throbbing dick and his girl
friend not being able to take care of him at various times. So I gave in and
let him do me in the laundry room. Soon, word got around. Two more aids became
friendly with me and soon, they too wanted the same type treatment.

Being softhearted and feeling sorry for them, I gave in and let them take my
panties off. As time went on, I basically had sissy intercourse with the 3 of
them whenever they demanded it.

It was just as when I'd been held hostage. After a man has sissy intercourse
with me, that is, uses me as a surrogate woman, a feeling of well being resides
over me as he vigorously humps, injects and fills me with his hot sperm. This
feeling is also enhanced after he pulls out and I look at his satisfied facial
expression and softened dick. I know its strange, but Just knowing that I helped
him achieve such satisfaction and relief by being a receptacle for his dick and
a depository for his hot seed is indeed very rewarding to me now.

I get a warm cozy feeling from sucking a hard dick and swallowing jism, but a
greater glow of a "being useful" type feeling surrounds me when I'm fucked and
feel my lover's heavy viscous load leaking out of me.

It took a bit to admit it to myself, but I finally accepted the fact that I
was pleased that men wanted to fuck me as well as actually being fucked by them.

However, to keep things in perspective, I let all three of the orderlies know
I was not a Homo or gay, just because my occupation is sucking dicks for a
living, or that I let them fuck my ass when their dicks get hard.

They all said they respected me for telling them that and that they would
never think of me that way. That is, as long as I sucked their dicks and let
them fuck my ass when they needed to get off.

I thought that was reasonable of them.

They're really a nice group of guys, and so are many of their friends whom
they've asked me to suck off and have sissy intercourse with.

It's sort of difficult to turn down their friends, especially when the friend
shows up with his swollen cocks outlined, bulging and straining against the
fabric of their pants. Incidentally, I find such a sight very arousing too.
Maybe that's also another reason why I have yet to turn away any of their
friends who show up in that condition.

Even though I complain about the guys fucking me after a hard shift of sucking
very stiff dicks and swallowing what seems like endless spurts of fresh hot
creamy jism, I do feel very relaxed and mellow after being fucked by one or more
of the guys.

I really sleep well when I get home. Being full of hot semen combined with
the exercise of a good sissy pussy fuck, really helps me rest peacefully.


I started keeping a journal, or really, okay, it's basically a diary of the
experiences that were changing my life. Below are various entries that
articulate my states of mind as I try to document my experiences of how I
changed into the new me.

Dear Journal,

An interesting event happened on my shift tonight just before my lunch break.
I got an emergency page to report to Ward 3. When I got there, there was a what
the hospital called a code orange condition was in effect. That is that the
patient is acting in a violent manner and could cause harm to himself and staff.
The patient's name was Hal. He was giving the staff aids a fit. He was
perturbed and unruly. He wouldn't do anything they asked of him.

The two male nurse's aid, even though both were well over 6 feet and muscle
bound, they were having a difficult time restraining Hal, as he was big in
stature also.

I was called in to assist them as they noticed that Hal was aroused and indeed
when I arrived, I too noticed the pronounced bulge of Hal's large erection
clearly outlined in the crotch area of his pants.

"Shellie! ...Gasp! We called you because we thought you could help out here.
See how hard his dick is?" One of the male nurse's aid said as he was wrestling
with Hal to restrain him to his bed.

Even though this was my first Code Orange, Nurse Sally had drilled me a few
times on what I should do.

"I see what you mean. He does seem to have a Class A erection. Okay guys,
I'll try to get his pants unbuckled and free his cock and balls." I replied. I
said excitedly. The tone of my voice was also exhibited the stress and tension
of the situation in the room.

It took a few moment to unsnap Hal's pants and shorts and expose his large
very stiff penis. His appendage snapped forth from the confinement of his
underwear with such an action that threw a heavy drop of precum across the left
side of my face.

However, as soon as I got my hands on his rigid dick and began caressing his
heavy balls, the change in his behavior was dramatic. He began to be less
agitated. Knowing that this situation required immediate action, I quickly
capped his large swollen and distended reddish pink blood filled dick head with
my mouth.

Hal really slowed down this time. As I began sucking and mouthing his very
erect member, he was truly like putty in our hands.

It became so much quieter as the two primary noises in the room now was from
my sucking action on his hard hot dick meat and the moans of pleasure from Hal's

A few moments later, Hal let loose with a loud moan and also erupted a very
forceful and copious wad of fresh hot jism into my mouth. Three smaller ones
followed the first blast. My lips were clamped tightly to his pulsating rock
hard penis, draining and swallowing every spurt. As his ejaculation subsided,
my lips were still clamped to his shrinking cock, as I was vacuuming out the
last dregs of the hot sticky cum that was apparently contributed to his
agitation and unruly behavior.

After a prolonged period of milking him with my lips, I let it slip from my
mouth after his penis had become completely flaccid.

"Great job Shellie! You really know how to suck a dick." One of the male
nurse's aid said as he slapped me on my ass as I wiped an excess drool of saliva
from the corner of my lips.

"Yeah, Shellie, thanks, we don't think we could've quieted him down this
easily without you. You sure proved yourself tonight." The other one added.

Both men asked me to remain a moment after they had secured Hal and got him
put in bed for the night.

"Look, that was some performance there. But see what you've done to us." One
of them said as they showed me the large bulges in their white uniform pants.

"How about giving us some of that oral therapy you gave Hal. We sure could
use it." The other one said as he grasped the outline of the bulge of his

Well, Journal, as a professional courtesy, I obliged them. Ten minutes later,
I had their two loads in me as I returned to my shift. They both had their
dicks in my mouth at the same time as they shot off. This was a first for me
and I was surprised at how little of their bountiful jism I lost. Also, I was
also surprised at how easily I was able to swallow all they gave me from their
combined blast into my throat. It seemed that my throat muscles were geared to
this. Yes, maybe mom is right, maybe I am born to suck.

I'm telling you, it is so rewarding to be recognized by my peers for my
professionalism and the specialty I bring to the work place.


Dear Journal,

The other thing is that I feel I'm doing a public service to men with hard
dicks, especially if they can't find some pussy to cream into. Plus, I suspect
many women don't prize a man's hot slimy cum as much as I do. Therefore, I see
myself as a perfect receptacle, vessel, or repository - you take your pick - for
hard up men to bring their throbbing aching dicks to.

It's the same old thing, men encouraging me to suck their hard dicks and me
finding it difficult to refuse their encouragement.

It's common knowledge now that I'm not only a cocksucker, but also a very
popular and renowned sucker of dicks in my area of town. Everybody pretty much
knows that if they see me talking with a man, in one way or another his dick has
been or soon will be in me.

men are always telling me how good I make their dicks feel after I help them
get off. This really makes me feel good to hear their compliments as well as
know that I've helped them.

I now feel great pride in being called and known as an excellent cocksucker
and jism eater.

I use to think it was wrong for men to force themselves on me by making me
suck their cocks. But lately, at times, I've come around to the point where I
feel it's sort of my duty to let men push their stiff dicks between my lips and
use the warm wetness of my mouth for their sexual relief, with a load of their
hot viscous sticky semen as adequate payment and thanks for their utilization of
my oral orifice.


Dear Journal,

Mom has been after me to join one or more of a number of social clubs.
Between work and the demands my newly acquired men friends place on me, I just
don't seem to have the time. The other thing is that the clubs that have made
offers for me to join seem to have the same thing in mind as everybody else as
of late and that's flooding my mouth and rear with their jism. These are the
offers I have so far:

The Stallion Club has asked me to be their club Mare.

The Bulls Social Club have asked me to be their club heifer.

The Rams Social Club have asked me to be their club Ewe.

Who knows, I may join all three if I can work them into my schedule and
can make their weekly and bi-weekly meetings.

Dear Journal,

I had to admit that the counselor was correct, it is therapeutic for me to
lick and suck dicks. Knowing that sucking a man off is not only beneficial for
me but for him too, really adds to my mental well being too as I engulf and
slide my sucking mouth back and forth over his rigid heated penis meat.

Being in whorish drag around a few horny studs whose dicks are straining and
throbbing in their pants is exhilarating, especially when I know they are going
to ask or just demand I help them get their rocks off with my mouth.

I find getting face fucked rather enjoyable too, as long as me and the man
can get a nice rhythm going and he doesn't bang his dick into my teeth or bang
the back of my throat too hard.


Dear Journal,

The following is a conversation between mother and I that I thought I
should place in my Journal because it was so special.

"Thank you so much Mother, you were so right about it being good for me to
suck dicks. sucking all those dicks has really made a new and better person of

"Yes it has. And I'm really pleased that you understand that you need to
get well fucked occasionally too."

"Yes, that has been such a wonderful revelation to me too. I just love
having a man's hard aching bone nestled in my warm well lubed sissy cunt giving
it all the comfort and pleasure I can. It's such a warm cozy feeling to know
that I'm pleasing him and that he'll pay me back with a warm gooey load of his
hot jism."

"Dear, have many of the men been receptive to you inviting them to come in
your mouth rather than shoot off up your sissy pussy after they fuck you?"

"Only a handful, but those few are very excited about getting their cum all
churned up to shoot in my ass pussy and then to actually dump it in my mouth and
getting their dicks sucked at the same time."

"Also, my dear sissy boy, I meant to tell you those photos of you in
action were simply awesome."

"I thought so too mother. I just love showing off pictures of me working
on a nice big beautiful long hard dick. When a man sees me in a photo sucking
on a hard one, he generally wants me to do the same thing for him immediately."

"I can understand that, after all a man would have to be dead not to have
some stirrings in his loins after seeing your juicy mouth drooling and
slobbering on a hard throbbing hot dick jutting toward the sky."

"Shellie baby, of course I forgive you not knowing that what I wanted for you
was what you needed, and also what was best for you."

"You're right Mom, my new lifestyle is what I needed. Wearing frilly feminine
under garments, colorful make up, dresses, women's jewelry and tending to the
needs of horny men, has made a new person of me. A more complete and contented
person too, I might add."

"You look absolutely radiant dear. It's easy to tell that getting dicked
routinely agrees with you very well, very well indeed."

"Thank you Mother. Why, just a month ago, I could never have imagined myself
saying that you were right about me being better suited being on the receiving
end of a spurting hard dick. But you were right on target. It has really
boosted my self esteem knowing that men want to use me as their cocksucker and
sissy cunt."

"You're welcome dear. Besides, positive self esteem is a key ingredient to
helping one have a positive outlook on life."

"Again, you're so right. I no longer have any feelings of guilt that many
people know that I suck men's dick and eat their jism. Or that I love the taste
of it, no matter whether it's from a pussy or fresh from a dick.

"And don't forget your patients."

"Oh no, I wouldn't. They really need me. And they're the ones that add real
meaning to my daily existence."

"Honey, it's great you see what you do on your job as more than just that.
It's so good that you're doing something that has meaning and focus. Your love
for and adoration of dicks has been so good for you.

"You're so right. I spend 8 hours a day sucking dicks and get fucked between
many of those blowjobs, and what do I do on my time off, I go out with a car
load of guys dressed in whorish drag knowing they're going to give me some
serious dicking. You're right, I love dicks, that's all there is to it."

"And you come back home smelling like a ripe sperm bank. But baby, even
though you often come home that way from having been a sissy slut for groups of
men, you have the most contented and happy look on your face. You're a sissy
whore and it really agrees with you."

"Another thing, I'm thrilled now when a man wants to hug, grope, feel me up or
rub my ass openly, even run his hands up under the hem of my skirt or dress."

"Remember what I said about you enjoying being treated like a woman. It's
only natural since you're functioning as a woman."


"You were right Doctor, it was good for me to pursue your therapy of going
after and embracing dicks rather than running away from them. My whole demeanor
and outlook on life has changed after letting the latent sissy in me blossom."

"A very apt metaphor considering all it took was it to be nourished by the cum
you ate from men's balls. You are indeed lucky to have been kidnapped and
subjected to the lusty desires of those 40 men. Aren't you glad they selected
you now?"

"Oh yes, so very much so."

"And it's so very lucky and good that your mother was able to get you the job
you have now as an Occupational Oralist at the prison hospital. It's ideal for

"Yes it's such a heavenly job. When I'm not sucking on a handsome hard dick,
someone is fucking my sissy cunt. Many times they're doing both if it's at
least two of them. It seems that at least once a month a group of the guys - my
coworkers and their friends- get together and pull a train on me. Many times
it's a total surprise and I never know what hit before they've got me in one of
their cars and are speeding me off to some way-out motel or wooded area to be
dicked by them all."

"Why that's really wonderful for you, and nice of them too. By the way, per
our last session, how is your desensitization practice coming?"

"Very well. Just like you said, when the men call me names they really don't
mean ill will toward me. Just as you said, I've accepted being called a fag,
faggot, fairy, male pussy, he-she cunt, and other such names. Like you said,
the men see it as natural to call me such names, and therefore they expect it as
natural for me to accept and respond to them. Like you said, I have practiced
using them myself.


The counselor's advice to thank the men that I suck off and fuck me was good
advice. It does make me feel good to thank men for fucking my face or sissy
cunt and depositing their hot jism in me. I also think them for letting me lick
and lap their balls too. They all seem to appreciate my courtesy and deference
to them too. It does make me feel wonderful to be passive to the men that I
suck off and who fuck me.

"Making noisy slurping noises also helps your men get off better to and
really adds to the passion of the moment." This was another wonderful bit of
advice the counselor gave me.

The counselor was right, after a while, the fact that the men call me a Fag
or Faggot, or Fairy is not really important in the bigger scheme of things. The
important thing is that they want to fuck my face and ass and let me have their
hot cum.

She has also helped me to see that I should not feel in any way disgraceful,
degraded if men see me as something of a place for them to cool their dicks off
and to dump excess sperm.

"And you should not be ashamed of being a cum dump either Shellie."
"Sweetie, you have a natural inclination for handling men's dicks as well as
feasting on them too. Promise me you'll never be ashamed of that."

"I know you're right about that now Mother. And I promise that I will try to
get over any shame or guilt I have about fondling cocks and sucking and
swallowing the cum from them."

"That's the spirit baby."

"Also Mother, I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to go that bookstore
and adult theater on Jefferson street. The black men readily welcomed me,
literally with open arms and plenty of hard dicks."

"I suspected you'd be accepted there easily. Black dicks and white sissies
seem to go together rather well."

"Many people commented that the pearl jewelry, you know the necklace and
bracelet, ear rings, and rings on each hand really attracted the men to me.
They said it added to my sexiness as a sissy, who was obviously trolling for
black dicks."

"Pearl jewelry really goes with you well Sweetie. I want you to wear it all
the time. You know, keep it as your signature mark."

"Okay mother, if you say so. I do like pearl jewelry. It is rather feminine.
So no matter when or where I wear it, in no uncertain terms it broadcasts that I
have a feminine side."

"And proud of it too, right?"

"Yes, I am, very much. Thanks to you."

"You're quite welcome son. I know you'll form many more connections and bonds
with black men at the Jefferson theater and other places like that. Thirteen
dicks sucked and you ate 15 loads, you did quite well for your first visit
there, very well indeed. I'm very proud to know my son's sissy beauty can
attract that many men."

"Another thing, and it's not related to my going to the theater, but it was
good of you to have Jake come by and fuck me the other night. I didn't know it
at the time, but I really needed that."

"You're welcome my darling son. I thought you'd enjoy having a man
penetrating and plowing into you a bit. The woman in you needs more than just
swallowed jism, you must not neglect to treat her to a few good ass fuckings."

"You are so right. Jake was a bit forceful and made me give in to him even
though I didn't think I wanted to be fucked. But after he manhandled me a bit
and started humping me, his dick really felt good in me. I really felt so
wonderfully re-newed after he got off in me twice. He really gave my bottom a
good, but well needed, workout. I later wrote him a nice warm note of thanks
for his delightful dicking."

"That's so sweet of you dear. Come give mommie a hug."

I did as mother requested. The embrace and lengthy open mouth kiss between
was a nice display of the bond between my mom and me, for all practical reasons,
her sissy daughter.

"Yes deary, it's always good to let the men know you appreciate them and what
they do for you."

I now know that it does.

"He asked me to come sit on his dick and let him fuck me. It was a nice
invite and I did take him up on his offer. I straddled his legs as he sat on the
couch and his rigid rod of hot hard meat slipped effortlessly in my sissy pussy.
The fuck was exquisite."

"That sounds like you and he had a great time fucking."

"We sure did mother. It felt so delicious to have his rough hands gliding over
me while he worked dick magic in my bottom. He repeatedly called me a sissy slut
and whore. For that, I embraced him tighter and kissed him repeated to thank
him for praising me that I was as good any gutter whore he's fucked before.
Such kudos made me all tingly inside. As you can tell, I really love it when
the men tell me what a good fuck I am to them."

"Everyone likes to be told they're doing a good job Sweetie, and I'm sure he was
giving you well deserved praise."

"Why thank you Mother. I always try to give men 110 percent when I put out
for them. I also let him know I was his, anytime he or his dick needed me."

"That's the spirit dear."

"Also mother, you were right. It is better if I let the real men take charge
and I follow their lead and do as they tell me to."

"Especially when it comes to fucking baby. It's better to do just as you have
been, let them have their way with you as they appease their lust with your
sissy charms."

"Yes, yes, I understand. I also really like it when they hold me tightly as
they're ejaculating deep in my sissy cunt. It's so romantic and special to be a
vessel for a man and his hot pent up hot creamy cum at those times."

In retrospect, I must now give loving credit where credit is due. If it hadn't
been for Mother's insistence, I would've continued to resist developing my
obvious talent for sucking dicks, and taste for the savory warm ejaculate from
men's balls.

It is now with the greatest joy that I gladly feed from men's hard tubes of
meat as they spurt their creamy discharges of fresh semen and feed me.

The other thing is that her persistence in encouraging me to wear feminine
make up, jewelry, and apparel in the presence of men who had a sexual hunger,
had a very profound and pleasant effect upon me.

It was through such experiences that I discovered I delighted in being wooed
for sex by aroused men in need. The feeling of being needed by them to take and
soothe their raging hard-ons is so delightfully exhilarating.

It is even more exciting when I'm being demanded by a group of men to be the
sexual recipient of their stiff dicks and ball cream. This is especially true
if the group want me in a double team manner, that is, where two men
simultaneously drive their hard throbbing dicks in and out of my mouth and sissy
cunt respectively, while I'm delightfully sandwiched between them.

It's a particularly warm cozy feeling to have two sets of hands roaming over
my body groping and feeling me up as they enjoy the pleasure my warm perfumed
body's softness is providing them. In addition, their verbal moans, grunts and
comments of being pleased by having their aching dicks firmly nestled in me is
so stimulating to me and really adds to my pleasure of them using me.

Many times in the throes of their passionate sex with me, I'm called many
different names such as "Fairy, Faggot, Fag, he-cunt, she-he pussy, male pussy,
and so on. However, just as mother said, I've not only become desensitized to
such names, but see that they are only expressions of the men's enjoyment of me
by using them.

mother repeatedly stressed to me that being used by men with their hard horny
dicks would be very rewarding.

"My sweet son, letting more and more men put their big hard dicks between your
lips will be very rewarding for you. Just as sucking dicks has, in my opinion
made you a better person more well adjusted person, a wider exposure to more men
and therefore more hard dicks can only be beneficial."

The other thing that has sort of come naturally to me is being passive to the
demands of men.

"My sweet Son, you should not be shy in the least expressing your delight of
tasting and eating other men's sperm. As I've said many times, there is
nothing degrading or shameful or disgraceful about you sucking dicks and
offering your sissy pussy to men. Sure there will be some who say it's
perverted, but ignore them and do what pleases you and fulfills you needs."

mother hugged me tightly after I confessed that she was right to steer me into



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