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ES2C 09 Un Male Part 1


------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT--------------
This is a sexually graphic story with adult content. You must be 21 years of age to read. The characters in this sexual fantasy story are imaginary, and are not a representation, in any manner, of any real world person or situation.


TO THE READER: This report is the result of an investigative reporter's
effort to find out more about an organization called The Society for Un-
threatened Effeminacy in Males or Un-males for short. The goal of Un-
male is the acceptance of the philosophy that female domination in white
marriages should be the norm, combined with submissiveness, imposed
effeminacy, and subservient behavior by white husbands. It is the belief
of the organization that this is necessary for successful marital
relationships. The organization also embraces the colloquial belief of
some, that white males are inferior to black men, particularly, in
reference to sex. Un-male exhorts white husbands to accept cuckolding
as honorable and that they boast proudly to their peers of their wives'
adulterous relationships with superior black studs. The preceding
beliefs have been merged into the Un-male Therapy for making marriages
happier as well as make white males in general, feel more secure and
serene, in accepting their inferiority and subjugation to superior black
males, as well as feeling a deeper love and higher esteem for their
unfaithful white wives.

While at an Un-Male open house social, researching information for
my article, I chatted with one of the Un-Male trained husbands. I
listened to his story intently.

"I was upset at first when I found out that my wife
was having a torrid affair with a black man. But by
the time I did so, she'd already started me on
tasting traces of his delicious cum from her sweet
pussy. She knew I liked the way she tasted after
she'd been out with him. Her cunt tasted great,
but I never attributed it to her sexing it up
with a black stud. There was an argument at first,
but when she laid the law down that she wasn't about
to give him up, I knew I didn't want to give her up -
I loved her too much. We compromised. I'd share her
with her black lover. She continued to feed me her
pussy and I eagerly ate her out. We'd virtually
stopped having normal intercourse after she started
seeing him. She told me how much of her time he took
up as well as that she didn't seem to get much out of
my much smaller prick anymore. It was easy for me to
see how enlarged her vagina had become from regular
sex with him. She was for a while jerking me off.
Later she urged me to take care of that myself,
as she ground her tasty bottom on my face. One night
after she'd had a quickie with him, she plugged her
cunt and brought his full load back for me to eat.
When she told me what she had for me, I was
very reluctant to do what she wanted, but when she
told me `Taste me now or not taste me again' I
gave in. I needed her so. I prepared for what I
thought was going to be a terrible slimy taste. To my
total surprise, her gooey creamy loaded cunt was
very tasty. I couldn't hide that I'd liked her creamy
jism saturated hair pie. We kissed and talked. She
said she was going to bring me more such presents
from her black paramour. When I brought up the
issue of my embarrassment at eating another man's
jism from her cunt, even though I liked the way she
tasted, she calmly told me about Un-males. We got some
of their literature and videos. I began to look at
my marital role in a different more satisfying way and
didn't worry about my previous macho concerns. To
test myself, she and her mother slowly had me wear
small feminine items - you know, panties,
stockings, garter belt, a teddy, etc. After a few
weeks, I felt no shame prancing around the house
before she and her mother in a full maid's
uniform. Two of the Un-male products my wife made
sure I tried was the no blade shaving cream and
the vitamins they sold. After a while, I found that
I didn't have to shave hardly at all. I later found
out the vitamins were responsible. A secret
ingredient had been added to them. My wife's
mother checked on me frequently and even
encouraged me to serve as a maid for one of her
women's club meetings. My wife offered me to her
with her complete blessings. To my own surprise,
I felt no shame about doing so. The group of women
were rather the bossy type and had me running to do
their bidding unmercifully. It was strange, but I
liked being told what to do and ordered around. My
wife was somewhat more assertive than I was anyway,
but since her black lover had come on the scene,
she'd become outright dominant. The Un-Male
therapy apparently helped me accept and adapt to
this. I felt more complete in my role in the
triangular relationship. While my wife was busy with
her higher paying job and Nash - that's our black
lover's name - I took care of the household. It seemed
only natural that I become the household
domestics manager - as my wife put it. My wife
finally brought him over and introduced me to him.
She had me cook and serve dinner to him, her, and her
mother. Nash was extremely handsome and masculine.
He was very witty, I could see why she liked him so.
I was nervous around him dressed in my French maid's
outfit, but at the same time it seemed right that I
was dressed as I was. Just like the Un-male
literature stated, Nash as
the better man was not threatened because my dress and
mannerism demonstrated my respect for his
superior manhood, while at the same time I was
totally comfortable in my natural subordinate role.
There was no threat to either of us, hence no
conflict. He was the real man in her life and I was
comfortable with the arrangement. It was raining
after dinner. My wife directed me to put new
sheets on the master bedroom bed. Nash was going to
spend the night with her there. mother was going to
stay over also. I was to sleep in the smaller guest
bedroom downstairs. I did as I was told. Some days
later, after he moved in, he and I developed a
closer relationship. Everything my wife did was
geared to satisfying Nash. Naturally, my outlook
was the same. So when he wanted me to suck his cock
it was just as natural as him telling me to fix him
a drink. After all, my honey had already introduced
me to the taste of his cum. She's so sweet.
However, I did feel proud that he thought I was
deserving enough to handle such a task as sucking
him off. I was so proud of myself as I swallowed
all his heavy hot load as he moaned and grunted as
he spurted his hot gooey semen down my throat."

His story was very interesting. Just after he finished, he was
beckoned by a tall handsome black man. Before leaving in a rush, he
whispered to me excitedly that their husband - Nash wanted him.
I wondered over to the punch bowl again. I overheard one Un-male
talking to another newcomer about his exciting experiences in being
initiated in the organization.

"After my lovely wife insisted for a while that I try
on her nylons, I did. She was right, they did feel
comfortable and I didn't feel all that threatened
wearing them in her presence. At the same time she
persisted that I wear more and more feminine articles
to get in touch with myself. Doing this same time,
she subscribed to the Society for Un-threatened
Effeminacy in Males Journal. The articles and real
life stories were so interesting and educational. I
quickly learned that I was not pleasing my wife like a
real man could. I learned how to adapt to the changing
role that would enable her utmost happiness. At same
time, I would remain in her life as a useful, loving,
lesser partner. My mother aided us in transistioning
into the wonderful arrangement we currently have. She
is rather dominant, like my wife has become, and saw
the Un-male approach as a natural and proper lifestyle
for me. mother knew my inadequacy as a man to fully
please a full bodied woman like my wife Debra. I
found out it was her who suggested Debra get me on the
Un-male philosophy. At the same time, she was
introducing my wife to real men, black men. Needless
to say, once Debra got a taste of the good loving from
those black studs, she could never be fully satisfied
with my feeble efforts. So she too saw the advantages
of the Un-male approach for me also. After all, she
told me she did still love me and wanted me around,
but she knew it would have to be in an arrangement
that would include her different black lovers and
studs. The Un-male approach allows my wife to have
her cake and eat it too. You see, by becoming an Un-
male, I'm not threatened by my new role of a passive
obedient husband, and the real men in her life aren't
threatened by me either. They don't count me as a
man, and to some extent, I know I couldn't compare or
compete with them either. So when I prance around
them in pretty feminine attire, they see this as my
demonstration of respect for their superior manliness
and don't feel a need to exert themselves to show
their dominant maleness. This makes them feel
comfortable as well as I."

It was at this point that the other party, the experienced Un-male,
talked about the Un-male role and masturbation.

"You must read the booklet on HAND SEX For Un-males.
Jerking off is natural for me because my wife is so
busy with her important job and black lovers, that she
doesn't have enough time for normal sex with me.
Besides, if she doesn't get much out of it, why should
she bother? So you see Jacking off is a very
important way for Un-male spouses to relieve normal
sexual tension while maintaining the expected
faithfulness to our wives. My wife, bless her, often
gives me pictures of her and her real men having sex,
to jerk off to. She is so thoughtful. I have almost
three hundred Polaroids and two videotapes of her in
all sorts of activities, including eight gang bangs."

Again the other party, who was listening attentively, asked a question.
Again the experienced Un-male answered.

"Oh yes! It is almost mandatory that everyone who
embraces the Un-male philosophy suck their wife's used
dripping pussy after a real man has shot off in it.
You'll never regret having sucked your wife out after
she's been had by several real men, especially black
studs. The thick creamy spermy goo is delicious when
sucked from a hot hairy fuck hole. From my
experience, black men seem to shoot off more than
anybody else whose fucked my wife. She only gets
fucked by black studs now."

The other party asked another question. Again the experienced Un-male

"Well, after I started sucking my wife's fully loaded
cunt, she insinuated several times that I should
consider sucking cock to see if I'd like it. mother
also encouraged me to become a cock sucker too. But
still I was very reluctant. I hadn't overcome the
phobia and the silly idea that being called a cock
sucker was degrading. Both women understood, but
continued to inject techniques of how to give good
head at every opportunity they could. They were always
telling and pointing out what they call `good suckable
dicks', to me from the many photos and videos we had.
They also got me the Un-male Guide On Mouth to Penis
Sex. It includes a video and a booklet written in
very clear and logical language. My wife, as well as
my mother, are both accomplished sluts and expert cock
suckers of black dicks. They went over the material
with me at various times. They gave me so many good
tips on how to suck and swallow. I was impressed by
their many cock sucking stories and could only hold
them in higher esteem. The material helped me think
of the act of Felattio in a very different and more
respected light. It turned out one of the primary
thoughts from the material is that as an Un-male,
freedom in sexual choice is so natural and shameless.
Whether an Un-male sucks a cock or a cunt, it really
doesn't matter. The important thing is that he, the
Un-male first pleases the person he is sucking, and
second derives joy from the act by the mere fact that
he was asked or told to do it. I'd watched the tape
and re-read the book several times before an
opportunity presented itself for me to get up the
nerve to suck my first cock. It happened when my wife
had one of her out of town lovers stay over one
Thursday night. The next day when she left for work,
she directed me to take the day off from work and show
him the sights as well as cook and take care of his
needs. I could see he was very special to my wife. I
served him breakfast in bed and drew a bath for him.
He had me polish his shoes while he bathed. He was
easy to talk to and a good conversationalist. He
complimented me several times on the way I looked in
my maid's uniform. That made me feel good. When I
took it off to drive him to go sightseeing, he
persisted that I wear it or something feminine as I
chauffeured him. I was reluctant to do so, but he
persisted and I did wear one of my wife's pants suits
and a wig. I felt silly doing it, but in a strange
way, felt good doing it because he wanted me too.
Several times we got out the car. I enjoyed being on
the arms of this strong tall black man. Back home, as
we were sitting on the couch, my wife came up in
conversation. He told me what a `good piece of ass
she was'. Before thinking, I said `she certainly
tasted good this morning' too. I tried to correct
myself, but it was too late. He pulled me closer and
said he understood. He told me he knew that I was a
cunt sucker and that he figured I had tongue douched
my wife after he'd fucked her several times last
night. `Did I taste good enough that you'd want
more?' When I was slow to respond, he kissed me on the
mouth and placed my small soft hand on the huge bulge
in his pants. The suddenness of his actions and the
power of his presence took away any resistance I
might've thought about. While his strong tongue
probed across my mouth, my hand groped him furiously.
I was beside myself with lust for whatever he wanted
of me. After he broke the kiss he stood up, dropped
his pants to reveal what my wife and mother would've
called a very suckable dick. It was so long, and
jutted out rigidly. I couldn't help but reach out to
finger his enormous black manhood. He next ordered me
to my knees and to suck him off. I'll never forget
his words: `C'mon you cute pantywaist faggot! Wrap
them pretty lips around my joint!' His earthy tone of
voice and choice of words excited me. I was so glad
I'd read and seen the Un-male video. You see, when a
real man calls an Un-male a faggot or some similar
name, it's like a mating call. It means they really
adore you and desire you greatly to take their jism.
And just as mother had told me, when I got ready to
suck dick, I would feel right about doing it, and I
did. I wanted to be his cock sucker. I recalled all
the techniques on the video as I kissed the heated
swollen cockhead of his big black organ. I licked his
cock all over and lapped his big balls several times
before engulfing the shining stretched dick head. He
tasted so good. His hot, black, smooth hard meat in
my mouth made me feel so contented. I'd mentioned
earlier to him that this was my first time. I was
very relieved when he softened his tone and told me
that he'd guide me along. When he creamed in my mouth
I thought I was the luckiest person in the world at
that moment, I enjoyed it so much. I sucked him off
again later that afternoon. It was his idea to
videotape that session for my wife and mother. Later
that night we all watched it as I beamed with pride of
my accomplishment. While my wife and he went out
later that night, mother called her black boyfriend
over and invited him to bring some of his horny
buddies over for me to practice on. I cooked up some
snacks for the get together. Ray, her boyfriend was
able to get about six of his buddies over for free
head. Of course they not only let me blow them, they
also fucked mother several times. After the orgy, and
after I'd sucked mother's cunt clean, she handed me a
book and told me "As a mother, it's my duty to get my
baby ready for when a man wants to try out your ass
pussy". The book was the Un-male Guide entitled:
Getting Fucked By A Real man and Loving It."

The two sort of begin to notice me, so I smiled and moved to
another part of the room.
I was browsing through some of the bountiful literature about Un-
male success stories, when I overheard two well dressed, in drag of
course, Un-male husbands talking.

"That was so wonderful of your wife to have us over
for dinner. Our husband really enjoyed it all. He and
y'all's husband hit it off real well. He's so
handsome and built. I bet you're just thrill to have
"Oh yes. He's brought such joy and happiness to
our marriage like we've never know before. Rose is
getting sex like she's never dreamed of before and I'm
just thrilled to see her so happy and contented. Plus
I like his take charge style. It's seems so natural
for me to do what he tells me to. When I first met
him, I sort of resented him being black as well as
being so cocky and assertive, but after I got to know
him better, it became so obvious that he was the
better man and had the right to rule over me, and take
control of my place. It's only been two weeks since
he's moved in, and I admire him so much. Rose knows
now that any resentment or prejudice I initially had
has gone away. You see, he and I talk frequently about
how I like the taste of Rose's cunt after he or his
buddies have fucked her. He and I are getting along
so much better than I ever thought. In such a short
time too."
"Have you sucked his dick yet?"
"No. Have you done your husband's yet?"
"Oh yes! Several times. I don't know why I
didn't become a cocksucker a long time ago. It's so
delightful having that big black hard cock of his
sliding back and forth over my lips and then having
him flood my mouth and throat with his thick hot
"You like it better that than eating it out of your
"I like sucking his dick and her sloppy dripping
pussy. They're both good. There is a stronger taste
to his cum right from his cock, but his dick is so
sweet and sucking him out is so delightful and
intimate. You must do it sometime if he lets you.
After we leave here, Our husband is going to drop
Crystal off at his aunt's cat house and take me with
him to a poker game. I'm going to be the maid around
all those black men. He told me he wants me to suck
his buddies dicks if they let me. I hope they will."
"You like it that much to do other men too?" "Believe
me, after you wrap your pretty lips around
his dick head and he creams in your mouth, you won't
be able to refuse any black man that offers you his
hard-on. C'mon! You've thought about doing it haven't
"Well, yes, in a way. You see Rose, has caught
me admiring his big manly ebony organ several times as
he's walked around the house naked. She knows I'm
lying when I tell her I'm not interested in the beauty
of his bull size genitals. She's encouraged me
several times to ask him if he'd let me milk his cock
after they've been fucking. She thinks I'm scared to
suck him off and take his full load. She is so
thoughtful to want to be there with me when I take his
cock in my mouth. I love her so, but I think when I
do it, I'd want he and I to be alone."
"That's right. There are some things that an
Un-male should do alone and then when he's ready. And
sucking his first dick is probably one of them."
"My wife told me that she thinks it would be so
wonderful for me, the great grandson of slave owners,
to be a cock sucker for her black lover."
"That does seem to have a ring of atonement to it.
So do you have any idea when he might let you swing on
his meat?"
"No, but my mother told me that she thinks he
will do it soon."
"Your mother?"
"Oh! I forgot to mention that Web fucked her the
second time he met her. She knew about he and my wife
before I did. She fell head over heels in love with
him the first time she met him. You see my wife
introduced him to mother first and told her that they
were having an affair. She wanted mother to know that
I wasn't satisfying her. So after going black, she
knew she'd never be satisfied with me again. She and
mother always did get along well. mother told her she
fully understood, gave her blessings to the two of
them, and also recommended Un-male therapy for me,
since Rose still cared for me and I very much for her.
Mother told the two that she was sure that I would be
of some use to them around the house with my all the
domestic training she'd taught me. mother knew my
heart would be broken if Rose left me. She knew I'd
do almost anything to stay with her, even share her
with a black man and be like a servant to them- i.e.,
given the proper orientation for such a relationship -
hence Un-male training. mother said because she was
such a proper lady, she was so embarrassed at her
lusty feelings toward Web at first. But when she saw
him the second time they were all alone, and she told
me that she lost all inhibitions when he touched her.
You see my wife set up her for Web. Well anyway, he
fucked her in the mouth, cunt and even up her ass that
first night. She was his from that moment on. Neither
she or Rose or Web told me about her relation with Web
until I had some basic Un-male classes and fully
accepted Web's superiority to me as a man. After
that, it became clear to me that the only logical
choice for me, if I wanted to stay in Rose's life,
was to adopt the Un-male philosophy and lifestyle and
settled into the humble unpretentious role of an Un-
male spouse. It was right after Web had moved in with
Rose and I, that mother told me that she was whoring
for Web too, and loved him as much as Rose. She urged
me to respect and adore him for the wonderful man he
was. She told me how happy she felt when selling her
pussy for Web. I couldn't help but see the ardor and
joy that spread across her face as she talked. Because
Web had made mother as well as my wife so happy and
contented, I couldn't help but have the most sincere
respect and praise for him for the man he was. She saw
the joyful look on my face and felt to see if I had a
hard-on, which I did. She had me suck her cunt and
jerk off while I got her off with my tongue. She
beamed with pride and moaned delightfully as she told
me that the pussy I was sucking had been fucked by
over two hundred Johns, all black, in less than two
months. `I'm not as pretty or young as Rose, so he
hustles me out as discount cunt. When a customer
needs some cheap gang bang pussy, that's me. I just
love having men standing in line to fuck me.' She told
me that just as she started to wrap her legs around my
head. Before she locked them around my ears, she also
mentioned that she'd just come back from a six man
gang bang and didn't have time to wash out her cunt.
After telling me that, the hot hairy warm wetness and
funky reek of her musky tasting sex that surrounded me
was so gratifying, I couldn't hold back as I thought
of all the past and most recent big black cocks having
been where my mouth was then. I got off so good. I
spurted strong. She had an orgasm shortly afterwards.
As both our passions settled, she Later told me that
she wished that Un-male was around when she was young
and married to my late father. She said
he'd made a perfect Un-male hubby just like I was
becoming. mother confessed that she'd always secretly
dreamed of being a white trash tramp slut and having a
handsome black pimp. She also told me that she
understood immediately when Rose asked her advice
about Web and what to do about me. I hugged mother
and told that her how happy I was that she'd been able
to realize her dream. With tears in my eyes I told
how proud I was that she was my mother. She in turn
told me how proud she was of me acting so responsibly
and bravely in embracing Un-male to save my marriage."
"Oh, I see. But how did she know that Web might
want you to suck him off?"
"Oh! That. She told me that once when she was
milking his cock after they'd fucked, he said that
he'd like to have me do the same for him. mother said
she quickly agreed and told him that it was so
wonderful of him to think of me as being deserving
enough for such an honor. She told me that it would
make her so proud if I blew Web and swallowed all his
hot cum. She told me the that Rose had let her know
that I admired looking at Web's big rod. She let me
know that I shouldn't be the least bit shame of having
admiration for a beautiful black penis. To show their
encouragement, She and my wife gave me a black penis
shaped dildo to practice sucking on and several
Polaroids of Web's big joint. They included scenes of
his big stiff truncheon by itself, in their pretty
white sweet mouths, and also stuffed deep in their
luscious pussies. On the back of some of the photos,
they each wrote loving notes to me. Rose wrote: `To
my darling Un-male of a husband, please cherish this
image of the love tool of the real man in my life.
Think of him as "OUR MAN" and that I want us both to
enjoy his tool as his women. Your loving wife, Rose.'
Mother wrote: `To my dearest pretty pantywaist son,
this is my gift to you, a picture of a man who is a
better man than either your father was or you will
ever be. Praise him and his beautiful sexual
equipment, because he is the better man - a real man.
The man I gladly whore for. Your loving mother,

At this point, the last husband talking had taken out some of the
photos he was talking about and showed them to his friend. As they
talked on, more people gathered near by, which forced them to moved to a
window, presumably to examine more clearly the pictures of the love tool
on which he hoped soon to feast.
I mingled with the growing crowd, occasionally conversing here and
there with one of the many Un-male hostesses about some of the plentiful
literature and publications the organization had available at the
gathering. The atmosphere was unhurried. No one pressured you to join.
I settled in a big comfortable side chair as I browsed through a
book entitled: THE NATURALNESS OF MALES IN LACE. As I read and thumbed
through it, two women sat down in a love seat behind me. I don't
believed they even noticed that I was nearby. I couldn't help but
listen intently as they conversed.

=======Clara & Sam -- Norma & Charles=======
"Clara I must thank you and Sam again for
inviting Charles and I. From what I've seen and the
way Charles
is taking this all in, I think things may work out
okay between us after all."
"I think the mere fact that Sam is with him
helped a lot."
"Oh yes. Charles mentioned that if Sam could be
as happy and content with your situation, he had to
look into the Un-male thing if it would help our
marriage. But I must tell you, I was so surprised to
find out you not only were still seeing Kane, but that
he was actually living with you two."
"That was the real reason why we moved. It gave
us all the right environment to adapt to the new roles
that were necessary for our unconventional arrangement
to bloom and blossom. Kane moved in and became the
master of the house, while Sam, without the pressure
of peering noisy neighbors, was able to more fully
practice the Un-male philosophy and grow into his
role of obedient unmanliness."
"Was it very difficult for him to accept the fact
that Kane was black?"
"At first, but after it was apparent that any
future with me had to include Kane, as well as his
black friends. Sam came around and meekly accepted my
terms. That is, Kane was to move in and Sam had to
try Un-male training. He started it two days later
after agreeing to my ultimatum. In just a week, he
thanked me for getting him to go to the Un-male
clinic. He told me that it had opened his eyes to a
lot of things. He then asked me if he could meet Kane
and the three of us talk about the future. I
suggested he cook and serve dinner for Kane, and
afterwards we could discuss things. But as I hugged
him, I reminded him that he should be prepared to do
the listening, since Kane would be the real man of the
house and giving the orders."
"You told him that!"
"Sure did. It was better that I prepare him
than Kane to have to remind him. Besides, Un-male had
also suggested this approach. You see, they get the
wives involved in the therapy early in the game. Well
anyway, he humbly, but firmly indicated he understood
that he would be under Kane's rule and mainly wanted
to let him know that, as well as try to find out what
the new master of the house expected of him. He
looked so sweet as he hung his head as he spoke. It
made me feel so good to see my mollycoddled husband
humiliated. I wanted to hear more, so I goaded him
on. `Have you overcome your prejudice because he's
black and has a bigger cock?' I asked him. He turned
red in the face, but his answer really pleased me.
`It's something I will have to overcome. Not only
because you love him and he makes you happy, and I so
much want to see you happy, but I realize from the
facts, that he's the better man, and that it's ...
it's just natural, even ... even right that I accept,
respect him, and ... and subordinate myself to him for
"Oh, That was so sweet of him to say."
"Norma you just don't know how good I felt at
hearing him demean himself. My cunt got all wet and
tingly. In fact I had him eat me out right then. To
add to my pleasure, I mentioned from time to time
while he was noisily sucking up my pussy juices that
Kane and two of his buddies had screwed me off and on
the previous night. I moaned about how big and hard
their beautiful tools were. And how many times they
shot off in me."
"Clara! You didn't!"
"Sure did. It made me feel ecstatic to belittle
him. Plus he hadn't had his little prick in my pussy
for over six months. All I'd permit him to do was eat
me out. And just as the Un-male counselor said would
happen, Sam told me sometime later, that it made
sucking my cunt a more delightful experience for him
too when I talked about the way the real men in my
life had pleased me. He confessed that it thrilled
him that his oral actions provoked memories of the
pleasures they gave, and that he could only
approximate with his tongue."
"OOOOh! It sounds like that Un-male training
really works."
"That's the same thing I thought as he spoke.
Well after he got me off, I was feeling mellow and
saucy. So I felt like taunting him some more. I knew
he had a hard-on, so I asked him if he was still true
to me. He nodded yes. I then asked if he was jacking
off like I wanted him to do when he got hard? You see
I told him I wouldn't tolerate him being with another
woman if he was still trying to get me back."
"Even though you were getting all the black dicks
you could in your cunt?"
"Of course! You see, he really loves me. Plus
I made sure I let him suck my cunt from time to time
so he wouldn't forget the taste of me. Norma, If a
weak mama's boy like Sam didn't, then the Un-male
therapy may not take as well as you might want it to."
"Oh, I see."
"Well anyway, he's usually sheepish in
responding when I talk about him jerking off, but this
time he showed less embarrassment. He let me know
that his Un-male teachers had made him feel more
comfortable about masturbation - the Un-male term is
hand sex. Ha! Ha! Those people are really smart in
knowing how to brainwash our simpering hubbys."
"Hee hee, Hand sex. That is funny Clara."
"Well then, where was I? Oh yeah, listen to
this. He then told me that he was taught that it was
even honorable to do hand sex to demonstrate your love
to the special woman in a man's life. He then told me
I was that woman for him. To tease him even further,
I had him take his hard little weenie out and stroke
it for me while I showed him some Polaroids of me
sexing it up with Kane and some of his black stud
buddies. I made poor Sam stroke so many times for
each picture, but told he couldn't come until I told
him to. We both were completely nude, but he knew I
wasn't going to let him have intercourse, even though
my full pussy was right out there in the open to his
gaze. He looked so cute all frustrated by wanting to
come and yet, desperately trying to hold back because
I wanted him to."
"Clara! You naughty bitch. You didn't really do
that to your hubby did you?"
"I sure did honey. I finally let him kneel and
jerk off on some newspaper I placed on the floor. But
before I gave him the okay, I made him promise that he
would taste Kane's cum for me from my cunt the next
time we were to fuck, which was that night. He did,
and he grew fond of doing it from that time on. In
fact, he said it made meeting Kane that much easier.
So you remember that when you introduce Reggie, your
black stud, to Charles. You still are fooling around
with Reggie aren't you?"
"Oh, yes. And like you with Kane, all his
friends too."
"And you called me naughty. Ha! Ha!"
"You know Clara, like you, I want to subjugate
Charles and make him grovel before me and Reggie. I
too think all emasculate and weak white husbands like
ours should serve and praise strong black men like we
"Un-male training should work well on him then.
See! There's he and Sam now over there. They're
meeting some of the Un-male counselors. Norma, I
don't think you've got a thing to worry about. You'll
have him right where you want him in no time."
"I want to whip his ass too and make him mind me
almost like a slave. You think they can train him
like that for me?"
"I can see you're a bitch after my own heart.
Of course they can. In fact, after their basic course
graduation, you'll get two high quality English canes
for discipline and persuasion training. He, just like
Sam, will be no stranger to the sting of a cane."
"While we're waiting for them, what happened at
their first meeting?"
"It went like a charm. He wanted to wear some
feminine articles for the occasion, just like the Un-
male training tells them. On his own, he picked out a
blouse and a pair of my pull on pants. He was almost
excited about the occasion as I was. But I convinced
that he should demonstrate to Kane that he was indeed
serious. I convinced him to wear a serving maid's
uniform. It went over so well as he served Kane and I
a delicious two course dinner. I purchased a little
white porcelain bell to ring him when he was out of
the room. He didn't eat with us. Most of the time he
stood off to the side insignificantly until he was
addressed to remove a plate or bring on another treat.
It was so wonderful to have him truckle before my
black lover and hear him address him as Mister and say
`Yes Sir and No Sir'. At the end of the meal, Kane
called Sam - actually, his name is Samantha to Kane -
over and told that he was a good cook and servant and
expected that and more of him after he moved in.
Smiling that this big tall black man had complimented
him, Samantha curtsied just like I'd told him. Norma,
the evening was wonderful. And later as Kane and I
sat on the sofa, I was all curled up around him, he
called Samantha before us and let him know that he
would have to dress as a woman at all times before him
as well as obey us both with out question. I was
sucking on Kane's huge dick all the while as kane was
dictating to him. I tormented him further by smiling
at him. I looked him in the face as I let my tongue
snake over and around the enormous black cock. I was
so thrilled to see him so humiliated and frustrated.
Later Kane had Sam help him both us completely
undress. I've never felt so wonderful as having my
sweet sensitive husband dressed in drag helping me get
naked for my black lover."
"Clara that's wild."
"But wait, there's more. Just before I sent Sam
out to clean up the dinner dishes, I asked him so
sweetly to kiss me good night on my wet and ready to
be fucked cunt. He was so caught off guard, but he
did as Kane looked on with his big stiff rock hard
tool at the ready. But to my surprise and elation,
Kane wanted the same. Sam looked at Kane's big rigid
member, then up at Kane's face and then at me. I
smiled a wicked smile and nodded affirmatively to my
sweet spouse, who was still on his knees. but to my
surprise, he quickly crawled the short distance so his
flushed face was
before Kane's magnificent dick. he immediate kissed
it, not once but several times while saying `Thank you
... SMACK ... sir for being the ... SMACK ... man I
could never be to my ... SMACK ... Wife, who's your
woman ... SMACK ... now. Please accept this ... SMACK
... humble action as some proof ... SMACK ... of my
gratitude to you for .. SMACK ... for your generosity
for ... SMACK ... letting me stay in her life ...
... and be in ... SMACK ... servitude to you both ...
SMACK." It made my day Norma to hear my sweetie pie
so sincerely say that. He later told me that Un-male
had trained them to expect to do that. He said he was
so grateful they had. He also told me it got him over
the silly fear of there being something wrong with
putting his mouth on another man's cock. Especially
if that was a superior black man like Kane."
"Clara that is so unbelievable but yet so sweet
and wonderful for him to do. This organization sounds
just like what I need for Charles. I'd just love to
see my prissy fussy husband on his knees kissing
Reggie's big black dick. It seems they emphasize
black superiority. I like that."
"Yes they do, and I'm sure my sweet Samantha has
let your Charles know something about the joy of being
Un-manly and being totally submissive to a strong
virile black man - especially if that man is your
wife's lover and pimp."
"Oh that sounds so yummy. I can feel myself
getting juicy just thinking about Charles in a
situation like that. But tell me, when did Sam, bring
up the idea of moving?"
"Well after Kane moved in, Sam and he hit off
really well. Sam sucked him off two days later and
swallowed his full heavy hot load. He was so thankful
to kane for creaming in his mouth. He told me how
delicious Kane's hot semen was straight from his dick.
He told me that even though it tasted different than
when he ate it out of my cunt, he still loved doing
that too. He couldn't praise Kane enough from then
on. Kane could do no wrong in his eyes. But alas, the
neighbors were getting suspicious and noisy about so
many black men coming and going from our house. So
Sam brought up the idea of moving to a subdivision out
in the country. He found out about it through Un-
male. We three toured the area. It was just what we
needed. There were even symbols on some houses
indicating that Un-males lived there. Sam, recognized
one Un-male husband from his therapy class pushing a
baby buggy. We got out and talked. He was so thrilled
to see Sam. He showed us the newest addition to their
family. It was a beautiful black baby - his wife's
third child from her live in black lover. The Un-
male husband's name was Camille. He looked so
beautiful in his turn of the century white lacy
dress, complete with a wide ornate bonnet. Later Sam
told us that Camille and his wife have been married
ten years and he's had intercourse with her only once.
That was the first night of their honeymoon. He'd
told Sam that after that night his lovely wife was
seduced by one of the black bell hops and she's never
let him have her again that way. Sam said that
Camille played the peeking Tom on his wife and the
black bellhop in a secluded corner of the hotel
basement. He said he meant to surprise them and
reveal to his new bride that he was going to divorce
her, but when he saw how passionate and wonderful love
they made, he was captivated by it all and got a hard-
on from watching them. He said he couldn't help from
jerking off as he watched his demure shapely young
wife give herself wantonly to this black man. This
happened three times while they were at the hotel.
For one reason or the other, his new wife refused his
requests for sex, but crept out each night to meet and
have unbridled sex with her black lover. Each time
Camille followed her and jerked off. The last night
of their stay, his wife surprised Camille when she
gave him a videotape and told him to put it in the
video player. At the same time she went to the door
and let in her black bellhop lover. Dumfounded by the
presence of the bellhop, it all became clear when the
video showed Camille jacking off behind a shipping
crate in the basement while his new bride and the
bellhop were fucking. He was told by the bellhop,
that the basement was being monitored by a friend of
his in hotel security from a hidden camera in the dark
basement. After that, the bellhop came to live with
them and became the father of the couples first child.
Camille had revealed to his wife that he enjoyed
seeing her with the black man. His wife said she
enjoyed being with him and that the bellhop was
certainly more of a real man than Camille was.
Camille said he had no quarrel with that and wanted to
do what ever pleased his bride. He found out how
easily it was to accept and assume what he termed, an
unthreatening role, to James', the black bellhop, role
as the dominant male, the real man to his wife, in the
house. He was satisfied to masturbate as he watched
them make love as well as other black men, who were
now included in his wife's increasing circle of studs
that came by to enjoy her, all with James' approval of
course. She enjoyed the diversity so much that she
eagerly agreed to hustle for him. Camille ,of course
accepted his wife's decision and lost none of his
great love for her. He embraced his masculine
inferiority fully. At the same time his wife had
become more aggressive as her husband became just the
opposite. Well any way, that's how we got around to
moving. Camille and his slutty wife are very close
neighbors of ours. You must come out and meet them
sometime. Oh look! Here comes our cutie pies now.
Look Norma, Charles is wearing a complimentary see
through blouse. Isn't he cute."
"He is. You mean they give that to prospective
students. From the expensive look of that one, I'd
say he's signed up."
"Oh I hope so."

-----END OF PART 1---


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