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ES2C 13 Un Male Part3


------------DISCLAIMER STATEMENT--------------
This is a sexually graphic story with adult
content. You must be 21 years of age to read.
The characters in this sexual fantasy story are
imaginary, and are not a representation, in any
manner, of any real world person or situation.

Author: ES2C
Copyright: JULY 2002

While sitting there, another late thirty-ish white couple came and sat down nearby. As they
conversed, I began to take an interest in what they were saying.
"Sue I ... I don't know if this was a good
idea ..."
"Stop being wishy washy and a scardy cat.
We've discussed this thoroughly and we're going to go
through with it dear. I need another good humping like
last time. You don't admit it, but I bet you're ready for
another taste of good hot cream. And you even
admitted last week that my snatch hasn't tasted the
same since that night."
"I didn't quite say it that way. I said I'd never
have guess that you'd taste so ...
so palatable after being ... being had so many times by
those men."
"Sounds like the same thing to me dear." "Oh
Sue, I wished I'd never listened to
you and gone to that part of town that night. The
whole thing has changed our relationship and turned
our marriage upside down. It seems all you think of
since the attack is getting into a relationship with some
black stud."
"Dear, I know you're a little nervous
about all this, but admit it, the idea of having black
studs drop by to see me or us for sex has fascinated you
too. I've seen the way you were looking at that
at the house."
I glanced over and could see the tell tale redness on Elmer's face that his wife
was telling the truth.
"Elmer honey, what has happened has
happened. The four darlings could've done far
more than sexed us that night. We were lucky. I admit
that. But at the same time, they made me feel like a
woman at last. A feeling I've never had with you. And
the way that one stud had you sucking him off, I think
you too had feelings awakened within you. Feelings
you weren't aware of either. Even in the dim light I
could see you enjoyed what you were being made to
do. And when they made you milk and lick clean each
of their genitals clean, I was amazed at how efficiently
you did so. I know you were scared, but you could've
fooled me that you hadn't done that before. You sure
you hadn't been a cock sucker before?"
"Please Sue! Someone might hear you, and
please don't call me that. And for the thousandth
time, I've never done that before. I've told you before
I'm not gay."
"And I've told you the same number of times,
I know you're not either. And it's just because you
feel this guilt associated with Fellatio, is the reason I
wanted you to
come here to Un-male with me. When I inquired about
the Meet Black Meat Program that Un-male have for
white couples that want to be adopted by black studs,
the nice counselor advised me that since we have to
join the program to be in the adoption program, they
might as well work on your feelings of guilt and
shame of sucking cocks and having a taste for jism.
From their initial testing as well as your own admission,
you're not upset with feeling inferior to black
studs, just this dick sucking thing. Oh here comes
our counselor now."
"Ms. Hudson and Elmer, we'll have to talk here,
all our counseling room are occupied at the present."
"Oh that's all right Ms. Powers, we
"Well Elmer, our further psychological test
reveal you're still worried about what your wife
thinks about your being a Fellator, even though she's
told you she approves over and over again. You still
have somewhat of a mental block about Fellatio. We
think our therapy is right on track. By having you wear
select articles of female apparel, your new exterior
feminine image constantly reminds you that you don't
have to worry about fitting a masculine role. And by
doing that, you're free to let yourself adapt to and
enjoy whatever you want in your new role or
whatever is expected of you with complete freedom.
Others see you as being less than a real man, which
you are anyway, and they know not to expect more
than that of you."
"Darling you certainly don't have to worry about
me expecting more of you. I know you're aren't man
enough to do me any good since I've been humped by
black dicks. So like Ms. Powers says, clear your
mind and be free to accept new things."
You are wearing feminine under things now,
like we prescribed, aren't you Elmer?"
"Uh, ... uh, yes."
"Good. Ms. Hudson did you bring the blouse
and other things I asked you to.?"
"I've got them right here."
"Elmer, I want you to add a few more things
to what you're already wearing. This will ease the
extra tension you'll probably experience on your first
date tonight. Incidentally, We have two fine
gentlemen for your dates tonight. They're brothers.
One of them is named Royce, lets see what their
background file says. Royce indicated `he has a
preference for an obedient small statue white male in
partial or complete drag, who knows his place and
has no hangs about pleasing a superior black man
orally.' Elmer I think he's just tailor made for you,
according to your wife. The other brother, Jim
prefers brunettes who are hot to trot'. I think that fits
you Ms. Hudson. Both men work on an oil platform
off the coast for 90 days at a time, so they'll probably
have a lot of pent up hot jism to get rid of, and from
you folks tell us, since its been a while since you've
had your last taste of that good stuff, you're probably
as hungry to get it as they are to give it to you. We
ordinarily don't send new couples out with two
black studs on their first date, but however, due to the
unique situation you two have been through, and
the fact that we have these two brothers who have
very similar complimenting interests to yours, the staff
decided to take the risk and see how it'll work out."
"But ... But I can't go out wearing a blouse
"Sure you can, and never say can't Elmer. Just do
as we tell you to do. The powder room is over their
Ms. Hudson. Elmer if you don't wear the other things
your wife has here, I'm afraid we'll have to cancel the
date. Just think of all the good times you'll miss
tonight. And these two brothers will be so
disappointed. And I know you don't want to
displease your lovely wife over such a trifle matter as
wearing a blouse, some light makeup, and some
jewelry. Just look around you, see how so many other
males like you have shed the foolishness of silly labels
and images and are now fully learning to relate to
their real inner needs. And by doing so, they find a
happiness and serenity they never thought possible.
Stop being afraid of life Elmer, be adventuresome. I'll
come back in a half hour to see if you've made up your
Ms. Powers walked away briskly after her pep talk to Elmer who looked flushed and
deeply embarrassed. His wife embraced him and then opened the small garment bag to
reveal the other feminine articles. After some discussion between them, the two walked
slowly over to the powder room. It was obvious that his wife was in charge as she
consoled as well as spurred her reluctant husband into doing as she and Ms. Powers
In about twenty minutes, a more effeminate Elmer walked out of the powder room
and returned to the seats which they'd left earlier. The dark gray business suit he wore was
in stark contrast to the sheer ornately lacy Victorian blouse he wore. It had a very lacy
collar that fitted tightly around his neck, almost like a choker would. He was also adorned
with clip on pearl earrings and a very thin coat of red lipstick, pink blush, and eyeliner. He
was mincing his steps and no wonder. He was also wearing low heel open toe pumps.
Through the open ends of the flats one could clearly see was wearing lacy white stoking,
like brides wear. His toenails were also painted pink.
Elmer looked nervously around as he made his way back to their seats. He seems to
feel better when it was apparent that no one was really staring at him. His wife was all
smiles as she did her best to cheer and reassure him that everything would work out as
they desired.
"Did you have to paint my nails too?"
"Yes honey, it really adds to your total
image. you look so cute. I just know our dates will
like you."
"Oh please Sue can we stop this before it goes
any further ..."
"Hush! Don't say another word, you sweet
little worrywart. Look here comes Ms. Powers. Now
be on your best behavior. And smile. If you cause her
to cancel our date, I'll mail a copy of that photo I took
of you jerking off to your office."
"You .. You wouldn't?"
"Damn right I would. I need a big black dick in
me so bad I can almost taste it. Give me a big smile
like the ones that you'll see in your office if you screw
this up."
"Why Elmer, you look so darling. You're even
smiling. That's very good."
"He thought every thing over you said and is his
doing his best to atone for his behavior. He's really
looking forward to our dates, aren't we Elmer honey?"
"Er, yes ... yes we are dear."
"Good well look right over there, those are
your dates. The Roberts brothers. Royce is the one
on the left. See he has a nice pink corsage for you
Elmer. He said he thought you'd like that since one
of your hobbies is growing flowers. Jim is on the left
Ms. Hudson. I might warn you that just as I
suspected, both men are really horny tonight. They just
came back from the platform 4 hours ago. They're
really looking forward to a delightful evening. Just
as you desired Ms. Hudson, as far as desirable
personality characteristics that turn you and your
husband on, both brothers are very assertive, dark
skinned, and both use earthy language to express
themselves. And Elmer like we told you sometime
ago, if they call you a fag or sissy, remember that
such terms are used as expressions of endearment
and affection as well as ridicule by real men as the
Roberts. The mere fact these darlings are dating you
means they don't desire to deride or ridicule you, but
are seeking mutual intimate affection companionship."
The Hudsons and I looked over at the two brothers about the same time. they were
standing at one of the many information counters around. Both men were big and
muscular. Royce was more heavyset. Both men were dark skinned as Sue had desired. It
was obvious these were working men.
Ms. Powers talked to the Hudsons for quite a while after pointing out their dates.
She indicated that the Roberts hadn't seen any photos of the Hudsons - Un-male policy.
She explained un-male wasn't running a beauty contest, but trying to match up people who
had matching needs. She also reminded the Hudsons that for the first date, and as they
requested, the date would take place right there in the Center. The party of four was to
have dinner and afterwards stay go to a reserved room in the Center hotel, the four of
them could pursue "activities of mutual interest" according to Ms. Powers. Ms. Powers
also said that the room would be available until Eleven O'clock the next days. Ms.
powers indicated she be going home soon and wouldn't return until the next morning, and
would like to meet with the couple afterwards to get an assessment of their date. `If
you're still here in the morning, stop by and tell me how things went. If not call me.'
I was impressed with the well thought out Un-male arrangements. Ms. Powers left
the Hudsons and brought the Roberts over to meet
their dates. Both men had huge bulges in their pants. It was
obvious they were ready for action. Ms. Powers advised the four to kill time and to sit
down and chat a while before starting their evening. This was lucky for me, since I
couldn't afford to leave the area at the moment, for I was still waiting to find out what
happened with Leslie and his situation.
After Ms. Powers departed, I settled down behind the guise of reading some
literature and perked my ears for some intensive listening.
"Damn you look cute Elmer. But shit, the
first thing we's gonna do is get you a name that's as
cute as you. I ain't gonna have no date with a man's
name and specially one like a cartoon figure. How
about say hummmmm ... Elmira? You like your new
name sissy?"
"Uh ... I ... guess ..."
"Well fuck it, I like it and that's what I'm gonna
call you."
"I like it Royce. It sounds so innocent and
sweet. Don't you like it Jim?" Sue Hudson said in
a sweet tone designed to ridicule her husband.
"Yeah, it fits him perfect, he looks too sweet to
be able to properly handle a good looking bitch like
"He is darling, that's why I'm here with you. I
need a real man."
"Shit I been wanting to kiss them pretty red lips
and feel your tities every since we been talking."
"Why don't you honey? I think we'd both like
"In front of your pansy old man?"
"Sure, why not?. We're on a double date. Think
of us as two girls out to have a good time. She has a
man to kiss her if she needs one. Don't you Elmira
"Uh ...".
Elmira, who had been dumfounded by Royce talking to him sharply and renaming
him so boldly, seemed stunned again by his wife's brazen words and actions. He never had
time to mumble out a reply. For it was at this point that Royce surprised everyone, and
definitely me. He pulled the intimidated browbeaten Elmira toward him and placed a juicy
kiss right on his glossy painted lips while holding him in a powerful arm grab. Elmira
wiggled and tried initially to break the hold, but it was no use. Royce was just too strong
for him. But later, Elmira stopped resisting, as it became apparent from even where I was
sitting, that Royce was working his tongue between Elmira's lips and into his mouth. The
French kiss apparently cause him to settled down and enjoy his predicament. When he
closed his eyes his enjoyment became even more evident. His wife and Jim, after getting
over the surprise of Royce's action, lost no time in mimicking the odd couple.
I next saw Royce place and hold Elmira's smaller hand on the huge swelling lump in
his pants. The contrast of Elmira' smaller white hand, accented with painted fingernails
under Royce's much bigger black hand and especially considering what part of the
anatomy it was on, was quite a sight to be seen. Elmira again was being forced to do
something against his objections, but the sustained forced embrace apparently vanquished
him, because he seemed to give up his resistance and slowly began to feel the outline of his
masterful conqueror's penis. Elmira seemed to be curiously trying to determine
its size and length. Royce evidently was pleased, because he allowed his effeminate date
more freedom to explore. Elmira's lusty feelings must've gotten the better of him,
because he was soon avidly groping Royce's genitals. At the same time Sue Hudson was
giving the other brother's genitals similar caresses, while Jim was deep tongue kissing her
and fumbling with her luscious knockers. Her arousal was evident. Her swollen nipples
clearly shown through the thin material of her sheer low cut sexy blouse.
The scene was extraordinary, but because the area was somewhat out of view of the
main traffic area of the atrium, only a few people even saw the spectacle that I was
witnessing. And those that did, didn't really seemed to take much notice. After all, this
was Un-male Center.
After both couples broke their embraces, there was some small talk, but it was
evident in their conversation, they wanted more privacy.
Elmira face was flushed after his experience, but had a rather pleasant countenance.
He passively settled in his date's arm embrace and didn't struggle anymore. His
unrestrained hand stayed in place on the now well defined swollen bulge down Royce's
pants leg. Elmira seems to look anxiously at the bulge, almost anticipating the pleasures it
promised him.
Both men were in an increased state of arousal.
"Damn! You kiss pretty good once I got
you jump started. You liked my kiss?"
"Yes ... Yes sir."
"Damn it Elmira! Say yes Royce
darling, or some shit like that. Understand
"Yes ... Royce, darling. Your kiss was
Elmira's attitude change was astonishing to me. I couldn't believe this was the same
wimpy man that only hours ago wanted to go home.
It was obvious the his wife was hot and ready to go also. There was some more
small talk before the two couples decided to go to their hotel room and worry about
eating later.
"Elmira honey I'm not very hungry for food
now, how about say we skip the restaurant and go
right to our room?"
"Uh, ... Okay Sue. What ... whatever you say."
"Do either of you have any objections?" "Fuck
no bitch! How about you Jim?" "Hell no! man
I'm game. We can get room
service later."
"Anyway, I suspect you two darlings will find
something for us girls to snack on when we get there."
Elmira only blushed as he smiled at his wife's obvious come on. The four got up and
left. Both black men had their arms lovingly
around each of their randy dates. Each brother's enormous hard cock was very evident
when they stood up. Their straining rods seemed on the verge of breaking through the
cloth that restrained them. It should be no secret to any observer what the men's dates
were in for.
I lamented at not knowing what the actual outcome of Sue and
Elmira's evening would be, but if I had to bet, I suspected the couple would get what they
sought, and so would the Brothers Roberts.
I sat and squirmed in the waiting area seat as I continued my
vigil for the original reason I'd come. I'd doze a little bit and then awake to wonder if I'd
miss Leslie and Clay's return.
Two hours came and went and no Clay, Leslie, Shirley, or his mother - Ms. Baxter,
or Ms. Strong. I decided to wait for dawn to see if I needed to.
I tried to zero in on some interesting conversation from others in the area, but
nothing really exciting to compare with the other stories I've detailed thus far.
Another hour had gone by and I was re-evaluating if the results of Leslie and Clay's
liaison were worth the wait or that important to the story. Well curiosity got the best of
me. I concluded that if Shirley, Ms. Baxter, and Ms. Strong were still in the office, then
Clay and Leslie must still be together. A half-hour later, I spotted a smiling, but happy
and tired looking Leslie coming toward Ms. Strong's office.
Leslie was holding onto Clay's arm with both hands as they walked. There was a
change on the pansy's face that was so noticeable, as compared to when I saw him last.
Leslie, with a very broad and loving smile, had his eyes riveted on clay instead of looking
ahead, as the two walked.
Clay on the other hand was walking and not paying much attention to the smiling
Leslie, who also seem to be trying to carry on a conversation with him. Leslie being much
shorter than Clay had to sort of walk and skip to keep up with the tall dark men that was
his escort. The two went into Ms. Strong's office. I was wondering if I was going to be
able to get any more to add to this story after all my waiting. Well I decided to wait some
more. Maybe I'd be able to glean something from them as they walked out, if I was
My luck held out, about ten minutes later, Leslie and Shirley
came out and sat in a set of corner seats behind me. My excitement grew as I strained to
hear them, while at the same time not trying to arouse suspicion of what I was doing.
"It sure took a long time for you and
mother to go over your questionnaires."
"It was a little long but worth it all. We
had to watch a few videotapes also, but what we saw
was so educational. Un-male is a fine organization
Leslie honey, I want you to go. You'll be so much
happier for the experience. I know you're angry with
me for what you saw yesterday, but whether you
marry me or some other lucky woman, the training will
be good for you. your mother is doing the right thing
by bringing you here."
"Shirley I'm so glad we have this chance to talk. I
want to say I ... I love you dearly. What I saw surprised
me, but after I thought about it a bit, I thought if I truly
loved you, I ... I should accept your desires for uh ...
doing that as part of my love for you."
"That's so sweet of you to say baby, but
say what I was doing. Don't try to dress or cover it
up. I'm a white slut for black men. I'm a whore darling.
I whore for Clay. Go on say it while looking me in the
"Er ... okay. You're a white whore for black
men and you ... you whore for Clay. You sell your
wonderful pussy for his profit."
"That's good dear. You and I have to be
honest and open about our relationship."
"Shirley, I do still love you. I don't care if you
are a whore. In fact, I honor and respect you for what
you are. As you know, I respect black men for
their masculine
superiority. So I fully accept Clay in your life and why
you work the streets for him. As mother has told me, I
should not be surprised that all white women will have
a real man, a black man, in their lives. mother always
told me I should. That's why she was so keen on our
marriage. But I guess I never took her seriously or
fully realized it, until tonight."
"Why is that baby?"
"Clay and I had chance to have a long heart to
heart talk. I was slightly uneasy to be all alone with him,
but as we talked, I warmed up to him like never before.
The room where we were at was really like a
kitchenette apartment. He made himself comfortable as
he watched TV. I was hopping around bringing him
drinks or snacks. He even had me take off his shoes.
And you know I found myself delighted
at being able to serve him like this. It just seemed so
natural for me to do this. By being dressed up the way
I was, I never thought of myself as a man, so it made it
easier for me to perform in a womanly role and do as he
wanted. He called me a sissy, a fag and a he bitch
several times. I ... I don't know why, but I sort of liked
him calling me that. That's just what the Un-male
counselor told me would happen when I'd dress up and
be around a real man. Do you think that's wrong or
"Of course not sugar. It's natural for a real man
like clay to remind a sweetie like you of your place.
And it's just as natural for you to be fond of what he
calls you. That's all so wonderful honey, but tell me
"Well he invited me to sit down with him
and we talked about you and all that's happened in the
last couple of days. To my surprise it was so easy
talking to him. I told him how much I still loved you,
even though I knew he was the real man in your life.
He told me why I should still love you and that he
respected me for what I was - a pantywaist mama's boy
and a jack off - and that it was good to meet a whitey
who knew his place and accepted it. I don't know why,
but it made everything seemed so right when he said
these things to me - I guess because it was true. He told
me he liked me, that's why he didn't mind me coming
over to `clean the crib' for you and he. He also
agreed that mother was correct in putting me in for Un-
male training. He also told me that you were a better
woman than I deserved. `How many other whores
would let a bird dick pip-squeak like you even look at
their pussy, let alone suck it?' I had to admit he was
right. We also talked about how good your cunt was. Of
course, we were addressing it from two
perspectives - him from creaming in you, and me from
sucking you out. I felt no shame in admitting to him,
this real man, that I loved sucking his and your many
John's cum out of your sweet cunt. `Sometimes one
man's slop is
another man's treasure. Don't be shame cause you like
the taste of cunt slop. I respect you for it because I
know this is your calling to be less than a man'. My
esteem for Clay really went up when he praised me for
doing what I did best - being less than a man and
being subservient to those superior to me. `This is the
only thing that'll make you happy.' I'll never forget the
way he said that. I couldn't help but tell him that I
cherished his advice so much and that I'd be so devoted
to him as the real man of the house, that is, if you
still thought I was deserving enough to marry. He
assured me that he'd put in a good word for me with
"He's always liked you darling. He told me the
first time he saw you that he respected you for your
unpretentious attitude about being manly - you weren't
and you knew it. He said one of the reasons you and
he hit it off so well was that you knew your place and
never exceeded it. He liked the way you'd
occasionally say `Sir' to him. If I can share a secret
with you honey, he's the reason I started paying more
attention to you when you came over to clean up the
place that one time for your mother. When you started
coming back to see if there were other things you could
do for us, I thought you had a crush on me - your
mother told me so too - I was thrilled and started to
flirt with you. Clay gave me the okay me to give you
some pussy instead of paying you for coming over to be
like our maid. From that darling, I fell in love with you,
and saw you as being just the kind of husband I
needed. And with Clay thinking so much of you as he
did, I knew we three would be so happy."
"I hope so Shirley. I love you so."
"I know you do honey, now tell me more of what
you two talked about."
"Clay seemed to be so proud with the number of
tricks you've turned for him. He's told me how many
repeat customers you have and how the men in the black
part of town rave about your pussy. Shirley, darling, I
couldn't help feel the same pride as he did and told him I
hoped you'd still want me and think I was still
deserving enough to be your ... to be your husband."
"sweetie pie, you just work hard to get your Un-
male certificate, that'll be your first step in proving how
worthy you are."
"I will darling. Oh thank you for loving me and
having faith in me."
"You're welcome baby, but go on. tell me what
else happened."
"Well, it was then that he pulled me closer to him
and said `my dick is starting to get hard just thinking
about the bitch. You being dressed so pretty ain't
helping matters either. In fact, I don't know whether it's
her or you that's getting my Roscoe hard.' I felt the
strangest sense of excitement when he pulled me over to
him and as he talked to me the way he did. His actions
sent a shiver of tingling excitement down my back. His
heavy husky tone
of voice and big hand on me made me feel so weak
and submissive. Then he ... he kissed me
on .. on the mouth."
"He did! That was so nice of him."
"I was worried you might be upset at ..." "Perish
the thought baby. I've always
wanted you and Clay to be very close, after all he is the
real man in my life. If you love me you have to love him,
and you of course know he has to give his approval to
you being married to me."
"Well I'm ... I'm really glad to hear that Shirley.
You'll know why when I tell you else what happened."
"Please do honey, and don't leave out a thing.
Here let me kiss you to help steady your nerves."
"Oh that was so good Shirley honey, thanks I
needed it. Well when his lips made contact with mine, I
couldn't believe how weaker, but dreamy I felt as he
pushed his strong tongue right in my mouth. He probed
my mouth and I found myself sucking on his longer
bigger tongue.
As he broke the kiss, I thought I
heard the noise of a zipper. I did. His.
He'd unzipped his fly and guided my hand right
into his pants before I knew what was going on, I ... I
was feeling his swollen heated penis."
"Did you like holding his big black dick
"Yes ... Yes Shirley ... I ... I did. I
hope you don't think I'm perverted because I
... I did ... this."
"Of course not darling. Don't ever think of such
a wonderful thing as this as being unusual. I'd wish
more males like you wouldn't think such things or think
that it's shameful to handle another man's genitals,
and especially a real man like Clay. It shows me you
are not afraid of being your self."
" I'm so glad you said so honey, because the
mere touch further exhilarated me in my state of mind.
He still had one arm around me and squeezing me gently.
I laid my head softly on his shoulder and continued to
stroke and grip his large tool. He let me know that my
hand felt good on his cock. I thanked him for
letting me touch his manhood and told him this was the
first time I'd ever touched another man's cock. I
confessed how you let me see you and he make love one
time and how amazed I was at the size of his member.
He then took my hand away from him, stood up and told
me to get on my knees and unbuckle and take off his
pants. I slowly fell to my knees to do as he
ordered. I had to struggle to get his shorts over his long
stiff hard-on. When his pants and shorts fell to his
ankles I still had a hard time believing the size of his balls
and the thickness of his long organ. I was in awe of this
real man. Please forgive me, but I still feel embarrassed
in telling you all this."
"Don't be sweetie, I don't ever want my
baby to feel shame about telling me about such
exciting delightful things as this. I want you to admire
black men's cocks darling and tell them or me anytime
that you do. I see it as
being very healthy for you to do so. An expression
of beauty should never be held back dear. Remember
"I will. If nothing else Darling, this
also helped me understand why you liked black
cocks so much and why mother was always giving me
pictures of black men's magnificent cocks to remind me
of their superiority. There is nothing that could've
prepared me for actually seeing one in person so close."
"That's so sweet of you to say honey. It really
turned you on huh?"
"Yes, it did. I ... I've never told anyone this
before Shirley. I ... I hope you don't change your
mind about marrying me because of it."
"I doubt it sweetie pie, but go ahead tell me. We
can't have secrets between us."
"You see, mother always kept telling me
that one day a black man was going to choose me to
suck him off. I ... I hope you don't think this gross or
that she was trying to make me
... gay, or she was nuts. But, she kept telling me
that I should be ready for the opportunity when it
"I would never think such a thing of your
wonderful mother. Plus she was correct to tell you
that sweetie. You know I suck dicks
all the time. So just because you may give another
man a blow job, especially a man like Clay, doesn't make
you gay. It makes you happy doesn't it?"
"Yes ... yes it does. I ... I'm relieved to hear you
say that. Because, every since I was a teenager, she'd
make me practice on this imitation penis that was made
of rubber. She kept telling me it was for my own good.
if I was forced to suck someone off, at least I'd know
how. Later she got one of those with an ejaculation
bulb on it. She wouldn't tell me when she was going to
squirt the liquid in the bulb through the fake black cock.
Soon I was an accomplished enough practice
cocksucker to handle `surprise creams' - that's what she
called them - with ease. I use to hate all the practice
she'd make me go through, and I only did them to
please her. I never though I'd ever have to or want to
suck anybody's cock."
"Sweetie I'm so glad she prepared you to be
a cocksucker. You should be glad your mother was so
wise to have the foresight to see what you might need in
"I ... guess so."
"But go on and tell me more sweetie."
"Oh yes. Well, his organ was so incredibly
majestic. I knew mother was right when she told me
such magnificence should be praised and paid homage
too. Be ... before he told me, I
knew I wanted what he wanted. When he told me
`suck on this the way you sucked my tongue, pansy.'
I wanted too so bad that I virtually opened my lips as
wide as I could and engulfed
his enormous cock head."
"You did! That's so marvelous. Honey I've got to
tell you something of a secret. I've wanted you to suck
Clay's cock anyway. I thought this would bond the three
of us closer. But go on and tell me more, my sweet little
cocksucker. I'm proud of you."
"That's so good to know Shirley. Well, The penis
glan was so smooth and pleasing to the touch of my
tongue. I eagerly ran the tip of my tongue in and over
the huge pee slit. The
feel and taste of real dick meat was so much better than
rubber and plastic. All the techniques mother had made
me practice seem to come back like I'd done this
yesterday. Clay really seemed to be enjoying this as
much as I did. He gently stroked himself in and out of
my mouth. The feel of his fullness hitting the back of my
throat was so pleasurable. When he came, I wasn't
surprised when he did, but as to the bountiful amount
and the heat of his boiling semen. I lost track of how
many times I had to swallow to get it all down."
"He does shoot a lot. Wasn't it delicious honey?"
"Delicious just doesn't do justice to the
scrumptious taste of his hot slimy load. It was good to
have done this for him. I ... I felt so ... so pleased and
contented with
"You had good reason dear, Come here
sweetie, let me give my baby another kiss for being such
a good cocksucker for my real man. I'm so proud of you."
"Did you do him again sweetie, or just that one
"I milked his lovely still hard cock for a long time.
I sucked and sucked, but he didn't come. when my jaws
started to ache, I asked him if I could take a break. He
let me. I still had my head in his lap and lapped his
stiffness from time to time as I thanked him often for
what he let me do. I repeatedly wanted to know if I
did it like he wanted me to. He kept reassuring me that
I'd done `a pretty good job.' I asked him if he was going
to tell you about this. He wanted to know why shouldn't
he. He said I should be proud for my
_ fiancee to know I'd sucked him off. I had no
good answer why I shouldn't either, so I asked him if he'd
let me tell you first. He told me you'd be pleased at me.
And Shirley that meant so much to me when you said you
"I know dear. I could see it in your eyes. You're
going to make me a proud loving devoted obedient
husband sweetie."
"I'm going to try my best. Clay also told me that
he will probably want me to do him again right in front
of you and mother, but I ..."
"For sure honey. I think you should sweetie.
That'd be so nice. It'd be like a ceremony telling
everyone that he's the real man in your life too."
"I'd never thought of it that way, but it
does seem so appropriate. And I guess more so after I
tell you what else happened later."
"What darling?"
Reader, it became a little hard to hear Leslie and Shirley talking at this moment,
because more people came by, and Leslie talked in a lower hushed voice. But from I
could gather, it appeared that after he couldn't easily suck another `scrumptious load' from
Clay's magnificent member to get him off, Clay told him that was okay. He needed to
fuck to get off again. Clay insinuated that if Leslie was `ass ready', he might could get his
rocks that way. But he told Leslie not to worry, that he could pop his load later in
Shirley. Leslie it appeared to take that less than well, but accepted what Clay told him.
However, Leslie found some kind of Un-male Love kit in the bathroom of the suite they
were in. He read the instructions and tried the kit out. It evidently had something to do
with preparing an Un-male for just what was needed in this situation - to be `ass ready.'
So it appears that Leslie, now all clean, opened up and lubricated went back into tell Clay
that he didn't have to wait to do Shirley, he could do him if he wanted. Clay did do the
transvestited Leslie, not once but three times. He seemed to beamed with the utmost
pride as he described to his white slut fiancee in detail how wonderful it felt to be used
that way, as well as how many times Clay busted his nuts in him. He described all the
explicit details of how the muscular black man vigorously humped and plunged his huge
dick in his white bottom. She urged him for more and more details as she hugged and
kissed him repeatedly, which expressed her joy at what'd occurred. It was in this
emotional state that Leslie's mother found them when she came out of Ms. Strong's office.
Shirley quickly told her everything, and she added her praise for her sissy son's
achievements. A few minutes later Clay walked out to where the three were. Leslie's
mother, with tears streaming down her face, jumped up and hugged and kissed Clay.
Thanking him for what he'd done for her son. Shirley also did the same. Both women
were hugging him at the same time. Clay had brought them word from Ms. Strong.
"She wants to know if you all want Leslie
to stay overnight or comeback on his own for his
"Oh, I think he can come home with us tonight,
since you've made me such a proud mommie. You've
atoned for everything you've done to upset me darling."
"Thank you mother."
"And me too darling. With your new attitude
we're going to have a beautiful wedding. But
remember, you've got to get that Un-male certificate."
"I will Shirley. I want to make you and Clay and
mother real proud of me."
"Okay then, I'll tell the bitch he'll be coming back
later. I'm glad this shit is over. Hey babe, we done loss
five hours intake while we been fucking around here. If
I'm lucky you can turn a few stragglers tonight before
we call it quits."
As the reader could hear, Clay's mind was back on business after the women's
emotional episode. His beeper went off as he was talking. He sent Leslie's mother to tell
Ms. Strong about Leslie while he went to find a phone. Shirley and Leslie remained
seated. I heard her tell her husband to be that she was going to come right by his place
with her loaded cunt, before he went to work in the
morning. He thanked her and they talked about him possibly coming by her place and
doing the same every morning. I heard her tell him
something like "I'd like for you to go to work everyday with me on your breath."
When Clay returned, he told them that the call was from one of his customers he
hadn't heard from in a while. He said that the man was about Leslie's mother's age.
Without the least bit of embarrassment, he asked Leslie's mother if she'd turn the trick
for him since he didn't have time to waste Shirley on the trick - who evidently didn't want
to pay too much anyway. She was caught of guard, as well as the others. But then
Shirley chimed in to support the idea. Leslie's mother's face seemed to light up when
Clay mentioned the John was black.
"Well I haven't had any in a long time. What
the hell! I guess it's the least I can do for the happiness
you've brought to me and what you've done for me
and my baby. Okay, I'll do it."
Clay called the customer back and confirmed that he was going to send a substitute
for Shirley over to the man's house. He also told Leslie to drive his mother over to the
man's place and wait on her while she turned the trick.
The four left after that. Like the lovers they were, Clay and Shirley strolled out
linked arm in arm, looking so much in love. Following behind them were Leslie and his
mother. She holding his hand like a child. He asked her a question that I didn't quite hear,
but the answer was "Of course mommie will let you suck her pussy after the nice man is
finished with me. That'd be a nice reward for you being so well behaved today."
As he walked away, Leslie's sissy twitch seemed more mature and wanton than before.


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