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ES2C 10 The Bookstore


------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT--------------
This is a sexually graphic story with adult
content. You must be 21 years of age to read.
The characters in this sexual fantasy story are
imaginary, and are not a representation, in any
manner, of any real world person.

Story: The Bookstore

I'm a closet sissy. As such, we sissies have to be
careful not to be taken advantage of because we're so
trusting and appreciative of friendship, as well as the
people, especially men who understand our needs.
Along those lines, I want to let everyone know about
the wonderful friend I made today. I'm really writing this
in my diary so as to get the days events captured while
they're fresh in my mind.
I was so excited about meeting him, I forgot to get
his name, how silly of me. However, I did give him my name
and phone number, so I do hope he calls.
It all started out while I was at one of the new adult
bookstore I hadn't been at before. As I was walking down
the aisle of TV/sissy literature, I noticed this handsome
black man looking at me. I was careful to avoid eye
contact with him, but kept track of his occasional glances.
As I walking over toward another part of the rather
large store, he spoke and asked me if I found the TV/sissy
literature interesting. I replied coyly "I guess okay,
that is if you find that sort of thing interesting."
He then let me know that he wanted to pick out a
selection as a gift for a friend of his that was a closet
sissy, and that had only confided of that to him recently.
I'm sure he saw the startled look in my eyes at his
It must've been my look that caused him to say after a
moment "You're a sissy too aren't you? I can tell by the
way you looked at me."
Stunned momentarily, I excused myself and walked out
of the store.
On the street, I applauded myself for avoiding being
detected by the stranger, who could've been a cop in
disguise looking for a bust.
I went further down the street and decided to have a
light lunch.
As I was sitting at the booth about ready to eat, the
stranger from the bookstore slipped in bedside me.
Again I was stunned.
After a casual greeting, he again resumed his former
line of discussion and went deeper into the topic of sex
and even propositioned me. I felt then that he was not a
cop, as they don't make propositions.
I replied, "Assuming I am a sissy as you suggest I am,
I'm sure I wouldn't just suck anybody, least of all someone
I've only known for less than an hour and just met a public
We talked more and more about why he wanted me to give
him a blowjob. His comments were very flattering toward
me. You know, how good my lips looked and how good they'd
looked wrapped around his stiff dick. Those type comments.
He appeared to be a nice guy and so sincere about how
the hard problem he had between his legs was getting to him
because of just looking at my mouth and imaging it was a
I was so persuaded by his need, that an hour later I
had two loads of his hot sperm in my tummy. He was a
wonderful suck. I reveled in the taste of his hot jism as
he shot off two hefty loads from his very handsome dick
down my throat. It was so delightful to do him as I knelt
between his legs in a peep booth, back in the same
bookstore where we originally made contact.
He was so appreciative and reiterated that he was so
grateful for me doing what his wife had refused to do for
him since they were married.
He said he was married even though he didn't wear a
wedding ban.
"I hope you understand I just don't do this type thing
all the time. It's just that you were really in need and I
like being of help to others in need." I said to him.
He thanked me again. He then said. "You know it's a
shame you couldn't help some friends of mine who are around
here whose wives won't suck for them either."
I reiterated that I was not a public cocksucker and
that I would need to know more about the men before I let
them put there hard strange dicks between my lips.
Again he was so persuasive. I agreed to do a couple of
his friends, but let him know in no uncertain terms, he'd
have to vouch for them and that they had to keep what
occurred a secret. He promised.
"You're truly a gem. Stay here, I'll bring my first
friend back, he's right out here in the store. He's going
to be so excited that you're doing this for him. Here put
these tokens in the slot and keep the video going until I
can get him back here." He handed me a hand full of tokens
before leaving.
It took two tokens before the man returned with his
friend. The man looked very young, but he had his cock out
and ready for action. He even dropped his pants and wanted
me have him open crotch, which is my preference too.
He let me know he'd always wanted to rub his crotch
all over a sissy's face and have his ball lapped and sucked
before getting a blow job. Strangely I wanted to do the
same. I did as he wanted. We both got what we wanted that
The man I met, and his friends must've come down as a
group, for before the day was over, I'd sucked the hot
burning loads from 11 of his friend's cocks.
The other thing is that the man's friends must've owed
him money. I say that, because before each of them came in
the booth to get sucked off by me, they each discreetly
gave him what looked like a twenty-dollar bill.
After I'd finished his last friend, the stranger who'd
set me up to suck off all his friends thanked me for being
so understanding. He gave me 3 dollars for bus fare and I
gave him my phone number.
As I was riding home, I reflected that even though I'd
sucked off 12 guys for about a quarter a piece, I could be
considered a two-bit cocksucker. I mentally laughed at



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