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Archived Sex Stories

ES2C 12 Un Male Part 2


------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT--------------
This is a sexually graphic story with adult content. You must be 21 years of age to read. The characters in this sexual fantasy story are imaginary, and are not a representation, in any manner, of any real world person or situation.

Author: ES2C
Copyright JUNE 2002

Reader, as the two prissy spouses approached, the two
couples chatted. Then after a while, Sam and Clara walked
off, leaving Norma and Charles behind. Let's listen in.
(Norma & Charles alone)
"They do seem so happy ... and I want the
same for us."
"They sure are honey, and I'm certain
we'll be as happy or happier. Are you glad
you came?"
"Oh Yes. I've learned so much. I ... I
also better understand why you couldn't just
be happy with me ... and why it's necessary
for me to be an Un-male husband if I'm to
still be a part of your life. I'm glad I
happened to bump into Sam and confided in him
about us. Little did I realize that he'd had
the same situation and had found a solution.
He made me feel so much more comfortable
about doing this."
"Were the counselors easy to talk too."
"Very easy to talk to. They were so
understanding. Between them and Sam, they
forced me to talk candidly about my
inadequacies as a husband and why it was
necessary for ... for you to have a ... a
... real man ... like Reggie ... for
satisfaction. I ... I don't think that if
Sam hadn't been there holding my hand, I ...
I would've held up as well as I did."
"That's so wonderful of him. But I'm
proud of you too dear. I bet you felt better
after talking to them about us."
"I ... I felt so relieved that they
understood that I loved you so much and
didn't think I was a fool."
"Don't ever think that darling. And I
do appreciate your loving me enough to become
an Un-male spouse. It's because of that,
that I know your love for me is true."
"Thanks Norma, I needed to hear you say
that. I'll do my best to prove myself to you
and ... Reggie. Just as you sort of told me,
they said the same thing. That making and
keeping him happy is the key to making sure
you're happy with me."
"Yes darling, that's so right. I
couldn't have said it better. You think
you're ready to meet Reggie?"
"Y-yes I am. When did you have in
"How about now?"
"Yes dear, I invited him over. He's
sitting right over there. See the black man
dressed in the blue suit?"

Readers, I couldn't help but look over also from my
vantage point to see to whom his wife was referring to.
After a glance in the general direction she refereed to, I
immediately saw the tall handsome well-dressed, well-built
black man. He looked like he was on a modeling assignment.

That's him?"
"Yes honey. That's my darling Reggie. Isn't he nice
looking? Wait here, I'll go over and get him."

Again from my vantage point, I had a chance to see
Norma, Charles' wife in motion. She was indeed a beautiful
woman. When she came to Reggie, he got up and they
embraced. They looked like such a romantic couple as they
returned to where her husband was sitting. There
contrasting clothing and skin color added flair to the their
appearance. I couldn't see him, but I did hear Charles get
up as the dashing smiling couple arrived.

"Charles dear, this is
Mr. Reggie Andrews, the real man in my
life I've told you so much about."
"Er, it's good to meet you .. sir."
"Likewise. I'm glad we're
finally meeting, and on such friendly
terms at that. That's a pretty blouse
you're wearing, it looks good on you.
Do you have any more?"
"Thank you sir. I'd forgotten I
had it on already. I don't have another
... er... yet that is. This was a
free gift from my having attended a
trial one day Un-male seminar. Uh,
but I will be getting more."
"Very good. Get those type that
have a lot of lace and ruffles. Are
you signed up for the full Un-male
"Yes sir. I ... I just did
"Good. I told Norma that I thought
that would be the only way the three of
us could possibly get along in a house
together. I had second thoughts about
this though."
"Charles dear, tell Reggie that
you understand your new role well now
that he's the man of the house. Tell
him how the Un-male training was your
idea because you wanted to make sure
everything would work out."
"Let him talk Norma, do you
always put words in his mouth?"
"She's right sir, I do understand
that my role in the relationship will
be defined by you as the man of the
house. I will abide by your rules and
do as you order me to, to demonstrate
that I'm no threat to your superior
manhood and that I respect you
"That's all right. And you do know
you ain't got no claims on her or her
pussy no more."
"Er, ... Yes sir ... I ... I do.
I give up all my conjugal rights to
"Honey, don't you want to taste me
from time to time. Remember what we
talked about?"
"Norma, why don't you let him
speak for his own self. Is he a man or
"Well honey are you?"
"You ... You are the man Mr.
Andrews, I'm not."
"Good answer. Norma, he's smart.
Now gone and ask me what you started
"I was wondering if ... if you'd
permit me to ... to suck my wife, I
... I'm sorry, I mean your woman's cunt
some time. That is ... of course ...
maybe after you've finished with her and
... if she feels like letting m-me
tongue her out. I-I'd be so grateful."
"Ha! Ha! I like you already. I
think this may work out after all.
Well maybe I will let you suck her
sloppy cunt every once in a while, but
you've got to be on your best
behavior to earn such a privilege.
Just remember, you're on probation until
you bring home that Un-male certificate,
certifying you know your place.
Otherwise, Norma and I'll be gone.
Won't we baby. You'd leave him if
I told you too?"
"He knows I will Reggie honey. He
knows I need you too much."
"Oh! I will work hard to get
it Mr.Andrews. And I'll work hard
to earn any privileges you let me have.
Oh thank you so very much. Thank you
Dear readers, Charles' voice sounded choked up as he
thanked his wife's black lover and new man of the house,
over and over again for letting him be a part of their
lives. He sounded so pathetic but yet happy. I overheard
his wife giving him a hanky to dry his tears of joy. I next
heard Reggie complain about dust on his expensive shoes.
Almost as quick, I heard Charles get up and volunteer to
wipe them off.
I couldn't see the scene directly, but I could see the
shadowy image of Charles on his knees stooped over
administering to his new master's shoes in the highly
polished dark brass panel of a near by building column. I
presumed because this was at an Un-male gathering, no one
really gave a second look at the white husband on his knees
shining the handsome black stud's shoes while the wife,
snuggled up close to her black stud, watched him in such a
humiliating scene. It was in this position that Charles
found himself in when Clara, Kane, and Samantha returned to
meet Norma and Reggie. It appeared that the wives and the
black studs knew each other. They talked a while and decided
to go out for dinner. The novice and senior Un-males waved
goodbye to their wives as each strode off, arm-in-arm, with
their respective handsome black lovers. Sam and
Charles were told by their respective wives they could stay
until the gathering was over, but after that, off to home
and to bed. Sam was to drop Charles off, since Reggie and
Norma took the car.
At this point in my investigation of the Un-male
Center, I really had seen only happy endings to problems
people had. Albeit, the solutions were somewhat unorthodox
by common standards. I was just getting ready to circulate,
when a tall, over six feet, middle age woman, of muscular
proportions, virtually leading a shorter younger, but
effeminately dressed man in his early twenties. They took
the seats that had been vacated by Sam & Charles. The man
wore what I thought was a leisure suit, but on closer
examination, it was a woman's pants suit. He wore a pink
blouse with ruffles all down the front and heavily accented
with lace around the collar and sleeves. His face was made
up and his eyes were heavily highlighted with pink eye
shadow. His lipstick was a matching color. He also wore
open toe low heel women's flats. I noticed that his
toenails were a bright pink and nicely accented by the
glistening pink stockings he had on. His hair was long, but
cut fashionably short, but with a feminine flair. Their
conversation led me to stay put.
"You like my outfit Mrs. Randle?"
"I sure do, You look so pretty, but
please call me mother. I don't mind
you calling me mother now that your
personality is more like that of the
type of son-in-law I'm pleased
with. How was the flight? Did any men
try to get fresh with you?"
"Only two, and I was able to
reward both of the darlings with a
blow job before we landed. My Un-male
chaperone fully encouraged me. Oh let me
tell you this. Just to show you that
the Un-male approach is gaining
awareness, after most of the other
passengers were sleep, a flight
attendant came over to talk to my
chaperone and me. She knew I was an Un-
male by the necklace pendant I wore.
She revealed that she'd seen me
giving head to one of the men on the
darken aircraft. She complimented me
on being so accommodating to the man.
She confessed she admired white
males like me who didn't have any
hang up about their lack of manliness
and who were willing to show respect to
real men. She said she'd seen the
black stud get on with an obvious
hard-on. She said she'd planned to get
to him but that she had to give first priority
to the black pilot and co-pilot, who
took turns banging her in the cock
pit while the other flew the plane.
She then brought up the real reason why
she sought me out. Her pussy was full
and she'd heard that Un-males also liked
to feast on wet creamed up cunts. She
offered her hair pie to me if I wanted
it. I quickly agreed. `I thought it'd
make the rest of the flight more
enjoyable for the both of us. With all
the fuss over recycling, I'd hate to
waste all this good fuck juice if
there's someone who'd want it.' She
said as she hiked up her skirt and
presented me one of the hairiest
cunts I'd ever seen. My chaperone kept
an eye out for us as I knelt and
enjoyed a most delicious in flight
meal of funky gooey snatch goo."
"My, my you did seem to have an
eventful trip. You should write a letter
to the Airline complimenting the
attendant's thoughtfulness."
"I'd plan to."
"Everybody is anxious to see
the new you."
"Carla would've come with me but
she and Russ had another engagement.
She said you'd understand."
"I do. I'm so pleased that Russ
has made her so happy as well as her
still letting me be a part of her life
still. If I'd known then what I know
now all this wouldn't been necessary."
"Don't fret about it dear. Life
is all about making mistakes and
learning from them. My daughter is a
strong and assertive woman like the
other females in our family. When she
told you that she'd found you the right
job commensurate with your manliness,
you had difficulty accepting the truth
and adjusting to being her
chambermaid. However, the fact
that you tried it for a few days,
assuming she was going to
change her mind, shows the
strength and fortitude you had to
eventually become what you are
now. However, after the proper
orientation, you now see the light.
We're all very proud of you. The
other servants are very glad you're
back. Especially since your wife told
them that you will still be the lowest
ranking servant in the house, and they
can all give you orders."
"Thanks. I ... I hope you all can
forgive my running away. It was so
foolish of me reacting the way I did.
I just laugh now when I think about it."
"It's understandable dear. Just
remember, Carla and I know what's best
for you."
"Yes ma'am, I'll never forget it.
know my place now. I'll proudly be a
household maid to pay you and her
back for all the trouble I've caused.
I was at the top of my class in Male
maidservant training. I won't
run away again. I'm just so happy you
had those wonderful black detectives
track me down and carry me to the Un-
male Country Camp. The twelve weeks of
training was just what I needed to
help me see the light and to set me
straight about the silly misconceptions
about macho images and other similar
notions I had."
"I believe you dear and I'm glad
you saw the light. You screwed up
once, but now I do believe you're on the
right track."
"Oh Mrs. ... I mean ... mother,
I'm so ashamed of the pain I've
caused you and the family. I don't
know how to thank you for letting me
have my old job back."
"You're welcome. And don't forget
the pay is the same, minimum wage,
less room and board."
"Yes ma'am. That's so generous of
you. I know it's going to probably
take forever to pay you back, but I
will work hard to do what I can."
"I'm sure you will honey. You
should know that your room and board
cost more than I'm going to pay you.
So you really could never pay it off.
But I'll pardon the rest of your
debt when I think you've worked hard
enough. Don't get me wrong, it's
going to be a few years before I let
you go."
"I understand ma'am."
"And by the way, you haven't
forgot that Carla will be waiting to go
over your demerits you left behind?"
"No I haven't. I fully understand
that I must be punished when I've done
wrong, and I must accept my
responsibility to be
disciplined by those that are my
superiors. By the way, I have a present
for you and her. A set of riding crops
and oiled English canes. See, they both
have your initials burnished in."
"That's so thoughtful. They're
lovely and very practical gifts. I hope
you aren't going to be surprised that
I'll want to use mine pretty soon."
"No ma'am. I expected you and
Carla would want to jump on me right
away. I expected and deserve it for all
the trouble I've caused you both. I'm
ready to accept my punishment. My
ass belongs to you and Carla, mother,
and I'll never forget that."
"That's good dear. It appears
Un-male really has changed you. Time
will tell. By the way honey, the
progress reports I got, and from what
you've been telling me, indicate you
feel very comfortable around black men
now, and know how to be handle their
manly needs, with your womanly charms."
"Oh yes. Un-male did an excellent
job of setting me straight. I
realize the foolishness of worrying
about being called a cocksucker and a
faggot. I don't know what to think now.
If I'd just listened to you and
accepted the naturalness of what
Russ and Baker wanted me to do, I
really could've avoided causing a lot
of the fuss about them to. But in a
way, I'm glad it all happened, because
I'd probably not gotten involved with
Un-male. I'm so thankful I did. Thanks
so much mother for all you've done.
Especially for giving them time off to
visit me at the camp."
"You're welcome of course. I
thought a little taste of the hot
black meat right here on the estate
would remind you of what you've
got right at home and what you missed
when you ran away."
"Oh thank you again mother.
The two darlings were so wonderful to
me each time they came. They worked
their hard-ons off in me so good and
gave me all their cum each time
they dropped in."
"I know dear. They told me
everything, including how the Camp had
you responsible for maid service to
eight black construction workers in
one of the Camp's mini dormitories."
"That was wonderful training for me
having to clean up after them, serve
them their meals, and be on call 24
hours for their sexual needs. It was
tiring at times, but so delightful to be
around such real men."
"Baker was really touched by your
apology for refusing to suck him off
the second time after he mouth raped
you, that is before you ran away."
"I tried to let him know that I
was just ignorant and dumb then. I did
like the taste of his hot gooey sperm
the first time he made me suck him, but
I was too shamed to admit it, even to
myself. I can't thank him enough for
him exposing me to such a delightful
new experience in my life."

I continued to listened at the two talked as I made
notes on this situation that seem to have a slightly
different twist than some of the other stories I'd picked up
on. The Mother-in-law and son-in-law sat there until an Un-
male official, who turned out to be the chaperone, came out
with some papers for both to sign, after which the sissified
son-in-law did a deep curtsy to his tough looking woman
chaperone and left with his masterful looking Mother-in-law.
The Un-male Center was really a beehive of activity. I
later found out that the Society was bringing several
busloads of trainees from near by training camps, as well as
seeking new recruits.
Seeking out more input to my story as well as trying to
pick up on the stories of others, I continued to roam around
the huge garden atrium keeping my ears perked.
When I spotted another older woman, younger man, couple
in a secluded area of artificial trees. I immediately went
in their direction. The young man looked to be in his early
twenties and was remarkably fair and attractive in a
sissyish sort of way. He wore a beautifully bright floral
pattern skirt and coordinating jacket, and a pink sheer see
through blouse. His pink colored make up, including
lipstick and eye shadow was very light but was definitely
noticeable. His hair style was masculine and provided an
interesting contrast to the apparent natural softness of his
bodily features. His legs were very feminine and shapely
and were well accented both by the light pink hosiery and
the low heel flats he wore. The nearest seat was farther
away than I wanted to be, but it afforded me a good view and
reasonable audibility to their conversation.

"You're mommie's little baby and
you shouldn't be ashamed of that.
That's all she meant when the
counselor said you were the `cutest
mama's boy she'd seen'. Don't be so
sensitive. You must learn to accept
compliments graciously. Shirley and I
only have your best interest at
heart. And after all, she's practically
your fiancee anyway. I just hope she
doesn't change her mind about marrying
you after this little stunt of
"Me marry her! I've never asked
her to marry me. I-I do love her, but
we're j-just sort of special friends.
Clay is her real boyfriend and lover.
`Her real man' is what she calls him."
"I know all that, but she's talked
to me about marrying you. She's asked
me for your hand baby. She wanted to
get my okay first and then surprise
you. I reassured her you'd make a
fine husband. The one thing we both
agreed on was Un-male therapy for you
prior to the wedding. It would help
you adjust more easily to her
profession, which in time she'd
told you about. She frankly admitted
you and Clay seemed to hit it off so
well, that there appeared little for
Un-male to do to aid you in adapting
to him being the dominant male in the
house and living under his rule. Oh
she did say you had some hang up about
him knowing you ate his jism outta
her, but she thought you'd soon get
over it. And honey she said Clay
think you're a most wonderfully
efficient housekeeper. Honey that's
what Un-male is all about - helping
you to adapt and make a situation
happier when there are things in that
situation that can't be changed, only
accepted. And you know what those
are. Weren't the speakers and the
counselors so perceptive and
"I'm still not so sure about this
training. Please mother, don't
make me go. I went through the
introductory one hour seminar because
you were going to whip me to death if I
didn't agree to go. if I'd know you
were going to make me dress like
this, I'd taken the extra strapping.
I've never come out in the public
wearing my punishment dresses before.
Please! Please don't sign me up for
this. Can we leave? I don't want to
be a transvestite."
"Hush now! You're going and that's
that. Besides, there's a first
time for every thing. You do
look so pretty. Too pretty for your
own good. And anyway, you've seen how
many others came dressed in
their finery. It's not like
you're standing out in the crowd alone.
Try to be sensible and mature about
this. After all, it's your
fault for being where you could
get abducted and mugged. You knew you
were suppose to come straight home from
work, like you usually do and
not stray. It's just lucky
that those two were spotted by the
police when they took you in that
old warehouse. It's lucky,
that nice policewoman called
home to get your zip code. Otherwise,
I knew you'd try to hide it from me. I
knew right then and there
that your Un-male training
couldn't wait. Your behavior shows
that you need what they have to offer.
You just don't know how angry I
was at you."
"I ... I'm sorry I ..."
"Don't say anything! I know you're
sorry. That's why I waited to see if you were
going to tell me about your little adventure,
before I pounced on you. After you lied to me
after I gave you two chances to tell me the
truth, I knew that I just had to punish you
like I did. I know that thrashing hurt. I
meant it to. I wanted to make sure you
remembered why you got it. You're getting to
the place where you need a strong woman like
Shirley and a real man like Clay to
keep you in line. Besides, remember
what Shirley said about you not being
ready for marriage until you became
Un-male trained?"
"I know, I know. But I didn't
know she ... she was a prostitute with
black Johns and that ... that Clay was
her pimp, not just her boyfriend."
"You told me you do love her didn't
"Uh, yes, but I didn't know that
... that she was white trash and ...
and a tramp for black men. And ...
And you introduced her to me at that ...
a-as a nice girl."
"She is dear. So what if she's a
whore for black men darling - I'd
consider that an honor. You know you
love her, and I know you like sucking
her dripping wet jism loaded ...
"She ... she told you that?"
"Of course she did honey. And
she said you were a real good pussy
sucker too. After all, I taught you how
to suck cunt, remember?"
"Mother please, don't talk so
loud. Someone might overhear you."
"Honey there's nothing wrong
with you liking the taste of used cunt
that's full of a black man's spermy
leavings. At this center, Un-males
gladly boast of their desire for such
a delicacy. Didn't you overhear the
Un-male husband in the elevator talking
proudly about his new bride of six
months turning her hundredth different
trick for their `new black husband' and
how the taste of her cunt seems to
improve each time she gets laid.
Couldn't you just see the gleam of
pride in his eyes as he talked. And
here you are with a ripened fleshpot
that's been shot off in by over a
thousand different black dicks. I
bet there're plenty Un-males around
here who'd be green with envy at
you for having the chance to have the
love of a woman like Shirley, who
could share her self with you after she
works the streets each night."
"Oh mother. She ... she does
taste good, but ... but I ... I didn't
even know that it was jism I was suc
... sucking ... the first time."
"The first time?"
"She ... She tricked me.
She'd been sprinkling perfume around
her ... her self, to cover the smell.
I-it was about a month ago that she
didn't use the perfume. It was
then that I discovered what I'd been
eating... ur, doing. After a few
moments of tasting her and being able to
sniff her fully, I knew what was going
one. I ... I got angry.
Her explanation was simple. She
told me that we both knew I was only
good at sucking pussy, not fucking it.
I guess I couldn't blame her for
saying that. Y-you see, just
like you'd told me would happen, I-I
tried to have regular intercourse with
her before, but it was a dismal
failure. S-she so warm a-and wet I-I
couldn't hold back long enough to please
her. Her pussy was so beautiful and
plump and so hairy and well shaped.
So, er, just liked you'd taught me, I
asked her nicely if I could do
her orally. She eagerly agreed and
told me that it was so nice for me to
treat a lady like that.
As I knelt before her parted shapely white
thighs and stared into her beautiful hairy crotch, I
wanted to tongue her so badly. I ... I guess she reminded
me of your beautiful pussy."
"Why thank you honey. That's so nice of you to
say such a nice thing about mommie.
But go on, tell me more."
"Well, we both enjoyed this way so much
better, that's all we did from then on. She'd be was nice
enough to jerk me off after I'd eaten her out, or else
she'd have me do it myself as I knelt in front of her. I
didn't feel any shame about doing that in ... in front of
her. She was so understanding."
"She is darling. She'd be a fine wife for you. But
don't stop, tell me more of what happened after you got
angry, cutie pie."
"Oh mother, I wish you wouldn't call me
"Why not dear, you are you know. I always
thought you should've been a girl. But go ahead with
what you were going to say."
"Where was I ... Oh yes. She also told me I
was an excellent cunt sucker too, and how she enjoyed
me mouthing her. Even though I was still angry at
being tricked by her, I enjoyed hearing her say that. She
went on to say that after a girlfriend told her how much
better it was to have her loaded cunt sucked,
she decided to try it on me. She said she
thought of the perfume it at the last minute.
She even told me of how she used a pussy plug
to keep Clay's jism in her for me and how she
pretended to use a basting bulb to fill her
cunt with the imaginary secret juice she
claimed to be filling herself with. She said
once she felt the juices being pulled out of
her by my sucking mouth, she knew that she
didn't want it any other way. She then told
me that I knew she was having sex regularly
with Clay - which I did - and that he and I
seem to hit it off so well whenever the three
of us were together that she wanted us to be
even closer. `What would be a better way than
for me to bring to our love making, some of
the result of the wonderful love making he and
I had shared. He doesn't suck pussy darling,
so it had to be you that was the eater.' It
was strange, but the way she expressed her
self seem to extinguish my anger. I couldn't
dispute her logic. We talked for a long while
about this. She let me know that she loved us
both, but in different ways. `He's my stud,
my real man and you, well you're my sweetie
and good to have around. I want you around
darling to be sweet to me like you've been."
What she said deflated my feeling about me
thinking I had an edge on winning her over
Clay, but being realistic I knew that I too
wanted to be around her too, and ... and if I
had to, I guess I knew I'd do almost anything
for her to grant me that privilege. She told
me that Clay thought a lot of me because I
didn't appear to show any prejudice because he
was black. She also said he didn't feel
threatened of me when he saw me at her place
doing her laundry or cleaning up her
apartment. She told me he didn't really
suspect or know she and I were having sex.
She told me she also thought it was nice of me
not to be critical of her dating a black man.
I told her I thought a lot of her and wished I
could be more of a man to her than I was. `You
can be darling. You can be the man I want you
to be by coming over here and finish what you
started.' Startled by what she said, I looked
at her questioningly as she sat back and
opened her thighs invitingly. She'd revealed
that she'd been holding her pussy lips so as
not to lose any more of the cum in her. She
told me she knew I liked the taste of Clay's
cum. `C'mon you know you want it honey. C'mon
and do me.' I did want her. Her beauty as
she sat there in that position, made me hard.
As I knelt before her and drew closer to her
musky bush, I asked if she forgot the
perfume. `No darling, I stopped using the
perfume, because I wanted you to know and
taste the full natural flavor and aroma of me
after I've had sex with a real men.' She had
the strangest look in her eyes as she spoke
and then grabbed the back of my head with her
free hand and pulled my face into her warm
hairy wet slick odorous smelling snatch. The
smell was strong, but like she said I would, I
quickly got use to it and concentrated on the
savory taste of her warm soft hairy flesh. It
did taste even more flavorful than with the
perfume present. I must've lapped and sucked on her for over a half-hour. She got off with
a most rousing orgasm. She was tastier than I
ever would've thought. She was so pleased at
my efforts. So was I mother. Every time I get
her off like that I feel like I've really done
"You did honey. You should feel proud of
yourself. Tell me what happened next in your
"Well, I continued to have oral sex with
her, the way she wanted. I not only got use
to the gamy smell of her used cunt, but even
excited by it as I inhaled the smell of her
deeply as she opened her legs and I pressed my
face to her reeking love nest. She even sat
on my face several times working her cunt all
over my mouth. She really liked doing that.
I ... I just had no idea she was messing
around with so many men. I thought it only
"Honey I keep telling you that's not
important. What's important is that you love
her and you liked what you were being fed
sweetie. Did you feel closer to Shirley and
"Uh, yes I did. I had a sort of hard time
looking him in the face when we talked. I
kept wondering all the time if he knew about
me eating his cum, but I trusted her that she
kept her word."
"You felt shame of him knowing you liked
eating his peter cream didn't you sweetie?"
"Oh Yes. I was so embarrassed, but ...
but yet I ... I did like him a great deal. I
found him to be a nice guy. I told Shirley
one day I felt guilty about what was going on
behind Clay's back. She suggested we tell him
so it'd all be in the open and there'd be no
more guilt and the three of us would be three
happy friends enjoying each others friendship,
companionship, and love."
"Well, what happened? Did you or her tell
"No, I got cold feet. I was still worried
about my self esteem as a man. She said she'd
let me make the decision. Well as you know,
two days later I was still pondering this when
I was over at the magazine shop on Dugan
Avenue and I saw Clay letting Shirley out to
work the corner. I didn't know that area was
a red light district. It .. was right after
she drove off in a car with four big black men that these two men came up behind me as I was
getting in the car. They forced me to drive
to ... to the warehouse."
Instead of spying on people, you should've
been bringing your cute little self home like
you were suppose to. The policewoman said the
muggers seem to have other things in mind
other than robbery. Were they trying to
molest my baby? That's why I checked your
bottom, they didn't rape you did they?"
"No! ... No ma'am. They just threatened me
if I didn't give them all my money."
"That's good, I didn't want them to take
your cherry, you should save that for the real
man you want to take you sweetie."
"Please mother! Don't say things like
that. You know it upsets me."
"Watch your tone of voice cutie pie.
That's another reason why I spanked you so
hard dear, I didn't like your attitude about
all this."
"I ... I apologize mother. I didn't mean
to speak roughly, but I'm 25 years old. Do I
have to ask your permission still just to stop
off at a magazine shop on the way home?"
"Yes baby you do. Don't you worry,
mommie will tell you when you're old enough
not to ask. And that was a smut store anyway.
You shouldn't have been in that part of town
anyway and especially not without permission
from me. You were suppose to come straight
home from work. You were disobedient and
that's that. By the way, how's your bottom?
Does it still sting?"
"It still ache mother. I still don't know
why you gave me such a thrashing. I ... I
just forgot to call."
"The truth is you didn't want me to know
about those girlie magazines you bought. And
if you don't watch your tone of voice, I'll
give you a little touch of what you got
earlier right here. I brought my favorite
little strap just in case you got unruly. Do
you want me to use it?"
"Oh no! Please, no ma'am. I'm sorry if I
said something in the wrong way."
"That's better. Remember your place,
"Yes ma'am. I ... I will."
"Look, here comes Shirley and Clay, look
she's got on her street clothes. Doesn't she
look so attractive in that micro mini dear? I
bet she gets all the tricks she can handle."
"Hi Paula. I'm so glad you called me. Is
our baby okay?. Are you all right Leslie
honey? Did they rough you up?"
"I .. I'm okay. I was just a little

As a reader of this report I'm sure you find this turn of events
just as interesting as others I've written about in these pages.
It was so interesting to essentially meet all the key players
currently in this Un-males current primary circle of acquaintances. I
continued to listen as Shirley, the white trash whore, sought to
question and find out how Leslie, her lesser lover was and admonished
him for spying on her as well as putting his cute self in danger.
Clay also jumped in and rebuked the cringing Leslie about spying on
Shirley and being naughty and not `minding his mama'. Clay stood
over the smaller pale mollycoddled pampered Leslie. His booming
voice added to Leslie's humiliation as the three literally surrounded
him - Clay in front and Shirley and his mother on either side of him
as he sat flushed and almost on the verge of tears. He seemed to be
constantly apologizing to first one then the other in the group. The
next time the three went around the circle with their further
reprimands and chiding him for his actions, his sniffles and tears
could be heard as well as seen by me. Clay escorted the flustered
teary eyed Un-male nominee to the door of a nearby `powder rooms' for
Un-males. The Center had rest rooms for men and women also. The two
women remained and talked.

"Thanks so much for coming down Shirley.
The counselors says if they keep him for a few
days, she can almost guarantee him coming
around to our way of thinking completely.
After she questioned him and ran him through
some basic psychological tests. She told me a
lot of what I already knew. She first
complimented on the excellent home training
I'd provided him, making him have respect for
female superiority, as well as that of looking
up to black men as examples of superior
manliness. I was tickled pink at her
comments. It's so hard for a mother to raise
their children the right way these days. But
let me tell you what you want to hear. He
does love you madly and he respects Clay a
great deal. The counselor says she thinks he
looks up to Clay as a superior authority
figure - the best kind of attitude she added -
and under the right circumstances will
probably do whatever it takes to please you or
"What did she say about him finding out
about my hustling having an effect on his
training and our relation.?"
"Oh here she come now, let her tell you."
"Ms. Strong, please meet my hopeful son's
fiancee, Shirley. The handsome black stud over there waiting on Leslie to come out of
the powder room is Clay, soon to be the real
man in his life."

as Ms. Strong the counselor joined the two women, their voices
became somewhat lower, but I was able to pick up enough to determine
what they were discussing. The counselor had evidently seen Shirley
and Clay arrive. She saw Leslie go to the powder room and quickly
arranged for two of the Un-males in her office to meet him there and
pretend they were they were envious of him and wish they could be in
his place to have the opportunity, in her words "to suck such
handsome black cock and sweet pretty slutty cunt."
The three women sort of giggled after that. They had a much more
serious conversation after that.
I didn't hear everything they said, but it appeared that the
counselor wanted Clay and Leslie to spend some time together. She
was going to arrange them to have a place, while she pretended to
talk with the two women. I clearly picked up her telling Shirley to
tell Clay that he should openly exhibit his genitals while they're

"Tell Clay to gently, but firmly,
encourage Leslie to handle and caress Clay's
penis. Have him constantly remind Leslie that
because he's so cute and attractively dressed,
that he made him get a hard-on. Our thinking
is that if Clay can do this, Leslie's latent
feminine inclinations and acquired taste for
hot semen, combined with Clay's persistent
encouragement and reassurance that he, as the
superior authority figure has respect for him
because he likes and has eaten several loads of jism from your cunt, will lead to your son,
Ms. Baxter, and your Un-male fiance Shirley,
sucking his first cock and swallowing a nice
hot load tonight. If this does happen, he
will be more amenable to willingly coming back
to Un-male and going ahead willingly with the
marriage you both desire for him. If for some
reason this little ploy doesn't work out, I'd
recommend we keep him overnight to start his
"So Ms. Strong you're saying that he's
been able to accept me for what I am, but has
been concerned what Clay thinks about him for
enjoying eating me out?."
"Exactly. His natural guilt for being
inferior to black males caused him to almost
forgive you as soon as he determined what you
were doing on the corner and saw you get in
the car with your four black tricks this
afternoon. I must add Shirley that because he
was able to see the whole scene this
afternoon, his doing so ended up as a nurturing
experience for his transition into a new
lifestyle with you."
"How's that?"
"He told me in the counseling session,
when we were alone, that he saw the black
studs gather around and feel and grope you
while Clay appeared to be showing you off and
encouraging them to inspect the `merchandise'.
When he saw you also urging the group of horny
men on by guiding their hands to your exposed
bosom and fondling their crotches, he didn't
exactly say so, but he implied strongly, you
must liked doing what you do, and that, and as
a result, he was required to accept this if he
loved you."
"Our baby is so sweet isn't he?"
"He sure is Shirley. He'll make you a
fine Un-male spouse. One that both You and
the men in your life will enjoy. But the real
credit has got to go to you Ms. Baxter for
recognizing what your son needed early and
raising such a sweet sissified son with all
the proper training. He wears women's clothes
so naturally. Again you've done an
outstanding job. Er, here they come Shirley.
You take Clay off to the side and tell him our
plan, while Ms. Baxter and I distract Leslie.
When you bring Clay over, then I'll take he
and Leslie to a group of special waiting rooms
that are designed for privacy and just the
purpose we have in mind. Of course we'll be
able to watch the action on a monitor in my
office. Okay, everybody ready?"

It was at this point that Ms. Strong's plan was put into action.
The unsuspecting Leslie was led off. Clay had a supportive arm
around transvestited Leslie, who didn't seem to mind the strong black
man's presence. Shirley and Paula, his mother remained where they
were. I could barely hear their conversation due to the rising noise
level in the atrium due to the growing number of people coming and

"He does look so pretty all dressed up and
with Clay holding his arm. He doesn't seem to
mind Clay doing that either."
"No Paula he doesn't, and just look at
that subtle womanly twitch he has as he walks.
Thanks for giving me his hand in marriage
Paula. I'm going to really enjoy having him
married to me."
"Did Clay have any questions about Ms.
Strong's little plot?"
"Oh no! He was all for it. He told me he
adores Leslie all dressed up like this and
would even try to kiss Leslie's pretty lips if
our baby will let him."
"I hope they do, that would be so sweet to
"Clay is sweet like that. He doesn't have
any hang ups about treating cute sissies and
fags like a women and being a man to them."
"And that reminds me. I'm so thankful
those thugs didn't get his cherry. I
inspected him while I held him down and
whipped him last night. I'm sure a little bit
longer and they might've abused him. that's
why I was so severe with him."
"And rightfully so. Clay has been looking
forward to being the first to break our baby
in and bust his nuts deep in him. Clay told
me from the first day he saw him that Leslie
was built for fucking."
"And as a mother, I'm tickled pink that a
real man like Clay wants to do the honors.
Er, is that Ms. strong coming there?"
"It is."
"Ms. Baxter, Shirley, they're situated.
We can go up to my office and watch the show.
We'll watch them a couple of hours before
we determine if our strategy has a chance of
working. By the way, the two Un-males on our
staff who I sent to meet Leslie in the powder
room, told me he ate up the praise they gave
him about being so lucky. When one of the
Un-males said that he bet Shirley had been
laid only a few hundred times cause she didn't
look like she'd been a whore long, Leslie
proudly told the two that `She's been screwed
by over a thousand different black studs'. He
told them that you were his fiancee and had
planned to be wedded in June. They said he
gladly told them how delicious your seasoned
pussy was."
"Oh that makes me feel so good Ms.
"There's more Shirley. When my two plants
inquired about how well Clay was hung, he once
again beamed with pride as he described Clay's
ebony love tool. When one of the staffers
asked him did his fiancee's stud let him suck
it often. He sheepishly admitted, that he
hadn't done it yet. The two chided him for
not having done so and told him that they
couldn't believe he'd not done so. Other
Un-males in the powder room did the same,
which increased the intensity of peer shame on
Leslie. Someone even gave him one of our
quick guide phamplets on MOUTH TO PENIS
TECHNIQUES FOR Un-males, before my two
staffers could get their's out of their
purses. So I feel very positive about sending
them to see him and what could happen tonight.
Come ladies, lets go to my office. I've
ordered some sandwiches for us."

The three women walked away toward Ms. Strong's office. I
discreetly followed them so that maybe later in the evening I could
glean how matters turned out.
When they reached her offices I camped outside at a location that
I could see anyone coming or leaving. I braced myself for at least a
two hours wait - the time that Ms. Strong was going to allow for
Leslie to make his move.




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